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Friday, September 21, 2018


Chief Mrs. Shade Okoya

Susan Eyo-Ikpe

Chief Dele Momodu, Shade Okoya, Data Okorodudu,
Lai Oriowo, Alli Baba To Be Honoured
@ The 6th Glam & Essence Awards 2018.

The Red Carpet Event Centre in Oniru, Lekki, Lagos, will on Sunday 30th September 2018, see some of the top players in the fashion and beauty sector converge to witness the celebration of some of their peers in the industry, as they are honoured for their outstanding work.

Some of the categories to be considered include; Most Outstanding Couture Designer, Make-up Artist of the Year, Beautician of the Year, Men's Custom Designer of the Year and more.

Special Recognition will be given to Couture Designer, Data Okodudu of JD7 Couture in the category of Lifestyle Achievement in Fashion, while Banke Meshida-Lawal is being honour for Lifetime Achievement in Beauty.

Also to be honoured for being Influencers in different sectors are: Ovation International Publisher, Chief Dele Momodu for Media, Ali Baba Akpobome for Entertainment, Dr. Ernest Nwaigbo for Medicine, Mrs. Toyin Kolade for Business, while the First Lady of Lagos State will be honoured for her effort at enhancing the development of children through her educational support.

Honours will also be bestowed on Chief (Mrs) Shade Okoya as Style Icon, while Mr. Lai Oriowo is the Glam & Essence Man of Style.
The event will see the Runway lit-up by amazing collection by JD7 Couture, Ejiro Amos Tafiri, House of Loisonell and Grace Couture, the newest fashion brand on the fashion scene.

The event,which is being organised by Glam &Essence magazine,whose publisher is Susan Eyo Ikpe (nee Honesty) promises to be a fulfilled evening with entertainment by some of the wavemakers in the entertainment sector.



The groom and his bride 

Getting set


Bisola and Yinka Afolabi's wedding by all standards should be tagged an epic! From all ramifications and standards this should probably be one of the 2 biggest weddings this season.

From the ancient town of many hills, Ibadan where the humongous Engagement and Traditional wedding took place, at the Jogor Center to Lagos, where the indescribable fun white wedding, reception and after party happened. It all was something else. They couldn't have spent less than 200 Million atleast to make the ceremonies happen and infact that amount might pail into insignificance of things were properly calculated.

Mennnnnn!!!! What was not available at these series of ceremonies? What didn't the family do to welcome guests who came in torrents!!!! Entertainment was topnotch all the way. From King Sunny Ade at the traditional wedding to The Shuga Band, Mayorkun, Reekado Banks to 2Baba and LAX, it was all fun galore all the way.

The event organisers, Elizabeth R and vendors like Jollof Plus, Bonix Drinks and very many others went all out.

The bride Abisola as expected was the cynosure of all eyes, she looked every inch like a bride. Her many changes of outfits were stunning to say the least. Her make up, especially for the Lagos event was on point. The combined effort to make her stand out worked. From head to toe, she looked like a fetching princess in her glory who knew that the day was her day. It was obvious for all to see that she was extremely happy! She glowed like a million stars. Even before she dressed up and came for her wedding to her lucky husband, Yinka Afolabi.

We heard they had been an item, lovebirds for quite a bit, so taking the plunge to officially solidify their love and relationship was just the very next step that many had been waiting for!!!!

Here in this post, we have loads and loads of the pictures focused on the beauty and gorgeousness of the bride, who is now the latest Mrs. Afolabi!

More pictures after the break.


GIST Cafe. Fiction series 1

Our imagination in the past few days has gone totally haywire, it's like a great cloud filled with abundance is right above us and stories are just pouring unabatedly!!!!

To even hear of the atrocities of this delicious looking flower, a former beauty queen at that pains us. If any would say that this lady can't kill a fly, not to talk of doing some of the things she does, everyone would have agree immediately. The truth is that is she projects the outlook of a saint to all and sundry and many have swallowed it, hook, line and sinker.

But beneath this well packaged cover lies, a heart most filthy, a soul most depraved. Subterfuge should have been her 1st name and deception her middle name, while her last name should just have been-Wanton unparalleled. If she's ever even caught in the act, even her husband a perfect gentleman, who is very well learned with a soft spoken mien and one who is in the vineyard would be so devastated and so dejected, it can even turn into another issue.

Right under his nose though, his beloved angel of inestimable value is getting 'rodded' by practically all the people in the league of extraordinary gentleman and it's absolutely crazy!!!!The problem basically might be because husby is reputed to have an insignificant Willie! From that fat reclusive well peppered guy, to that one known as the number 1 King of the Manor, whose number 1 speciality has always been married women and to even that filthy rich gentleman dude who is believed to be a champion at sleeping around with ladies, be they single, married or fluid and unattached!!! He particularly has caused many wars with friends. He and another rich man had to fight each other over another well known beauty, who is very influential in Governance in Lagos State, whose party at one time was the talk of the town as all the big boys from all over fought each other to be at her party for a deceased parent. The story had it that, 2 billionaires were dating her simultaneously, while one got her a Prado, the other got her an exclusive apartment. Lady didn't think it strange or out of order to bring in her other man to the apartment another had gotten for her. So both men became enemies over this babe, who later got married. Infact till date, they are still enemies. The other dude involved is a kind of collector and he is well known too. Away from BM but back to our main focus, the one this story is actually about!

This gorgeous wanton, has greatly gained from her many liaisons. Infact all by herself she even now owns her own water chariot, which she loves to always cruise on. The sad case is that all these men who have checked her out all snigger at her well connected husband behind his back.

She didn't just start oooooo, at a point she was the delight of a young man, in charge of a very very lucrative parastatal of government in a state. Her voice would disarm any, her beauty would bring any man to their knees.

Who is this lady???? 

Thursday, September 20, 2018


This world sha, you cannot ever satisfy or please all. No matter what you do, even when you are being very plain and straightforward, they would still suspect some kind of undertones.

Would a lady not know, who her baby's daddy is?

How can you ever think or even imagine that she could give what belongs to one person to another, especially in this day of DNA testing and confirmation!!!!

Abeg people should go take a back sit jare or even if possible go hug a transformer and let the matter rest jare once and for all!!!!! From the horse's mouth herself she has confirmed who got her preggers, but still yet some wouldn't rest!

First it was said that she had a surrogate birth, surrogate birth???? Now after her expose as per the daddy of the new born baby, they have now gone to town again and are now claiming that the baby might actually belong to another, a stupendously wealthy dude for that matter by the initial BN!!!

How any sane human-being, with his or her thinking faculty correct can think like that, beggars our belief. The fact is that BN is a very married man, overly serious and one that does not have a roving eye or eyes at all. Hmmmmmmm. Also SJ is known to be the boy of BP &  both couldn't have been eating from the same pot, or honey pot or better still Bermuda Triangle, na na na, it is an impossicant!!!! Also for the conspiracy theorists whose minds of gone terribly far, why would one dude intentionally be the fall guy for the other, for what gain?

Why would any for that matter be pointing at the wealth of LI as evidence? Evidence of what? She is super rich, by the grace of God and providence and infact all by herself and by her own making and hardwork. She has paid her dues and this is her time to lounge and have fun unlimited and limitlessly if she wants to for that mattter. The grace of God has seen her to this space, so people please let her be and not speculate unnecessarily!!!

We believe very well that when the time comes, she herself, knowing her fully well as not the type to keep things hidden, would come out to tell all and sundry, the fact as they are..... Chikena!!! ! 


The joy in Linda Ikeji's household presently seems to know no limit oooooo, as she has gone completely bonkers in celebration of the birth of her bouncing baby boy, her 1st child for Sholaye, whose name is Jayce Jeremi, one of the kids of dude about town Sholaye Jeremi, the handsome Itsekiri adonis.

This isn't Sholaye's first child though, as his other baby mama is in London with her own kid (s). And apart from this new arrival another bundle of joy is already been expected too from his other babe, Elizabeth!

To celebrate Jayce birth though, Linda went totally insane as she bought a brand spanking new Bentley Mulsanne a super muscled car to had to her already intimidating garage which already has some great cars already.

It was Linda's sisters Laura and Sandra, that revealed the identity of the new car to the world, as they expressed their joy on the purchase on the social media.

Hear them- from Laura

‘Dear Jayce, ya mom went crazy the day u came into this world, oh boy! ya own don better. Dem born u buy Bentley. Omo mama olowo. 😁. Can’t remember what my parents bought when they had me hehe. Check out Linlin’ s Bentley’

And from Sandra---

Their sister, Sandra also wrote, confirming the price of the Bentley: Hey lil Jayce, your mum @officiallindaikeji promised you a Bentley , now you have it!😍Congratulations @officiallindaikeji on your 120mili Bentley #Bentleyforbabyj


Mennnn!!!! The silent war is epic!!! Maybe it's the reason the one on the other side is making all the noise possible especially as she owns a platform to do so. Both ladies have been having the fun of their lives the past few years. While EEA a young mother of 2 girls, has been a known, somewhat visible side chic for about 2 years now, we don't know how long for matter that SJ and LI have been an item.

What  is quite obvious and we could easily deduce from the whole shenanigan is that the sharp, Delta born South-South, oil and gas dude, who is said to be very liquid and quite classy, who is also a cool friend of fellow very liquid men of exemplary package has been having the very best of both worlds all of these while. The curious thing or question is, did both know that they were both at the same time, were contesting for the heart of this handsome, quite suave bloke?

Girlfriend 1-LI, she's not one for any reason other than for easy description, had and has been quite open about her dating or to have dated SJ, the result of their many romps is now very evident in JJ. But girlfriend 2 had been very clandestine about the whole affair, up until now, though their relationship has been on going now for 2 good years. Maybe that's the reason why the dude seems to prefer the nos 2, that she's able to "chop and clean mouth, like say nothing dey happen". No drama of epic proportion that would cast him out as an adonis and chopper extraordinary. This dude is in the mould of Lanre N, who took the definition of a Lothario to stratospheric levels.

You all know EEA very well, no no no she's not Emporio Armani, but truth be told she has excelled in the world of fashion, by holding down well as one of the gurus in that part of the world of fashion she's engaged in. She is a veteran in the game and her 'manufacturing' company of human mannequins is one of the major ones in the country, if not the best to reckon with in the country. Still young and with 2 kids, she is estranged from her husband and has been for quite a few years now. Both from the looks of it, are never coming back together again! So she's been "free, free like a bird", just like that 2Baba classic song inspires! So if one is free, without any restrictions whatsoever and not held down by any matrimonial clause (s), then she is free to indulge her fantasies  to the outermost and do whatsoever she likes or pleases! Like the Yorubas are won't to say, shebi we go sha eat/chop!!!

Her somewhat rival though is badass rich. Infact so wealthy, so filthy rich is she now, that she is a Naira billionaire many times over. Let's even drop an unconfirmed bombshell💣💥, it has been said or speculated that LI and SJ had their very quiet, totally secret, registry about 6 weeks prior to the BBB! And if that is the case then, EEA might have lost out then oooooo. Except she would just remain as a side chick, like she has always been, but another unconfirmed clanger might be in the offing as it is claimed that girlfriend 2, EEA might also be on the 9 months leave!!! Can that actually be True? ? We doubt it, but we are also keeping our fingers crossed, because anything can Happen !!

SJ himself is a sharpshooter of mean and extraordinary proportion; a rapid fire dude. He, like a very sharp knife has cut thorough much, plenty better pretty effortlessly over time. Apart from his now 'wife' LI, that tag is still subject to confirmation though, who he was dating while simultaneously 'shirking or wozing' EEA too, he was also at a time digging through and dealing with the famous "Bermuda Triangle" of that very tall, exquisite looking, fashionista of ex-beauty queen--DL, who loves to death to show off her mildly molded new body. The mother of one, is a shopping complex owner along that very famous road or way on the Island. He was also at a point very interested in KK the tall exciting and mad dresser of the 'good' business, whom he apparently chased through FF. SJ is also living up to his own self-made legend as one who comes on relentlessly, sweeping you off your feet, plays deftly and then scores the goal as rapidly as he wants and then vanishes and in to the next. He also did dance "azonto" with Sabrina too. But he danced Azonto or is it "shaku shaku with LI and became hooked and that might just end it all.

But the truth is this, even if both have agreed to become one, can a legendary leopard change its spots ?????

Congratulations to the duo though, if in actual fact the deed has been done. And congratulations also as per the bundle of joy too!!!!



Jimi Agbaje 

The drama to see who becomes the next Governor of the state of excellence, that is Lagos State has gone totally off the roof, as renowned Pharmacist and politician, infact the alleged winner of the last election, Mr. Jimi Agbaje 61 (Olujimi Kolawole Agbaje), a relation of the MD/CEO of GTBank-Segun Agbaje has again thrown his hat into the race too.

JK/JayKay like Jimi Agbaje is better known had contested in 2015 as the flagbearer of the PDP then, and from the results that was declared which swept Akinwunmi Ambode of the APC into power, the gentleman was said to have lost gallantly but by the nearest margin possible in an election, especially one contested for in Lagos. There were those then, who actually felt and even believed that JK might have won that election, but at the end of the day the officially declared result /record said Akinwunmi Ambode won and the rest like they say is history.

So after 3 years in oblivion, without even a whimper of any kind, somewhat licking his wound and totally minding his business, doing all that was possible to get his company back on sound footing again, the man who gave the APC a major scare then and a run for their money has decided all over again, to give the race towards becoming the Governor of Lagos a fair try once again.

We think that with what is seemingly ongoing at the APC, where there is the likelihood that the incumbent, Akinwunmi Ambode might not get the nod for a 2nd term, the PDP are of the opinion things might not augur well for the APC, so they are preparing to take advantage of the situation. Some are of the thought that if Jide Sanwoolu actually emerges as the APC aspirant or candidate and Ambode is discarded, there might ensue some form of protest votes against the APC, just like it happened with SDP & NRC, many years back, allowing for a good candidate of the opposition the opportunity to just sneak in and take the poll. Sane way Sir Michael Agbolade Otedola came in to power then though his reign was shortlived!

So with JK expressing his interest and intention, maybe it would be a battle between JK and Femi Otedola, to secure the ticket of the PDP to run against whoever emerges on the card of the APC. Though Otedola's interest in becoming a Governor of Lagos had been thought to be later in the future, precisely 2023, he might be forced to move that ambition backward to 2019, with how things are panning out, especially if Ambode were to lose out to Sanwoolu at the APC primary that's upcoming!

People have claimed amd had said there had been some kind of unsubstantiated gentleman's agreement between Ambode & Otedola not to run against each other for any reason, but the so called agreement becomes null and void, in the circumstance that Ambode is not involved no more as a candidate of the APC.

But even if the oil and gas mogul would want to run, he would still have to battle it out 1st with gentleman JK, who also would need to resurrect his comatose team and machinery for the fierce battle ahead. First in a duel with either FO and some others, to see who would become the Party's flagbearer, before moving in to face the main battle for the massive prize!

So would it be Ambode vs. JK part or series 2? Or would it be Sanwoolu vs. JK or FO-battle royale in Lagos? Hmmmmmmm.......

Let's just wait to see, as the unending drama unfolds!!!! As we the spectators/audiences gets our popcorns to watch in HD!   

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Blogger confirms once and for all, who her baby's dad is it's none other than........ Sholaye Jeremi.
Linda Ikeji with JAYCE Jeremi

Sholaye Jeremi 
Sholaye Jeremi l, Femi Otedola, Dr. Ibe Kachukwu & Aliko Dangote 

Nigeria's and Africa's most successful blogger bar none announced to the world just this Monday the birth of her bundle of joy, who she had called baby J.

Immediately after the good news, which she had released all by herself on her IG page, it was like the heavens opened as best wishes and congratulations poured in unabatedly.

This boy, a bouncing baby boy born to her on Monday September 17, 2018 at the Emory University Hospital Atlanta, USA just 2 days to her 38th birthday has come as a beautiful gift from God.

And today, Wednesday, September 19, 2018 the super elated new mom finally put to rest all the speculations that has followed her since she announced that she was on the 9 months leave or should we call it sabbatical, which she has just finished. She announced that her new bundle of Joy's name is Jayce Jeremi.

It had been said or speculated without confirmation that the father of the new baby was Sholaye Jeremi, while a few other name had sprang up too. But more fingers were pointed at Sholaye Jeremi who is acclaimed to be a close friend of the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr Ibe Kachukwu. Now with the announcement of the baby's name Linda has confirmed that the Itsekiri dad is truly Sholaye Jeremi, hence no more speculations again.

The story had been that the baby daddy might not have sanctioned the pregnancy, maybe his agenda from the get go was just for them both to have a beneficial, symbiotic relationship, but Linda knowing fully well that her biological time to be a mom might be winding down had thoughtfully refused to abort and decided to have her baby a very sane decision we dare say, with or without her beau's consent.

Sholaye Jeremi lives in Ikoyi and is in his 40s, a Delta dude much involved in the Oil and Gas sector, so according to the gist he is very liquid, equally liquid as his girlfriend and now baby mama. Maybe now with the birth of their baby, whose initials is JJ, maybe both would now do the most honourable thing and forgo ego and do the right thing by getting engaged and then married!!!

Truth be told though, either married or not, Linda can very well take care of her baby and more of she needs to go it all alone.

Congratulations to both daddy and mommy all over again. 


Can a man throw away the gift that nature has bestowed on him just to please the world? We don't think so! For to please the world and in it displease your self is tantamount to self delusion.

So since what Senator Ademola Adeleke knows best to do is dancing and since that his skill seems to be getting him the required attention and unbelievable followership then please, distinguished dancing robot or King, dance one!!!!!

Everywhere Senator Ademola Adeleke goes to he always yields to the cravings of the crowds. He strives so very hard to please them. Even if he cannot boast of any qualification whatsoever apart from the certificate of attendance from secondary school to the higher level, as long as he as shown to the people that their every wish is his command and that he would gladly give in to their every wish, then he should please dance on!!!

It is quite obvious for all to see that in Osun State, people have had enough of over seriousness and wants a more relaxed personage at the helm of affair. Someone who is a jolly good fellow and can entertain them at the drop of a hat, abi now, what does it take to govern now? It's not rocket science at all, when one can just be a figure head and hire the best of men and women from all over to do the needful. How can one want to throw away a pedigree honed from birth, where entertaining the family opened doors for you from when young even till now. Why go to school, when you could entertain and get every single thing you have ever wanted or dreamt about? It is only indolent folks, who cannot think beyond their noses that would say or think fun, does not pay.

Do we even understand the drive needed, the energy expended to entertain? It takes vast knowledge of the different styles of different times and era to grab the mind of the people. So whoever thinks our beloved Senator is not a smart man, done should have his or head examined!!!

One other thing that Osun State would have going for her for free for the next 4 years, should Adeleke win on Saturday, September 22, 2018 would be plenty of humongous concerts and entertainment more often as Senator Ademola Adeleke's sons-Shina Rambo and B-Red with their more illustrious cousin Davido, would most certainly always storm the state with their other friends to entertain the citizenry for FREE!! Is that one alone not a super enough evidence of gains of democracy or dividend of democracy!

We can bet that the 1st term in the office for the incredibly fleet-footed Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, who can easily beat Johnny Kemp or even rival Chris Brown at a dance competition any day, anytime would be like a breeze, with everyone having undiluted and unpretentious fun all the way.

So please Osun people, forget everything else and make sure that your sanity is what pushes you to make your choice. It's a divide, a choice between overseriousness and plain fun and relaxation. Like Senator Ademola Adeleke has said in his campaign, it is a divide between light and darkness. So we beg of you all, please pick LIGHT!!!!!!

Please and pretty please vote with your head screwed right on Saturday. 


Ghana is one of the several countries in the West African region of Africa. A very proud nation with very rich history, culture and heritage, a country greatly blessed with very welcoming people. They do not boast for any reason as being the most powerful black nation on earth or that their economy is the number one or two or even number three in Africa. Their (total GDP ppp being $144 plus billion)(GDP nominal of $49 plus billion) & per capital of $4,982) neither are they the most populated country in Africa too, (28 plus million people) in all.

They are a nation blessed with gold and that in great abundance too, infact they are the 7th largest producer of gold and most probably now the largest producers of Cocoa in the world and not too far back, they apparently discovered crude oil and they are said to have the 5th largest reserve in Africa, something that we in Nigeria had discovered and exploited since the 60s and most probably have the largest reserve in Africa and one of the largest in the world.

One of the few things that Ghana competes very well with Nigeria on are football, jollof rice, music and hospitality. On jollof rice, the Ghanaians believe very strongly that they cook a better one, that their version or variety of the food is much better than ours and that in fact the best. As per music, truth be told the Ghanaians a super talented and have a good understanding of rhythm, especially as concerning their interpretation of their own form of highlife. In terms of hospitality, Ghana, especially Accra in the country has enjoyed much beehive of activities in the last few years and because of the development, there has been a whole lot or loads of upgrades in many areas. Their hotels likes of Kempinski, Movenpick, African Regent, Labadi Beach, Villa Monticello, Tang Palace and more are very very upscale. Infact  they are on the level of their counterparts either in Europe, Asia or even in America.

When it comes to football, they have somewhat enjoyed far more successes in the West African region amongst the countries in that axis.

The improvements in their many facets of life has not been limited to only the hotels though, it has touched many areas too, but the newest one right now that has gotten everyone applauding very vigorously and commendably too and has shown good signs of a Government intention to attract more people to their country. Tourism is the 4th largest money earner for Ghana. A country that is infact already very well known to be very welcoming of visitors, has taken it many notches up with the new KOTOKA international Airport, Terminal 3. For those who might not know Ghanaians are infact rated as the "11th most friendly nation in the world", that's in the whole universe and that's a big deal! And in Africa they are considered the Nos 1! As at 2017 they were rated as the 43rd most peaceful nation in the world!

We have always said it that how a country is perceived (for perception is very key) by first time visitors or visitors in general, the kind of impression they can form so easily without unnecessary prompting can largely be influenced by how that country's international airport is. The airport and its immediate surroundings can immediately make a discerning person form an opinion that could stick permanently and that can be hard to change afterwards!

The many pictures in this write-up for us says it all. Like already stated, the pictures are that of the new Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana. You are free to deduce whatever you feel is best from what the pictures, aims to pass across. Though Ghana might somewhat not be as (RICH) financially as we are, but they seem to be getting certain things right far better than we do.

This new airport was built for a total of $250million dollars. It was built by a Turkish company in collaboration with some other companies. For a total of $400 million dollars, other airports in Ghana would be upgraded and updated to world's standards.

The groundbreaking of the new ultra modern airport was done on March 2016 and now a little over 2 years it is ready and functioning.

Africa is not backward, no no, not all. But just that certain people/elements and in the minority at best, at the helm of affairs, bent on not allowing Africa to reach her height takes us back or leaves us stagnant. We are blessed by God with the very best the world can offer, in all areas of endeavors. May we take the Bulls by the horns as we journey towards fulfilling our repressed potentials.

More pictures after the break!


I have no NYSC Discharge certificate. Yes, you read that right. And I graduated long before I was thirty. Before you reach out for your whistle or recommend me for trial, hold your peace. I served. I was originally posted to Bauchi state but later redeployed to the then University of Ife in the old Oyo state because Prof. Wole Soyinka requested for my services. Through no fault of mine, I was never issued a discharge certificate. I wrote several letters to NYSC and paid follow-up visits but nobody knew what happened to my certificate between Bauchi and Ibadan. All I got was a letter of attestation to confirm that I actually served! That is almost forty years ago! I still carry the crumpled piece of paper around!

In 2007, I applied for the renewal of my Driver’s License. For close to two years, I was paying visits to the Oyo State Secretariat office of FRSC for photo capture without success. In all that period, all I had was the duplicate of the form I filled to show proof that I had actually applied for a renewal. The story throughout the period was either no light to operate the generator or when there was light, the relevant officer was not on seat. But I knew that my dilemma was because I refused to play ball by going through a third party, tout or FRSC official.

In 2009, I relocated to Lagos. One of the first things I did was to go to the headquarters of the Local Government in Agege where I lived to see if I could process the renewal there. I went through all the required processes and eventually got my “license”. Or did I? Three years later when I needed to do a renewal, I went to the FRSC office in Ekiti where I moved to in 2012. Shock of my life; I was told that the license I was holding which had all the watermarks and imprint of an authentic license was FAKE!!! The system had NO RECORD of it! Yet, I did not obtain it through a third party. So, through no fault of mine, I who obtained my first Driver’s License in 1982, was now being treated as a fresh applicant for a license in 2012, thirty years later! In the period that I used that license, I would have boldly tendered it to any officer of the law on demand, not knowing that it could have landed me in trouble!

Sometime in 2009, I got a car. The former owner, a respectable member of the society, took the pains to complete its registration in my name and sent me the documents. Upon expiration of the particulars, as is my custom, I PERSONALLY went to the Licensing office in Lagos to renew them. To my utter chagrin, it turned out that the documents I was carrying were fake, even though the person who gave me the car, being a person of integrity had processed the papers through what he believed to be legitimate channels! He was scandalized upon hearing what happened. But we had to go through the process afresh to legitimize ownership. Had I had an issue with the law before then, the car could have been impounded!

When the IG of police issued the directive on permit for tinted windows, I took my car to the Police Headquarters in Ado-Ekiti to process the application. A few months before then, I changed from the old number plate to a new one. So I went with the “valid” documents. To my utter amazement, when the officer keyed in my car details with the new number, it said that my number had not been allocated to any vehicle, meaning that I was technically driving a car with a fake plate number! But for the goodwill I enjoy in the society, my car would have been impounded as a stolen vehicle while I could have been arrested as a receiver of stolen goods. The officer explained to me why. It turned out that my insurance certificate was not genuine and so was not captured in the system. Yet, I remember telling them at the Licensing office that I wanted a genuine certificate with a reputable insurance company when they offered me options that could have meant paying half the statutory amount to get a certificate. I insisted on paying FULL VALUE and still got a fake certificate in the name of a registered insurance company! In rage, I immediately headed for the licensing office. The supervising officer apologized but of course, no one was willing to take responsibility for the gaffe. I had to pay again for another certificate but this time around, I practically stood on their neck until I was shown proof that the details were captured in the FRSC system that would interface with their own transactions. Thereafter, I went back to the Police Headquarters to process my permit and with one click, the officer was able to access my information. Yet, not once in all of the narratives above did I patronize touts or a third party/agent! I went to those offices personally because I wanted to do what I believed to be right!

I am sure many of you reading this may not even know that it is possible that the Customs Papers or other documentation of your vehicles may not be genuine even though you were charged full value and perhaps more for their processing! Imagine the shock that would envelope you when, on a routine stop and search by any of Customs, Police or FRSC, you are pointedly told that the documents you so confidently threw at them on demand were fake! Assume that they follow due process and charge you to court. You are either made to pay a fine or sent to jail for forgery. Even if it is only for a week, you have become an ex-convict, unfit to hold public office for life except by a judicial pardon. For no fault of yours, you become persona non grata, an institutional untouchable! This is the precarious situation that pervasive institutional corruption exposes ALL of us to!

That is the kind of experience I am sure Kemi Adeosun, immediate past Finance Minister must have fallen victim to.

When the story of the ‘forged’ NYSC Exemption Certificate first broke, I, like many people, was totally flabbergasted and outraged that someone of her caliber would ever do such a thing. But I felt a restraint in me and so did not immediately make any comment because I felt that to do so would be highly prejudicial. My position was further justified when NYSC issued a public statement to the effect that Kemi actually applied for an exemption certificate. I am glad I obeyed my instincts.

Reading the context and content of her resignation letter, I felt sorry for Kemi, an unwitting victim of a system rigged for incompetence and wired to serve the greed of some miscreants who ensure that the system never experiences seamless operations.
Anyone listening to Kemi speak would know that she did not grow up here in Nigeria. That much she confirmed in her letter. She had her first Nigerian passport at the age of 34! What this means is that as at 22 when she graduated, she was technically NOT a bona fide Nigerian citizen! She was BRITISH! I am not a lawyer and hold no brief for her but if she technically did not become a Nigerian citizen until 34, should the law on compulsory service for anyone under 30 have been retroactively applied? I would like to believe that this was the basis of her applying for an exemption!

A few questions emerge here:

1. If indeed, Kemi applied for an exemption as confirmed by NYSC, how long does it take for NYSC to give a response, positive or negative to such a request? If she hadn’t, I would have been worried. But she did! Kemi served as Commissioner for Finance in Ogun State for FOUR years and another THREE as Minister at the Federal level and yet, no official response to her request! I can identify with that. NYSC NEVER replied any of my enquiries on the whereabouts of my Discharge Certificate almost forty years ago till today!

2. Could a staff of NYSC have scammed Kemi, taking advantage of her naivety, to produce and present the forged certificate to her, purporting it to be the response of the NYSC to her request, a possible reason why she did not bother to pursue the matter further with NYSC?

3. Did Kemi, not having lived or operated in Nigeria before she was headhunted by Governor Ibikunle Amosun, have a way of knowing what an authentic exemption certificate looks like for her to discern that the one she got was fake? I have lived in Nigeria all my life, used several cars, renewed several driver’s licenses over a 36-year period, yet, I was scammed by officials of the relevant agencies!

4. Was it out of place for Kemi to have relied on the certificate she was given, especially when there was no subsequent communication from NYSC granting or refusing her exemption?

5. Is the NYSC not complicit in the entire process? If you ask me, I think that the NYSC is the real culprit here! That body has a case to answer!

6. Would Kemi, with her pedigree and her exposure, have deliberately committed a fraud over an exemption certificate? I doubt it. She never claimed that she served. Her claim was that she sought an exemption. NYSC confirmed that much.

7. Why the special focus on Kemi? Why did the story break just shortly after her tiff with the Senate as well as NNPC and its opaque operations? It reminds one very rudely of Lamido Sanusi’s travails. He was hailed as the whiz kid of Nigerian banking until he started prying into NNPC issues! He was promptly pilloried and sacrificed. Ditto Nuhu Ribadu, czar of anti-corruption, poster boy of institutional probity, until he started trying to fish in ‘sacred’ waters! Coincidence? A Presidential aide, Okoi Obono-Obla has allegedly had his Secondary School Leaving Certificate repudiated by WAEC. He continues to be on the roll of Nigerian lawyers and a presidential Special Adviser. It has not generated the same hoopla as Kemi’s case has. Yet, thankfully, none of Kemi’s academic credentials is suspect.

8. If indeed Kemi carried a British passport until the age of 34, would it then be right to technically refer to her as a Nigerian until that time when she chose dual citizenship by obtaining a Nigerian passport? Lawyers can help me out here. I want to be educated.

Until I have reason to be otherwise convinced, going by my experiences shared in the first and second parts of this write-up, I believe that Kemi Adeosun, like many other Nigerians, including possibly YOU reading this, was just a pawn in a chess game where the Grand Masters have learnt to prey on the intelligence of a people who hardly interrogate issues beyond hype and hoopla, even when they themselves are also mere pawns.

It is Kemi today. She is the dog being called a bad name. Technically, she has just been hanged. Perhaps she is culpable and is stewing in her own juice. Maybe she was just a victim of her own “ajebutter” naivety. It may be YOU tomorrow. Did you say it cannot happen to you?

Maybe. But before you make that boast, go into your own records and those of your children if they were issued in Nigeria before the chess players do so for you. Every single one of them. Birth certificate. Primary School Leaving Certificate. Secondary school. University. NYSC Discharge Certificate. Marriage certificate. Driver’s License. Vehicle particulars. Land purchase documents. Property documents. Certificate of Occupancy. Import Duty certificates. Tax records. Verify that they are all genuine. Maybe then, you can join those who pillory Kemi Adeosun.

If you are not able to do that and you are currently throwing stones at Kemi, watch your back. Just do not venture into public office. Keep throwing your stones by the sidelines. Otherwise, on the day the wind blows to expose the behind of your own fowl, get ready for arrows and javelins to be hurled in your direction while you wonder what on earth happened!!!

Kemi Adeosun leaves Nigerian public service space with her head held high. She has my respect for honorably resigning, one of the very few public officials to ever do so instead of being kicked out with ignominy, a sacrificial lamb on the altar of our collective systemic dysfunctionality which should have engaged our attention instead of the largely shallow-minded nitpicking that attended this whole saga. To those who may be clinking glasses tonight at her resignation, your victory is phyrric! You may be the next lamb!

Today, Kemi returned to Britain, the first place she knew as home, signposting to foreign-born Nigerian diasporans who would like to return home to serve their fatherland that this is a land that eats up its good inhabitants.
Again, our loss becomes their own gain! Very sad!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Saraki vs Tinubu
Waziri vs Asiwaju

We believe that this is probably a declaration of war of the biggest kind in our country as the 2 gladiators set to lock horns are 2 formidable foes.

On one side and in the red corner is the Jagaban of Borgu himself, the one and only Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a super veteran of many classics. He is one man that has learnt so much by experience. He has fought many world titled fights and has won very many of them too. You can liken him to the great Mike Tyson at his most imperial best or is it George 'the ultimate bomber' Foreman of yore. These were men that even their opponents had already conceded the defeats to even before entering the rings.

Asiwaju's number 1 epic fight, was a massive one at that, where he fought his opponent to a standstill, when even the whole of the FG was arrayed against him! And that unrelenting opponent then, in the mold of a Joe Frazier was none other than "Chief Olusegun Okikiola Aremu Obasanjo, GCFR", the former President of Nigeria. So fierce was that battle, that even Asiwaju himself came out a bit scathed too, but never gave up neither did he submit and it was after that fight that his legend was acknowledged by all and sundry! By virtue of the many fights he had engaged in, Asiwaju became a veteran that many began to fear to just face or to even lock horns with..

On the other side in the blue corner is a somewhat new kid on the block, a newly discovered dynamite kid of a sort, by the name Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, current President of the Senate and Waziri of Ilorin, who in the last 3 years had fought some of the most epic, most awesome, most must win battles of his career. We think and believe that no other Senate President in the history of the Nigerian Assembly has had to fight as much has Saraki had done to keep his title/belt. The most epic of the battles was him surviving all that was arrayed against him and even finally winning all his court battles to even the Supreme Court. So after coming out of that fierce and unrelenting attacks, where he was pummeled endlessly with leg and right hooks, hammer blows the types that Hogan Jimoh was famous for, blitzing blows the type Manny Pacquao was known for and survivinv the whole onslaught, he has come out with so much confidence and is now ready to come out against his most prized opponent ever now, in the person of the Asiwaju of the world, the Jagaban himself.

Like it normally happens at fights of this dimension and size, the much younger opponent, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, 2 terms Governor of Kwara, 3 years reign as Senate President and now a Presidential aspirant from the opposition party, is already mouthing and boasting to high heavens about his extraordinary boxing abilities. He has spoken about his speed and agility, about the strength of his blows and his counter punching ability and has ultimately promised to do a massive TKO!

He is already going like a James "Buster'' Douglas, doing his own version of the" Ali shuffle"claiming to have the medicine, the cure, the panacea to treat the fuck up, of his opponent. He has said he knows how to deal with the godfather in Lagos that is terrorising all and sindry. He has claimed matter of factly that he possesses the antidote to unravel the great Tinubu, that he is ready to demystify him completely!!!

We know for a fact that Saraki has a formidable team behind him too, well scripted and well experienced in all the arts and acts, be it in misdirection, subterfuge, counter attack, counter intelligence, spying etc. A young vibrant team with exceptional intelligence at that, backed up also be an extraordinary spiritual coverage.

But is he and his team ready for what the Asiwaju can unleash?

Already some rounds have been fought seemingly. Though some are claiming that that was just shadow boxing, just a top of the iceberg and not the real Mccoy. That very recent Alpha Beta upheaval or scandal is a case in point. Where did that kind of thing  just emerge from?? When a former member of the same camp, suddenly went zany and began to point accusing fingers and raising dusts about what he was involved in before that was unpalatable! If not that it was part of a systematic onslaught (a kind of disguised and decisive hook) set to destabilize the so called opponent or enemy (misdirection), so that by the time the opponent is occupied trying to sort out that issue and be engaged in doing damage control, the attacker is gone on to other things.

On the journey towards getting the biggest prize/title/belt on the land in 2019, we are too sure many unbelievable cans of worms, a whole Pandora box or boxes would be unleashed that would even have fans and audiences or boxing enthusiasts on both sides nearly dazed or most likely knocked out!

Hear Saraki--

"Bukola Saraki" has promised to ensure that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, produces the next governor of Lagos State.

Speaking during his meeting with PDP delegates at the party’s secretariat yesterday, Saraki said he has “the medicine of the man who regards himself as godfather terrorising Lagos State.”

Saraki, a PDP presidential aspirant, said, “What you have been fighting for many years, you will have it during the coming election because you now have somebody that has intention and charisma to deal with those disturbing you.

“I have a medicine of the man who regards himself as godfather terrorising Lagos State. We have their formula, come next year, PDP will take over Lagos.”

The Senate President also warned Nigerians to be mindful of presidential aspirants promising to restructure Nigeria, if elected president.

He said: “Many aspirants will tell you that they will restructure Nigeria, but don’t let them deceive you because restructuring is not something only a president can do because certain laws also need to change.

“So you need a president that has the political sagacity to carry people along. But there are very few aspirants today that possess such charisma. Once I assume office, I will devolve more powers to the state.’’

Monday, September 17, 2018


Since that election lost in Ekiti State earlier this year, when his sponsored candidate Prof. Eleka was pummelled into submission, Nigeria's number 1 official motor mouth, the irrepressible Peter 'the Rock' Ayodele Fayose, just quietly went into his cocoon, not mouthing off like he used to do before. Like the Yorubas would say, Enu ti wo ooooo!!

It was like that election defied his understanding and totally affected his psyche in a massive way, it took him to lala land and it has taken him a longwhile to recover. Imagine that he was actually brought down from his high horse and was practically slammed down, embarrassingly at that. Imagine that after he had assured his ward as per the election, that no matter what, he was going to win the election for him, just the way he had done the previous time with full aid of the FG and then he lost!!!!

Now with the only option left being the Courts, who can still swing things his way or better still their way, if they can show compelling reasons why the election results needs to be upturned.

So while still grappling with how to go away without issues, having being brought down from his height of extreme self delusion and over engorged ego, imagine now that another problem, major one at that already awaits him, in the mold of the EFCC. The organization from thr look of it, have him under watch and has already asked the Customs and most likely other security parastatals to also keep a keen eye on the outgoing Governor, so that he wouldn't perform the Houdini (a disappearing act) as soon as his tenure finishes and he has handed over to his successor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, so he can at least answer some questions, the organisation might think needs answers to.

We are only just hoping that prophecy wouldn't be coming into fruition or past as it concerns "pastor" Peter Ayodele Fayose, as a prophet had predicted a while back then, that the Governor would only be transiting from the Government house to jailhouse!


It's a massive, infact a mammoth  sized congratulations for Africa's number 1 blogger unparalleled, Dame Linda Ikeji as she was delivered of a bouncing baby boy--BBB!!!! who she has referred to as Baby J in far away, United States of America.

Baby Boy landed this part of the universe, today, Monday, September 17, 2018 and as expected it has been an avalanche or better still torrential rain of well wishes from friends and fans alike.

For Linda, this is her 1st child and it showed in her expression on her IG page when she literally exclaimed Oh dear Lord, I am a mum. Baby J is here! 🙏🙏❤️❤️.

She only just had a humongous baby shower just a few days prior to her delivery as she eagerly anticipated the birth of her boy.

We are expecting a mother of all reception and party, whenever she gets back from the US.

Again we say a big congratulations to her and we wish her boy well!!!!



Speech delivered by the All Progressives Congress Governorship Aspirant, Mr. Babajide Sanwoolu at the formal declaration of his intention to contest for the Governor of Lagos State at the City Hall, Lagos Island on Sunday September 16, 2018.

All protocols observed.

With great enthusiasm and encouragement of family, friends, associates and well-wishers, I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone for creating the time to participate in this historic event of my declaration to contest the 2019 governorship election in Lagos State on the platform of our party, the All Progressives Congress.

Since 1922, when the first election was decreed in Lagos, our history has been shaped by the values of democratization and the primacy of the people in deciding who rules them. The process has thrown up great men like Herbert Macaulay, Sir Kitoye Ajasa, Dr. John Randle, Sapara Williams, Henry Carr, Candido da Rocha, Dr. Adeniyi Jones and Dr. Caulcrick among others. May the souls of these great Lagosians continue to rest in peace.
There is no way to review the history of Lagos in the last 50 years without placing on record the contributions of Brigadier Mobolaji Johnson, the first ever governor of Lagos State, Pa Lateef Jakande, the first civilian Governor and many other helmsmen who led the development of our people.

Modern Lagos State since the inception of the current civilian republic has been blessed with innovators and visionaries. Permit me to recognize, specially, the man who laid the foundation for the modernization of Lagos State; the celebrated tactician and renowned certified accountant who has applied his knowledge to democracy and development, our national leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The press, as ‘‘The Fourth Estate of The Realm’’, has planted in our consciousness the courage displayed by our leader in reforming and modernizing the revenue collection operations of Lagos State, converting government operations from analogue to digital and establishing a transparent, measurable and predictable system for running Lagos as a modern smart government.

The preparation of the visionary programme, ‘‘The Lagos State Economic Empowerment & Development Strategy’’ (LEEDS), listing out the path to development of modern Lagos on four pillars across 25 years of expansion continues to provide the development blueprint for our people. This vision, put together by eminent economists and passionate patriots, prepared our State ahead of its growing challenges. It remains to this day the most concrete manifestation of Asiwaju’s leadership and love for the great people of our State. I feel privileged to be part of the process that made it happen. I assure you all that it shall continue to be the roadmap when I become the next civilian governor of our dear State.

This foundation has survived the test of time because Asiwaju was able to recruit excellent and brilliant successors. But without the ratification of these men by Lagosians who voted massively for them during the general elections, his wish could not have become the popular choices of the people.

I wish to commend the former Governor of Lagos State,Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN, for his contributions to this glorious path.
I am inspired by the courage and achievements of all the leaders who have charted the path of development for our great LAGOS. I have decided, like the great American President John F. Kennedy, not to continue to wait for what my State shall do for me, but to challenge myself on what to do for my State.

When I look back at my experience in public sector, I realise that God has prepared me for this moment. I served Lagos State Government for the first time as a Special Adviser to the then deputy Governor,Otunba Femi Pedro.

I believe that my contributions to the governing process made possible my appointment as the Acting Honourable Commissioner for Economic Planning &Budget and later Commissioner for Commerce & Industry in the final months of the Asiwaju Bola Tinubu administration. Following the inauguration of the Fashola administration, I was appointed the Honourable Commissioner for Establishment, Training and Pensions.

My public sector career has crowned the glorious achievement of my journey through the private sector where I had worked in senior managerial positions in financial institutions such as Lead Merchant Bank, United Bank for Africa (UBA), First Atlantic Bank (now FCMB) and participated in major economic projects such as the privatization and commercialization of Federal Government-owned companies and parastatals.

The All Progressives Congress has been established as a grassroots party of the workers, artisans, middle class professionals and all those who desire the progressive development of Nigeria. The manifesto of our party promises welfarist programmes and building the capacity of our economy so that we can provide jobs for the youths and make our country stable and secure.

These are the values that I believe in.
These are the values I am ready to defend.
These are the values I am determined to propagate.
These are the values that drive my present desire.

If elected, I shall immediately embark on the full restoration of the glory of Lagos and make you the people the cornerstone of government revamp the environment that has become a cause of serious anxiety to Lagosians and relieve Lagos of the persistent gridlocks that have made our lives brutish and nasty.

Our government’s focal point shall be to provide the greatest good for the greatest number of the people of Lagos State.

I have invited you here today to join me in the journey to take Lagos State to a new dimension by transforming the manifesto of our party to the programme of action. I am sending a clarion call to our party members, men and women, youth and the elderly, that there is a lot of work to be done to achieve the Lagos of our dreams.

I present myself as a capable, competent and tested hand to make Lagos greater.

I declare that, I,  Babajide Olusola Sanwo-olu shall be a true party man in the real definition of the word by running an inclusive  government according to the ideology of the APC and the long-term benefits of the great citizens of Lagos State. Loyalty is the currency of politics. I shall be loyal to the people of Lagos State, the organs and the leadership of the party.

I call on party members and citizens to join me to elevate our State in all facets of human endeavour through improvements, enlightenment and development.

I urge you all to come out with your membership cards and slips to vote for me at the direct primaries ordered by the party so that we can continue the journey towards peace, order and development for the good people of our dear Lagos State.

History is not made in a day, but it is made on the day that you start to make the labours of the past and the hope for the future the touchstone of our endeavours. That day is today.

I pray that God Almighty shall crown all our efforts with resounding success.

Thank you and God bless.
Long Live the All progressives Congress
Long Live Lagos State
Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria