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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

THE TRUE HAPPENINGS The Untold Story of Sholaye’s Past Relationship

In recent social media times where the truth is often distorted, there comes a time when it is necessary for the truth to be told plainly with strong facts and recorded happenings.

In the frenzy of Sholaye and his involvements, an innocent woman’s name has been brought up occasionally and today we state the facts of what happened between Sholaye and Serial Entrepreneur Alali Hart.

Yes, it is true that the two dated openly for three years and they were actually engaged! However, marriage was not in the horizon for Alali Hart due to some very serious reasons.

Here are the facts:

Alali Hart broke up with Sholaye on Christmas Day in 2015 due to his abusive and aggressive behavior which had continued to spiral out of control in the three years that they were together.
Episode after Episode, Sholaye would apologize, profess his love and still continue this irrational behavior. In 2015, Alali Hart had had enough as it became clear to her that Sholaye’s behavior was getting more and more aggressive and violent and he had refused to seek the necessary help to correct his behaviors.  She walked out of the toxic and abusive relationship to rebuild her personal life and to continue to focus on her ever-thriving business.

During Alali’s mother’s burial, Sholaye’s name had appeared as an “in-law” in the burial program. However, that was not created by Alali. It was put together by an overzealous family member trying to make peace between the couple.

Alali’s relationship with Sholaye ended three years ago and she has nothing to do with him and has completely moved on. If you know Alali well, then you understand that she is a very busy woman creating businesses in the beauty industry in Nigeria.

When we tried to reach her for any further comments on our findings, she simply said, “I have nothing negative to say about anyone, I wish everyone the best.

Things work its way out in the end.”

Monday, October 15, 2018


Bishop Dr David Oyedepo

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Bishop David OYEDEPO, Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo & Uche Secondus

The leader and founder of Living Faith Ministries aka Winners Chapel has thought to respond thus in the aftermath of his recent visit to Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo's house in company of the Presidential candidate of the PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, GCON with others just last week.

The visit had generated much hoopla, with many wondering why someone who should normally be a father of all, was seemingly siding (taking sides) with one. But the super wealthy, highly revered and respected man of God at his church on Sunday had thought to respond so as to disabuse the people's minds as per the premise of his visit.

Firstly he came out vehemently to say that, his visit was more as a mediator. And also that he has never belonged to any political party and would never ever join any. He also he said categorically without mincing a word that, he has never received a dime, a kobo before from any politician or party.

Hear the man of God, who once said it was an insult for any to have rated that he was worth a mere $150 million dollars--

“Never be left in any doubt, I have never belonged to any political party and I will never belong to any. There is no political party where members of Winners are not. Our goal is to secure the future of Nigeria,” he said.

“I am called a peacemaker and I have done that at all levels in this country. I am anointed to be a mediator because the price of peace is cheaper than the cost of war. That is my involvement. I was invited and I don’t go anywhere I’m not called.”

His outspokeness and seeming support for others is said to have stemmed from the fact that he believes President Muhammadu Buhari, handled the killings of some Nigerians with silliness. To him the recent killings in Plateau State was "an assault on moral standing of the nation".

The he went on further to state that--

“The spirit of faith is a daring spirit. You can see what is happening in this country today, it takes men and women of the spirit of faith to stop the devil. Wickedness won’t give up without vengeance; you can’t be killing people and pretend that you don’t know. Nobody is qualified to lead by morality without a feeling for people’s lives,”

“The day of killer agents has come to an end; anybody who has pity on killers is a killer. God is angry with the wicked every day. The recent holocaust in Plateau state is an assault on the moral standing of a nation.

“If you must kill to rule, you won’t rule. Anybody who must kill to access power, God will deal with them, either local or state government.

“Don’t mind any devil; I have never taken a dime from any candidate in my life. We have never given bribe to anybody in this ministry. I have been very close to the corridors of power, but I have never collected a dime from any of them.

“Anybody who partners with killers, whatever happen to killers will happen to them. There will be no war in Nigeria, but those who want it will go for it.”


The highly revered Oonirisa, Adimula of Ife, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, Ojaja II apparently gave this very eye-opening, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring interview to the Yoruba arm of the BBC very recently.

As a custodian of tradition and one who should have insight to many deep things, he showed a glimpse of his vast knowledge, wisdom and understanding in this rather short part of what we believe is a much longer, very insightful interview. The interview itself was conducted in Yoruba, but we have interpreted and transcribed it in English.

Here the 'Kabiyesi' (one that cannot be questioned).

"It is in the tradition of the Yoruba race that religion came out from. The Moslem (Muslim) religion came out from us, the Christian religion also came from it too.

Ogun-Osoosii, started the house of worship; that's talking about the house of worship as we call it today.

"Ogun-Osoosii" is the Head/the overseer of Ogun-Osoosii in the house of worship at "Osoosi". This is what later became 'catechism', that became 'Catholic' now.

Where the whole world go to in "Mecca", where they go to pray and worship is called house of prayer (Ile adura), House of prayer is house of Oodua.

It's Oodua that's also called Adura (prayer). Oodua owns it. One of those that works (worked) for him is called prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and all other prophet's, until Prophet Mohammed (SAW) now came there.

Oodua owned the place, that's the house of worship. He was the 1st to climb the Mount of Arafat. He had climbed the mount to go pray to the God (olodumare). That's why till tomorrow the Moslem still keeps the tradition of climbing the Arafat.

The Christians or those of the Christian religion too climbs the mountain too.

It is the ancient tradition of the Yoruba race that began it all, we birthed (gave birth to) religion (worship), but a lot of people don't have that understanding/knowledge, they have forgotten this, neglected it, pushed it aside.

Olodumare (the one that brings/binds together and rewards accordingly), meaning God Almighty, would allow us to come to the understanding and knowledge".

Ugo Egbujo writes That resume is full of fluff. A good dog is a dog. There is no need to name it Tiger.

Peter Obi

Peter Obi read philosophy . He was an average student. He established an "importer & exporter" business- NEXT Ltd. And made money importing foods and beverages. His shops were in the market.

We need to have the correct picture.

With a pocket full of money he flew into Anambra politics. He ran on the back of Ojukwu. And won Anambra governorship. He performed better than many other governors. He is eminently qualified to be president. That is the kernel .

Every other thing is fluff

"He is not an intellectual. I have never read anything written by him. He is not a financial expert. He is not a banker. He is not an economist". 

But he is a successful businessman and was a good governor. There was simply no need to concoct a superfluous resume. He is good enough.

But why the fluff?

"He can't claim to have graduated from Cambridge and Oxford and Harvard . And there was no need to include 3 day certificate courses taken in those universities in a serious CV". 

Obi is good. He doesnt need to be dressed in borrowed robes and false lashes. It's unlikely he authored that resume. But since Gbenga Daniel peddled it, we must presume Obi approved it.

It was filled with chaff.

"All you need to be on the boards of all the banks in Nigeria is money. All those non executive director positions mean nothing. A rich imbecile can be the chairman of a bank. He won't learn anything thereafter 10 years". 

Obi is not lightweight. But that resume portrays a man who lacks sophistication. Or who wants to beguile an impressionable public.

"We know he is humble. But humble people don't pad resumes. Obi shouldn't be seen competing with Dino Melaye who claims eight degrees from all the prestigious universities in the world".

I would have let it pass. Because Obi is a good man. "But I have seen many people read that CV and leave their mouths agape. I had to help them make sense of the new wonder boy's resume" .

Sunday, October 14, 2018


First of, let's tell you all categorically that Dakore Egbuson-Akande is beautiful inside and outside. And we say that with all sense of responsibility. We are not mincing words either too. And she's also a consummate professional to the core too.

On this occasion of her big 4-0, being born on October 14, 1978 we would have loved to wax exceptionally lyrical by spewing out much epistles, but we have found out that the truth doesn't need colouration at all and doesn't have to be so long and so much. Punchlines, can equally easily do the job and carry the intended weight of delivery too.

Facially and body-wise, this wife and mother, sister and aunty, child of, cousin to, niece of, friend to is as beautiful as they come, in fact what greatly adds to her own beauty is her good, gracious and very caring heart. She is a human-being in the proper sense of it, humane to the core. We have known her now for more than a decade. And we believe that length of time is enough to know someone very well to a certain deep extent and to be able to at least testify of their character. Character like it is said is like smoke, you can't hide it. Dakore is a good person!

She is also a dynamite of a talent. Many might not know that apart from acting, she was first and foremost a singer and she's equally very good at it too, just like she's is awesome as a role interpreter. So we can tag her very well without the fear of contradiction, as a thespian per excellence. It was through her that we met her hunk of a husband and we are always delighted to see both of them together at occasions as they fit so perfectly.  Dude himself is also a good, pleasant person. When nature sees how you are, we believe it allows the right things and people to come your way. This 2 are more like one person in 2.

On this your 40th birthday, the 40th year of your existence, that 40th major step in your journey on this realm, we wish you more happiness, peace on all sides, outpouring of immeasurable love. May this birthday be the beginning of the rest of your life. May your glow forever and that glow and love continually embrace and envelope all around you and all that you encounter. May you leave indelible prints upon the sands of time. Long may you live.

Happy 40th birthday. 



It's the type of story that you can only hear about on that popular radio or is it also on local TV titled Nkan'be meaning -Strange Happenings or Strange occurrences. So this story is actually stranger than fiction!!!! But it is actually true!!!

The types of things people would do, the length that some people would go. How far down some people are willing walk, all just in order to have wealth (riches), influence and power, just so they would be celebrated or be popular or for recognition at all cost for a period of time, is totally unbelievable!!! For many nothing whatsoever and we mean absolutely nothing, is off limit. And like the Yorubas would say "Whatever it would take, is what we would give it", even if they have to go to the  very extreme, engaging in the dark arts, going into extreme diabolism. Mennnn!!!!!

This our dude is not a small boy by any means. He is very well known, especially all over the country for that matter, reason been that he is very loud. He likes to believe he is very smart, but some things or decisions he had taken sometime back made him a laughing stock, just for the fun of it though.

He likes to believe he is a leader of his people. Some have greatly complained that his time in charge has not really benefited the people he is supposed to lead. Please don't look at the SW at all in your thought about unraveling this mystery, but it's not like, that such things don't happen there too though.

This particular dude is a 'megalomaniac par excellence', one that is suffering from an overdose of Napoleonic tendencies! To him he is a gift of nature to his people and they must by force recognize it. He even believes that he has a right to the actual throne itself and to that he can never ever get to. So what's the problem with him?

More after the break.


This is the 2018 edition and the  6th installment in the series of the annual outstanding event called the Lagos Fashion. It us tagged the biggest ready to wear exhibition in Nigeria. One of the brand's strongest selling point is its amalgamation of Fashion and Beauty (here we refer to Cosmetics et al). Some of the biggest brands in the cosmetics world and market in the country would be showcasing their wares and services!!!! It is therefore an event that's all-encompassing.

And the prestigious Eko Hotel, Victoria Island has always been the venue. It has grown massively from when it began a few years ago, with more and more designers, those in the ready to wear world and exhibitors participating yearly. This year's event which would be over 3 days, starting from Wednesday October 17 till 19, 2018 is planned to be epic, by all standards.

From the feelers we have gotten, it would be a super exciting and unmissable 3 days of excellent activities. Starting with the star-studded masterclass series, that  would be powered/facilitated by the indefatigable and supremely gorgeous Toyin Lawani, the multifaceted MD/CEO of Tiannah's Place Empire. Toyin is one pretty hardworking lady who owns over 30 plus brands all intertwined and all doing very well. She's a designer, who is a top Stylist, who owns a spa, where nails and hair are done. She also owns her own make-up studio amongst several other businesses she owns. She is an undoubted authority on how to make things work, despite everything staked against making such to happen.

Other personalities that would also be a major part of the 2 days Masterclass are the CEO of Loatsad Media, the persistently hardworking Seyi Tinubu, who is an expert on new media, also set to be there would be top female entertainer and probably the biggest female music act in Nigeria presently, that's talking about the one and only Tiwa Savage, also set to participate would be Sound Sultan, who is probably one of Nigeria's most intelligent act bar none. Also set to attend is one of Africa’s most impressive designers of note from Nigeria, that's talking about Lanre Da Silva Ajayi. Not left out is the CEO/MD of Sayaveth Interiors and Sayaveth Hotels, Ehizogie Ogbebor-Bramor, who has made a mark for herself in the lifestyle business. Also set to attend is one of the biggest event managers in Nigeria, the owner and MD/CEO of Zapphaire Events, that's talking about Funke Bucknor-Obruthe. Others coming too are, top celebrity and CEO of her own lifestyle brand, the very famous and super stylish Caroline Danjuma, life coach extraordinaire and mother of top celebrity - Funke Kuti, in the person of Mrs. Laila St. Matthew Daniel, who is a famous life coach. There's also a young, well to do entrepreneur, who is involved in so many successful enterprises and that's MzWaneka, also set to attend is Plus Size exponent extraordinaire, the fearless Latasha Ngwube. Others are online sensation and younger sister of Linda Ikeji in the person of Laura Ikeji, MD of Hair by Ugo, then also a very creative photographer Happiness Benson, there's also the famous motivational speaker Abisoye Olukoya aka Oyemykke and then last but not the least, the MD of Flawless Faces by Jane.

The star-studded role call was specially put together so as to inspire would be entrepreneurs from all areas and others already engaged in business on how to get their businesses, whatever it is that they do, on the right path to outstanding success.

It is not just about the masterclasses though, the entertainment also would be epic by all standards, over the 3 days,. One of those slated to perform is none other than rising comedian and entertainer, Kenny Blaq and he is just one out of the several planned to entertain too. That role call too is quite impressive too. There would also be 3-days of awesome fashion showcases on the Catwalk by new and old fashion houses from across Nigeria.

While all these events are on going, exhibitors would also be showcasing their wares and services in their stalls for all to see and experience. It is expected and estimated that not less than 5000 to 10000 visitors over the 3 days would visit, to view and buy. So it's a great and good place for good interactions between the buyers and the sellers. And It just doesn't end there!!!! There's the opportunity also to win at least N500,000 (Five hundred Thousand Naira Cash) at the Nail Art Competition. Also at least one of the participants in the Masterclasses, would have the opportunity to cart home 5 million Naira worth of good scholarship for training at the TiannahStyling Academy.

All in all, the Lagos Fashion 2018 would beneficial every one, buyers, sellers, visitors, exhibitors, designers etc immensely.

So come one, come all. 

Saturday, October 13, 2018


The beginning of the Police and EFCC is most obviously the beginning of wisdom now for all them boys who used to engage very much in "laulau" like they call it all of a few months ago.

It's like the minute the Police and EFCC went on rampage and started going to the clubs, lounges and joints to go arrest all of these young, highly impressionable loud spenders (by the way that's what is referred to as laulau), whose way of life, was to hit the dough (money) and then begin to show it off without a care, driving some of the biggest and latest machines in town, wearing and garbing in some of the best brands that money could afford, going to clubs with some of the most gorgeous and sexily garbed damsels that any can imagine or even lay their eyes on, spending money like drunk sailors, in such ways and manner like money was just about going out of fashion, so it should be spent like a waterfall.

All of the lavish, an extraordinarily vulgar open display of wealth seems to have subsided for a bit now, since the Police and EFCC focused attention on the more popular ones. Now it's more like they all have gone totally under the radar. We can even tell you first hand right now that the night club owners et al are all complaining of low patronage, those silly spending where boys would be competing with each other to see who can spend the most per night at a joint, which the club owners loved seems to have stopped. Imagine a bill of between 9 and 11 million by just one person on just a (1) night of revelry alone!!! So just imagine that on a good night of fun, a club/joint/lounge  could clock between 50 to 100 million Naira at the height of the debauchery and ostentatious display of wealth!!!

What that just says is that in just a weekend alone, a club might make between 50 to 150 million from these uncontrollable revellers and if you do a plus and minus in just a month, that's like carting home between 100 to 500 million a month. So the club owners were just smiling home to the banks anyhow, while the father xmases were trying to outdo each other, the joint owners were just praying that it should never end. But the minute the scrutiny began, everything nosedived drastically and they are now complaining bitterly in fact cursing the Police and EFCC men.

So where Abolo and Co? Have they all relocated to Ghana etc like it's been speculated? 


The 2 friends at Dapo Abiodun's 56 birthday 2 years prior. 

Dapo Abiodun 

The shortfall of the humiliation that his boy didn't come out tops as really affected Senator IBIKUNLE AMOSUN the outgoing Governor of Ogun State and because of it, some have claimed he has already dumped his party the APC for another, said to be the Accord Party.

If he were to do that then, it would mean he doesn't even mind the fact that his avowed friendship with the President would be shaken/disturbed!!!! And that would amount to him throwing all he had worked for and built all of these years to the dogs without a care in the world.

His vehement opposition to his erstwhile friend-Dapo Abiodun's Governorship ambition is totally unsettling though, making some to even doubt there was ever a genuine friendship at all in the 1st instance. For how can your so called bosom friend want something and needs your support and you are totally and unrepentantly without a care at that against it!!! But according to a school of thought, Senator Ibikunle Amosun's opposition to Dapo Abiodun's ambition might have stemmed from the fact that he like most people, like most of us also, wouldn't want to hand over to someone, that is perceived to be wiser than you and that wouldn't ever ever be your puppet or stooge, one that you can't easily control from the apron string. That kind of person that you would push to the position of power and relevance and that must forever be at your beck and call forever. One other supposed reason for the Governor's opposition also might be because he sees Dapo Abiodun as a paperweight electorally; how can someone who couldn't win a an election to be a Senator of a few Constitutencies, now wants to prosecute a Gubernatorial ambition which is even on a far bigger scale?

More after the break.

Friday, October 12, 2018


Dr. Emmanuel Ibe KACHIKWU. 

It had gone viral all of yesterday that the Honourable Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu had been economical with the truth about the grade of one of his results/certificates, specifically the one that he graduated from the UNN with First Class honours degree in Law.

Many had thought that why would he have claimed to have gotten a First Class when he in actual fact had gotten a Second Class Upper honours, though he was the best graduand in his class. The brilliant oil and gas expert whose resume is as staggering as they come as thought to respond very matter of factly to the allegations.

Hear him--

My attention has been drawn to a publication on an online medium Premium Times with a title “FACT-CHECK: Document shows Kachikwu lied about graduating with First Class in Law”. In the publication the writer alleged that I, Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu misrepresented information about obtaining a First Class Degree from the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka, citing a presentation done at Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) Abuja.
I would like to categorically state the following facts;

1. That my official CV and resume is in the public domain and has been submitted to various levels of Government and Parastatals. Also the document clearly states that Dr. Kachikwu obtained a “Second Class Honours (Upper Division) degree” from the Faculty of Law in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka where I graduated as best student in 1978. In addition, no First Class Honours were awarded by UNN that year. However, I was on the list for best graduands with Second Class Upper Honours for that year. At no time have I misled the Nigerian public or my colleagues in believing otherwise.

2. On the presentation I made at the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) cited by Premium Times, the substance of the assertions was to the effect that I had a first class performance in school and was emphasizing on the need for hard work amongst youths to get them to the top of their game.

3. To give credence to the statements made during that presentation, I was the best graduating student in the Nigerian Law School in the year 1979 (the first in class) with multiple prizes (winning 5 out of all 7 prizes given). In 1979, the Nigerian Law School had not begun a process of classifying its certificates. That begun many years later. However best graduands have subsequently now been classified in the First Class category by the Law School.
My results in Harvard University, which is captured in my CV correctly states that I was a Distinction graduate for the Master’s degree programme (First in Class) at Harvard University and I went on to obtain my SJD in a record time of one and a half years.

4. I have worked at the highest level of the Oil and Gas industry globally for over 3 decades and indeed lectured at respectable global institutions like University of Ife, Nigerian Law School and Harvard Law School.

5. Since my appointment three years ago, first as Group Managing Director (GMD) of NNPC Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, then as GMD/ Honourable Minister of State, and now as Honourable Minister of State, Petroleum Resources, championed the change agenda in the Petroleum sector and changed the narrative on performance in the sector.

Finally, I have also taken the liberty to attach my CV that shows all my awards and accomplishments for the sake of posterity.

It can be found on the link below:

Thank you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Thursday, October 11, 2018

She is a living corpse” — Herbalist says as he rejects ‘runs girl’ brought for rituals, says she has already been used

STRANGER THAN FICTION SERIES. How true is what you are about to read? There are things that we read and we are just too shocked to accept that they are true. But mind you, as shocking and as unbelievable as they sound, many are actually true life experiences. As per this particular story, we have copied and pasted here as was written by the author.

Please read the below.

According to a Nigerian lady identified on Twitter with her handle, @iam_zamahni, her neighbour’s daughter was lured to Abuja by a new client. After spending days with the client at a hotel, the lady found herself at a ritualist shrine. She was meant to be used as sacrifice but was rejected as the herbalist said she is a living corpse who has already been used for rituals.

She wrote,

My neighbour's daughter that was kidnapped on the 28th of Sept just returned home this morning crying. She was kidnapped to be used for Rituals but the Native Doctor said a superior power from ijebu already used her soul for Rituals and she can’t be used again, cos she’s USELESS

According to her; she travelled to Abuja to meet a friend she has known for some time. On getting there the man was richer than she expected but she suspected something was wrong cos he can’t be so rich from selling only perfume oils.

They spent the night together and she was only getting credit alerts but he didn’t want to have sex with her cos he was saving her for Rituals. The 3rd day came he told her he will be travelling that she can stay in the hotel till anytime she wants to travel home.

According to her; that night by 2 am someone came to wake her up, she said she can’t remember who, but she followed the person, only to see herself in a shrine and the only person she could recognise was her friend. (The guy she went to see in Abuja) and there were other girls too

So she was furious, trying to ask the people how she got there but nobody was answering her. She said she watch them doing their enchantment and she also saw other girls were coming in, ( probably runs Girls) and they were all together, the ones they took out never came back

Then someone came to where they were and asked her to follow him she followed him again, on getting to the shrine they told her so sit inside a calabash, she did but nothing happened. Then the Native Doctor tied a leaf around her neck and Screamed!!! Saying they brought a corpse.

He then called her friend (the guy she went to see in Abuja) in anger the Native Doctor slapped him and asked him if he’s not serious with performing the rituals and that he has 48hrs to provide someone or he’ll run mad. That she (my neighbour’s daughter) has been used previously

She has been used previously and that she’s not worth anything, and anyone who comes in contact with her sexually also carries the same curse, and that’s how it’ll be till eternity. He then called some people to throw her away. They came and carried her away. According to her

They dropped her in the middle of the road, with the intention that a trailer or truck will drive by and crush her to death. But luckily for her, the driver saw her in the middle of the road naked and stopped. He took off his shirt and covered her, moved her from the road and drove off

According to her she was just by the road seeing people passing by but she couldn’t say a word, they probably thought she was MAD. So a relative from the same village who knows her father saw her there and called her dad, that he saw her daughter sitting by the road looking Mad

And the Dad was shocked cos they’ve been trying to reach her on phone and her roommates in school don’t know her whereabouts. They found her somewhere in Ogun state and she came home this morning.

Her parents are making preparations to take her back to ijebu to trace where and who used her for Rituals. Imagine having a beautiful face and nothing good is coming your way cos nobody is seeing you, someone made you a walking corpse cos you’re desperately in love with money.

I used to think it’s a movie till it happened to my Neighbour. This is not a Story. It’s real; the World is Wicked. Be careful out there please. 


Unarguably Club57 is one of the most happening spots in the whole of Lagos, that has been confirmed and stamped and we don't need to say too much about that fact and that's because all revellers in Lagos and those who come in for the weekend most often know the real deal and they say it to the high heavens.

So this Friday isn't going to be less exciting, as it would be the ultimate fun galore without limit!!!!!It has been tagged "FREAKY Friday" special! So all fun lovers, you are invited to come have one of the most fun loaded day of your Lives!!!!!! Ski ri papa pa!

So All road leads to club57 on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos this Friday, it's gonna be freaky!!! #something extra

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fidelity Bank Launches New Savings Campaign, Unveils a Novel Account Opening Initiative.

Lagos, October 2018:  Nigerian lender, Fidelity Bank Plc on Monday unveiled a novel account opening initiative, just as it launched a new savings promotion campaign aimed at rewarding new and existing customers of the bank. The new account opening initiative, the first of its kind in the Nigerian banking industry, enables members of the public to open online savings accounts through a Quick Response (QR) code which can be scanned from any of the promotional materials such as roll up banners, fliers, posters and newspaper adverts.

This is expected to significantly ease the process of enrollment of new accounts and deepen the penetration of the new savings promo tagged; Get Alert in Millions Season 3 explained Executive Director, Shared Services and Products, Fidelity Bank, Mrs. Chijioke Ugochukwu, during the launch ceremony at the bank’s corporate Head Office in Lagos Monday.  “This new savings promo is the 8th in 11 years. As with the previous ones, we are motivated to continue to empower our customers by rewarding them with cash and gift items, whilst at the same time promoting the savings culture, in line with the financial inclusion drive of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)” said Mrs. Ugochukwu, who doubles as the Chairperson of the Promo Committee.

Speaking shortly before formally flagging off the promo, Fidelity Bank CEO, Mr. Nnamdi Okonkwo thanked customers, stating that the bank is motivated to continue to incentivize them for their patronage. He said it was imperative to acknowledge the contributions of customers to the growing fortunes of the bank. “Last week, we joined other institutions across the world to observe the 2018 Customer Service Week and I want to use this opportunity to again thank all our customers. Our impressive half year results attest to your support and with your continued patronage, we are on course to delivering on our financial targets for the year” he said.

As a customer-centric bank, Mr. Okonkwo said Fidelity Bank would continue to leverage technology, in line with its digital retail strategy, to better serve customers, through innovative products, services and solutions. He reeled our some of the products to include the newly upgraded Fidelity Online Banking, *770# Instant Banking and Flashkey. “Our online banking solution enables you to transfer foreign exchange seamlessly just as we are the first bank to introduce a chat banking solution that is known as Flashkey. This solution enables you to effect monetary transfers whilst on any social media platform, without recourse to the online banking platform installed on your mobile device” he stated.

GAIM Season 3, as the new savings promo is called, is expected to run for 9 months till June 2019. The bank, within this period will give out over N120 million in cash and consolation prizes, including weekly airtime rewards.

To participate, Head, Retail Banking, Fidelity Bank, Mr. Richard Madiebo said “customers can open a savings account and grow it to N20, 000 or top up an existing account with N10, 000 or more to qualify for the monthly draws to win N1million or N2 million. To qualify for the star prize of N3m, he explained that customers are expected to grow their account balances by N50, 000 monthly whilst accounts that maintain a minimum of N200,000 qualify for the grand prize of a whooping N10 million. “As a bank with branches across the country, the draws ceremonies will be done to ensure that everybody, irrespective of where their accounts are domiciled, stand equal chances of winning” he explained. There will be a total of six draws to produce 77 cash and 108 consolation prize winners over the duration of the exercise.

The launch ceremony had in attendance the press, regulatory bodies and some winners from previous savings promotion campaigns. Alhaji GaffarAbdullateef; a previous winner thanked Fidelity Bank for the N3m he won in the last promo, saying that it “significantly gave boost to his business”.  Assistant Director, National Lotteries Regulatory Commission, Joy Okuna, praised Fidelity Bank for the transparency displayed in the last promos.  “As regulators, our duty is to ensure that promos are conducted transparently and I must attest to the high degree of transparency that we see with all Fidelity Bank savings campaigns and we expect no less from this” she stated.


Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq

Hon. Razak Atunwa

Prince Ayorinde Adedoyin 

Wow wow wow. While the election in Lagos is seen as a big battle between the APC's own Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu and PDP's own Jimi 'JK' Agbaje. Oyo's battle would be between APC's former CBN deputy Governor and PDP's own Seyi Makinde, the battle in Kwara is three pronged and it promises to be epic by all accounts as the 3 aspirants representing the 3 most visible political parties in the state are heavy, heavyweights by all accounts. Not only are they very visible, the trio are also moneybags by any account you'll want to judge it by.

On the side of the APC, you have the one and only Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq, a billionaire businessman oil magnate now turned politician. He at the last election gave the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki a major scare at the Kwara Central Senatorial election. And there's no love lost between the 2. When Saraki jumped ship to the APC back then, Abdulrasaq immediately moved out of APC & moved over to the PDP. Just as soon as Saraki again jumped ship to the PDP from the APC, Abdulrasaq immediately dusted himself again and moved out of the PDP back to the APC with about 120000 supporters.  The 50 plus year old moneybag, with major investments in oil and gas and others, is the founder of First Fuels and is not a neophyte at all in the political terrain of Kwara State. He would love to have one over Saraki at all cost, as he believed that he won against him the last time.

To become the flag bearer of the APC in Kwara State, the very intelligent businessman, sports enthusiast cum politician dusted all other contenders by polling 29098 votes against Alhaji Yammah Abdullahi who came 2nd and polled 22116 votes. AA as he is referred to by a lot of people has the resources and wherewithal in abundance (a moneybag per excellence) to prosecute his ambition to a favourable conclusion. His younger sister is the popular Senator Khairat Abdulrazaq Gwadabe. What he has going for him apart from age, he his just 58, is that he has a proven wealth of experience in the private sector in creating wealth. His business forays has him having investments as far as Cote D'ivoire. He is the founder and sponsor of Abuja FC. From our findings, there's an unprecedented groundswell of ever rising support for him to win the election. In fact the elite and others prefer him far above every other aspirant for the job.

Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, is one of the well to do kids of the first ever lawyer from Northern Nigeria. His dad Alhaji A.G.F Abdulrazaq a renowned jurist was also a prominent Minister in the 1st Republic.

In the race to the Ahmadu Bello Way Governor's office also is another very formidable personality by name Hon. Razak Atunwa. A super intelligent lawyer and Lawmaker, who since he returned to Nigeria and Kwara State has been very much involved in Governance as it concerns politics in Kwara State. His bio for a 48 year old is quite staggering and impressive.

He knows his beloved Kwara State inside and out as he has been part of the Governance in the state for quite a bit, which is a major plus for him. He was a commissioner over many different portfolios-finance, land and housing, information, works & transportation, in Kwara State from 2005 till 2011, that's all of 7 years, before he was elected into the State House of Assembly KWHA where he went on to become the speaker of the house from 2011 till 2015, for 5 years after which when he ran for the House of Representative and won to represent Asa/Ilorin West at the House (so that's at least 15 years experience in Governance). It is from the lower House now that he contested the Governorship Primary of the PDP which he won to represent the Party now at the next election.

He is a very strong ally of Dr. Bukola Saraki under who he was the Commissioner. He had got his law degree both LLB and LLM in London and was called to the bar also on London too. In fact according to the gist he was brought back from London by the late Dr Olusola Saraki, where at a point he was said to have been cab driver to help fund his education. There's the little controversy though about where he is from in Ilorin, for no one has ever been able to pinpoint his supposed family house in Ilorin. His strong connect with the Saraki political family may either be positive or negative for him in the long run.

The last but not the least personality by no means is none other than the 'Prince of Agbamu' himself, "Prince Ayorinde Adedoyin". Prince Ayorinde has thought to tread a totally different path to achieve his aim. He would be riding on the back of the Accord Party towards the goal. But to talk about this quintessential good dude and Philanthropist per excellence, we would first talk about his father, the super wealthy industrialist, Sir Samuel Adedoyin of the Doyin Groups Fame. The old man's story is the stuff dreams are made of. The old man now in his 80s rose from grass, the very last rung by the dint of hard work and providence to grace. He owns a vast conglomerate that includes industries and vast property portfolio and other investments. Ayorinde Adedoyin is his 1st son and the highly connected young man by every standard, is not a pushover at all too by any means.

By the grace of God, the man in his early 50s whose late elder sister was a former Health Minister and a Lawmaker, that's Hon. Funke Adedoyin till she recently passed on, has really done extremely well for himself too in business. Not one to sit on his oars, believing that wealth has already been made and then all he needs to do, is to run his father's vast business and that's it. But as soon as he finished school he immediately branched out and began to chart his own path immediately, by setting up his own firms which are variously into maritime, oil and gas, logistics, aviation, real estate and hospitality, all under the umbrella of a holding company Peacegate Group. Peace Gate group is a successful multifaceted company by all standards. He has going for him, very excellent private sector experience.

His passion for Kwara State is enveloping. The Prince of Agbamu believes so much that not even a quarter of the endowment of his beloved Kwara have been exploited. And like he preaches at every turn, that his ambition is not a do or die one, just that he wants to serve his beloved state to the best of his abilities. He has come in as a new star, not on the old beaten track of the APC or PDP, but as a real alternative from the Accord Party!!!

So from the looks of things, this would be a 3-pronged battle ROYALE, a major slamdunk 2019 event!!!!! Who would carry the day eventually! !! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


The last few months or should we say few years have been a trying period and have not been easy at all for this dude, but like a strong General that he is, in fact like a war veteran of note, especially one with extraordinary adaptive abilities, one of the most visible African businessmen ever in the world by name Kola Aluko who has had to face so so much has seen it all and from the little we hear, from the depth of near absolute despair he is gradually getting back on his feet, slow and quite steadily.

It hasn't been an easy road to tread at all for him in anyway. Imagine from he being someone so very well celebrated across board by all and sundry, such an African global rising star in the eye of all, in fact an icon to many at that, to suddenly become someone in the eye of the storm. A near fugitive, like a pariah sort of, the one that those who used to fawn about, now try avoid or even run far way from. But like all strong people, he gallantly withstood the storm, though the thunder struck and the whirlwind bellowed and raged, he stood his ground like a warrior. Like it has been said and we paraphrase, It is only where the battle rages the most and the  trouble is very much that we see a gallant warrior and that we would get to know the stuff of which such warriors are made.

From owning some of the best, most jaw dropping properties and things across the globe, being able to enter just about anywhere at the drop of a hat, being a friend to all the noted who-is-who businessmen/women, celebrities, Government Officials across the globe, suddenly things went awry, so much so that he had to hibernate and has had to go deep into his cocoon, to go restrategize. It seems like that alone period has worked somewhat and from the little we are hearing, he might be on his way back from hell and he is gradually climbing back as he was then..

From all indications though, it's not ever going to again be business as usual as it used to be then, that boy about town of then, who was always in the limelight for just the fun of it, that hell-raiser of yore, whose philosophy then was to work very hard and play equally as hard too, if not more, has since become a much more matured man. So watch out for a new improved much circumspect Kola Aluko. No ooooo, he ain't gonna charge from being his super generous, very giving, very caring, very friendly, very selfless self. But now, he would be far more calculative and more careful.

Salute to quintessential good dude. In fact a man for all seasons.