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Tuesday, April 23, 2019


With what we have seen over several months now, #Lovebyjulez, whose real name is actually 'Juliet Olaonipekun', stands out outstandingly as probably one of the 'most stylish Nigerian lady' currently in the whole universe, especially on the gram. Her wardrobe must be humongous and from the looks of it, totally and unpretentiously intimidating. Filled most especially with all the latest and best brands, quirky, stand out and avant-garde, all of those beautiful things that money can buy or afford. The likes of the Bottegas, the Chanels, the Guccis, the Louboutins etc.....

The beauty of it all is that this lady by name Juliet, has the height and body that carries what she wears well, with loads of oomph added too. Not only is she like a professional model with all the outrageous confidence in loads, with the good height added to the great shoulder, then on the overall she has the grace and attitude needed in good loads too. She's probably one of the most celebrated Nigerian ladies on the gram. One that people at least check her page daily without fail, to see what is it that she's garbed in again today, People always always wants to see how she would turn out again and again and again. Just to show that with her, style is all encompassing and just not about clothes and bags and shoes alone, even 2 of her of her known cars, one a beautiful Mercedes Benz saloon car and the other, a matte black, super fine machine of a car, a hybrid Mercedes Benz G Wagon, G63, are both intimidating gorgeous too.

What basically has arisen loads of curiosity about Juliet is that people who see a lot of her pictures on the gram looking badass outstanding every time and every day, like she never ever has an off day or a bad day such that she's never well turned out, are very curious to know what this quite impressive lady does for a living. And we are also very curious too. But what we have heard, though not substantiated in any way, is that she is a PR/political strategist to the very powerful and the very important people. By that, it just means that her clientele list would boast of those in Government and even the government herself. In fact several state Governments and even the Governors and other Government officials could be included.

And like you all already know well that, if you are well patronized by Governments and her officials in this our clime and if you are seen or known to deliver on your promises or tasks given, then the sky would most definitely be your beginning as the funds would most assuredly pour in like a waterfall, that you would be swept off your feet by the avalanche.

If the above then can be the case, then one would easily be able to understand very well why, Juliet can easily be the lady with the highest collection of the iconic Hermes Birkin Bags in Nigeria and most probably in Africa. From the pictures of her that we have seen, she probably owns all thr colours of Hermes Birkin bags available. Though we have heard vicious snide remarks, where people have insinuated that her collection might actually be a mix of the good and the bad. But we actually doubt the insinuations though! If you work pretty hard and earn good money money, you can probably spend as much as $200000 dollars or more to acquire a collection, if that's your cup of tea or coffee or would it be cappuccino!!!

Juliet aka #LovebyJulez, from what we have seen has the Birkin in probably all the colours ever made by Hermes till date. If you want to know for sure or are in doubt of what we are saying then, check her out on the gram as she dazzles on endlessly day after day after day. If we are to calculate at least the value of the collection of Birkins and Kellys we have seen, a conservative value or estimate would come to not less than .... $150,000 (that could come tk a staggering N54 million Naira) just the cost of great machine!

We actually know for a fact that with women there's no chill at all. Once they feel intimidated by another of their kind, or they just feel that one seem to have it all going good and that they don't and cannot readily come across a dent, then the next thing is for them to attack that one and try to bring that one down. They would and are ready to go all the way to smash that one down and give the one a major, unprecedented pin fall, that the one might find it hard to recover from, if she's not strong enough.

And part of the varied weapons at their disposal, in these women's vast arsenal, that these various anonymous rivals/competitors would use are, to terribly disparage their perceived enemy via snide remarks and terrible comments  that can make a weakling begin to doubt him or herself..

But surely not this one!!!!

#LovebyJulez, is no slouch from what we see and she's no doubt, one of the most celebrated female Nigerians on the social media. And since she arrived on the scene, everything about the tall, Google-eyed fashionista of the highest repute has intimidated everyone and put them on the back pedal. You are either admiring and salivating or you are just plain hating and unpretentiously too at that!!! Most especially those ladies on the gram that would want to live her kind of life themselves given the opportunity.

Ride on girl!!!!
More pictures after the break.

Monday, April 22, 2019


The recently concluded and quite successful Arise Fashion Week 2019 was full of many great dramas or scripts for stories. Just imagine being surrounded by vicious so called enemies, all of who if they had the chance or powers, would have commanded the ground open up to swallow yours truly alive, if it were still possible, as it was in the days of the the great Moses. The hate energy that pervaded the atmosphere from many of these people was so thick one could hold it and it sparked & could have burnt the sun ☀ of it were possible.

Right across where we sat on the 2nd row of the frow, directly opposite was us the incredible omo na bouncing, the rave of the moment teaching all young comers how to make money was TM. Truth be told she looked every inch a smashing bombshell. Just a seat right in front of us and one seat away to the left was so called arch enemy nos 1, that's talking about the Michael Jackson loving IW.  As expected, you can't fault her style. Everything was impeccable. We are too sure she would have moved seats, if not that it would or could have made her look weak. Next to her right and seated just in our direct front, looking  screamingly hot like fire🔥, was Chioma. Directly opposite, just across on the other side was YR, the Lagos & Abuja based designer and her husband JR, both would have loved to tear one apart like a weak fowl. About 5 seats to the left of my front in the frow, just 4 seats away from IW was CS, the 'international stylist' whose late dad was in the military. She was sat not far from the owner of that outstanding concept store RF who is not on terms with IW, for obvious old reason. Imagine that a few years back, when we were friends with CS then, who used to then work at the oil and gas concern where WT is the boss, after CS and IW who were partners in a lifestyle business venture then, had a major falling out, their office then was at IW's house, CS told us then that IW was a petty thief, someone with magic fingers! Just imagine the impression created in our minds since then. Now both are back to being chummies/friends! But how can she undo what she had already said since then? We saw both cooing about each other, on this and that and we were wondering about so many things. Hmmmmmmm. Life.

But away from all the shenanigans above, this story is not about all that, but about our incredible DL's humongous backside that even the seat she sat on, on the frow had to salute and say Sai mama. Mennnnnn, those humongous contraptions now at her back, as constructed by Dr A, are a good laugh sight to behold! Just Imagine, that as she sat on her seat, in our clear view, the left side of the thing, shot out with small vex seeking attention. And then when she got up to walk, maybe just a quick visit to the convenience, she literally got everyone's attention immediately! It was like everything us stopped.

You know the kind of look/stare where the people were somewhat totally transfixed by what was before them and they then forget themselves momentarily, following your every steps all the way, staring at something of major interest, till you go away from sight and then thereafter they start laughing and talking animatedly about the scene they had just viewed. DL who most definitely must have known she had gotten people's attention, with the steps of a cool cat, who knew she was probably the cynosure of all eyes, just pranced on like a 'proud peacock', that she is showing off her incredible plumage in living colours to the envy of all. Dr. A should be very proud of his work and himself, as DL showed his proud wotk off gallantly and because of her we can bet and know for sure, more customers would soon be heading his way to book for appointments for one procedure or the other.

What a bum, in fact bum of life!!!! Kudos ex-queen. Just imagine that someone who know DL so well told us, that she can lie for Africa. And that every word from her needs proper verification at all times. Hmmmmmm!!!!! 

Friday, April 19, 2019


What can we say? Fact is, we are actually lost for words and that's just the truth. We have tried to rationalize it, that maybe it was for the best, but how can the untimely death of a 44 year old, seemingly healthy man be easily explained & be for the best? How does one go to his family to say sorry? What kind of sorry is that? That nuisance called death just did her worst again, leaving tears and anguish in her wake. What a shame!!!!

Bamze is gone leaving his beautiful and very loving wife Tosin and her 2 wonderful kids behind only to hold on to memories of the great and wonderful times in past. Now all their hopes are seated on God strictly, as the man of the house is gone forever, at least till the day of his resurrection.

What a sad loss!!! But why Bamze? Why did you yield so easily? You could have at least fought much harder, if not for anything at least for the sake of the many many that loved you. You looked strong so strong like the Iroko or oak tree while alive. Your height of 6 ft plus and your booming voice could be intimidating, but you were a gentle giant of a man.. But alas, you giant yielded and some would claim that it was peacefully in your sleep, due to cardiac arrest! What a loss!!!

Our paths crossed several years ago at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State. You were the tall, handsome, cool dude who was always very well put together and was always good fun to have around. Knew your brother Victor long before we met. Had heard about your brother Femi Mora, who was a known stylish dude of that time, so when you came one had expectations and you didn't disappoint at all. I remember jamming you again by chance in London at that restaurant where I had gone to pick up my abula (amala and ewedu plus gbegiri), you were still yourself even as prior to that time I hadn't seen you for a very long time, since we left Ilorin and you relocated to London.

Emmanuel Babatunde Bamigboye adieu. It was only just late last year that your dad, who was the 1st military Governor of Kwara State, Retired General Theophilus Bamigboye passed on. Now after just 5 months or so that he was buried, you too has gone on that journey of no return. You would be sorely missed oooooo. Your kids Zabethy & Bolatide would miss you loads.

Bamze's remains would be buried in the next few weeks in London as soon as his family agree on a reasonable date. We would just want to use this opportunity and medium to commiserate with his entire family members, friends and colleagues. May the soul of the dearly departed find rest. And may God give all and sundry, the strength and fortitude to bear this untimely loss.

Salute Bamze!! 
Till we meet again on the day of your resurrection. 


Funke Bucknor-Obruthe of Zapphaire Events 

Ayiri Oladunmoye of Oaken Events Limited 

In order for a successful and hitch free inauguration of the incoming administration of Governor Elect of Lagos, Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu, the incoming Governor has announced a 17 men and women strong team/committee that includes 2 of the biggest and the best event engineers/architects/coordinators/managers in Nigeria in the person's of Funke Bucknor-Obruthe of Zapphaire Events & Ayiri Oladunmoye of Oaken Events Limited.

Between these 2 events giants, they have handled and coordinated some of the biggest and best events all over Nigeria and also outside the shores of Nigeria. The 2 brands in fact recently handled the different days of the wedding ceremonies of the Imoukhuedes and the Fowlers. Funke Bucknor-Obruthe has won several awards as 1st rate, 7 stars event manager and if called Miss Events in Nigeria, one would not be mistaken at all. Oaken Events were the event managers that successfully handled the 'awesome and intimidating Dubai wedding' wedding ceremony of the first son of Mr. Billionaire, Jide Omokore of the SPOG Petrochemicals fame. It is a wedding ceremony that still rings bell even after many years already. The sheer luxury that was displayed and the caliber of those that flew in, in torrents would not be forgotten in a hurry, Dubai knew in those few days that Nigeria was never to be toyed with. They also were the ones in charge at 'Innocent and Annie Idibia's humongous destination wedding' also in Dubai, several years back just to mention a few in the brand's staggering resume.

These 2 strong women who have made a mark in their specialty and forte would join hands with others, also very able personalities under the able leadership of 'Hon. Tayo Ayinde' the 'DG of BOSICG' (Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu Independent Campaign Group), who had successfully coordinated the campaign organization of the incoming Governor. It has been said that part of the major reason the campaign structure of BOS performed meritoriously was because of the exemplary leadership of Hon. Tayo Ayinde. His organizational skills and man management abilities are said to border on the extraordinary.

Other members of the inauguration team are the APC Women Leader in Lagos, Jumoke Okoya-Thomas, Mrs. Obiageli Onu
Alhaji Abdullahi Enilolobo
Mr. Kamal Salau-Bashua
Mr. Olatunji Disu
Mr. Kappo Emmanuel
Mr. Bolaji Durojaiye
Mrs. Olabopo Odiachi
Mr. Bimbo Onabanjo
Mr. Ajala Rasaq
Mrs. Taiwo Abiodun
Mr. Gboyega Akosile
Mr. Lanre Adeyinka
Mr. Sesan Daini
Mr. Idris Aregbe

Thursday, April 18, 2019


Truth be told, the gullible would always get taken for a ride, it's their lot and the only way they can learn is by experience. At least once in every man's life you need to fall mugu now, so that afterwards you would get brain and be sharp. Even the sharpest of the sharpest dey fall mumu too. So we think that's what this so called London, UK based stylist is probably exploiting. You be mumu and you want to show off, then fall mugu.

Since there is the unlimited demand to want to be the next Golden girl, the 'it' *girl of lady, as everyone wants to carry or wear the latest thing in fashion and there's the opportunity for money to be made from the gullible lot, why not then make use of the opportunity? According to the gist flying about town, half of those designer things you see many of these celebs front on the gram are supposedly F.A.K.E!!!

The major culprit being the world famous "Hermes Birkin Bag", that's the bag that Victoria Beckham owns over a hundred of.

The iconic bag has literally suffered loads in the hands of our "wannabe stars' ooooo. You see them all carrying various colours of a bag, in fact some colours that the company making them might not have even thought of making yet and that has a waiting list, queuing patiently to get one and that costs on the average, nothing less than $11000 (N3,960,000) upward per bag depending on the skin/leather used and can get to about $300000 (N108m) for the rarest skins, just for one bag!!!!

It is now this same bag that you now see one person owning not less than 5 or even more and then still owns various other types of designer bags like the Chanel, the LVs, the Celine etc..and shoes and gatbs and Rolexes, Cartier etc!!!!

It's either some unimaginable avalanche or rain of money is pouring down in torrents on these ladies and they don't know how to spend it and would just invests in bags and shoes, or that what you see them flaunt about with much aplomb are 1st grade copies from Napoli or some other places like from China.

And this renowned Stylist from the UK  favored by Nigerian celebs is majorly helping in the the sales of this fakes or copies!!!!! The celebs are either in the actual know or they are being taken for a mumu ride!!!! 


Forget TM now ooooooo. She's not in the league of small girls ooooooo, she's most definitely in a Liga now all by herself luxuriating at the zenith or peak all by herself. To buy and pay 'N250 million' (two hundred and fifty million good Naira) that's approximately ($640,000 at N360. 31 to a dollar) for a new home in Ikoyi, is not yam neither beans at all oooooo. You have to be playing as a striker at your most imperial form to be at the top of the liga all by oneself!

Surely the 'hardwork' or is it the 'soft work' depending on how you see it is obviously paying off, however you want to look at. Many have been around for a lot longer and what have they got to show for it, apart from flaunting baffs, showing off new shoes and bags and flying about all over the world without any tangible investments to show for it!

And maybe at the end of the day like some readily describes it, "the end must surely justify the means" after all. The house in question is in Ikoyi by Bank Road in a mini estate, it's a 4 bedroom with a BQ & it is said to be well appointed. For a young lady in her 30s, especially one that is a 'small girl with big God', who is not married, it is a major achievement without any shadow of doubt.

There had been the speculation of late that the AA in her life is actually not just that AA who mints money from oil, but the arrow actually points at that other AA that is quite powerful and loaded crazily too. However you want to look at it, from whatsoever angle of choice you choose to look from. Can you blame our girl for doing her best to secure her own future? There were those then long before her, who had this same opportunities thrown freely on their laps and they never grabbed it. The fun of the time was just too much and it cloaked their brains and blocked their minds and by the time they realized that time awaits no one, those men who were the sources of the largesse had already moved on to the next. Some could only afterwards show the car they were riding and clothes as the gain they made and nothing more. We must all understand the fact that one must "make hay while the sun shines", because "a stitch in time saves nine". So, that things are working now, might actually just be because all the elements in the cosmos seems to be aligning ever so perfectly. Though some have tried to insinuate also about that "particular prayer woman", that many of the ladies..... likes of..... are flocking to clandestinely to pray for them. But it's one thing to get prayed for, it's another thing for one to be smart enough to make use of opportunities that comes one way.

So it's our gal's time. Let's just give it to her. 

GTBank Releases Q1 Unaudited Results, Reports Profit Before Tax Of N57.0Billion

Segun Agbaje, MD/CEO GTBank 

Guaranty Trust Bank plc has released its unaudited Financial Results for the quarter ended March 31, 2019, to the Nigerian and London Stock Exchanges.

The Bank recorded positive performance across all financial metrics with gross earnings for the period growing by 1.2% to ₦110.3billion from ₦109.0billion posted in March 2018. Profit before tax improved to ₦57.0billion from ₦52.6billion recorded in the corresponding period of March 2018, representing a growth of 8.3%.

Customers’ deposits also rose by 6.0% to ₦2.410trillion in March 2019 from ₦2.274trillion in December 2018, whilst the Bank’s Loan book grew by 1.6% from ₦1.262trillion as at December 2018 to ₦1.282trillion in March 2019.

Balance sheet remained strong with the Bank closing the quarter ended March 31, 2019 with Total Assets of ₦3.556trillion and Shareholders’ Funds of ₦627.2Billion.

In terms of Assets quality, NPL ratio and Cost of Risk closed 7.03% and 0.05% in March 2019 from 7.30% and 0.34% in December 2018 respectively.

In addition, coverage for NPL stood at 90.12% while Full Impact Capital adequacy ratio remained very strong, closing at 22.25%. On the backdrop of this result, Post Tax Return on Equity (ROAE) and Return on Assets (ROAA) closed at 32.79% and 5.76% respectively. These indices are pointer to GTBank’s strategic positioning in Nigeria and other Countries where the Group operates.

Commenting on the first quarter results, the Managing Director/CEO of Guaranty Trust Bank plc, Mr Segun Agbaje, said; “Going into 2019, we knew that it would be a challenging year, but our strategy and unwavering focus on delivering value for our customers and shareholders continues to underpin our ability to consistently deliver solid results despite changing market variables. We carried on the momentum of the previous year, posting strong growth in earnings, effectively managing costs and leveraging our digital-first customer-centric strategy to deliver world-class services that are simple, cheap and easily accessible.”

He further stated that; “Whilst ensuring the long-term growth of our business is the greatest value that we can create for our communities, we are also leveraging our resources, expertise and network to help people thrive. That’s why, from April 28 to May 1, 2019, we are organizing the biggest food and drink festival in Africa to give small businesses in the food industry the platform, network and access to the markets that they need to grow.”

GTBank has continued to be best in class in terms of Profitability, Efficiency and Capital among Peers and other Financial Institutions in Nigeria. This is evidenced by its Earnings per Share of ₦1.74, Return on Equity (ROAE) of 32.79%, Cost to Income Ratio of 38.64% and Capital Adequacy of 22.25%.

These metrics are a testament to the efficient management of the Bank.

In recognition of the Bank’s bias for world class corporate governance standards, excellent service delivery and innovation, GTBank has been a recipient of numerous awards over the years.

Some of the Bank's recent awards include 2018 Bank of the Year - Nigeria from the Banker Magazine and 2018 Best Banking Group and Best Retail Bank Nigeria from World Finance Magazine.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Mennnnnn, since the prophetess-queen got married to the very beloved symbol of the Yoruba culture and heritage, in the person of his imperial majesty, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, the Ojaja II, the Oonirisa Adimula of Ile-Ife (the land of love) it seems bliss unlimited has found a permanent home in the Kabiyesi's household. And from all indications, one of the major source of this unlimited bliss is his wife, the Queen of Ife, Olori Naomi Shilekunola Morounke Ogunwusi. It's like madam is bringing credence to one of her names Shilekunola, meaning opening the door of wealth in her household.

The above assertion also just gives credence to the time honored sayings of the sages that "he who finds a wife, finds a good thing". There's no doubt about the fact, that Kabiyesi found his rib in his young, quite naturally beautiful wife, who apart from running her prophetic ministry prefers her anonymous cocoon.

You need to see both of these lovebirds together or in the same vicinity for you to better understand that there's what the couple share or that exists between the 2, that's more on the spiritual plane, very supernatural to say the least. It's a deep, quite deep connection and love. And both surely fit each other to a t.

As the Arole oodua, the Ooni stands tall in the stead as the very embodiment of the Yoruba culture and tradition, he is actually like what the Pope is to the Catholic when it comes to the traditional religion. And so any wife that the Ooni must marry must fit perfectly into his calling too. And Olori (queen) Naomi obviously fits perfectly into that mold.

The maiden, the Leader of her own fast growing church organization who came into her husband's house and her now home, 'chaste and pure' just clocked 26 (twenty six), on Monday April 15, 2019 without much fanfare contrary to expectations of people who had expected loud celebrations etc, but the only thing that pointed towards the queen adding another year was only the avalanche of well wishes that poured in from left, right and center on the day. Apart from that, every thing else was quiet, even from the palace too.

Maybe am oracle had spoken or maybe the palace just felt that instead of plenty noise, that it was better to just have more of a family celebration than anything loud, especially since it's only 26 and not as of she was clocking 30 or 40 which are more significant numbers to celebrate.

But notwithstanding, we here at Maestro's Media just wants to wish the Olori many more great and fulfilling years on Earth. Happy belated 🎂 birthday. 


Aigbovbioise & Olufunke

Nigeria's VP officiating the vows

Pastors Yemi & Sola in a tete-a-rtete

We have already said all and by that we mean all that we should say about this wedding already. To say anymore again, would most definitely be an overkill. So this post is more about the pictures of the white wedding that took place at the Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos on Saturday, April 13, 2019 than anything else.

So here again, most exclusively for your viewing pleasure, pictures of the wedding with the Vice president of Nigeria, Prof/Pastor Yemi Osinbajo and his lovely wife in attendance.

You can easily see the radiance on the couple. This is truly and surely L. O. V. E!  And we just found out quite reliably from sources very very close inside the family, that Funke is actually not yet pregnant!

Other related stories.
More gorgeous pictures after the break.


Ene Maya Lawani

What could have warranted the former beauty or should it be said approximately, the ex-beauty queen's total disappearance from the public view?

The tall and excitingly beautiful Ene was one of those celebrities then that embraced the social media with much aplomb and vigor. No day goes by without her fans and followers seeing one or two or in fact three or more of her pictures on the gram looking 'scrumptiously hot-hot', with the over-load of oomph. Ene who was Miss Nigeria 2004, that's a whole 15 good years ago and in fact the longest serving Miss Nigeria in the history of the now comatose pageant to date, having reigned all of 6 good years from 2004 till 2010 before she relinquished the crown to another queen, is a noted, quite undoubted fashionista of the highest caliber.

Maybe it was that her 'intimidating wardrobe' which we had vowed and that left our mouth wide agape and that was the envy of all, by both the older and younger fashionistas alike, that made her embraced Instagram so much then. But all of sudden now, it seems like the 6 footer avid traveler, foodie, celebrity and entrepreneur, who owns her own name sake lifestyle business-'Ene Maya', has since given the social media a wide berth. It seems also like she has taken down totally, her instagram page/handle in a deliberate way to stay totally off the radar. Seems like she doesn't want to be seen again. Seems like she has adopted or embraced the stealth or incognito, invisible mode in totality.

The last time we had heard about the lady with those incredibly smoldering and sexy 👀 eyes, she was said to have been putting finishing touches to her own impressive property somewhere and then right after that she just disappeared off the scene. We aren't too sure if it was her we saw from afar at the last Gtb Fashion Weekend 2018 just gliding about inside the expansive compound of the event.

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of the graceful 30 plus lady, who is still probably one of Nigeria’s most eligible bachelorettes, should please help tell her that we have missed her presence most especially on the social scene and she should please return to quickly and with more bang than before. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Mrs. Funke Aig-Imoukhuede 

Mr. & Mrs. Aigbovbioise Aig-Imoukhuede 

The speculations about Funke's pregnancy is already rife as per the current status or is it situation of the newly married "Mrs. Olufunke Leila Aig-Imoukhuede" nee Fowler.

Those who claim to have the  understanding of the tell tale signs of upcoming bambino(s), are already spinning the tales as we speak, but we are not too sure if it is tales by moonlight (hocus pocus) or if it is the one by sunshine (factual). But their claim is that madam has eaten the bug and that the countdown towards a summer naming ceremony has quietly begun.

If the unconfirmed speculations are later proven to be as accurate and correct as predicted, then we would greatly commend these gifted seers of incredible and uncanny abilities, who are able to just scrutinize people and see clearly what others don't see, but if they miss the mark, then their alleged 'extraterrestrial prowess' would have proven itself to be nought then and just based on the game of chance & imagination.

But whatever it is though, the prayers of everyone, most especially those of the immediate family members on both sides and friends of the couple, is for Aig the younger, a skillful marksman in the mold of Cristiano Ronaldo that's referring to Aigboviobiose who is one of the latest husband in town is to show that he is a "sharp-shooter extraordinaire", one with the 'uncanny ability' to shoot straight and as accurately as possible to hit the 'main target'. How sweet and gorgeously pleasant would that be. So that by August or at the latest December of 2019, the bambino or would it be bambinos (2 or 3 together) would just arrive to a life of fun, fawning and enjoyment!!!

Congratulations in advance to Funke and by extension her husband.

"Eyin iyawo ko ni meni oooooo". 

Monday, April 15, 2019


Mennnnnn isn't she just a hot mama jammer of the most incredible kind? Sure that award winning song by the incredible Stevie Winder-Isn't she lovely, isn't she beautiful ...., must have been specially coined for her. That's talking about ex-beauty queen, Anita Uwagbale formerly Queen Anita Iseghohi. She's the recently divorced mother of 3!

Though she was an Ex-beauty queen, being the Most beautiful girl in Nigeria 2004, that's a whole decade and a half  ago (15 years ago). And she till today in her 30s is still a gorgeous stunner as ever.

In fact we believe she's even more beautiful now that she has matured more like fine wine, than a few years ago when she was still a spring chicken as a beauty queen. Mennnnnn, check out those well toned legs in those 'daisy dukes'? Queen, which is in fact her middle name (2nd name) & not a title, is an exercise (gym) freak in fact a marathon 🏃 runner, who believes in the total wellness, well-being of the body and mind. And her daily toil is obvious in how she looks-hotcake dynamite!!!!!

Still ravishingly beautiful and well toned all round and not looking gaunt and unsightly, which is how many looks now because of doing too much, when they have done a drastic weight loss and then trying to maintain it all cost.

Kudos to the hot 🔥 mama jammer of the most incredible kind. Salute queen!!!!! 


Margaret Adenike Balogun

We all know who the heavenly gorgeous boss-lady by name 'Adenike Margaret Balogun' is. She's none other than the MD/CEO of many popular and growing lifestyle conglomerate likes of "Diamond Inks Events Ltd", a one stop, Topnotch event management company, the 'Event Room', a beautiful, very well appointed space, where all types of events can take place or hold, Maggiesfleurbox, that's the brand via which Nike, FDI as a "certified wedding floral specialist" showcases her extraordinary talent/skill and gift as a top florist, in fact one of the best in Nigeria at that, and then also the newest, totally upscale baby of them all, The Tea Room, a 5-star melting pot sort of place where Nigeria's happening crowd meet up to have good things to munch and drink.

The ever up and about 'Nike, not one to rest on her oars of laurels and achievements, has raised the bar again as she has just added another feather to her growing plummage. The gorgeous peacock this time around just added the super upscale' 'Harvard University' as one of her conquest, by obtaining a certificate from the prestigious University's Extension School. The Harvard Extension School is one of the 12 degree granting schools that compose Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. The school offers liberal arts and professional courses, graduate and undergraduate degrees in 60 fields.

We can only say a massive congratulations to the ever resourceful Adenike. Who is very well known in Nigeria, for her off the hook style. More grease to your elbow Nikky Bizzle! 


Couple, Aigbovbioise & Funke

Wale Tinubu, Aliko Dangote & Teni

Lara Rawa 


So they had kept all the information about the wedding ceremonies hush-hush for those they didn't want to come, but as your neighborhood good snoop that we are, we were able to know that the engagement/traditional wedding was done on Thursday and that the actual wedding was on Saturday, April 13, 2019 and then the private party of all private parties, Groom's party was on Sunday, April 14, 2019 in Ikoyi, Lagos. Party still ongoing as this report was published.

The duo had apparently decided that it was better to have a so called 'low profile' wedding ceremony in quote than a loud celebrity one with all the attendant noise. What with Aigbovbioise being in his 40s, that's middle or late 40s say about 48 at that and Funke doing this same thing a 2nd time around and clocking about 35. So though devoid of the so called 'expected razzmatazz' like Funke's 1st one that was extremely loud for a purpose, like Nigeria's own version of Princess Diana got married then, it was still class and distinction all the way. But we heard that to enter the Oriental Hotel, Lagos venue of the Saturday part of the event was like a camel 🐫 passing through the eye of the needle! The security to say the least was 'unbecoming'. That party from what we heard was more of a Fowler thing. Though if these series of ceremonies are what people generally refers to as 'low profile', then it beats hands down, many of the very loud ones then without a shadow of doubt.

This one & by that we mean the couple like you all already know very well, is good money jam super good money ooooo, so equation is balance all the way as it is 1-1 scoring draw. This dude here, by name Aigbovbioise is not in any way reliant on daddy's funds at all, you can easily follow his trail and see that the University of Buckingham graduate has risen gradually to the pinnacle of his career and his still growing. Funke's dad on the other hand, is probably one of Nigeria’s 'most liquid' Nigerians alive, as he heads the FIRS-that is, 'Federal Inland Revenue Service', one of the cash cows of the Federal Government, a station where he has performed magic, having left the LIRS-'Lagos Inland Revenue Service', where he had shown great mettle at delivering very well on the job. Funke on her own is quite a successful Fashion/lifestyle Entrepreneur. "Aig the younger" like we prefer to call Aigbovbioise (he is the last born of 4 kids of Pa Frank Aig-Imoukhuede the renowned veteran journalist, poet & playwright), was named after his 'paternal grand-dad' of yore, the Late Pa Isaac 'Aigbovbioise' Imoukhuede, who had passed on since May 1, 1938 long before any of Pa Frank's 4 kids-'Erekpitan, Aigboje, Oluwakemi & Aigbovbioise' were born and on his own, Aigbovbioise is a super okay dude by all standards, but he is also backed by an older brother, the 2nd born child & 1st son at that, who is a super multimillionaire in good currency by name- Aigboje, the 'former CEO of one of Nigeria’s top 5 banks in terms of all ramifications, that's talking about Access Bank Plc and who was also the former President of the 'Nigerian Stock Exchange' and he is currently the chairman of 'Coronation Capitals', the owners of the 'Coronation Group', owners of 'Coronation Merchant Bank', 'Wapic Insurance Plc' & other investments. The elder Aig's (AIG the elder) London home/mansion in a very tush area is said to be a statement in absolute class (that's a story for another day though). And then also Aig's 2nd sister 'Oluwakemi Balogun', infact his immediate elder sister, a business tycoon, is the wife of 'Bolaji Balogun', the MD/CEO of 'Chapel Hill Denham', one of 'Nigeria’s top 5 financial advisory services firm', who is the gentleman 1st son of the 'incredibly stylish banker of note and head or leader of the Omoobas (princes) in Ijebu', the one and only, "Otunba Olasubomi Balogun". So though Funke is coming in big, her man is also very well sat too in all ways & manners.

This Sunday Ikoyi party was an epic one by all standards. It held somewhere in Ikoyi, more accurately at a private property owned by Aigboje on Gerrard Road, Ikoyi Lagos and the color of choice or of the day was 'Cobalt-Blue', which we heard reliably was supplied by none other than Temilade Remi-Adeoye of 'Kwamule Fabrics', who since she came on the scene has become the go to for the best fabrics for all occasions and events in Nigeria. Her store we hear is the mecca as people storm the place to source for exquisite fabrics of distinction for their parties, events & occasions.

According to our findings, this party was more of the Imoukhuede's thing unlike that of Saturday. It was the groom's after wedding party packaged and sponsored by Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede, the elder brother of the groom. Though a private party, it had KSA, yes that's the King himself on the bandstand performing and dazzling all. He always still does his thing, when it is the highest caliber of society that's involved and this combo the Imoukhuede's and Fowler's perfectly fits into that mold. When an Aliko Dangote, a Jide Sanwoolu, Prince Dapo Abiodun  Wale Tinubu et al are at a party how more upscale can a party be? But it just wasn't KSA on the bandstand though, there was also that American singing group of yore by name '112' that were also there to entertain too to the delight of all. The quartet wore a white native attire of Buba & Sokoto to perform a medley of their hits. Though much more mature now, they still gave a great account of themselves, singing and at the same time stepping to the beats in tandem. They used to be one of the best R&B group then in the early 2000s. Then also there to perform was the rave of the moment, the super talented Teni, this gal Don blow ooooo ooo, we especially loved how she sang that her popular song where she mentioned Dangote, "but my papa no be Dangote" to the richest black man in the world, who laughed in delight, as the smart gal changed the lyrics claiming Dangote now has a new daughter!

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Friday, April 12, 2019


Funke Fowler 

Aigbovbioise Aig-Imoukhuede

Don't get it twisted, the tall, quite handsome ex-Access Bank MD/CEO, now Chairman of Coronation Securities, "Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede" is not about to take a new wife, a 2nd wife at that. But it's the younger brother also by near the same name "Aigbovbioise Aig-Imoukhuede", that is finally taking the plunge in to that discovery channel best called "MARRIAGE".

Many had already tagged him as the "perennial bachelor" since he is in his 40s and it was like he was never going to marry at all, but now to the absolute shock of all, he has finally, once and for all we hope though and we pray fervently for too, going to throw off and would be discarding forever that toga, come tomorrow, Saturday, April 13, 2019.. Lest we totally forget, the introduction/whatever maybe traditional engagement was done yesterday. We would have loved to use a few pictures but for a few reasons we can't so as not to point fingers anywhere. But we would drop some further juice soon.again.

Saturday, April 13,2019 which is tomorrow is the D-day from all the indications we have gotten. Come tomorrow at a very hush-hush ceremony, Aigbovbioise would be getting married finally & officially to his gorgeous flame of a few years now, and that's talking about the one and only "Funke Fowler", who would from that time henceforth be addressed as "Funke Imokhuede"! That sounds so beautiful, except if she wants to make it a bit more stylish, it could become "Mrs. Funke Fowler-Imoukhuede", which is too long and lacks the flow.

We had broken the story of the blooming and blossoming relationship as an exclusive sometime ago too; about the 2 lovebirds dating then. But then just because it wasn't a relationship that was much in the public view, some had thought it wasn't true then and doubted it! But even at that, those of us who knew, really knew then that, both were head over heels in love and truly into each other a whole lot.

In fact, the way it was going then, we had even predicted that the wedding bells were going to ring not too long after our then expose. But instead of rushing into it then, both quietly weathered the storm of the unnecessary scrutiny that flashed on then, on what was then and still is a private affair.

For Funke, the naturally beautiful, supremely gorgeous and soft spoken daughter of Tax czar, Mr. Tunde Fowler, this would be her 2nd missionary journey into matrimony. She had given it a try before with the world famous man about Abi Kuku. But alas, that marriage then quickly hit a snag and the duo had to go their own way nor very long afterwards. But now after keeping to herself for a longwhile, cupid again, ever a hopeless romantic and a good nuisance, found her heart as a good 🎯 target and shot his love crazed arrows her way and the rest like they say now is history. Like the world famous award winning singing trio Shalamar, sang many years back, this is the 2nd time around.... . She's learnt now by the experience of the 1st one that went south, and all that experience must now count for something in this one. Truth is, thunder must not strike twice, as this is not something that must be done repeatedly over time..

For Aig though, this is his 1st plunge, a 1st missionary journey into the world of marriage, as he has never being married before at all. And for a man in his 40s, one who has taken his time like a good wine to mature over time and come out best at the right time, this time might just be the that perfect time he had been waiting all along for and for the near perfect person too in delectable Funke. Not only has he done well for himself in business, him not just been the younger brother of a former renowned bank CEO, he also has risen to the level of a director in a financial institution too, he is the head of Coronation Capital Markets at Coronation Merchant Bank and a Board Member at NASD Plc and like Funke, he has good pedigree too to back him up. Aig's dad was a former top Civil servant of yore.

So the road would be leading to the venue of the hush-hush or better still nuptial tomorrow. And according to our findings, Aig wants a quiet nuptial devoid of any and all unnecessary razzmatazz. It would be recalled that when Funke 1st had the taste of such a thing a few years ago, it was a one of a kind series of ceremonies that left mouth agape at the sheer opulence of it. For many seasons it was one of the best weddings to have ever been hosted in Lagos. So with this one, it's better to adopt the principle of, 'once beaten twice shy'. So a very subdued ceremony must also carry major weight with her too. In fact, why gather the multitudes when three quarter of those who would come drink the drink and also eat the food, who do not necessarily want the thing to succeed? So the less the gathering, the best for the couple. So the best advise is to keep roving eyes away from unnecessary scrutiny.

From us here though, we wish the duo a happy married life!!! We are expecting the bambinos asap !!! 🤩