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Tuesday, July 30, 2019


Not too long ago we wrote about Emelda/Imelda and we addressed her then as the new "queen of style" that was dazzling all comers and teaching them the new way to enjoy and have fun at the very highest level. To this lady who is said to be a good friend and follower of TM in fact, she is said to see TM as an icon. For her luxury and the highest kind of it, is something she doesn't compromise about at all. Her bags, shoes and clothes are from the best of the best, we remember then in the last article telling you about how her boyfriend, dazzled her on a shopping spree in America to the tune of.......... .

Now again this exciting and very fashionable young lady, who had gotten a renowned Stylist then, to help rearrange her intimidating walk-in wardrobe, has upped the ante all over again to the stratosphere and raised the bar to another level entirely, that would or could make all those who look up to her and follow her to want to rise far higher than where they are now. These followers might just have to go desperate to try to meet up though.

Just yesterday, and by that we mean Monday, July 29, 2019 our young new super exciting madam took delivery of her brand spanking new, 2019 All black, super intimidating Range Rover said to be valued at about a whopping N120million Naira only. In USD, that amounts to about [$330,000 plus!] That kind of play play money in this Era (Buhari's time), where even the rich or super wealthy are seemingly complaining about the paucity of funds, where things are not just rolling in just like that again, like it was in the rollicking period of Goodluck Jonathan, it seems some have come to understand how to open an endless vault and just let the money rain pour down endlessly. And on the receiving end is this young lady. Ain't she just lucky???

Which brings us to the million dollar question, who is this new clandestine angel of money, that is loving Imelda aka scatter like this? This dude seems to be so liquid that, he is so willing to buy her just about anything that exists, that money could afford?

How long ago was it, that the new under the radar billionaire gifted her the humongous edifice somewhere on the mainland, GRA, Ikeja to be more precise.

We can recall how we told you all, how we told you of that impressive Miami trip a while back, where Usman, said to be in the oil and gas sector, dazzled his love by spending a whopping $100000, one hundred thousand dollars on a spending spree buying this and that for her then. According to those in the know, that 100k dolls, was just a mere chicken feed. Now from a multimillion Naira valued house to a N120m car? That no be play then oooooo. There just has to be something so extraordinary about Ime.... Dear!

Salute to the new queen of Lifestyle! 

Monday, July 29, 2019


Have you by any chance tried to call the MTN network from a Glo line of late? While some are lucky to get through at the first attempt, others try up to five or six times or more before getting through! And for us, that's a big shame! We had thought that maybe it might just be us alone experiencing such an issue and so we asked few friends, in fact we had put the issue to the general public on Facebook, which is one of the best ways to quickly feel the pulse of the general populace over an issue.

And then the answers we got showed that it was in fact a  highly irritating and annoying issue, that had affected many who use Glo lines and who had tried time and time again to place calls to those using MTN lines. The annoying rhetoric sometimes was "unfortunately the call cannot be connected at this time. We regret the inconvenience. Please contact your provider"

And so we began to wonder at what was going on? Could this in fact be a case of deliberate sabotage' on the part of MTN? And if that be the case to what purpose is this sabotage? What could they hope or are they hoping to gain from such a despicable practice?

Who could be so desperate to want to sabotage the effort of the only Nigerian, wholly owned Telco brand Glo? Thank God for Glo in Nigeria, we knew how totally expensive it was to make calls and do data before, but the minute the Nigerian brand came on board and allowed the best international practice to prevail in the sector, making the customer king, by offering "per second billing" as a norm, which the other Telco brands had tried to pass off as something impossible. That really opened up the market and showed to the world, those who truly cared about the hearts of the Nigerian people. It wasn't just going to be business and profit making alone. It now became the battle to serve Nigerians with the best of services they needed and wanted.

With the kind of infrastructure that Glo has invested in the country so as  to make sure that Nigerians can get the best of the type of services they get anywhere else in the world, it would be a shame if another brand in that same sector would try to sabotage their efforts or would be allowed to do so at all. 

What's the issue at hand, if we may even ask? Or has this become the extension of the persistent 'XENOPHOBIC attacks' against Nigerians in South Africa to the business sector?

Why are they doing it to the same Glo that helped to bring the price of voice calls  down and helped to drastically reduce the cost of data, thereby giving Nigerians the opportunity  to enjoy low tariffs on voice calls and data? Can outsiders love us Nigerians as much as we love ourselves? That's the question we need to ask ourselves and quickly too at that. MTN must be called to order immediately to stop this unnecessary attack, as Nigerians would not take it lightly again with them.

You cannot be shortchanging a country that has been so nice to you. If not for this same Nigerian market that you are treating anyhow, it could have been impossible to declare the kind of humongous and extraordinary profit of the last several years that you have declared consistently. So what we are only asking you for, is to allow a level playing ground and also give us fantastic services commensurate to the love we have shown to you. And also please, and we say it again, please leave our national brand-Glo alone for us !


Is she or is she not a mermaid in disguise? Or gorgeous and unbelievably beautiful can a young lady be. With a skin that's like pure butter or is it milk? That's just well molded and so delicate. And then to add to it all, those big, piercing and delightfully beautiful or gorgeous eyeballs that can turn a eunuch or saint wild with rampart desires!!!

One of the reasons again one would ask if she's a mermaid or an angel in disguise is also because she favors far above any other color, the color of purity, which is WHITE! Just imagine that skin tone in white??? We have always believed that, white is probably the no one or best color in the world, but one that needs the highest maintenance by all standards. So the one that must favor it and wear it often, must first and foremost be mad neat and must also have plenty of it. It's not the color for too much repetition.

Olaitan Olubi aka Liiighton is obviously super neat, even with her outstanding and in your face make up. Check her several pictures and see and salute.

Those eye lashes like venus flytraps are always stand out. Need we say much about what she does? Especially when we only just featured her not too long ago. But for those who might not know or are just coming across her for the first time, she is the brain behind the fashion brand, "Magnetic Elegance" and in just a short period of existence, she's made a mark in her vocation. With a good clientele list of the who-is-who.

With Laitan anything she wears must be a 'statement piece', from the wristwatch, to the bag(s), to the shoes and more. All of these pieces don't come cheap at all!!! We are talking about bags of from $5000 upwards, watches of from $10000 upwards.

So we welcome you again to the world of Olaitan Olubi aka Liiighton


Not many can do florescent colors & get away unscathed!

The body of a nymph or is it a 🧜‍♀️ mermaid? 

Denike Balogun aka Nikky Bizzle has the body and she knows it and she knows what to also adorn to pop and make all onlookers go gaga!!! She is a fashionista worth her salt, in every sense of the word!

At any time, whether at play (casuals) or more serious, you can never ever find her wanting, never at all. Even her swimwear game is mad exciting as she puts those exceptionally voluptuous twin mounds to display and showoff that bodacious shape that gets both guys and dames salivating to full effect.

She's a shoes & bags freak/ collector, just like she seem to always be buying the latest stunning garbs mixed with the classics.

Like they say, if you work hard to make the money, then you are very much allowed to indulge in some self pampering therapy too, at least na your money nowwwww. Any that doesn't like it, should hold........ One thing she is also known to do is her love for traveling and going to exotic places around the world and she always always travels in style, flight and accommodation, as it's viable for all to see.

Maybe the need to frequently jet out, also might be due to the need to be constantly and consistently inspired. The beauty around the world can be a source of awesome inspiration for some. She owns and runs an event design, management company, 'Diamond Ink Luxury Events', she is a certified events specialist and she also own a subsidiary or should we say another company in the 'growing lifestyle conglomerate' that's an authority in flower arrangements-Maggie's Fleur Box-she's is a an internationally trained and certified florist, then also, she owns a luxury lifestyle melting point, where the happening crowd frequents a whole lot, that's talking about the ever evolving The 'TEA ROOM' Lagos, which is somewhat getting loads of copycat now.

In her pictures in this article, you would notice her in all shades of green apart from the stunning one where she is in her sexy bikini, as she seems to favour the stunning color-Green a lot and seems to have it on total lockdown!

Checkout the delightsome and bodacious Adenike Balogun @denike.balogun one of our 2 badass Monday Morning Crushes!

Just our little way of 'livening' up your Monday and kickstarting your new week. 

Friday, July 26, 2019


Don Jazzy

The 10 (3.5kva) Generators

The laptop 

In the last one week the head honcho at Mavin Records, the one and only and in fact the incredible Don Jazzy has been extending his good fortune, the hands of Grace, the way of many Nigerians.

We came across his kind gesture to fans and have thought that this is the kind of very important thing that needs to be made loud, so others in far more better positions can see what it is like to contribute to the betterment of others around them, not necessarily those you know from anywhere at all.

And from what we heard, being his brothers keeper is a normal thing that he is used to doing. Such good deeds are like a cup of tea to him that he does very often without batting an eye. So this time around he had asked that those who needed something to help with what they do should send in a picture of the particular things in #with50k and those who knew that when the Don ask for such a thing, he doesn't joke around and wants to pour down the rain, heeded his call quickly.

And just like that computer, camera and (generators 3.5 litre) at least 10 of such generators exchanged hands. Not less than 20 people were part of the enviable largesse!

This is undeniable how to be wealthy. Not stockpiling unnecessary cars around to show off and to intimidate and harass people and then not helping souls around you. 


What more can we say about Genevieve Nnaji that hasn't been said already?

Our dear own Julia Roberts of Africa is as delightsome as they come. She's one of the few Nigerian entertainment juggernaut in the entertainment industry in Africa whose value instead of eroding has continued to soar somewhat.

Though she hasn't been seen in many productions of late, which in itself is good, as the scarcer you seem to be in the industry, the more your value seem to increase, most especially in this season where not too many great productions with excellent story lines are available, but are few and far between. But not just for anyone though. It takes those in the Genevieve bracket, to be able to swing that the scarcer you are the more value added effortlessly, without feeling it in their pocket or bank account, as you have to over use and over expose yourself to stay afloat in the industry.

Her Lionheart movie which she collected cool dough in a few millions of dollars from Netflix for, was the last major production we have seen her in, in a while and even in that movie, where she acted as a lead character, she was as cool as a cat, easy breezy kinda thing, not necessarily doing too much as the acting of the particular role, didn't need too much effort at all, so she just took it in her stride and delivered without a whimper!

Of late, she's been a bit visible, going about in her relaxed fashion, always looking effortlessly stylish, like she just woke up from bed and voila, she's dressed up and looking cool catfish!!!

In the picture above, she's delivering effortless chic again, but in her cool black swimsuit with nice cutouts made by Andrea Iyamah. The lean body without fat anywhere on display.

So like we already asked before, is she 🔥 or is she 🔥????

Thursday, July 25, 2019


In recent years, since Nigeria began to place an increased focus on its non-oil sectors, the Nigerian leather industry has received an increased level of attention, and in small doses, some investment. The Lagos Leather Fair was designed to address the issues, promote talent, and create awareness within a potentially powerful industry.

Founded in 2017 by Femi Olayebi, founder and CEO of FemiHandbags, one of the nation’s leading leather brands, the Lagos Leather Fair brings together a diverse range of key players in the leather industry, from rising stars like Kkerele, Marte Egele, HankerandReech, and PereLei, to established leather designers such as City Cobbler, Mona Matthews, St. Davids, Zashadu, O'Eclat, to furniture manufacturers such as Siod Leather, iO Furniture etc.

These players are provided with an opportunity to showcase their products, form partnerships with industry peers, and expand their audiences. Through master classes, conversations, workshops and panel discussions, the Lagos Leather Fair also engages investors, branding experts, business teachers, international designers, and state sector leads in discussions on the challenges and the way forward for Nigeria’s leather designers.

The first two editions were a huge success and collectively brought together an audience of over 4500 people.  About 120 exhibitors collectively made over N25 million in sales; the Fairs featured 10 Master classes and 6 Creative Workshops, delivered by 30 local and international speakers; and showcased 12 runway presentations by various designers.

This year’s edition promises to be bigger than the first two editions combined and will feature a specially curated private investor showcase, exhibitions by leather designers and manufacturers, a great shopping experience, runway presentations, networking opportunities, and knowledge-sharing activities, amongst others. The 2019 edition of the Lagos Leather Fair, tagged #LLF2019, which will take place from Saturday, September 7 to Sunday, September 8, 2019 at The Harbour Point, Victoria Island, is themed: Advancing the Conversation. It will play host to about 70 Nigerian leather designers, and feature 3 topical Conversations, 2 Workshops and 6 Runway Presentations. This year will also showcase a few international designers.

Through The Lagos Leather Fair, Femi Olayebi feeds and fuels her passion for promoting the work of leather designers and the Made-in-Nigeria initiative by showcasing local talent. And it seems to be about the best thing that has happened to the Nigerian leather industry: for its ability to drive conversations, change, and create a spotlight for one of Nigeria’s most critical untapped markets.

Key sponsors of the Fair include the Bank of Industry, Access Bank, and First Bank.


If you’ve always wanted to be a model and at the same be an advocate for change now is the time to make a move at no cost at all.

Luxury Model search Nigeria (LMSN) is a competition that seeks to discover the next female leader. Luxury Model Search Model Nigeria is different from the usual beauty pageant and model search, it stands as a platform where young and intelligent ladies can break into the fashion and entertainment industry. The Luxury Model Search Nigeria would be a model search/beauty pageant with the end goal of finding that one girl that will be a leader with exemplary qualities asides beauty. The LSMN can be said to be the search for a girl with beauty and brains who can stand on her own and knows what she wants.

The LMSN competition will begin with auditions across Nigeria, Port Harcourt – June 22, 2019, Abuja - June 29, 2019 and Lagos - July 6, 2019. At the end of all the auditions, 20 girls will emerge as finalists and move on to the grand finale which is set to hold on Sunday, August 4, 2019 at the Landmark Event Centre, Lagos.
The winner of the LMSN will win 1 Million naira alongside an international modelling contract with Suzzie D Celebrity Network, while the first and second runner up will win, N500,000 and N250,000 respectively.

The uniqueness of the LMSN competition lies in the fact that it welcomes girls of any size or weight unlike other pageants and modelling competitions that are restricted to a certain size. The other requirements for LMSN asides being beautiful, smart and Nigerian are that the ladies should not be less than 5ft7, must have no tattoos, be between the ages 16 to 25 as well as be unmarried and available to travel internationally.

The most amazing part of the competition is that anyone who fits the criteria can attend and participate in the auditions for free, as the registration forms are totally free.

The Luxury Model Search Nigeria is the brain child of Suzzie D, who is the CEO of Suzzie D Celebrity Network.

For more information on how to be a part of the LMSN competition please log on to

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

UBA’s REDTV to Light Up #UBAmarketplace 2019 With Creative Panel Sessions, Fashion Shows, Cinema, Concert

Youths and adults alike are in for a great time at the #UBAMarketplace2019 as UBA’s award winning online network, REDTV has lined up a number of exciting acts to keep visitors and participants entertained during the two-day event which will take place on July 26th and 27th 2019.

The UBAMarketplace2019 will be held on the sidelines of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Forum - the largest gathering of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa.

The over 20,000 expected guests will be treated to a lot of  entertainment, panel sessions, fashion, fun, comedy, relaxation and will have the unique opportunity to meet with some of their favourite stars and celebrities.

Africa’s star boy Wizkid will sit with UBA’s GMD, Kennedy Uzoka, in a fireside chat with the theme ‘Stars & Suits: Afropop meets High Finance’ as Richard Mofe Damijo, the top Nollywood icon, will sit in a movie panel session with Cynthia Nassardine, Cote D’ivoire’s darling; top Movie producer/director, Tunde Kelani to discuss the theme ‘The Big Picture: Business of film making’ and how entrepreneurs from Africa can benefit from the enterprise. The panel will be moderated by REDTV’s Executive Producer and Group Director for Communciations at UBA,, Bola Atta. 

 The music industry will not be left out at the UBA marketplace as Dj Cuppy, Dj Neptune and Pheelz the Producer will discuss on the theme ‘Booth to Bank: How the beat becomes the profit’.

Uzoka who spoke about the event, stated ‘UBA has always been at the forefront of entrepreneurship across Africa, undertaking many projects aimed at contributing to and supporting Africa’s growth and economic integration. The birth of the UBA marketplace and this entrepreneurial fair is a testament to our commitment to African SMEs’

Uzoka added that with the fair, UBA seeks to touch base with small business owners and to continue to positively affect the lives of entrepreneurs doing business in its countries of operations and beyond’.  “I think everyone realises that we need to prioritise the private sector. We need to encourage entrepreneurship and the youths. This is the driving factor and the major reason why we are organising an event of this magnitude’ he said.

Other side attractions at the Redzone will be the screening of the Lion King Movie and Bling Lagosians; fashion shows; treasure hunts, Kiddies corner as well as a Founder’s Day pitch event, where beneficiaries of the Tony Elumelu Foundation will be presented a platform to pitch their businesses with a grand prize of a grant, courtesy of UBA.

REDTV is UBA’s dynamic online lifestyle channel that puts the spotlight on Africa with a distinct global appeal. Its award winning series, The Men’s Club Season 2, is currently airing on YouTube.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Except for maybe her instagram page which she still constantly updates, seems like the gazelle with the long legs and sultry eyes and with those sumptuously looking lips has given publicity a wide berth.

Gone seems to be those heady days, when she was always in the news every other day. But for a bit now, the very very talented and highly creative fashion designer and head honcho behind her eponymous or name sake brand-Vonne has thought to embrace more of quietude nowadays.

If it's a deliberate decision on her part, it seems like it's working and working well too. She was viewed "as one of the future of fashion at a point" and the lioness- she's August born and a feline (cat) in the true sense of the word (Leo gal) is a creative gem, whenever she's focused on the brand, churning out very nice collection that always gets very good reactions from all and sundry.

What she absolutely absolutely needs more and more, is more focus/steadfastness and consistency. For she seems to sometime drift or should we say coast for a long while after each success.

It's a countdown already to the birthday of the gorgeous fashionista and mother of one (a gorgeous teen coming into her own already). Apart from English and her native Ibo language that she speaks so dexterously, she is said to speak French too because she was born in Paris, France over 3 decades ago to a dad, a knight in the catholic church.

Happy birthday in long advance to the show off designer.

More stupendously gorgeous pictures after the break.



Senator Florence Ita-Giwa 

Group MD, Herbert Wigwe, former AIG Imoukhuede 

Herbert & AIG with the Emir of Kano

Seem like they are not just only relevant in Nigeria, but they are in a steady climb to take over the world as the "premium/premiere banking institution" in Nigeria. After their merger with Diamond Bank which before the merger was one of the top Nigerian banks, the new entity that emerged from the merger and that is still referred to as Access Bank h, still under the able stewardship of Herbert Wigwe, their Group MD have since become probably Nigeria's biggest and number 1 banking institution bar none and they are still climbing.

The goodness of the season has even touched or extended to their UK, London subsidiary too as well, as they recently too, declared some good profit for the year ended. So it's not just only about trailblazing as per expansion and profitability in Nigeria, they are also big-big when it comes to CSR, by that we believe you all know that that means "corporate social responsibility".

So their annual charity train moved again to London like they normally do every year. It is the annual "Access Polo Tournament" which they do in conjunction or in collaboration with Fifth Chukker. This beautiful relationship is a charity event aimed at helping to raise funds annually towards raising fund in partnership with Unicef Nigeria for education projects in the North to build and equip 70 new classrooms.

The annual event has become a must visit or better still must be a part of for Nigerians both at home and abroad. This year's multi-days event was another exciting one as expected and those who attended were in their summery best, with both the current Group MD, Herbert Wigwe and the former GMD, Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede looking super dapper over the 2 days. The Emir of Kano, who who knew to be a dapper and stylish prince before he became a Royal father, showed that even in his full traditional royal garb, he still knows what's up as he dazzled in his Christian Louboutin spike shoes. Amechi Okobi and many others who were in attendance like Yutee Rone, Adrianna Sarz, Linda Ikeji, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa and very many others, all looked like fine or should we say pretty peacocks in dazzling array.

The incomparable Asa was on the bandstand to dazzle all comers as the guests over 2 days enjoyed the best of the game of kings.

See their pictures.

More after the break.


Finally, after what had seemed like forever. The list of those who should help Mr. President to prosecute his agenda for this new administration is out. And it contains the names of many of those who were prominent in the last 4years of the administration.

It's like the President has thought that, if it isn't broken, why fix it then? At least not less than 7 of the old or former ministers have been nominated again for another stint. Curiously, a major name missing amongst the old returnees is that of the highly cerebral Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, who was the last minister of state for Petroleum. Super ministers returning are Babatunde Raji Fashola, Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi, Abubakar Malami & Lai Mohammed, they all made it back just like Hadi Sirika, Chris Ngige & Ogbonnaya Onu.

Apart from these returnees, some past Governors again were nominated likes of Rauf Aregbesola, Timipre Sylva, Godswill Akpabio, George Akume, Adeniyi Adebayo. A name that many had thought would feature prominenly but didn't, is that of the recent former Governor of Lagos State, in the person of Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode. Many had speculated that there was no way he would miss from the list, but alas he isn't on this one.

Out of those nominated, 7 of them are women-Sharon Ikpeazu, Maryam Katagun, Zainab Ahamed Mohammed , Rahmatu Tijjani, Gbemisola Saraki, the immediate younger sibling of the former Senate President, Pauline Tallen 60, a former minister years back & Sadiya Umar Farouk.

Also on the list is the presidential spokesperson person Festus Keyamo and supremely loyal party man to the core and former speaker of the Lagos State House of assembly -Senator Adeleke Olorunnibe Mamora.

Ministerial screening will commence on Wednesday.
See full list below…
1. Ikechukwu Ogar (Abia)
2. Mohammed Musa Bello (Adamawa)
3. Godswill Akpabio (Akwa Ibom)
4. Chris Ngige (Anambra)
5. Sharon Ikpeazu (Anambra)
6. Adamu Adamu (Bauchi)
7. Maryam Katagun (Bauchi)
8. Timipre Sylva (Bayelsa)
9. George Akume (Benue)
10. Mustapha Baba Shehuri (Borno)
11. Bodi Agba (Cross River)
12. Festus Keyamo (Delta)
13. Ogbonnaya Onu (Ebonyi)
14. Clement. Ike Agba (Edo)
15. Osagie Enanieri (Edo)
16. Richard Adeniyi Adebayo (Ekiti)
17. Geoffrey Onyeama (Enugu)
18. Ali Pantami (Gombe)
19. Emeka Nwajuba (Imo)
20. Suleiman Adamu (Jigawa)
21. Zainab Ahamed Mohammed (Kaduna)
22. Muhammad Mahmud (Kaduna)
23. Sabo Sanono (Kano)
24. Bashir Sani (Kano)
25. Hadi Sirika (Katsina)
26. Abubakar Malami (Kebbi)
27. Rahmatu Tijjani (Kogi)
28. Lai Mohammed (Kwara)
29. Gbemisola Saraki (Kwara)
30. Adeleke Mamora (Lagos)
31. Babatunde Fashola (Lagos)
32. Mohammed H. Abdullahi (Nasarawa)
33. Zubair Dada (Niger)
34. Olamilekan Adegbite (Ogun)
35. Tayo Alasoadura (Ondo)
36. Rauf Aregbesola (Osun)
37. Sunday Dare (Oyo)
38. Pauline Tallen (Plateau)
39. Rotimi Amaechi (Rivers)
40. Muhammadu Ngiadi (Sokoto)
41. Sale Mamman (Taraba)
42. Abubakar Aliyu (Yobe)
43. Sadiya Umar Faruok (Zamfara)


Ken Eneduwa-George

More & more intrigues are coming up daily in this saga that has Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA on one side and on the other side, the duo of Busola and Timi Dakolo.

The world had woken up to a totally shocking interview not too long ago, where Busola, a photographer, wife and mother of the 3 kids of Bayelsan born musician Timi Dakolo had alleged that in 1999, while still 16 going on 17, she was raped twice in the space of one week by Pastor Biodun, who is now the Senior pastor of COZA church globally. The allegation had elicited so much reactions then. With many taking sides on both sides.

Now after the drama that followed, with Pastor Biodun having to step down temporarily to allow for investigation after much protest from the public. Followed by the petition from the couple to the police on the rape allegation, followed by some form of harassment and subtle intimidation from the police who had come to invite the couple for questioning on the counter petition of falsehood, Criminal Conspiracy and threat to life. Ken Eneduwa-George, a journalist who shuttles between London and Nigeria has alleged attempt to brib him, so as to help in changing the narrative as alleged by Busola and Timi Dakolo.

Ken had made his allegation of attempted bribery online on Facebook last night, only for it to have been removed by this morning after it was reported to Facebook. Hear him--

In light of recent events, I feel a need to share the context of a recent encounter. 

The decision to share the context of this encounter is necessitated by the viral social media video of attempted abduction of Timi Dakolo and his family that accosted my sight.

On the 8th of July, I was contacted by one of Biodun Fatoyinbo's associates whom I have enormous respect for, and whose name I will not mention here, as a result of the goodwill he enjoys with me. 

The discussion centred on how to turn things around in his friend's favour. I was given an open cheque and asked to name my price. 

Apart from the blank cheque, I was also offered unfettered access to all the resources I would need to manipulate the situation to favour him. 

I was not tempted. 

It was not even an issue to consider. I am a specialist and this would have been an easy situation for me to handle however, THE omoluabi in me would never betray my courageous father's good name. Moreover, the Dakolos are my family. 

It has now come to my knowledge that the offer I refused was accepted by others. 

I do not begrudge those who accepted whatever was offered for them to sell their souls. There is hunger in the land.

We are all aware that Nigeria's economy has been on its knees for a while now, and poverty is really biting hard. 

So hard that even some celebrities are struggling to provide the basic needs for their family.  

In the words of Harold Robbins, "every man has his price. For some it's money or women. And for others, it's the glory. But the honest man you don't have to buy - he winds up costing you nothing."

I had thought not accepting their offer and request to do their bidding was enough. However, the news headlines on social media on Saturday has proven that my refusal to help manipulate the situation was not enough. 

As a matter of fact, I would be failing in my responsibility as a decent human being if I do not speak up now.

I am not unmindful of the risk involved and the attacks to follow the aftermath of this disclosure. We are well aware of the modus operandi and the cult-like manner his followers operate by. I am aware of the onslaught that often befall people like myself who can read their moves, especially when they have tried to woo you unsuccessfully.

~ Ken Eneduwa-George

Monday, July 22, 2019


Timi and Busola Dakolo 

Seems like the people who should be unbiased and protect us have taken sides!!! Seems like the ones who should be the go between to investigate both sides in this battle, have decided to lean more to one side and are being used as a tool of HARASSMENT, Intimidation and home invasion. And so in order to avoid any unfortunate mishaps, Timi and Busola Dakolo have thought to shout to the world, to let the onlooking public/audience know what's going on, as their case seem to be taking a new dimension.

From their petition of rape of a minor, things have now shifted to a counter petition of Falsehood, Criminal Conspiracy and threat to life! Would the police as a protector of all citizens, remain an impartial arbiter in this matter? Apparently like we have always stated, Timi & Busola Dakolo had done their due diligence by filing a case of rape of a minor before going public with that interview that broke several tables and whose attendant hoopla has yet to subside!

Hear Timi at the press conference yesterday - Sunday, July 21, 2019.

The full text of his statement to the press reads:
Gentlemen of the Press –
My wife and I have called this press conference because, as a man, I have done what I am supposed to do – I stood by my wife when she decided to go public with her truth. It was not an easy decision but I was raised by my Grandmother – I saw that woman go to heaven and back for me – she used to trek kilometers to go to church to pray for me and sold everything to make sure we ate. From loving my Grandmother, I have a deep respect for women; I took the decision boldly as a man should. I stood for her when she came under attacks from the ill-intentioned members of society. I have fought for her even when I have been abused, lied against and accused of unspeakable things.

As a Father, however, I could not have foreseen the events of yesterday when an attempt was made to abduct myself and my wife – FOR TELLING HER TRUTH.

All we have asked is for this matter to be duly investigated. I did not expect that our residential address – where our children live – will be released to the public AND SINCE THEN, I have noted with increasing alarm, how my life, my wife’s life and the lives of our children have been put at risk by unscrupulous persons. We have been followed, our home has been watched, people have been standing in corners pointing fingers at our home – we have been unable to do any work; the children have had to be explained to several times why they cannot go outside and play.

As a Father and as the protector of my home under God, I have decided to come out and speak publicly against the harassment, bullying, and maliciousness we have received as law-abiding citizens of Nigeria – BECAUSE my wife decided to tell her truth and I decided that I trust her, I believe her and stand by her. I will never leave her side now and I will do my best to protect her. However, the good people of Nigeria, who have shown us so much love, deserve to know what has been happening.
On behalf of my family, I would like to share a few highlights, especially about the attempted abduction of yesterday, Saturday, July 20th, 2019:


• On Thursday, June 27th, my wife, through her Legal Representative filed a petition with the police in Lagos State about Mr. Biodun Fatoyinbo of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) raping her as a minor. The Petition was filed at the Office of the Assistant General of Police, Alagbon, Ikoyi. We had 4 meetings spanning over 6 hours at the Police Station on that day and afterward, the A.I.G himself personally assigned the file immediately and asked for an expedited action to investigate the case. We decided not to publicize the fact that a case had been filed, as we believed that the law should be allowed to run its full course, undisturbed.

• We intentionally filed the police case, following the due process of the law before agreeing for the release of the interview that had been recorded many weeks before. The interview was then released with my wife’s permission, on Friday, June 28th, 2019 by Y!TV.

• We have since been to the Police Station in Lagos several times on invite by the Police to respond to various questions in the course of their investigations. WE WERE THEREFORE SHOCKED TO BE INVITED TO ABUJA – WHEN NO VISIBLE ACTION HAD BEEN TAKEN TO INTERVIEW MR. FATOYINBO.

• On Thursday, July 4th, Y!TV published another video with a former employee of COZA alleging that Pastor Biodun also raped her. My wife broke down crying as she listened to her interview “There are other women – this recent?!” she kept saying as she cried. What surprised us was how Modele Fatoyinbo, who asked my wife to come and help her look after their newborn child – which is what led to the second rape – is the same person that asked this lady to come and look after her children – again? 15 years after?! It is strange. We do not know this lady, we have still not met her, but we would like to thank her for lending her voice to this truth.

As far as we know, Mr Fatoyinbo has not been questioned on the strength of my wife’s petition – even after several invitations by the Police that we have honoured. However, we have been invited to go to Abuja to respond to queries on actions that are not crimes known under any Nigerian law – “mischief” and “falsehood” are not crimes; we were not given details of the supposed case, THERE WAS NO ADDRESS FOR THE POLICE INTERVIEW and NO RESPONSE HAS BEEN GIVEN TO US ON OUR OWN PETITION THAT HAS BEEN FILED ALMOST A MONTH AGO.

• On Wednesday, July 10th, our address was shared online by Kemi Olunloyo in the most careless, reckless and wicked manner. To think she is supposed to be a woman and a mother and had no regard for the safe keep of our children and she has infringed on our Fundamental Human Rights to Personal Dignity and Privacy and is risking the lives of my 3 little children! This was callous! I decided not to engage with her, but I want Nigerians, the Armed Forces, Amnesty International and the good men and women of the Nigeria Police Force to know that SINCE THEN people have been following myself and wife in tinted unmarked cars, TO OUR HOME! AT different times, in the last week we have been trailed. The last event is what happened again yesterday and this time an attempt was made to abduct my wife and I. I had to park our cars and stay indoors. My wife and I have been unable to work and my children have been unable to go out freely even in this holiday period.


• Yesterday, Saturday, July 20th, 2019 in the early afternoon, I had noticed a tinted bus parked near our home. I did not know that at the same time, my wife was being followed by a car into the estate.

• She noticed the car and out of fear, parked the car to be sure that her fear was not real – but it was. Every time she parked, the car parked and she decided that she should rush home quickly since she was near the house.

• When she got onto the street, she noticed the same bus I had seen earlier and saw that someone from the car that was following her signaled to the bus, at which point 3 ARMED POLICEMEN wearing SARS vests surrounded her car, demanding for her to come down. The door of the bus was open and she saw that the bus was full of armed policemen.

• She immediately called her lawyer and when the policemen heard that she was talking to a legal representative, they stepped back and claimed that they were only there to drop a letter; they had not said this before nor shown her the letter.

• Before then, they were demanding that I step outside the house. They had also demanded that my wife steps out of the car.

• The letters the Policemen said they had when they heard us speaking to the lawyer were then presented. We noted that the letters are dated Thursday, July 18th. Why were they being delivered on a Saturday afternoon by a bus full of armed policemen and a car trailing my wife into the estate? Why did they not deliver the letter and leave when neither myself nor my wife was present? And why did they only step back when they became aware that lawyers were involved? These questions have been on my mind. I do not have answers to them.

• The letters made no reference to any case or matter and it states that we are being investigated for a case of falsehood and mischief – two offenses that are not known in law.

• In the police’s press release yesterday, they claim a Police Invitation Letter is “… a polite investigative tool used in eliciting information voluntarily from parties to aid in a police investigation.” If they were just delivering a letter, the manner in which they intentionally tried to instill fear, intimidate us with guns and insist on our coming to their bus – was neither polite nor trustworthy.

• How is the Nigeria Police pursuing justice when Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, who is the accused in my wife’s matter, is not being treated in this manner but the authorities I expect to pursue justice are attempting to intimidate myself and my wife?

• My children were at home!!!! They could also have been in their mother’s car!!!

• We have never threatened anyone on our lives. Rather, we are now the ones who feel threatened. That is why we have Falana & Falana Chambers representing us and they have reported this matter to the police.

• We receive the information from our lawyers, Falana & Falana Chambers, this morning that both our petition and the petition of Mr Biodun Fatoyinbo will be moved to Lagos. We acknowledge the effort of the Nigeria Police to ensure that our confidence in their impartiality, professionalism & good sense, in this case, is not shaken.


• We are grateful for the outpouring of love and support we continue to receive from Nigerians at home and abroad. We acknowledge the online support of the First Lady, Mrs Aisha Buhari.

• We will not be intimidated. We are determined to get justice and ensure the church is a safe space for boys and girls.

• If they can intimidate my wife and I who have some level of public goodwill, what will happen to Amaka in Maitama who knows no one and has no one to speak for her?
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Saturday, July 20, 2019


Timi Dakolo 

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo 

Timi & Busola Dakolo 

Father of 3 and husband of Busola Dakolo, top Bayelsan musician Timi Dakolo has risen to the occasion and has vowed not to, never to be intimidated by the might of Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo and the Police combined.

The young man, whose beloved wife - Busola, the mother of his 3 adorable kids had confessed a few weeks ago that she was raped and molested not once by Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA when she was 16 going on 17 has vowed to protect and support his wife and kids at this trying times no matter what, including intimidation by Pastor Biodun using the Police as a tool. Hear him....

His words, “Our lawyers had told us to get ready for this letter. We have long been ready for this type of institutionalized intimidation and dirtiness. Investigating officials have frustrated as a result of underhand delay? Dirty bloggers are fabricating things that cover the truth, going to the IG’s people under dark to force this case to be posted to Abuja?

Now this: a false investigation in Abuja when our own petition filed since June has not been answered and NO INVITATION HAS BEEN MADE TO THE ACCUSED IN A RAPE CASE????! NOT ONE MOVEMENT TOWARDS JUSTICE??? Rubbishing the legal and criminal system? Father accused of sexual assault on 3 daughters remanded in prison(Opens in a new browser tab) And sending a bus load of questionable armed “policemen” and shady men lying in wait to intimidate my wife and children today, forcing their way into my home?

Is that how the REAL police delivers a letter? This is best you can do? This is why all the hurting women and families haven’t come out with HORRIBLE THINGS DONE TO THEM???!!

You picked the wrong one and you picked the wrong time. Nigerians are more awake than you think. I will fight for my wife and my children -it’s the promise I made with my life and one I intend to keep I will defend them from the unrelenting attack of a weak man who thinks he can use money and power to cover for all of his crimes. Like I said, we have since been ready. GIVE US THE FIRE, THEN WATCH ME WORK!”.