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Monday, August 20, 2018


Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu & Akinwunmi Ambode

VP Prof Yemi Osinbajo

LADI Adebutu

Dr Bukola Saraki 

Adams Oshiomhole 
Primate Elijah Babatunde AYODELE of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church is a most renowned seer. Reason for his popularity is majorly because of the perceived uncanny accuracy of his prophecies/predictions.

He very recently came out again like he usually does with some new prophecies/predictions that would have gotten many to really sit up.

Maybe because of the so called accuracy of his many earlier predictions, which is claimed to have always hit the target many have always eagerly wanted to hear his words about things in general. So he has obliged everyone, by revealing again new things to come-2018/2019, with he claims that they were revealed to him by God. Many of the revelations are about Nigeria, some are international.

*Hear him-
Either we like it or not, Nigeria will not exceed 2035.

*Nigeria will break up in 2035 but God says Nigeria's break up will be peaceful.

*Let us pray against the death of a prominent Emir.

*Let Glo chairman pray for his health and his business because I see very serious challenges facing his business soon.

*Benin Republic President won't win a 2nd term in office.

*The international community will gang up against the Buhari Government towards 2019 election.

*Rashidi Ladoja will not be Oyo Governor again. He should perish the ambition.

*APC will use technical rigging in 2019 elections. I see INEC & Police being used by the ruling party in 2019 to get what I call "technical rigging".

*Nurtw will be scrapped.

Northern states will form one party after Buhari's tenure. We are going to see a strictly Northern party, a strong, regional party by the Northerners.

*Buhari's 2nd time is very dicey.
*VP Osinbajo will be used and dumped.

*I see a fight between the APC Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole and the party's board of trustees.

*In Osun state, victory is between APC, PDP & ADP. But I see APC winning if it puts its house in order.

*In the nearest future, a party will take over, and there will be no PDP or APC.

*Democrats will win next election in America. President Donald Trump will survive impeachment but will not get a 2nd term. He will be technically defeated.

*I see Texas in America being recognized as an independent state in 2038.

*If PDP wants to win, let them give Saraki the presidential ticket.

*I see new billionaire businessmen emerging in Nigeria while the likes of Dangote and Otedola will fizzle out.

*I don't see Ladi Adebutu realizing his political ambition in PDP.

*Likewise, Adebayo Adelabu will not be given Governorship ticket in Oyo State. He is just wasting his time and energy. I see pride killing his political ambition.

*Amaju Pinnick's time at NFF is over.

*Ambode should be careful not to fight Tinubu after winning a 2nd term in 2019. I see him winning.

*There will be no Lagos State in some years from now because Lagos State will be divided into 2 different states.

*I foresee Kwara State becoming a political mecca for other parts of Nigeria and it will he rich in rice production and cattle rearing. Kwara State will also discover Petrol, tin and gold in Large quantity.

*I see Ekiti, Ibadan and Ondo producing food for the whole country in the nearest future.

*I see Solomon Yayi returning to the senate.


Several years ago, in the heady and exhilarating days of the tabloid papers Encomium, City People, Global Excellence etc, prior to when the online version took hold, which delivered all sorts of news to one online real time became the real deal, the traditional tabloid held sway. Mondays were a delight, as everyone looked forward to that day to get their weekly fix of what was like a much needed hard drug then.

It was in those days that the private, very sweet and near perfect world of a supremely gorgeous and quite very stylish lady by name Amaka Chika-Mbonu was shattered by an unbelievable scandal! The weight of the indiscretion was akin to being hit in the solar plexus after the bell.

Imagine your husband, a super duper brilliant, celebrated MD of one of the hottest banks then by name Citizens Bank, who had gone on to become a counsellor and pastor, not just of any church, but an RCCG & the City of David Parish of all the branches was caught in a terrible case of infidelity! So bad was the case that, the person involved was the wife-Doreen of his protégé-Henry. In fact between Chika and Doreen, both had had 2 kids, that Henry believed until he found out to the contrary, were his kids!

It's a thing to be caught, but another to actually have evidences of such things available. Just imagine the terrible and inhuman deception of many years. Can the act be termed cruel, evil or what? It took something unplanned, to expose the whole shenanigans to the world then. When it happened then, it was an unprecedented scandal that gained much traction.

Fast forward now to several years after, one member of the 2 parties caught in that terrible unwanted cross-fire seem to have recovered from the shock of it all, and has come out with a book that might have been or might not have been inspired by her unpalatable experience titled-49 Ways To Get Rid of The Other Woman (Without Getting Caught). Though this isn't Mrs. Amaka Chika-Mbonu's first book, this particular one seem to have a more direct reference to what had occurred to her or what she had experienced in the past, so might have informed the topic and title. Her other book which was launched last year is titled- How to get your wife to swing from the chandelier in a red negligee, a book said to be for couples, but written from biblical perspective.

So this 2nd book that's already out, which we would have loved to have read so as to give our own perspective is out on Amazon, Konga and LanternBooks. We are of the opinion that coming from one who had experienced such a tragedy before, the author might truly have a unique perspective and understanding of the topic and therefore should be able to give good advices and answers to those who might be having or might have such issues to deal with.

Lest we forget, madam is still a stunner any day. 

Sunday, August 19, 2018


Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal of Sokoto State

Aliyu Wammako's visit

While he was still basking in the euphoria of his defection from the party that swept him to power as Governor to the PDP, his oversized ego might been deflated when about 252 (Two hundred and Fifty Two) of his aides, said to be made up of his special advisers and special assistants have dumped him like a bad habit and moved back to the party he had just jettisoned!!!!

The aides are said to have claimed they couldn't go join him at his new party, where he had gone to with a massive 18 members of the local assembly. The 18 members included the speaker of the Sokoto assembly, leaving only 12 members remaining in the APC, now in the opposition. With that higher number of assembly members going with him, at least that secured his seat as Governor as he cannot be impeached by a smaller number of the opposition.

Shocking action by the aides???? Too shocking! Maybe the Governor might be regretting his move/action by now as he must feel pretty bad by now, thinking he might have shot himself on the foot and over estimated his own value!

In just the space of just 2 to 3 weeks now he has been taught a big, if not massive lesson by his own people. First was when one of the very big boys in his state and still a chieftain of the APC, in the person of his predecessor, Alhaji Aliyu Wammako when in a show of strength, political value and popularity returned home to a most rousing and unprecedented welcome back to the state, just immediately after Tambuwal had just defected, citing insecurity amongst his several excuses.

Now a whopping 252 of his aides, an unprecedented number at that, have now decided to dump him and move back instead of helping to slodify his position where he had gone to. Alhaji Aminu Waziri Tambuwal is not new at all to moving about like a yoyo though, he had first dumped the PDP then in 2014 while he was still the speaker of the House of Representatives, in a move that shocked the house then and helped to break that back of that PDP then to join the APC, but now just 4 years after that defection, he decided to now defect again from the APC back to the PDP, claiming insecurity, inactivity on the part of the President and the neglect of Sokoto in the scheme of things.

Though the above and several other reasons are his claims to why he had decided to dump the APC, some have however claimed that his claims are not true at all, that the actual fear of irrelevance, especially him not been guaranteed an automatic ticket back and also majorly because of his utmost desire to vie for the President of Nigeria are the actual reasons for him dumping the APC. 



Sequel to the threat of demolition given to the Music House where the Ibadan based Radio station-Fresh FM owned by top musician Yinka Ayefele is located, by the Oyo State Government, the state Government today, Sunday, August 19, 2018 have made good their threat to the shock, disbelief and chagrin of all.

Many had thought that with the public outcry that had followed the letter of threat and with the cry made by the owner that he had gotten the right approvals, that an amicable solution could have been worked out. But alas! That didn't happen, only for onlookers and staff members of the station to watch in utter shock and total disbelief as bulldozers arrived following the orders of government to do their job.

Famous musician and owner of the property, said to be worth a whooping 800 million Naira, YINKA AYEFELE watched in perplexity at the building he had invested a great deal of money in, that had been demolished. Many eyewitnesses (onlookers) also gathered at the Challenge Ibadan Area, where the building named "Music House" is located, to watch in shock and absolute incredulity as the demolition went on.

More after the break.


Dr Bukola Saraki and the twins

Given the battles for survival that he has had to fight all of these 3 years, you can't but allow him his time to gloat! And gloating, he seems to be doing at every given opportunity now. No matter who you are and whether or not you are his fan, you must just commend him for being a deft politician.

From the High Court, to the Appeal court and then to the Surpreme Court which is the highest court in the land, don't forget that in-between he also had to face the Code of Conduct too, where a sitting number 3 even had to sit at the Dock to explain himself! In all of them, he won against them all. For those alone, one cannot imagine the hundreds of millions that must have gone down the drain!

All those years that the battle was raging and raging, throwing tantrums, he had to be very careful not to talk too much, and  he also had to constantly be alert, on the watch, on his toes, because he didn't know particularly where the next wave of attack could spring from. Truth be told, whoever were those in his think tank team, they need to be very well commended and well compensated for being up to the task all through. They must have come highly recommended and they surely lived up to their billings. If he can, he must commend them for the rest of his life. They were truly extraordinary, especially at anticipating the moves of their principal's (SARAKI'S) adversaries, that's even before they the adversaries could think up what that next move would or could be, they had already prepared the way out for all or any eventualities. If nothing at all, they must be masters at playing chess, with the abilities to predict as much as the next 8 moves ahead, kudos to them. Without mincing words, they are no doubt a very solid, totally resourceful team.

Also to be commended would be those unseen, but quite formidable powers behind the Senate President, by that we mean his 'prayer team'. Those ones in possession of exceptional esoteric abilities, with the vaunted gifts of seeing limitedly into the immediate future. Mennnnnn, those people, whoever they are and wherever they are too, must be on fire!!!! Not many can weather the kind of storm of the last 3 years and can still come out of it all unscathed. Just imagine that in all of the shenanigans, he has accualy come out of it all looking like an innocent victim, in fact as the oppressed weakling. Wow!

So all through the battles, he dug deep, he had to be careful as he wasn't too sure where the pendulum could swing at times. He kept his aces to himself and his very close knit team, away from scrutinising/prying eyes. In fact also formulating his own  ingenious plans of actions in anticipation, ready to counter wherever and when necessary, whilst also ready to spring the many surprises (jokers) in his box that could turn the tide positive for him and negative for his perceived adversaries whenever necessary and in the process actually turning the hunter to the hunted! In fact sometimes actually using the art of deliberate misdirection to his most utmost advantage, sending his enemies on fool's errands and making the other side look stupid most often.

So far, so good, is all we can say for now and that's very glaring! And the obvious elation and sigh of relief can be perceived and seen all over them. By that we mean Dr Bukola Saraki and his family. Even his family, represented by the very adorable wife, who normally is very, very quiet, especially about anything that has to do with politics and issues related to it, has not been left out of the very public exhalation, since after they won their case at the Surpreme Court!

In the last few weeks, Mrs. Toyin Saraki has been releasing loads of very smart, not confrontational at all and very subliminal messages on her social media handle that says a whole lot about the family's current state of mind. It's so very obvious that first, the relief has been palpable and then by extension, the joy of the victory at the hand has been immense. Though the family would claim that the very latest exclamation of joy has to do with the family' s twin daughters gaining admission to an ivy league school abroad, those in the know, actually know too well that it's more of an all encompassing thing! Far more than the celebration of admissions into a school.

Everything seems so good now, in fact the feel good effect or factor has been extraordinary and it has extended to so much confidence, so much so to the extent that many are of the opinion that if Dr. Bukola Saraki should venture to run for election come next year, 2019, he could or would be the next Nigerian president without a whimper. Though we are not too sure about that for now, for the man of the moment is still going about right now doing consultations to see if those seen as the stakeholders would give their support for his candidacy for President come 2019.

What's quote obvious though is that baring any future unpalatable circumstances, he would surely stick out his neck for the race to become Nigeria's numero uno, and if the prophecy or prediction of Primate Ayodele Elijah of Inri Evangelical Ministry, who claims to have heard from God on his candidacy is anything to go by, then we might already have a new President in waiting then! 

Friday, August 17, 2018

On Ambode's Stunted Re-election...By Olaleye Olawale

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Akinwunmi Ambode 

I'm not an Akinwunmi Ambode person, and that is public knowledge. But it will be utterly unfair for Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to force him to a primary, when the practice has always been that governors of the party are given the right of first refusal across the nation. The choice of direct primary is clearly designed to humiliate him, because even governors, who failed to win their second term election didn't have to struggle for their tickets in the party.

I can't comprehend the logic behind it except that it is a grossly dishonest choice, informed by sheer political greed. The same Tinubu who allegedly asked some prospective aspirants to a particular senatorial seat in the state to back off, because the present occupant deserves the right of first refusal? And a few weeks to the primary, a Lagos governor does not know his fate? Haba!

Now, the leader will hide under the facade of following party's decision to teach the governor some lessons, because, like it or not, it is who they allow to vote that would vote and the outcome is inevitably guided. Watch out for the guidelines soon. You will be stunned!

Pray Ambode does not make it at the primary otherwise, we will be here to analyse the consequences, going forward. Recall I said recently that the process is the only thing that has changed as far as direct primary is concerned, albeit in name. The result will always be at the behest of the leader. The message is one: 'Baba so pe' and the followers will go in one straight line. Just another "ziggy" in the offing!

Perhaps, Ambode too would have learnt a lesson or two, both in human relations and political strategy. He set the tone for the corner he is boxed today from the word go. His vindictive disposition and needless disregard for the political class except Tinubu might have come to haunt him.

Anyway, welcome to Lagos, Nigeria's most cosmopolitan city, where the educated have been hypnotised into political zombies by one man.

Olaleye Olawale writes for ThisDay Newspaper.

Thursday, August 16, 2018


All black everything.. . 

The exceptional lady in red... 

The long-legged bombshell.. 

The sea goddess in contemplation 

Natural born stunner.... 

Flawless skin nymph

Cover Girl Bombshell 

Undoubtedly Munachi Gail Teresa Abii Nwankwo, "Munachi Abii" for short is one of the most beautiful eligible bachelorettes in town and in fact, if we are not off the track, she is probably one of the most gorgeous Nigerian natural beauty of all times. A few of the pictures above with the most minimal of make up should convince you that we are  totally right, especially pictures 4 & 5, a natural born stunner, by all standards!

The ex-beauty queen, now rapper (that's what she does professionally) and entertainer is still, drop dead gorgeous and a stunner par excellence, even 11 years (that's more than a decade) after she relinquished the crown as the most beautiful girl in Nigeria 2007 (MBGN 2007). A competition she won while still a 2nd year student of International Relations and Diplomacy at the "Benson Idahosa University.  We are still looking forward to the day, she would be nominated as our ambassador to one of those foreign countries, where she would dazzle them endlessly with her oomph! We are of the opinion that like a fine wine left in its cask over a period of time to mature appropriately, she has come out now much better, looking far more beautiful and more rounded than even 11 years ago

In the years after her sudden emergence on the scene and in the limelight as a beauty queen, the Port Harcourt born, Imo State native has grown more outstandingly "voluptuous and curvaceous", possessing that sort of curve, that could make a monk denounce his sworn devotion or even a devoted father in an abbey to denounce a sworn oath of celibacy!

Though her music career has not enjoyed that fire, not gotten the jump start and not blossomed as splendidly as was expected, the 31 year old, (she would be that age on November 5, 2018, having been born on that date in 1987), still has years ahead of her to make the kind of impact and impression, she's been hoping, praying and working so very hard to make and get.

Is marriage on the card sometime very soon? We don't know yet, but we are too sure she must be getting loads and loads of invitations & proposals towards that, but even if not, must marriage be the it all to define a lady, a beautiful one at that as a success? 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Who the cap fits let him or her wear it is the time seasoned or better still, time honoured adage of the sages and that's the perfect saying that can be used to describe this great man of timber and caliber, known to most by his unique initials 'YSL', but better known to all and sundry as 'Otunba Yemi Saheed Lawal', a very well respected and renowned property developer and estate owner in Lagos, Nigeria.

Come the month of September, on the the 16th of that month to be more precise, the man who has his signature stamped all over the Oniru Estate, who some have even acclaimed as the biggest property owner in that Estate, after the famous Oniru family themselves, would be installed as the "Oloro ADINNI" of the entire Lagos. The unique title, speaks about an exemplary personality, who by all standard is one to reckon with, who uses his wherewithal, resources and wealth to promote Islam, both locally and otherwise.

The philanthropist per excellence, who is also a renowned humanitarian & a devout moslem and family man has been found to be the one worthy enough, to carry the title and be installed as a top rank moslem leader in the state of excellence-Lagos. According to our findings, if Otunba Lawal hasn't built a mosque for the growth of Islam, he has donated atleast 3 humongous ones built solely by him to promote his religion, not to talk of the countless number of people that he has either sponsored or supported to go on the hajj, which is one of the compulsory task, in fact one of the pillars of Islam that a moslem must sure to partake of in his/her lifetime.

So the Bobagunwa of Isaga-Orile in Egbado area of Ogun State, who is also the Bobasuwa of Iperu Akesan in Remo area, also of Ogun state and the Ochuido of Amunike, a title given to him for his philanthropic effort by 13 communities in Enugu state is going to host family members, friends and associates to what would most definitely be a swell gathering on the day of his installation. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu 

Akinwunmi Ambode 

What more can be said about the great Asiwaju of Lagos and by extension according to some, the Asiwaju of Yorubaland that hasn't been said yet or already? The inimitable Jagaban Borgu, who also incidentally holds the highest chieftaincy title in Egbaland, which is the "Aare Ago" (Field Marshall) of Egbaland, a title bestowed on him by the current paramount ruler of Egbaland, the Alake of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo III, CFR. These titles mentioned here and others are just a few of the more prominent titles that the former 2 term Governor of the state of aquatic excellence and a former Senator of the state, hold.

The APC top chieftain, in fact the National Leader of the ruling party is an enigma per excellence, one that many of his die-hard followers see as the engineer, the visioner, the inspiration behind what the current Lagos is and may turn into in the future. Some are of the strong opinion, that the script of the 21st century Lagos, an emerging eldorado was put together by him and that all that have always been needed, is always for the perfect and proper person to come execute.

His excellency, the Governor extraordinary, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, FCA is the current Governor of the number 1 state in Nigeria in many ramifications and that's the state of excellence-known to all as Lagos. Never in the history of this state has someone being so well prepared, so well honed, so perfectly fitted to run the affairs of a state as unique, as powerful, as diverse, as massive, as Lagos.

For those who already know and even for those that do not readily know, that Governor Akinwunmi Ambode boasts an incredible, totally outstanding educational history, background, from as early as his O'levels, where he cracked the WASC, having the 2nd best results overall for the year in review is a known fact.

Thereafter the O'levels, he went on to continually dazzle all comers every step of the way ever since. From an exemplary university result for his 1st degree and later having his masters, to getting trained at some of the best schools available-Harvard, Instead, Wharton, Cranfield etc where he honed his skills as an accountant/auditor/administrator.

But it's not only about his educational status that we are on about here now, it is also majorly about his career path and projectile, which apart from the educational attainment is what has made him who he is today!

Imagine that from the get go till he got to the highest level/hierarchy as Governor, he has worked at every level of the state civil service, from the grassroots at the local government level, holding various positions from the low to the high, right around the state, rising later from being the Auditor-General in charge of Local Governments to become the Permanent Secretary in charge of Finance in Lagos, till he finally became the Accountant-General of Lagos State, which on its own, is already a career high and then now finally to becoming the Governor of the state. Transversing the length and breath of the state Civil service for 27 years! How more prepared can anyone have ever been?

So it wasn't something too extraordinary or too out of the world when the Asiwaju then, like he had also done before with the excellent BRF, insisted on Ambode as the nos 1 choice to take over from another, exemplary and anoited son then in the person of the awesome Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN. Many of the skeptics who couldn't dare dream then, many of them who had doubts, those who had thought no one, no matter who could break the awesome records set by the 2 terms of the administration of BRF have all now since become die-hard converts in only just 3 years of exhilarating hard work!

The blitzkrieg otherwise known as Akinwunmi Ambode, that unstoppable shining star has swept all before him off their feet-both his own people and even the opposition with such speed and authority, it has been totally outstanding and dazzling at the same time. So much so that even the opposition have become totally comatose and have been pulverized to inactivity, hoping against all hope in the dreamland to come to relevance again sometime in the far future.

Every where in Lagos that you go to, you would effortlessly and openly see, the Ambode super impressive signature all over, dotting the landscape in nearly all ramifications. Truth be told, Lagos State in a very long while, has not encountered such dizzying and dazzling level of infrastructural developments all going on simultaneously at the same time like now! So just imagine all the launchings that would all be happening all over the place in Lagos at the tail end of this administration's 1st term in power come 2019! Lagos is surely in for a super great and exhilarating ride!!! !

So in view of the very immediate above, most had thought that a 2nd term for the one behind all that has been happening so positively should just be a given! Like it has been said for many centuries now, one good turn, deserves another, or so people had thought! But alas, that might not necessarily be! Reason been that if the so called underground grumblings and rumblings are anything to go by, then all might not necessarily be as well as most think!

For according to the unconfirmed gist, which even at that still carries a lot of weight, both son-AA and father-Asiwaju might not necessarily be having a chummy-chummy, good time as it is now! It is even said that whatever it is that's causing the issues, might have been on going for a few months now, at least for up to 4 months if not more, so they say! And because of that, many are of the thought that this disagreement if not quickly nipped in the bud and resolved and dealt with, could dangerously affect Ambode’s 2nd term ambition!

Can that truly happen? Especially after such an excellent record of works? 


About 2 or more weeks back we brought to your attention the exemplary services of a highly resourceful personality by name Dr. Abiola Bashorun and her company ZL GLOBAL ALLIANCE which was executing exemplarily, one of the agendas of the action Governor of Kaduna State, in the person of his excellency, Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, which was to make the whole of the state spic and span. A task that the brand was able to achieve to the letter, in fact winning many accolades doing so.

Same brand ZL GLOBAL ALLIANCE, owned by the same very resourceful and hardworking expert was now invited over to Ondo State too by his excellency, Arakunrin (Mr.) Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN the Governor of Ondo State, to help with the battle against filth around the state and in the process turn the state into a model of environmental hygiene. And we can tell you for Free, that already in only a very short while since the task began in Ondo, it has been accolades or better still garlands galore since the innovative company moved over to the State known as the Sunshine State, just like they were also so welcomed in Kaduna.

Check out the pictures above as Dr. Abiola Bashorun takes his excellency round to show and  check ongoing progress. Filth has finally met its match on Ondo thanks to ZL GLOBAL ALLIANCE. 

Monday, August 13, 2018


his imperial majesty 

Tope Adesegun

The palace of the most revered King from Africa, that's the Palace of the Ooni Adimula of the world, his imperial majesty, Oba Adeyeye Babatunde Enitan Ogunwusi, the Ojaja II, has come out to debunk in very strong terms the purported upcoming wedding of the season of the bachelor monarch, who incidentally is being counted as one of the most eligible bachelors in Africa right now, after his 2 former marriages had hit the rock. One of the marriages was when he was still a young prince, while the more recent one was to the famous Olori Wuraola Zainab Otiti-Obanor.

The subject matter of the speculation or marriage tale is none other than an outstandingingly gorgeous beauty and brains (highly cerebral) by name Temitope Adesegun, who is the Co-convener of Hopes Alive Initiative. She used to be the personal assistant to the former SSG of Lagos State at a time. The well schooled lady, went to Harvard, Oxford, Instead, Cambridge after she had 1st graduated from the University of Lagos many years back.

How those who came up with the supposed tales by moonlight got their story of the impending wedding and subsequent marriage we do not know, but a close aide and an in-law of the revered monarch, in the person of Prince Jide Fadairo, who is married to one of the lovely sisters of the king and who should be in the know, was the one that debunked the tale, which had already gained much traction.

People, in fact the whole world are very eager to know who the king is going to marry again and how soon too, as some have claimed that it is not too good tradional wise for a king, especially of the caliber of the Ooni on the throne, the very one on the stool of ODUDUWA, to remain a bachelor for too long. Also the curiosity to know is also because this particular Ooni is still a very young in his early 40s and infact an handsome hunk of a man too, who is also very stylish at that, one who many very willing ladies would love to have as husband.

In debunking the tales, Prince Jide Fadairo the CEO of House of Oduduwa Foundation and husband of Princess Folasade, the monarch’s eldest sister, said that, "it was a fairy tale gone too far.
“Ooni’s marriage cannot be done secretly, it involves not only the royal family, it involves Yoruba custom and a lot of elders and our tradition are to be taken into cognisance. Please dismiss the story, it is another fake news.

Then another confidant and friend of the Ooni, Mr. Muyiwa Leroy Afolabi went further to say

” Kabiyesi will carry every Ile-Ife’s sons and daughters along whenever it’s time to pick another Olori (Queen) for us.

Let’s always verify the facts before sharing.”

Prince Fadairo went further to say, "the time is not propitious for the monarch who is immersed in the renaissance of Yoruba culture and promotion of the race’s customs and traditions globally.

“That’s not on His Imperial Majesty’s mind. Marriage is not something he wants to do right away. Many names have been bandied around but I can tell you they are all false, just like this case.”

Case closed for now then. Gbam!!!