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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

UBA Premieres most Anticipated Men’s Club Season 2 Trailer

Lagos, Saturday 18th of May, 2019 was the definition of entertainment success. From the lights to setup, the atmosphere was filled with the euphoria of excitement. The wait was finally over, almost 6 months after the first season hit YouTube, The Men’s club, season 2 is set to launch.

In anticipation, a private screening was held at the IMAX Filmhouse cinema, Lekki. In attendance were the cast, crew and industry supporters. A little waiting room held a re-enacted set from the show’s opening montage, signature cocktails, mock tails  and delicious canapés were served. The Crème-de-la Crème of Lagos entertainment elites including Kemi Adetiba, Noble Igwe, Eku Edewor, Ashionye Raccah, Bola Atta and guests mingled and re-lived their favourite scenes from Season 1 through pictures and interviews.

At 7:30 pm, all guests were ushered into the main screening hall by the Creative Director of REDTV, Obinna Okerekeocha, intimating fans and guests present that the new Season was about to bring on a different dimension. ‘REDTV has taken drama to a different level and we aren’t scared to push the boundaries. Our vision at REDTV is to continually produce premium content for entertainment. The new season of The Men’s Club is real. Its aspirational and relatable. The cinematography and scores are top class and its wonderful to see how the lead actors have grown. This is going to be a bigger hit than Season one’ said Okerekeocha. He reminded everyone to spread the message and invite friends to subscribe on the REDTV.

As end credits from the show reeled on the screen, the room was filled with a resounding applause. In a thank you address, Bola Atta the Executive Producer expressed her uttermost joy as the show more than surpassed expectations. She thanked the United Bank for Africa(UBA) for the endless support to ensure the success of REDTV and congratulated Tola Odunsi and Akins Akinkugbe, co-producers of the The Men’s Club.

The curtains drew with a final address from Tola Odunsi and Akins ‘AK’ Akinkugbe returning immense gratitude to every single actor and crew behind the scene reminding guests that ‘it’s easy to see the finished show but every single person who contributes to the show makes the job worthwhile’.

The Men’s Club starring Daniel Etim Effiong, Ayo Ayoola, Efa Iwara, Baaja Adebule, Mimi Chaka, Sharon Ooja, Segilola Ogidan, Enado Odigie. This season hosts some new faces including Shawn Faqua, Ijeoma Aniebo, Somto Akanegbu as we follow the lives of 4 young men in Lagos, discovering love, breaking hearts and trying to find meaning to life through their daily experiences and encounters.

The new season drops on YouTube this Thursday 23rd, May on the REDTV channel.

REDTV is a fast paced lifestyle channel that puts Africa on the global stage. Proudly powered by the United Bank, UBA.

The network is here to entertain and inform with rich content that feature the very best of Africa focused on entertainment, fashion, news, design,
music, sport, movies and travel and much more.

REDTV collaborates with the most talented visionaries, creative minds daring to believe in a New Africa, putting together content that reflects it. Feel the Heat on REDTV.


For this story to make sense, we would have to reverse a bit to give a proper background to things, so that one can look and judge to make a head of it all.

Who are the 2 main characters in this story? They are none other than, the tall, gorgeously stylish, big eye-balled successful entrepreneur, turned designer on one side by name BO and on the other side, is the super filthy rich Uncle GU, who is a super big boy, in fact he is as filthy, stupendously wealthy as they come and with more than one wife.

When these 2 were together it was like the world existed for only the 2 of them alone. The man went above what was normal to shower indescribable love on this lady, who he fell for stupidly in any way you could imagine.

How and where did they meet? It was at a party, in fact a burial party and where the dude was totally mesmerized by what he beheld. So taken was the man that he had asked that the lady be introduced to him at the event. And as a big boy, when the lady was taking her leave, Oga blessed her with a paltry $10000 as transport, sorry fuel money home. That surely must have hit home and accelerated things as a by a week after the cosiness had set into their then growing relationship, the dude bought for the lady a Toyota Tundra 4 x 4.

That was just the beginning of the unbelievable largesse that would flow the way of the lucky lady. It was obvious that the man had fallen and had fallen rather stupendously and foolishly too in love. So for him, nothing was off limit for the subject matter of his undying affection and love. And because he had it in his head, that the lady was going to officially join his growing harem as his newest most delightsome wide, he went totally overboard with his affections and extraordinary gifts.

What is in fact money to a man who has it in an unquantifiable amount? It's a means of exchange, especially to get some of the best things money could afford and with this lady, money was put to great use. This lady's jewelry collection alone, went hyperbolic, in fact to such a level that it would buy houses for many other people. Her watch collection alone conservatively estimated, cannot be less than $1m dollars that's about N360m and that's a conservative estimate! The man used to buy for her, a his & hers watch collection, so that alone must tell you all, about the kind of purchases he would have made. So it was the very best of the best that money could get. At the height of it all, the man bought for his favorite girl a land said to be worth at least N160million  & then built an humongous edifice, fit for a queen that's estimated to have cost between N400million to N500 million Naira. And just because the man was highly connected with Italy and the Italians, as they were his business partners, many things for the impressive home were brought in from Italy in crates.

So impressive is this house in the estate that's its located in, that madam's room which is fully Versace-fied is valued at about €36,000 alone, that's at least N14 plus millions. You need to see the chandeliers and other things that makes a home stand out. With furnitures and other things that makes the mouth open in disbelief and utter admiration. With the house came a gorgeous GLE merc, a G63 & Hummer, all brand spanking new.

During this loved up edition, madam even got a N100m from a deal that she and her man were involved in, that she just let her have. It was like love that was made too perfectly from love heaven. Forget about all the other little little things too oooo. Travel was on the highest level that can be imagined. The love was so much that, the man's other wives were somewhat intimidated!!!

BO, has always from her young days, always had men, especially those with means eating from her palm. When we mean young days, we mean her much younger days, as she's still just about 44. Then, in that part of Ikeja, Opebi to be precise, where the family used to live. Their abode was a type of a mecca, as men always wanted to outdo each other to gain her attention and she greatly reveled in the attention and gained a whole lot from it. So having had the experience from such a long a long time, when it comes to men, she's got the expertise via experience of several years. She was in fact once married and apparently things didn't work out.

So even now and till tomorrow men still salivate to get her attention. So when Uncle G came unto the scene, he was totally mesmerized and was swept off his feet. But just as soon as our man thought he was going  to have a forever ever after, soon the love began to collapse and alas, so shockingly too the lady dumped the extremely wealthy man who had done so much for her like bad stench or is it habit. The man couldn't believe what befell him. He was shocked to his marrow and did all he could to win back his gal, but alas no! Nothing he did seemed to work at all. Madam in fact, started making fun of the dude, even calling his other wives then for them to rein their husband in and call him to order so as to stop disturbing her peace!

Shocking we hear you day!!!! Yes and totally too!!!! It became so bad, that both would engage in face offs, raining abuses and curses upon each other. The lady had gained so much, yet she didn't care nor gave a hoot and it was on to the next for her. After dropping the man like a bad habit, in then came a much younger, well known person. It was thought that the relationship between her and her new lover would turn to marriage. In actual fact it nearly did.

Both her and her man's relationship though didn't turn into marriage, both still dotes on each other till tomorrow. Her place was his resting place then most evenings. One of the reason she didn't actually get what she wanted with this younger man was that, his first wife did all, did everything to make sure the marriage didn't happen and it never did. She went all the way, leaving no stone unturned to make sure. But BO's loss later  became another person's gain. As the man has now married another (full story on that upcoming), even as his first wife didn't want that to happen again also, but this time around, she met more than her match.

But now the strange and yet unconfirmed news is that BO & Uncle GU are mending fence and getting back together againx for a 2nd missionary journey!!! What!!!!!!! Can that actually be possible??? Hmmmmm that's what we are hearing for now! And it's quite unbelievable, totally shocking too!!!!

We are as surprised as you all are too! You mean after all the mess, love can still conquer all?

About love-Seems love forgives all ills and overlooks all types of abuse and things. So is this 2nd missionary journey truly LOVE???? 


All three (3) are Lagos based entrepreneurs doing quite well in their lifestyle businesses and when we say doing quite well, we mean it in every sense of the word. But there's also what they all have in common apart from just being friends, which is there love for plastic surgery!

Two of them particularly have super pronounced protrusions, in fact it's what can be referred to as gargantuan edifices, while the 3rd though has engaged in the same type of molding, but hers is more natural and because of that, she tries to pretend like she's au naturel but na Bobo, she too don do, in fact it is alleged like twice.

They all used to be super close friends, until something scattered the trio apart. Though at least 2 on each side are still supposedly cool with each other. Out of the trio, 2 are supposedly married. Supposedly because, the status of one of the 2's marriage is unknown. Speculation says the thing has scattered, but like we have said it is strictly speculation. This one that people claim her young marriage might have hit the rock is actually a veteran in the job of dating big boys. Her man till tomorrow who is totally hooked on her Bermuda Triangle, the treasure trove of unlimited pleasure, though she's supposedly married is none other than the financial juggernaut JO. But one is actually quite married though and to a hunk of a guy, with a super fit body and good frame, who loves unique cars. The 3rd member of the trio is not married, though she used to be married, but unfortunately no more but it's something not to her making though. So she is available and game. So one cannot blame her. Truth be told she's a survivor and quite hardworking by all standards. In fact kudos must be given to her for where she is at right now.

So one member of the trio introduces her 2 friends at the same time to the same big boy, without the other knowing about each other. So the big boy was enjoying the best of both worlds. Can one blame the big boy? Isn't it his money that was serving him. Is the 'introducer' a matchmaker or a pimp? Did she even do well jamming heads together like that?

One of the 2 ladies doesn't play for coins at all, it's only for the highest stakes from what we have discovered. If you ain't ready to cough out from 10m, then forget about it. So both were doing the same, one man and them one discovers and all hell was let loose. Erstwhile friends now wanted to tear each other apart, both laying claim to the man. There was confrontation and all those kinds of shenanigans!

At the end of the day, there's was a falling out between the middleman lady and one of the ladies, so bad was their falling out that they are now like sworn enemies, with the middle lady now quick to make jest of her former close pal as a debtor par excellence, who she is ready at a short notice to badmouth and wound.

One other thing that they might likely have in common again is their trust and believe in the ultimate mama. The trio are also thought to like ladies too, just the same way a woman loves a man. 

Monday, May 20, 2019


You have probably read the title and saw that we described the man as filthy rich instead of saying a wealthy dude. The figure of description we have used is deliberate, for we know that a wealthy person is distinct from just a rich person. The wealthy man is that one, that also uses his wealth to help others, while the rich man is just rich in his own pocket, others can go jump into the sea, for all he cares. It's his/her money, so however he or she thinks to spend or not spend his is problem!!!

This person that's the subject of our focus, is a Lagos based filthy rich dude. So filthy rich is he supposed to be that people genuflect on hearing his name. Though no one has ever been able to quantify or value his approximate value like many of the other super rich individuals, people have always just assumed that he is one of Nigeria's super big boys and he himself likes to plant subtle digs deliberatelytthat he his richer than most. And the reason for people's assumptions is because his glaring possession which are extremely loud and in your face, seem to speak loudly for him.

One thing though that we can readily tell you about him is that, unlike some others at his level, who are of similar status, who loves and prefers to be under the radar, this dude craves and lives on the notoriety. He loves the attention die!!! And he would do anything to be the subject of attention, while acting like he doesn't want it, but that he is just a quiet person. Like many men like him, he enjoys and loves the attention of the ladies to a fault. Just like ants are always attracted to honey or sugar, these women are attracted to the rich too.

Though he is supposedly happily married to an older wife, he loves the away game like Messi, Ronaldo or Kane loves to score the goals. He loves the women so much. And truth be told, he has enjoyed his fair amounts of clandestine dalliances too. In fact sometime ago, he and another super rich dude, who is known to be the most generous of them all, even had some kind of falling out over a mutual gorgeous lady that both of them were both dating at the same time. While he gave the lady in question an apartment to reside in, the other super rich or better still, very wealthy dude, bought her an SUV amongst several good and great gifts. Just imagine the fiasco, when both men now met at the apartment! 😳.

Apparently the gift of the apartment which wasn't an outright gift, was uncommon as the man is known to be the ultimate Mr. Scrooge, in fact probably the "stingiest rich man alive in Nigeria". His normal benchmark for a of his status is N100,000. And that's even if you are the queen of anywhere, to him that's his blessing to you. And that 100k must mean you are even of extreme value, you must be super good.

The ladies, several of them some of who we have met one on one before have had reasons to complain severally, making jest of the man as a poor rich man. They are always hoodwinked by his appearance, thinking they might have hit paydirt only to realize, that it's no paydirt at all, but a terrible mistake. So they get into it, only for the experience to surprise them afterwards. The razzmatazz about him is so much, that if he goes to a place and he sees that people have come with more intimidating machines, he would go back to go change to a more befitting and more intimidating one of his.

Who is this troubled soul???? 

Sunday, May 19, 2019


Mennnnnn. Hmmmmmmm. Forget what men can do oooooo. We all just know how to play the away game and most often when  the sweetness of it gets to us,wwe totally forget ourselves and we don't know how to hold back no more and in that moment of utter weakness and abandon and madness, we forget ourselves and just let go. That short period is such that, at the end of it all, when the giddyness has subsided abd the eyes have cleared, we all come to regret it all much much later

The truth of the matter though is that, once the deed is done, it cannot be unmade again and instead of us to be truthful about it and come clean immediately so that the whole matter can be dealt with asap, we prefer to just keep it under the carpet, hoping that time would somehow, someway sort thuhgs out. Truth is, what you refuse to sort out at the right time, can always come back to hunt you, much later and at that time, the hurt might just be far too much then to take then if sorted out earlier.

Just imagine having another family all of the years outside your matrimonial home, unbeknownst to your legally married wife, who is so oblivious of what's around her she thinks that the world only revolves around her alone. This story here is the tale of a man just about the helm, bespectacled one at that, who looks as innocent as a lamb, like he is the pope, who cannot hurt a fly, but whose away game as caused a wow baby.

The man involved is a slim... , somewhat quiet gentleman, just coming into his own and the woman involved is as wow as they come.

Who are these 2? Let's solve the jigsaw puzzle together.

Like we all understands the ground rule, no full names here. Thanks!!! 


Sir Olu Okeowo is a man of outstanding taste and distinction and that shows in everything he does, be it the houses he builds, his own personal home and the cars he really rides. The huge man of means, known more for his collection of mind blowing cars and humonguous home, better known to all as the 'Palacios de Okeowo', reputed to be the biggest, most intimidating and most interesting home in the whole of Ikoyi. Which in Nigeria, is known as the enclave of the super rich.

The palatial edifice that would in fact leave most mouth of the super rich wide open in bewilderness is built on several hectares about 5 hectares of prime land and it over looks the sea or is it the lagoon at the back. View is better experienced than spoke about. We have been to the house, the building, the palatial home or describe it however you want to, a couple of times now and all that we can readily say or that we can sincerely say from our spirit is that, the owner of the property, intentionally built it the way it is, to intimidate, to announce and show it off to all, it's like saying out very loudly- "I am a man of means all others must take notice of".

The inside of the home is as ostentatious, grossly ostentatious as you can describe. The decor and things inside can only be described as vulgar to the limit. That huge and ornamental dining table is vulgar. The grand piano like those in the church with all the pipes is vulgar. It is just what some people would readily describe as "loud for a purpose".

Just imagine that as you enter into the massive compound and just immediately to your left, what gets your attention is the showroom of humongous machines or should we say breathtaking cars.

At least not less than 5 intimidating signature or custom built Rolls Royce of several hues and colours and designs are in that deliberately intimidating garage, that would build several homes for many thousands to live in. Then also apart from the many double-toned Rolls Royces which couldn't have cost less than $1.8m dollars, are about 2 or 3 awesomely outstanding Bentleys, one of which is the Bentley Mulsane extended wheel base of about $400,000, which has just only 50 of it ever built in the world, meaning it's a limited edition series and the 13th of which Okeowo, the name that loosely translates to mean "custodian of wealth" used to celebrate his birthday about 2 years ago, when he clocked 40 something, though it was later claimed to be 52 (we believe them).

Still talking about that garage you still have there the G-Wagon, the Range Rover, the Cadillac Escalade. And then there are several other normal cars that litters the compound too. All of these cars couldn't have cost the property czar less than between & 2.5 to & 3m dollars, in today's estimate that would be pushing between N900million to N1.08billion on cars alone.

The amount above, whichever you choose between N900 & N1.08billion is already so huge, but the man of means is not still relenting at all neither satisfied and we hear that for his upcoming birthday he has already ordered for another badass Rolls Royce which is costing him between N300 to N400million as he is set to pay a whopping N40million Naira as duty which for the dude is a major dilemma.

From what we have deduced, though both men of means have never said anything like there's a competition between them, it seems like there's a quiet competition between Nigeria's ultimate Mr. Rolls Royce, Dr. Boluwasanmi Akin-Olugbade, who is the Aare Ona kankanfo of Owu Kingdom, in Egba, who is probably the nos 1 collector of Rolls Royce cars in Nigeria and the property tycoon/owner of Gibraltar Construction, Sir Olu Okeowo. Either there's a healthy competition of a sort or that Sir Okeowo has just fashioned himself after the Aare of Owu, who is on his 10th Rolls Royce as at the last count in January of 2019. Sir Okeowo is on his 5th or 6th and if the new one comes in eventually for the birthday, then it's going to be his 6th or 7th then.

Sir Olu Okeowo is only known for his edifice and car collection and also because he is said to be a church philanthropist as he is a knight of the Anglican church (John Wesley) 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Wonders shall never end, so it's said and we are too sure we would continue to see those things, some very strange at that, that would always defy our understanding and baffle us as most often, they would look or sound just too incredible to believe. Most often when you hear of the things, the stories, it leaves the mouth wide open or agape in incredulity and disbelief!!!!

Remember that it was on this same platform that we broke the news or incredible story then, about the 'most incredible Mama Dolphin', whose place then used to be the mecca of a sort for women and ladies who wanted solutions to the issues of men and their matrimonial homes. Then as we explained it, part of the solution came in the form of a roasted whole chicken 🐔, that must be devoured in full by the one in need of help and in the eating, that one must not crack the bones of the chicken at all. Once all that needs to be done has been done, the man in question becomes a sort of dummy, some kind of zombie, a willing puppet, with the ropes in the hand of the woman and at the beck and call of the lady as long as the spell lasts. And because of how her solution, seemingly worked wonders then, she had many followers and got so many manys, who swore to the veracity of the efficacy of her prayers or is it charms!!!!!

Now and very currently so at that, there's a bigger one than Mama Dolphin reigning supreme again. You all that the newer they arrive, the more potent seems their power and the more impressive. And so this new Mama on the block that we shall code name, the "ultimate mama for the job or the lady of breasts", has many adherents too, who are loyal to her to a fault. In fact from what we have heard, she is feared and that's because she's very powerful and well loved, and so her people have sworn full loyalty to her. All those who follow her, young ladies for that matter and not too young, are supposedly very rich, with thriving businesses and are supposedly in full control and we are presently compiling their names.

You wouldn't even believe some of the names when you see or hear them. Many are in the lifestyle businesses that many patronizes. And there seems to be a predominance of light colored, angelic looking damsels with plenty of money to throw around and they are popular. Many are single, but some are married and some are blatantly dating married men. A lady who recently........the other lady that sells..... And the one that owns the s.. But one thing that runs through all of them is that they are in charge. The married ones, control their homes with absolute authority. Also, maybe curiosly too, they seem to love plastic surgery a lot.

And just imagine that part of what these adherents of the ultimate mama, the lady of BREASTS must do....... , it is that as part of their worship, they must suckle (suck) mama's enticing and power loaded breasts!!!! Shocking or shocked 😲!!!! Seems like the ultimate power are in those nipples. Once you have sucked on them, you are OK then. The sucking is a way of worship!!! It's part of the must do rituals of service.

To be an adherent, a loyal follower, you would be guaranteed influence and wealth so it seems. So from what we hear, her place is just getting fuller and fuller by the day as more and more people are joining.

Do you wanna join??? Do you want to try this new one for effect? Then send all your contact info/details and we would gladly send to her for you.

Now you understand what we mean by wonders shall never end. Same way you hear that some so called men of god, emphasis on the small g, claiming to be able to use their joystick, the wand of joy, their rod of action or authority to shift out and away, demons, misfortune and things, so now also, with just the sucking of supernatural nipples or breast, seems like wealth and influence too can be guaranteed!!!! 


Folashade Tinubu-Ojo

Shade Tinubu-Ojo is the first daughter and first child of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the chieftain of the national ruling party-the APC. She's also the current Iyaloja-General of Lagos and by extension Nigeria, meaning the market generalismo in Nigeria, a massive position of influence however you want see it or look at it.

Come next month, on Sunday, June 16, 2019 to be more precise, a date which is just only a few weeks away, she would be gathering the who-is-who together at a yet to still be confirmed venue, for a 3-in-1 mother of all parties in Lagos.

The 3 pronged events are to celebrate 1, her late grandmother, Alhaja Abibat Mogaji's 6th remembrance anniversary. The late woman of great influence had passed on, on June 15, 2013. Incidentally the late well respected woman and mother of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was the former Iyaloja-General, the same post Folashade is presently holding. So it was passed from 'Grandma to granddaughter'. Same day, same party, same venue, Chief Mrs. Folashade Tinubu-Ojo would be celebrating her own 6th year as the Iyaloja-General (Mother of the market), a post that was officially endorsed on October 29, 2013 with her coronation on the said date & then to end it all, she would also be celebrating also, are birthday.

Chief Mrs. Folashade Tinubu-Ojo, who is married to a honorable member of the House of representatives, is in her 40s.

According to the information at our disposal, plans for the upcoming party is ongoing in earnest and the aso-ebi (the unique party uniform) for the occasion is on sale as we speak for N60000 per person. So you can go grab yours.

And because of her influencial position as the leader of the market women in Lagos and  Nigeria, and also because of the influence of her father too, this party is expected to be a big one by all standards, with not less than 5000 people in attendance. That, most definitely would be a humonguos party.

Before Shade took over from her grandma, she had been selected for the post in July of 2013 and that selection had raised a lot of hoopla, with some exclaiming loudly, why her??? But she was eventually installed as the Iyaoloja-General later in that year in October. Her grandma, the late Alhaja Abibat Mogaji, who had been the only previous occupier of the post, had reigned supreme as the Iyaloja for a good 33 years from 1980 till 2013, when she passed on. But she was said to have elected her granddaughter as her successor, the next to take over from her. 

Monday, May 13, 2019


With Teddy Riley

With Maxwell

With his good friend, the incoming Governor of Kwara Stat, AbdulRazaq Abdulrahaman 

Like a Phoenix, that only bird in the whole world with the uncanny ability to regenerate itself from its own ashes after seemingly dying, in other words to use a more simpler word description, that's more modern and more now, the bird that does the 'born again' thing, Ahmed Onwubettini aka Akmed 1145, is now born again!!!!

Just before your minds begin to wander out of course and begins to construct thoughts and paint pictures because of the phrase "born again"! It has nothing whatsoever here to do with him becoming a 'born again Christian' in quote, that's the one who has denounced the world and taken up his mantle to serve the Supreme Lord only. The phrase here is used in its most simplest form and to reflect on the ability of the Phoenix to rise up again from the point of death. Which is magic and feat that Ahmed has performed!!!

A few years back, it was like everything collapsed for the man about town like a pack of badly placed cards. The super talented and artistically inclined man of the people, who was a czar of entertainment, running some of the most successful night clubs in Lagos and who was on a first name basis with the who is who just went down. Not just that he went totally Incognito. Though people claimed that he was still himself, having his fun unabated, doing his things the way he had always known to do it underground away from scrutiny, but many also claimed he had hit a bad patch and things were not too okay. So the rumour was rife then that he was in bad shape.

Just while people had decided to take the negative stories with a pinch of salt, knowing quite while that Akmed was like the proverbial cat with 9 lives, the terrible story of his arrest for theft came out. Somewhat giving credence to the negative stories that had been spurned and that was gaining ascendancy. First it was alleged that Akmed had been arrested for the most stupid of things, shoplifting. Though many were shocked into disbelief, but when a mugshot of him came out then, that story was sounding like it was true.

After that initial black or dark  cloud, it was later found out that it was some sort of mistake and the fun loving dude practically went totally under the radar again, only to resurface very recently. We saw him again after a long while at the epic collaboration between the resurrection of 2 of the most exclusive joints in Lagos-that's talking about Eleven45 & La Casa, which is owned by Folly Coker. Though we had been hearing he was always shuttling between Nigeria and the US, where we hear he runs one of the most successful club/joint in Atlanta, called Buckhead Loft, which was formerly Level V on 2101 Tula St, NW Atlanta, GA 30309. It's an upscale lounge. A dance and night club.

We hear that Ahmed just like he did with 1145 & other joints he used to own in Lagos, is running the scene with authority in Atl and raking in the dough too at that. Just imagine packing home the dollar as against the Naira here. The Buckhead according to those who have experienced it is totally off the hook! All the elements apparently converged and blessed Akmed with this project. We hear he as also resuscitated Eleven45 too in Yankee and its also doing quite good.

If what he and partners are trying to do with Eleven45 & LA Casa works out, it would be the best collaboration ever by 2 great friends packaging the ultimate in entertainment and fun for the people. The idea is to carry the brand around the world. The collaboration can happen just about anywhere. Are you all ready for that?

The friend of the high and mighty, one of them being the incoming Governor of Kwara State, in the person of Alhaji Abdulrahaman AbdulRazaq, the owner of First Fuel, an indigenous oil and gas firm is back on the scene again, this time, much better, loads smarter and far more richer, not just in terms of money alone,....... but also in terms of experience too, which is key!!!!

So all hail, the one and only, the super incredible, Ahmed ONWUBETTINI. The cat whose back cannot touch the ground. 

Sunday, May 12, 2019


Hmmmmmm. This lady with the bombastic shape or body is the undoubted rave of the moment.. The one dazzling them with her unique backside. From our findings, we learnt that the men, ever always foolish, are literally falling over themselves so as to be the next one to take charge of what they consider to be their property.

What is this Ekiti born lady's claim to fame? It's none other than are 'badass ass body' thst she possesses and that she flaunts to all who cares to see. So humongous are those backside, which at first was huge au naturel, before she now went to enhance it further to take it to the next several levels, that it has become the reason for all the attention.

If you doubt what we are saying, go check out a music video of a very popular musician, who is connected to plantain, to see how even a blind man got totally confused on touching the mountain by mistake and was literally taken to heaven and back. From what we have found out, Anabel or is Bejide or is it Bella, pick whichever of the names that readily comes to you or that catches your fancy, is not averse to sharing her goods, her Bermuda Triangle or better still treasure trove of sweet joy to whoever can pamper her.

And it seems like the good times have begun to role in as she has become an avid traveler around the world and also she's the owner of a good 4 wheel machine, that she drives around like her chariot. It's a C-class Mercedes Benz Saloon car. So mesmerizingly hynoptic is her shape, especially that backside that even one of the sons of a certified SW billionaire, reputed to be the richest is totally hooked on it. It is this said dude, that supposedly bought her the Merc.

Bejide claims to have gone to a school in Ibadan, Oyo State, but some claim it's a lie, that's its all part of the package she tries to sell!!! This ultimate slay mama jammer, who has come on the scene like a bolt out of the blue to retire other slaymamas, has a sister who is like too, that one at a point dated a tailor, who later lost his life prematurely.

We cannot overemphasize those humongous twin sisters at the front that 1st gets the attention immediately she enters anywhere, but it's the backside, the one that the expert had to remold for a good purpose, that now finishes it all. So now that we have another princess in the process of becoming "the ultimate slay queen", all other slay mamas had better take notice and bow down. As she's coming and not taking no prisoners!!!

All hail Queen Bejide......

Long may your reign be and may your treasure trove never be found wanting or never even age!!!! 


Chris and Betty Attoh

People feel that being abroad in places like America and the UK and some other countries is safe, but the daily atrocities that happens, most especially in America just gets one very scared. Just a few days after sparking news of marriage issues with his wife of just a year, ace Ghanaian hunk and actor, Chris Attoh must be so devastated now, to hear that his 2nd wife, who had wanted to spend the rest of his life with was killed in a dastardly fashion as she left work to enter her car.

Few days ago, the rumour had gone on over drive, when maybe after irreconcilable differences, the handsome dark skinned actor, who used to be married to the gorgeous Nigerian actress Damilola, had deleted all his now late wife's picture from his social media page. It wasn't too long after, that Betty was shot to death in America.

Chris and his Nigerian wife, the delightsomely beautiful Damilola Adegbite who he later divorced were only married for under 2 years, before the middle couldn't hold together no more and both had to go their separate ways. But they had a son between them. It wasn't long afterwards just a year plus after his divorce, that the talented Ghanaian thespian, who is acclaimed to be one of the most handsome men in Ghana, who had been wounded by his first foray into marriage, found another woman, by name Betty Jennifer a US based too executive, who was able to mend his broken heart and sooth the wound inflicted by the love gone sour between him and the mother of his only son.

In October of 2018, he decided to go the whole hug again, when at a private ceremony he and Betty exchanged cows and got married. But that relationship too like the first one wasn't the roller-coaster that was envisaged. Some people had thought that the 2nd marriage was already heading the way of the first, before the untimely death of Betty due to a shooting after she has left work.

Betty at 44 year old, was a Sales director at Express Employment Professionals at the time she met her death. The brand is a leading staff provider for the US, Canada and South Africa. Mrs. Attoh II was in fact an award winning staff, who had packed several awards on her resume. The egg head got her Bachelors in Applied Sciences from Temple University and another degree in Business Administration and Management Studies from Walden University also in the US.

Jenifer was leaving her office in Maryland on Friday, May 10, 2019 evening when she was accosted by a lone gunman who tracked her down and fired off multiple rounds at her, NBC Washington reports.

At least one of the shots struck her and fatally wounded her. She was declared dead at the scene by emergency services.

The shooter was described as black and having a thin build with black hair. He was wearing dark clothing and may have been in a blue car.

May the soul of the dearly departed find rest. 

Saturday, May 11, 2019


Emmanuel Aigbokhalode Balogun 

The story below was so disturbing that we felt others could and should learn a lesson or 2 from it. We saw it and decided to reproduce as it was sent, not adding anything whatsoever.

Please please please. Let's teach our children, so that they wouldn't fall into the wrong hands and cause us grief at the end of the day.  If 17/18 year olds hearts can be so damned and evil, how wouid that heart be, when they are more grown? Just out of envy, they are now liable for premeditated murder. The sad thing though is, if the evil friends have connected parents, they would go scot free. Sad aspect also is, how can an hotel for that matter, not have a standby rescuer (lifeguard) on permanent call. For that negligence alone, the hotel should be held liable and shut down and sued for murder too. It's so sad, because I also lost my younger brother a few years ago, to a swimming pool accident too.

May the soul of the dearly departed 17 year old find rest.



We live in a very trying and perilous times. A very dear friends undergraduate's 17yr old son got drowned at the Dome hotel pool in abuja last weekend. He was in the company of his friends.

The friends didn't report to the hotel mgt what happened nor to the deceased's (Emmanuel Balogun) parents. They went back to the school (Uni Abuja) hostel immediately after the incident.

On Monday a young girl from uni abuja called the mother of the deceased that they did not see Emmanuel her son in class. She went further to tell the parents it's like something has happened to Emma and ended the call.
The mother called back the line but it was switched off. She notified her husband & they immediately placed a call to their sons number and it was off. They drove that Monday night to their sons hostel but met his absence.

They now got information that a party was thrown for fresh year students over the weekend at the Dome hotel in town. They set forth for the hotel. The hotel mgt told them there was a case of drowning in their hotel over the when'd & directed them to the police. The police now led them to the mortuary, lo & behold it was their son.

Yesterday morning, myself & the deceased uncle went to the police to see the CCTV footage of what transpired @ the hotel. What I saw and later heard yesterday was unbelievable. From the CCTV, we noticed the deceased entered the pool with 3 of his friends and around 3.33am he started struggling in the pool.

His friends where all watching him until he stopped struggling and drowned. They all left the pool immediately and one took his handset the other took his trouser and brought out the money inside the pocket and wore his shoes. They left the hotel around 4.18am according to the footage we saw.

The police went to the school & effected the arrest of the trio and mgt of the hotel. At the DIG's office yesterday afternoon, I heard something that has being giving me cold shivers all through yesterday and right now. One of the boys said that he wanted to raise an alarm to save the boy but the other two boys asked him not to.

That the deceased is always doing shakara because his father his rich, he went further to say that the other one said all the girls are always admiring the deceased so he should let him be joor. This are just mere 17/18yr old boys.

Watching the CCTV footage where the friends were watching him drown and collectively decided,cos there was a time they grouped together to discuss for about a minute & from the confession of one of them is not only traumatic for me but also disheartening.

They watched their "Friend" die out of jealousy & envy. According to them, it was the deceased that paid 2k each gate fee for them and also bought fish and juice which they all drank. This are mere teenagers with that kind of heart.

My people, be extra careful for people you call your friends. According to the DIG, A lot of people are being murdered daily cos of envy from friends. No doubt, There are good and wonderful friends but also, know ye, there are also friend-enemy everywhere.

So be extra careful and prayerful cos the love of many has really waxed cold. The young man was buried today amid tears according to the wishes of his parents but his wicked friends & hotel mgt  are still in police custody at the force headquarters as we speak.

May none of us bury any of our children or young ones in Jesus name. Amen. Beware of jealous & Envious friends, they are more lethal and toxic than acid.  Attached is the picture of the young man whose death would have being avoided.

Friday, May 10, 2019


Godwin Emefiele 

As it concerns the CBN Governorship position, it seems like it's already a done deal as the incumbent, in the person of Mr. Godwin Emefiele whose first term tenure is gradually winding down and would have elapsed come June 2019, which is just a few weeks away. With his renomination by President Muhammadu Buhari, it means he would be going for another 5 years in office again. Emefiele was 1st appointed 5 years ago by the then President Goodluck Azikwe Ebele Jonathan, GCFR, who had removed the then CBN Governor, who went on to become the current Emir of Kano, that's talking about the then Malam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, who is now better addressed as Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi II, HRM, the Emir of Kano.

Many names had popped up in speculation as the likely successor to Mr. Emefiele who prior to becoming the CBN Governor was the MD of Zenith Bank Plc. The reason why many had thought there was going to be a definite change of baton from Emefiele to another person was because none of those who had ever being in charge as the head honcho of the apex bank in Nigeria had ever lasted more than a tenure (first term). They have always been replaced after their first term & only term in office. So with his nomination again for the post by President Muhammadu Buhari, to retain Godwin Emefiele for a 2nd term. If the appointment should scale through, which it would, it would just amount to Emefiele breaking a record as the 1st ever CBN Governor to be retained to do a 2nd term of another 5 years.

Much as many had claimed that the CBN Governor was somewhat docile and had not really stamped his authority on his position and not done anything extraordinary for the Nigerian economy and fiscal policy to retain the post, it seems like the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari have seen in him, what most have not seen or have not being willing to see and not just that alone, there might just be many things that he has done, that have been quite positive and that have worked very well towards the economic policies of the administration, which has sold him very well. So things have worked well for the man not seen by many, to be overly ambitious and not seen to be desperate to want to retain the position. For Emefiele, it looks like he has given credence to the assertion that, good things comes to those who wait or that the patient dog, eats the fattest bone.

So as Emefiele retains his post, that just puts to bed the speculation of the likelihood of the 'FIRS boss', who also doubles as the 'Chairman of the Joint Tax Board', in the person of 'Mr. William Babatunde Fowler' and others also so speculated, taking over from him as the CBN Governor. Those who had tried to sell the idea of Mr. Fowler had thought that him coming on board the CBN was fantastic proposition. But now with the CBN post gone, maybe the super hardworking tax czar would now be considered for a ministerial position instead, as many are of the opinion that a change of baton might actually also be coming up at the FIRS too. 

Thursday, May 9, 2019


This is a continuous series, one that we would examine and explore from many different angles, just as the subject matter, who we have tagged as the 'unrepentant lothario' has so much about him & so much going on to write a series like Scandal on or better still a scandalous blockbusting movie about. He is one person, that has greatly enjoyed the benefit of the office so much.

The list of his conquest is rather very outstanding and a long one at that and we are presently compiling the list and that should come out or would be ready, in a part 3 of the series that's building up by the day. It's in fact a very long list that would shock and astound all. The man is in a special class of his own as he is an avowed generous giver. Car gifts, apartments gifts, shop gifts, money gifts. He is the ultimate Father Xmas, the do gooder par excellence.

Truth be told, as long as you can get to him, either you are male or female he is ever willing to help you. But the ladies are far far more in number and they have something in return to offer than the guys. And our man who seem to have an :insatiable appetite' for the 'bermuda triangle' cannot but cave in and we hear he is always willing to and would help, but the ladies, most of them young and impressionable are so many it is staggering.

We all know that many of these young ladies have turned chasing after men in great positions or those that have the means, into an art form. They go at it like their very life depends on it, getting these men, is their most important task as it is their jump off to a life of fun and enjoyment. If they are favoured, then they hit pay dirt and it's a change of life, status and existence for the better for them. It comes with getting good accommodation which is quite important, especially for the super smart ones amongst them, who would rather buy and not rent. Cars gifts are like a dime in a dozen. Some even open shops/stores. For those in paid employment, their positions or growth trajectory can be influenced or they are just especially favoured.

So because of what they hope to get, they go after these men, with extraordinary vigor and focus, some even employing and exploring diabolic means too for advantage.

Our man, super well known at that, whose reputation precedes him has his various hideouts on the island. There is the not so old hotel on that road in Ikoyi, named after the man whose wife named the country. There's also that other one whose bane is synomous with bread production. But the main spot, is that one on the road named named after that super rich General, whose madam is said to be a gemstone collector. It's a place of solitude, away from prying eyes on the island. That's victoria Island to be more precise. And it's a super coded hideout, that took loads of investigating to find out.

From our man's heydays at the helm of affairs at his job in the  centre of excellence, before going to the middle of the nation for a job upgrade, this place of solitude had always been his hideout, his place for very clandestine activities. One major reason for the choice of place, is because it is very very coded, also it is owned by a friend too. So it's a place that's very good, in fact super good for you know what. So our man has at least 3 suites permanently at his beck and call there.

And this is where the game happens consistently. 

Monday, May 6, 2019


To reveal more clues would most likely let all hell loose. This well known official has been married to madam for God knows how long now. They both carry on like it's only them in the world and none else can ever, ever come between them. Madam is totally, and we mean that in every sense of the word, totally smitten by her smart, cool looking husband, who is at the top of his game doing extremely well too at it. They both have a kid or kids between them, adult too, in fact the well known one is married.

Oga's position 'was' as solid as they come, as things have worked very well for him in his career, where he has climbed up to the peak of it and is known to be a guru of a kind at it. Anything above what he is now, is just added favour. He doesn't need more money and that's because he swims in it like it is going out of fashion. But with all eyes on him now, it seems the cookies have started somewhat to crumble. All that he has laid out perfectly all of these years if care is not taken, might just begin to crumble. Just because of ambition, all eyes seem now to be on him and that's rather unsettling and of care is not taken, he could just go with the wind in the ongoing wind of change sweeping in like an hurricane.

He has strong pedigree, as his family name somewhat counts for something. Truth is, his family from mom to sister(s) are also known to be s€¥ freaks too. Infact he has a sister who is a known rampant and said to also be well versed in voodoo too. While he and madam have gone about like their worlds only revolves around each other alone. Oga is known to shoot on the side like his very life or existence depends on it.  Therefore showing his family insatiable appetite is a great family trait. Truth be told, even if he doesn't want to engage in the clandestine game, the ladies by virtue of his position and because also of his avowed generosity always throw themselves at him without a care. Young, old, single etc. So except and unless he is an eunuch who is under the vow of absistence, which he is not near at all, then he would have resisted.

But the real gist of the matter begins here and now. That about 6 or so years ago, unbeknownst to his supposed one and only legal wife from yonder, madam being totally oblivious of this expose, oga in a clandestine way has another wife outside his home. And he tried to somewhat legitimize this 2nd marriage in the traditional way. The thing is, whether that traditional wedding or marriage is accepted under the law, is another thing entirely. Between oga and this his other wife, they already have 3 kids. All of these revelations here are not actually known by the ever doting madam at home.

So that now brings about the question, when does oga plan to reveal his side dealings to his first family? Though we don't pray that nothing bad happens to him, wouldn't that could just open up a pandora's box of dirts that can crush a world or hearts in total disbelief?

Who is this top official? Hmmmmm....... He owns a beautiful beach home, that we have seen before that he uses as the action house for a lot of his clandestine activities a while back. Still in active service though, some are speculating he could be removed anytime soon.

The name of this 2nd wife? Hmmmmmmm, we wouldn't want to reveal just yet, but we can describe her well, she's part Kenyan, part Nigerian. Her mom is from the South West, meaning she's Yoruba, dad is the Kenyan.

She owns 2 properties that we know of for a fact, one in Lagos on the mainland and the other is in Dubai, the UAE both allegedly bought for her by her Lothario husband. Like we already said above, they have 3 kids.