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Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Better late than never ever at all. So thespian and one of Nollywood's more affluent practitioner Halima Abubakar was a year older recently, she's either in her middle 30's or moving very close to 40 and to mark the happy day, she invited her friends to a classy dinner party to celebrate with her.

Halima is well known to always mark or celebrate her birthday every year with pomp, so 2019 was no exception as she had a rather more subdued but classy celebration. She came to her own party looking all glam and sophisticated in her all white, exquisite outfit showing off her impressive cleavage to good effect, especially with that strategically placed tattoo on the left boob. As an aside with how the twin towers were peeking out gorgeously in her dress, many were wondering if maybe the average height bombshell might have augmented slightly her delightsome pair very recently, especially with a few doctors now very available in Lagos to help do the magic. But others have pooh-poohed the idea claiming the best Halima might or could have done is just the good use of a nice push up bra, that would have given the pronounced lift, while also creating the impressive roundness at the same time. Any which one though, na she get her mammary glands however she one do am (mold it) na her issue.

From the look of things and emotions expressed, it was quite obvious for all to see that she appreciated the good support she got from her friends that attended to wish her well and witness her happy day. It's been a bit somehow of late for the gorgeous Kogi born lady, who has the ears of her State's first lady-Hajia Rasheeda Bello. Halima has had to battle insinuations from her former friend and colleague-Cossy 'the boobed one' Orjiakor who had been unrelenting in her scathing remarks at casting aspersions on HALIMA as not being a true friend but a snake. But as expected of a classy lady she had refused all through the unrelenting provocation to say a word.

One of the mutual friends of both Halima and Cossy, the quote in your face Uche Ogbodo was quite prominent at the recent birthday dinner of her friend. Check out the lovely pictures here.

More pictures after the break.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


You all know who Iyabo Ojo is, so no need for doing long research or extensive fact finding, she is the "Nigerian Nollywood award winning thespian of note", more visible in the Yoruba genre of the make believe world. And she's not just a thespian though, as she has also diversified into business too-running a restaurant, boutique etc, at least to help maintain status, as there are only few in that their acting world that have transcended from make believe to actual. Nollywood on its own from our findings has bit been able to sustain the practitioners. So many have had to find other things to do, to augment. Nothing bad at all in that.

So the delightsome Iyabo is our "Tuesday bombshell" and since it's a rainy Tuesday or should we just put it more appropriately, since it's a wet-wet Tuesday, we can then say jokingly that, "see what the rains or wetness has thrown our way".

It is quite obvious that Iyabo's image makers, media people are doing their best to repackage their star client in a more stylish, more modern, more sophisticated way, far far away from the "alamala style" and image prism of yore that people used to see or view her from before. And they are really succeeding and so we must give them the kudos for getting the job done and helping our perception. It's obvious her communication is getting much better and therefore her influence would cut more across and is now broader based.

We particularly love the emotions she was able to trigger for and against herself many weeks back with that her video about her marital journey to her daughter's dad, an illiterate carpenter who she met when she was much younger and is now based in the states. It's either that recording was spontaneous and true in the whole essence or that Iyabo being a badass actress that she is with the ability to perfectly act out roles, just packaged the whole thing and people just swallowed it whole, hook, line and sinker. And any which way though, she delivered on that script. And we must applaud and sympathize with her.

We just love the styling and packaging above as was done by Toyin Lawani of Elegante by Tiannah Styling.

Kudos to Iyabo Ojo too. 


Prof. Wole SOYINKA and Tosin Odunfa

Tosin Odunfa


Tonye Cole is the recent APC Gubernatorial Aspirant who had fought an unsuccessful battle so as to vie for the Governorship of Rivers State at the last election. He is also one of the co-owners of Sahara Group a big player in the oil and gas sector of the economy. He had written very recently, the above narration of an event he was a witness to on a flight in the business class section of the plane. And the story involved the well respected Nobel laureate and literary giant Prof. Wole Soyinka.

To summarize what he had written that has since caused a whole lot of hoopla. Tosin Odunfa another passengeroon the sane flight had come on the plane in the business class section to find the renowned Prof. on his assigned seat and he had insisted on sitting on that seat by the window. Apparently the good Prof. understanding that that wasn't his allotted seat in the first instance, had gotten up quietly  for the much younger man to take his seat. In the whole process of the brief engagement, Tonye Cole was a 3rd party who only just witnessed or had observed what had ensued between the dude and the Professor which he later wrote about as he felt he saw it. Maybe the premise of his write up was the need for our youths to be respectful to the elders no matter what. Atleast as dictated by our understanding of our traditions and culture. Which says in all situation and circumstances, our elders are always right no matter what.

In the write up, he somewhat portrayed the young man as being rude, especially to a renowned Nigerian of the status of Prof. Wole Soyinka. In Tonye's write up, which many read and via which many took sides for or against the young man. TONYE COLE only insinuated that the young man was rude for demanding his right, he didn't come out categorically to say the guy was unruly or misbehaved in a bad manner towards the Professor. If you read the write up well, you would see that in a way the dude, because of his fez cap and maybe buff body and tattoo, he was already profiled somewhat as a bully and would most definitely be rude. Now after so much hoopla over what must have gone wrong. The guy who was majorly in the thick of what actually happened has responded, and in fact pooh-poohed the assertions made by many about what actually transpired.

His reaction as he stated it are above in one of the screen-shots, just like the actual write up of Tonye too is above too. If what Tosin Odunfa actually wrote is how the matter happened then, Tonye Cole might have reported an inaccurate description of the matter, which has put the young man in disrepute. So now, it's Tosin's words against Tonye Cole's!!!! The only person that could have verified the real truth of the matter and lay things to rest accurately is the eminent professor himself. And would he for any good reason come out to make things clear as it accurately happened? We doubt that. But the lesson to gain from this whole saga majorly, is about the need for restraint on all sides.

Tosin claims he was polite in his demand. And also that the Professor didn't have any problems with getting up from the seat to take his own actual allotted seat. He even claims his wanting his allotted window seat was for health reasons. He in fact spoke well if not glowingly of not just the Professor himself, but also of Tonye Cole, whose report of the matter caused the hoopla in the first place.

Many have called the young man-Tosin Odunfa various names without even giving him the benefit of the doubt. In fact some if they met him on the street could have attacked him verbally or otherwise over the matter. His problem was the effontery to have demanded for his seat. The same effontery that made Prof. and others many years back to have founded the Pyrate Confraternity to fight against certain things they didn't like.

A curious question though from us is, did Tonye Cole at any point, intervened at all in the matter to at least calm frayed nerves or to even help make the young man see reason to apologize if he was perceived to have done something wrong? To have just allowed him to go away without letting know the bad he might have done also, meant Mr. Cole didn't do a good thing too. Reason for that majorly is that, maybe he could have assessed accurately by that particular intervention, whether Tosin Odunfa is just a rude person by nature or not.

So in the light of all what has come out now, whose truth is more accurate????

Monday, June 24, 2019


She started her beautiful label all of 5 years ago (half a decade ago in 2014, January 04 to be more precise).  Meaning by the grace of God come January 2020, it would be an outstanding 6 years of excellence in the crazy fashion business in Nigeria. Her name is 'Olaitan Olubi', double O from her initials, don't worry she's not double 07 and the 'Laitan is anglicized as Liiighton. Her brand is named "Magnetic Elegance". And truth be told, its a very apt name as there's this drawing (magnetic) attraction towards her quite elegant brand & herself. She actually came up with the name of the brand because it describes her personality, “ ME” Magnetic elegance ( attractive and all).

Most of the time or all of the time you see her and that she's wearing those supremely elegant and stand out outfits, they are all most likely made by her. She has been described quite often by most as "Nigeria's most beautiful lady in the fashion business" and we are truly not in doubt about that description at all, as we wholeheartedly subscribe to that assertion too.

Men!!!! she is beautiful....... And not only is Olaitan stunningly beautiful and she knows it too and therefore exudes confidence but in a quite humble way. To add to the flava, she is also badass stylish and a awesome fashionista of note too for a young lady. A total wrap of excellence we believe you are saying already. And if she continues like this, she's most likely going to turn out to be an 'undisputed classic fashion icon of note' in the future.

In just 5 years of existence, the Bells University Graduate of Banking and Finance has obviously done well for herself no doubt. In fact you need to view her 'breathtaking showroom' in Lekki, Lagos for you to totally understand very well what we mean. She had wanted to make a mark in the financial sector of Nigeria, where she could have done very well as she's said to be quite brilliant, meaning beauty with brain, but her love and allure for fashion and style actually was what just took over and then subdued all else and the rest they say is now history.

The Abeokuta, Ogun State stunner par excellence in just half a decade has had the world salivating and eating from her palm and still asking for more.

So do we all agree that she's an absolute stunner??????

More incredible pictures after the break.


Mr & Mrs. Enyinna & Joyce Anumudu 

The 3 brothers & Ozinna the only gal

Dame Nkiru and Ozinna Anumudu 

Uncle Willie & Ozinna Anumudu 

The Wedding train 

Wedding guest in a million OG Style temple 

Chioma Ikokwu of Good Hair 

Jennifer Obayuwana 

Chioma, Jennifer & OG

Paris and the Parisians had a feel of what moneyed Africans can make happen over the weekend, when the super well to do Anumudu clan stormed the stylish and romantic and sophisticatedly stylish city with their friends for the wedding of one of their sons by name 'Enyinna Obinna Anumudu' to celebrity make up artist to the stars and celebs by name 'Joyce Ifeoma Jacob'.

What happened in Paris, France was the final installment of a ceremony that had begun in Nigeria many months back. There was the introduction and then the gorgeous but understated "traditional wedding" known as "igba nkwu" which is a must for the Ibos, if a marriage would be stamped and approved. In fact for the Ibos no matter what. The igba nkwu-the ibo traditional wedding ceremony suffices far above any other type of ceremonies, be it court or church wedding for the Ibos of South-East Nigeria. The Anumudu and Jacob kids had had a quiet, more subdued registry wedding earlier in the year and because of how quiet that ceremony was against all expectations, many were misdirected to think the massive society wedding they had envisaged and were eagerly awaiting was not/never going to happen again.

But we knew from the get go, that instead of a "mother of all society weddings" in Lagos or the East  that many were expecting & were preparing to storm at all cost, that it was rather going to be a more refined, quite classic 'destination wedding' in Paris, France at least as that was what the bride had told us several months ago then, when we had a chance encounter with her at a fashion house on the Island. And so after several months of waiting, the classy, thoroughly stylish white wedding took place over the weekend, Saturday June 22, 2019 to be more precise. And the venue of choice in beautiful Paris, for the white wedding was the American Church in Paris and the reception was at none other than the super prestigious 'Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, France'.

We wouldn't or in fact couldn't  stop reiterating the fact that it was a classy affair by all standards, by every standards one can judge it by. Venue is already well appointed, so the addition that was added took it many notch up in terms of the flower arrangement. Or what else could one have even expected as the Anumudu's, the owners of Globe Motors amongst several major investments are known to be super liquid and therefore could literally make magic happen without any stress or whimper. 'Uncle Willie' like the family patriarch is referred to, that's talking about 'William Anumudu' had invested very well over the years and his family are enjoying the fruit of those early well placed investments now. Uncle Willie's 'stupendously stylish wife' on the other han, aa fantastic personality of you know her, is known to dictate to the Nigerian fashion scene with much aplomb & elegant finesse. So fashion-forward is 'Nkiru Anumudu' that some of her ensemble, are as they are just getting released from the factory of the brands that made them. She is even reputed to wear some things just before they come out or are released. Nkiru in fact as we know, is on first name basis and speed dial with the likes of "Stefano Gabanna and Domenico Dolce", the duo owners of Dolce & Gabanna, one of the world's most iconic fashion labels. She in fact is called by the duo to have a 1st glimpse/peek & pick of their collection before it becomes public view.

Nkiru, the mother of the groom-Enyinna is ascribed as one of Nigeria's most stylish ladies and her only daughter Ozinna, who has gotten a flair from her mom and is a sibling of the groom, is in fact also a super stylish young lady, in fact she's rated as one of the most stylish and fashion forward young Nigerian & African around presently.

Had it not been that the white wedding was held in Paris, it most probably could have been one of the biggest and most stylish weddings of the season in Nigeria by all standards. Though it didn't hold in Lagos, those who were privileged to attend the Paris function, ably represented super well with sizzle and pomp on the style stake too. The Paris location, in fact must have restricted the number of guests that made the wedding to what it was, and that's chiefly because it's not that easy to get EU/Shenghen visa. Even at that, many still attended to support their friends-The Anumudus and Jacob.

The ever in your face mother of the groom, killed it with her #MaisonValentino badass outfit that she crowned with her usual stand out fascinator, this one was by Piers Atkinson, reputed to be one of the best in the market, who equally acknowledged his client. Nkiru's only daughter Ozinna, razzled-dazzled in no small measure in a florescent green show boating outfit made for her and called the "Ozinna dress" by the incredible magician of note known to all as Mai Atafo. Elizabeth Elohor, the high class event engineer and model finder, dazzled in a 'Biyan Official' outfit that she perfectly accessorized. Former 1st daughter of Oyo State didn't come to Paris to play at all as she nearly upstaged all comers in her 'Zuhair Murad' perfecty embellished awesome outfit, that dazzled and dazzled. That dress couldn't have been less than $5000 maybe close to $8000. Now that Abisola Kolapo-Daisi's dad is no more in power as Governor, at least she's now allowed to do her thing without restraint whatsoever. The Editor of 'This Day Style' Ruth Osime, "a fashion graduate from a UK institution was the stupendously gorgeous, elegant peacock in her classy outfit by 'Maison Artc' or better still 'Artc Piece of Mind of Morocco' that stood her out for all to see and applaud. The fashion house is noted for her one of a kind piece they make. Ruth was a perfect supremely elegant and sophisticated Countess Dracula, but in the most gorgeous form possible. Many that understands high fashion would most definitely bow in recognition. Vivian Chioloji-Shittu known to all as a "style maven unparalled", didn't disappoint at all too in her outfit a combo of DG first line and another brand and and she came along with the best arm candy ever, her gorgeous daughter Kamsy Shittu.

Chioma Ikokwu looked every inch a bride in the making as she dazzled to no end in her golden yellow or sunflower yellow silk outfit. We nearly mistook OG Okonkwo of Style Temple as the bride in her stunning, sumptuously sexy white outfit. Jennifer Obayuwana the ED of Polo Ltd, who we have always said without mincing words is a fashion star of high repute, she came expectedly looking badass in her 'Alessandra Rich' sexy outfit which she combines with her 'Amina Muaddi' shoes with the hat and attitude to carry it all with unrepenting panache. She came with her style lord of a dad, Sir John Obayuwana.

Is it possible to say that Rita Dominic is Nollywood's most stylish thespian or it's still a straight battle between Rita and Genevieve for the queen of style? For this wedding Rita's bubble gum pink ensemble was outstanding as one would have expected and that her afro fits her so beautifully.

It was a powerful wedding all the way, with not a few certified billionaires in attendance likes of the wealthiest African man in the world, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Geregu Power boss Femi Otedola who we all now call 'Mr. Tom Ford', just for his love of that fashion brand. Also there quite casual and suave was the UBA Group's chairman Tony Elumelu, so also was big time maritime investor Musa Danjuma, reputed to own the 2nd biggest property in Parkview, Ikoyi, also was Tayo Ayeni of Skymit whose stupendously intimidating edifice in Parkview, Ikoyi is note worthy, in that billionaire category is also Sir John Obayuwana, we saw Collins Chikeluba, Maison Fahrenheit's Anselm Tabansi. We also saw ace thespian and in fact one of the most awarded one and  humanitarian, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Grace Osime, even the Governor of Imo state, Hon. Emeka Ihedioha was in attendance to support his good friend, Willie, so also was Ego Boyo. Many came to show support, on fact some even came and left for another event happening same day but in London, which was a party to celebrate Kemi Ibru's birthday. One of those visibly missed was Mo Abudu whooay probably is putting finishing touches to her daughter's upcoming California wedding.

To tell you all that those that came for the wedding had the best of fun would have been understating it, imagine that the guests partied at the Four Seasons Hotel George V reception venue till at least 3am!!!!!!!

The colorful wedding itself was tagged #enjoy1819. See the numerous, but quite beautiful pictures here.

More gorgeous pictures after the break.

Monday, June 17, 2019

*Dabiri-Erewa condemns destruction of Vehicles at the Nigerian embassy in London*

The passport that caused the madness 


 *Abuja, June 17, 2019* : Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa,  Chairman/CEO, Nigerians In Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) has described the attitude of a 32-year old Nigerian, Jeffrey Apkovweta Ewohime  who destroyed several properties of the Nigerian embassy in London as despicable and condemnable.

In a statement by her media aide, Abdur-Rahman Balogun, said that such an attitude was unpatriotic, and an unconscionable act of indiscipline

Dabiri-Erewa said she received a report that Emohime went to the Nigeria Embasy in London on Monday,

He had approached the Embassy to collect his passport which expired since Nov 2017 at about 2 p.m and was told collection of passports closes at 1pm.

He then insisted on collecting his passport , and was told to bring his collection slip which he could not produce.
According to reports from the Embassy, it would of course be wrong to hand over his passport to him , without his collection slip,

He thereafter left agitated and returned from a nearby hotel to destroy about seven cars,5 belonging to the mission, and 2 to visitors who parked near by.

His attempt to destroy the High Commissioner's car failed as it is a bullet proof

"I am told that he has been arrested by the police. "

He destroyed seven brand new cars , except the Ambassador's car which is bullet proof.

“ This is a despicable act, which must be condemned by all. Of course, the law must take its course", .

Dabiri-Erewa implored Nigerians abroad to exercise restraint and be good ambassadors of Nigeria at all times in all circumstances.

 *Abdur-Rahman Balogun*
 *S.A. Media to Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa**

Sunday, June 16, 2019


Grace Renner & Calabar Girl 

Latasha Lagos 

Kelechi Amadi-Obi

Tunde & Grace Renner

I was honored yesterday to have been one of those, about 10 of us in all, invited to have a sneak peek (they called it special screening of the newest or better still latest movie in town, by a Nigerian called #theblinglagosians.

Leaving my place as early as 9am on a Saturday to attend a film premiere must have meant either the people were extremely important or there was just a reason that could have galvanized me to want to go catch such a movie and at that early hour of a Saturday. One of those things that pushed me was that, I had seen the trailer and it gotten to me, so my curiosity was heightened. Secondly the main person involved, that being Bolanle Austen-Peters, the super humble promoter of Terra Kulture, who is also the promoter of a few of the best stage plays of recent is someone I particularly hold high up there. So I wanted to see what she had to offer as per her first directorial debut, if I am right?

I have been disappointed by many of the Nigerian movies that have been packaged of late, which I greatly believe have been totally over hyped, in every sense of the word. So I had my heart in my mouth, praying that this one, wouldn't join the league of such crass & arrant nonsense that have been released for consumption, gba jen sinmi (abeg take let me rest). Just because there isn't much to compare with, must we see or watch bullshits in the name of entertainment??? I must specially commend the producers of 'King of Boys' though, for that special movie. Kemi Adetiba deserves a salute and plenty of accolades for that movie.

So going to see #theblinglagosians I had my heart in my mouth and it was because I had made up my mind that friendship or none I was going to be brutally frank about my assessment, not minding whose ox is gored. For we need to be truthful if we truly want improvements of any kind in what we do.

So I got to the venue and was ushered into the exclusive seating area like others were. I was offered popcorn and a drink and we settled down to watch what after seeing it through, for me I consider  "the best movie" shot in Nigeria by a Nigerian so far, in a long while. I was glad, I was honoured to watch this movie amongst the exclusive crowd first.

From the get go, at the appearance of the 1st set of actors my attention was gotten. Let me make a small confession here. 80% of the time as I watch a movie at the cinema, after just about 15 to 20 minutes, I normally always sleep off only to wake up, just before the movie ends. For me to be awake, it must mean that the movie/film must be captivating. It must grab my attention from the get go. #theblinglagosians got my attention from the beginning through out till the very end. It was a sweet, sonorous, captivating, well scripted, well acted movie with an excellent play track or music score, that told the story at wherever it injected. I must especially doff my hat for one of the truest musicians in this land, the one and only Brymo for his songs. This is in fact one of the first time that I wouldn't mind buying the soundtrack of a Nigerian movie. It was very obvious that attention to detail was in full effect.

Just because the movie is just coming out, I cannot be too explicit about it, but I ll try to say what I am permitted to say as much as possible. The opening scene was awesome. I particularly love the "wafe ku la leyi" part, which was epic as those words actually came to morbid past.

From that time on, those casts executed their parts exemplarily. These for me are some of the best Nigerian actors I have encountered. From Gbenga Titiloye, to Elvina Ibru, to Alex Ekubo, to Osas Ighodaro, To Bros Shaggy, to Helen Paul, to Adeola Aiyeola, to the incomparable Toyin Aimakhu, to just about everyone including the Waka pass, that played nominal but functional roles. There's no way, that this movie wouldn't pack all the awards. In fact it was a consensus that it must win both the individual and all other awards.

That Gbenga Titiloye could act is now a giving, but Elvina Ibru deserves special commendation for role adaptation, so also the incredible Alex Ekubo, the super hilarious Toyin Aimakhu who would win an Oscar any day for her comedic abilities. Alex, Bro Shaggy, Deola, Tana Adelana,  Helen Paul were all mesmeric.

The storyline had a great flow, those who edited did a super fantastic job. The make up and costumes were on point. Characterization and cinematography excellent. Role Interpretation on point. A movie must pass across a message at least or several messages as a whole to make a good one. This particular movie made sense no be small. You can fall or fail, but your ability to rise after the fall or fail is what would set you apart.

The Movie #theblinglagosians depicted the very plastic Lagos life at its best. It was real, relatable, fun, intriguing, captivating. I must say kudos to every one involved in the movie.

Would I watch it again? Oooo yes. In fact, again and again. Would I recommend it? Highly too at that. Far better than one bullshit that was totally top heavy that was over hyped of recent.

I must commend and thank #bolanleaustenpeters for putting her money where her mouth is and especially for not seeing us that would watch as nitwits that just about every nonsense can be thrown at. Nice movie. 4.75 stars out of 5 stars from me.

Abiola Olatunde Aloba

Friday, June 14, 2019


Speaker & Asiwaju 

The speaker genuflecting slightly in respect 

After that slamdunk of a victory, which swept a new helmsman on board. The new speaker of the Federal House of Representatives of Nigeria and by that we mean the speaker of the 9th Assembly Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila not wanting to act as prodigal son, especially one who is not unappreciative of the implicit support he got from his party leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, paid him a visit after the election that made him the speaker, maybe just to say a heartfelt thank you.

With the many shenanigans that had heralded that election many had expected far more than what happened on the D-day. Many observers had thought that the election was going to be far more difficult and more keenly contested. But at the end of the day it was more like an annihilation, a somewhat walkover in fact a pulverization, with the now speaker polling in excess of 200 votes, that's 281 votes to be more precise out of 358 possible votes, more than tripling the votes-76 that his opponent Hon. Bago polled.

So now after the whole election thing has been won and lost, it's now the time to show gratitude and appreciation to those, most especially those that were like rock of Gibraltar, unflinching rock of support behind his candidacy and his annihilating victory.

In the pictures above, you would notice via the body language of the Rt. Hon. Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Femi GBAJABIAMILA that he respects the Asiwaju with his whole being. It is obvious that Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila is a loyal party man to the core. With the emergence of Femi Gbajabiamila as the 4th man in the hierarchy of Governance in Nigeria, it just points to the fact that Lagos, has never had it this good before in the scheme of things. Now we have direct associates of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu occupying the positions of the Vice President, which means the no 2 man in the nation and also now nos 4 as the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives. This is while ministers and special advisers and other posts are still waiting to be filled!!!! There's still the major likelihood that Babatunde Raji Fashola, the erstwhile most powerful minister of many portfolios would make a comeback. Also, people are of the opinion that the recently outgone Lagos State Chief Executive, Ex-Governor Akinwunmi Ambode also may be coming back as either a Minister or an Ambassador or just another prominent post.

Either one likes it or not, what all these just points to, is that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu the former 2 terms Governor of Lagos, a former Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and current major chieftain of the ruling party the APC, is a major power influencer and to dismiss him as a non-factor is to do so at one's peril. 

Thursday, June 13, 2019


We had thought we would have had the time to go witness first hand Temidayo Teniola's white wedding in California, USA, but alas, time and other logistics beyond our control have conspired to not permit what would have been a super fantastic experience and coverage. But it is super obvious though that, Africa's lady of television, the award winning and super stylish Mosunmola Abudu, is leaving no stones unturned, to host her only daughter (she also has a son) to a "superlative, quite impressive wedding ceremony.

This wedding is spanning Lagos, Nigeria, London, the United Kingdom and then Cali, that's talking about California, in the US of A. A trip around the world a LA Lisa Standfield's famous 90s hit song!

It all began a few weeks back, when Lagos was shaken to its marrow when Mo, one of the only women in Nigeria that can be referred to by just a coinage of their first name alone, gathered the who-is-who together at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos for the traditional wedding of her only daughter to one of the sons of the super rich boss and owner of Calverton Group, in the person of Chief Remi Muyideen Makanjuola. Many that attended that Lagos end of these 3-pronged event wouldn't forget that event in a hurry in all ramifications. With that event, Mo Abudu showed she was no fluke at organizing A-class, 7-stars, topnotch events, especially a wedding for her child. There was an over abundance of everything that sets parties apart from parties.

Was it the guest list? Was it the food and drinks? Was it the decor? Was it the style that was on display? Was it the drama? The elements must have specially conjoined together for good effect, because people gave good kudos afterward to both the founder of EbonyLife TV and the family of her daughter's husband, the Makanjuolas for a super duper good job well done.

The event was managed by the superlative duo of Ibidunni Ituah-Ighodalo of Elizabeth R and Funke Bucknor-Obruthe of Zapphaire Events. Decor was done by the master of them all, Uche Majekodunmi of Newton & David. For Mo and by extension Chief Remi Makanjuola only the very best would do, so no expense was spared to make that happen. With the ultimate himself, KSA on the bandstand supported by the current king of the season- Burna Boy and Tiwa "the queen" Savage.

The bride and the groom must have been well pleased by what their parents teamed up to do for them. Mo and her ex-husband-Tokunbo Abudu, a prominent lawyer and businessman must have been super happy that their daughter was getting married, a first from their home. Chief Remi Makanjuola and Lady Cassandra Omage (not his wife) too must have been super elated too as was obvious.

The whole wedding thing began in August of last year, that's 2018. It was a more subtle of all the events that has heralded the wedding ceremonies. The world class "introduction" was in January of 2019 and the Abeokuta, Ogun State palatial home of Temidayo's paternal grand-dad's home was the venue. After that was the Lagos, Sunday, March 24, 2019 traditional wedding at the Oriental Hotel. Then a few days ago in London was the court and registry wedding which was at the Westminster House Registry in Marylebone, London. And then by this weekend, the white wedding, meaning church shebang, is holding in California. USA.

And for all our information, just as young Temidayo is about doing her white wedding, we are happy to announce that she's already many months gone!!!! Hip hip hooray!!! What we mean by that is that, she is already pregnant. How far gone she is? We do not know. But we are very happy for the couple as Mo would be eagerly awaiting the birth of her 1st grandchild!

Congratulations to everyone!!!!

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