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Monday, February 19, 2018


Legs for days..........

It's the 2nd day of the new week, but the first working day at that. After all the fun of the weekend, it is back on the grind again and our delightsome long legged wonder here by name "Rukky Sanda" has come to give you the push to go make something good and profitable happen all through the days of the week.

The Nollywood actress and producer is like a ray of good sunshine in her outfit, with the rainbow, that colourful nature's phenomenon that promises calmness just on the horizon with good promises in its effulgence.

Rukky says-

Tz a Kill Shittttt
Murder Ur Goals & Slay Ur
Dreams Type of Vibe... U get
me... Wink***😉✌️


Chief Mrs. in fact (Dr.) Shade Okoya, 40, wife of Chief Razak Akanni Okoya, the Aare of Lagos and multimillionaire industrialist & real estate magnate, is a "dazzler par excellence" and she knowing it, always always does her very best to put her best foot forward all the times in terms of her ensemble/style, especially when the occasion or event demands it, which is always very quite often.

Some of the 4 times a Chief's outfits are so rich, fabric so awesome and then everything garnished with unbelievable jewelry that leaves mouth agape most often. But Shade's major strength may be her gorgeous big eyeballs and her height, which gives her outfits the carriage needed. Whatever it is she's done, makes her look standout all the time

The young mother of 4, was by her husband's side again not only as a delicious, well cuffed high candy, but as a great pillar of enormous support when he was honoured with the "Independent Newspaper Lifetime Achievement Award" 2018 recently.

For those who don't know or might not know, the common knowledge is that Sade has not just been the housewife of a wealthy husband, but she has contributed immensely towards the awesome growth of her husband's brand (company) since she came on board and the signs of the growth have been very noticeable and notable, and for that alone, amongst several other virtues which has endeared her awesomely to her beloved husband, Chief Razak Akanni Okoya, she has the pride of place in his heart! 


Kunle Aluko, HMO & friend

Seyi Tinubu, Kunle Aluko & friend

HMO, Segun Agbaje & Friend

The annual gathering of money bags, young Turks, the creme de la creme of the society and their ladies and kids is on again. It began last week and would run through this week, ending with a bang on Sunday with some top class entertainment. King Sunny Ade and many of our in the moment top artistes and stars have performed at various times, so it's very likely some big artistes would end the annual tournament again this year too.

Polo is not called the "king of games or the "game of kings" just for fun. It's because the patrons of the game are not mere men, but mostly very liquid men. Reason for that basically is that to even afford the horses used to play the game alone is no beans! So in most parts of the world, those who own teams and play the game are the wealthy. Those who have the means but who don't participate actively by playing, buy the best players and horses to play for them. So like it obtains around the world, so also in Nigeria too.

Some of those horses you see people riding like they are notgnot can build a house or buy some normal cars!

So if you have any reason to want to rub shoulders with the creme of the society then, please head immediately to the Polo club Ikoyi, where they would all be at again throughout the week, better still from Wednesday.

Some of those seen at the polo club, Ikoyi venue during the outgone week, were the likes of Kunle Aluko, Hakeem Muri-Okunola, Seyi Tinubu and very many others.

This year's sponsor is GTbank, amongst several others though.

Check out their pictures.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018


Style runs in the family here with older sister Karen carrying an Hermes Birkin Croc

Here in this feature is one that can be spoken of or about as a truly great at least when it relates to style and fashion. Lisa Folawiyo, the brain behind the very popular Nigerian fashion label "Jewel by Lisa" and another offshoot JWL is that very one.

Lisa is one that we can say as a matter of fact is truly on the path towards that "Iconic status" that has been so wrongly used or applied that it was becoming ridiculous. We can even say as a matter of fact that her "iconic status" in the nearest future is assured without any doubt whatsoever.

Lisa is one undoubted and gorgeous style maven, who has kept it together for several years now, as we have watched her steadily and we haven't been disappointed at all. Her shoe game/glam is one we can say without any fear of contradiction that is unrivalled and totally out of this world! That she loves shoes is like saying she loves life itself. And its not just about the shoes alone though, the 'magic conjurer' behind the well respected fashion label which has brought good attention the way of Nigeria has an out of this world sense of style, which she projects so effortlessly, so simply chic like it's just 2nd nature to her.

She projects the image of someone who just doesn't try, but just wakes up and she looks good. Style though a personal expression; ones own signature at that, shouldn't be seen to be forceful, it should be seen as a part and parcel of one. That's how well Lisa seem to have projected it.

And we love it.....kudos

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Moyo Lawal

Voluptuous by nature. 

Moyo Lawal & Kim Kardashian

It's the beginning of a new week and we have thought to help you kick start it by brightening it with our feature person of the week and it's none other than NOLLYWOOD'S own voluptuous candy with the talking eyes, the deliciously shaped Moyo Lawal!

This picture above which channels reality TV staff "Kim Kardashian" in her naked glory for a product shoot was taken by arguably one of the best photographer in Nigeria, the incredibly talented and awesomely skilled AbuSalami photography.

Moyo Lawal the gorgeous thespian with the body and expressive eyes and lip that can make even the gods nod in approval was the subject matter in the shoot for "Mimi Orjiekwe's make up product, Flawless Beauty by Mimi Moonlighter Palette". 

Saturday, February 17, 2018


Life is supposed to be sacred, most especially human life. Imagine that for some people to kill a chicken or even any other animals without a soul is a No no. Now think about a person, whose speciality, whose source of "living", whose job is to "snuff" out lives!!!!

Totally unimaginable we suppose, but that seems to be how the man- Adeola Williams, 39 aka "Ade Lawyer" an indigene of Isasi, in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State caught by the Inspector General of Police, Intelligence Response Team-IRT just this week makes a "living"!

What a life!

The legend about this young man all over the Lagos island is totally unbelievable. It's like everyone in that part of Lagos and beyond knows about his legend and they talk about him in awe and fear, apparently he has done and has engaged in this his trade for quite a while and has built a reputation, for being "a master of the game" for himself. People were even surprised that he could be caught, because part of his legend is that he is, a supremo par excellence when it comes to voodoo fortification and because of his belief in the efficacy of his so called fortification, he moved about like he was one of the gods and like a virtual untouchable. Some of the things heard, in particular the atrocities spoken about concerning him and his supposed invincibility are legendary.

One of the things we heard was that if the dude is being chased, he has the uncanny and unbelievable ability to always outrun whoever his chasers are and also, somehow, someway weaken those running after him. Unbelievable? Yes totally through and through. 2 other things spoken about him in awe and fear is his unbelievable, nearly super human strength and his fearlessness, it's like life holds no value to him, so like chickens he can just snuff out a life like it was nothing.

It is said according to the legend that the dude supposedly has a target of the number of lives he must end, he would or could end prematurely before he could ever be caught or even killed! That's because those who supposedly gave him the fortification had assured him of his near invincibility. According to some gist, things or those that should be dear to him were part of the things used for his fortification!

But it's like all of the above are just myth fanned by some to make him look far more than he really is, it's like let his fear go ahead of him, so that his adversaries are already wounded even before he arrives, but with the way he was caught this outgone week, it makes it look like the legend about him, were just mere pumped up stories. It also perfectly showed that many days for the thief, but only one day for the owner of the house.

Though, Ade Lawyer had ran to Akure, Ondo State after performing his dastardly act, when he snuffed out the life of the PA to his actual target, who had escaped "miraculously" with bullet wounds, he could only run this time, but he couldn't hide nor escape anymore, for his time had come to face his just recompense.

The fear of the IRT, led by their extraordinary leader/team commander, Asst Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari has become the beginning of wisdom for criminal elements all over the country for some time now. It seems like whenever the Nigerian Police makes up her mind to solve a case or bring a case to a conclusion and quickly too, the only people that they call in, is the IRT led by its able leader. Mr. Assistant Commissioner, who seem to have a Midas touch and once he comes on a case, it is as good as settled or sorted.

So the assassin-Adeola Williams aka Ade Lawyer and his team were supposedly commissioned for a job by the former NURTW Lagos chapter head, Rafiu Akanni Olohunwa, their task was to take out (kill) another NURTW top honcho, Azeez Lawal aka Kunle Poly. The agreement for the job was a paltry ₦1.5million Naira. That's how much a human life is worth to some! Out of the agreed fees, ₦500000 was immediately paid remaining ₦1m to be paid after the task had been accomplished!

In executing the dastardly brief, a Ganiyu Lawal aka Piero, Azeez Lawal's PA was instead killed, while his boss who was the actual target escaped with bullet wounds, all of this action was like an action movie that happened just in January of this year!

For missing the actual target, Olohunwa according to Ade Lawyer refused to pay the remaining ₦1m and so the assassin who was now on the run, went after Olohunwa, seizing Olohunwa's Hyundai SUV from his driver in lieu of the money that he felt he was being owed.

And so Ade Lawyer went on the run due to the heat raised by the attempted assassination and the murder of Piero. Already the police had been given the onerous task of fishing out those involved in the terrible killing and the task fell on the IRT. A few of the assassin's accomplices were arrested and their leader himself was picked up in Akure thereafter.

The feared assassin after his arrest and interrogation became a "singing nightingale" or should we say a "singing cockrel or canary" that couldn't be stopped no more, confessing to many other killings carried out by himself and his team. An AK47 with some spent catridges were supposedly recovered after a search. He has confessed to killing the whole occupants of a car somewhere in Badore, where 5 lives, a Ganiyu Asari & 4 others  were wiped out without any remorse, when he sprayed the car they were in with bullets. He also confessed to killing another Oshodi union boss by name Rasaq Bello aka Hamburger last year. He had also confessed to killing a Babatunde Dosunmu aka Mados in Ebute Metta and a Salawe in Ajah.

Following his confessional statement, where he stated that he was commissioned to do the killing by Olohunwa, the former NURTW chairman was also arrested and efforts have been intensified to arrest other fleeing accomplices still at large. Ade Lawyer has also confessed to have worked for many others too, some of those mentioned by him were traditional rulers and politicians.

However, Olohunwa in his initial statement has claimed that Ade Lawyer was on his own, that he didn't pay him to kill anyone, he even went as far as claiming the ₦500000 he gave to the confessed assassin was out of fear for his own life and not for any job. 

The self confessed serial killer even went as far as claiming that he has killed for Olohunwa more than once, to which the latter has denied. Now that both of them have been arrested, how would things pan out?

We would be following to see. 


Pastor Ituah and Ibidunni Ighodalo

Couple with their daughter

Pastor Ituah Ighodalo 57, is the amiable and wonderful Presiding pastor at Trinity House Ministries International and a well known Accountant with a thriving firm.

His wife, a supremely gorgeous and quier lady at that and also a Pastor in her husband's ministry, Ibidunni Ighodalo is the ex-beauty queen (Lux Face) and owner of probably the biggest and most prestigious event management company in Nigeria by name Elizabeth R.

It was their 11th wedding anniversary yesterday, that's Friday, February 16, 2018 and so the very loved up couple who have never been shy at expressing their undying love very openly and publicly for each other; both are obviously each others forever Ying and yang, went on the social media to wax quite lyrical about the anniversary and express their love for each other again.

Hear Ibidun-

Thank you for being an awesome priest, husband and dad…. We love, cherish and adore you. Happy 11th anniversary my love…. here’s to many more years in health and joy…. Love you immensely My King…. 😍😍❤️❤️😘😘🌷🌷

And then Pastor Ighodalo's own words-

My superstar….. life without you is colourless and dry….. thank you for bringing so much joy and favour my way….. You are more than a wife…. You are my EVERYTHING and I promise to love and protect you all the days of your life…. Happy anniversary Kokoye 😘😘😘

Love o love! No wonder, people can go to any length for the sake of it! 

Congratulations! May this love grow more and more as the years go by. 


Tonto & son King Andre

Birthday boy King Andre having fun 

Olakunle, King Andre & Tonto

Hmmmmmmm and so heaven didn't fall down and no hell was let loose as Tonto Dikeh and her estranged husband Olakunle Churchill forgot animosity and left bickering behind, throwing all the bullshit behind even if temporarily and were in the same space, same building, just mere inches from each other and heaven didn't fall apart, as they both united to give son a worthwhile birthday at his school yesterday with other kids in anticipation of his birthday which is actually today, Saturday, February 17, 2018.

Young King Andre Omodayo, the only kid yet between the former loved up couple-Tonto & Olakunle, has shown by what happened yesterday at his school that he is a blessed child, one ordained by God to be a "peacemaker", the tie, the magnet between his estranged parent. Maybe, this young kid would be the one to help mend the rift between his parent and bring both back together again, so they all can be one big happy, very loved up family all over again!

Both Tonto and Olakunle, were united or at least had a semblance of unity as they both were at their son's school to celebrate his 2nd birthday. It was obvious from the pictures, that it was a fun gathering and the couple enjoyed themselves wonderfully, with both exclaiming on their different platforms thus-

Mama King Tonto-

Am so estatic
ðŸ˜ģI have a Son
And he turns TWO inabit..
Thank you Jesus

Papa King Olakunle-

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KING OMODAYO. We love you and wish for you the happiest of days and a bright, healthy future. Unending love, undivided attention, eternal pampering, everlasting affection and endless care. These are the things that we can do for you, Stay happy and have a amazing birthday son.🎂🎂🎁❤️😘

Congratulations to the fine boy!

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Friday, February 16, 2018


Sizeable Nollywood actress Foluke DARAMOLA has joined the league of the newest 40 year olds in town. Like Mercy Aigbe, like Iyabo Ojo, like Chinedu Ikedieze, like Omosexy, all Foluke's colleagues and a few others, Foluke was awesomely happy to start life anew. Reason being that, just in case you might have forgotten like they say, "life begins at 40". So it's a new lease of life for the delightsome lady who has been in our face for upwards of a decade plus now.

The mother of 2, apart from her passion for interpreting roles has another passion too, which is very dear to her heart, an advocacy she founded known as "Passion Against Rape in Africa".

To celebrate hitting 40, sweet actress went totally picture gaga releasing a sizeable nos of new exciting pictures for her fans. Though her actual birthday date was February 6, 2018 she instead celebrated her born day at the Down Syndrome and Blind People's home yesterday, February 15, 2018.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ecobank fails in bid to stop Otudeko’s testimony; as he confirms payment of N3.5 billion

Obafoluke Otudeko
The Chairman of Honeywell Group, Oba Otudeko, yesterday, Wednesday, February 14, 2018 confirmed that Honeywell companies are not indebted to Ecobank Nigeria Limited.

He also confirmed that Honeywell paid the sum of N3.5 billion in full and final settlement of its obligations to the bank.
It should be recalled that at the hearing of 8th February, 2018, Ecobank’s lawyer, having asked preliminary questions, stated that he was no longer interested in examining the witness and sought to prevent Oba Otudeko from giving further evidence.

However, Honeywell’s Counsel, Bode Olanipekun, objected, and requested that the witness be cross-examined, having been invited by the Court at Ecobank’s instance.

At the hearing yesterday, 14th February, 2018, Ecobank’s counsel, O.A. Divine raised several objections in a bid to stall Otudeko from giving his testimony. He also informed the Court that Ecobank had filed yet another appeal and an application for stay of proceedings at the Court of Appeal. In responding to the objections, Chief Wole Olanipekun, SAN, stated that Ecobank had reached the point of no return and could not prevent Otudeko from giving testimony as he was called at the instance of the bank.

In his ruling, Justice Idris stated that he was unable to place any value on the application to stay proceedings because the copy presented to the court by Ecobank’s counsel was not a certified-true-copy. He further ruled that that Oba Otudeko be allowed to give his evidence in the matter and directed that cross-examination should proceed. Led in cross-examination by Honeywell’s counsel, Chief Wole Olanipekun, SAN, Otudeko affirmed that the Honeywell companies, following an agreement reached with the MD of Ecobank, Jibril Aku and other executives of the bank on July 22nd 2013, paid a total sum of N3.5 billion as full and final settlement of Honeywell’s obligations to the bank.

Chief Wole Olanipekun, SAN concluded the cross examination of Dr. Oba Otudeko. Despite being the party that invited the witness, Ecobank’s counsel however declined to re-examine him. It should be recalled that Ecobank had last week refused to proceed with its examination-in-chief after asking the witness some preliminary questions. It seems that Ecobank’s strategy to call Otudeko as its star witness boomeranged hence its abrupt decision not to allow him give his testimony. From reactions in court, there was a palpable sense of bewilderment as to why Ecobank would choose to call Otudeko, the Plaintiffs’ Chairman, as its chief witness.

Following Ecobank’s refusal to re-examine the witness, the court discharged Oba Otudeko. The matter was adjourned till 12th March, 2018.


Birthday Gal- Ruth Osime

Ruth Osime & sisters

Yetunde Allen & Mo Abudu

Ruth Osime is the editor of your soar away Sunday Sunday lifestyle tonic known to all as ThisDay Style, the brand that has consistently held sway in the lifestyle genre for eons now in Nigeria. 

The lifestyle maven was 54 on February 6, 2018 and to mark the birthday she and her many friends gathered at one of Lagos top lifestyle watering hole Noks by Alara, owned by lifestyle purveyor par excellence, Reni Folawiyo, the supremely gorgeous and stylish owner of Alara, who is the wife of fineboy billionaire, Tunde Folawiyo.

In attendance at the fun shindig, were the likes of Yetunde Allen, Pat Faniran, Mo Abudu, Debbie Oghene, Eryca Freemantle, Marian Omatsone, Grace Osime, Omome Oloyede, Bola Ayeni, Betty Irabor, Nkiru Anumudu and a few others.

Birthday gal was the epitome of chic in her all black outfit.

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