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Thursday, March 22, 2018


VP Osinbajo, Bill Gates & Aliko Dangote

The excitement is palpable already as it's only a few more hours to the throw-down of the season, Fatima weds Jamil's wedding dinner in Lagos. Like a movie with many sequels/parts these wedding ceremonies have been watched with much excitement and admiration by many, so this last part would be the king of it all. 

We can tell you for a fact that most of the rooms at Eko Hotel, if not all, have been taken! You would be surprised by how many from far and near who have arrived and have been booked or are trying to book rooms so as to take advantage of tomorrow's event. Like someone jokingly said, even the mermaids too are storming the venue and surroundings tomorrow and you can't really blame them as they have to display goods and sell wares!

Can you blame any, when at least 5 presidents, many ex-leaders, many state Governors, innumerable Government functionaries, uncountable numbers of billionaires, millionaires, captains of industries, members of the diplomatic corps would be in attendance and there's actually a limit to what the space can contain.

For those who don't know already, former world's richest man (now 2nd behind Jeff Bezos), and the greatest philanthropist of all time till date (having given as much as $35billion to charity), Mr. Bill Gates is already in town and is ready for the throw down of the season at his friend's dinner for daughter and son-in-law. That tomorrow Friday, March 23, 2018 would be lit is an understatement, it would be indescribable in all ramifications. Wait for how people would be jostling to have a picture or 2 with Mr. William Henry Gates III better known as Bill Gates tomorrow! Though he has been doing other things since he arrived, his major reason for coming also is to attend the dinner tomorrow! He has met with PMB & other top dignitaries already, but tomorrow would be a more relaxed affair from 7pm till much later.

For the sensible, if you don't have anything very important to do around Eko Hotel and environs tomorrow, just avoid the place all together. The anticipated traffic due to security might be out of the world. 


Ultimate Scorcher!!!

Gucci combined with Louboutin

In her favourite colour-Red, carrying Gucci

YSL bag & flat Christian Louboutin

Silk PJ

Parisian goddess, black Hermes Birkin

Statuesque, gorgeous, beautiful and with those her major assets,.... those big expressive and hypnotic eyes.

An unrepentant fashionista to the core, with a wardrobe that's outta this world, we bear witness to that fact! We can tell you for a fact that it is a wardrobe/closet to die for, but that's literally though! A mix of the elegant classics and the new standouts and she's got the frame to carry the fashion with much aplomb and necessary oomph!!! Nice long limbs, well proportioned chest, good neck, all the works we dare say.

She's the longest reigning beauty queen ever in the history of proper and well documented pageants in Nigeria. Just imagine reigning for 6 undisturbed years before another queen was crowned to take over from her just about nearing the 7th year! She was Miss Nigeria from 2004 till December of 2010!

Since she appeared and came into our consciousness, she has held sway ever since, not letting go at all and not even wanting to relent at all. She, like a good wine has continually matured as the years have gone by.

Her style game is super top notch, with classy outfits and accessories to match. She's in fact a shoe freak with awesome shoegasm, whose unbelievable collection would open a classy  store without a whimper. Her perfume collection is also said to be legendary too.

The budding entrepreneur, milliner with about 3 branches 2 in Lagos and one in Abuja is gradually walking her way towards iconic status, fashion and style wise though!

Is she or is she "still" not a stunner?

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Sade's outfit t CityPeople award

Come this weekend, Sunday March 25, 2018 at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos, the very delectably gorgeous mother of 4 and dashing wife of multimillionaire businessnan behind the Eleganza Fame, Chief Razak Akanni Okoya, in the person of Chief Dr. Mrs. Folashade Okoya, would have the honour of receiving the Nigerian Women Achievers Award 2018, as their "Business/Style Icon & Philanthropist of the year 2018.

The 40 plus lady who is a director at her husband's brand has really grown in the past few, but exciting years, learning each step of the way and has gradually come into her own, gradually creeping towards that iconic status, one day at a time. Truth be told, her husband's unflinching love, attention and support and most especially deep pocket has helped in no small way to help towards her growing status. On her own side, she has helped in no more small way to bring sanity and more profit to their family business.

Some other award recipients set to be celebrated that same night are the likes of politician and daughter of the great Esama of Benin, who is a good friend of the Liberian President, Hon. Omosede Igbinedion,  controversial designer and ex-beauty queen Maryam Elisha, actress Empress Njamah, jack of many trade and seeming master of them all, the CEO of Tiannah:s Place Empire, Toyin Lawani, super learned actress and entrepreneur Chika Ike and very many others. The evening is obviously going to be mad LIT!!!!

Omosede Igbinedion
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Soft drink bottling Company, Pepsi announced very recently their new set of ambassadors, who are all badass deejays in their own rights with awesome followerships. And one of those so announced is none other than DJ Cuppy, whose real name is "Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola", whose dad is Nigeria's oil and gas magnate behind Forte Oil fame, in the person of Forbes certified billionaire Femi Otedola aka (Ote💰).

DJ Cuppy joins the ranks of incredible DJ Spinall, the exceptional DJ Obi & awesome DJ Xclusive.  These incredible 4, or should we say 4 musketeers were unveiled on Instagram as Pepsi's newest DJ Ambassadors.

Our beloved fashionista and well natured DJ Cuppy, is the only female Deejay amongst the 4 outstanding ones chosen. More money added to an already burgeoning pocket we say! 


Contrary to the information about all over the media, the expected world class, mother of all, 7 stars, 1st class reception is set for Friday, March 23, 2018 and not Saturday March 24, 2018 as have been widely reported all over the media.

The venue, Eko Hotel Victoria Island Lagos, remains the same. Your clout as big boy or girl or as a world class social climber would be tested if or if you have not received your invitation card to attend.

Those who would need to go a borrowing just to stand out to be counted, would have gone about it already with gusto. Many of the ladies would dress to kill, to entice and to capture and this is so because the value of money that would converge in and on that one spot on that day would be staggering to say the least. Imagine billionaires multimillionaires, millionaires in all shades and hues. So it would be about selling commodities/wares, so the more standout, the more well packaged some would be the best for them.  That venue would have in great numbers some of the most stunningly beautiful, gorgeously stylish, outstandingly elegant ladies of all heights, complexion and shapes, mien etc. Some of these ladies would have great jobs, some nothing exceptional, while some would be working on that day, just by being beautiful and on point. Who says attending parties and looking stunning is not a job?

If the information reaching us or we have gotten is anything to go by, the seemingly very valuable IV card has become like a valuable packet of platinum encrusted with diamonds that is not that easy to come by. It has become a must have for those who love to rub shoulders with the creme de la creme of the society, those who wants to be counted, those who wants to be seen to belong. 

The expected humongous party is only about 72 hours away,...... So have you gotten or received your Invitation Card yet?

Judging by what as occurred in all the previous events already, this is going to be the "icing" on the cake, the party to seal and end the whole many days of events that has spanned, Kano, Abuja and has come to climax fittingly in Lagos, the nerve centre of Nigeria.

What is been planned to top it all? Absolutely everything! Security would be out of here, it would be like the Mossad guarding the event. Entertainment would be 8-stars in all ramifications. Knowing Aliko to be a sucker for King Sunny Ade, who is known for the special anthem (tim bati ri eniyam ....Alhaji ALIKOooo Dangoteeee!)- "Whenever I see my personal person". And if the couple would be indulged, which they should, since it is actually their day, it would be a mini concert of some sort as all would fall over themselves to perform even for FREE! First because it's Aliko, second of all because, Jamil knows most of them one-on-one. Food, that one is a given. Drinks- strictly no alcohol. Go home package? Even that one should be outstanding and mouthwatering!!!!! Guestslist......a mini political rally mixed with all others.

Make sure to get your IV!!!! The coded card, which has a monogram that can pop up information once scanned about the card and owner reads-

"Alhaji Aliko Dangote GCON and family
Cordially request the pleasure of your company at a dinner reception to celebrate the marriage of their daughter Fatima Aliko Dangote
Jamil MD Abubakar
on Friday 23rd March 2018
At Eko Hotel Convention Centre
1415 Adetokunbo Ademola Street
Victoria Island, Lagos.

Guests arrive at 6:30pm and are seated by 7:30pm.

Dress Code- Full National Dress.
This card admits one only. 


Innoson Wagon

Oluwo of Iwo

Emperor AbdulRosheed Akanbi Telu 1

Like it has been said severally, "Envy no matter how bad, deep or terrible cannot take away not stop the sweet savour of Honey", so no matter how one see or perceive Innoson Motors or even the Emperor of Greater Iwo, Oba Akanbi Telu 1, it still does not take nothing away from them.

Innoson Motors like we all know are probably the only indigenous motor manufacturers in Nigeria presently. And in this era of inward reintegration, we cannot just understand how come they haven't become the preferred company/brand for cars in Nigeria and for Nigerians. Imagine the country just supporting her own brand, what an extraordinary amount of good that would have turned out. Just imagine what the growth of such a brand like Innoson would have done to unemployment etc.

The monarch of Iwo though a  very colourful and flamboyant king, though loud and having loads of detractors, it doesn't still take away from the fact that he has brought good attention one way or the other to his domain and towards our very rich culture and traditions and he seem to be changing the narrative about his homestead--Iwoland gradually and steadily.

Just imagine if all the many very prominent, highly influential and very well to do Nigerians, would show support to such a brand like Innoson Motors very openly like the Iwo monarch has done now for a bit!

The picture above which looks nothing shy of a brand spanking new Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is actually an Innoson Wagon, this was actually gotten by the wealthy Iwo monarch sometime ago, to show support for Made in Nigeria. Just by mere looking at it from the outside it's a stunner par excellence and Innoson Motors must be commended for a good job well done.

Just imagine that instead of all the Rolls Royce Phantoms, Ghosts, Wraith, Dawn, Benthleys, Jaguars, Range Rovers, Maybachs etc or even with all of these brands, just imagine all our state Governments, Ministries, Federal Government and more would support our home grown brand? They be seen to ride Innoson Motors, their entourage also driving Innoson Motors, companies, schools etc In Nigeria all supporting Innoson Motors, just imagine! Our own Kia Motors, Ford Motors etc help our own economy to grow!

Away from this our dream of the ideal Nigeria (the utopia) and back to the OLUWO of Iwo and his Innoson Wagon, the gorgeous wagon with his logo or should we say insignia was actually seen at the University of Lagos, maybe the Alase Lori orisa (the authority over the gods) is pursuing a degree course or even his master's degree programme in the school for all we know.


Tuesday, March 20, 2018



Preggie Zahra

Jamil and little bro...

M D Abubakar

After the terrible gloom that pervaded the atmosphere of the former IGP's home in 2012 when his beloved late wife, HAJIA Maryam Abubakar passed on, in January of 2012 after a fierce, but lost battle with cancer, which she lost gallantly, Allah, the beneficent and most merciful, thought to remove the terrible gloom and to repair the sad loss somewhat, and brought a glorious reign and ray of good sunshine into that same home again, when the former "Zahra Bunu Sheriff Musa" caught the eyes of the handsome IGP,"Mohammed Dikko Abubakar" and brought in the required relief, to soothe a heart that was terribly broken.

A year after Hajia Abubakar had passed on to the great beyond, love came smiling gloriously again to totally soothe a broken heart, and it was sealed in holy matrimony on September 13, 2013 at a colourful ceremony, whilst Mallam M D Abubakar was still the Inspector General of Police of Nigeria.

Fast forward to July 23, 2014 nearly a year later in far away Atlanta, Georgia USA, Allah blessed the couple again as they welcomed with awesome joy, the first addition to their marriage. The bundle of joy was a bouncing baby boy, who would be '4' come July of 2018. The then new addition is the much younger sibling of the former IGP's first son, Jamil 'jam-boy' Abubakar, the young wealthy pilot who only just got married to his heartbeat and heartthrob, Fatima Abubakar nee Dangote, at a beautiful ceremony in Kano just over the weekend. So Zahra is Jamil's mom, though step-mom, to be more exact! Then another brother and son came 2 years ago.

Zahra's first son, came when she was 35 year old in 2014, the Engineer then with a degree in Civil Engineering from the ABU, Zaria and a Master's in Construction Engineering from the University of Loughborough, in the UK was the youngest ever President of POWA (Police Officer's Wives Association). Her 2nd came in 2016 after the IGP's retirement, in fact 2 years after his retirement as IGP of Nigeria 2012 to 2014.

Zahra's dad "Ambassador Bunu Sheriff Musa", was a former top Minister who manned several portfolios then, likes of industries, mines and power, Water Resources & Employment, Labour & Productivity and in 1999 was Nigeria's Ambassador to France.

Now at 39 year old just a year shy of her 40th, it seems like HAJIA Zahra Bunu Abubakar is getting set to welcome another bundle of joy, her baby number...... 3, 2 years after the 2nd! And from the looks of things, it the pregnancy, is obviously in the 3rd trimester, so before June or by June of 2018, we should be hearing the joyful cries of a bouncing baby, maybe a girl this time around to balance things out somewhat, a mini me of Zahra!  Mallam Abubakar and his supremely gorgeous and quite intelligent very impressive sure knows how to do good spacing!


This is not a story or a mere conjecture, but something that actually happened, and yours truly was an actual near witness and it actually happened to a good friend and brother. At the time it happened, it actually shocked one to the bone marrow as we couldn't just believe it!

This extremely wealthy family, in fact certified billionaires at that had hosted an event of an extraordinary magnitude at the usual suspect venue, that Nigerian 4 star hotel in Victoria Island Lagos. It was an humongous event by all standards, and money was not spared, as one of the boys was officially getting hooked to a young very pretty lady from another very well known family, in fact if not for money, the girl's family had more pedigree.

So the event was on and we were actually at the hotel at the time, not to attend the event though, but for another event entirely. Our good friend whose Integrity we can vouch for anyday and before anyone and anything is a top manager for one of the vendors engaged for the big occasion. Their brand is "A" class by all standards, we even know the very upscale owner of the brand, who favours only "Oswald Boateng" outfits and Berluti leatherwares. In fact the owner of the brand is probably one of the highest collectors of the British brand in Nigeria and he also loves Berluti shoes to a fault. He pays his workers very well.

So at the event there was one of the halls where the brand kept all their equipments and things needed for the occasion being hosted by this extremely wealthy couple. Incidentally also, it was inside this same hall that the family had kept the wrapped presents the family were going to give out to their various guests. So the husband and wife duo were just outside the hall and the manager who had been going in and out of the same hall, getting this and that to use to arrange the hall was suddenly noticed by the couple, who accosted him, shouting at the top of their voices accusing the dude of theft!

For daring to want to explain that he was one of the vendors (in fact manager of the company) working for their event, he was slapped! For daring to protest that he wasn't a thief, but one just going about his legitimate business and that their equipments were in that same hall and that was what he went to get, he was slapped again a few more times! For protesting his innocence and asking why he was getting beat up for no just cause, he got dazed again and in fact, we were there when the dandy billionaire husband was removing his Agbada to go for an all out war, trying to showcase he was a Lagos boy to the core and madam was in fact there, making the situation worse by egging her husband on!

In shock we bystanders were just looking in disbelief! Totally and  unpretentiously befuddled, by what had just occurred right in front of us!

You expect the super rich, in this case the super wealthy, to ooze class and distinction, but for this duo they lacked decorum totally! There were ways to have confirmed immediately of the dude was actually who he claimed he was there and then, but instead they descended on him like a wild, totally ravenous beasts. We later found out though, that when Oga has had a few pint in his system, he tends to misbehave and most often might want to show off his fighting skills, like Floyd. 

Monday, March 19, 2018


AJIMOBI & GANDUJE'S humongous multi tiered wedding Cake

Cake cutting officiated by Aisha Buhari

Budget cake

Zuhair Murad wedding dress (front)

ZM (back)

Amethyst and diamonds with Iyun & gold balls

Should there ever be any form of comparison whatsoever? Yes in a way there should! Parents of those involved are all elected government officials. While 2 are Governors, Chief Executives of states, Oyo and Kano State respectively, the other is the 2nd most powerful man, in the most populous and should have been the richest black African nation on Earth, known to all as Nigeria.

Similarities- all 3 are Government officials, though 2 ate states officials, one is Federal. All 3 wields enormous power and influence, though the Federal is supposed to be more powerful, it might not necessarily be so, as in our clime, being a state Governor is considered more powerful and more influential than either being a Senator or a VP at that. 

So their children had weddings very recently. Whilst for a set, their children's wedding might most probably be considered the most opulent, most extravagant bar none till date, one where extraordinary amount of money was spent, so much so that it would stand neck and neck without flinching with the wedding of the daughter of the richest African man on earth and might even beat it, by sheer value of what was expended. A "Zuhair Murad" Couture wedding dress doesn't cost beans at all, that alone could cost on the average $20000 dollars and that could rise if special needs are accommodated, (a pre-owned ZM couture dress costs about $12000 dollars or more), not to talk of a brand spanking new one. ZM wedding dresses are like the holy grail of big budget weddings and are on the level of Vera Wang, Krikor Jabotian and Elie Saab.

A "Ziad Nakad" dress, by the exclusive Lebanese designer is not cheap at all too. One of it was worn for just one part of the party in Ibadan.A preowned ZN goes for at least $5500 that's about 80% less of the original cost. A "Deola Sagoe Komole" goes for about ₦1.5million (that's $4000plus) and the blue wonder worn by Fatima 'could' be far more than that, that's no beans too, not to now talk of the awesome jewelry see those humongous beads and , accessories and all other things worn or used, this doesn't add venue, food, drinks etc.

Even the humongous wedding cake, couldn't have been less than ₦750000 to ₦1.2 million and that's been very conservative! If a cost can be placed on this wedding, at least, between ₦100 million and ₦250 million if not far much more than that close to ₦400million, considering the cost of those humongous jewelry sets and gifts that exchanged hands must have been spent! According to a bird in the air, the Ibadan arm of the wedding alone must have consumed that ₦400m. The wedding reception had the likes of Kiss Daniel, Falz the bahd Guy, Simi and Phyno performing. Bovi and Basketmouth were the masters of ceremony.

The event planner/producer for Ibadan was AKD Lifestyle, one of the brands owned by Abisola Kolapo-Daisi, the Oyo State Governor's first daughter.

Then you have another wedding which by all standards, especially because of the caliber of the personalities involved (a VP & a billionaire), that was totally understated, very low keyed, kind of under the radar that it can even be said to be a "budget wedding" by all standards. If this wedding can be valued, at most if one would go very far in estimation, it might have cost not more than ₦5million Naira or at most ₦8million Naira, that's like over blowing it though.

Imagine that the dainty and gorgeous wedding cake for this wedding couldn't have cost more than between ₦50000 to ₦80000, we can event bet it's not up to the amount mentioned above! 

So between ₦500 million to ₦800m for 2 Governors to share to host a series of events and just about ₦8 to ₦10 million between the VP & his billionaire in law to share, the difference like 7up would say, is more than clear.


Talk about being resourceful and homely, then the title should go to our amiable 2nd lady- (Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo), if ever there was a word or phrase like that.

Imagine that instead of spending untold tens or hundreds of thousands to bake her daughter's wedding cake, but as her own labour of love she personally did the baking of the cake that was "the cake" at her daughter's beaitbeau, low keyed wedding reception .

That she could find time to do it, admist her very busy schedule, must have been a labour born out of love and special connect with her daughter (family).

And she gleefully in a post about the cake baking on her social media platform, acknowledging good home-training and upbringing (Home Economics) with gifting her the skills to do the such!

Hear her- "The cake I baked and decorated for my daughter's wedding day. Trimmed the cake board with crochet.....The things our great mothers taught us! #FromMothertoDaughter  #PassItOn #LoveBaking #LoveCrochet 


Rubies & diamonds between $20000 to $100000

Emeralds and diamond



Black and white diamonds

It is the nuptial of a daughter of the incomparable and enigmatic "Alhaji Aliko Dangote", that's a name one calls with full respect and not anyhow, as he is probably richer than several African countries put together!

So being a daughter of such a man of affluence & connects around the world, means and resources, what would a jewelry set or collection, of a few thousands of dollars do to their treasure chest(s)?

..........Nothing, absolutely nothing whatsoever! Even Jamil himself, would buy those without flinching, not to talk about his colossal dad-in-law!

If you have been observant, you would have noticed that since the nuptial ceremonies began, Fatima has worn, one after the other, the 4 awesome main precious stones, diamonds, rubies, emeralds & maybe sapphires done up in very intricate designs as jewelry pieces, adorning her neck.

An estimate of the 18ct gold wrist watch with diamonds, which might probably be a Chopard would be at about $20000 (Twenty thousand dollars), the awesome Ruby and Diamond set next to the watch couldn't have been less than $20000 & depending on the brand could go for as much as $100000 (That's about₦7 plus million to ₦36m), that whole piece alone for her Abuja outing alone is about ₦50m Naira alone! The predominantly Ruby piece is very significant in that the red hue is a symbol of love, in fact the ruby is tagged as "the love man's talisman", an ideal romantic gift, especially given to a lady in love.

If you factor her other jewelry, like the emerald and diamond set, which is estimated at between $20000 and $50000 that's between ₦7 plus milion & ₦18 million Naira, the rectangular iced out watch she wore cannot be less than $25000. And then the white diamond set alone, can be from between $15000 to $50000 plus, depending on many factors (cost can be more or less depending on the brand), and that's between ₦5million plus and ₦18million Naira.

Then there's that beautiful black diamond piece she wore at the Kano dinner in the picture with her mom, which cannot be less than $20000, that's about ₦7 million plus.

So in short, she couldn't have worn less than an estimated ₦80million Naira worth of jewelry for her wedding and it could go as much as ₦150million worth! Chicken feed we presume you would know, especially if one would look at the pot from where the money flow, is coming out from!