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Saturday, February 15, 2020


The 'Yessin Tessy Exquisite bag' collection comes in outstanding and mouth watering colors like-red, tan, plain black, black with yellow trimmings, purple and powder blue. All of them designed by the supremely gorgeous and outstandingly stylish, 'Jecinta Powell', a known unrepentant style connoisseur by all standards.

And guess what? They are all made in Nigeria for the super stylish and highly discerning fashionistas and ladies of note.

If you love the iconic Hermes Kelly bag, which is one of the must have of bags in the collections of all style mavens worth their salt world over, then owning this Yessin Tessy ladybags is a must then.

They actually come in 2 sizes, which are the (25cm) & the (30cm) respectively. So it's your choice to pick from, either the smaller and cute or slightly bigger and show-offy.

Be it for casual elegance or a more sophisticated style look, this bag of distinction has got your signature totally stamped on it.

The beauty of it all, isn't just about how beautiful they look, they are so well made its unbelievable and by that, we mean in and out. And the packaging itself too, is quite unbelievable too.

To make your order go to @yessinfashion https://instagram.com/yessinfashion?igshid=1d1zpwchzxavh or call 08038055652 now.


In what can be described as very 'unroyally' and a totally undignified manner not expected of a king, especially a royal father of the height of the stool he sits on and represents, the controversial and self styled King of the empire of Iwo, 'Oba AbdulRosheedAdewale Akanbi Telu 1', Emperor of Iwoland and undoubtedly the most colorful and most flamboyant king in Nigeria currently, threw decorum to the dogs and acted so uncouth, as he decided to handle his situation like a [man], via fisticuffs, as he manhandled or better still pummeled & assaulted a fellow royal father, who he has addressed as a mere Baale, 'community head' in his domain, who he alleged refered to him as a [mad man].

The king who it seems, love attention a whole lot, whether it be good or bad, palatable or unpalatable, did this new low publicly and thank God, for the intervention of some people that were at the public event which was supposed to have discussed on peace in Iwoland, most especially a high ranking Police Officer, maybe the King might have actually taken the law fully into his own hands and what we are saying now might have been far worse than it is already.

So AIG of Police, Zone 11, Bashir Makama had called for a peace meeting to discuss same amongst the royal fathers from Iwo axis. And then the Oluwo who is the consenting authority in Iwo land is alleged to have gotten up unprovoked and eagled on 'Oba Dhirulahi Akinropo, the Agbowu of Ogbaagba town', who he assaulted with vehemence. But for the timely intervention of the AIG himself, matters could have been far worse.

The Oluwo was reported to have angrily said afterwards that--“Me, Oluwo, Agbowu is calling me a mad man. Ordinary Baales want to be challenging me. I will show you my worth and there will be war in the entire Iwoland.

“I am the only Oba in Iwoland, others are Baales that I gave land, they now want to be challenging me. Can any Baale in Ifeland do that to Ooni”,

The so called peace meeting after the attack, simply ended in fiasco  as the Oluwo angrily took his leave.

When he was later called to address the unsavory situation or better still allegation, he was said to have retorted-"there is no issue at all, I wonder why they are so sensational about the issue, we would take care of it, why are they inviting you guys over such an issue, I don’t think it is necessary.”

It can be readily recalled that from the moment that Oba AbdulRosheed Adewale Akanbi Telu 1 came on the throne of his forebears in Iwoland in November 2015 as the 16th monarch of the town of close to 200,000 thousand people, it has been one loud turbulence after the other.

In fact his unrelenting fight with one of his top chiefs in his own Oba-in-council, who can be tagged his most vociferous enemy, Chief Abiola Ogundokun easily comes to mind. Both the king and Chief Ogundokun for the past few years now have refused to sheath their swords ⚔. And it has been since, with allegations and counter allegations flying left, right and center in the war.

In fact, Chief Ogundokun at one time even alleged that Oba AbdulRosheed wanted to beat him up in 2017, in front of the then Governor of Osun State, his excellency, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, this we think might just be an evidence towards proving that his royal majesty might actually have violent tendencies. That unrelenting fight between the 2, then took another turn again late last year, when after the king had sent his former wife and the mother of his child, former Queen Chanel Chin parking unceremoniously from their matrimonial home, he later on alleged after much hoopla that his then wife in connivance with Chief Ogundokun had planned or tried to poison him!

In 2017, just about 2 years after he had ascended the throne as Oluwo of Iwo, him being the  paramount king of Iwoland and the only known 1st class king and consenting authority from that domain with about 30 other smaller kings under him, had had a major quite public fight with the Oluwo Oke of Iwo Oke, one of those 30 or more kings under him. Emperor Telu 1 had accused the Oluwo Oke then of being rude, with the lesser known Oba even accusing the Oluwo of violence and thuggery.

As we near the half a decade coronation anniversary of the Oba, we only hope that all of these unpalatable noise would end. 


Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe 

The Dandy 

He holds sway and has been the head honcho now for 6 years (since 2014), at Nigeria's most current biggest bank or financial institution, which is Access Bank.

With that unbelievable acquisition of Diamond Bank Plc last year, a bank then that was thought to be one of the top 10 banks in Nigeria and in fact one of the most innovative then, by that action alone Access Bank immediately took the mantle/cake as the number 1 bank in Nigeria without a doubt.

That position had always been what the big boys that took over the then Access Bank, a bank that then was the 65th bank out of 80 plus banks in Nigeria, wanted. And the brains behind the extraordinary feat were none other than Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede, the former MD who initiated the growth that begun over a decade ago and Herbert Wigwe, the current GMD of 6 years running now, who has consolidated that growth fantastically. 2 supremely brilliant & handsome gentlemen, who after having risen to the positions of directors at the GTBank of then, where they were excellent, as they had proven their mettle. That Gtb then was where Fola Adeola then as MD/CEO and then the late Tayo Aderinokun, later as MD after, Mr. Adeola, had held sway and had shown what could happen when new energy and vivacity and calculated risk and more are pumped into a formerly lethargic sector, great things could happen.

GTBank then was one of the institutions that was the great breeding ground for excellent bankers, who when they leave, go on to to do greater things wherever they might berth later.

So Aig and his colleague and best friend/brother Herbert, resigned their commission then in 2002 to go for pastures new and with good investors backing them then, who were ready to support the 2 exceptionally brilliant men to the utmost, the new frontier they had thought to conquer then was none other than, Access Bank.

And so they began to build in earnest. And gradually and quite steadily too, all others began to take notice as they began to grow and like a little acorn then, steadily well watered and well fed, it began to grow and grow, taking scalps on the way too and after Aig's tenure had ended, having done exceptionally well and positioning the bank for the next level, the captainship of the growing behemoth fell into the hands of the next most capable person, in the person of Mr. Herbert Wigwe, who didn't flinch at all on getting the reins and had in fact been well prepared to step into the role and he began to steer the ship without batting an eyelid.

And with enough gusto and the much needed ability and grace, he has taken what he took over then now to the stratosphere and beyond in only a few years. And on the way too, garnering not a few accolades and prizes too. Bringing excellent innovation to bear and positioning the bank as one of the top 3 best banks in Nigeria and by extension West Africa, in terms of spread (branch network), excellent service delivery, profitability and massive growth. And as the bank has grown in leaps and bound, the 50 something year old brilliant dude has also grown with it too, clearly emerging as either the [richest (wealthiest) banker] in Nigeria today.

For that particular accolade of being the richest or wealthiest. It's a straight battle between him and the chairman of UBA Group, in the person of the philanthropist extraordinaire, Mr. Tony Elumelu, who has dazzled all comers in no small measure with his incredible Tony Elumelu Foundation, which has taken Africa by storm. Impacting excellently on the lives of the youths and budding entrepreneurs with great ideas.

That Herbert Wigwe of Access Bank Plc is a certified billionaire is not in doubt. What is not too clear as at now, is how big a billionaire he is. In Naira value, that billionaire status cannot be denied by anyone. It's in hard currency that we cannot yet ascertain appropriately. Whether  he is in the 1 billion dollar plus circle or whether he has transcended that and he is in the 2 billion dollars range?

What we can actually tell you though for a fact is that, the shrewd and fantastically smart banker is a big boy many times over and there's no doubt about that at all.

The schoolmate and good friend of the former Governor of Lagos State, both were in UNN together, who some even consider to also be his business partner, that's talking about Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, has really without a doubt done very well for himself in the last 3 decades. And at this junction, we must actually ask him to stand up and take a beautiful bow, for a good job well done. Kudos to him.

Talking about his style. Though he favours more of suits 95% of the time, maybe due to his banking background where you are not supposed to be too in your face (unnecessarily flamboyant) as that causes alarm (raises a red flag🚩) bells to ring. But we can tell you for nothing that, those his suits, his shoes and his accessories like wrist watches (especially wristwatches) and cufflinks and even belts are not for small kids at all. For that though you cannot blame him at all. It's actually one of those little things that someone who has worked really hard, should enjoy. They call such things, perks of the office.

Those suits alone could be for as little as a thousand dollars each ($1000-N360,000). So at just a sitting alone, Mr. Wigwe would be worth or valued at not less than a million Naira and it could be far far more, when you factor in the type of wrist watch and other top scale accessories he could be wearing.

Like his predecessor, Aig-Imoukhuede, who we know for a fact as a real estate investor of no small feat, as his house, sorry exquisite home in London on a good space of land, testifies to his excellent taste and also his properties in Lagos here, in Ikoyi to be more precise adds to that impeccable taste. Mr. Wigwe too from what we hear, has some solid investments too, that would leave the mouth open in awe.

Back again to his standout style. So he likes suits a whole lot, that we see or assume to be understated, but it's only when you know that you know that those suits, are not for pikins like we have already stated above. At the annual International Polo meet that Access sponsors in London last year in 2019 to be more precis. An annual top scale charity even, where they try to raise money annually for projects for the less privileged one, his immaculate and quite colourful and cheery summery ensemble that he wore over the 2 days that he hosted guests, which included the Emir of Kano, his excellency Muhammadu Sanusi II, were a delight to behold. And a few times also, when he even ventures to wear traditional outfits, they always look quite impeccable on him too. Showing he is an all rounder stylish dude.

This exceptionally dandy banker with no equal, has actually lived true to his name, as Herbert is a name of German origin which actually refers to one that is an illustrious warrior and bright. Truth be told, this Herbert is bright.

The 53 year old lion (he is leo born on August 15) who would be 54 this year, is married with kids (4kids). He is Ikwerre from Rivers State. He has an Accountancy degree (Bachelor) from UNN, where he and Ambode met. He also has an MA (Master of Art) in Banking and Finance from the University College of North Wales and an MSc (Master of Science) in Financial Economics from the University of London. He is also an alumnus of the Harvard Business School Boston.

For the man who still has atleast 4 more years till the end of his reign/tenure as the boss of all bosses at Access Bank Plc baring all unforeseen circumstances, we are expecting to see far more innovative ideas as his institution consolidates more firmly on her position and also through this too, his own fortune would continue to rise pari passu too as the institution grows.

Maybe in the next half a decade upcoming all things being equal, the new Forbes list of the richest Nigerian around the world would have included the beautiful name Herbert Wigwe too.

Friday, February 7, 2020


Pastor Kris Okotie

Ultra suave man of God, Pastor Kris Okotie's dream of becoming the President of Nigeria according to how his Lord had revealed to him, might have met a slight snag for now, as the platform, the FDP, the Pastor of the Household of God Church prefers to ride on for his dream to come true, has been deregistered by the Electoral umpire, that is the INEC as was announced by the chairman of the commission recently.

His political party, the Fresh Democratic Party [FDP] was one of the 75 that was deregistered by the INEC for not meeting certain provisions. Although one of the 75 political parties have instituted a case against the INEC for their deregisteration.

According to the statements made by the INEC chairman, the commission deregistered the 74 political parties
because they breached requirements for party registration.

One of the breaches given by him was the failure to win at least 25 per cent of the votes cast in one state of the federation in a presidential election or 25 per cent of the votes cast in one local government area of a state in a governorship election.

Another reason was the failure to win at least one ward in a chairmanship election, one seat in the National Assembly or state houses of assembly elections or one seat in a councillorship election.

While explaining that 75 parties did not satisfy the requirements, he said that one of the parties went to court, saying its fate would be determined by the judiciary.

According to Yakubu, Nigeria now has 18 parties as the Booth Party registered after the 2019 election would continue to exist.

He said, “In order to implement the provision of the Fourth Alteration to the constitution, the commission carried out an assessment of political parties to determine compliance with the requirements for their registration.

“Similarly, following the conclusion of the 2019 general elections, including court-ordered re-runs arising from litigation, the commission was able to determine the performance of political parties in the elections.

“In addition, they were also assessed on the basis of their performance in the area council elections in the Federal Capital Territory which coincided with the 2019 general elections. It should be noted that the FCT is the only part of the country where INEC is empowered by the constitution to conduct LG elections.

So now, there are only 18 political parties registered in Nigeria and one of them is Omoyele Sowore's African Action Congress AAC. 


John Mikel Obi
Mikel, Olga and their twins

Ace Nigerian footballer and former captain of the Super Eagles, who as a youth footballer then, was rated as one of the best along the incredible Lionel Messi and who in his heydays was a super regular at Chelsea FC, where he was for a lot of years and who at a point even plied his trade in far away China, is not in a good mood currently and in fact, is enjoying his football right now.

And for someone whose love for the game is unquestionable and who derives grear joy from kicking the ball with lots of skills, it's not because of injury of any kind, but because of racist attacks on him and his young family in beautiful Turkey where he plays for Trabzonspor FC.

And the unwarranted and brutal attacks have left him totally devastated! So much so now that, the way it is, it might even make him consider his stay in that part of the world as he greatly considers the safety of his family.

Just imagine someone who is totally focused on enjoying his footballing career by giving all his best to his club, but now having to be careful as he is also watching his back as he his  thinking about the safety of his family? Which is paramount.

Hear him - A lot has been said about this – the issue of racism but since I’ve been here, my team and colleagues at Trabzonspor have been very nice to me, there’s not been any issue.”

“After the game on Saturday, I started getting messages on my Instagram, even my girlfriend getting instant messages of racism and hatred.”

“Very scary messages towards me and my family and kids. There’s no place for this.”

“I don’t think this should be happening and I think these people should be held responsible. They shouldn’t be allowed to come to games.”

“I’m very disappointed with this – especially my girlfriend, my family, my kids. They are only four years old, why do you talk about my kids? I am very sad about this, it’s a very disturbing time for me.”

Thursday, February 6, 2020


Ex-beauty queen and one of Nigeria's most beautiful people at that and a mother of one, the statuesque Dabota Lawson, whose impressive new bodacious body is one to die for, has begun the new year 2020, on a super  fantastic note.

To show that the year which is only just 2 months old is already delivering good tidings and results, the gorgeous 6 footer & style fiend, who is also said to be brilliant academically, took delivery of her newest delight, a solid machine on wheels, a supposed brand spanking new Lexus SUV for that matter. Which has been causing ripples or better still major sensation since it 'arrived'.

The delightsome white machine with all the works, is sure a delight to behold and must have cost her or cost the giver of the gift, a few tens of millions of Naira, more like between N38 to about 35M Naira.

And to celebrate the newest  arrival of the monster on wheels, there was a lot of fanfare by her delighted staff members. So delighted was she herself about the wheels that, she happily saluted 'Zuab Motors' who apparently delivered the car to her, right on time like she said, for the make up entrepreneur and shopping complex owner.

We hear reliably, that her make up products are actually one of the best in town and that it gets loads and loads of patronage too, say maybe the money must have rained down in torrents from that business.

We are so happy that the lovely lady has since moved on from her ill fated marriage of a few years back, to her then ex-husband, Prince Sunny Aku, of the then Novena Majesty Mall and furniture fame.

She didn't allow that unfortunate misfortune in any way to affect her progress and has since conquered all her fears and moved on and have come out of it all, shining like the noon day's sun. Her delight apart from her work, where she has been making steady progress is her darling daughter, who she doesn't play about with at all. And it's like since the arrival of the young girl on the scene, it has been one great step of grace after another.

The culmination of it all is this her 2017 white Lexus LX570 SUV.

We had told you all then after Adenike Balogun aka Nikky Bizzle, who is in fact Dabota's first cousin and partner at Diamond Ink Events Ltd, took delivery of her immaculate white Range Rover Velar then to open the new year 2020, that it was going to cause a whole lot of panic and that many would thereafter go all the way and all out to acquire their own new machines, now the race has begun in earnest.

So it's Nike Balogun - White Range Rover Velar, Dabota Lawson-White Lexus SUV, so who is next?????

Monday, February 3, 2020


Pastor Ituah Ighodalo & the couple 

Dad and bride 

Mr and Mrs Chike & Olufunke Ogeah 

Mrs. Uchenna Awosemo nee Ogeah 

Mr & Mrs Mayowa & Uchenna Awosemo 

This wedding party most definitely, is what can be described as the perfect year starter without a doubt. This humongous wedding party, if we can try to describe it most appropriately, would most definitely help decide what a first class, well planned, well managed, well attended, high brow wedding should be like in 2020.

However you want to describe it, it met the yardstick by whatsoever parameters you may want to determine it by or judge it. It would most certainly be one of the weddings of the year 2020, after the year might have ended and then the top 10 weddings of the year would have been picked.

And we are talking here about a real wedding party & not a film at all, with the hashtag #MUchlove2020 to go. We had anticipated it knowing who Ogbueshi Chike Ogeah is, but we were still a bit surprised though at what we saw live. It was the ceremony of the wedding between the eldest and only daughter of the amiable, highly respected, highly connected, tall fine man, who was the former Commissioner for Information in Delta State, Chike Ogeah, who with his supremely gorgeous wife, Olufunke Ogeah, who is not a push over at all too like her husband, in conjunction with the family of the Awosemos hosted, the wedding of the month and by extension a candidate for the wedding of the year of their children, Uchenna Adaora Ogeah to Mayowa Awosemo.

This couple can be described as one of the luckiest couples in town. Reason been that, their parents and family members pulled all the strings and did all they could to make this happen in an awesome way. For Chike and Olufunke, this is the 1st wedding ever of a few to come, that they would host for their children. Uchenna is their eldest child and only daughter and a super brilliant and well behaved one at that too. The Chemical Engineer graduate of Aston University, Birmingham, England with a Masters degree, is the 1st of 3, made up of 1 daughter and 2 handsome sons. She works at Exxon Mobil and her colleagues, stormed the wedding in numbers to celebrate her, all looking super cool. Mayowa, the handsome groom, now the husband, is not a pushover in any way or manner too. His dad was a power house member of the then NTA, in her heydays. No wonder that we saw the likes of Sienne Allwell-Brown, Ruth Benamasia, Ronke Ayuba, John Momoh, now owner of Channels TV and more at the wedding reception. Mayowa is a graduate of  Economics and International Relations with both 1st and 2nd degrees from Bradford University, also in the UK, he presently works at the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

No one that attended this wedding will forget it in a hurry, the merriment was unparalleled. And all who have the means, the wherewithal, the resources to organize a first class shindig for the kids, would have gone back to the drawing board, to go and re-plan, having seen this classy one and having it at the back of their mind as a guide.

The Marquee at Harbour Point was well chosen as a venue. The wedding reception itself was ably planned by event architect of note, Florence H, ably led and owned by Ibidunni Ighodalo, whose very handsome husband, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, officiated the church wedding service. Pastor Ituah, as most prefer to address him, is the lead pastor at Trinity House on Water Corporation Drive and he has been the bride's dad close friend now of close to or about 40 years.

So even after officiating a beautiful solemnization at his church for the couple, which was also very well attended by all, he was up and about at the wedding reception also too.

There were 120 tables of 10 chairs each available for the guests, who came in torrents from as early as 3.30pm. The venue was planned for 1200 guests. But we believe, it could have hosted as many as 1500 guests, on the day. The wedding theme was gold, so the color was somewhat prominent. The walkway, which was gold led to the gold raised platform or better still dance platform right in front of the beautiful stage. Which was set up to be the cynosure of all eyes. Kudos to the organizers for the neat arrangements. From all angles, you cannot miss that stage, it was a glaring center of attraction.

Just the couple alone, were the prince and princess of the day. So nothing must over shadow them. It was arranged in a way that none can take the shine off them. On their left was the deejay stand, with the Cake stand just at the front on the left. Then on their right was the bandstand, where the Veentage Band were. And this band was outstanding all the way and all through. They gave an extraordinary account of themsleves. So good were they that they in fact, left the Deejay in limbo, till the after party whoxh was much much later.

Now we know that a KSA doesn't have to be at a party before it would rock and rock and be seen to be a 1st grade one. Veentage Band gave a mishmash, a potpourri, a mixture of the exciting old and the new. It was a diverse range or mix that appealed to all &bsundry, both old and young. It was 'funtastic'.

The guest-list was something else too. To start with, going about naming names might not actually do justice to the event, as there were too many classy and popular people, too numerous to mention that attended. So we would just attempt to name just a few, so it wouldn't be like we didn't try to. There were Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila (speaker of the Federal House) and wife, Prince Dapo Abiodun (Governor  of Ogun State) & wife, Prince Nduka Obaigbena publisher of This Day Newspaper, Yomi and Oyinkan Badejo Okusanya, Tayo Ayeni of Skymit, Lai Oriwo, Dr. Eyimofe Atake, SAN and wife, Ruth Osime, Helen Ajayi, Dr. Taiwo Afolabi of SIFAX Group and wife, Richard Mofe Damijo, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan's daughter Orone, Nnamdi Okonkwo (MD of Fidelity Bank) and wife, Maiden Ibru (publisher of Guardian Newspaper), Bisi Olatilo, Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Segun Awolowo, Reuben Abati, Dr Lanre Tejuosho. Titi Gomez, Ernest Ndukwe, Waheed Olagunju, Anselm Tabansi, Alistair Soyode, Ayo Subair and too many others too many to mention. Every one was gaily dressed and the men were all neat and quite dapper in their outfits. 

Daddy of the adorable bride was quite emotional and it showed on his face for a long period of time. The friends of the couple came in great numbers to celebrate them and men, some of the young ladies were dazzling in no small measure. 

Apparently husband and wife were introduced to each other by the husband's twin sister over a decade ago. She revealed this as she gave the toast. Muyiwa's twin sister and Uchenna have been friends now for eons. And she was the only female on the side of the groom's men and she wore her own green suit too like one of them, looking scrumptiously gorgeous.

Party was still in full swing as at 9pm when we took our leave. 

Kudos to the families for a swell party. Salute also to the orgainisers for a good job well done.

More Pictures after the break.

Saturday, February 1, 2020


Doris Ogala aka billionaire's wife 

Uche Elendu 

Oge Okoye 

It is quite obvious that Doris Ogala is very, very angry, mad livid if we can tag it as that. Who has dipped their handa in the mouth of the Alligator 🐊? hmmmmmmm. And in her seething anger, she's willing and hellbent on breaking or better still shattering the table, tearing everything apart irretrievably. And from the kind of soundbite that's been played, it seems like if the table breaks, it would affect many, as the mud below the table would splatter wide, including on some so called pastors, who are somewhat involved in the show of shame.

Pastors here meaning some so called men of god. This men Sha!!!!!!! Wetin their rod of anonsense (total opposite of anointing) would lead them into?????? Hmmmmmmm.... shege banza!!!!

Either those involved would quickly and very swiftly at that get across to her to calm down or those who don't give a shit would encourage her to do her worst, while those who cannot afford the mud splashing would most definitely take cover.

Already, it seems like one part of the whole messy drama has brought the police into the case. And from the threats been issued by Doris, who is supposedly doing all of this table breaking to protect herself and others from the so called atrocities of Uche and Oge, it is like more exposes are going to be unveiled, except maybe people get involved and this shenanigan is nipped in the bud.

Hear her -


We have thought to translate some of the things written in Ibo to English here and they are -

IKPE ARAMARA = Judgement on a Fuckaholic.

ONYE ARARARA = A Fuckaholic.

NWANNE ONYE ARARARA = Brethren of a Fuckaholic.

MMA ONYE ARARARA = The Mother of a Fuckaholic.

MPA ONYE ARARARA = The Father of a Fuckaholic.

ENYI ONYE ARARARA = The Friend of a Fuckaholic.

Before the one above though, she had issued some major threat before below as follows-


From all of the above, it's obvious we are in for some crazy 🤪 Onya Ara types of jokes!!!! We promise to stay tuned. 

Friday, January 31, 2020


People have been wondering about his dissappearance for a while now, why he seems to have just gone off the radar for quite a bit, just like that. Immediately after he was unceremoniously relieved of his post, after he had done his very best, at a parastatal with so much entrenched interest. Though he had wanted to come back, but the prevalent  intrigues and politics worked against it. The quite suave and exceptionally brilliant dude, who had been on some sort of leave of absence from where he was actually a top dog, in fact their  highest ranked African, just to serve his land, just quietly went away.

That this well spoken businessman, who has or had investments in the media and other things is wealthy, is like saying one drinks water. He is filthy rich on all accounts,. In fact he is probably a billionaire. And like bees are attracted to sugar or honey or nectar, ladies, especially of the sweet light complexioned and beautiful kind, swarm around him like their lives depend on it. There's the joke about him a while back. Which has to do with his private brands (companies), that if he employs you today to head one of his businesses, you might wake the next 2 days to find out that a beautiful lady, who wasn't in the count before, has just resumed and as your boss.

He is not tight-fisted at all, as he is a known Mr. Generous, good giver. Before, but that's like a while ago, he used to give out Toyota Corolla to his bahes as thank you, but he later elevated it to Toyota Prados only for the classy ones he believes are worth the value though. So if you are the lucky one, be rest assured you are already made.

There was a story of an happenstance of a few years ago, where he and his then girlfriend had traveled abroad, where he had gone for a crucial meeting and she had come along to help keep his mental state on the proper level. He was said to have actually forgotten the lady in that country and left for another country, before he now remembered what had happened.

Dude favours designer apparels a whole lot and they fit him well too. In fact with much aplomb too. He loves mostly things by 'Angelo Galasso' and other very elevated brands too. Very soft spoken and a top chieftain (high chief) of his people (domain). In fact, he wants to Govern his state of origin, if and when the opportunity arises.

His 2nd wife at home currently, is a top person too where she works and she is said to be equally brilliant and urbane too. Their home in the village, where he is from, is outstanding and totally upscale to say the least. If the village home is as awesome as described, then one can just imagine, what his home in Lagos would be like. One of the things that welcomes you to the village palatial edifice, is the colourful dancing water fountain, which is a sight to behold at night. The palatial mansion, with many supporting buildings, is a statement in class and distinction.

He was filthy rich before he was called to serve at that cash cow of importance, where he was the direct subordinate of the main man of the manor. So now guess how much more he would be now by virtue of his connection.

Dude whose tag and initials is as follows Dr. IK, just had prostate cancer surgery abroad and he is currently convalescing or better still recuperating, we believe in London.

Get well soon sir. 


Bishop David Oyedepo

We all woke up to the story today stating matter of fact that billionaire founder and presiding Bishop/pastor of the Living Faith Ministry aka Winner's Chapel in the person of the fiery and enigmatic Bishop/Dr. David Oyedepo, had been denied visa by the US Consulate in Nigeria.

The news of the kind of unpalatable treatment meted out on the pastor, who is neither a politician nor a businessman, met with shock and disbelief from all and sundry. The story was in fact credited to one of the top 5 Newspapers in Nigeria, which is the This Day Newspaper, founded and owned by the highly connected, Prince Nduka Obaigbena aka the Duke.

But after the story had gone more than viral, with many online outlet carrying it with pomp and energy like they were there when the thing actually occurred (we didn't carry the story at all), a rejoinder has now come out, purportedly to be from the verified US Missions Abuja Twitter account, denying that what the story had stated happened, or never even occurred. The story has now been tagged as FALSE!

One of the reasons the story met with shock and total disbelief is because, it is a known fact that the Bishop of Winners has been acknowledged credibly to be the wealthiest pastor in the world, said to be worth in excess of $150m Dollars, that's even just a suggested estimate as it might be a far cry from what he is actually worth. Same person has atleast 4 private jets, branches of his church are all over world, even in the United States itself, with congregation in their hundreds of thousands from across the globe. His HQ alone fathers tens of thousands of worshippers at a go. He owns at least 2 well funded, well known and probably some of the best Nigerian higher institutions amongst several investments. And he is said to be an avid traveler, who has traversed the world, so can be classified as a world traveler, then he is very very connected in and outside Government. So based on all of these and more people were shocked 😲!

So most would be relieved now, that the story has been tagged as false. 


Doris & her billionaire who is the subject matter 

Uche ELENDU (34) mom of 2

The picture referred to P1 

Oge Okoye (40) & mom of 2

This there industry is a whole lotta mess! They actually love and thrive on the absurd, the strange and the nonsensical. In this there so called world of Nollywood, life actually imitates the act or should we make them happy nu saying the art? There's seem to be no decorum, no chill and nothing is sacred and all things goes or are allowed. And it is just a big shame.

We had thought that our culture would atleast have something to say to us about most things, but in our quest to be like other cultures, in us trying to be like them at all cost, we have thrown everything to the dogs. Which is why some of the most despicable of things are so obvious in that world, so much so that sometimes you would even think it's acting, but it's actually not they are actually showing or showcasing who they are. Now, we don't think twice to wash our dirty g-strings publicly!👙 🤧🤦‍♀️.

So just imagine 2 friends having a fall out, but in this case not just 2 friends, 3 friends for that matter. On one side, in the blue corner we have Doris Ogala, and on the other side, in the red corner we have the duo of Uche Elendu and Oge Okoye and it is a battle to the finish as Doris has thrown the first debilitating salvo thus -

Who can relate this picture spiritually (P1 above) ? Hmmmm this is the part I’m talking about… be careful of who you call your friend.”

“This is 4 Uche E***DU and Oge Ok*ye and co….Those who specialize in fuc*king people’s husbands… still claim to be your bestie and friend…. Pls ooooo stay far far away… If u are friends with them… take off.”

The picture spoken of is (P1) above.