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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Who the cap fits let him or her wear it is the time seasoned or better still, time honoured adage of the sages and that's the perfect saying that can be used to describe this great man of timber and caliber, known to most by his unique initials 'YSL', but better known to all and sundry as 'Otunba Yemi Saheed Lawal', a very well respected and renowned property developer and estate owner in Lagos, Nigeria.

Come the month of September, on the the 16th of that month to be more precise, the man who has his signature stamped all over the Oniru Estate, who some have even acclaimed as the biggest property owner in that Estate, after the famous Oniru family themselves, would be installed as the "Oloro ADINNI" of the entire Lagos. The unique title, speaks about an exemplary personality, who by all standard is one to reckon with, who uses his wherewithal, resources and wealth to promote Islam, both locally and otherwise.

The philanthropist per excellence, who is also a renowned humanitarian & a devout moslem and family man has been found to be the one worthy enough, to carry the title and be installed as a top rank moslem leader in the state of excellence-Lagos. According to our findings, if Otunba Lawal hasn't built a mosque for the growth of Islam, he has donated atleast 3 humongous ones built solely by him to promote his religion, not to talk of the countless number of people that he has either sponsored or supported to go on the hajj, which is one of the compulsory task, in fact one of the pillars of Islam that a moslem must sure to partake of in his/her lifetime.

So the Bobagunwa of Isaga-Orile in Egbado area of Ogun State, who is also the Bobasuwa of Iperu Akesan in Remo area, also of Ogun state and the Ochuido of Amunike, a title given to him for his philanthropic effort by 13 communities in Enugu state is going to host family members, friends and associates to what would most definitely be a swell gathering on the day of his installation. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu 

Akinwunmi Ambode 

What more can be said about the great Asiwaju of Lagos and by extension according to some, the Asiwaju of Yorubaland that hasn't been said yet or already? The inimitable Jagaban Borgu, who also incidentally holds the highest chieftaincy title in Egbaland, which is the "Aare Ago" (Field Marshall) of Egbaland, a title bestowed on him by the current paramount ruler of Egbaland, the Alake of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo III, CFR. These titles mentioned here and others are just a few of the more prominent titles that the former 2 term Governor of the state of aquatic excellence and a former Senator of the state, hold.

The APC top chieftain, in fact the National Leader of the ruling party is an enigma per excellence, one that many of his die-hard followers see as the engineer, the visioner, the inspiration behind what the current Lagos is and may turn into in the future. Some are of the strong opinion, that the script of the 21st century Lagos, an emerging eldorado was put together by him and that all that have always been needed, is always for the perfect and proper person to come execute.

His excellency, the Governor extraordinary, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, FCA is the current Governor of the number 1 state in Nigeria in many ramifications and that's the state of excellence-known to all as Lagos. Never in the history of this state has someone being so well prepared, so well honed, so perfectly fitted to run the affairs of a state as unique, as powerful, as diverse, as massive, as Lagos.

For those who already know and even for those that do not readily know, that Governor Akinwunmi Ambode boasts an incredible, totally outstanding educational history, background, from as early as his O'levels, where he cracked the WASC, having the 2nd best results overall for the year in review is a known fact.

Thereafter the O'levels, he went on to continually dazzle all comers every step of the way ever since. From an exemplary university result for his 1st degree and later having his masters, to getting trained at some of the best schools available-Harvard, Instead, Wharton, Cranfield etc where he honed his skills as an accountant/auditor/administrator.

But it's not only about his educational status that we are on about here now, it is also majorly about his career path and projectile, which apart from the educational attainment is what has made him who he is today!

Imagine that from the get go till he got to the highest level/hierarchy as Governor, he has worked at every level of the state civil service, from the grassroots at the local government level, holding various positions from the low to the high, right around the state, rising later from being the Auditor-General in charge of Local Governments to become the Permanent Secretary in charge of Finance in Lagos, till he finally became the Accountant-General of Lagos State, which on its own, is already a career high and then now finally to becoming the Governor of the state. Transversing the length and breath of the state Civil service for 27 years! How more prepared can anyone have ever been?

So it wasn't something too extraordinary or too out of the world when the Asiwaju then, like he had also done before with the excellent BRF, insisted on Ambode as the nos 1 choice to take over from another, exemplary and anoited son then in the person of the awesome Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN. Many of the skeptics who couldn't dare dream then, many of them who had doubts, those who had thought no one, no matter who could break the awesome records set by the 2 terms of the administration of BRF have all now since become die-hard converts in only just 3 years of exhilarating hard work!

The blitzkrieg otherwise known as Akinwunmi Ambode, that unstoppable shining star has swept all before him off their feet-both his own people and even the opposition with such speed and authority, it has been totally outstanding and dazzling at the same time. So much so that even the opposition have become totally comatose and have been pulverized to inactivity, hoping against all hope in the dreamland to come to relevance again sometime in the far future.

Every where in Lagos that you go to, you would effortlessly and openly see, the Ambode super impressive signature all over, dotting the landscape in nearly all ramifications. Truth be told, Lagos State in a very long while, has not encountered such dizzying and dazzling level of infrastructural developments all going on simultaneously at the same time like now! So just imagine all the launchings that would all be happening all over the place in Lagos at the tail end of this administration's 1st term in power come 2019! Lagos is surely in for a super great and exhilarating ride!!! !

So in view of the very immediate above, most had thought that a 2nd term for the one behind all that has been happening so positively should just be a given! Like it has been said for many centuries now, one good turn, deserves another, or so people had thought! But alas, that might not necessarily be! Reason been that if the so called underground grumblings and rumblings are anything to go by, then all might not necessarily be as well as most think!

For according to the unconfirmed gist, which even at that still carries a lot of weight, both son-AA and father-Asiwaju might not necessarily be having a chummy-chummy, good time as it is now! It is even said that whatever it is that's causing the issues, might have been on going for a few months now, at least for up to 4 months if not more, so they say! And because of that, many are of the thought that this disagreement if not quickly nipped in the bud and resolved and dealt with, could dangerously affect Ambode’s 2nd term ambition!

Can that truly happen? Especially after such an excellent record of works? 


About 2 or more weeks back we brought to your attention the exemplary services of a highly resourceful personality by name Dr. Abiola Bashorun and her company ZL GLOBAL ALLIANCE which was executing exemplarily, one of the agendas of the action Governor of Kaduna State, in the person of his excellency, Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, which was to make the whole of the state spic and span. A task that the brand was able to achieve to the letter, in fact winning many accolades doing so.

Same brand ZL GLOBAL ALLIANCE, owned by the same very resourceful and hardworking expert was now invited over to Ondo State too by his excellency, Arakunrin (Mr.) Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN the Governor of Ondo State, to help with the battle against filth around the state and in the process turn the state into a model of environmental hygiene. And we can tell you for Free, that already in only a very short while since the task began in Ondo, it has been accolades or better still garlands galore since the innovative company moved over to the State known as the Sunshine State, just like they were also so welcomed in Kaduna.

Check out the pictures above as Dr. Abiola Bashorun takes his excellency round to show and  check ongoing progress. Filth has finally met its match on Ondo thanks to ZL GLOBAL ALLIANCE. 

Monday, August 13, 2018


his imperial majesty 

Tope Adesegun

The palace of the most revered King from Africa, that's the Palace of the Ooni Adimula of the world, his imperial majesty, Oba Adeyeye Babatunde Enitan Ogunwusi, the Ojaja II, has come out to debunk in very strong terms the purported upcoming wedding of the season of the bachelor monarch, who incidentally is being counted as one of the most eligible bachelors in Africa right now, after his 2 former marriages had hit the rock. One of the marriages was when he was still a young prince, while the more recent one was to the famous Olori Wuraola Zainab Otiti-Obanor.

The subject matter of the speculation or marriage tale is none other than an outstandingingly gorgeous beauty and brains (highly cerebral) by name Temitope Adesegun, who is the Co-convener of Hopes Alive Initiative. She used to be the personal assistant to the former SSG of Lagos State at a time. The well schooled lady, went to Harvard, Oxford, Instead, Cambridge after she had 1st graduated from the University of Lagos many years back.

How those who came up with the supposed tales by moonlight got their story of the impending wedding and subsequent marriage we do not know, but a close aide and an in-law of the revered monarch, in the person of Prince Jide Fadairo, who is married to one of the lovely sisters of the king and who should be in the know, was the one that debunked the tale, which had already gained much traction.

People, in fact the whole world are very eager to know who the king is going to marry again and how soon too, as some have claimed that it is not too good tradional wise for a king, especially of the caliber of the Ooni on the throne, the very one on the stool of ODUDUWA, to remain a bachelor for too long. Also the curiosity to know is also because this particular Ooni is still a very young in his early 40s and infact an handsome hunk of a man too, who is also very stylish at that, one who many very willing ladies would love to have as husband.

In debunking the tales, Prince Jide Fadairo the CEO of House of Oduduwa Foundation and husband of Princess Folasade, the monarch’s eldest sister, said that, "it was a fairy tale gone too far.
“Ooni’s marriage cannot be done secretly, it involves not only the royal family, it involves Yoruba custom and a lot of elders and our tradition are to be taken into cognisance. Please dismiss the story, it is another fake news.

Then another confidant and friend of the Ooni, Mr. Muyiwa Leroy Afolabi went further to say

” Kabiyesi will carry every Ile-Ife’s sons and daughters along whenever it’s time to pick another Olori (Queen) for us.

Let’s always verify the facts before sharing.”

Prince Fadairo went further to say, "the time is not propitious for the monarch who is immersed in the renaissance of Yoruba culture and promotion of the race’s customs and traditions globally.

“That’s not on His Imperial Majesty’s mind. Marriage is not something he wants to do right away. Many names have been bandied around but I can tell you they are all false, just like this case.”

Case closed for now then. Gbam!!! 


We didn't want to say anything before, even though we had seen the beautiful picture of the super gorgeous, totally delightsome and ultimate fashionista Toke Makinwa in her stunning nude glory, displaying her exceptionally flawless skin for all to see and salivate on. Thank God that at least nothing private was peeking out in anyway. So it can very well be considered a very tasteful pose and picture and not vulgar in anyway or manner.

We were going to be quiet about it all, letting sleeping dog lay comfortably, without shaking any table or rustling any feather whatsoever, until someone sent the picture to us and captioned it as "the hussle is real ooooo" and that immediately got us thinking.

Yes we had seen the picture and didn't think too much of it, reason been that why disturb another person's hussle really? We have always been a firm believer in self expression. You own yourself and however you decide and desire that you want to portray yourself is nobody's business, period! At least even if she was naked, it's no one else's body!!! Na your boobs or na your vayjahjay????

Going at it a bit deeper though. Even the scriptures, which is the guide for Christians is also greatly in support of 1, Self expression and 2. is greatly in support of labor and wages. Like it says and we are not quoting it verbatim here, that whatever it is that you find in your hand to do, do same with all your strength and with all purpose. It then went on further to buttress the point by saying a worker is deserving of his/her wages, then went on further to say he/she that doesn't work deserves not to eat. So all of the above just says it that, whatever it is that's positive that you have found to do as work, you deserve the commensurate pay from it and therefore none should begrudge you! So if Toke has found a worthwhile venture to indulge in, especially that type that's bringing her good wages and contentment, please go haywire with it abeg, not minding whose ox is gored! If in the course of it or at the end of it all, she becomes a spectacle, that would at least be good for us onlookers or spectators to ogle at for fun, no big deal! And if you haven't forgotten that time honoured saying of the sages, which clearly says that "the end justifys the means", so it's not about the start or how it started at all, but more about how it ends! Remember that Kim Kardashian West, turned an embarrassing sextape into the foundation of what has now become more than $350 million dollars worth and she also got her Kanye West too as a total package!

For those blaming Toke and raising up the religion/religious flag, what if she had discussed the issue first and foremost with her god and he had no issues whatsoever with such an expose? Secondly what if her pastor or man of god who she might have informed about it or that she has direct access to sees the expose as a none issue? Thirdly, what if she herself see the whole thing as a none issue, especially her conscience sees nothing wrong with the issue? Fourthly, what if those she counts as important and those are the only people of value to her, see nothing whatsoever wrong with the picture or expose? On the Fifth and last count, how in the world does it concern anyone, what an 'adult' does with her own life? Imagine that someone raised the issue of getting married, and our answer to that straight forward is, are you Toke? Whoever is going to marry her, naked or not, warts or no warts, that person would not necessarily care! At least we all live in this same world where it has been said over many centuries now that "Love is actually blind", even if it's not totally blind in some cases, one of the attributes of love is that, it forgives a multiple of sins, so showing naked body if its a sin of any kind in the 1st instance, would also be forgiven too!!!

We live in a small world now, where distances do not exist no more. We copy cultures and traditions like there's no divide whatsoever. To do the kind of picture that is raising that bit of hoopla is nothing whatsoever in those climes that we love to copy, so why copy some things and not copy it all? At least it's not yet a Playboy shoot!

In Toke's defense, if in 2014 she was still metamorphosing and looked like she is on that 2nd picture at the music award of that year, and now in 2018, she has actually finished her evolution and she is now this hot and stunning and a formidable role model now, what stops her from flaunting what she's got? Which is what she has actually done with the nude shot, that might not actually be fully nude in the real sense!

So check out the before and after yourself, all in just the space of 4 years. So if one can afford to look this good, then kudos dear, have your fun.

You deserve it, absolutely.


With his Range Rover & most probably Mini Cooper

With his Bentley

Playing with his dogs in front of the S Class Mercedes 

Near his Ferrari, Lamborghini & others 

Sitting atop the Ferrari 

The Rolls Royce & G Wagon

A so called concerned Nigerian sent in all the pictures above, showing the humonguous car collection of the very distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Dino Melaye, 44, representing Kogi West Senatorial District.

And the first reaction from us is basically, no be today now!!!! Why would anyone be so shocked for any reason by such a collection, that if conservatively valued cannot be less than 200 million NAIRA. The cars in the collection range from a Ferrari, to a Lamborghini to a 2 Rolls Royce, 2 Range Rivers, a Bentley, 2 Mercedes Benz S Class, A G Wagon and a couple of other American fancy cars. As much or as many as the car might seem, it is just chicken feed any day, anytime for a distinguished Senator of Nigeria, especially with the kind of money they earn and take home.

According to the information available, a large part of it though unconfirmed, a Senator in Nigeria earns between N162 million per annum (that's N13. 5 million per month) to about (3 billion Naira each per annum, according to Prof. Itse Sagay).

So if our award winning and very agile actor of a Senator at 44 year old, who could climb a tree so super fast and then like the great escapist Houdini could disappear atop the tree without a trace, using the tree's foliage as a perfect camouflage wants to now use a sizeable chunk of his hard earned money, to indulge in one of his hobbies, which is the acquisition and collection of super cars, then who can blame him or hold him to ransom? The beauty of it all is that, the great and uncompromisingly Senator from Kogi has never hidden his love and acquisition from anyone, like an open book, he flaunts his wealth for all to see and salivate on. Unlike many of his other stupendously wealthy colleagues, who hides!

More after the break.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

GTBank Releases H1 2018 Audited Results, Reports Profit Before Tax Of ₦109.6 Billion

Segun Agbaje, MD/CEO GTBANK 

Guaranty Trust Bank plc has released its audited financial results for the period ended June 30, 2018 to the Nigerian and London Stock Exchanges.

A review of the results shows positive performance across all financial indices, reaffirming the Bank’s position as one of the most profitable and well managed financial institutions in Nigeria. Gross earnings for the period grew by 5.9% to ₦226.6billion from ₦214.1billion reported in June 2017.

Profit before tax stood at ₦109.6billion, representing a growth of 8.4% over ₦101.1billion recorded in the corresponding period of June 2017.The Bank’s Loan Book dipped by 10.8% from ₦1.449trillion recorded as at December 2017 to ₦1.293trillion in June 2018, while customers’ deposit grew by 10.0% to ₦2.269trillion from ₦2.062trillion in December 2017.

The Bank’s balance sheet remained strong with a 5.9% growth in Total assets as the Bank closed the period ended June 2018 with Total Assets of ₦3.549trillion and Shareholders’ Funds of ₦497.1Billion. In terms of Assets quality, NPL ratio improved to 5.8% in June 2018 from 7.7% in December 2017.

Overall, Asset quality improved with Cost of Risk of 0.1% and adequate coverage of 167.5% for Lifetime Credit Impaired Loans i.e. NPLs. Capital remains strong with CAR of 22.04% in spite of the implementation of IFRS 9. On the backdrop of this result, Post- Tax Return on Equity (ROAE) and Return on Assets (ROAA) closed at 34.1% and 5.5% respectively.

Commenting on the financial results, the Managing Director/CEO of Guaranty Trust Bank plc, Mr. Segun Agbaje, said; “In spite of declining yields and the challenges in the operating environment, we have delivered a decent half year result. The quality of this result is built on the strength of our businesses as well as the success of our digital-first customer-centric strategy in delivering financial services that are simpler, cheaper and more valuable to our customers’ everyday lives.”

He further stated that “We will continue to focus on consolidating our leading position in all the economies in which we operate by staying committed to building a business that is both nimble and efficient whilst strengthening relationships with our customers and creating business platforms that provide them with additional benefits beyond banking.”

GTBank continues to be best in class in terms of all financial ratios posted by Financial Institutions in the Industry as indicated by its Post-Tax Return on equity (ROE) of 34.1%, Post-Tax Return on Assets (ROAA) of 5.5%, Cost to Income ratio of 38.8%, NIM of 9.6% and PBT margin of 48.4%.

These ratios are testament to competent and experienced Management and work-force, efficient Balance sheet structure complemented with the Operational efficiency of the Bank.

In recognition of the Bank’s bias for world-class corporate governance standards, excellent service delivery and innovation, GTBank has been a recipient of numerous awards over the years. These include Africa’s Best Bank for SMEs and Best Bank in Nigeria from Euromoney Magazine, African Bank of the Year from African Banker Magazine, Best Banking Group and Best Retail Bank from World Finance Magazine, Best Bank in Africa for Corporate Governance from Ethical Boardroom Magazine.


COO GEEP, Office of the VP, Uzoma Nwagba, Ed, BOI, Toyin Adeniji & 2 of the beneficiaries. 

The Executive Director, Bank of Industry, Toyin Adeniji yesterday said that they will not relent until all Nigerians who are willing, have access to loan irrespective of their status or level of education.

Speaking at the unveiling of ‘Trader Moni’ initiative at Ojuwoye market in Lagos, Adeniji said that the programme which has been activated nationwide will support 2 million Nigerians to grow their business.

She also disclosed that the goal of the scheme was to take financial inclusion down to the grassroot whereby pure water seller, bead seller, food seller, okada rider among others can have access to loans to expand their business without any collateral.

The “President Muhammadu Buhari led administration has recognised the contribution of petty traders to economic development and identified the fact that some of them may not have what the commercial banks may require to grant loan, so he supports this initiative to help them grow their business.

“This ‘Trader Moni’ initiative is mobile phone driven. After your details have been captured by the agent and sent to BOI system for validation, within 48 hours you will get cash notification in your mobile wallet account. You can then either transfer the cash to your bank account or cash it out at any mobile money agent office around.

 “At the beginning you can access N10,000 and pay back N10,250 to be qualified for N15,000. Once you payback N15,375 you will then qualify for N20,000 loan, when you pay back N21,000 you will then get N50,000. All these stages have duration of six months interval to pay back.”
“If you wish you can pay back before the six month grace elapses and then access bigger loans. To pay back, you enter some of the banks we have partnered with such as Fidelity, Wema Bank, GtBank, UBA, Heritage Bank, Stanbic Bank, Sterling Bank, Union Bank Jaiz Bank, tell them that you want to pay BOI-GEEP loan for PayDirect.

Corroborating her view, Chief Operating Officer, Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme, GEEP, Mr. Uzoma Nwagba said that GEEP consists of three products, ‘Farmer Moni’ for farmers which avails them the opportunity to access up to N300,000 loan each.
“Then there is ‘Market Moni’ which targets market women. Traders and artisans that are a little bigger and are more structured, can get between N50,000 and N100,000.

The initiative is available across the country.
Nwagba urged beneficiaries to ensure they pay back to avail others, the opportunity to benefit too, “All this initiative aims to do is to expand financial inclusion because we have over 23 million Nigerians that are financially excluded, and the present administration aims to reach them so that they can grow their businesses.


Yvonne Nwosu is the not so shy Creative Director of her own eponymous fashion brand VONNE couture, the brand that opened the flood gate at the resurgent Arise Fashion Week 2018 a few months back.

The celebrity designer and fashionista par excellence is very well known for her quite quirky in your face style, which normally always always sets tongues wagging in excitement. She has a way about doing good combos and taking great pictures at the same time too.

The French speaking and statuesque mother of one, is a year older today 08/08/18 and to mark the beautiful day, the unrepentant and proud lioness is roaring very loudly with excitement with a few of her good friends all having a super swell time as we speak in far way idyllic Turkey. The choice of Istanbul Turkey as the ideal spot to celebrate, is obviously well thought out. For those who do not know, Istanbul Turkey is the middle point between Europe and Asia, while it is a fantastic place for business people who do not want to go as far as China, it is also a very, quite exotic at that, holiday spot too. In fact the 2 very distinct cultures of Europe and Asia meet inside the state, so it's like having the best of both worlds in just one place.

We guess from the above very fun and happy pictures it's been fun galore all day.

Congratulations to VONNE of life. Long may you live! 


Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Pastor Remi Tinubu & GO, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye

Asiwaju, Pastor Remi Tinubu & Mommy Go, Pastor Folu Adeboye

Lawmaker representing Lagos Central Constituency and the wife of the National Leader of the ruling APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in the person of Senator Chief Mrs. Remi Tinubu, 58 is now an ordained Pastor (Assistant Pastor) to be more precise of the Redeemed Christian Church of God better known as the RCCG. So henceforth, she can now either be addressed as a Pastor or can affix the title or tag to her name.

The Erelu Aare-Ago of Egbaland and Yeye Oba, that is King's mother of Kweme Kingdom in Badagry, Pastor Mrs. (Senator) Oluremi Tinubu, OON was one of the over 3400 that had their ordination at the on going 66th annual convention of her church. The convention is a yearly event where all RCCG members from around the world gathers. The ordination was performed by the Assistant General Overseer of the Church, Pastor Adewole Haastrup.

At the event to witness his wife's ordination was the Asiwaju himself, the Jagaban Borgu, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


From all indications now, it looks for certain that there's no going back on his decision to jump ships no more. It's obvious that the die is already cast. That's talking about the erstwhile Senate Minority Leader, Senator Godswill Akpabio.

Many, especially members of the PDP and those he was very close to were still hoping against all hope, that the whole defection affair might have just been a nightmare dream that they were having and that they would soon be jolted out of their deep and uncomfortable slumber to a new day to see that it was all a lie, but alas, the reality check now is that, the former 2 terms Governor of the oil rich Akwa Ibom state, who is said to have done a massive and excellent job while he was  Governor, is most definitely going to dump the PDP come tomorrow!

So towards his move to officially defect at a ceremony planned for tomorrow, Wednesday, August 8, 2018 in his home state of Akwa Ibom, Senator Godswill Akpabio has tended his letter of resignation as the Senate Minority Leader of the House of Assembly in a letter dated, Saturday, August 4, 2018. The resignation letter was addressed to his former deputy, Senator Emmanuel Bwacha and it reads thus-

Senator Emmanuel Bwacha
Deputy Senate Minority Leader
Senate New Building
National Assembly Complex

Distinguished brother,

Resignation as Senate Minority Leader

May I extend to you and my dear colleagues in the People Democratic Party (PDP) Senate Caucus of the 8th Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria the compliments and best wishes of my constituents and I.

This letter is to formally inform you of my resignation as the Senate Minority Leader with effect from August 4, 2018.

Let me thank the Senate minority leadership, our distinguished colleagues and our great party, the PDP for the opportunity to lead the Caucus in the last three years.

Please accept the assurances of my highest esteem.

UBA’s Leo launched on WhatsApp

Pan-African Financial Institution, United Bank for Africa (UBA) who recently clinched the Euromoney awards as the Best Digital Bank in Africa, is once again asserting itself as a pace setter, moving in leaps and bounds in unchartered territory. UBA’s chat banker, Leo has launched in pilot mode on WhatsApp and will be fully available to customers by September 1st, 2018

With Leo now on WhatsApp, customers who are lovers of the app will be able to open new accounts, check their balances on the go and carry out basic banking services.

Speaking about the launch of Leo on WhatsApp, Kennedy Uzoka, Group Managing Director, said: “Our customers are at the heart of our business and we as a bank, are never relenting in matching our words with equal action.  In today’s fast paced world with demands for quick responses, our aim is to make banking seamless and effortless for our millions of existing and potential customers.”

Also speaking on the launch of Leo on WhatsApp, Group Head of UBA’s Online Banking, Mr Austine Abolusoro, stated ‘United Bank for Africa is a technology-driven institution with vast knowledge in the business that we do and Leo, being a tested dependable and intelligent personality, will replicate on WhatsApp, the success it has experienced on the Facebook Messenger platform.  It is a solution that is from the customer’s standpoint, easy to use by anyone regardless of your demography.’ ‘Leo is ready and waiting to help with any form of banking services’ continued Abolusoro.

“WhatsApp has been in existence for over 9 years, reaching more than 1.5 billion people in over 180 countries. The premium private chat platform has assured that there will be no spam messages as the development is to enable businesses serve their customers with useful and helpful information.

Leo who is already present in over 12 African subsidiaries, including Nigeria, and available in  three languages, will be fully rolled out to customers on WhatsApp in September 2018 with all its regular features and extended attributes for WhatsApp.

UBA is one of Africa’s leading banks with operations in 20 African countries and in London and New York, with   presence in Paris.

Adjudged to be at the forefront of innovation and convenient banking, UBA is one of the first financial services institutions on the continent to deploy Finacle 10x, a new information technology platform that boosts its services and electronic banking channels.

Today, UBA provides banking services to more than 15 million customers globally, through over a thousand touch points and other diverse channels.

Monday, August 6, 2018


Tarmar Awobotu is probably Nigeria's oldest international model, who is still strutting her stuff magnificently on the world stage giving those much younger than she is a run for their money!

Truth even being told, there are not many of the younger models right now even at their top height or at the top of their game, that can stand next to or shoulder to shoulder with this fierce and uncompromising lioness (amazon) of the catwalk.

Since she came into our consciousness and on the scene more than a decade ago in fact close to 17 years ago, the now 33 years old has been relentless and instead of her to be showing the signs of waning after all this years, she instead has been reinventing herself looking better and better as the years goes by, even ageless if we can use that expression. The beauty of it all is that all of those her contemporaries and colleagues that reigned then, are nowhere to be found now, but like a constant star she has been and still is in our face and strutting her stuff majestically at that.

Signed to Ice Model SA, where she has been living for more than a decade now. She won Miss Tourism Ogun in 2004, that's 14 years ago and in 2012, March 17, 2012 to be more precise she emerged from amongst 45 shortlisted contestants from around the world that participated, to win Top Model of the World competition, which held in the UK.

Already preparing long ahead for when she would some day retire from the catwalk fully, she owns her own Event management brand.

At just 33 and still single, she's still just about to start life.

Happy birthday T!!! 


Lanre Da Silva-Ajayi is undoubtedly one of Nigeria's best designers. In fact she's one of the most internationally recognized Nigerian designer right now and one that's home based at that. Her atelier, is in Lagos, precisely Dolphin Estate in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

She is one of the very few in the cutthroat industry, where you are up there today and gone tomorrow that has helped to place Nigeria, on the world map, while also placing her name high up there when it comes to the fashion industry.

At the age of 27 years old in 2005 after she had returned to Nigeria from her studies in the UK, where she had bagged a 1st degree in Business Administration at the Coventry University and a 2nd degree (Masters) in Finance from the University of Leicester, she founded her award winning ams quite successful eponymous brand better known now simply as LDA.

It has been a roller-coaster of a magic carpet kinda ride ever since. A decade and 3 years in the fashion industry since that humble beginning in 2005. And like an acorn that was well planted in a good soil and one that has been very well nurtured ever since, she has grown in leaps and bounds ever since then, dazzling all comers year after year with her awesome and incomparable creativity and great charm, from Lagos to London to New York to Paris and more, winning converts in droves as they experience her offerings. In fact Lanre's celebrity following, which cuts across the young and not so old, is one of the most impressive of any, with those loyal to her mesmeric amd nearly magical creations not willing to shift base, whatsoever.

So today, Monday, August 6, 2018 is the very married, mother of 2's 40th year on earth. Her beautiful birthday at that and the friends and associates of the successful lioness of a creative maven have been besides themselves with joy, blowing her trumpets unstoppably and banging and thumping their drums in unmitigated celebration of her.

We too, having been swept off our feet by the excitement, are happy to flow in the euphoric air while wishing her the very best of a new lease of life.

Happy birthday Lanre!