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Thursday, November 14, 2019


Except the Dakolo's would want to take this case of alleged rape further, the court has since declared against them in their case of rape and given verdict favoring Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, who was the accused in the case before. In delivering the judgment, the court even went ahead to ask Busola Dakolo to pay damages to the tune of N1m, that is one million Naira to the accused.

Many months back, the gorgeous wife of ace musician Timi Dakolo by name Busola, a mother of 3 & a photographer had in a very damning accusation that went viral and got so much traction and thereby elicited extraordinary reactions some in support of the man of God and much against him, had accused Pastor Fatoyinbo of raping her about twice, when she was still under aged in Ilorin, Kwara State before COZA became popular. Though the man of God had vehemently denied the allegations then as been untrue and unfounded, but that Busola came out then alone to make the accusation, had done the much required damage, bringing about questions on the type of person the man of God is and his character.

It was in the aftermath of the accusation against him and the uproar that followed it, that made Pastor Fatoyinbo to have temporarily step down then, so that investigations could be carried out. After which he had gone back to his church to a massive welcome. At a point there were gatherings around his churches in protest then, to make him to resign by force

Now with a court of competent jurisdiction declaring him not guilty of the accusations made against him and in fact giving him damages too, to be paid by the claimant-Busola Dakolo, it seems like the worst, which nearly ended his pastoral calling has now come to an end. Now is the time for him to move on, and move forward with more vigor and conviction in his ministry, after surviving a major scare of extraordinary proportion. For those who believed in him and trusted him, throughout his ordeal, this court's declaration, is actually that much needed vindication they had been awaiting and that they needed so much.

A Federal High Court sitting in Bwari, Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, dismissed Busola Dakolo’s rape allegation case against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) and immediately awarded a cost of N1m against her

Busola had accused the dandy and quite popular Pastor of rape in an exclusive interview on Ynaija TV, several months ago.

The pastor who had maintained his innocence all through, had filed an objection to counter Busola, saying her statements were false and were concocted to defame his character.

But in a court ruling, the charges were dismissed and damages  awarded to the tune of N1m against the claimant, Mrs. Busola Dakolo. According to the verdict given, the N1m cost ought to be have been more, but 'the court didn't want to dissuade the real rape victims from coming forward to tender their claims'.

According to Justice Oathman A. Musa in her judgment, the matter amounted to injustice, and an abuse of judicial process as the case was empty and purely sentimental, adding that the case was aimed more at cruelty rather than obtaining justice.

The court then awarded costs of N1,000,000 against Busola Dakolo and held that the fine should have been 10 times more because the court’s time was wasted.

With this now. Would COZA or the Pastor of COZA now pursue a case against Busola Dakolo and others who had condemned him without giving him a fair thought or trial? 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Many days for the thief, one day for the owner is the popular saying of the sages. And that seem to be the thing in this article as a Lagos based, Chinese man from Hong Kong by name David Chang who is the MD of Centro Design & Decoration Works, who absconded with N55 million given to him for a construction job, before later giving a bounced cheque for the same amount, has been declared wanted by the Nigerian Police.. See the bulletin above.

The sharp dude took or was paid  money from a company to do a project, only for him to take the money away and the company had to finish the project with their own money.

After he was found and asked to return the money, he now further committed further of offence when he intentionally gave a bounced cheque to pay the money back, but the cheque bounced twice . He was reported to the police and invited, but disappeared is nowhere to be found as we speak.

He loves to frequent night clubs in Victoria Island and he is a frequent visitor at Jade Palce on Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island, Lagos. His office is at 12 Eric Moore Street, Wemabod Estate, Ikeja, Lagos, a place he has since deserted .

If found please report to the nearest police station or call the fraud unit on 08151118555 or 08028470995


The attention on Mercy Eke the winner of the most recent installment of the Big Brother Nigeria franchise is not getting ready to subside anytime soon. Seems like her handlers are doing a great job at keeping her in the minds of the people. Kudos to them.

So here we see the one that many have tagged 'Lamborghini Mercy', who loves to to flaunt her well sculpted backside/bum at any given opportunity, with the drop of a hat, striking the pose of a lifetime, while her love interest Ike is holding his darling with so much Swagger, it's something else. This is the sizzling hot🔥 fire, smoking hot at that, full Caliente, November 2019 edition of the monthly online lifestyle magazine 'Media Room Hub', but more simply known as 'MRH' Magazine, which has as the publisher and editor-in-chief, Azuka Ogujuiba, one of the most well traveled Nigerian journalist of all times.

Is it that MRH  are in the know of something that we do not know yet? Are they stylishly passing  some information our way of something imminent? For even with the badass cover showcasing quite strategically one of Mercy's most beloved asset-bum/backside/ukwu, which some have claimed but not confirmed though, that it must have cost her about 1 million plus Naira to construct, the whole photo-shoot is looking like a pre-wedding package!!! Is something major in the offing?

If that bum was truly constructed as it's been speculated, then the investment is also actually making great returns already. Far more than was put in and its yielding 600% or more in profit now.

Seems like Ike, Mercy's love interest from the Big Brother Pepperdem Gang House, is willing and ready to stay here forever as long as Mercy permits oooooo. It's all in the look, the body language and more. Since both met at the Big Brother Nigeria house, it's been love galore and they seem inseparable already. And they seem to be rubbing off positively on each other well too. Ike needs a calming effect, just like Mercy needs assurance. So they are both giving each other great vibes it seem.

In this issue of MRH, the duo who we hear are madly in love with each other, revealed so many things that would be of interest to their fans/followers and others too.

It's a banger of an edition.

In fact, a must have and read. 


Gradually, gracefully and quite steadily at it, without unnecessarily batting an eyelid, our very own highly celebrated celebutante of extraordinary proportion, by that we mean 'her royal swaggerliciousness', Nigeria's nos 1 petite bombshell of the awesome kind, is growing the brand, extending her tentacles, expanding her horizon, creating more higher steps to climb atop and quietly making the money by adding many more zeros to her already bulging accounts in several banks.

Just yesterday, Monday, November 11, 2019 to be more precise, she gleefully and gracefully announced to the world her newest money making collaboration, money making venture, as she is the newest ambassador/face of OPPO, the phone brand that was a major sponsor of the last Big Bro franchise, that was tagged "Pepperdem Gang'.

The way it is, it's like Omotoke Makinwa is the first face of the brand in the country, even the winner of the Big Bro Reality Series 2019, in the person of the yummy Mercy Eke hasn't even gotten a deal like this yet. So Toke getting it done, is a big deal and it shows how her stock is getting premium value.

This collaboration takes it several notches up for Toke, as a real deal influencer. We had thought about it a while ago, that what are you 'supposedly influencing' truly, if you are not collaborating with a brand worth its salt as either the face of such or its ambassador or in some other capacity. So now with this deal, the influencer and celebrity with over 3.1m followers on Ig alone, has shone that her passion and dedication has finally paid off and paid off handsomely too at that. This is obviously a multimillion Naira deal.

As the new face of Oppo phones in Nigeria, in fact the first face of the brand in Nigeria if we are correct, she would be the ambassador of their super slick, highest premium quality phone till date which is the 'Oppo Reno 2'. The Oppo Reno 2 is a premium phone in their range, like we have already made mention above with a standard 48 mega pixel back phone, which is like one of the highest in the world presently and it's a super fast phone too, using snapdragon 730G chipset (8nm), packing a staggering 8GB RAM memory and a storage capacity that can be expanded to 256gb, that's not for kids, for those who understands phones well. The body features are also very beautiful too, maybe it's one of the reasons the brand owners have thought to connect with the 'chic with the porcelain skin', whose time to shine has really come. It has an Aluminum body with 6.5 Amoled screen, with gorilla 6 glass at the front and Gorilla 5 at the back. It has the standard 2 cameras at the back, with a motorized pop-up front camera that's 16 mega pixel for beautiful selfies.

For someone who only just recently celebrated her 35th birthday, this deal is just the perfect birthday gift ever. With this now, Toke has transcended from just being an OAP-radio personality, a writer, an influencer, a lifestyle entrepreneur to a proper brand ambassador......

When we tagged her as our very own 'Kylie Jenner' in the making, some were sniggering than and saying how can that be possible. Seems like the journey has begun in earnest right in their faces. Hmmmmmm Doubters beware!

Life they say, life begins at 40, but it seems like for Toke, it begun long long before ago and she still has plenty years ahead to reach 40 still.

Congratulations 🎊.

You deserve it, as all the exposure that was counted as unnecessary,  is gradually paying off as was planned.


Saturday, November 9, 2019


We are too sure that the young lady entrepreneur at 29, who prior to this terribly unsavory experience from those who ordinarily should protect her/us, that's talking about the Nigerian Police, had had and was still having a very euphoric 3 weeks, till it was brought to an abrupt end, would still be thinking it's a nightmare, that she would soon wake up from!!!!

Just imagine one trying to wake oneself up or pinching one self repeatedly to see if what had happened or what was meted on her was real and true. So the Nigerian Police like we know them, have turned into an attack dog, who feel that because they carry weapons and work for the state, can mete instant justice on whomsoever they feel like doing such to? Without anything happening to them! Just imagine a man dipping his hands under a woman's skirt, not your wife or daughter, to retrieve what's not his? What does it even mean, fundamental human right?

At the end of the assault, invasion and battery, the mother of three, Nwanneka Doris Nkumah, the owner of #mizwanneka, who only 2 weeks or more prior had launched her staggering new car valued at N120 million Naira & just on Sunday opened her new hair HQ with pomp, was worse for wear and had to visit the hospital.

Thank God that at least she wasn't shot nor killed, because a so called 'accidental discharge' could have occurred and hmmmmmmm, thag would be another story entirely oooooo. God be praised.

Read her personal narration of what had occurred below.

So I was going back home from work at exactly 1.00 a.m. this morning and these policemen, I don’t even know what these ones are called, stopped the car I was in and asked us to open the car for a search which we did and he searched everywhere.

“Came to where I was sitting and tried to forcefully open the middle compartment, I said, ‘Oga, use the button abeg don’t force it.’ Then this policeman who I assumed was already high on drug or something started shouting that why must I tell him that. I was first shocked and trying to understand where the sudden shout came from and he immediately started saying, ‘you must be mad’ and all.

“It was 1.00 a.m. in the morning, and the only thing I could do was try to reach for my phone while he was still shouting.

“Immediately he saw my phone, he forcefully tried to take it from me. I quickly put the phone under my skirt and the police put his hands right under my skirt and took the phone. I tried to reach out to my other phone, he held me so tight and broke one of my nails, I started bleeding.

“I got down from the car and held his shirt, then two (policemen) more came out, started dragging me everywhere. Three men on one woman😳 Wow @nigerianpolice you can do better.

They dragged me until they broke three other nails and all three started bleeding again. I held the man, told him to kill me which he actually tried to do.”

The Police authorities are said to be investigating the matter to bring the offending, disgraceful police officers to book. 

Thursday, November 7, 2019


Finally, ex-most beautiful girl in Nigeria 2007, that's a whole decade plus and more, 'Munachi Gail Teresa Abii Nwankwo' has joined the league of Beauty products owner, as she unveiled her own product or better still brand, aptly called 'BERRY WORKS' recently, which had been in motion or works, under the radar for quite a bit.

Finally we think, she's has decided to take advantage of her stunning beauty and beautiful skin or body, to market something a whole lot more in her terrain, which if well packaged and properly branded and marketed could be a soar away success. The now 32 year old stunner, born November 5, 1987, who had tried her hand unsuccessfully in the music/entertainment industry as a rapper, had hinted a few days to her birthday just a few days ago, that something cool and sweet was in the offing from her and she had asked her fans/followers to stay tuned to her page to know what it would be. She later on after the outpourings of felicitations from all and sundry, announced her newest baby, BERRY WORKS to the eagerly awaiting world.

According to the Benson Idahosa University Alumni, who studied for & has a degree in International Relations & Diplomacy, who had finished from the famous Federal Government Girls College, Abuloma, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, who is also one of 'Nigeria's Most Eligible Bacholorettes', Berry Works had been in the making for a bit. And the idea came about also from people asking her what she used to maintain her skin color and glow. Read more about her reasons in the bromide or screen shot above.

She emphasized on the sleepless nights & hurdles she had to cross to make her labor of love come to fruition. And like she said, "she made the product for those who seek to have blemish-less (blemish free) skin and youthful glow". We sincerely hope the brand would work and deliver exceptionally too. Muna, which is Munachi's stage name has a whole lot of people she can help bring salvation to, who have had issues over time with their skin and wouldn't mind spending, if they would get their monies value.

May this new path, lead to the outpouring of much millions on the beautiful, but humble beauty. At least if renowned 'Reprudencia Sonkey' better known as Dencia, who owns 'Whitenicious' could do it and is now a multimillionaire skin product goddess (she's acclaimed to be worth in excess of $30million dollars), who then cannot too?

Munachi has also added the famous tag of actress to her name and resume too. She is one of the stellar cast of the new Nigerian blockbuster movie 'Living in Bondage, Breaking free, a sequel to an award winning movie of many years back, that is going to take our cinemas by storm this weekend. The exciting sequel is owned by Charles Okpaleke and directed by Ramsey Nouah. Munachi was one of the lead cast and she was the bomb in the movie too, alongside the incredible lead star - Swanky.

Seems like all the elements are aligning all at the same time too. 


The most eagerly awaited Fashion, Lifestyle and Fun package of 2019 beckons with great anticipation and everyone, and we mean everyone, including the organizers of the soar away successful series cannot wait for the days to land.

This is what it means that the anticipation is palpable. For 4 years now, one of the undisputed premier Nigerian banks, that's GTBank for you, has shown to the world, how a premier lifestyle event should be planned and executed. Truth be told, they haven't yet succeeded in disappointing and we are mighty, mighty glad about that.

The level of organization is always top notch, in fact 5-stars, totally first class rate. The fashion shows/runways have always been awesomely impressive. The attendances have always been awesome and unbelievable. The media coverage, totally exceptional and impressive. Even the annual Masterclasses, that features some of the best in their fields from across the globe, have been extraordinary. So this 2019 offering or better still edition, is also most likely going to meet & in fact better/surpass the mark already set by #GTBank.

Over the 2 days, which is Saturday & Sunday, 17 highly creative & supremely talented designers from. Nigeria, Africa & around the world, would showcase their gorgeous and most likely, awe inspiring & gasp inducing designs to the world. Expect to see our very own Lanre Da Silva Ajayi, Odion Mimonet, Ituen Basi, Nkwo Onwuka, Laquan Smith, the unbelievably awesome Sukeina. And then there's Thula Sindi & a host of others too. All of them, masters of their game. It's a thousand (1000) people, maximum capacity, arena of style & fashion. That would showcase the immense Gladiator's collections. So you had better come early to get your seats.

As expected, GTBank would put together a mesmeric showcase again over the 2 days. And apart from what would come out on the Runway/catwalk, which are always fun, different and awesome to look at, you'll also get to see unbelievable street styles, in colorful array too, the kind that would shock & excite & make you smile too, as you ponder on the audacity of the designs, all at the same time. It's all the plenty doses of fun, all added together that's the awesome package.

There would be 10 excellent Masterclasses manned by some of the very bests in their professions in the fashion, beauty & lifestyle sector across the world. The awesome Kim Kimble, the hair magician from the US; the ageless runway/catwalk empress Millen Magese & Adesuwa Aighewi, the magical Sir John, the super creative Roksanda illincic, the incredible Law Roach, David Au, Ogidi Women:Masters of Craft & others, would inspire by telling all & showing practical demonstrations, about their experiences & tricks of the game. Only 500 seats per Masterclass, are available over the 2 days, so you had better get to the venue on time too.

But the most important part of these 2 days experiences, wouldn't just be about the Runway/catwalk shows & the Masterclasses alone, the icing on the cake, in fact the meat of it all, are the 130 vendors which includes the magical crafts village, that would show their wares & parade their services over the 2 days.

These 130 vendors actually mean like the very universe to #gtbank. When #gtbank talks about supporting enterprise, they weren't playing lip service to it at all. Part of the support they have spoken about, is this platform they have created for these sellers of goods and services, in the lifestyle sector; to meet with the customers/buyers in the best of environments. It's a thing that people always look forward to, a type of a 'first class lifestyle bazaar'.

For these shop owners, they would encounter at least 5000 to 10000 or more possible customers/clienteles/buyers  spread over the 2 days. The more you sell, the more you make money and the more you Bank. And once seller & buyer meet, it could become a forever relationship, especially if both are satisfied with each other. What more excellent bridge building beats that? You just need to be a part of the script in this experience, to feel what we are talking about.

So get your garbs ready and dust those your stylish shoes, let's all meet up at 1 Water Corporation Drive, by Landmark come this Saturday and Sunday.

We would be on the lookout for you. The most stylish over the 2 days would be greatly celebrated. Ciao!!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Since after her husband finished his 2 terms, (first ever to have achieved or performed such a feat, as the Governor of Oyo State), the whole family especially their dazzling matriarch, in the person of Dr. Mrs. Florence Ajimobi seem to have gone into their blissful cocoon. Maybe to go rest away from all the demands, stress, weight and politics of the last 8 years.

Not much was heard from them nor seen even, except fleetingly. The only one in that clan that we caught little glimpses of at all though, was the former first daughter, in the person of the ever delightsome Abisola Kolapo-Daisi, who was somewhat on an extended holiday mood and mode. Being a noted fashionista and known to be a lifestyle merchant, the mother of 3, was seen once in a while dazzling in her upscale, but quirky style and outfits on the social media.

But now after a short while away from the public view, maybe to go dust up her memoirs, Madam, that's referring to Mrs. Ajimobi, has come out of her self built cocoon and come this Saturday, November 9, 2019, the kindhearted lady would be having a conversation with guests as she speaks on her new book-My Life like a Rainbow, said to be a tell all book.

See below what we received.

I would like to invite you to a conversation with my amazing mother - Dr. (Mrs) FLORENCE AJIMOBI about her book “My Life like a Rainbow” on November 9th, 2019 at my store - FLORENCE H Luxury at 11am-2pm.

The book is a tell all and trust me, she’s being through it all and is stronger for it! I promise it will be extremely insightful, engaging and impactful.

It’s a guest list only so please let me know if you would like to bring someone along. The books will be available for sale on the day and also available at all Grandex stores for N2,500 only.

So now we know what Mama has been up to and we hope to be at the venue, to get a dose of how and the ways she did so many of the things she did successfully. The words and advices of the elders are always valued. 


Doris Nwanneka Nkumah

Hmmmmmmm. The young millionairess if ever there's a word like that, has done it again. Apparently when she deliberately caused a bit of sustained panic with the arrival and unveiling of her N120m valued G-Swag, (that's the 2020 Mercedes AMG G63 in matte black for you), she was yet to land fully and was still unfolding the goodies.

So now after only a few weeks since that car, sorry since that 'senior executive utility vehicle' SUV arrived, yesterday, that's talking about Sunday, November 3, 2019 to be more precise, the young, married mother has gone a step further by declaring open her own, not rented. She in fact bought the place and rebuilt it to taste and specification, making it her own lifestyle headquarter.

And to help her declare the place open she had invited friends, family members and customers to share in her joy. And all of them gladly obliged her with their glamorous presence too. Gospel singer, Mercy Chinwo was even available to help lead thanksgiving songs in praise and worship to God. For all the blessings thus far.

Maybe she had or might not have heard the sniggering behind her back that her car had caused, with many asking about the possibility for one to have made up to N120m Naira to buy a car doing the hair business. With this new opening now, she has further confounded the wise again.

For those who might not know, maybe we should let them know certain things. The hair business all over the world is a massive and quite lucrative business. And those involved in it, are raking in the dough in millions upon millions from it. Those who were able to see into the future years back and got in early, have continued to gain from their foresight. It actually depends on the level you want to come in at, you just can just be a major success at it, if you can be disciplined, dedicated and hardworking.

However one wants to look at it, hair in wigs, weave-ons etc, doesn't come cheap at all. You need at least 2 to 3 or more per head for a style. So just imagine if over the time, you have now built a massive clientele or followership that swears by you and trust your products implicitly. You are now not even just selling as a just a retailer, but you are also even a wholesaler, one that many others, who resells buys from. And the reason they come to you is because, you are known for sure quality and affordability. For about a N100,000 to N150,000, people would have a ball. And you could even still have cheaper or more luxurious and expensive ones. So you are in the mid-range, that's what people have tagged affordable luxury. So like bees to honey or ants to honey, people troop in endlessly and you are raking in the dough left, right and center. Just literally smiling to the banks steadily on the daily.

The thing also is, compared to your cost and how much you are selling your products, you are literally making a kill, as per profit and then if you are disciplined, making sure you are not a spendthrift hmmmmmm. That's how very possible one can afford the best without a whimper. Once in a while, if you have worked triple hard, you are allowed some excesses too once in a while. At least it's your money and you cannot be an 'aka gum for your own self nowwwww. So you can afford to indulge yourself too. The reason for making the money in the 1st place, is so as to have comfort.

People generally don't understand or better still, don't know that, we have quite the number in this clime to support any business to succeed, especially if it's has to do with fashion, style or beauty. Just as long as we offer the products or services that the numbers actually needs or wants. In Nigeria, just like it obtains all over the world too, women would always want to out do each other on the style/fashion stake no matter what. So a young lady's collection of hair could actually cost at any point in time be as much as a million NAIRA or more! 3 very good wigs could cost that much.

For those who might not know her, the now famous Nwanneka of #MizWanneka is a '29 year old' young lady by the name 'Nwanneka Nkumah Doris'. And she's the last child of 9 kids. She actually started her hair business journey in 2013, age 23 year old, meaning 6 years ago now, enough to learn the ropes and master it. She has failed twice in the business and gotten back up again much better. She has always combined her entrepreneurial drive with her education and has excelled in both. She graduated in 2017 & she has 3 kids-Emily, Sergei Nkumah & another.
2017 birthday present to self

In 2017, for the great & unflinching support her husband-William Nkumah has always given her all round, she bought him a 'Range Rover Evoque' as a valentine present and for her own birthday in that same year, she bought herself a badass Mercedes Benz saloon car. So her love for good machines on 4-wheels didn't just start recently. So doing the G-Wagon is not a wonder to those who know her. She even bought a house in Lekki for her mom in 2018 from what we heard.

Monday, November 4, 2019


Like a bolt out of the blue, he just emerged on the scene like that gbam!!!! And has since become like an instant sensation. He is like an actor, a well skilled actor for that matter, in a Nollywood drama series that's still daily unfolding. Everything about him shouts sensationalism, extravagance, drama.

And since he came to our consciousness, he has taken controversy as his official twin sibling. He hugs it, he seems to revel in it & can't do away with it. Seems like they both signed a lifetime pact, never ever to leave one another. He seems to understand that controversy pays off and he is using it to his advantage and he is smiling a lot too to the bank.

He has defied any form of explanation. He just came on the scene like that and has continued to gather more and more of his type as followers on a daily basis. His temple of God (God) church, is a money arena, specially constructed for theatrics. The extravagant, totally flamboyant & "unimaginable display of money, as it is thrown into the air in utter abandon, or has it is sprayed on him, as he walks on it, seem to always excite his followers in no small way. He is totally unconventional in everyway. His church service in the east, is always a spectacle or even wherever he chooses to perform.

It's like one is in an arena, specifically and specially built to make the one in the middle the only center of attraction, the cynosure of all eyes. All eyes must be fixed on him. Then like a well trained performer, a magician of high repute he begins to display his skills on cue. It could be him throwing money in the air, while listening to many of the high life tunes he enjoys so much, or even any of the latest Nigerian hit. It is at the so called "praise worship time", that things literally goes bunkers.!!!!

That is when his moneybag adherents, those who have loads to pour away would then come on the stage to join him throwing bales of money in the air, spraying on him, just doing all sorts, maybe as a way to say thank you for jobs well done or something. For these ones coming out this way is their testimony.

He doesn't try to hide his crassness. The very light skinned always casually garbed, so called prophet, does not have anything major or tangible to preach or teach. He favors more though his native tongue than English, though he speaks his type of English well. He acts like he is perpetually high on something, moving in a kind of mesmeric way.

We have even seen a video amongst several ones, where his followers would gladly lay on the floor for him to walk on them, which for this people is a type of deliverance. Dude is the ultimate drama king. You can sometimes see him, fighting a so called imaginary spirit with physical blow or in fact carrying someone on his shoulder and then slamming them down, all in the claim of forcefully delivering them.

Not much is actually known about his past, hence why we say like a bolt out of the blue. Some say he is from Anambra State, that's one of the most prosperous states in the South East of Nigeria. Some even say he used to be a 'native doctor' before, who later converted to what he does with his whole energy now. Seems like this new vocation pays far, far better than what he was involved in before. As the dollars, or better still money is rolling in, in the perpetual torrents so it seems now. And like we all know that, money answers all things, hence the people are attracted to him too.

Just a few weeks ago he had boasted about how he would walk on water like Jesus did in the scriptures. He got loads of attention for the gimmick, and everyone was eager and primed to see him perform the feat, only for him not to honour his boast again. Big shame!!!

He visited very recently Jakarta, Indonesia, where he had gone to display his antics to the multitudes there. It was a 3 days programme, that was stopped abruptly after just one day. He has caused many of his followers major bad luck rather than the blessings they an anticipated would pour on them like torrential rain fall. The extreme and vulgar display of money that he is known for, attracted the police in that part who clamped down on so many of those at the extravagant show, wanting to know their immigration status and loads more. Only those with proper identifications plus legitimate means of living or that could explain themselves escaped. All others were arrested for questioning, at the end of the day, 80 illegals faced deportation! If they had known, maybe they would have stayed away jejely!!! From self aggrandisment to outright deportation!

So it has now brought us here, to ask the million Naira question that everyone would love to have answers to - 'Who is prophet CHUKWUEMEKA OHANAEMERE aka Prophet Odumejeje, the Lion? Lion of where? Is it of Onitsha Anambra or Imo or what? He is the leader and founder of Mountain of Holy Ghost Invention & Deliverance Ministry Worldwide. Is actually year of birth is not known but he was born to parents from Orsu Ihete Ukwa in Orlu LGA of Imo State, on September 9th of the year he was born. Dude cannot ever be up to 45 years old.

He apparently had an encounter with God (god) or better still was visited by god (God) at age 19 & the visitor revealed to him he was like Gideon and would be a great prophet. He began his ministry in the year 2000. Meaning he has been in the ministry for 19 years now. He was only able to read till the Secondary school level before quitting as there were issues with finances then. So he is not a full illiterate. He is the 3rd of 6 kids. He had learnt trading in leather as an apprentice and was doing business, before the call came and he embraced the vineyard fully. 

Sunday, November 3, 2019


And we nearly forgot. Truly and truly if she doesn't deserve it, we wouldn't have even ever looked her way at all, even with a side eye. But to not look at all, to not say a word, to not acknowledge the fact that she's a celebrity worth celebrating at all, would just mean one has allowed envy- that terrible witch without a conscience, who never sees anything good in anyone or anything to eat deep into one's innards. So even if just for the fun and laughter, she brings our way, by her effort, we must celebrate her.

Any way or any how one wants  look at it, however that you want to gauge it, the small gal BIG God damsel, has paid her dues, or better still is paying her dues. Pun intended. You don't get the kind of massive reviews and critique she gets, if you are not somebody! Or if you don't count or you are just sleeping permanently not amounting to anything or plain dead. It's only the dead that doesn't get spoken of, that is soon forgotten!!!!

Omotoke Makinwa... Toke Makinwa for short, TM to some, our or the ultimate Nigerian princess of swaggerliciousness, the petite bombshell petrel of our time, the princess or is it empress of hotness/sassiness🔥, the real, undisputed queen of highlights, the in your face, lifestyle entrepreneur, the social media celebrity like someone called her, the soon to be our own Kylie Jenner. The one who seemingly, somewhat, kind of, uses criticisms and envy as a stool to climb to higher heights, is a year older today.

Better put, she is 420 months old today, meaning she's 12775 days old, meaning she's 306600 hours old. And all of that just translates to that, she's 35 years old today, Sunday, November 3, 2019 the first Sunday of November 2019.

She was born many many years back on 'Saturday', November 3, 1984, which is in fact a leap year, that's if there's any special significance to a leap year. Maybe that's the reason her name is special, as Omotoke evokes the beauty and value of a child. If one would be ambiguous in thought, maybe because she was born on that last day of the week-the Saturday-God's day of rest, heralding a new week, a new dawn, which a Sunday, maybe that's the reason for why her 🌟 star seems to shine a little more, more than that of others..... so good and so distinct too.

Just imagine the combo of a Saturday, of a leap year!

To say too much, would be like one is doing unnecessary repetitions of a whole load of things that many have said already before. So to mark her 35th, the lifestyle entrepreneur/OAP/author and so much more, who knows the best way to use every given opportunity to her own advantage, decided to mark it with the launch of a new collection of her TM luxury bag. But before that instead of just receiving presents from her family and friends and admirers, who are just too numerous, she too thought to do a special thing, when she gifted her PA a car for her loyalty, dedication and hard work.

So on this occasion of her 35th birthday, we have thought to say a very healthy happy birthday to the gorgeous 5 ft 1 giant of a lady, who we believe would still continue to dazzle the world many more years to come.

Happy birthday 🎂 Toke!
Long may you Live! 


Ini Edo 

Lilian Esoro

Gbenro Ajibade

Ramsey Nouah


Tunde & Grace Renner 

This is probably the most anticipated Nigerian film ever........ And there's a good reason behind that. And after watching, it did not DISAPPOINT at all!!!!! Kudos all round to everyone involved in it.

It's the sequel to a 1992 banger of a film that apparently or probably began what became Nollywood or the Nollywood boom, as it were today. Just imagine that it was so audacious it was a film rendered totally in Ibo (native language) & then sub-titled in English. We need to be more proud of us, to sell our culture and language to the world and we can majorly achieve that through films/movies and things.

Those that saw that 1st one, (just imagine that, with all the noise (hype) then, I never ever watched it-my bad), have forever hailed it as a classic of the most incredible kind, a to be watched. If I should say it properly or better still, they say it is- a must watch! I just have to now see it!!!

And because of all the hype about the 1st one or that heralded that 1st one, I was eager to see this new one. Especially also because it's a movie that packs the likes of some of the great 'Shaolin' grand-masters in the game, likes of KOK, that's Kanayo O. Kanayo-Mr Exceptional, for those who might not know that famous initials & that booming voice and those probing eyeballs; then there is Ramsey 'the incredible' Nouah- this ageless dude with the badass swagger, with that his devil may care stare/attitude. One who acting has become 2nd nature for, so most often he seems to just effortlessly glide into his roles; there is Bob Manuel-Uzoukwu, the ever reliable, who did a good cameo & Kenneth 'the awesome one' Okonkwo, the incredible dude as always, a super great actor, who played his role to perfection and a few excellent newbies.

I ll come back to the newbies. In fact, I must come back to one special newbie. How I wish I could just easily recall his name. He was most outstanding in his role.

I have made up my mind henceforth, to watch a whole lot more of our own movies/film, the Nigerian productions. Truth be told, we have had some great ones of late and I have been encouraged. Wow!!!!!

So last night was the premiere of the most anticipated Nigerian film, Living in Bondage 2 and like I said before, I had to just go watch it. As was expected, the place was packed out. In fact, jam packed to the rafters. Stars and celebs rain down torrentially. 😂 Just imagine that even at after 12 midnight, when the movie had ended, the crowd were still so much, waiting to still meet with the crew????? Phew!!!!!

Apparently since it was the Halloween period, it tallied somewhat with the storyline too, part thriller/scary more of drama. So people dressed accordingly in season, at least some. Loads dressed quite glamorously though, as they came to support a super nice premiere. My t-shirt and jeans is the most comfortable and best I could muster though. Comfort is key & my undisputed best friend, days of wanting to impress or dress up all cost looking unnecessary puffed up, is long dead. I must be me. If you don't like it, then plenty transformers (electric ones oooo) dey around plenty oooooo to hold and embrace..... Hmmmmm.

If the crowd that came for this premiere is a signpost, a testament of what is to come or expect, then this is already a sure banger of a movie, box office wise. I don begin to gell calculate the money ooooo ooo.

Without doing a spoiler, I ll attempt to give my sincere take on what I'll tag, "an instant success", a great new movie by many standards.

The Newbie, that newbie.
We have a  new 🌟 star on the horizon. And everyone that watched the movie, readily agreed that, yes! We do have a new super Nollywood star, in the making already, in the young dude that played a leading part in this movie. The guy........to say the least, is good! Goofy when supposed to be, serious when needed,.... exceptional most of the time. Great role interpretation. Fantastic delivery of lines. Great acting skills. An all round great and to now add small salt to it all, he is humble to the core.

What more could anyone have asked of Ramsey Noauh in his role? Guy was totally badass in look and all. He played a major lead role and is also the exceptional director of a good movie/film, which explored a major social vice that steers us all in the face and that we can readily relate with. Could Ramsey, have been more exceptional as the 👿 devil? Even the bad one must have given him a standing ovation!!!!!

One of the good parts of our movies now, is how they try to sell some parts of us (culture & place, language & more to us) to us, and when done well, it achieves the required goal. Just because of this movie, now I want to go to the east, to Owerri to be more precise for a bit, just to have a fill of the place. It's seems some sort of unpretentious solitude (peace away from the unnecessary cacophony of the unrelentingly mad Lagos) is available there. Up Country with Banky W sold Bauchi very well. Just imagine that I got a call from Ghana about the place already, just because of the movie. Imagine my friend asking me if we truly have🦒 Giraffes there. Lion Heart for me, sold Enugu or Anambra state. Bling Lagosians, sold a bit or side of the Lagos culture-that faking it Lifestyle plus the show-offy one at all cost part. "Living in Bondage, Breaking free", the sequel, sold to me, a bit of Owerri, Imo State. Those infamous or should I say famous statues done by Sen. Rochas Okorocha, former Governor of the state, were briefly on parade 😂 😂 😂. At least, it's now achieving its goal somewhat! As monuments, just like the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge!!!

If I continue to talk, I might just say somethings, that could become spoilers, so let me just say it here and now that, Living in Bondage, Breaking Free is a movie worth seeing!

And also that, it would be one of the movies of the season-2019/2020. In fact, I predict it would make crazy amounts of returns (money) for the makers.

It's a great movie.

It started well (though shockingly) and scary and ended well too.

Kudos to the whole crew. Munachi Abii, the ex-mbgn showed her acting prowess. This is my first time seeing her acting and because of this, maybe more new roles could begin to roll in, in torrents.

*Storyline-Great. It was simple, not complex at all, which is excellent and not cumbersome to the brain, you grab it straight away. And it holds you till the end. The plots were also on point. They were well woven together. Meaning the director, did a good job, cutting well.

*Characterization/role interpretation-Super Fantastic. Those who needed to- show, shine, blow, all did. Kudos to Kenneth Okonkwo, Ramsey Noauh & most importantly, the young, new star, whose name I cannot readily recall. My bad.

*Thematic Achievement (theme)-- was totally on point. The movie passed across its intended message or objective clearly. That ultimate triumph of good over evil, eventually.

*Attention to detail? Fair.

*Ending- it ended well. Quite well in fact.

My take!!!! You can always have your own thought different from mine. But the general consensus from us at the premiere was that it was great.


More pictures stolen from @BellaNaija lol 😂 😂 😂 below.