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Monday, December 17, 2018


Gorgeous bride, former Miss Anita Gupta now Mrs. Toyin Subair. 

Hon. Jimi Lai Mohammed, with Toyin Subair & guest. 

Newly married couple, Mr & Mrs Toyin & "Anita Subair with Seyi Tinubu 

Fine boy owner of the now comatose or is it defunct HITV networks had a beautiful destination wedding ceremony on Saturday, when he and his gorgeous Indian wife were united in holy matrimony according to the beautiful and very colourful Indian tradition, which is always a gorgeous spectacle to behold, as Toyin is not known to do things in little measures.

For Toyin, this is his 2nd journey into matrimony after his first marriage to his ex-wife went bad and led to a divorce after several years as husband and wife. Toyin himself after the traumatic demise of his beloved cable network, which had given the only surviving cable network in Nigeria, Mnet or is it DSTV a major run for their money had relocated abroad for a few years then, maybe then to lick his wound or to restrategize, as he had given his very all to make sure that HITV survived, but alas those who should have backed him then, to save the growing business concern which had many hundreds of people in her employ really disappointed by backing out.

One of those that reportedly removed the carpet from under his feet then, is said to have been a very popular financial institution led by an English speaking MD, that has enjoyed a lot of good attention ever since then, for many innovations his institution had brought into the financial industry.

This Toyin's 2nd missionary journey was signed, sealed and settled on Saturday. We had by chance then met the couple a few weeks back at the Wheatbaker Hotel, Ikoyi and it was obvious that they both were totally smitten with each other, as they behaved like loved up pals just so much into each other.

Two of those seen at the event were the MD of Loatsad Promo and scion of the Asiwaju Tinubu dynasty, Seyi Afolabi Tinubu and  Hon. Jimi Lai-Mohammed, a lawmaker at the LSHA, who is the son of the current Minister of  information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed. Congratulations to one of the newest couples in town. 

Sunday, December 16, 2018


How time flies so quickly! So Quincy is about clocking 60???? The grandmother looks good we must say!!! Life surely must have been good. She's obviously a good example of what she does and preaches, good living.

And so to celebrate hitting 6 and 0, her diamond jubilee at that, the lady known to have helped to position Herbal medicine use and good living in Nigeria in a classy way is sweeping all her guests off their feet as it's going to be like an Aladdin ride on the magic carpet!!!

Maybe her plan is an ingenious way to manage the event most appropriately, so it would be very exclusive and not 'a for all' shindig. We all know that majority of Nigerians love the, I heard and just thought to branch thing, the queen of herbal medicine in Nigeria is taking all her guests to guess where???....... the stupendously beautiful and idyllic Dubai!!!!

And it's not even just Dubai, the birthday party would be hosted at none other than the Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah, that awesomely majestic 5-star paradise situated at the Palms, that awesome man made island resort. And from the look of things, especially as stated in the well packaged invitation card, it promises to be an helluva party that shouldn't be missed at all by any. That's if the person is willing to cough out, at least a million NAIRA for flight and accommodation alone. The birthday celebration is packaged as a very short 4 days fun holiday, with the Dubai Desert Tour inclusive.

Suggested airlines for the January 2019 trip are Emirates, Etihad and Kenya Airways. Hotel suggestions are for the Atlantis and the Dukes, both in Palm Jumeirah with 3 nights costing between plus $800 to plus $1500.

The supremely gorgeous Senator Daisy Danjuma, wife of Ret. General TY Danjuma is the Chairperson of the event. Ace comedian and MC, Gbenga Adeyinka the 1st, would host the event. Award winning Nigerian gospel artist, known for many great hits like Olowogbogboro, Alagbadaino etc, would be the day's guest minister. It's an all white event, with dress code slated as "glamorously white". 

Order of the event-- so you land on Thursday, January 24th, you are transferred to your hotel and rest. Next day Friday, the 25th is the Dubai Desert Tour and Pre-birthday dinner. Saturday, the 26th is the actual D-day, when everything would go totally off the hook. Sunday, the 27th is departure day for those returning to work on the Monday after. So it's planned as a badass weekend of fun and revelry.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

“Dear Linda Ikeji, forgive me. I thought you had sense”, By Mark Anthony

Reactions towards Linda Ikeji's baby birth out of wedlock have come in torrents. Even if you didn't want to say a thing at all before, by her own self, Linda puts the discussion of her situation in your mouth, meaning she doesn't mind the attention at all!

Major reason for all the unnecessary attention though is that, long before her supposed mistake, she had been an avowed advocate of chastity, totally preaching against babymamaism, advocating the need for ladies to be dignified and not engage in acts (sex before marriage which leads to having a child out of wedlock). So some have thought to now castigate her for supposedly speaking with 2 tongues!!! It was like so while being painted white, she herself was supposedly enjoying the magical thrusts of a lothario, out of wedlock, with thw matter even becoming a pregnancy!!! So how does one rationalize such advocacy??? Does it then mean that, when the disrespectful rod of Gibraltar comes into a matter and unlocks the pleasure therein in a near comatose Bermuda Triangle or haven of exquisite pleasure that needed much attention rather badly, it can lead to the senses loosing its faculty???

Hear one of Linda's critiques by name Mark Anthony, who apparently was a fan before, but felt totally disappointed by how things went.

Years ago, I was armed with naivety of how the Nigerian entertainment industry worked and I looked at a lot of people with awe—like a child will look at Santa. Linda was one of those people I felt was all that.

I mean, in a world well dominated by men who know what they are doing and the ones that don’t know what they are doing Linda was and is a stand out. The story of blogging in Africa cannot even begin without Linda writing the preface. Linda made a fortune from not minding her business; she built an empire with a foundation of lies, conspiracies, amebo and many times bitterness.

Scratch that!

Linda, all my friends have been calling me after you came out of the baby mama closet this morning. They said my madam is a scam, they said you are a “manipulative bitch”, they said people who take you seriously are the same people who take the tooth fairy thing seriously. I feel sad Linda. You “fell” my hand in different ways. I am not going to call you out for “felling” into pregnancy but I will call you out for preaching celibacy online but offline you drive 2 hours from your house enduring the insane traffic of Lagos to Jermi’s house because of the same coitus you told young girls not to do. Enjoying one for the road!

Linda!! How cold of you my dear. Enjoying the magic of orgasms and telling girls not to enjoy what you are enjoying. This speaks a lot about you. You are one hell of a greedy person. Depriving girls of something as vital as orgasm in this god forsaken country?? Sigh.
Years ago, you slandered all the available baby mamas in Nigeria and around the world.

I mean!! You were their nightmare. You gave them sleepless nights, you gave them low self esteem, you made it seem like a grown woman cannot decide not to have a husband but have a child. Look at you now my dear. You have become what you laughed at. You have written an epistle punctuated with your near-deflated ego and unserious grammar usage. You always make history dear. You are the first woman to ever “fell” in pregnancy in the history of the world.

Karma knows your address my dear. It isn’t done visiting you yet. For all the innocent people you slandered with your blog, you will receive in the same measure. You think parking out of the mainland to Banana Island will confuse karma or make it leave you?? Sorry. Karma is the greatest cartographer of all times dear. It knows everywhere!

After reading your coming out story, I remembered this quote “To defend the truth, you say very little, to defend deceit, you have to keep explaining yourself.” Every smart person that read your story knows that there is more to it but because you are Linda that cares less about truth but more about lies, you have drowned part of the truth. My dear, truth na soap. It may take time but very soon, e go bubble and the bubble go clear your eye once more.

Forgive me Linda, I thought you had sense. I won’t do it again.



Culled from SocietyNowNg.

Since the braggadocious blogger, Linda Ikeji, came out yesterday morning to confirm what many had always suspected and speculated that oil and gas billionaire, Sholaye Jeremi, is the father of her new baby, while addressing other issues surrounding their purported affair and why they would never ever get married, the blogosphere has been abuzz. And many have seen through her veneer of piety and pretense that she is just another desperate young lady who employed the oldest trick in the book; tie a potential suitor down with pregnancy.

In a post on her blog entitled ‘Meet my son Jayce…and yes, Sholaye Jeremi is his dad,’ which has since gone viral, Linda desperately wove an incoherent story of how he met Sholaye, in one breath saying he lived in a three bedroom apartment in Lekki and in another saying he was a billionaire further lending credence to the insinuations that she just wanted to be Mrs Jeremi by all means and crudely deployed old feminine wiles to achieve that but in vain.

She traced the genesis of her relationship with the Delta State-born billionaire to one night in December 2015 shortly after moving into her Banana Island mansion and how they hit it off almost immediately. She wrote, “I was definitely searching and I fell in love almost immediately and so we became an item...It was a whirlwind romance. He was the funniest and most romantic guy I’d met up until that point, so it was easy to fall in love and I truly believed the feeling was mutual.” She went on to describe how one thing led to the other and ‘she fell pregnant’ even though the relationship had gone south. Linda welcomed a son whom she named Jayce Jeremi three months ago.

Predictably, Linda’s post is the trending topic on all social media platforms – an uproar borne out of the song and dance she made of her alleged celibacy. A lot of Nigerians have weighed in on the matter while the man in the middle of the storm, a private man who despite his billions and connections, remained anonymous until the blogger came into his life. Because of how jealously he guards his privacy, it had been hard getting his reaction to the raging story. However, we penetrated Jeremi’s seemingly impervious redoubt and the details and evidence we got are as salacious as they are sensational.

When Linda’s eternal foe and co-blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus, labelled her a sperm thief after one of their many fights recently, many sat up, others sneered. By Jove, what a source in Jeremi’s camp told us is not much different from Stella’s claims. According to the close source, “What Jeremi and Linda had was just a fling – a typical case of boy meets girl, just that in this case, there was a very desperate party. Jeremi was just out to have fun and there was not supposed to be any commitment or emotional attachment. But Linda had her plans from the moment she set eyes on him.”

The informed source disclosed further that when Linda came up with the pregnancy tale and stormed his house crying and begging, Jeremi had to be diplomatic about it because he didn’t want to create a scene. “He told her point-blank how disappointed he was and that if she was trying to lure him into marriage, she had another think coming. That was when Linda began to plead and blackmail him. Initially, she said it was a taboo from her part of Imo State to have a child outside wedlock. Later, she said Jeremi should just meet her father to assure him that he is the owner to save them from shame and what the world would think of her after she had deceived a lot of young girls about her pious life,” disclosed our very dependable source.

The source went on, “I am privy to the fact that Linda has been begging him to just accept paternity of the baby. And she herself confessed that she knew he was not in love with her neither did they talk about marriage but since she was pregnant, abortion was out of the question because of her age. Now, Jeremi feels used and I don’t know how the matter can ever be settled because what they had was not supposed to lead to this – it was more like a one night stand. So, all the emotion she is whipping up is to sway her gullible followers.”

Indeed, Linda, who bought a Bentley Mulsanne to celebrate her son’s arrival, confessed that she had to tell her story despite that family and friends advised her to the contrary.

Saturday, December 8, 2018


Apostle ATB Williams presides over one of the biggest churches in the UK. He is well known for his prophetic gift and utterances. He is like a lone but sure voice, out of the very many men of God.

Known to be extra passionate about Nigeria. This particular message was spoken not very recently (May 2018) to be more precise, but it's gaining traction again, because of what the message is about especially as 2019 election beckons. It is the prophecy about Nigeria, Buhari, the President of Nigeria, the very many men of God in Nigeria who have been blowing hot and cold and their alliances and the acts of the so called Christians in Nigeria too, especially towards 2019.

Hear him!!!!!

I am talking to the world.

They misled Nigerians to pray against God's anoited, because he is a moslem.

When the Holy Spirit told me that man would rule Nigeria, all of them were saying the man would not. Before the election of the man! But God told me.

I have no business in Nigeria, you know. I have no sharing in the Government money in Nigeria or in all of those stuffs in Nigeria. So I have no reason to be bias.

Holy Spirit told me the man will rule Nigeria. And He showed me 4 years for the man to rule Nigeria and to bring Nigeria to his position. But the 'liars' who call themselves 'Christian leaders' in Nigeria. Lied to the people only because they have participated in 'ungodly acts with the politicians'.

In a short time their judgements will begin. Vociferous Amen from the congregations!!!! No... I am telling you what I have seen.

Some people 'would mourn and weep',.... when they open their pandora's boxes out..... The Holy Spirit in the new year.

Listen to me, because of that Christians in Nigeria got biased, instead of them to pray for their CYRUS, they kept their mouth shut or they wished him evil. But the man is seeking. The spirit of the man is crying!!!! "Who shall help me".

And the Christians God sent there, have been lied to, so they turned against him, therefore 'the people who rule in darkness afflicted him'.

They afflicted him!!!! The ones who have the authority to free his affliction, Satan turned them against him. "They will answer with their lives in eternity"!!!!

Listen to me! Cyrus was ungodly. God said to Cyrus, I will set... , I will lift up your hand to subdue nations. I would open before you double doors, so that doors would not be shut against you. He said, I will break down the gates of bronze and will cut through chains of brass, because you let my people go.

Buhari..., is God's last chance for Nigeria!!! Nigeria miss it, I am sorry...

Many years ago, God took me to the future of Nigeria and showed me. I am going to Nigeria next year, to teach and talk to them.... I want any, who thinks he can hear God, to come and talk to me publicly unedited!!!!

The destiny of that nation God revealed to me. When people were queuing all over the world, looking for and begging for visa to go to Nigeria, because Nigeria was abundantly blessed, but God gave them one chance, after that one chance.

After that man Buhari, is supposed to rule a young man, before who there's no pebble. I saw it before Buhari showed up!!!

Are we together now??? (asking the congregations the question)  If Nigeria miss this time of Buhari in Nigeria!!!! Write my words down, write my words down. Unless 'He: who lives in heaven did not speak!!!

The defiant man of God presides over a massive church in London with branches across 4 continents of the world named Christ Faith Tabernacle. Yours truly had the opportunity once in 2016 to visit the beautiful, well structured worship place and was quite impressed and pleased with what I experienced. A lot of Nigerians and Africans in London worships at the church. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018



Tosyn Bucknor-Boyer, is the younger, very effervescent sister of top events manager and CEO of Zapphaire Events, Funke Bucknor-Obruthe. The 37 year old OAP is also a good friend to many stars and celebs, who loves her so much.

The kind-hearted soul, who was always very lively, with a very contagiously good spirit passed on untimely yesterday. She was discovered dead by her husband of 3 years Aurelien Boyer, upon returning from work, which is a very sad development.

Though the cause of death was not immediately known, it is suspected that she might have succumbed to rigors arising from crisis as a sickle cell anemia victim/sufferer, with no one around to immediately tend to her it must have been somewhat!!!

The Unilag graduate has been a popular OAP for very many years now and in fact, one of the most intelligent one at that.

She would be sorely missed by all, especially her fans who loves to hear her beautiful voice most often on radio and most especially also her close knit family.

May her gentle soul find rest. May God grant all her loved ones, the husband and her immediate family members and friends, colleagues etc the fortitude to bear the unfortunate, pretty painful and untimely loss.

Death o death,. Thou hath struck again, taking away very untimely at that and very painfully too, a gorgeous and beautiful soul.

You have again stricken the hearts of Tosyn's loved ones and have caused them unbearable anguish, by taking away a world star too fast.

Though, you have supposedly won again. But be very mindful, for your own demise/death also beckons too. As you cannot escape it. And thy own pain would be forever and eternal. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Her wedding  (traditional wedding and engagement) was just a few weeks old, in October of 2018 to be more precise. And she did loads to keep it as quiet as possible, so as not to bring too much attention to it or herself. It was a beautiful family affair, with few friends also on attendance. That's talking about the delectably beautiful former girlfriend of Wizkid, Tania nee Omotayo, who is now married at least traditionally to her beau, Sumbo who is a partner with Armani at Buzzbar, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Now we know why the beautiful lady who is the boss at Ziva Lagos, her own lifestyle brand that's into fashion kept it all on the low-low. She was several weeks pregnant and is currently on the 9 months course and anytime soon, we expect to start seeing the protruding belly, which is the tell-tale sign of a well consummated relationship. We saw the growing belly at the #gtbankfashionweekend2018 when she was going home slightly exhausted.

So latest before the middle of the new year-2019, we are set to welcome insha Allah a new baby or babies, if they are more than one into Tania's new household.

The couple deserves a big hug and congratulations. It meant that Sumbo was a good goal scorer, long before the officially sanctioned game began. Kudos Tania for being a good goal keeper. 


@mbplingerie is pleased to announce the founder/CEO of @tiannahsplacempire Ms. Toyin Lawani as their brand spanking new "Brand Ambassador", the gorgeous mother of 2 with the bodacious body structure is surely a good pick for the brand.

We all know her as,
The Hottest Mom in Business🌟
The Queen of Hustle 🌟
The king of All Queens 🌟
The Fashion Mogul 🌟
The fashion icon🌟
The Serial Entrepreneur⭐
Beauty with Brains🌟
One of the Most promising Moguls Of our Time👑
A Book Author🔥 #Beunstoppable-TheBusinessmogulsGuide
A reality show star via @Ebonylifetv #TiannahsEmpire, adding this new deal to the feathers on her well worn cap/crown is a big move & big deal too and most definitely a added value or should we say, value added.

Nothing seems like it's impossible for this ultimate mama jammer, who sees obstacles as stepping stones to higher heights. A super hardworking mother of 2 adorable kids, both of whom she's already training to own their own spaces too. A major business mogulette by all standards, owning at least 30 known businesses and running them all successfully too.

Is it easy to be a Fashion designer to the stars, celebrities and dignitaries? And she caters to a very large number of them without necessarily making too much noise about it. Is it not a big deal to be an award winning stylist of note too? You have to be very creative to excel as one, especially in a cutthroat environment!

Some would claim there's nothing extraordinary about opening a restaurant, but they forgot that some have tried same and failed at it. So kudos to her for getting it right. She runs a very successful spa business, having as clients many top names she would prefer to keep under wraps. People don't even know she well trained personally to do that. Just imagine that her fashion academy, where future top designers come to learn the trade, is always packed out with students. These are just a few things to say about how she's holding down very well.

The unstoppable serial entrepreneur is known to many as Tiannah which is her daughter's name, but which she adopted as her business name. But to very many she is just plain Toyin Lawani, the super star, who under the veneer is so hardworking and so focused many can't even keep pace with her. Every other day she still launches one new thing or the other, as she keeps expanding her business frontier and horizon. And before you all know it, Forbes would soon take notice and give that ultimate stamp of approval and accolades.

The gorgeous risk taker who believes quite fervently that the sky is just the beginning, has just gotten a lucrative endorsement deal and another feather added to her cap and she would be bringing to you various, super sexy and steamy collections from the brand known as "mbplingerie".

It promises to be caliente!!!!!

Check out her hot-hot shoot here.

More after the break.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

VP Osibanjo launches TraderMoni in 3 additional Lagos markets

The Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN launched the Federal Government's N10,000 Naira interest free loans, otherwise known as Trader-Moni to traders in three more Lagos markets on Monday.

VP Osinbajo who led other Federal and State Government officials to Ikotun, Igando and Ile-Epo markets also urged the traders to make judicious use of the loans to secure more from Federal Government.

While interacting with the traders, the VP said the objective of the scheme would be defeated, if traders do not repay the loan to secure more from the Federal Government.

"This is one particular initiative this administration has put in place to help address the plights of those at the grassroots, which is to help you grow your businesses and make lives meaningful to you and your families.  That's why we have ensured that there is no collateral at all and that when you repay the loans, you can secure more from the Government because it shows you are serious with what you are doing, " he said.

Some of the traders who were interviewed, applauded the initiative but pleaded for more loans saying that they would be willing to boost their trades and businesses with as much fund as possible that's made available to them.

Yemisi Babalola, a salt trader in Ikotun market expressed her readiness to invest the money in her trade.  She said that although she would have loved for the money to be more, she would nonetheless make judicious use of the initial fund so as to qualify for more loans.

Similarly, Jide Akanni, a butcher at Ile-Epo market, said that it took the actual arrival of the Trader-Moni officials in the market, for him to be convinced that it was true.  He said having been registered and his account credited, he now believes the scheme is real.

"When they say Trader-Moni, I had always thought it was one of those political gimmicks. But today,  I am convinced that it is real.  As I repay the initial loan given,  I have been assured of prompt increased money," Akanni said.

Gradually and steadily, this very well thought out initiative of the FG is reaching more and more people. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Osibajo, Ambode Launch Trader-Moni, Urges Recipients to Use Loan Judiciously

It was an ecstatic moment mid afternoon 2 days ago as the Vice President of the nation, Prof. Yemi Osibajo unveiled the Federal Government’s Trader-Moni initiative, a Government enterprise and empowerment programme to petty traders at the Ketu and Adebayo markets in Lagos.

The Vice President who was accompanied by the Lagos state Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode and the All Progressive Congress’ (APC) Lagos State governorship candidate for the 2019 election, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, toured the markets to the delight of all and interacted with the market men and women assuring them that the government will increase the loan to each individual provided they use what they have gotten  judiciously and are also faithful in paying back the sum as at when due.

Reacting to the Government’s gesture at the Ketu Market, the Babaloja Ikosi, Ikosi-Ketu market, Chief Akanbi Taofeek said by remembering the petty traders, the Federal government have taken the right step in the right direction. He went further to say that  although, the amount involved is small, the Babaloja said it would still go a long way to ease the suffering of the down trodden Nigerians and traders who are very much in need of such interventions. The Babaloja assured the Government of good support to ensure that the recipients keeps to what he calls “very encouraging repayments terms”.

Speaking in the same vein, the Iyaloja of the Ketu market, Mrs. Amope Adesanya, urged the Government to sustain the tempo with which they have come out to unveil the loan assistance to the common traders without the usual insurmountable requirements by Microfinance Banks and similar organizations.  Hence the desire of the market associations to support the government to ensure that the money goes round to the traders.

Some of beneficiaries who spoke on their experiences included - Ismaila Orilowo and Sunday Adekunle, both Meat Sellers at the market. While Orilowo noted that the initial loan sum of N10,000 may have been too small for his kind of business, but he still praised the Government for at least starting something.  “If such initiative had been on, all the while, a lot of economic burdens will have been eased for the common Nigerians”  Orilowo who is a cluster leader in the meat section of the market confirmed that at least a dozen traders in his team have received the money.

Elfreda Asuquo-Edet, a vegetable  trader who revealed that she had declined to register with the Trader–moni officials on their first visit to the market because she had thought it was another scam, she however expressed joy that she has benefited and invested the sum in improving her trade.  “I like the condition because it’s not going to stress me at all”, she said.

Another beneficiary, Blessing Augustine said, I am happy the Government at long last has thought about the masses. The money will help in my trade and the way it is structured, it will encourage beneficiaries to pay back on time so that they will qualify for the next step of bigger sum”.

The trader-moni initial loan sum is N10,000 for 6 months to be paid back at N430 every week. And the total sum payable thereafter is N10,250. Thereafter the trader can access N15,000 for another six month and pay back N15,375. The trader can then apply for N20,000 for 6 month with pay back sum being N21,000. If the customer is faithful he can obtain N50,000 with pay back sum at N52,000 while the highest loan sum is N100,000.

The VP and his entourage made up of the Lagos state Governor, Akinwumi Ambode and the APC Lagos state governorship aspirant for the 2019 general election, Babajide Sanwo-Olu also visited other markets too.

Speaking also about the project, the Babaloja of Adebayo Market and Bariga LCDA, Alhaji Rasaq Rabiu said the presidency made a thoughtful decision in remembering the traders and giving them the financial support which will boost their businesses.

According to him, “we thank God; the Vice President came here because of the money they are giving to the traders’, money to maintain their markets so they can make profit. Those who collected this money will not curse the Government rather they will praise them. We will continue to pray for the  Government to continue and do more than this”.

Mr Rasaq added that the traders have been sensitized that the money is a loan which they must return within six months which will enable them to acquire the next phase.

A catfish seller, Miss Adeola Oyekanmi who got her money within three days of registering for the project couldn’t hide her feelings as she hailed the Government for considering them in the project. “We started hearing about it since Friday that we should come and register and after registering we got a message and the next was a credit transfer alert. I got the money today. The money will improve my market, I am selling fish and I have N50,000 , if I add the N10,000 to it, it will boost my market, It will help me a lot, she said.

Also, a stock fish seller, Mrs Unwachukwu Ebere said she was happy on hearing about the money though she did not know it is a loan. “ I have collected my money. The money will boost my business. I am doing business with 5,000, if I add the 10,000 to it, it will surely help me.

The Iyaloja of Adebayo Market, Bariga who was also a beneficiary of the Trader-Moni initiative said the money is a good way of encouraging the traders and it will help them. According to her “The loan is good. Giving N10,000 is better than nothing.  She added that the interest rate is very small which should not be the problem for people who have collected it.

A trader, Mrs Ogunmayi who specializes in selling shoes and bags said though the money is good for petty traders, but she thinks the Government should come up with projects that will benefit those in her category.

Speaking to the press on the project, a representative of GDM, a consulting company for the Trader-Moni initiative, Mr. Olarenwaju said the information and intergration of the people towards the project has been on for almost three months. He said people were skeptical about it at first, after telling them because they are not seeing the money immediately then. He is however delighted that the people were not disappointed.

The Trader-Moni initiative is supported by the Bank of Industry and the loan repayments can be done at any of the major banks likes of Union Bank, Jaiz Bank, Fidelity Bank, GTBank, Sterling Bank, UBA, Heritage Bank, Wema Bank, Ecobank and Stanbic Bank. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Day 1: The GTBank Fashion Weekend, Meet the Runway Designers.

Hard work, creativity and passion, punctuated by the clicking of heels, define a single moment on the GTBank Fashion Weekend Runway Show. On Saturday, November 10th, and Sunday, November 11th, 2018, thousands of guests will be entertained by this single moment as indigenous and internationally renowned designers showcase their brands on the runway.

These are the designers slated for Day 1 of the 2018 GTBank Fashion Weekend:

Ituen Basi
Ituen Basi’s 2009 collection brought back the proliferation of the Oleku trend which led to the new wave of the Ankara interpretation all around Nigeria and even beyond the shores of Africa. Ituen’s unique use of Ankara has made her the go-to designer for celebrities and fashionistas in search of something beautifully African

Sukeina – Omar Salam
Omar Salam is the Senegalese-born designer behind SUKEINA, a global fashion brand worn by the some of the best dressed women in the world.  He studied fashion at the prestigious Parsons School of Design and has created 8 exquisite collections which strike a resemblance to wearable art.

Romeo Hunte
Romeo Hunte is a self-named lifestyle brand. His collection consists of outerwear pieces that have a mix of cool-girl denim designs and everyday style for the fashion forward-guy. Romeo’s design has been worn by Hollywood A-listers like Beyoncé and Gabrielle Union.

Gozel Green - Sylvia Enekwe and Olivia Jude-Okoji
Sylvia Enekwe and Olivia Jude-Okoji are the brains behind the budding Label, Gozel Green, established in the year 2010. Growing up in the eastern part of Nigeria, Enugu, they were tremendously inspired by their art-loving parents, and their immediate environment. These inspirations birthed Gozel Green and thus paved way for artistry, originality and timelessness as their forefront design aesthetics.
Clive Rundel
Clive’s creations are well-known both locally and abroad, adored by bold and fearless women for their charismatic charm. Today, Clive Rundle has established his name as one of the forefathers of contemporary fashion design in South Africa.
Adama Paris - Adama Amanda Ndiaye
Adama Amanda Ndiaye is the brain behind Adama Paris, which celebrates the multicultural, elegant, and versatile woman. Her work has been featured in magazines sunch as Vogue, Elle, CR Fashion Book and worn by celebrities like Teyana Taylor.

David Tlale
Proclaimed as South Africa’s kind of Fashion, David Tlale designs are known to employ unpredictable use of fabric, color and texture, David’s designs have been grazing the runways of NYFW from 2008 till date.

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He was a colossus in the hospitality sector of Nigeria and a well respected industrialist too. He also invested very much in real estate, insurance sector and manufacturing.

The Ide-Ahaba of Asaba, one of the most respected titles in Asaba, passed on last night, Monday, November 5, 2018 surrounded by loved ones.

Since he is a titled chief of his domain, his demise must first be reported to the Asagba-in-council first, before his death would now be announced officially.

He died aged 87, having being born on March 20, 1931. He established the SIO Group of Companies, a conglomerate that is into properties, hospitality, shipping, banking & finance, Oil & Gas, Commodities, Tourism & other sundry investments. He used to own the defunct Post Express Newspapers. He also owns the Grand Hotel Asaba, probably the biggest and the best hotel in that part of Nigeria. His SIO Properties is reputed to own one of the largest portfolio of properties in Nigeria, even Africa going as a far as Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. He is even reputed to own properties in Manhattan, New York, USA. 

Apart from his traditional titles/honour, he holds the national honours of Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic and Member of the Order of the Federal Republic.

Apart from his extensive investments and vast pocket, one major thing he is well known for is that he is a philanthropist par excellence. A renowned philanthropist at that who is super well recognized all over Africa for his charity. He would be greatly missed.

Monday, November 5, 2018


Like it is said now and that has gain so much traction unabated, "everything stew" and we also add to it, sauce, Maggi and a pinch of salt.

Our divine focus today just seem to epitomise it all-tasty stew, gorgeous sauce, flavour-filled Maggi and right amount of salt. She must have been answering to the saying that, "if you have it, then show it off", flaunt what your mama gave you. So not in anyway minding whose ox is gored, the delectable mommy, top actress, filmmaker, entrepreneur, brand influencer and brand ambassador has thought to help add good bite to your beautiful Monday.

So if the day was gloomy or not too exciting before, mere starring at this gorgeous, twin mound of elasticated bazookas, would immediately help to galvanise the day and get it back on the right track, at least that's for the men!!! For the ladies also, at least it has given you all an assignment, that you must answer to by hook or crook, since Merciful MERCY, is a role model, you all must follow suit and do the same!!!! Please, please we are waiting with bated breath. But please ooooo, if not as well packaged as Ma here, don't you dare flaunt those flabby, frail twins with veins that have lost traction.

Truth be told, this exciting twin hill of Gibraltar, like those famous many hills of Ibadan or Idanre, look delectable. Mercy is just looking more and more gorgeous and beautiful by the day. You must consider it (the fronts) exceptional, considering the fact that Mercy is a mom & not a sping chicken at all. So if her Manchesters can still be this ramrod straight and demanding attention, then she deserves our accolades.

So we say to our dearest Mercy, long may your reign continue to be, especially as your strength is very obvious for all to see👀😲😳🙈👏.

So to our outstandingly boobalicious Mercy, we say SALUTE!!!!! Na only those we them properties don fall now, go dey vex! Hmmmmmmm!!!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2018


It's so obvious that Princess Shyngles, the Gambian bombshell ex-girlfriend of Ghana's former star footballer, Michael Essien, the lady with the ultra supersonic body, especially waist (waste), hip and backside has got no chills whatsoever.

For Michael's wife to have dared to move or pack out of her marriage because of her, she thinks the wife deserves the title of the "dumbest woman".

Michael Essien & estranged wife, Akosua Puni

Shyngle shades Michael's wife for leaving her marriage and matrimonial home because of insecurities. Princess Shyngle a couple of months back had revealed that she and the former star footballer dated for a while, even as he was married to his wife Akosua Puni. She however confessed that she parted with him on discovering he was married with kids.

Fast forward to more recently, in fact a few days back, when the news hit town that Akosua had left her husband over that somewhat old revelations by Shyngle.

The Gambian actress and entertainment star who is a frequent visitor in Nigeria, whose profile reads the Gambian princess 🇬🇲multiple award winning actress, came for the wife saying "if you leave your husband's house because he's still in love with his ex and can't let go, then you should definitely receive the" 'dumbest wife of the year award'.

Mere looking at the body of the Gambian Princess, self titled of truly from the royal family, we do not actually know, just looking at the structure of the lady alone its quite obvious that she can be a pain the ass for anyone without the strength of a god!!!


Chief Anthony Anenih, one of the most influential chieftains of the Peoples Democratic Party from 1999 to 2016 who was widely-known as “Mr. Fix-It,” died last week, aged 85.

A veteran of various political parties since the early 1980s, President Olusegun Obasanjo appointed him Minister for Works in his first term. He subsequently served twice as the chairman of the PDP Board of Trustees, and of the Board of the Nigeria Ports Authority.

His passing was followed by a heavy avalanche of tributes as frontline politicians praised the Edo State-born politician. Among others, President Muhammadu Buhari, former Presidents Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan, and PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar called him a “patriot.”

He was a political colossus and a PDP hero and legend. But he was not a patriot by any stretch of the imagination.

But Buhari extolled him as a “frontline figure” in Nigeria’s political history.

Obasanjo called him “…a national icon and authentic role model…a patriot and a nationalist of no mean order…” Jonathan said Anenih’s name “would continue to appear in gold whenever the history of this country is being rewritten.”

As a culture, we do not speak ill of the dead. Well, we ought never to speak blatant falsehood before God either or betray the living through flagrant hypocrisy. Anenih was clearly and particularly a PDP figure. He was a cold-blooded PDP-partisan who saw Nigeria through the eyes of his party; he never saw PDP through the eyes of Nigeria.

A patriot loves, asserts and defends his or her country passionately; Anenih’s passion was the PDP, right or wrong. To pronounce him a patriot insults both the term and Nigeria.

Did Anenih advocate an overriding public vision of Nigeria; if so, when, and what was it? What was his passion concerning uplifting Nigeria? What moved him to tears and what did he do about it?

Whom did he offend publicly in affirming right over wrong, ours over mine, day over night? Did he champion the cause of clean drinking water for every Nigerian…free and fair elections, free education or healthcare? Did he advocate libraries in towns and villages or opportunities for the gifted?

Was his combat in connection with maternal and child deaths nationwide?

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