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Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Not just anyone can be in our focus. You can only get our attention either of 2 ways and that simply means, the good way or the bad way. It takes a certain kind of oomph, style, confidence and that certain "Je ne sa quoi" to earn that focus.

This young lady at 34, defined more by the 2 letters of the alphabet- OG, which could either stand for the"original gangster" or that could also be coined to mean "original grace", is a 'fun fascinating fashionista' (FFF) of the higher order, true and through. She defines 'quirkiness' to the absolute par, with her dashing take on the old but sure elegance. She oozes awesome sex appeal, in more like a controlled way!

In a world where to bleach or is it to tone the skin to near total whitey, as the ultimate and like has become the norm, she has retained and maintained her super glowing dark sheen, which makes us describe her as the epitome of the dark and lovelies. If ever there's a candidate for "melanin popping", she is absolutely one of the biggest contestants.

There's that sure grace about her and her carriage that absolutely dazzles us. And the thing is, we do not know her one-on-one! Maybe we have encountered her in the crowd somewhere before we don't know!!!!

She has the uncanny ability to mix sexiness with confidence, without it been untidy, vulgar or oozing for sale all about it, but with classy and quiet elegance. Og style temple like many refer to her, graduated from the University of Nigeria Nsukka in 2008 having bagged a B.Sc in Medical Laboratory Science and thereafter got a certificate in Fashion Merchandising, not even Fashion Designing! But the lady with her atelier on Limpopo drive in Abuja, has always loved fashion from a pretty young age.

She's one out of a family of 5, which includes her very supportive parents. Meaning she has 2 siblings. Her fashion foray officially began in 2012, when 'Style Temple' officially debuted. For the next 3 years she was doing great and garnering/gaining underground cult appeal with her take on style and fashion and how she interpreted it. She 1st gained major prominence with the stunning outfit that she made for the 50th birthday celebration of the former DG of Securities and Excise Commission, Arunma Ette. That particular outfit brought her out and got her mass appeal.

From then on it has been a steady climb up the mountain of success. She blew all comers sky her with her 1st ever major show at the Heineken Lagos Fashion Week a couple of years back and has never relented in her effort ever since. Her dream is to transcend Nigeria, Africa and have worldwide appeal and nothing can stop a dream that has already gained momentum.

If she wasn't a famous designer in the making like she's on the path already, she would or could have become an accomplished and award winning Stylist of note!!!

Her style is very fashion forward and the one that helps to accentuate a woman, lady's best feature to the height. In our opinion, she is contending with 'Lisa Folawiyo of Jewel by Lisa', to compete for the unofficial title of "Nigeria's most stylish designer". These 2 designers are 2 of the best when it comes to their own personal expression. We absolutely love to see what next they would wear!

Ogugwa Okonkwo aka OG Style Temple is the one, that has caught our attention as our Tuesday Style Bombshell.!!!! Just imagine the aptly named brand-Style Temple. She's really done well with it so far.

More pictures after the break.


His Excellency, Governor OLUSEYI MAKINDE of Oyo State. 


The Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, on Monday made good his campaign promise to publicly declare his assets.

The governor, who visited the Oyo State office of the Code of Conduct Bureau in Ibadan to receive a copy of the asset declaration form, said his decision to make the assets public was in fulfillment of his electoral promise.

Details of the assets as contained in the CCB 1 with the name Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde, was declared at the High Court of Oyo State, on May 28, 2019.

The assets declaration form, marked OYSE/2019/001 contained details of cash at hand, in the bank, landed properties (developed and undeveloped), household items, share and bonds owned by the governor and his wife, Omini Makinde, as well as his companies.

According to a statement containing the details of the asset form made public by the Chief Press Secretary to Makinde, Mr Taiwo Adisa, the governor of Oyo State has cash at hand and in the bank worth N234, 742,296.01, as of May 28, 2019.

In dollar terms, the governor had $30,056.99 as of the same date.

The statement added that properties and household items indicated on the asset forms showed that the governor was worth N2, 624,800,500.

In dollars, the governor declared properties and household items worth $4,400,000.

In South African Rands, the governor declared buildings and household items worth R4,400,057,550,04 .

The statement said, “The houses declared by the governor includes nine buildings in Nigeria, two in the United States of America and one in South Africa.

“One of the properties in the United States is described as ‘jointly owned.’

“The details showed the current value of Makinde’s companies stand at N48,150,736,889, with 33,730,000 units of shares as of May 28, 2019.

“The governor also has existing bonds (Eurobond) worth $3,793,500 as well as shares, debentures and other securities valued at N120,500,000.

“The companies listed by the governor include Makon Engineering and Technical Services Limited, Energy Traders and Technical Services Limited, Makon Oil and Gas Limited, Makon Group Limited, Makon Construction Limited and Makon Power System Limited.”

The asset declaration form indicated that Makinde’s four companies had additional assets denominated as loan notes, including Makon Engineering and Technical Services Limited(N1.7 bn); Makon Power System Limited(N148.4 m); Makon Oil and Gas Limited(N34m); Energy Traders and Technical Services Limited(N1.159bn) totalling N3.389bn.


Friday, July 12, 2019


Freda Francis 

Freda Francis needs no introduction whatsoever. It's like trying to introduce Coca Cola, Pepsi, Milo or Bournvita to people. Even if they haven't tasted of any of the brand's, that we have mentioned, they have most likely heard about the brands before or come across them one way or the other. So Freda Francis known to many as "Olivia Pope" or 007 or just by her initials as "FF" or "FFE" the last one by those that know her with the Edewor name, so that stands for Freda Francis-Edewor is a known personality.

Freda is one of Nigeria's most "drop dead gorgeous fashionistas, by all standards or ramifications, and when we say she is a fashionista worth her salt, we mean it by all standards available and she roles only with the biggest. Her wardrobe would rival any fashionista's in any part of the world and still stand super sure. She is also an avid traveler around the world.

She is the proud owner/promoter of one of the most upscale, most well appointed spas in Nigeria with headquarters on Cameron Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria and a branch in Lekki Phase 1 area. She's not just an entrepreneur owing a spa by the way, but one that is very knowledgeable and hands on in the business, having gone for several top notch trainings herself across the world and coming out with good certifications at that. Currently, her renowned "Oasis Med Spa" has won several of the best awards by any spas, across the globe. She in fact runs the spa, with one of the most knowledgeable persons in the spa business as her partner in the person of Dr. Bruce, a 35 years veteran, who himself was a legendary spa owner to the stars and celebs in America for several years, before relocating back to Nigeria. Oasis Med Spa is in fact, one of the best equipped in the country in terms of infrastructure, technology and manpower.

Our subject matter or the focus of our attention in this write up or should we call it an article, is a mother of one, a delightsomely handsome young boy by name Alexander. Freda has added a year today-her birthday, meaning she is 30 plus today, a little bird 🐦 told us it's Freda's [35th]. And since she's a jolly good feline, loved so much by so many, we have thought to share her birthday with the world and wish her the best as she happily celebrates making another year, in good health and sound mind.

We hear though not confirmed, that she's throwing it down with her few "friends", somewhere top notch. As soon as we have the details we would divulge it. So here is wishing Freda again, all the best that she wishes herself.

Long may you live. 

Thursday, July 11, 2019


Zikel Cosmetics is a Nigerian beauty brand that is set to give all others in the same business a run for their money. The growing concern that's already shaking the beauty industry powerfully, has about '50 products' under their brand, and that's still growing too. In just under a few years of her existence, going to just 3 years to be more precise, it has extended her growing tentacles across Nigeria and even the West African sub-region via franchising and other marketing channels and its still growing steadily in leaps. Many who have used & are still using their various products, readily testifies to the reliability of the many products in the range.

A testament to how good their products are, is also in the level of their brand ambassadors, who have endorsed the brand in just 3 years of existence. They have had 3 brand ambassadors so far, and they are all very well known, quite stylish personalities in the entertainment industry, who all hold their own very well. There's Halima Abubakar, thr Kogi bombshell actress and producer, there's the awesomely beautiful Mercy MacJoe and then the most current and the biggest of them all so far, being the one and only Tonto Dikeh. Who was signed on, not too long ago with loads of fanfare, to a very 'lucrative contract', said to be one of the biggest in the country so far.

Zikel Cosmetics prides itself as an 'affordable luxury' range of beauty products made for the 'African woman of distinction', who wants to use beauty products that helps to bring out her best features, without having any adverse effect whatsoever on her skin. Their products, are clinically tested for the most delicate skins, so it's not just about selling alone, what the products help to achieve at the end is very important too. .

As part of the brand's ideology/philosophy to contribute her own quota to the society by been very 'socially responsible', it has organized its own unique type of beauty contest which it has called the "Face of Zikel international 2019" to empower young and beautiful ladies. The upcoming unique beauty event with her grand finale slated for Sunday, July 14, 2019 at the prestigious Bespoke Event Center, Lekki, Lagos is the maiden edition of the annual contest and it promises to be a massive event by all standards possible. Already invitation cards have gone out a great deal and many stars in the country and other celebrities plus those involved in the beauty field have promised to storm the classy event in great numbers.

We were at the camp where about 50 plus stunning contestants from all over the country and even from outside are camped and going through rigorous competitive drills to prepare them ahead for the Sunday, grand finale.

In all, about 10 titles would be competed for, some would be won at the camp and the others would be at the grand finale proper. The titles on line for prospective winners are the: Face of Zikel World: Universe: Photogenic: Popularity: Amity: Glamour: Tourism: Ecowas:  & Charismatic. The main title though is the Face of Zikel world 2019 and the lucky winner, would on Sunday be carting home a million Naira (1 million NAIRA cash): would embark on an all expenses paid trip to Dubai, the UAE: 6 months unlimited supply of Zikel Cosmetics products amongst many things that the winner and other consolidation prizes that others would cart home.

It has been fun galore at the camp as we speak, been the 1st day of camp, the gals had their accreditations done and were introduced to the products and then grilled on the rules of the camp and other things by their pageant manager who was assisted by the chaperones. After a quick change, they thereafter had a swell welcome party by the pool side of their camp venue. All were looking very hot🔥 & smashing in their swimsuits and bikinis. The gals came from all over Nigeria, including a contestant that flew in from the UK and about 2 from Ghana. The camp is on till Sunday as more activities and surprises are still in store for the contestants as packaged by Zikel Cosmetics, the organizers of the Face of Zikel international 2019 competition.

Check out a few of the pictures of the contestants that we met today.

More pictures after the break.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Outgoing CAN President 

One of the main mother organizations/bodies in charge of churches in Nigeria, the CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria), the other been, the PFN (Pentecostal Federation of Nigeria) has finally lend her voice to the on going imbroglio that came up over the accusation of rape against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA.

A few weeks ago, Busola Dakolo, the beautiful wife of musician Timi Dakolo had broken a massive table and on that table was an unpalatable can of worms, when she accused her former pastor of raping her when she was as young as 16 going to 17 sometimes in the late 90s about 1999 or so. About 20 years later now, what supposedly  happened then has now come to the surface and to come and hunt.

The accusation of rape against the now father of 4, who is now 43, who went to the University of Ilorin and Benin, where he found Christ after been a cultist is still raising so much dusts as we speak, with many taking sides for and against. In fact the rape discussion as been one of the top 5 subjects of discussion everywhere since the can of worms was broken open.

CAN had refused to say anything at first, mainly maybe because COZA the church where Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo is the senior pastor and founder is not a member of the body. But finally now after much hoopla, they have thought to respond and what they seek for, is an amicable settlement to the matter. According to CAN they would want the 2 combatants to sheath their swords and seek for peace. Read their communication below.

"The leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is seriously concerned about the disturbing situation concerning Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, the General Overseer  of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly  (COZA), one of our leading Pastors in the country, on whom allegations of rape has been leveled by one of our daughters, Mrs Timi Dakolo.

It is disheartening how some commentators and columnists have been insulting the Body of Christ in Nigeria as a result of this incident. Like we have earlier stated, it doesn’t matter who is involved, rape is ungodly and reprehensible.

But we have resisted the temptation to jump into any conclusion since a body like ours will be expected to have uncovered the truth about any matter before making public statements and not base its position merely upon media reports.

Although we have disclosed that Pastor Fatoyinbo’s Church has not been an active member of CAN, that does not put the Church outside the spiritual watch-care of CAN.

CAN is the umbrella body for every Christian and Church in Nigeria. Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church, does not turn back anyone that comes to Him and CAN also does not. The Ministry of the Church, according to Jesus Christ, is the Ministry of Reconciliation, which is centered on true love and forgiveness of those who repent.

The Bible states it clearly that “God demonstrates his own love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Roman’s 5:8,11). Having reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ, God has committed to us the ministry of reconciling the world unto Himself and to one another. (2 Corinthians 5:19-21).

Since both Pastor Fatoyinbo and Mrs. Timi Dakolo are Christians, the leadership of CAN is already seeking ways to address the issues in order to heal every wound already inflicted on the parties concerned and the body of Christ in general.

It is our hope that steps which will exacerbate the current damages already done will be avoided.

As we seek the help of CAN Elders and the Holy Spirit in resolving the current problem, it is our prayer that both parties will sheath their swords and stop the media war in the interest of the Church and for the greater glory of God".

Thank You.


Joseph Bade Daramola, Esq.

Acting General Secretary, CAN

 7th July, 2019.

Sunday, July 7, 2019


Yeah Olamide the award winning highly celebrated musician is in the news again, like normal. But this time around it is not about the type of music he normally dazzles all comers with or about those under his label or better still umbrella doing good music. This time around the type of music is more of the heart, and quite sonorous in a fantastic way too.

The 'married' or 'engaged' top musician whose madam just added again to their growing family is expectant again? And the lucky lady in his life, that was playing the side chick and played it very well well, is none other than the gorgeous OAP, with the eyes, lips and voice to wound for by name Maria Okanrende.

The gorgeous damsel from the look of it, is already well advanced on her 9 months course and we are too sure that long before this year ends, she would have dropped her bambino, in fact it might just be weeks away!

Olamide had only last week Tuesday had announced the birth of his 2nd son Tunrepin Myles Adedeji from his fiance, Bukunmi Aisha Suleiman. Both had had their 1st son Maximilian Boluwatife Adedeji in 2015. And the 2nd one Myles was born in Atlanta just few days back.

Apparently Olamide had played a fast one on Maria by making her believe he was no more with his fiance, so they had gone romantic, only for her to later find out too late, that all she believed wasn't true. And she was already pregnant! The gorgeous is in fact looking more beautiful in preggy state. 


Tacha's rampant nipple

Virgin Mercy & Esther 

Avala, Lord have Mercy & Diane

It was obvious that one way or the other that a mishap was going to happen last night in the BBNaija PEPPERDEM SERIES house as they had a party to shake down the house, with the way that most of the female housemates in the house were scantily dressed.

As expected there was a party last night. The first major party since the housemates, 21 of them in all were moved to the house in Ilupeju, Lagos and the contest started in earnest last Sunday. So last night was their 6th day entering the 7th, of all of them been locked up in the house. When you have just a small space to move about it, with plenty of well proportioned ladies and virile men in close proximity, with many of those ladies very gifted in areas on their body, then you should expect major competition for attention.

Big Brother must have done so much to bring the kind of people that are in the house currently for this 2019 #bbnaija edition together. Not a few of the ladies have structures to show off and they know they have it and can't just stop putting them on display.

From Isilomo who is 'chesterfully' gifted, to sumptuous mom-Avala who has the same gifts at the front too, but is far more beautiful, to even the somewhat quiet Northern star Diane, to the irrepressible Virgin Mercy, who over compensated for not been too mammary inclined to having an over load somewhat in the behind section, that she is so obsessed with and want to show off at any given opportunity and to TACHA-the somewhat smart, attention loving stormy petrel, who has managed the combo (the ass and boobs) well. Tacha seem to have the backside and the frontside in equal proportion and she doesn't mind showing to the world, nothing caring whose ox is gored.

So as they subconsciously competed against each other last night to see who can be more "scantily scandalous", it was Tacha, who wore a bra top, or as some would mis-describe it, a barely there crop top, that was the cynosure of all eyes. It was obvious from what she wore that it was to make sure to be the main center of attraction and if care wasn't taken, anything could happen. So something truly happened!!!!

In a place/space where music wss jamming and pulsating powerfully as provided by DJxclusive and then there was unlimited amount of booze (alcoholic and non alcoholic) to consume, in a confined space. What can we expect?

As they were all dancing provocatively using their best assets and displaying it to their advantage, voila Tacha's rampant nipple on the left busted out of their confines, shouting eureka! Eureka!! I have found it! Ella who wore a type of a bandage dress, that showed her shape to high heavens, but who is not as mammary blessed as the likes of Avala, Isilomo, Diane nearly had the same nipple mishap too, but she was quick on the draw to prevent/avert the exposure.

We are anticipating some major exhaling in this house pretty soon. Seems like these ones have a wild streak and would soon explode as they explore or as the competition gets intense and hit home. There are some in the house who would do just about anything to stay and win. Thelma is one of such. Seyi Awolowo is quite intelligent. Omatsola is a clown, that's very strategic. Tuoyo is gradually endearing himself to the ladies.

While the guys might love the antics of TACHA, the ladies might all just believe she's a threat and want her out quickly!!!! 


Pastor Paul Adefarasin 

Just in case you are wondering which Pastor Paul at least you can see from the pictures, that we are not referring to the one that many call or refers to as Apostle Paul in the scriptures/Bible, but we are referring to the one that presides over the congregation at famous 'House on the Rock Church, otherwise known as 'HOTR'. Why would we be asking about Pastor Paul Adefarasin in the first place and why do we think there was or is the need to hear from him?

It's maybe because he is the current pastor of both Timi and Busola Dakolo. So as sheep under his shepherdship/leadership this issue really concerns him then, if ever there is a word like shepherdship!

We know for a fact also that the sheep who have recognized and known leaders or shepherds wouldn't take or make decisions nor would they ever go to a war without the full backing of their captain. The captain here being Pastor Paul Adefarasin, who is the Head of the local assembly they attend.

We had come up with a theory at the very beginning of this saga, in our very first article when this rape saga was initially outed. And what we had said then was that, for Busola and Timi Dakolo to have come out at all, they must have done what we had called their due diligence. And part of doing that their due diligence on our thought, would have meant first, they agreeing with each other to give the battle at hand, all that it would need without flinching, once they came out. Once they had first agreed on that, they would then have had to commit all to God too as the battle ahead is not a little one. Part of committing all to God, would have meant that they would have first told their church; the church here could refer to jist their pastor alone or the elders of that their church. Once they have gotten the all clear from here to do what they believe is necessary. They would have also consulted with those who could interpret the law well and by this we mean lawyers. These interpreters of the law, wouod have weighed the matter or issue at hand objectively, who would then have given them the go ahead to give the issue at hand a proper go.

By the time they must have done all of these things above and maybe more, they would then wear thick skins and would be ready for all the bashings and crazy scrutiny and others that would surely come their way. As the first thing the other side would want to do, is to dig holes in their accusations, as they would try very hard to discredit them also. Our theory is based on the fact that, "no one goes to war without preparing at least very well ahead for it". In the 'art of war', it pays to know your enemy well, anticipating and getting ready for what could come up at any given time. Being able to at least predict maneuverings that could spring up, so as to minimize surprises (attacks) to the barest minimum!

You can see very well that after the initial interview done by Busola that unleashed everything and broke open the can of worms, she has since returned back into her quietude. It's has been only her husband, supporting from the flanks, that comes out now intermittently to address certain issues and he too immediately afterwards then withdraws again to observe, prepare and respond if it needs be.

So how has their pastor seen this whole matter, especially as it concerns a brother man of God, who has been accused by his daughter and by extention his son, of preying and violation and utter misconduct???

The outspoken man of God, has since maintained a, should we say 'dignified silence'!!!! Is this dignified silence like saying what an elder knows, he doesn't toy or play with? Maybe when the time is right, then he would speak? One of the qualities of shepherds, good ones at that, is that they wouldn't allow their sheep to fall into harms way, no matter what.

Would he have been in a dilemma, as the case or issue at hand concerns his son and daughter in the Lord who are victims and on the other side the accused, is a fellow church founder, a man of God too, who is commissioned like him.

What's Pastor Paul's take on this whole matter? Can we say what Pastor Paul thinks on the matter is also how the church feels on the matter?

We are eager to know!!!!

Saturday, July 6, 2019


Adebola & Temidayo Makanjuola 

Temidayo Makanjuola nee Abudu

Mo Abudu & Ruth Osime 

Pat Faniran, Ekua Abudu, Ruth Osime & guest

Ruth Osime 

Good friends. Supportive and loyal ones for that matter are hard to find so when you have some, you keep them. At least Mo ABUDU'S friends have shown to her that they are true friends in the real sense of it, as they were around her when their supports was needed most and they all showed up looking very glam and super tasty.

So the final leg in the wedding diary of Mo's daughter-Temidayo to the son-Adebola of Remi Makanjuola, the owner of Calverton Group finally held in California last weekend and from the look of it, it was a fun fun galore all the way and quite colourful gathering too by the look of it.

The editor of This Day Style Magazine, Ruth Osime who had been at the Paris wedding of the Anumudu's had flown to America, like Pat Faniran another close friend to join up with Ekua Abudu & others, to give their stylish friend, the multiple award winning, super stylish and ageless MO Abudu, the owner and founder of Ebony Life TV all the support she needed to make her daughter's day quite eventful & a success.

From everything seen, it is quite obvious that mother and daughter are quite close, more like younger sister and elder sibling kind of friendship. She is in fact Mo's only daughter as her other kid is a boy, better put a man. It is also quite obvious for the world to see and witness that husband and wife, that's Temmie D and her husband are quite close and super into each other, with those long affectionate and lingering looks, smiling gently at each other like no one else exists in their surreal world. Being together for 8 good years, we are sure that's why that is so obvious. They have grown together like good wine and have matured very well at least it seems.

Bride's mother didn't disappoint at all in her supremely gorgeous and outstanding outfit, you would think she's the one getting married ooooooo. Her body and the outfit were superb. Ruth, the style maven who had dazzled all comers with her outfit in Paris for another wedding, favored a green ruffled top and silver pant combo ensemble that was totally on point. We are actually green with envy. Young Eunice Omole was also in attendance looking as good as always as were many other stylish people too, likes of Grace Egbagbe who has lost a lot of weight, Debola Williams, Omoni Oboli, make up czarina Banke Meshida-Lawal, Azuka Ogujuiba and Co were in attendance.

See the pictures and salivate!!!!


Senator Ademola Adeleke 

We are too sure that a new dance step that could have defied description would have been unveiled yesterday had the highest court of the land, that's the Supreme Court ruled in favour of and declared Senator Ademola Adeleke as the legitimate Governor of the State of Osun State.

But alas! Contrary to his fervent expectation and the expectations of his many supporters which includes his nephew, the dream has been quashed, the dance or the steps nipped in the bud and the wild celebrations that had been planned or that was in the offing may be to have been led by music star-Davido, that would have seen an unprecedented crowd from wherever dancing their hearts out as they follow their leader, who is ascribed as the "best dancing lawmaker" in the history of the Federal National Assembly as they match towards the State's Government house or the state assembly to go gleefully accept to become the Governor of Osun State has been cut short.

The highest Court of the land and in fact the final arbiter, the Supreme Court by a margin of 5 to 2 had thrown out his case & confirmed that His Excellency, Gboyega Oyetola, the family member of the former Lagos State Governor and Chieftain of the APC, in the person of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was the winner of that controversial election and therefore remains the legally elected Governor of the state of Osun.

With the declaration of the Supreme Court, it finally brings to an end all the litigation and court cases against the Governor and his Government/administration and therefore clears the way for him to now make true all his electoral promises. So with no court cases hanging on his head, there's now no more excuses not to work and deliver again.

So Governor, hit the ground running and dazzle us all. 



Since the unpalatable scandal/controversy broke and blew up many days back it has generated so much heat and allowed for so much reactions. At a point, when many leaders of the church were quiet, it made the populace to question the integrity of the many men and women of God, who were like in a comatose mode as they had refused to talk or give their opinions.

But maybe after thinking very well over the matter at hand, it's like many might either have thought to seek the face of God first before they come out openly to make any statements or many might have just employed restraint first, like the scriptures in the book of Proverbs admonishes. So that when they have spoken, it wouldn't be misleading, misconstrued, misrepresented etc or just seen as crazy talk from just anybody.

Some major church people have spoken already, but of all that have said something, that of the G.O of the RCCG, that's the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God really carries major weight. Some of the major reasons for that is that, people believe his words are not frivolous in any way or manner over issues. He has never been caught in any controversies before, so he is seen as some one can hear from. He oversees probably the largest congregations of Christians worldwide. He is vastly respected by all other major heavyweight pastors, men and women of God, in fact he is considered by many to be the Pastor of pastors. Finally, many believes that he actually hears from God and that he is a man of unflinching integrity and grace.

So when such a personality like that gets up to say something about an issue, all hears would be pricked and all attentions would be focused. And so the respected man of God has finally said his own somewhat, about the raging issue and unpalatable scandal that blew open a terrible stench from a maggot filled can of worms just many days back.

So hear what he had to say as was transcribed by us from the video above----

I don't want to comment on some happenings. I have always said to you when some people say why don't you talk, why don't you talk. I have always said I am a man under authority. Redeemed Christian Church of God belongs to CAN and we belong to PFN. In CAN we have a President andt here's a President in PFN (Pentecostal Federation of Nigeria) whatever they say, is what I have said. That's why I keep my mouth shut. But I feel compelled to say some things, to those of us who are young and upcoming ministers of God. And everything am going to say is from the Bible. So if you want to criticize what I have said, you have to criticize the bible.

Nos 1. It is written, there's nothing hid, that shall not come into the open. Mark Chapter 4:22. It doesn't matter how long. You think you have done something and it's covered and that it would never come to the open, then you can go and throw away your Bible, because the one who said so, that there's nothing hid that shall not come to the open is the Truth Himself, Jesus Christ. The harbinger of grace, because there are some of us who think that somebody like me, they say he is old fashioned. I agree. I am old fashioned, because Jesus is old fashioned. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He hasn't changed. God the Father is old fashioned. The same dress which He had been wearing before the foundation of the earth is what He is still wearing today. God is not fashionable, He only wears Light. Nothing hid that would not be made manifest.

2. Sooner or later, according to Numbers 32:23 sooner or later your sins would find you out. Your sins would find you out. It's sure, your sins would find you out that's what the bible says. If you have given your life to Jesus Christ, the blood of Jesus Christ would wash away all your sins. But after you have your life to Jesus! You continue in sin under the guise of grace, as the Lord lives, your sins would find you out. Which brings me to nos 3.

3. Am advising all the young ones. The Bible says you must abstain from all the appearance of evil. 1 Thessalonian chapter 5:22. The elders say, they want to burn and you rub yourself with oil and you sat near fire. You have made the job easyyy. The elders say, African elders, not me ooooo. I am a young boy. The elders say, they are calling you a thief and you are playing with the child of a goat. I hope you understand. The elders say, what you are not going to eat, don't smell. Avoid every appearance of evil. Avoid it! Just one more point and then I go to what we want to discuss today.

The bible says, if the devil comes to you face to face, to fight you, it says stand and fight. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Hmmmmm. But according to 2nd Timothy chapter 2 verse 22. He said when you find yourself facing youthful lust, temptation. He said don't wait to fight, flee. You know the meaning of flee?

Flee means run as in terror. When you see a sister smiling at you in a coy coy way, run. Run as in terror. Don't say no no, I am a great man of God. I am highly anointed. Ask Samson. I know you would say he has come again. He is an old fashioned man. I agree! That's what they call me, when I say I wil never have a private secretary who is a woman. No ooooo!!!! Private secretary has to be a man. Aaaaa because listen to me my brothers, when a woman accuses you of something, nobody is going to listen to you uuuuu.

Nobody!!! They will listen to the woman. When you say where is witness, the sister would say do they invite people to such things? When you say aaaa how can it be me? Everybody will say how come it is you that she has mentioned, of all the men? I am old fashioned, but I was ordained in 1975 and am still surviving. It is better to be old fashioned and live, than to be modern and die.

Do I hear somebody shout Alleluia!!!!! Have not said anything oooooo.... Only the bible have been speaking. Luke chapter 1......

Friday, July 5, 2019


So many tales of the absurd having been flying about every where. And it's like they have gotten a life of their very own and they are breeding more and more absurdities too and no one actually know for a fact, what's up anymore.

A can of despicable worms was opened and no one has dared to go cover the can or kill the worms. And it's not for want of trying though. But it's like as much as they try to either use the lid of the can, it is either refusing to stay shut or that the worms themselves have refused to stay put and are wriggling out one by one by force by fire🔥.

There's the growing rumor, unconfirmed speculation at that, that at least N2MILLION Naira has exchanged hands and it's meant for an hatchet job. The job itself is to make sure to discredit whomsoever and whatsoever shoots up to try to stain their icon, who is under the most massive and 'most' intense (sorry for the hyperbole) scrutiny ever.

According to the unconfirmed gist someone or someone representing some people or some people representing somebody paid the said amount to a person.

Who are these people? Who do they represent or they representing? And who is this person that collected this money? 


Pastor Yemi Davids of Global Impact Church 
Timi and Busola Dakolo

Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA

Still on this matter, which would not just go away like some want it to. And we are talking about the Busola and Co vs. Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo rape issue/saga. As expected the idea from those who support Pastor Fatoyinbo was to do everything possible to discredit the person and personalities of the victims who have come out to give their confessions. So the idea was to employ unnecessary and unfounded rumors that cannot be verified to try to intimidate these victims and pooh-pooh their confessions.

Some of the rumors that were flying around and were seemingly growing wings were that, Busola and Timi got married in COZA-a lie. That COZA or Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo sponsored their honeymoon-a lie. That they got cash and car gift from COZA or Pastor Fatoyinbo-a lie. That Timi used to work at COZA as a sound engineer or music director etc-another lie. All of those things subtly planted like after they had enjoyed the man's largesse, they now want to ridicule him have all since fallen down like a pack of badly arranged cards. We have heard some things already in this unfolding saga and we have been baffled by what some have given as explanations to rationalize their take on the issue. One of our major conclusions is that, women are the outright and outrageous enemies of themselves.

See below though as Pastor Yemi Davids of Global Impact church, who officiated the marriage spoke about his role in the nuptial. Later also below see as Timi himself punched hole after hole on all the unfounded rumors that many were preaching and spreading about.

Busola Dakolo got married from my church and I knew of the rape - Pastor Yemi Davids

Just after Timi Dakolo debunked claims of Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo officiating his wedding to Busola, Pastor Yemi Davids of Global Impact Church has also confirmed that the couple got married in his church.

Pastor Yemi Davids who also revealed that he has been privy to some personal struggles Busola has had over the years, stated that what she said is her truth and should be honored even though there was a denial.

The Global Impact Church Pastor who stated that he supports any process that will bring justice, healing and resolution in the matter, wrote;

"Hmmm I feel the need to do this as a Husband, Father and Pastor. @busoladakolo got married from our church to @timidakolo and as a friend to the family, I've been privy to some of the personal struggle Busola has had over the years, based on the details she expressed at the recent interview. This is her truth and it should be honored. 

I commend her for her bravery and I pray this helps her healing process. I also noticed that there was a denial of the allegation. It is important that the truth comes out. Rape is a serious offense and it is unacceptable. A process that unveils the truth in this hurtful situation in the body must begin immediately. We leaders must be accountable and I support at arriving at Justice, Healing and Resolution at this matter. #TruthSetsFree #SayNoToRape 

Timi Dakolo's fantastic point by point response to all the fallacies that's growing wings and flying about-

Desperate people do desperate things, including ridiculous attempts at a smear campaign. So let me address this foolishness once and for all

1• First, the ridiculous rumour that Biodun wedded us. Please watch the video yourself, does the Pastor look like Biodun Fatoyinbo?  His name is Pastor Seyi of Global Impact church, officiating the wedding and that is a statement from Yemi Davids, Pastor of Global impact church on this issue …but nameless and faceless cyberbullies can’t read, can they?

2• I have never met or been in the same space with Biodun Fatoyinbo nor do I ever want to be and have never been a member of COZA

3• I guess that also answers the desperate attempt to say I was a music director in COZA. Funny as I have never been a music director in ANY church! A church can't have an anonymous music director, can they? Foolishness!

4• Apparently, I had a child, divorced and remarried Busola – Spirit wife and child tings # AfricaMagic, and Busola was given monetary gift, car and flown to Chicago. No be only Chicago, na Soweto. Please do better, tell more believable lies.

Again I say, desperate people will do desperate things …but as I said before …WE. ARE READY.

We came out to speak on this painful matter. To bear the shame that goes with this, to be ridiculed, to be doubted …just so that others might be saved and justice served. We are not backing down and no amount of manufactured lies can stop the truth that has started to unveil…


Tunmise Oluyede

And the war or is it battle to unravel the truth takes another dimension. Yesterday another supposed victim of rape had come out from the cold to make another allegation of rape against embattled man of God, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA (Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly), who had voluntarily stepped aside so as to be investigated as he makes attempt to clear his name, making 2 persons who had done so.

The first person was mother of 3 and the photographer wife of musician/entertainer Timi Dakolo, by the name Busola Dakolo. The 2nd person due to reasons best known to her, had preferred to hide her identity. So in her interview with Chude Jideonwu of Y! Naija, same person, same brand that had done the first expose with Busola, she was introduced as 'Victim X' and her face was not shown & real identity wasn't revealed, but one could hear her well, all through her over 1hr plus recorded interview, where she narrated and made the startling allegation against her former employer.

Now well known online personality, Dr. Kemi Olunloyo, who is the daughter of renowned mathematician and former Governor of Oyo State, Dr V.O Olunloyo has supposedly broken the cloak of anonymity around Victim X by revealing her identity and face as that of 'Tunmise Oluyede', a dismissed former staff of COZA & Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.

The revelation of the identity of Tunmise Oluyede by Dr. Kemi Olunloyo has since caused major storm on Twitter, with many on the side of the lady and by extension on the side of Busola going at Dr. Kemi Olunloyo abusing her and condemning her for removing the cloak of anonymity that Victim X had preferred to wear for now. While those on the side of Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo and COZA were happy that Victim X's hidden  identity has been unveiled for all to see.

According to Dr. Kemi Olunloyo of @HNNAfrica-which is her renowned platform, Tunmise Oluyede supposedly Victim X was dismissed or fired from the church (COZA) for mismanaging a church Dubai trip. So the insinuation maybe is that, Tunmise as a disgruntled ex-staff of COZA & Pastor Fatoyinbo, has a pound of flesh to claim, so is her reason for now claiming or alleging rape!

Is this Victim X? 

Thursday, July 4, 2019


Rev. Biodun Fatoyinbo 

It's obvious that this issue much as they try to wouldn't just be swept under the carpet just like that. The fear from the get go had been that after the initial hoopla and plenty of noise, in a matter of weeks at most, the people would have vented their rage and expressed their displeasure and then before we all know it, everything would have been forgotten as people get back to facing their own personal issues and moved on. And then like reality would have then hit and Busola might just regret her decision to have come out at all. But from how the thing has panned out now at least till now, it seem like this issue of allegations of rape and sexual misconducts is not going anywhere at all at all, until at least a final decision on it has been made.

Underground though, there is a heavy silent campaign going on to discredit Busola. The subtle attack is to make the wife of the music star and mother of 3, to look like she's not the good and dedicated wife that she has portrayed herself to be. And you would be very surprised that it's women like Busola herself that are in the major fore front of trying to discredit her.

But just as they have tried some tactics in their vast arsenal hoping for some respite, another bombshell of unbelievable proportion has just been unleashed again, the Pandora's can or box of the unpalatable has opened to another scandalous confession. This is not Busola Dakolo again here, but another Victim, who for now prefers anonymity, as she confessed in an hour long plus recording again to Chude Jideonwu of Y! Naija about the unbelievable atrocities her man of God performed on her.

Victim X confessed to how Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo debauched (raped/molested) her just about a year or two ago, not many years like Busola. Hear her above and read what she said here below. So, if they can try to easily explain away Busola's allegations, how about this one now and then it's like many are already on cue, to confess!!!

According to her, Pastor Fatoyinbo asked her to come to his house on the particular day (a Thursday morning) to take some instructions and go for an errand.

“He was my boss. I worked with him. Sometimes I had to do errands for them. So it was not the first time that I was going to be at their house.

“I was there sitting on the couch with him and he started addressing something that has to do with the church.

“Everything moved quickly from there and then he started trying to pull me into a hug and started kissing me, which I found shocking. I had known him as a spiritual leader and I was about to witness the opposite of everything that I thought he stood for.

“I was too shocked. It was a couch. I don’t know whether I should hold on to something. I remember telling him continuously ‘you can’t do that, you can’t do that.’

“He just kept going. Took off my button and my trouser. And then he had his other hand holding me back to the couch. And another hand right inside my pants.

“I remember he kept saying, relax. Just relax. He didn’t flinch.”

The lady added that she regarded Pastor Fatoyinbo as a father figure and a mentor, at that time when he allegedly raped her.