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Monday, August 19, 2019


Fiction or non fiction?

They, meaning boyfriend and girlfriend have been at it for quite a long while and they have been able to keep it away from prying eyes for quite a bit. Their love affair has been totally off the radar, basically because the dude, the man is very married.

The lady we are talking about is an award winning person in the creative world, one that's very dexterous with her imagination, with the great ability to conjure and turn those glamorous thoughts to award winning things that people greatly applaud. She's been there for quite a while and was married at a point and with kids to the boot for that matter.

This dude, is a very big boy with great financial strength. Dude to blessings in business he was able to build a good business empire for himself and then luck smiled on him again and now he is a chief executive.

Prior to him becoming the executive, he is known to be a ladies man to the core, the ultimate Chief Zaddy having swam in between many a Bermuda Triangle of many well known ladies such as the likes of EML and so many others......... his top joint was a meeting point and the nest. At a point even his marriage was shaken as his madam of many years was about taking a walk over the many hiccups she has faced over the years, but thank God she didn't after all.

So our person and this not too tall, very creative lady with eyeballs and sensuous thick lips, who speaks with some accent having schooled abroad and having had fantastic education courtesy a well to do pop are very clandestine lovers.

Can you identify them?

Wednesday, August 14, 2019



We are too sure many of you would be wondering about what we mean above. The truth is this. If she doesn't win the reality show after all and has to get back to what she was doing before and she would/could still face the 'misconduct charges' waiting for her after the show, then what has she truly gained then?

It is a known fact that the 29 year old 'exemplary police officer', prior to coming for the show-BBN Pepperdem gang 2019, was working for the MET Police in London, and she was actually a 'poster girl' for the Police in London. So as was expected she had duly asked for permission to take part in the on going reality show from her bosses and the permission she had sought for was refused, but she still left work to come anyway!

So for her to have left anyway and come, it means misconduct or disciplinary charges could be filed against her for absconding from work for several months, while still in service and going against express order. As it is now, she's under investigation for going AWOL. We quote a report below on how the Met view what Khafi has done.

[A Met spokesman said: "A PC, attached to the Met's transformation command, requested permission to take part in a reality television entertainment show in Nigeria. Permission was not given.

"The Met is aware the officer has since appeared on the show without authority.

"The Directorate of Professional Standards has been informed and will be carrying out an investigation into the circumstances.

"The Met does not support the officer's appearance nor does she represent the Met whilst appearing on the show."

The force added that any officer found to have breached police standards of professional behaviour could face misconduct proceedings.]

The 29 year old quite talented Khafi, who is said to be dexterous at :spoken word', is another house mate's love interest in the present house, that's talking about Gedoni; and she has been one of those to have brought loads of attention to the house. She and her lover, with their antics have helped in no small way to keep viewers glued to the show. It is said or speculated that both lovers have had 'carnal knowledge' of each other at least 3 times already in the show, if not more, as seen by some vigorous and 'excitable movements' under the sheets as other housemates were deep in sleep. And some have even speculated that she actually doesn't even mind coming out of the house pregnant! Where they got that from we don't even know?

Now, her employers- the MET seem to frown on how she has chosen to showcase her talent and by extension them to the world.

According to Khafi, she is said to have once gone celibate for about 8 long years, after supposedly finding God and she became a Christian as a teenager. And now after only just a few weeks in the enclosed house, maybe the heat on the house has become totally unbearably suffocating and with maybe handsome guys with well buffed bodies in close proximity,  the one who had kept her legs together with dignity for 8 long years at a stretch before, has already given up the treasured spot not less than 3 times already to her boyfriend of only a few weeks!

So what happens if she doesn't win? What can compensate for her likely losing the Met job? Would the notoriety gotten from participating in the BBN 2019 be enough to lead to another outstanding career in entertainment? 

Sunday, August 11, 2019


So we did a bit more of research to ascertain some fact. Especially so that we could establish certain things about this super stylish lady dazzling all comers with her new found wealth--which could be of stupendous proportion already. And we found out the following below.

She's supposed to be related to a well known, super rich (adopted) aunt in Abuja, who is a filthy rich mother of 2, whose super wealthy husband MA, used to he linked to MW. FA is a well known very creative lady. They are 'supposedly' not related by blood, but they both love to pass it across that they are related.

Imelda is just 32 (thirty two) although some allege 35. And her new found fame and wealth became cemented and the stuff that folklore is celebrated about, only in the last 1 year. That's the period within which she met her man, as she recently celebrated hers and the lover's first year anniversary together not too long ago.

According to a few people we spoken with, all of them agree without knowing we had spoken to the others that, Imelda has hit the biggest ever 'jackpot/paydirt', with this particular over buoyant boyfriend, who could become a fiance soon, all things been equal if not already. This is like one been gifted a diamond mine, solely.

Smart Imelda knowing fully well how Nigerian ladies or ladies in general are, she has kept the identity of her man, this "badass spender" from everyone & has kept him just to herself, maybe that's so because, she doesn't want no one to go jeopardize her ATM! But we can bet our top dollar on it that, the likes of Efe one of Imelda's good friend, would surely know who this ultimate 'Father Xmas' is and we would surely ask him to tell us some day. What this guy knows, hmmmmmmm.......

Until a few years back say till 2013 or thereabout, Imelda was living in South Africa, where she resided for about 7 years, according to the gist then, SA was a bit rough in all ways. But she survived like a gallant soldier. What was she doing there though or what did she do there? Existing!

Before she relocated though, she was said to have been at Unilag for a while too, but no one actually know/knew if she got a degree from there. Maybe she later tried to sort out some form of education in SA too, that part is not too well known or clear too, but the thing that has always worked out for her, that has always worked in her favour is, she has always been lucky as she's always loved by those she comes in contact with. So people always go out of their ways to be nice to her. By that we mean the men.

So after her long sojourn in Mandela's land she relocated back to the country. Staying with one friend or the other for a bit, trying her hand in this and that. Until fortune has now smiled on her magnificently and the rest is like they say now history. She at a time sold hair which is one business that every lady got in to do or wanted to do, but she apparently shut it down after a while. Someone actually said she can't do much of hustling, but she is rather more of a well maintained person.

Forget it now though, as she's now more than loaded in every way you can imagine it. According to those in the know, she is probably in a very good place, if not more than fantastic already, as she is said to have invested very well into properties both on the island and maybe mainland in GRA, Ikeja, this is a long way away from when she used to then reside at Itedo in Lekki area, gone are those days now, stories of her past. What's more current now though is that, she is planning to open either a store or (mini mall soon), but someone says more like an upscale, super luxury lifestyle store.

She is on another level right now by all standards and is said have become the standard by which the happening babes are now being judged by. We have also since found out that, that her spanking new 2019 Jet Black Range Rover SUV, that was said to be about N120m couldn't have been more than N70 to N80million at most, and that's even at the extreme, a more conservative value would have been about N60 plus millions, which is still staggering for just one car owned by a lady whose actual source of livelihood is not known. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019


The dude here is none other than that super wealthy dude, close friend of AD, who does a good job by providing exclusive service for the super wealthy like himself when they want to pack their PJs, that's talking about those 'flying pajamas' at that exclusive part for the filthy rich. By that we mean those who hates to normally commune unnecessarily with the general public commercially, that's if you get our drift (wink wink).

Amongst other things he runs EJ which is the initials of one of his super luxury brands. And he is also the owner of that exclusive place inside the same EJ space too, that's like a 4 star place with a world famous name, you know like the 'legendary' kind on the hilt. He only rolls with the very big boys alone. For he also is stupendously rich too. Old bloke is in his 60s.

This his super stylish damsel is quite well known too. As she's one part of the duo of sisters that a few years back, caused major hoopla as they were said to have been connected to a so called on going scheme then, that scams and fleeces (strategic blackmail) the so called big boys over their sexual indiscretions. It took a one man mopol of a rich dude, to have broken their scheme up and saved the blushes of so many then.

According to the gist at that time, they had so much in pictures and videos of the super well to do that were in bad taste and shouldn't be seen by the general public, that it would have been calamitous then if they weren't dealt with and all their gadgets with all the things on it seized then. We heard there were videos of....... Let's not name names though in their naked glory in uncompromising positions.
The sisters were alleged then to be using their scheme to make badass money. While elder sister is more cool, the younger as is described is able to do all things as long as the dough is right, that's including doing a#%&, that side for passing wastes. According to the unconfirmed gist, if the money is right, it's open sesame. So after they fled the country, they have been having their fun all over the world still. Their exotic lifestyle has not changed at all and it's even like they have even gone higher now.

So Sam and K, were both at that exclusive fundraiser of just a few weeks back in London, which was a collaboration between a financial institution and an exclusive Nigerian club for the very big boys. Sam flew in and his highly 'honored guest' who quietly mingled with the crowd like she was just their on her own was none other than the super stylish KM, the younger sister of JM-the smart sister duo that held away in Nigeria till they were sent packing, never ever to return again. JM the photography loving elder sibling wasn't seen around at the event at all, which is rather strange as they love to do tag team always.

If you didn't know what was going on between Sam and KM, you wouldn't have known that both are a thing and were there to support each other albeit quietly. KM is supposedly a bit on the wild side, as she can either do normal or otherwise. By that we mean either the front, as nature as fashioned it naturally or behind in that other region not actually for it, but now well favored by some. As an aside, the head honcho at the popular financial institution, favours that more unnatural part a whole lot too.

One would have thought that with what the duo were accused to have done which actually turned them to persona non grata, that many would be far more careful and cautious and would do their best to avoid them like the plague. But that doesn't seem like a worry for the likes of SI, who is dating the quite very adventurous KM, who many says would do just about anything you want as long as the price or the gifts are right.

Since SD, the younger sibling of AD discovered these duo and brought them to Nigeria and showed them what life on the highest level is, these exotic ladies have never looked back again oooo. We even believe that maybe they opened the eyes of our Nigerian slaymamas to the goodies that they could get from our big spending boys. 

Dele Momodu, RMD, Abike Dabiri & More Support Juliet Ibrahim at Her “A Toast to Life” Book Launch - PHOTOS

Juliet Ibrahim 

Juliet Ibrahim & Denrele Edun

... With Eniola Badmus

Oge Okoye, Juliet Ibrahim & Ebube Nwagbo

On Sunday, August 4th, Juliet Ibrahim held an event to mark the release of her memoir titled, “A Toast to Life.”

The book is a deeply personal narrative of her triumph over adversity faced at different stages in her life, and her journey to true self-love.

Hosted by Denrele Edun, the event was attended by friends, well-wishers, and industry colleagues including Honorable Abike Dabiri (represented by Mrs Yemisi Ibrahim), Chief Dele Momodu, Elvina Ibru, John Ogu, Kabiru Rabiu, Gloria Ibru, Sujimoto, Praiz, Tewa Onasanya, Oge Okoye, Pretty Mike, Skuki, Eniola Badmus, Adenike Oyetunde, and more.

One of the most notable parts of the event was when excerpts from the book were read by RMD, Charles Otudor, Noble Igwe, and Chigurl. The audience was held captive by the revelations that came to light, which many never knew.

For instance, how she survived three civil wars and how her cousin was killed while her family was trying to escape from rebels; how she survived rape and sexual abuse, the ups and downs of her previous marriage, and much more.

Guests drank the celebrities’ favourite Luc Belaire @officialbelaire

It was truly a memorable event. See photos from the event:

More exciting pictures below

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Denike Balogun 

And so Leo lady par excellence, the first of her kind, a queen and a lioness in every way possible  and manner "Queen Adenike Margaret Balogun" aka "Nikky 'the razzler-dazzler' Bizzle of the Most High God clocked a mature and quite exciting '35' a few days back and to show how happy she was, about adding a delightsome year, the feline of extraordinary kind or should we just say the indomitable cat woman went all out to celebrate the birthday with loads of pomp and pageantry.

From the looks of it, it was quite obvious that she didn't spare any expense to have the ultimate fun and enjoy herself to the hilt. Nikky like she's more popularly called, but Denike to those she's very close to, is a foodie and an avid traveler, so she made sure that all she loved was packed in over abundance in the trip.

Mykonos, Santorini, Paris, St. Tropez, Monte Carlo Monaco, SanRemo etc all very super exotic locations in Europe, where those who know about good fun goes to, to rest and relax and rejuvenate were all the places that she touched down at. And in all of it, she was like a designer's ultimate muse, striking excellent and exciting poses like she's one supermodel on fun rampage in various super exclusive and exotic outfits.

The boss of 'The Tea Room Lagos', 'Diamond Ink Luxury Event' and 'Maggie's Fleurbox' was the ultimate James Bond girl in her beautiful gold outfit at Sanremo on the Italian Riviera where she had her very exclusive birthday dinner with a close knit set of people.

As is seen in the picture, Margaret Adenike Balogun only just clocked 35. With the way it is she's making 35 look like the new 25!

Happy birthday gal.

Loads more exciting pictures after the break

Monday, August 5, 2019


A few weeks back at the height of the raging hoopla that had engulfed him and his church over the rape allegations brought up against him by Busola Dakolo, the photographer wife of award winning soul singer Timi Dakolo, the popular man of (God) who is always well cladded in designer garbs and a senior pastor of COZA, Biodun Fatoyinbo, did what was considered then a 'chivalrous deed', when he said he would step aside albeit temporarily, same way General IBB did then, so that he wouldn't interfere in any way with investigations into the grievous allegations that had been raised against him.

When he did step down temporarily from the pulpit then, many had thought it was the next honorable thing to do, as it would afford the investigators the unfettered opportunity to do their job without any interference and it also showed that the matter at hand was very important to him too, so it was better to sort it out once and for all and get it done with forever and ever.

But alas, only after about 3 Sundays after that decision to step away or aside till after the investigations would have been concluded, the dapper and quite handsome man of (God) has stylisy stepped back in quietly again by manning the pulpit to preach this Sunday that just passed.

It is either of 3 things, whether the allure of preaching/ministering, teaching (to) his teeming church members was just too much, so he decided to throw caution to the wind and just quietly went back to what he knows best to do. Or on the other hand, it just might be that the so called investigations into the whole matter (unpalatable mess) have already ended and the investigators, meaning the police on one side have finished their job and might have subtly declared the allegations to be of no consequence(s), or it might also mean that the church hierarchy be it CAN, PFN and even his own church having done what they have considered their  due diligence have advised him to go back to leading his church as he might not have any case to answer to, hence him going back to preaching on the pulpit publicly.

So yesterday, Sunday August 4, 2019 the pastor in the eye of the storm returned to the pulpit, to a rousing welcome by his church members who fervently believe in their pastor's innocence against all charges or better still allegations. To them what is currently going on, is an attempt/orchestration of the enemy of progress and growth, that enemy being the devil.

The pastor and his fervent followers believes that Satan and some willing instruments are hell bent on bringing him and his ministry down, so it's an on going battle, better still a war- good against evil, light against darkness, child of God against Satan's spawn. So in his ministration or preaching yesterday he alluded to some of the points we have raised in this article above. The title of his message yesterday was - "Sudden Victories"

He spoke to an unprecedented large crowd saying that "Christians would surely face persecution, but that God would always deliver them".

He took his texts from 1 Timothy 6:12; Mark 4:35-37 and 1 Corinthians 10:13, Fatoyinbo stated further that “as a Christian, you must face opposition. If God, who is holy and faithful has enemies, you are sure going to have.”

He noted that the reason most Christians fail was that they address challenging circumstances on the surface, instead of addressing the root of the matter, which is the enemy and putting him in his place.

“In wrestling, any method can be used. When faced with challenging circumstances, pray, fast, decree, confess and prophesy God’s victory over your life.

“Most contrary situations around you are set up by the enemy to cripple your faith and keep you on a spot,” he preached.

He then went on to prophesy that his members would witness victory in the new month of August.

Saturday, August 3, 2019


First Lady vs. Normal Dude 

Wonders shall never end, never ever. As long as we are alive and have the breath of life in us, we would continue to see and observe things that would make us laugh and wonder. This article with the regular dude in his specially made Gucci mask 🎭 is one of such wonders.

So madam 1st lady, Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano dazzled all comers recently with her 1M plus Naira ($2755) Gucci limited edition eye mask with crystals just today, which caused loads of uproar or better still reactions.

Now an ordinary (regular guy) citizen too has shown madam, that cannot be the only one getting all the attention whilst wearing the Gucci mask, as he was seen wearing the exact same Gucci, but his own is a "Made in Nigeria version" of the same mask with delightsome panache and swag.

So we have thought to ask you all, that who wore it best?

Madam or dude?

At least Gucci na Gucci now, either from Italy or ABA!!! 


The public woke up to a viral video showcasing some near naked ladies dancing provocatively in a transparent truck this morning at the toll gate and before anyone could say Jack Robinson or should we say more appropriately Usain Bolt, the said video had gone viral, with many reacting in shock and utter disbelief.

Imagine that some even exclaimed rather angrily that it was one of the signs of the end of time as the Bible was supposed to have proclaimed it. In all, many couldn't believe what they had watched or seen, near naked gals scantily clad dancing around a poll so seductively with a dude egging them on and slapping their bums, that some even were asking the question to ascertain if truly the video was recorded in Nigeria!

We can tell you for free, that the video is part of the making of the video for a new song by Tekno. And we are too sure we all remember who TEKNO Miles whose real name is Augustine Miles Kelechi with badass hits like Pana, Rara etc is. He is the awesome singer, songwriter and producer that's on Ubi Franklin's TrippleMG label. The 26 year old young man has enjoyed so much attention in the last 2 years, with back to back hits.

The director of the outrageously sexy video is a dude by the name TG Omori, whose Instagram handle is boy_director, whose profile reads- ex-pornstar and it was actually shot at the Lagos toll gate truly, which actually left the mouth of those there when it was getting shot agape.

In reaction to the outrageousness of the whole shenanigan, which got the shock attention of the public, which was in actual fact, the actual intention of those making the video, the Lagos State Government through one of her agencies-LASAA reacted by sending out the press release below-

*Press Release*

Indecent Advertising Truck at Lekki Toll gate

The attention of the Lagos State Signage & Advertisement Agency(LASAA), has been drawn to a viral video on social media of a ​ queer display of semi-nude women in an outdoor Mobile advertising truck around the Lekki/Ikoyi toll gate .

While the agency is working on ascertaining the status of the truck with Lagos State plate number.APP713XL, we wish to state, without equivocation that, no outdoor mobile advert truck within the jurisdiction of our dear state is licensed to display such crass immorality of the calibre that the owner(s) of this truck exhibited on our roads over the weekend.

The government of Lagos State, under the leadership of Governor Babajide Sanwoolu, has zero tolerance for any slightest attempt by anyone, under any guise, to debase the moral fabric of our dear state. Nobody can hide under the guise of engaging in outdoor advertising business to display obscenity that is antithetical to our cherished cultural and moral values.

The full weight of the law, as enshrined in the Agency's extant law, will be meted on the company owning this erring outdoor mobile truck. We assure members of the public that the Agency shall henceforth scrutinize activities of mobile trucks to forestall a recurrence of such an avoidable obscenity.


Mobolaji Sanusi


Madam's husband Sir Willie Obiano, is the executive Governor of the richest or wealthiest Ibo state in Nigeria, that's talking about Anambra State. If we are right, it is believed that Anambra has the highest number of multimillionaires, billionaires, wealthy men and women of Ibo extraction.

So to be the chief executive of such a state is not just a little feat, you have to be packed too or you must be well supported by heavyweights. Sir Willie Obiano a former good friend of the former state Governor, Peter Obi adjudged to have been one of the best Governors to have ever ruled that state, is on to his 2nd and final term as a Governor.

In his first term as the State Chief  Executive, the former Executive director at Fidelity Bank, a bank that Peter Obi is acclaimed to have been one of the owners (the truth about that we do not know for sure), was adjudged to have done a pretty good job in governance & the delivery of the dividend of democracy to the delight of his people, that was before erstwhile friends Obiano & Obi, mentor and mentee fell apart not to reconcile again till now.

It seems like this 2nd term has just been, just that, just moving with the tide having the fun that Governing a state makes happen. Nothing extraordinary unlike in the first term have been heard, except that madam first lady of Anambra, Mrs. E V Obiano is a fashionista worth her salt.

Madam was seen recently wearing what the designer brand-Gucci called a eye mask, that's how they described this gasp inducing eye wear. Normally you had seen such a spectacle more on a much younger person, maybe someone more in the entertainment industry seeking for attention. With the position of First Lady of a whole state, would madam be in need of attention again? Especially as we have told you the kind of state her husband is in charge of! But truth be told ooooo, Madam Ebele V. Obiano according to the gist is actually the de facto Governor of Anambra state, while her husband the actual is supposedly the Chief of Staff. According to the gist, the woman who used to be so quick at landing slaps on the face of any who tries nonsense in the state, even made her former maid in Lagos, the Commissioner for Women Affairs.

So with this madam's dazzling fashion display, maybe she is exploiting or better still, exploring her youthfulness, like maybe some of those things she never did when she was in her teens or younger age, now with a good opportunity given, why not do it all? And who says she shouldn't wear such an eye wear, if she has the confidence to carry it? Anyway, any how one can bring attention to Anambra State is a good way, so we think.

At the end of the day, the Gucci Limited Edition EyeMask is just a mere 1plus million Naira at $2755 to N365, a chicken 🐔 feed to Madam First Lady. Why would anyone dare to want to see the eye of a goddess?


Friday, August 2, 2019


Can anything unexpected or more shocking or mouth or jaw opening ever come out again from multi-talented, serial entrepreneur Toyin Lawani? Seems like nothing ever! The only other thing she can do now after going completely starker for all to see on the 'world wide web' would be for her to make love openly without any regard on the internet. And even at that, could that one also be a no go area for this lady?

We aren't too sure again.

It is obvious from this her latest action/photo-shoot that the multi-talented lady who is the mother of 2, would do whatever it takes to get across to her teeming fans, audiences and followers-officially about 600000 plus on Instagram, but reputed in general to be far more than the number displayed.

In this her very latest most outrageous and most mouth opening ever post so far, the award winning designer cum stylist (she has a long list of who-is-who that she styles) cum spa owner (she's a certified spa operator) cum beauty-preneur (she manufactures her own range of beauty and body products) cum eatery owner (Amala joint & more) etc, didn't think twice to go completely nude naked (no bra, no panties, nothing covering her vitals except that the 'hairless bermuda triangle' and her twin assets with the (nipples) were slightly brushed out, to advertise her new beauty product tagged Egyptian milk.

And just to show all and sundry that she puts her money where her mouth is, as she's probably the best advert for her own products, she decided to remove all semblance of clothes, including underwear to show the excellence of her products. If her body is a true testament to those products, then we can tell you easily that these new products would most probably sell out in a moment. 

And in anticipation of any form of backlash that could emanate for doing the shocking move or doing the super risqué shoot, she's told naysayers in very strongly worded response to go jump off the 3rd mainland bridge into the lagoon for all she cares.

The 30 something year old mother of 2 (an adorably very smart & highly intelligent teenage daughter and a star in the making son), is probably going to win the award of the "most daring, most shock proof celebrity" ever till date, as she is probably the only celeb or star to have deliberately by her own self, used her own very naked pictures that wasn't leaked by others, on the internet.

Toyin seem to have become the 'chief advocate' and 'chief/ultimate' advertiser of flaunt it if you have it association (FIIYHIA). Even Toke Makinwa would think thrice before she would go this route. Or would she?

And with this shoot especially the one where she was on all 4s, showing how her body after 2kids seem to have defied gravity, no saggyness or drooppiness of any kind, especially those 2 kilimanjaros on her chest, that are still standing 'kpam-kpam' like they have never been touched nor sucked!!!

Yah or Nah?

Still on the bodacious shoot, she also collaborated with the only lady in the world, whose waist as continued to raise questions as it defies understanding and description that's talking about Gambian star or celeb Princess Shyngle, 2 badass shapely ladies in near nakedness showing off their assets to the world.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019


Not too long ago we wrote about Emelda/Imelda and we addressed her then as the new "queen of style" that was dazzling all comers and teaching them the new way to enjoy and have fun at the very highest level. To this lady who is said to be a good friend and follower of TM in fact, she is said to see TM as an icon. For her luxury and the highest kind of it, is something she doesn't compromise about at all. Her bags, shoes and clothes are from the best of the best, we remember then in the last article telling you about how her boyfriend, dazzled her on a shopping spree in America to the tune of.......... .

Now again this exciting and very fashionable young lady, who had gotten a renowned Stylist then, to help rearrange her intimidating walk-in wardrobe, has upped the ante all over again to the stratosphere and raised the bar to another level entirely, that would or could make all those who look up to her and follow her to want to rise far higher than where they are now. These followers might just have to go desperate to try to meet up though.

Just yesterday, and by that we mean Monday, July 29, 2019 our young new super exciting madam took delivery of her brand spanking new, 2019 All black, super intimidating Range Rover said to be valued at about a whopping N120million Naira only. In USD, that amounts to about [$330,000 plus!] That kind of play play money in this Era (Buhari's time), where even the rich or super wealthy are seemingly complaining about the paucity of funds, where things are not just rolling in just like that again, like it was in the rollicking period of Goodluck Jonathan, it seems some have come to understand how to open an endless vault and just let the money rain pour down endlessly. And on the receiving end is this young lady. Ain't she just lucky???

Which brings us to the million dollar question, who is this new clandestine angel of money, that is loving Imelda aka scatter like this? This dude seems to be so liquid that, he is so willing to buy her just about anything that exists, that money could afford?

How long ago was it, that the new under the radar billionaire gifted her the humongous edifice somewhere on the mainland, GRA, Ikeja to be more precise.

We can recall how we told you all, how we told you of that impressive Miami trip a while back, where Usman, said to be in the oil and gas sector, dazzled his love by spending a whopping $100000, one hundred thousand dollars on a spending spree buying this and that for her then. According to those in the know, that 100k dolls, was just a mere chicken feed. Now from a multimillion Naira valued house to a N120m car? That no be play then oooooo. There just has to be something so extraordinary about Ime.... Dear!

Salute to the new queen of Lifestyle! 

Monday, July 29, 2019


Have you by any chance tried to call the MTN network from a Glo line of late? While some are lucky to get through at the first attempt, others try up to five or six times or more before getting through! And for us, that's a big shame! We had thought that maybe it might just be us alone experiencing such an issue and so we asked few friends, in fact we had put the issue to the general public on Facebook, which is one of the best ways to quickly feel the pulse of the general populace over an issue.

And then the answers we got showed that it was in fact a  highly irritating and annoying issue, that had affected many who use Glo lines and who had tried time and time again to place calls to those using MTN lines. The annoying rhetoric sometimes was "unfortunately the call cannot be connected at this time. We regret the inconvenience. Please contact your provider"

And so we began to wonder at what was going on? Could this in fact be a case of deliberate sabotage' on the part of MTN? And if that be the case to what purpose is this sabotage? What could they hope or are they hoping to gain from such a despicable practice?

Who could be so desperate to want to sabotage the effort of the only Nigerian, wholly owned Telco brand Glo? Thank God for Glo in Nigeria, we knew how totally expensive it was to make calls and do data before, but the minute the Nigerian brand came on board and allowed the best international practice to prevail in the sector, making the customer king, by offering "per second billing" as a norm, which the other Telco brands had tried to pass off as something impossible. That really opened up the market and showed to the world, those who truly cared about the hearts of the Nigerian people. It wasn't just going to be business and profit making alone. It now became the battle to serve Nigerians with the best of services they needed and wanted.

With the kind of infrastructure that Glo has invested in the country so as  to make sure that Nigerians can get the best of the type of services they get anywhere else in the world, it would be a shame if another brand in that same sector would try to sabotage their efforts or would be allowed to do so at all. 

What's the issue at hand, if we may even ask? Or has this become the extension of the persistent 'XENOPHOBIC attacks' against Nigerians in South Africa to the business sector?

Why are they doing it to the same Glo that helped to bring the price of voice calls  down and helped to drastically reduce the cost of data, thereby giving Nigerians the opportunity  to enjoy low tariffs on voice calls and data? Can outsiders love us Nigerians as much as we love ourselves? That's the question we need to ask ourselves and quickly too at that. MTN must be called to order immediately to stop this unnecessary attack, as Nigerians would not take it lightly again with them.

You cannot be shortchanging a country that has been so nice to you. If not for this same Nigerian market that you are treating anyhow, it could have been impossible to declare the kind of humongous and extraordinary profit of the last several years that you have declared consistently. So what we are only asking you for, is to allow a level playing ground and also give us fantastic services commensurate to the love we have shown to you. And also please, and we say it again, please leave our national brand-Glo alone for us !


Is she or is she not a mermaid in disguise? Or gorgeous and unbelievably beautiful can a young lady be. With a skin that's like pure butter or is it milk? That's just well molded and so delicate. And then to add to it all, those big, piercing and delightfully beautiful or gorgeous eyeballs that can turn a eunuch or saint wild with rampart desires!!!

One of the reasons again one would ask if she's a mermaid or an angel in disguise is also because she favors far above any other color, the color of purity, which is WHITE! Just imagine that skin tone in white??? We have always believed that, white is probably the no one or best color in the world, but one that needs the highest maintenance by all standards. So the one that must favor it and wear it often, must first and foremost be mad neat and must also have plenty of it. It's not the color for too much repetition.

Olaitan Olubi aka Liiighton is obviously super neat, even with her outstanding and in your face make up. Check her several pictures and see and salute.

Those eye lashes like venus flytraps are always stand out. Need we say much about what she does? Especially when we only just featured her not too long ago. But for those who might not know or are just coming across her for the first time, she is the brain behind the fashion brand, "Magnetic Elegance" and in just a short period of existence, she's made a mark in her vocation. With a good clientele list of the who-is-who.

With Laitan anything she wears must be a 'statement piece', from the wristwatch, to the bag(s), to the shoes and more. All of these pieces don't come cheap at all!!! We are talking about bags of from $5000 upwards, watches of from $10000 upwards.

So we welcome you again to the world of Olaitan Olubi aka Liiighton


Not many can do florescent colors & get away unscathed!

The body of a nymph or is it a 🧜‍♀️ mermaid? 

Denike Balogun aka Nikky Bizzle has the body and she knows it and she knows what to also adorn to pop and make all onlookers go gaga!!! She is a fashionista worth her salt, in every sense of the word!

At any time, whether at play (casuals) or more serious, you can never ever find her wanting, never at all. Even her swimwear game is mad exciting as she puts those exceptionally voluptuous twin mounds to display and showoff that bodacious shape that gets both guys and dames salivating to full effect.

She's a shoes & bags freak/ collector, just like she seem to always be buying the latest stunning garbs mixed with the classics.

Like they say, if you work hard to make the money, then you are very much allowed to indulge in some self pampering therapy too, at least na your money nowwwww. Any that doesn't like it, should hold........ One thing she is also known to do is her love for traveling and going to exotic places around the world and she always always travels in style, flight and accommodation, as it's viable for all to see.

Maybe the need to frequently jet out, also might be due to the need to be constantly and consistently inspired. The beauty around the world can be a source of awesome inspiration for some. She owns and runs an event design, management company, 'Diamond Ink Luxury Events', she is a certified events specialist and she also own a subsidiary or should we say another company in the 'growing lifestyle conglomerate' that's an authority in flower arrangements-Maggie's Fleur Box-she's is a an internationally trained and certified florist, then also, she owns a luxury lifestyle melting point, where the happening crowd frequents a whole lot, that's talking about the ever evolving The 'TEA ROOM' Lagos, which is somewhat getting loads of copycat now.

In her pictures in this article, you would notice her in all shades of green apart from the stunning one where she is in her sexy bikini, as she seems to favour the stunning color-Green a lot and seems to have it on total lockdown!

Checkout the delightsome and bodacious Adenike Balogun @denike.balogun one of our 2 badass Monday Morning Crushes!

Just our little way of 'livening' up your Monday and kickstarting your new week.