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Monday, July 27, 2020


Is this a typical case of healer heal thyself?

In his heydays or better still the heydays of his then quite popular ministries, he was one of those pastors (men of God (god) then that was larger than life, who was seen or perceived as an enigma of a sort.

He bestrode the pulpit like a colossus, preaching his brand of prosperity message with strong point. He was dashing in his well sewn, well starched, properly worn outfits, selling his style of the gospel and maybe because of his dexterity of delivery and his obvious gift of the garb, he had tens of thousands, some claimed hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of followers around the globe-Nigeria, USA, UK, South Korea etc. He was a miracle ditching pastor, a prosperity message preacher, who always spoke about his conviction with outspoken & enlightened pride.

In those days he was one of the more popular televangelists of note. He actually walked what he preached, as  a then prosperity minister, who comfortably cruised around with the array of the lastest machines on wheels then, that used to dazzle all comers. Those machines then had numbers like Zoe 1, 2, 3 etc with all the trappings & security personnel surrounding him, all armed and more all about him. He was the ultimate flamboyant preacher. When he came anywhere, it was like the President or king or Governor himself was the one visiting. There were those then, who used to wonder about how come the God was somewhat partial to some and blessed them with far more than they needed, with such abundance, while others were just struggling to patch it up and make ends meet.

To be on TV and regularly at that too, is not chicken feed at all. So one must understand the kind of money that could have gone into being a popular TV person then, the way Pastor Anwuzia then was.

But fast forward now to a few years afterwards, to about a decade or more now and so shocking to see that things have since gone totally south so quickly and maybe terribly too! The ministry, the church has since gone under and none existent, not to be heard again or just in whispers.

Alas, the same very popular man of God, who was a delight to watch as he did his thing then, a contemporary of the late equally flamboyant Rev./Apostle Gabriel Oduyemi of the Bethel Ministries Wonder City, Lekki, one who supposedly had the gift of impartation and other gifts/virtues that helped others is now unbelievably at the receiving end! No more Zoe ministry and then his health has fallen terribly, with him supposedly having liver & kidney problems and having the need to be flown abroad for urgent top class medical attention!

It hasn't been an easy time for many years for Pastor Anwuzia. A few years back, it was claimed then that assassins went after him reasons for that wasn't clear & now it's a debilitating health issue that he is battling majorly to survive, while it is claimed he is bedridden.  

Sunday, July 26, 2020


Diekolola Olatanwa Olaotan Osa-Avielele

Her journey home to mother earth begins next week, on Thursday & Friday to be more precise.

The news of her painful passage/death on Thursday, July 16, 2020, when she breathed her last, from the complications that arose from childbirth (days after she had successfully given birth to her one & only) hit everyone like a sledgehammer. She was someone everyone was eagerly awaiting, for them to celebrate with and the reverberations from the sad occurrence has not abated since, even many days after her death happened. Many are still thinking that maybe, just maybe, it's still a bad joke & a bad dream/nightmare that would soon go away and that people would soon wake up from and that Dieko would soon appear again on the scene, like nothing really happened. Bringing utmost joy into the lives of her loved ones.

But alas, the lady with the beautiful heart is gone, a kind soul to the core, a giver and a lover has gone forever! Shame!!!!

Since her passing though, it has been an outpouring of divergent emotions from everywhere, with people falling over themselves to eulogize her and remember her as appropriately as they can.

Her long awaited child (son), who was born on Tuesday July 7, 2020, just 9 days before her unfortunate demise, is doing great and is getting the very best of care that a child born into awesome provisions could get. The boy can also expect extraordinary care and more from so many people, as he is now the only physical remembrance of his well loved mom, who has transcended this world and has begun another journey on another plain already. The people are sure to over compensate on this baby.

May Dieko's soul continue to rest.

As part of the activities towards her ultimate send off/burial, come Thursday, July 30, 2020 between the hours of 5.30 & 7.00pm there would be a [Service of Songs] in memory of the dearly departed. And friends and associates alike, would be joining her family members on Zoom to partake in the service. 

Thereafter, on 'Friday, July 31, 2020' in Arlington, Virginia, USA, her [funeral service] would take place between the hours of 10am & 11.30am and she would be committed to mother earth. As everyone bids their farewell. 

A more physical gathering would also be held too, but it's at a later date maybe in Ilorin, Kwara State & or Lagos, sometime in August of 2020, date of which would be communicated and that gathering is going to be strictly by invitation, owing to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic restrictions or the observation of protocols on close quarters gatherings. That gathering is tagged a "Celebration of Life".

'Diekolola Olatanwa Olaotan Osa-Avielele, was born on Tuesday, March 2, 1976 in Ilorin, Kwara state to Chief Cornelius & Chief Mrs. Elizabeth Adebayo. Her dad was a teacher/academician turned politician who became a Governor of Kwara State at a point. She was the 2nd of 6 children of her parents, made up of 5 girls and a boy.

1988- she finished her primary school at the University of Ilorin Primary School.
1993- she finished from the University of Ilorin Secondary School.
1999- she got her LLB from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State.
2001- she was called to bar in Abuja.
2004- she got her LLM from the famous Howard University Washington DC, USA.

2004-2008- she first worked at Globacom as an in house counsel, before she moved to Conoil Producing as Senior Legal Officer. She thereafter resigned to start her own brand.

She started first with Cedarwood Rentals, an event solution company that quickly made a mark and from there she established the award winning D Venue Event Center. She was the pioneer VP of the Island branch of the Association of Venue Owners.

Her doting husband is Mr. Emmanuel Osa-Avilele, who is the Group Head Retail & SME Banking, Union Bank. She would be forever missed by a host of loved ones. 

Friday, July 24, 2020


Oba Omogbolahan Abdul-Wasiu Lawal, Abisogum II, the Oniru of Iruland


Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has congratulated the Oniru of Iruland, His Royal Majesty (HRM) Oba AbdulWasiu Omogbolahan Lawal (Abisogun II) on his 50 years birthday celebration.

Governor Sanwo-Olu in a statement issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Gboyega Akosile on Thursday, described Oba Lawal, the immediate past Lagos State Commissioner for Agriculture, as a seasoned administrator who has used his knowledge and experience to bring about agricultural revolution in Lagos State.

The Governor added that Oba Lawal, during his tenure as Honourable Commissioner in different ministries between 2009 and 2020 displayed high degree of honesty, dedication and professionalism to service in the public sector, contributing his quota to the growth and development of Lagos State.

He said the traditional ruler, who retired voluntarily as a Superintendent of Police in 2000, left the Nigerian Police Force with impeccable records, exhibiting the true spirit of royalty in him.

He said: "Oba Omogbolahan Lawal has dedicated his adult life to the service of the people both as police officer and later in politics, serving three governors passionately as Honourable Commissioner to deliver democratic goods to the people of Lagos before becoming a traditional ruler.

"Oba Lawal's work as Senior Special Assistant and later Commissioner for Agriculture and Cooperatives to Governor Babatunde Fashola (SAN) on special projects as well as Commissioner for Housing during Governor Akinwunmi Ambode administration are evidence of your knowledge, creativity and innovation.

“During his service as Honourable Commissioner of Agriculture in our administration, Oba Lawal brought positive energy and transformational change to the agriculture sector in line with our THEMES agenda.

"Oba Lawal also worked assiduously with other cabinet members to deliver our government's COVID-19 relief package to over a million households in Lagos, including people with disabilities.

"On behalf of my family and the good people of Lagos State, I wish you a happy birthday and pray that the Almighty God continues to bestow on your Majesty, wisdom for a continuous reign of peace, prosperity and love in Iru land.

“May you witness many more fruitful years and decades on the throne of your forefathers for the continuous service to humanity.”




JULY 24, 2020

Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Like water under the bridge, some of life's experiences have brought me to the realization that in life... learning is indeed, a continuous process.

I have grown to learn, unlearn and relearn.

I have also prayed for a higher understanding of life's experiences, wisdom and appropriate application of knowledge.

Early this year, in the bid to stay atop the trending chats I wrote a story that knowing better now, should never have been published in the first place.

On behalf  of Maestromedia and me, I apologise unreservedly for all the trouble this caused your family.

Even when our story did not mention any names whatsoever, the insinuation/inference/innuendo was clear.

We have since found out that what we wrote about the couple was untrue, sadly putting them in a bad light.

I apologise profusely and sincerely without any reservations whatsoever.

Marriage is sacred and as a man... I should have been more sensitive.

I humbly state as a matter of fact that we hold Mr. & Mrs. Julius Rone in high esteem and respect them a whole lot.

We proclaim that they are exemplary citizens going about their private businesses without any trouble to anyone.

Consequently, we withdraw the story and appreciate your kind.

We shall henceforth be exemplary in our ways, both in our personal situation and subsequent publications.

Yours truly,

Abiola Aloba,
(CEO) Editor in Chief

Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe

Lagos July 20, 2020: The Board of Directors of Fidelity Bank Plc wishes to announce the impending retirement of Mr. Nnamdi J. Okonkwo, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer (MD/CEO) of Fidelity Bank Plc. He will be stepping down from the Board of Directors of the Bank, with effect from December 31, 2020, upon completion of his contract tenure, in line with the bank’s governance policies.

In compliance with the succession policy of the Bank, the Board has approved the appointment of Mrs. Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe, the current Executive Director, Lagos and South West Directorate as the MD/CEO Designate. The approval of the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) has been obtained for the appointment.

The Board has also approved the appointment of Mr. Kevin Ugwuoke, the current Chief Risk Officer of the Bank, as Executive Director, Chief Risk Officer, subject to the approval of the CBN.

“To ensure a smooth and successful transition, Nnamdi Okonkwo will continue in his role as the MD/CEO until December 31, 2020, while Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe will assume office as the substantive MD/CEO by January 1, 2021” said Chairman Board of Directors of Fidelity Bank Mr. Ernest Ebi.

He commended the MD/CEO for his significant contributions to the growth and development of the bank. “Fidelity Bank has enjoyed a very stable leadership since inception. These appointments underscore the bank’s robust human capital capabilities, governance and succession policies. We thank Nnamdi not only for his sterling performance but also for nurturing the new team and current crop of leaders to continue to steer the bank on its growth trajectory” he stated.

Mr. Nnamdi Okonkwo was appointed to the Board of Fidelity Bank in April 2012 as an Executive Director and was subsequently appointed the MD/CEO on January 01, 2014. He implemented a Digital-led Strategy which led to significant growth across key performance matrix and increased market share, with the Bank currently ranked 6th amongst Nigerian Banks on most performance indices. Some of his key achievements include PBT growth of 236% from N9.0bn to N30.4bn; RoE increase from 5.5% to 13.3%; Customer Deposits growth of 68% from N806.3bn to N1,352.3bn and Savings Deposit growth of 275% from N83.3bn to N312.1bn.

Other notable achievements include Net Loans and Advances growth of 174% from N426.1bn to N1,165.8bn; Customer Base increase by 121% from 2.4 million to 5.3 million and Digital Banking penetration improvement from 1.0% to 50.1%, accounting for 28.4% of total fee income. In addition, the Bank successfully accessed the local and international markets through the issuance of N30bn Corporate Bonds in 2015 and $400million Eurobonds in 2017 under his leadership.

Mrs. Onyeali-Ikpe was appointed to the Board of Fidelity Bank in 2015 as an Executive Director and currently oversees the Lagos and Southwest Directorate. She led the transformation of the Directorate to profitability and sustained its impressive year-on-year growth across key performance metrics. Nneka has been an integral part of the current management team, responsible for the remarkable increase in the Bank’s performance in the last 5 years, with the area under her direct responsibility, contributing over 28% of the Bank’s PBT, Deposits and Loans.

Nneka has over 30 years of experience across various banks including Standard Chartered Bank Plc, Zenith Bank Plc and Citizens International Bank/Enterprise Bank, where she held several management positions in Legal, Treasury, Investment Banking, Retail/Commercial Banking and Corporate Banking. As an Executive Director at legacy Enterprise Bank Plc, she received formal commendation from the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), as a member of the management team, that successfully turned around Enterprise Bank Plc.

She holds Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka; a Master of Laws (LLM) degree from Kings College, London and has attended executive training programs at notable global institutions including; Harvard Business School; The Wharton School University of Pennsylvania; INSEAD School of Business; Chicago Booth School of Business; London Business School and IMD amongst others.

Kevin Ugwuoke joined Fidelity Bank in 2015 as General Manager, Chief Risk Officer. Under his supervision, the Bank’s Total Loan Book has grown by a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17% from N559.1bn to N1,218.9bn with Cost of Risk averaging 0.7% within the period and Non-Performing Loans Ratio below the regulatory threshold at 4.8% in Q1 2020.He has over 29 years of banking experience across various banks namely Citi Bank, Access Bank Plc, United Bank for Africa Plc and legacy Mainstreet Bank Limited, where he worked in various capacities in Banking Operations, Commercial Banking, Corporate Banking and Risk Management. Prior to joining Fidelity Bank, he was Chief Risk Officer at United Bank for Africa Plc and Mainstreet Bank Limited.

Kevin holds a First Class Honors degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from Edinburgh Business School of Herriot-Watt University. He has attended several executive trainings at Harvard Business School and other world-class institutions of learning.

Monday, July 20, 2020


Late Mallam Ismail Isa-Funtua

Could it be that the prophecies or better put another prediction of Prophet Elijah Babatunde Ayodele of Inri has hit the mark.? Could this just be another perfect coincidence? Could it have been that a vague prediction has hit the mark so accurately?

So okay very recently, one of the things the seer claimed to have seen was that, death is still knocking around the President's inner circle, that there's the likelihood he would still be bereaved again and just a few weeks after he said it, the President has truly just lost a good friend/close friend, in the person of Mallam Ismail Isa-Funtua! 

Remember him? He was one of those that people thought was vying for the position of the Chief of Staff to the President after the death of the former one, the late Abba Kyari.

He had come out during that time to refute his supposed interest in the position, when he said categorically he wasn't interested in the position and that it was in fact beneath him.

The elder statesman at 78, succumbed to death today, in fact Monday night to complications arising from cardiac arrest.

He was the founding Managing Director of Democrat Newspaper and a former President of the Newspaper Proprietors Association of Nigeria (NPAN).

He was the father to President Buhari’s son-in-law. And one of those some considered to be one of the cabal, so he had the ears of the President.

He was a life patron of Newspaper’s Proprietors Association of Nigeria (NPAN) and Chairman of the famous Bullet Construcion company with an intimidating portfolio.

He will be buried according to Islamic rites Tuesday.


Diekolola Olatanwa Osa-Avielele nee Adebayo

The sadness over her quite unfortunate passing has been too heavy a burden to bear. Just imagine that a beautiful soul, a kind-hearted person per excellence, a true worshipper at that, a humanitarian by the very definition of it, one who had been waiting with bated breath for so long, 10 long years to be more specific, for her own fruit. Her own child.

A decade of trusting, a whole decade of believing, a decade of knowing that God would make the miracle happen no matter what, a decade of holding on to her God in a more special way and just at that point that the prayer, like Hannah's was answered, just when she had exhaled that finally here it is, then death just came calling to disrupt the party, just a few days after her dream had finally come through and true, she was just snatched away like that!

What a loss! What a sad loss! What a painful loss! What a traumatic loss!

How can her people, her loved ones, those who had been quietly praying along with her, trusting in the Lord with her, those who knew her quiet pain, those who had offered words of advices, words of encouragement, words of consolation & prayers where needed, be consoled? There are those who are given this gift and don't actually want it or need it and are even willing to throw away the special gift, the same child some are/have been praying for, so fervently with their whole being, like it's nothing! For some it's just like touch and go, before you know it, something has happened, while for some, it's about fervent prayers, trusting in their maker for a miracle. 
But for Dieko, just when it was thought that the rainbow had appeared on her horizon, signposting glad tidings, then like a thief in the night, the one that comes to steal, kill and destroy, the most shameless & horrible enemy of man-death, came calling and has left such pain in its wake.

And so 'Diekolola Olatanwa Osa-Avielele' came & she sojourned for just 44 years, did what is considered her best and she's now gone. Like a candle in the wind, leaving just great memories behind for those who love her to linger on.

Many of those who know her, be they family members, associates, friends and more, have found the news of her passage totally unbelievable! It has been shock galore since last week Thursday, when the sad occurrence happened in far away Fairfax Virginia, USA. Many are still grappling with the news, hoping against hope that the news is actually a lie of the devil! But alas it is true, she's actually gone and has already even begun the next chapter of her new journey

She would most likely be buried abroad, especially with the general lockdown that's still prevalent now, that's not allowing international travels.

May her beautiful soul find rest. We commiserate with all her loved ones over her death. God grant you all the strength to accept what has occurred already. 


Maybe their reaction came after the uproar from various quarters, that the so called accidental death of the record breaking female pilot-late Tolulope Arotile was suspicious. Many had called for a thorough investigation to unearth the remote cause of her death, which occured just a few days back and has left a bad taste in the mouth.

So the Airforce have reacted below stating their part in the whole mess. They took their time to pooh-pooh all the insinuations raised and have asked the police to do further investigation. 

The late Flying Officer Tolulope Arotile would be buried come Thursday July 23, 2020 with full military honors. She would be sorely missed.



1. On 14 July 2020, the Nigerian Air Force (NAF), and indeed the entire Nation, was thrown into mourning as a result of the death of one of our shining young stars in the person of Flying Officer Tolulope Arotile, the NAF’s first female combat helicopter pilot. Her unfortunate demise has elicited an overwhelming outpouring of condolences, prayers and support to the NAF as well as the Arotile Family. This has no doubt been so, not just for Tolulope’s outstanding accomplishments at the tender age of 24, but also because of her sterling personal qualities of excellence, hard work, dedication to duty, confidence and courage, which endeared her to her superiors, subordinates and peers in the Service. Unfortunately, because of the peculiar circumstances of the incident that led to her death, a rash of falsehoods, innuendos, conspiracy theories and the likes have been propagated in the public space, especially on Social Media. The        NAF sincerely hopes that the findings of the           just-concluded preliminary investigation into this unfortunate and painful incident will address the misinformed issues raised in the Social Media on the tragedy.

2. Moreover, while it would have been ideal for the entire investigation to be concluded before details on the incident are released, the NAF, in sensitivity to public concerns occasioned by the spread of false information, appreciates the imperative to provide more clarity at this very difficult moment. Please note that the details being revealed today have already been communicated to the Arotile Family, who ideally should be allowed to mourn their daughter and sister in peace, but for the unfortunate nature of the sad occurrence.

3. In line with the normal procedure in the Nigerian Air Force during such occurrences, an investigation was immediately instituted to formally determine the circumstances of the incident. Accordingly, the preliminary investigation has revealed the following details:

a. The Late Flying Officer Tolulope Arotile, a Squadron Pilot at the 405 Helicopter Combat Training Group (405 HCTG) Enugu, attached to the Air Component of Operation GAMA AIKI in Minna, having recently completed her Promotion Examinations, was  in Kaduna awaiting deployment for her next assignment. During this period, she stayed with her sister, Mrs Damilola Adegboye, at Sabo Area in Kaduna, visiting the NAF Base whenever necessary.

b. On 14 July 2020 at about 10.55am, Late Flying Officer Arotile received a phone call from her colleague, Flying Officer Perry Karimo, a fellow helicopter pilot from the 405 HCTG, who wanted to discuss arrangements for their return to Enugu, requesting that she comes to the Base so that they could work out the modalities. Subsequently, at about 10.58am, the Late Arotile placed a call through to Squadron Leader Diepiriye Batubo, the Group Operations Officer (GOO) of 405 HCTG, who was in Minna at the time, to clarify issues regarding her deployment. It must be highlighted that the call FROM Flying Officer Karimo as well as the one TO the Squadron Leader Batubo both took place before 11.00am, over 5 hours before the incident which led to her death.

c. Flying Officer Arotile was later conveyed from Sabo to the NAF Base Kaduna by her sister, Mrs Adegboye, where the Deceased  dropped her phone for charging at a house in the Instructor Pilots’ Quarters belonging to Squadron Leader Alfa Ekele. Her elder sister later dropped her off at the Base Mammy Market at about 4.00pm, where she proceeded to photocopy and laminate some documents. It was while she was returning from the Mammy Market at about 4.30pm that 3 of her former schoolmates at the Air Force Secondary School (now Air Force Comprehensive School) Kaduna; Mr Nehemiah Adejoh, Mr Igbekele Folorunsho and Mr Festus Gbayegun, drove past her in a Kia Sorento SUV, with Registration Number AZ 478 MKA. It is noteworthy that Messrs Adejoh, Folorunsho and Gbayegun are all civilians who live outside NAF Base Kaduna, but were on their way to visit one Mrs Chioma Ugwu, wife of Squadron Leader Chukwuemeka Ugwu, who lives at Ekagbo Quarters on the Base.

d. Upon recognising their schoolmate, Arotile, after passing her, Mr Adejoh, who was driving, reversed the vehicle, ostensibly in an attempt to quickly meet up with the Deceased, who was walking in the opposite direction. In the process, the vehicle struck Flying Officer Arotile from the rear, knocking her down with significant force and causing her to hit her head on the pavement. The vehicle then ran over parts of her body as it veered off the road beyond the kerb and onto the pavement, causing her further injuries.

e. Flying Officer Arotile was subsequently rushed to the 461 NAF Hospital Kaduna for treatment, while Mr Folorunsho (one of the occupants of the vehicle) who is also an Accident & Emergency Nurse at the St Gerard Catholic Hospital Kaduna, administered First Aid.

f. Flying Officer Arotile was confirmed dead by the On-Call Doctor at the 461 NAF Hospital at about 4.45pm on 14 July 2020, as a result of the head injuries. 

g. The trio of Messrs Nehemiah Adejoh, Igbekele Folorunsho and Festus Gbayegun were immediately detained at the Air Provost Wing, 453 Base Services Group Kaduna as investigations began. They were subjected to Toxicology Tests at the 461 NAF Hospital but no traces of alcohol or psychotropic substances were found in their systems. It was however discovered that the driver of the vehicle, Mr Nehemiah Adejo, did not have a valid driver’s license.

h. Traffic Officers from the Kawo Police Station and the Kaduna State Police Command as well as Road Traffic experts from the Federal Road Safety Corp were also called in to provide support during the investigation.

4. Having carefully considered the foregoing, the preliminary investigation concluded that:

a. The death of Flying Officer Arotile was caused by blunt force trauma to the head and significant bleeding resulting from being struck by the vehicle.

b. Being a civil case, the matter will be handed over to the Nigeria Police with a view to further investigating and charging the suspects to court in accordance with extant laws.

5. The Nigerian Air Force, being a highly professional and disciplined organization, will not join issues with any individuals or groups regarding the spurious allegations of ‘foul play’ espoused in some quarters. Suffice it to say that Flying Officer Arotile was a pride of the NAF in whom the Service had invested massively in terms of resources, time and energy. Consequently, it is ludicrous for anyone to even remotely insinuate malevolent intent on the part of the Service against one of its most prized assets.
6. Furthermore, it is extremely sad and disheartening that, rather than allow the Arotile Family and the Nigerian Air Force to grieve for our dearly departed Tolulope in peace, many have chosen to politicize her death, while others are using the incident to push meritless, misguided ethnic and religious agendas. The Nigerian Air Force wishes to implore everyone to respect the sensibilities of all those who have suffered most by this loss, those who really knew Tolulope - her family, her friends and her Nigerian Air Force colleagues. It is of absolute importance that the memory of this Fallen Hero and our precious child is not tainted by the propagation of misplaced sentiments and wild shenanigans.  Before I end this august address, may I respectfully, on behalf of the Chief of the Air Staff, the entire personnel of the NAF as well as members of the Arotile Family, express my profound appreciation to all those who in one way or the other have shown concern, support and sympathy over this unfortunate incident. Thank you for your attention.

Air Commodore
Director of Public Relations and Information
Nigerian Air Force
19 July 2020

Sunday, July 19, 2020


Her sad & excruciating passing, a quite unfortunate one at that came on Thursday July 16, 2020 in far away Fairfax, Virginia USA at the quite young age of 44. It was just a few days after the birth of her bouncing baby son, who incidentally is doing quite well, but has no knowledge whatsoever that he has lost his mother, unfortunately!

The boss of the Cedarwood Group, owners of Cedarwood Rentals & D Venue by Cedarwood with branches both in Abuja and Lagos is a philanthropist par excellence & a great Christian and a passionate businesswoman, who owns one of the best events places both in Lagos and Abuja. Her brand was actually one of the pioneers of the famous Chiavari and Napoleon chairs, both of which have now become the staple in the industry for those that own standard, upscale events centers across the country.

Her other awesome passion is her foundation the 'Cedarwood Foundation' which helps to assist with the education of the less privileged. Even with the extraordinary interventions that she has done in this area, she's one person that doesn't want attention shown on it at all, as she believes it's something that's between her and her God, of whom she is also awesomely passionate about.

She spent all of her growing up years in Ilorin, Kwara State where she attended the University of Ilorin  Primary School, then the Unilorin Secondary School and then the University of Ilorin, Kwara State where she graduated with a degree in Law (BL). She then went to the Abuja Campus of the Nigerian Law School and was then called to bar in 2001. She then sojourned abroad to the US, where she attended the famous Howard University, School of Law, Washington DC, USA for her LLM (Masters in Law).

She thereafter came back to Nigeria and worked as an in-house lawyer at the 'Otunba Michael Agboolade Adenuga's Globacom in 2004 she spent bless than a year there and later moved to Conoil Producing, still owned by the same billionaire, also as an in-house lawyer too, before she later resigned not too long afterwards to set up her own brand, which was her most satisfying passion, the 'Cedarwood' brand. A brand that she gradually built from scratch, which like an acorn with the start of Cedarwood Rentals, grew and grew and became the Oak tree-Cedarwood Group that it is known as today.

She brought a lot of fantastic innovation into the industry. Her marquee, where she excelled excellently and became one of the leading Mobile Marquee Company in Nigeria, was even adjudged to be one of the coldest, coolest with sweet smelling fragrances wafting from their various fragrance machines strategically positioned around the hall or marquee. The uncompromising humanitarian, was a top official (President or Vice President) of the 'Association of Venue Owners Lagos Nigeria' [AVOLN] Island.

The supremely gorgeous and fantastically kindhearted 'Diekolola Olatanwa Osa-Avielele nee Adebayo' is the 2nd daughter out of the 6 kids of the academician (teacher) turned politician, being the former Governor of Kwara State, who later became the Minister of Communications in Nigeria, in the person of his excellency ' Senator/Chief Cornelius Olatunji Adebayo'. Her dad remains the only Governor to have had the shortest reign in the history of Kwara State till date, as he ruled for just a few months in 1983.

Dieko as most call her, is married to Emmanuel Osa-Avielele a Bini man from Edo State, who is a top banker. She's survived by her immediate family. There are 5 gals and a boy in her family.
1. Bukunola Ajayi
2. Diekolola Osa Avielele
3. Mosunmola Jegede
4. Abimbola Dayo Adewoye
5. Ayobola Toyosi Thomas
6. Cornelius Oluwasegun Adebayo and others. Her dad is still alive and is 79 year old.

May her beautiful soul find rest and may those she left behind find the strength to bear her sad loss.

The old students (her schoolmates) of the University of Ilorin under the umbrella of "Uniting-Unilorin & Friends" especially prays for the repose of the soul of the dearly departed. #RIP

Saturday, July 18, 2020


The earth in general is still reeling from the unfortunate & untimely passage of the ultimate queen of hearts, in the person of the incredible, the beautiful, the supremely well loved, the very passionate, the relentlessly hardworking and the  darling of many hearts, the one & the only Pastor Ibidunni Ighodalo.

The sad and extremely shocking occurrence that happened last month, Sunday June 14, 2020 and which has left a pain in the heart, that has refused to go away since then is still very recent.

The outpouring of love from all & sundry, from home and abroad, that the shocking  passage brought about, has remained unprecedented in the history of the country. From near and far, from the young to the old, from the men to the women, from Christians and Moslems alike, it was emotion galore as everyone had wonderful things to say about the 39 year old late event management guru, who was the founder of the award winning Elizabeth R Company and also the initiator of the lovely 'Ibidunni Ighodalo Foundation'.

Had time permitted, had time considered the pain that her ill-timed passage would have wrought in the hearts of all, due to her departure, maybe she would have been left alone to still be alive to celebrate her 40th birthday, to still take care of her kids, her doting husband and her family and friends.  She had looked forward eagerly to her 40th as she had a project very dear to her angelic heart that she had planned to launch in commemoration of the particular birthday, being her 40th.

No one expected nor prayed that she wouldn't be around on the day, in fact, those in the know were equally eager with her, so plan though quietly in the background, were ongoing to touch loads of lives as a mark of celebrating the birthday.

But alas, like it is said "man proposes, God instead of allowing her dream to just go into the wind just like because she has passed on, those in charge of her foundation, led by her still traumatized husband have thought to immortalize her name and keep her light burning 🔥 forever.

So the 'Ibidunni Ighodalo Foundation (IIF)' announced at a press conference held yesterday, the commencement of its 40at40 initiative in accordance with its founder's last wish before she transited on Sunday 14th June, 2019. Her utmost desire was to celebrate her 40th birthday which would have come up on Sunday July 19, 2020 by granting 40 couples in dire need of 'reproductive interventions', a once in a lifetime opportunity to become parents.

The board of IIF is determined to ensure that this her last wish-to celebrate her birthday without a party of any kind, but to give the gift of parenthood for 40 indigent families is fulfilled to the letter.

Also today, Saturday July 18, 2020, as a precursor to the actual day/date, but still in celebration of her now posthumous 40th birthday, a festival of songs at a programme tagged - "An Evening of Global Worship" would take place from 8pm, then on her actual birthday date itself, which is Sunday July 19, 2020 a 'Remembrance Birthday Service' would also be held for her. Both events would be aired live on the Trinity House Church portals.

Ibidunni Ituah Ighodalo nee Ajayi, 39 died in her hotel room in Port Harcourt, Rivers State from Cardiac Arrest on Sunday June 14, 2020. She was given what could have been tagged a 'fantastic farewell' befitting a queen & a state burial, 6 days after her death on a special date- Saturday June 20, 2020. If money could have satisfied the grim reaper-death, 'Ibidunni Olajumoke Ighodalo' would still be alive as we speak now, celebrating her day heartily with everyone, most especially those she would have presented the gifts of a lifetime to.

She left behind her husband, the well connected, very amiable gentleman, 'Pastor Ituah Ighodalo', her 2 adorable kids-'Keke & Zenan', many immediate family members, including her mom 'Madam. Monilola Ajayi', associates, very many friends and fans.

On this occasion of what would have been her 40th birthday, a new beginning of another chapter of her life, we wish her a hearty posthumous birthday and pray that her angelic soul would continue to rest.

Friday, July 17, 2020


Tyrese Devon Haspil, 21

Fahim Saleh, 33 networth $100 to $150m

The young man, believed to be African-American is just 21 and a self proclaimed entrepreneur. He apparently worked for Fahim Saleh as his Chief of Staff at his company 'Adventure Capital'. He apparently combined his Chief of Staff status with being the tech millionaire's personal assistant who was in charge of finances, hence him being able to steal systematically from his boss over a period of time. We are too sure he didn't envisaged getting discovered.

The total amount stolen is said to be about [$100,000], which Fahim discovered and asked him to pay back over a period of time. So there was an agreed repayment plan which Haspil even reneged on.

Not much is known about his (Haspil) college education, apart from that he finished from Long Island's Valley Stream Central High School, where he competed in a Business contest in Web Design and won. His boss might have gotten notice of him from such a contest and then employed him as an intern who should be encouraged. But 'Tyrese Devon Haspil' is a self described entrepreneur and has his own marketing and consulting brand.

Apparently he (Haspil) was angered that he was discovered and told to pay back stolen money. And since his benevolent boss didn't report the theft to the police like he should have done, he may have thought it best to take him out quickly, rather than him looking for a whooping $100,000 to return.

From what was discovered about him, he apparently loved living large (had expensive taste) spotting designer outfits and all. What the suspect that entered the elevator with Fahim Saleh on the day he was murdered wore, was an expensive 3-piece suit, though he covered his face with a mask and wore hood & gloves and all, so as not to be discovered.

Fahim's expensive flat bought at over $2million Dollars, occupies the entire 7th floor of the 10 storey building. And the elevator opens directly into his apartment. His killer pretended like he was going somewhere else and must have stunned him with a taser as Fahim as seen from the CCTV, staggering out of the elevator on his floor into his apartment. He was then stabbed several times on the torso and neck. The knowledgeable killer- "Butcher of Manhattan", then waited till his blood coagulated (it has been said he killed on Monday & then came back another to finish off the job), before embarking on the gruesome dismemberment. Cutting him (Fahim Saleh) to pieces one by one. He removed the head, cut off the arms and the legs. To show his expertise, the blood was just in a neat pool in one corner, while parts of the dismembered body were neatly placed in contractor garbage bags around- the head, 2 arms and 2 legs. They were all said to have been cut with surgical precision!

The police were able to piece together evidence to reveal who was the likely killer via the taser and also by doing a credit check. The Police were able to identify Haspil through Anti-Felon Identity Card (AFID Cards) that were around Fahim's apartment like confetti. AFID cards are small, colorful tags inside most Taser cartridges that are printed with serial numbers. Whenever the Taser is deployed, 20 to 30 AFID cards are ejected, enabling law enforcement to trace the stun gun used, according to Taser manufacturer Axon.

The Credit Check carried out also revealed that Haspil had bought a saw & cleaning supplies from a nearby Home Depot store on the day of the murder. Remember the killer had tried to clean up the scene of the murder and must have been interrupted while doing his dastardly scheme as he left the saw used for cutting still in the plug and ran away! Also it was discovered that he had even used his card to pay for rides to and from the crime scene.

As at the time of his death, Fahim Saleh is said to have been worth between $100 to $150million Dollars.

May his soul find rest! 


Lanre Alfred

The Federal Government of Nigeria, through the National Council for Arts and Culture, NCAC, has endorsed a forthcoming book titled, Nigeria @60: 60 Foremost Nigerians In the Last 60 Years; being written by celebrity journalist and author, Lanre Alfred.
According to Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, Director-General, NCAC, “The book is a transgenerational effort that is in tandem with the federal government’s appreciation of the need for proper documentation in enduring forms, significant events of our chequered history and the roles of outstanding men and women who created the history.”

Runsewe further said the book is of significant historical and cultural value to this generation, especially as Nigeria counts down to her 60th anniversary.

Speaking on the essence of the book, Alfred said Nigeria is a nation guilty of not keeping data, which has, over the years, led to the distortion of Nigeria’s history. “As Nigeria turns 60 this year, it behooves us, therefore, to record and recall for posterity, historians and today’s youth who are bereft of quality role models the inspiring exploits and attainments of Nigeria’s foremost citizens of the last six decades while documenting and highlighting their outstanding resilience and perseverance in their ambitious dash for honour and progress in the face of daunting political and socio-economic odds,” Alfred said.

He said further that he finds it particularly inspiring and instructive to share the story of Nigeria’s heroes past and present with this generation which has so much to learn from their enviable professional and personal trajectories.

Alfred affirmed that the book would be out in October to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Nigeria and will be made available to libraries and higher institutions across the country.

A former society editor at Thisday Newspapers, the widely-traveled journalist is also the publisher of the popular coffee table books; Titans…The Amazing Exploits of Nigeria’s Greatest Achievers; and Highlife – Lifestyles of Nigeria’s Rich and Famous; and biographies like Pacemaker – Triumphs of Igho Sanomi at 40; The Lion of Afia Nsit – Triumphs of Scott Tommey at 45; Julius Rone…The Jewel of the Delta; and Dapo Abiodun…The Heart of Prince.


Fahim Saleh

Just 4 days after the terrible & heart wrenching murder of the young man (33 year old) behind the GOKADA brand fame, where he was found in his million dollars apartment in New York not just killed, but with his body parts dismembered. His killer has been found and arrested by the Police as published by the New York Times duo of Williams K. Rashbaum & Michael Gold.

The evil dude behind the whole thing, who took his time to not only kill his boss, but then began to cut him into pieces was actually his disgruntled personal assistant, who Fahim had discovered was a thief, who had been stealing and already stolen tens of thousands of dollars from him !

Read the full report below. It's a great breakthrough.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020


The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has finally provided more details about what led to the death of their late record breaking 24-year-old Flying Officer, Tolulope Arotile.

Tolulope Arotile, who became Nigeria’s first ever female combat helicopter pilot in 2019, was knocked down by a car driven by her former classmate, said NAF’s Director of Public Relations and Information, Air Commodore Ibikunle Daramola.

The Air Force had earlier announced that Arotile, an indigene of Kogi State, had died from head injuries she sustained from a road traffic accident at the NAF Base in Kaduna State. Which led to a lot of questions coming from every and everyone asking how an accident could have occured at the base when it's not like an expressway where people just speed like their lives depends on it.

Many Nigerians were unsatisfied with the very brief explanation that the NAF had offered and they particularly demanded for an investigation into what could have been the remote cause of the so called accident that could have led to the most unfortunate death of the young lady.

Apparently in response to the overwhelming enquiries Air Commodore Daramola said, “Flying Officer Arotile died on July 14, 2020 (yesterday) at the age of 24, when she was inadvertently hit by the reversing vehicle of an excited former Air Force Secondary School classmate while trying to greet her.

Fg Offr T Arotile ( NAF/4512F) died today 14 Jul, 2020  at the Nigerian Air Force Base, Kaduna when a student pilot who saw her coming from Mammy market reversed his car to meet her but instead hit her down. He hit her head on a hard object and sustained head injury and bled excessively to death instantly. She is the first female helicopter pilot .

“Before her untimely death, Flying Officer Arotile made significant and outstanding contributions to the war against terrorism, armed banditry and other forms of criminality in the country, flying several combat missions.”

Earlier, the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Abubakar Sadique, described Arotile as one of NAF’s “shining young stars” who was winged in October 2019.

Sadique described the deceased as, “a very intelligent, disciplined, confident & courageous young officer who added value wherever she served. As a squadron pilot in Operation GAMA AIKI in Minna, Niger State, she flew her quota of anti-banditry combat missions to ensure a safer, more secured Nigeria.

“I recall meeting her at the Minna Airport, while on operational visit, after one of such missions & seeing her eagerness to contribute towards the restoration of lasting peace to the affected areas. Her death is a huge loss to @NigAirForce family & indeed the entire Nation


Late Fahim Saleh

Fahim Saleh, the 33-year-old millionaire technology entrepreneur, founder of Gokada and co-founder of Pathao was found decapitated and dismembered in his apartment in a luxury condominium building on Manhattan’s Lower East Side on Tuesday afternoon.

He was said to have bought the condo for $2.25 million just only last year. The young man was a website developer turned Venture Capitalist and the CEO of the motorcycle-sharing company ‘Gokada‘ that took the storm in Lagos, Nigeria with hundreds of motorcycles, until it was shut down by the policy of the state Government under the administration of Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu earlier in the year.

Members of the New York Police Department (NYPD) found his mutilated body in his condo around 3:30pm (New York time) on Tuesday.

An electric saw was  found near his torso and his decapitated head and cutoff limbs were later found in the apartment, a Police Department spokesman said.

There were several large plastic bags in the apartment, and it appeared that some effort had been made to clean up any evidence of what had happened, one law enforcement official briefed on the matter said.

His sister made the gruesome discovery at around 3:30 p.m. when she went to check on him after not hearing from him for a while day, the official said. After finding the body, she called 911.

The electric saw was still plugged into an electrical outlet when the police arrived, leading detectives to investigate whether the arrival of Mr. Saleh’s sister at the condo might have interrupted the killing and prompted the killer to flee through another exit, one of the law enforcement officials said.

The New York Times reports that one of the law enforcement officials said a surveillance camera had captured video of Mr. Saleh in the building’s elevator with another person who was wearing a black suit and black mask.

On the video, the elevator door opens and Mr. Saleh goes into the apartment, the official said. The masked person follows directly behind him, and the two immediately start to struggle, the official said.

According to Dhaka Tribune, sources described the killing as an apparent targeted murder.

Fahim started Gokada, the motorcycle ride-sharing company in Lagos, but the company faced setbacks and mass layoffs after Lagos banned the company in January.

Two of Fahim’s friends described him as a self-made millionaire who brought tech companies into nations like Nigeria and Indonesia, an energetic person who loved gadgets and video games.