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Thursday, May 11, 2017


By virtue of the great position they hold or occupy, they are easy attraction. Not only do they exude royalty, they also personify the height of success, especially now that very successful businessmen and retired top government officials, are now mostly the occupants of these stools.

So imagine that one of our monarchs was left gobsmarked and totally shocked to his marrows not too​ long ago, when a former Government agency head paid a courtesy visit to him as was required.

King is handsome and commands plenty of respect by virtue of his position. Lady was the then head honcho at her parastatal which helps to form opinion about the nation.

So imagine that she visited the well respected royal father, who received her very well, by virtue of what she represented and extended royal courtesy to her, since she couldn't go back same day, so she stayed, so then just imagine that this lady, who is a mother of grown up kids, with intimidating resume, asking the royal father about where to buy panties (underwear) as she had none with her🙄, shock, disbelief was what enveloped the royal father. Who had to be very systematic in rebuffing the MILF!!!!!!

Was that an open invitation or what? 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Madam senior danjuma in yen o. Read somewhere that she's the one who even matchmake the king and flirty queen.