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Saturday, September 23, 2017


Uncle Lai Mohammed, the current Minister for Information & Culture is someone we greatly love and respect, the trained lawyer and former spokesperson (publicity secretary) for the APC is one man that knows his onions and knows how to do very well any job given to him. The opposition party PDP and Goodluck Jonathan administration would never forget him in a hurry. 
Part of the reason being the way he annihilated and obliterated the oppostion, with consistent and persistent unsavoury play on information, which always seem to wrong-foot that past adminstration and therefore making them then always needing to defend just about everything, including unnecessary and irrelevant gestures. 

It is this same method then that the opposition have since adopted and are now using against him and his own party and administration. In recent times we have come to hear the general populace calling Oga Lai so many unsavoury names, chief of which is calling him a LIAR playing on the way his name "Lai sounds like Lie". 

The most recent thing he has had to contend with now, is the very recent call or should we say outburst when he claimed that the UK Government was contacted or made aware in the battle against the now proscribed IPOB. Specifically he was claimed to have said the UK government refused to help stop the unsavoury "Radio Biafra" broadcasts that was coming out from the UK, claiming the rights to free speech. A claim the UK government are said to have poo-pooed since, claiming total ignorance of such. 

Just as that accusation was made against the UK government and refuted, another claim was made somewhat against the French government too, this time bordering on the fact that the bulk of the finances of IPOB comes from France, a claim that the French have since vehemently denied too. 


She was the centre of attraction all of the past months, due to her failed marriage to the Yoruba race's most revered in the person of Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife, the Ojaja II.

After much denial from the palace, the intrigues were finally laid to rest when the lady herself came out to say she was no longer the Ooni's heartbeat and had already moved on, to better things.

Now only just a few weeks after all of those undue scrutiny and bashing, the gorgeous lady now simply referred to as Zaynab seems to have gotten her groove back awesomely and going about her own business, not minding whose ox is gored.

A few hours ago, the vocal lady who recently lead a few other women to raise awareness against the ills of domestic violence etc, landed in New York USA to participate at the 72nd session of the UNGA "United Nations General Assembly" 2017.

The young and highly focused lady has not allowed the misfortune of her short-lived marriage derail her focus, as she continues on her humanitarian path.

Zaynab is a well recognised and respected "protector" of the UNFPA, a world recognised body which aims to fight for the rights of women, men and children health all over the world. Only last week the former celebrated Olori gave her voice to the "Deliver for Good" event.

While it is obvious that her ex-husband Oba Ogunwusi has since moved on to the next, we are happy also that Zaynab seems to have gotten back her groove back and is gradually moving on gamely too.

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Friday, September 22, 2017


The mention or the defense of the name of the celebrated national leader of the APC, in the person of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Jagaban of Borgu in Ondo State from what occurred yesterday, Thursday, September 21, 2017 in Ondo state might have become a no go area, a name that grates the supporters of the Ondo State Governor in such a negative way, that it would bring on such who would do otherwise, opprobrium and by extension the beatings of their lives, at least Commissioner Bola Ilori, had to find that out in a hard way just yesterday.

The curious thing is that it is the same party, the APC that's in charge in the state and not even the opposition!

One would have thought that after the hard fought Ondo election that brought in Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu SAN, also known as "Aketi" to power, bygones would have become bygones and since it's one same political party, everyone would have come back together as one blood, one family forgetting the past and moving on, but alas that as not been the case. At least showing by the event of yesterday.

Bola Ilori as the Commissioner for Regional Integration in Osun State under the current administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, was at the Ondo State capital as a representative of Osun State for an event, the zonal meeting of the APC, which held at the International Event Center. As he made to answer some interviews the political thugs came hard on him, the result of which was embarrassment and disgrace.

According to him, thugs under the authority of a close ally of the Governor in the person of the SSG, let lose mayhem and chaos on the Commissioner, beating him blue-black and tearing his outfit and even underwear to shreds! In an action being interpreted as not just a way to totally disgrace the Commissioner, but also indirectly sending a veiled message to his bosses, in the persons of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and ASIWAJU BOLA AHMED TINUBU that their influence holds no water whatsoever in Ondo State.

Some people are already tagging the despicable and disgraceful action as the "voice of Jacob and the hand of Esau kind of thing. Bola Ilori and Bola Ahmed Tinubu and co were said to have worked very hard against the emergence of Akeredolu as the APC candidate months back, so now that against all odds Aketi emerged and even went on to win and become the Executive Governor of Ondo State, this is now pay back time.

So all traducers beware, Ondo State takes no prisoners!!!!



Yemi Idowu
Real Estate Supremo Mr. Yemi "off the radar" Idowu unveiled.

For many his name might not necessarily ring a bell that easily, but amongst those who really should know, they acknowledge him as the supremo when it comes to owning properties for commercial purposes in Lagos and by extension Nigeria.

Forget some braggarts who pretend not to love attention, but who crave such like their very life and existence depends on it. Mr. Idowu here does not want the attention in anyway, as he prefers his very low profile existence and he protects it. He loves and enjoy being totally under the radar.

Imagine that this biggest of commercial property owners, drives himself in a mere Toyota car! (bulletproof though) Very unobtrusive we hear you say, but the property portfolio this great man sits atop, allows him to ride around in as many Rolls Royce as he wants if he wants, but that unneccesarily flamboyant life and lifestyle is what he abhors and is not for him.

From available information Mr. Yemi Idowu owns that humongous, first class estate not too far from Chevron known as the "Northern Foreshore" estate amongst many other estates.

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Ifeanyi Ubah

Not only was he annihilated despite his humongous wealth and sagacity at the recent Governorship primary of the PDP in Anambra State, which was won by Oseloka Henry Obaze in an outstanding manner, the MD/CEO of Capital Oil and Gas Limited in the person of Ifeanyi Ubah, owner of the eponymous football club has also attracted a penalty for his unneccesary outburst of claims of irregularities.

Rising from their very recent sitting, the 'National Caretaker Committee of the PDP' has suspended forthwith in the interim, Chief Ubah for what they have termed "anti-party activities".

While the suspension is ongoing, he has also being referred to the disciplinary committee for further action also. The issue with Ifeanyi Ubah arose from the fact that he openly disparaged and casted aspersions on those who conducted the governorship primary, where he came a distant 3rd. He alleges irregularities and when he was queried for his outburst, he was said to have totally ignored the committee that reached out to him.

With this conduct of the newly revamped PDP, this might be a way of sending out a clear cut message to everyone, that the real change has come to the PDP, that matters are no more the usual way. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Adaeze Yobo, Anna Banner & Caroline Danjuma

Are they angels or are they angels, that's talking about the trio of former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2008, Adaeze Yobo. The gorgeous wife of the former Captain of the National football team Joseph JY Yobo, who is still a badass stunner even after 3 kids. Then there's the gorgeous Anna Banner, another ex-beauty queen, in fact Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2013, who is also the baby mama of the supremely gifted Flavour Nabania.

And then the last but not the least is the bodacious ex-wife of Mr. Musa Danjuma, in the person of the delectably gorgeous and supremely shapely Caroline Ekanem-Danjuma.

The trio lighted up the red carpet at the 30th anniversary edition of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant like a million stars. They are those that we can aptly describe as the original "star spangled banner". While Ada dazzled awesomely as the lady in red, in her gorgeously cut outfit by Bunmi, with the sexy cut showing off her left pin, Anna was the one in all black everything which highlighted her complexion supremely and then bombshell Caroline in the gorgeous royal blue, peplum shaped outfit and accentuated with her pink clutch with much aplomb!

We love them die!!!!


Apostle Johnson Suleiman

If the words of the Lead (Senior) Pastor and Founder of the "Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide", "Apostle Johnson Suleiman" are to be believed, then the expected elections to come in 2019, to either retain the administration of President Muhammad Buhari GCFR of the APC or to usher in another person or another party might hit a snag or not hold at all.

According to the self acclaimed Apostle who some have tried to tag as being controversial, who is also fondly referred to as the "Oracle of God" by himself and others, part of the prophecies revealed to him by God, forms the major content of his recent declarations.

At a recent interactions with the media at his church, the man of God declared

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Now that the APC has backed Dr. Tony Nwoye has her candidate for the upcoming battle of the titans in Ndi Anambra come November 18, 2017 what would the moneybag known as Senator Andy Uba, who had taken not less than 40 senators to go pick up his form to participate at the primary then, in a power show to intimidate others now do?

It is obvious somewhat that the days of blatant money politics in the state (ANAMBRA) seems to have ended. For if it was money that should have decided who should be the flag bearer of the APC and even PDP in that state, none of the many candidates who vied to be chosen as the sole candidate of the APC & PDP could match have matched the likes of Senator Andy Uba, Oil and Gas mogul Ifeanyi Ubah and former Aviation Minister and SPG boss Stella Oduah.

But even with all of their capacities and capabilities, they were still totally annilated by those without their kind of staggering wealth, but who were loads more influential and rightly connected.

Dr. Tony Nwoye, who is  now the confirmed candidate of the APC, got 95% of the votes amongst the 12 that took part in the primary and left the remaining 5% to be shared by all the other candidates, which included Senator Andy Uba.

Dr. Nwoye, is a medical doctor by profession and a House of Representatives member and also a well respected politician, who is the youngest of the aspirants vying for the post of Executive Governor of Anambra State. At 43, he and Chief Osita Chidoka of UPP who is 46 are the young men, who wants to bring in a lot new energy into running the affairs of the South East's most urban state.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Bolanle Ninolowo, Lolo Chika Acholonu, Adunni Ade

Mercedes Richards, Nino, Lolo, Adunni & Tayo Afolabi

The 14 new fragrances

Very recently at the MMA 2, for those who might not know what that stands for, it is the "Muritala Mohammed Airport 2", otherwise known as the local airport, at the arrival section to be more precise, one of Nigeria's top luxury lifestyle brand, "Oud Majestic", owned by the very gorgeous and elegant Lolo Chika Acholonu, the very beautiful and calm wife of the Igwe of Orlu declared opened their newest branch, the 3rd in the series for that matter.

The Triple-pronged event also saw the 'UNVEILING' of the brand's awesome ambassadors, in the persons of the supremely delectable model and actress, "Adunni Ade" and the hunk known to most Nigerians as "Bolanle Ninolowo", a very gifted Nollywood thespian and heartthrob.

Both delightsome ambassadors fit very much their roles in all ramifications. Adunni, a sumptuous, very well behaved, and very stylish personality and Nino, that's Bolanle Ninolowo, a hunk in every sense of the word.

Thirdly, it was also the occasion for the launch of Oud Majestic's own "14 new fragrance" in their "Art Collection" series, just to add to the many fragrance already available in their stores. All of the 14 are the brand's own delectable and sumptuous interpretations of Oud.

From the light to the heavy scents and more in between; delightsome to say the least.  

Oud Majestic is known for stocking only the very best and at very affordable prices also, in the range that all can always get something to fit their moods and palates, especially their pockets.

These 3rd store is following the brand's idea to be as near their customers as much as possible, in a beautiful ambience, providing the same excellent services and products they are very well known for and that the very discerning customers want.

At the occasion, the media (online and traditional) were introduced to the brand,.... their ambassadors and the new additions in fragrances.

At the event to witness the unveiling were the likes of Mimi Onalaja of #vvip #ebonylifetv #funkeosaebrown of #theluxuryreporter, #azukaogujuiba of #mediahub and very many others.

#oudmajesticlaunch #unveilingofbrandambassadors #mma2 #adunniade #bolanleninolowo #maestromediablog #medialaunch

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Saturday, September 2, 2017


THE NEW QMA 2017 WOULD BE THE BIGGEST PRIZE WINNER YET IN NIGERIA. As the new Queen is set to cart home ₦5million Naira amongst various other gorgeous prizes.

Another very exciting news from the organisers of Queen Moremi Ajasoro Pageant "QMA 2017".

While the registration has received a major boost by virtue of the fact that registration for participation is "FREE" for all, the "prizes" to be won by the "eventual winner" and runners up has also being the reason for the avalanche of enquiries about participation.

The winner of the upcoming 2nd edition of the new improved "biggest Cultural pageant in Nigeria", would cart home a whooping- ₦5,000,000 Naira (Five million Naira) in grant and support to build up her own desired business. If not for anything, that alone is serious "economic empowerment" like never known and experienced before.

And not just that alone, she would also be aided by experts provided by the organisers to make sure that the business initiative also succeeds and become a profitable venture.

The ₦5 million Naira, would come from the "QMA Impact Investment Fund for Women", which would be another of the highlight at the grand finale of the pageant come November 2017.

The ₦5 million Naira is not just it all, the lucky queen would also drive home a "brand spanking new car too"!!! What a lucky girl she would be indeed! Still yet that's not all. She would also have to herself, a year load of designer apparels to wear all through her reign, all of these things to make her stand out amongst others at all times.

This luckiest of winners yet, would become a "Cultural Ambassador" of the great "Adimula" and "Arole Odua", His Imperial Majesty, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, the Ojaja II, who is the most important, most revered of the Yoruba monarchs in the world, by virtue of his stool and ancestry.

As an ambassador of the Ooni Adimula, the Queen Moremi Ajasoro Pageant winner, would be a member of the "King's entourage" on "his tours around the world", helping to propagate the Ooni's message of peace, togetherness, inclusiveness and love for all mankind.

Olori (Queen) Moremi Ajasoro, the inspiration behind the QMA, was a very beautiful and intelligent heroine, who used her gifts of "beauty, charm and intelligence" to rescue her people from sure slavery and death.

So the one that must wear the crown as the "new QMA 2017", must possess exemplary qualities like intelligence, beauty, charm and grace too.

For more enquiries on participation and other informations, check

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Olori Abolanle
Like we say sometimes, except it is a deliberate attempt at misdirection, then the lady above might be one of the most important ladies in the whole of Yorubaland pretty soon.

Until the next few days, which would make it a new month, entering the ember months starting in September, before we would know for sure what's up and the truth as it is!

But the speculation is already very very rife as to who is or would the next Olori, that special one, who would epitomise all that is great and wonderful about a maiden and set to take over from where the former Olori Wuraola (queen) has supposedly left off unceremoniously.

The lucky one that is being pointed at and is being referred to for now, though not officially as Olori Ogunwusi is the lady by name Olori Abolanle.

Much is not yet known about her and her background. But all we can say is that she's light skinned and is a pretty lady. Olori Bolanle the "unofficial wife" (until the palace says she is, none can say she is yet) of the Adimula according to unconfirmed gist was introduced to the highly revered monarch by his sisters, all of whom he holds in high esteem. She is said to be from Abeokuta Ogun State.

According to the gist, the trio never liked the first queen (reasons for that we don't know)) and they were alleged to have plotted and did all that was humanly possible to get her removed and expunged.

Though the palace is said to have claimed that all is/was well between the monarch and his 2nd wife, Olori WuraOla, what is obvious for all observers is that they seem to be talking, but their mouth apparently wasn't moving.

So according to the gist which also claimed that Olori Abolanle is the new heartthrob of Yorubaland most revered monarch, this new month of September 2017 would be the official unveiling of the identity of the new Olori (queen).

So while they are still yet to unveil madam to us, we have heard though, that the new queen might be the above lady in the picture.

Can it be true? 

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Not the very best of times for some of the rich and powerful as we speak, as they grapple with sundry issues which normally would have drowned mere mortals like everyday people.

But like the saying goes, a big head needs a big hat or scarf, so they are surely prepared for the down time and heavy loads they carry and so can easily bounce back from any weight that might be sinking them, atleast the boss of Forte Oil, Mr. Femi Otedola has shown them that when there's life there's surely hope!  Thanks

The Kwaran juggernaut by name HAJIA Bola Muinat Shagaya is currently facing the EFCC's investigation as we speak and would need all her dexterity and manuevirings and connection to get out of the grasp of the anti-graft agency of the government known as the EFCC, who have placed 3 of Madam's accounts on a lock down. In these accounts are about ₦8.6 billion Naira.

HAJIA Bola Muinat Shagaya who is reputed to be one of the richest ladies in Nigeria and a director at Unity Bank and supposedly one of the bank's biggest shareholders has since taken the same bank to court for allowing the EFCC to shutdown her account without a valid court order.

Not only were those accounts seized, investigation is also said to be on going as per Hajia's relationships with about 10 firms and accounts.  The accounts also frozen for the now are First Deep Water Discovery Limited, Bola Shagaya, FAPLiNs Nigeria Limited, Lingo Nigeria Limited, Buri Barclays BDC, Links Global Synergy Limited, OKIOIL Nigeria Limited, Jemaruz Nigeria Limited, PJ Oil and Gas Limited and AFDIN Ventures Ltd.

The anti graft organisation has sent an order to the bank has it to place a "Post No Debit" (PND) on the accounts, and that order had jeopardised a transaction and agreement with a private jet leasing company.

Since the ban placed on the accounts, madam could not defray an accumulated cost of ₦514, 800, 000 being the cost owed the Jet company for the lease of a Bombardier jet. Since the payment agreement couldn't be met by Hajia Shagaya and which led to the termination of the agreement, she has had to forfeit a whooping $1 million USD.

So HAJIA has accused the Bank of complicity in her travails, claiming the bank's alleged failure to do the requisite due diligence when the order from the EFCC came.  


Aliko Dangote

Dr Mike Adenuga

Femi Otedola

Folorunsho Alakija
The annual rich list of the mega men and woman was released again for 2017 and the positions occupied by many of those listed hasn't changed at all, neither the value of their wealth too.

Apart from Femi Otedola, Tony Elumelu and Jim Ovia who all sometimes moves up or down on the ladder before. Femi Otedola has now retained his 3rd position again.

Perennial number 1 and 2 remained fixed, as Aliko Dangote is still the Numero Uno liquid man with a staggering worth as stated by Forbes to be $12.5billion followed by Dr Michael Agbolade Adenuga.

Here is the full list according to their positions and their worth.

Aliko Dangote- Nigeria's richest and by extension Africa's wealthiest and also "Richest Blackman alive", said to be worth $12.5 billion. The value of his worth is not as it used to be meaning his position on the world's richest list from the high of nos 24 has now gone down to less than first 100 in the world.

Otunba 'Dr' Michael Agbolade Adenuga. Nigeria's consistent nos 2 richest. The owner of Globacom Nigeria nos 2 telecommunications company and owner of several other brands, with investments in several other pies.  Net worth is put at $10.5 billion. Some have claimed consistently that he might be worth more than the value above.

Femi Otedola. Nigeria's current nos 3. A position that he sometimes inter changes with others. The father of DJ Cuppy has experienced the down time which really affected his wealth and worth a while back, but he has since bounced back gallantly. A testament to his strength and ability is him occupying this 3rd position now with a net worth of $2.3 billion. The owner of Zenon and chairman of Forte oil is a survivor.

Folorunsho Alakija. Hers is the story of grace. The MD of Famfa Oil is said to be the undisputed Richest woman in Nigeria and probably the richest woman of African descent, there's the issue sometimes about who is richer between her and the Angolan first daughter. The former fashion designer has since grown in leaps and bounds. The UK would not forget the wedding of her son to his beau that held at a palace recently. The media spoke about that wedding with such gloss, that made Africans and Nigerians all over the world proud. Her net worth is placed at $2.1 billion.

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Friday, August 25, 2017


Femi FALANA, SAN is a renowned legal practitioner that needs no introduction whatsoever. Long before he became a "Senior Advocate of Nigeria" (SAN) the equivalent of a "Queen's Counsel (QC) years back, the people of whom he had and has been a consistent and unwavering voice had appointed him a "Senior Advocate of the Masses", a title that is very well earned.

Of recent he has learnt his learned voice again to a very important issue and one that very many are rather very concerned about, but rather tame about at the same time, that has to do with the church and by extension religious bodies in Nigeria.

Hear him-

"Under the law, no religious body in Nigeria can operate on its own without a check. Unfortunately the 'Corporate Affairs Commission' has been sleeping!"

For instance there's no law that allows you to take money from the Church and then invest such in business and then privatise it. No! That is against 'CAT C' of the CAC.

It is only in Nigeria where you can take money from the church, money contributed by the 'poor congregation/members' and you go and set up a University that the members of the church cannot attend, cannot send their children to. It is against the rule and law of God. It is against the constitution".

Thursday, August 24, 2017


It is very obvious that things are not as they used to be no more. Gone are those days when you can call the bluff of certain Government organisation and get away with it without paying dearly for it. At least with this example now, all others would no who is the boss!

As we speak, the world's richest blackman and African on the continent, Aliko Dangote's younger brother Sayyu Dantata's brand has plenty of explaination to do as we speak.

The offence? Not necessarily an offence like that and it's even not on a personal basis, but it has to do with his business concern MRS which has been accused of tax evasion. The famous brand has been accused of tax default. And for not responding to the query from owing a humongous ₦497million Naira the brand's HQ has been sealed.

Though it was said that the accountant in concert with the head of security of the Apapa based company had tried to prevent the FIRS team lead by Anita Erinne from doing their job, that couldn't stop the men of the FIRS, as they still sealed the MRS facilities.

Knowing the super liquid Sayyu Dantata very well that amount from the FIRS led by Mr. Tunde Fowler is sure a chicken feed, so we know for sure that it would only take a few hours for the communication breakdown to be resolved very amicably. How much is half a billion for MRS, which is one of the biggest players in the downstream sector of the economy? At most that translates to $1.5million dollars, the cost of a super wrist watch or a house!

Though MRS is claiming to have sorted out the payment, FIRS claims the contrary, so both parties would soon resolve their differences and we would soon get a statement stating just that.