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Thursday, July 26, 2018

GTBank Ogun State Principals Cup Season 6 Finals hold Thursday 26th July, 2018

The MKO Abiola Stadium, Abeokuta will on Thursday 26th July play host to the final matches for GTBank-Ogun state Principals Cup; the biggest grassroots soccer competition in West Africa. Now in its 6th year, this season’s final promises to be a thrilling encounter between the qualifying teams as they stake their claim to become ultimate champions of the prestigious tournament in the state.

In the male’s category, Pakoto High School, which won the title in 2017 will be seeking to permanently retain the trophy as they go in search of their 3rd title. While Alamuwa Grammar School, will also be gunning for victory, having eliminated Ijebu Ode Grammar School in a keenly contested semi-finals battle. The match is expected to be full of action and entertaining as both teams are relatively equal in strength, and technique.

The female fixture will be between Muslim High School, Isolu and Ajogbo High School whose fate was decided in penalty shoot outs after a draw with formidable Our Lady of Apostles during the semi-final match.

Outstanding players to watch out for in the male category of this year’s final include Gbagadamosi Segun of Pakoto High School who is the leading scorer of the tournament and Popoola Sarat of Muslim High School, Isolu who in the female category won the most valuable player award in the semifinals. All eyes will also be on Owodunni Sofiat of Ajogbo Grammar School who displayed prowess that helped her team get to the finals.

For over six years, GTBank has sponsored the Principals Cup competition in Ogun state with the aim ofpromoting grassroots football, cultivating dreams through hard work and discipline. After the fixtures, winners will be rewarded with the sum of N1,000,000.00, N750,000.00, N500,000.00 and N250,000,00 for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4thplace winners respectively in both male and female categories.

Guaranty Trust Bank is one of the few Nigerian financial institutions that have maintained a defined Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, most especially in sports education. The Bank actively supports in-classroom and out-of-classroom educational programmes, infrastructure development, students’ scholarship and teachers training across Africa.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Dr Abiola Bashorun 

Kaduna and a few other states in Nigeria have never had it this good and great in terms of waste disposal management until ZL Global Alliance Nigeria Ltd, a brand that is the brain child of Dr. Abiola Bashorun and her partners emerged on the scene, like a long awaited saviour.

Dr. Abiola Bashorun is one of those super well trained Nigerian, having the best of life abroad, doing very well in her vocation, in fact becoming onr of the best at it, until she felt she felt the bug and felt she could contribute her own quota to the development of her country Nigeria, after many years of living abroad.  Maybe she is one of those who believes that no matter how big you are abroad, it is nothing compared to you being at home, serving in one way or the other.

With good experience spanning financial management at some of the best brands/companies around the world, from the UAE to the US, it is quite obvious that she has the expertise to run a global brand that could make its mark anywhere she establishes that brand, especially in Nigeria in only a short period of time.

So in bringing her experiences to bear at home, she started first on a small scale just to feel the pulse first, by first managing wastes in Lagos with just a few trucks in collaboration with the Government of Lagos then, who had wanted partners to help with keeping Lagos and environs squeaky clean.

From that little acorn has now grown to be a formidable oak tree, with growing branches that has since become and growing more and more every day to become a reference point when it comes to waste management in Nigeria. What people never knew then at the beginning was that, the formidable lady who loves her work to speak for her, was that she had always had her blueprint from the get go, which she kept to her heart, only executing same according to the time frame she had planned from the start too.

Imagine that ZL Global Alliance Ltd under the able leadership of the very hardworking and innovative lady is the one in charge of waste management disposal  in all ramifications in the whole of Kaduna State, where the action packed Governor Nazir El Rufai is the State's Chief Executive.

From our findings, we hear that it has been sweet stories since ZL  came on board many many months back, even though that at a point, an influential personality in Government out of selfish reasons, had wanted to truncate the excellent relationship between ZL & the Government by taking on what they didn't have the expertise to do and had wanted to act as a saboteur. Thank God the brand's good will and history spoke well of her. In only a week or 2 that they had tried to place clogs in the wheel of the brand's progress, the whole of Kaduna immediately felt the impact, as it was like wastes from hell enveloped everywhere and the government had to quickly retrace their steps.

What ZL Global Alliance has been able to attribute her progress to in Kaduna has been the perfect blend of well trained manpower, who are continually trained on how best to do their work and the use of technology and good equipments to make their work standout for all to see. The brand are experts in all areas of waste management. From disposal to turning wastes to wealth etc.

For the Government of Kaduna state under the able leadership of the man known as the pint sized dynamite and ZL Global Alliance Ltd, it has been a most fantastic partnership, which other Governments of states in Nigeria must take example from. One of those states that has thought to replicate the Kaduna example is Ondo State, under the leadership of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, where ZL Global Alliance Ltd has also gone in to unfold their expertise in that state too and to preach the gospel of clean and very healthy environment.

The same innovations that the brand had brought to bear and that has yielded great and excellent results and fruits from, are what the brand has also unleashed in Ondo state and its already yielding wonderful reports already too.

From our findings, we hear that many states and other brands at that are also in discussions with Dr. Abiola Bashorun and her brand, ZL Global Alliance to see how they can work together. It's not just about working with governments, but they can also package things also for private entities too.

So far though, it has been awards and commendations galore for the brand from everywhere and we really commend them for a good job(s) well done.


Mrs. Toyin Saraki 

DSP Jimoh Moshood 

In the aftermath of yesterday's bungled blockade which caused a lot of uproar and which made the spokesperson of the Police, DPO Jimoh Moshood to try to change the narrative of what might have actually occured claiming that those vehicles involved in the blockade didn't belong to the police, but were actually those of Mrs. Toyin Saraki.

The wife of the Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, in the person of Mrs. Saraki has come out of her self imposed silence to poo-poo the statement made by the Police spokesperson.

She made her own statement via her verified Twitter account this morning thus-

"Dear @channelstv
@sunrisedailynow I am absolutely flabbergasted by @POLICENG Jimoh Moshood on TV attempting to claim that these white vehicles that blockaded the road outside our Abuja residence could possibly be  protection provided to the Wife of the Senate President"!

“Firstly I have never received any vehicle from @PoliceNG

“Secondly, I believe these vehicles bear a striking resemblance to cars donated by my dear brother @AlikoDangote. I hope DSP Jimoh Moshood can leave me out of this unseemly contretemps. Thank you!

“It was bad enough that I was forced to endure a mass invasion of my privacy, with the mis-identification of a guest at a private family occasion, falsely, as one of the @PoliceNG Offa Bank Robbery suspects. The Police did nothing to correct this widely circulated falsehood,”

One does not understand at all the rationale behind the blatant lie about the actions of the police, or security agency that was actually very obvious for all to see. It would have been much better, if the Police had just leaked their wounds from the attendant blunder silently without saying a word, but to come out on national TV to rationalize what occurred and lie so effortlessly, takes the cake. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


The Senate President Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, the Waziri Garin of Ilorin, has shown again the deftness via which he was able to overcome all the shenanigans that was packaged against him all of the past 3 years, by outwitting the blockade set up against him at his residence today by reaching the National Assembly complex to sit and preside over the day's proceedings.

The security agencies comprising of the police and other security apparatik, bungled again like they normally do what was supposed to be their routine agenda for the day, which may have been to keep the Senate President under house arrest at all cost, Maybe because of what they must have heard was planning to take place today, the defection of many Senators from the APC to the PDP.

But the 3rd man of this administration, who is gradually fitting into the personae of the "skilled artful dodger" of that hilarious character in that well known novel Oliver Twist, like the great Houduni well reknowned for his escape art and act, the Waziri Garin of Ilorin just a few hours ago outsmarted all arrayed against him again and arrived gallantly at the National Assembly like a warrior who had escaped an ambush.

According to unconfirmed sources, the Senate President had had an inkling of the plans that awaited him in the morning of today, since yesterday, so he had perfected how he would first evade the plans set for him, while also embarrassing those set to ambush him in the first instance. Part of the plan was to use a decoy that would be seen by all, as the bungling security group set to ambush him would be flexing their might, while he would have effortlessly reached the assembly already.

The aftermath of his manoeuvre was that as soon as he arrived at the Assembly, 15 former members of his APC, led by Alh. Rabiu Kwankwanso, Dino Melaye all defected to the opposition party the PDP. The 15 that defected were Dino Melaye
Barnabas Gemade
Ibrahim Danbaba
Shaaba Lafiaji
Mohammed Shitu
Rafiu Ibrahim
Suleiman Hunkuyi
Isa Misau
Monsurat Sunmonu
Soji Akanbi
Usman Nafada
Musa Kwankwaso
Suleiman Nazif
Lanre Tejuosho. And just as soon as the defection masterstroke was achieved, the Senate President immediately adjoined all other proceedings till September 2018, effectively shutting down any moves by the APC to counter the move till that latter date. Also following what the upper house did, the lower house also perfected its own Defection, with 37 members in all shifting base to another party, mainly the PDP though.


We can bet that by the time this our young lady is done in her saga, she's most probably going to be a super duper rich lady, just by virtue of how she's going about her business now.

Since after that her celebrated disastrous union to that her bald headed, ebony skinned, well muscled and quite well endowed beau went kaput, it's like she had made up her mind, never to be held in bondage by no man no more and to go all out every which she can, to make it. Her means to be a resounding success is by any means necessary, so nothing is like off limit for her. Including playing with the hearts of the men of means and caliber.

According to our findings, her number one role model is Kim Kardashian! And her ultimate dream is to rival that unrelenting queen of the social media, whose family saw an open opportunity in America and have used it well and that opportunity is what has made every member of that family, millionaires that they are now, with the last born Kylie, even expected to become one of the youngest self-made billionaires sometime soon in the future. Kylie's cosmetics empire believe it or not is presently valued at close to a billion dollars, nearly triple that of her elder sister Kim and it all began with just being on display for just about anything and everything.

So this our somewhat over the top young but looking old  gradually lady moved from that "very well known Government official", that loves clandestine love affair so well, who we even just spoke about quite recently to that old Yoruba oil dude by the initials 'FF in his 70s', renowned for 1, owing a colossal amount of debt to the banks, debt so much so that, the banks have to treat him so softly or else and 2, for owning probably the most humongous edifice somewhere in Ikoyi, known as billionaire's lane where former Vice-Presidents used to stay at, whose kids had to warn off the young blood before she had to relent somewhat. Our young lady from news reaching us now might have gone another step up again and her now heartthrob is another oil billionaire majorly based in the Federal Capital.

This our new man, owns the brand that has the first alphabets of his 2 names repeated as the name of his brand. He is of a slight built and from one of those states with the K that do not know whether they are part of the SW or from the North. In fact the state he is from is that one where that other jester in politics, the future award winning lawmaker/actor is from.

According to our findings, this dude ain't ordinary in anyway or manner at all, apart from the fact that he is mind-blowingly wealthy, he is also renowned for being fetish to the core. According to our little findings, she was packaged for this made dude by a lady of Northern extraction, whose name we would keep for now.

As expected of dalliances with the super duper rich like who our subject is, money is the last thing as it is in over abundance. So our somewhat smart madam is just moving from one level of expansion to another and we can bet anything on it, that once you have begun on this note, it's not easy to come down again, that's because what would the younglings be offering you, except for bedmatics or crowd pleasing.

Like they say in that realm, who fine boy even help self? Maybe the next course of action would be to look for a young f#@cboy, like they call them, to help become a baby mama, not held down by anything, only needed for the production of a child and that's it and madam can just go on to be whatever it is, she wants. Enjoying the best of both worlds, Chikena!!! 


For 3 solids years, he faced a multi-faceted unabated battle that was supposed to break him, belittle him, trounce him and decapitate him. But against all odds and against all the hurricanes, all the tsunamis that could be summoned and unleashed, he withstood them all.

His problems began the moment he emerged as the 3rd person in the present Government, after an unprecedented masterstroke he engineered with others that took all by surprise and caught them napping and got him and others the posts that they currently occupy. Those at the tail end of the deal didn't expect what had happened to them and it got them totally pissed and there began the all important life depending scheme to get him out, at all cost, no matter what. In getting him out as planned, he must also be cut to size too!

The battle was fierce by all standards. It would have consumed a much lesser foe. The battle array against him was outstanding and tremendous, such that others would have balked immediately, just by mere looking at it. How he was able to stand his ground and withstand the waves after waves after waves that was unleashed on him is still something that many would talk about for a long time and even do researches on.

ICBMs of incredible proportions and potency were unleashed on him from all angles. The battle wasn't just focused on him alone, even at a point his beloved wife, so prim and proper, so British in her ways wasn't spared. Some would even say she was harassed too. Imagine that at the wedding of his 1st child, an unbelievable and uncanny coincidence took place, where power- electrical at that, both public and private, failed for many hours as much as 4 hours on the day of the daughter's wedding reception, while guests were set to converge at the venue and nearly marred the occasion!

But somehow, someway the family held strong and believed, when others didn't or couldn't even muster the ounce of belief needed.

The trained medical doctor turned businessman turned politician, trudged on, holding on to invisible straws of hope that others couldn't see nor could decipher that he would be vindicated at the end of it all, some day. Many already celebrated his somewhat downfall, believing that he had been nailed to the wall, that there was no escape for him and that it was only a matter of time, already so sure that there was no way he could extricate himself from the tangle, the knot, the mess he was in.

But like a cat with 9 lives, thrown down from an impossible height and expected to be smashed to smithereens on impact, the Senate President in a manner not totally expected by very many, landed nimbly on his toes, with supreme swagger and alacrity.

So a forth night ago, the highest law court in the land, by this we mean the Supreme Court of Nigeria, finally shut down forever the case which had been a source of worry for the strongman of Kwara politics, by declaring him not guilty of all the allegations brought against him. Also in the same vein, declaring those allegations as null and void, finally removing the source of the issue that had been the headache all of these years.

Since the source of the weight was expunged and the weight that had bedeviled him lifted off him, the Senate President has since being in lala land and has gained more confidence by the day, reveling in his new lease of life. Even his people have had to come out enmasse and very openly too at that, to celebrate with him. In fact the royal father from his domain to show confidence and how proud he and the kingmakers were of their son in whom they were very well pleased, had to bestow on him, the highest possible chieftaincy of that land-The Waziri Garin- meaning the traditional Prime Minister of the kingdom, a title that incidentally was held before by his late father. Dr. Abubakar OluBukola Saraki, becoming the 4th Prime Minister ever of Ilorin.

Suddenly his persecutors have come to a realization, so they, meaning his former enemies of progress on one side, who were formerly hell bent on taking him down at all cost, and his former party on the other side have been currying his favour, both dangling many delights before him in order to have him for keeps!

And like a virgin bride, a knowledgeable and smart one at that, like one that had just come out of the fattening room, who had undergone some major pamperings and beauty routine and had come out looking mind-blowingly stunning, he has been dancing the virgin dance of pride in the midst of his courters, turning their hearts and head, making them go gaga with desire, willing to go to any length or level to get him as theirs.

So would he be wooed by his current lover from whom he is somewhat estranged now due to the way he has been treated so unkindly for a long length of time, that lover being his current party-the APC or would he be falling head over heels again for his former lover, his former party the PDP, from whom he had detached from years back, who though were in coma for a bit from being pulverized before, but who after waking up from the knock out blows they had received, have come back now with vengeance to win him back at all cost?

The next few days, few weeks, months would let us know, the next chapter in the chronicles according to Dr Bukola Saraki! 

Sunday, July 22, 2018



Just because one member of the duo that makes up the Good Hair brand didn't do a public happy birthday wish for her partner and friend, many have allowed their over fertile minds to conjure that there might have been something amiss between the 2!

Still going on further, just because she (Kika) wasn't present at the super glam birthday party with the gorgeous theme  Hollywood Glam" that was thrown by her close friend and business partner, many even thought that, that even strongly buttressed the point further that they were having issues! But alas, what if  Kika wasn't in town, around that time?

That both are not too unnecessarily public about their friendship right now doesn't necessarily mean things have gone south! Being business partners in a thriving business actually makes it near impossible for them to be at daggers drawn, even if they are, but not for too long even if they have issues.

The 2 ultimate fashionistas of note, deserves loads of kudos for how they have built their business brand to what it is now, although there's the unconfirmed speculation which we don't actually fully subscribe to that, their Good Hair brand is actually owned or financed by the wife of one of their uncles, a chairman of  one of the biggest banks in Nigeria, even if that be so, the way they both have built the brand to become such an household name known by most who should, is quite commendable then.

Chioma Good Hair and Kika, are 2 young ladies, quite beautiful and crazy stylish at that, who have shown what the energy of youth can achieve. They saw a major opportunity in the market to sell hair which they have exploited very well and it is said to be bringing good returns for them and they are balling to the banks because of it.

So if truly there's any issue, which is actually nothing extraordinary, that's because friends, true and good friends at that can have issues at any point, what's important is that they learn from such issues and move on.

We have thought to post a few pictures of that June super glam shindig with this story.

More pictures after the break.


Ehizogie Bramor the Sayaveth interior brand owner had a humonguos wedding just about a year ago, 9 months ago to be more precise. So massive was the wedding that 2 brand new Toyota Camry cars were gift wrapped for 2 lucky guests at the wedding. The ceremony was covered by the media and splashed all over the social media too and it enjoyed enormous audience, majorly because Ehi herself enjoys the attention and she splashes every exciting thing about herself on Instagram for all to see and salivate on.

Madam dropped her new bambino, a gorgeous baby girl at that, only a few weeks back, a super happy occasion we believe that was, making the new baby her 3rd child, 1st one as the 3rd wife of Sir Kenneth BRAMOR though, who is the impressive Warri oil and gas multimillionaire.

Now the unconfirmed gist sifting in and trying to gain some ascendancy, and that some people are so very eager to sell at all cost is that, that marriage of only just 9 months, a relationship that began in 2015 which was celebrated with so much pomp, might have crashed or hit the rock! What????? If that be true, it would have meant that even this 2nd missionary journey too, like the 1st that produced 2 adorable kids has followed the same path. It would also mean that, maybe people should just avoid all the unnecessary fanfare of society nuptials and just have a quiet thing, devoid of all unnecessary attention, so that if situations like this come at all, not that one prays for that, it's just off the radar and not embarrassing at all.

We haven't yet fully believed the unconfirmed gist though, reason being that we know that Ehi being a social media sensation, who is quite savvy with the online shenanigans herself, who doesn't necessarily care how people take her views, would have put such info on the social media by herself if it were so already.

So over to you Ehi, is everything intact or has it gone south? 



It would be an unprecedented jolly good time in the state of OSUN, if by a stroke of luck Senator ADEMOLA NURUDEEN ADELEKE otherwise known as the "dancing Senator" should emerge as the next Executive Governor of OSUN state come September 22, 2018.

We can bet that the victory concert that would take place in Osogbo or many other parts of OSUN state should he win, would be of unprecedented proportions, with him being a member of the famous Adeleke family, with Davido as a nephew and B-Red & Shina Rambo as sons. It would also be a major boost for the PDP in the SW and some kind of  pointer towards 2019.

The hilarious entertainer par excellence and federal lawmaker emerged as the PDP's Gubernatorial candidate yesterday after the keenly contested Primary of his party in Osogbo, Osun State where he won by just a margin of 7 votes. He was declared the winner by the chairman of the Osun State PDP Governorship primary, his excellency, Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State.

Senator Ademola N. Adeleke, the current Senator representing the Osun West Senatorial district, a seat he won after the by-election to fill the vacant seat that was formerly occupied by his late elder brother Senator Isiaka Adetunji ADELEKE, won by polling 1569 votes, while his nearest rival Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi, the former MD of Mutual Benefit Assurance polled 1562, while the nearest to the 2, Alh Fatai Akinbade, a former SSG in OSUN state polled just 56 votes and Barrister Nathaniel Oke, SAN was only able to get 3 of the delegate's votes.

Eleven aspirants had indicated their wish to contest the Primary before, only for 7 to later withdraw paving way for only the 4.

The PDP in Osun State unlike their rival the APC, adopted the delegates system of voting to chose their preferred candidate, from where Senator Adeleke has now emerged. In all, 3448 delegates were accredited out of which 3246 delegates in all voted, while 56 votes were voided.

The 56 year old indigene of Ede, a graduate of Criminology from Jacksonville State University, Alabama, USA is the younger brother of the late former Governor of Osun state, Senator Isiaka Adeleke aka Serubawon. His other brother is billionaire businessman and dad of award winning pop musician Davido, in the person of Deji Adeleke. Senator Ademola Adeleke's known sons are the popular B-Red & Shina Rambo.

With the emergence of Senator Adeleke, it's now a straight 3 way battle between 3 juggernauts representing the 3 most popular parties in the state, namely APC, PDP & SDP. APC's Gboyega Isiaka Oyetola from Iragbiji vs. PDP's Senator Ademola Adeleke from Ede vs. SDP's Senator Iyiola Omisore from Ife.

The next few weeks in the State of OSUN would be very interesting as these 3 unique fellows go all out to outwit each other in their quest to become the next Executive Governor of the State of OSUN come September 22, 2018. 

Saturday, July 21, 2018


The Tinubu dynasty continues to extend its tentacles more and more daily as his alleged cousin, GBOYEGA ISIAKA OYETOLA, who is the Chief of Staff to the Governor of the State of OSUN, in the person of his excellency Ogbeni (Mr) Rauf Aregbesola has emerged as the aspirant to represent the APC at the coming Gubernatorial election slated for Saturday, September 22, 2018 in the state.

Candidate Alhaji Gboyega Isiaka Oyetola, totally steam rolled all others via the 1st ever instance of the direct primary method, instead of the delegates voting method that was formerly used to pick candidates. The direct primary actually allows for all card carrying members of the party to be involved in the choice of picking a candidate of their choice.

Being the Chief of Staff to the outgoing Governor for all of 8 years, since 2010 and being a relation of the National Leader of the APC, in the person of the Great Asiwaju, who is also the Jagaban Borgu, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, many felt he was the favored and preferred choice and candidate to emerge.

At the primary proper, Oyetola swept all comers in what could be tagged a landslide considering the number of votes he got against the combined total of those he contested against. Oyetola polled 127, 017 votes, with the nearest to him being Prof. Yusuf Lasun, the current Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of representatives who polled 21,975 votes, while the one who came third is the current Speaker of the Osun House of Assembly, in the person of Najeem Salam who polled only 17,958 votes.

Prior to the actual primary, about 3 of those who had wanted to contest the primary had withdrawn. One of those who withdrew citing irregularities and manipulation was Moshood Adeoti, the current SSG (Secretary to the State Government). Another person that withdrew just before the primary was Senator Babajide Omoworare, who represents Osun East Federal Constituency at the National Assembly. Senator Omoworare cited party unity and cohesion as his reason for withdrawing. The other person out of the 17 that had wanted to initially contest the primary but he later withdrew was Peter Babalola, who is the chairman of the State Civil Service Commission.

With the emergence of Alhaji Oyetola, it means he would be contesting against Senator Iyiola OMISORE of the SDP, who incidentally was a former Deputy Governor of the state and also against the aspirant to represent the PDP too. All things being equal, September 22, 2018 would most definitely be a battle royal. 

Thursday, July 19, 2018


Ali Baba and Mary Akpobome

Mary with Pastors Sam and Nike Adeyemi


Ali Baba is one celebrity that only a few, very few at that can deny not knowing. The fact is that he rides over the comedic terrain like a king that he is. This great guy is the reason why many, very many at that are who they are today, so kudos to him. Via him many have also become household names of repute.

Ali's wife by name Mary Akpobome is another type of celebrity on her own level, a boardroom guru of a sort, who is also very well loved either in her own personal capacity or also because she is the adorable wife of an acclaimed comedy/entertainment godfather. So on the occasion of her reaching the golden age of 50, it was celebration galore and many fell over themselves to celebrate the unofficial first lady of the comedy kingdom, where her adorable husband is the benevolent king.

Date of the birthday celebration was Tuesday July 11, 2018 and the venue was the Civic Centre, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, Lagos. The birthday celebration was done as a launch of the Purple Girl Foundation and initiative of Mrs. Akpobome. To celebrate with the couple were their family members, friends and colleagues, who all came out enmasse.

At the event were the likes of billionaire Tunde Folawiyo, Dame Abimbola Fashola, Mrs. Sarah Sosan, AIG (ret) Tunji Alapini, Richard Mofe Damijo, Pastor Sam and Pastor Mrs. Nike Adeyemi, Joseph Yobo, Julius and Ebiere Agwu, Bisoye Fagade, Mudi Enajemo, Toyin Abraham, Monalisa Chinda, Mabel Makin and very many others.

More after the break.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018



Young, handsome, successful, wealthy, sociable and highly connected, those are a few of the adjectives that perfectly describes the incomparable SHINA PELLER, the chairman and MD/CEO of Aquila Group of Companies, under which is probably West Africa's most successful nite club/lounge to date-Club Quilox.

The socialite and businessman par excellence, who apart from his successful entertainment company via which he has conquered the fun scene, who also owns his own oil and gas firm and is now getting set to also conquer the tupsy-turvy world of politics, is getting set to sweep all off their feet come 2019 as he wants to represent his party APC at the Federal House of Representative in his domain comprising of Iseyin (where he is a high powered, honourable Chief of his village), Itesiwaju, Kajola and Iwajowa all in Oyo State.

With the groundswell of support that has followed his declaration a few days back, the ultimate philanthropist might be coasting home to victory already whenever the time comes for people of those areas mentioned need to come out for elections.

It is very obvious with how things have panned out that the young, smart dude may have always had the political plans since which he kept to his heart, but has only just come out now at what he sees as the best time to do so. For those who might not know where the confidence that has pushed him to declare for politics came from, Shina is an unofficial political son of the great Asiwaju of the universe, in the person of the great Jagaban Borgu, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

For those with the right understanding, they have come to know now that a stamp of approval of any kind from the Asiwaju, a thorough bred political juggernaut from the South West part of Nigeria whose tentacles has spread across Nigeria is likened, to an express endorsement from the great strategist. Not only has Shina gotten the support of the SW political godfather, the successful businessman, is also very well recognised at home, where he hails from, having the ears of his king, the royal father of Iseyin, the Aseyin of Iseyin, His Royal Majesty, Oba Dr AbdulGaniyu Adekunle Salaudeen and other members of the Royal council. Not just that alone, long before now, his homestead and environs have always enjoyed the very visible warm embrace of his philanthropy on many levels.

Shina 42, probably the most recognised of the kids of the great magician known popularly as the late Prof. PELLER has always put his money where his mouth is, not just in the village, but even those around him in Lagos know him to be a shrewd but jolly good friend too who is ever ready to extend a helping hand to those in need. The likes of K1 the ultimate and many others cannot just stop praising the young man's name to high heavens.

So would the great 'Olowo Idan' (the dude with the magic touch) as he is known or called by many who know him already on his way to the House? That's most likely a resounding YES!!! 


This top boss is probably one of the most powerful presently. Even before now, he was a top boss in charge of one of the richest place. There's no love lost between him and the dude currently on the saddle in that place. Though he allegedly made that dude, they are at the opposite end of the spectrum and they "hate" each other with a strong, most probably everlasting passion.

This boss, big boss by all standards has proven his mettle as a big strategist of the most awesome kind and person of influence already, apart from the fact he was in charge of the train that swept in like an hurricane to take over a couple of years back at the centre, it is also vie him that some young people both male and female were able to hit extraordinary paydirt too on many severs levels. He was the former Chief Executive of where he is from for 2 terms also before taking charge of another massive assignment and appointment right now, for which he is quietly also stamping his footprint down enviably. Though he loves to work extremely hard, he also enjoys his play period/time very much too. Though very married, his love life, by that we mean his away game is quite legendary too.

Though his conquests are plenty, he is more known for a particular success story then. He was majorly a part of the success story of a popular young, stylish south-western somewhat celebrity and somewhat author then, who he became a good shoulder for, after her love life crashed and she had to move on. So good was he then, that he made her completely forget her pain till she found another very big boy, much older now, that completed the skyrocketing elevation then. Our dude who has a reputation for not liking to share, quietly moved on too.

Now from what we have learnt, one of those that the dude moved on to is a sweet looking, quite innocent looking at that mixed race, and she is currently just 19! Nineteen whatttttt? Yes 19!

The fact is that she only clocked 19 just very recently! And it's not like the relationship just began this year or even last year! So apparently our dude, apparently caught his darling pretty young! We are not in anyway saying or accusing him of "cradle-snatching"! Like they say, love is quite blind and maybe it's better to even catch them young at times. Is it not what is a common part of the culture or traditions of some bastards!

When you see this not too tall, but innocent looking lady, who who seem to also have a growing love for her kind, you would think she's totally innocent. Whenever our dude is in need of her, he sends for her, even via a private jet! 


Fine boy Group MD/CeO of UBA Plc, Kennedy UZOKA 

Kennedy and Lotanna Uzoka

If a man works very hard, especially if he excels very well at what he does with panache and effortless ease and the people around, both near and far can see the results of the hardwork and sleepless nights, then he is most assuredly allowed some excesses of life, especially if that person can afford those little pleasures of life that separates the minions, the ordinary from the Duke of the Manor.

So like it is said all hard work and no commensurate play makes Jack, in this case Kennedy Uzoka, the Group/MD CeO of UBA Plc one of Africa's premier banking institutions, a dull boy.

So in order not to be a dull boy, the man known as a consummate banker of many years of repute, Kennedy Uzoka works hard and therefore also indulges himself also very well in what he loves so much--in that he collects extraordinary machines on wheels or better still some of the best cars that money can afford. And according to our findings, his garage is littered with these humongous wonders on wheels that many tag as luxury cars, that would make many do a triple take not even a double take for their sheer opulence!

Name any of those cars worth their salt or value--Mercedes G Wagon and other makes of the brand, Rolls Royce etc and its most likely already beautifying the humongous garage of this quiet and super hardworking banker, sitting pretty like many super impressive chariots of fire.

K.U's garage is said to be so intimidating that many even mistake him for a automobile dealer of the super 1st class type.

The Group CEO/MD of UBA Plc, Africa's premier banking institution has come a long way from his days at Uniben many years back, where he bagged a BSc degree, before going on later to bag his MBA, finance from the famous University of Lagos. He has been on the board of UBA Plc for 8 years running now. He became the Head honcho of the Bank after Phillips Oduoza retired in 2016. He is also currently a director of the CSCS Plc. He was Deputy MD/CeO of UBA from 2011 till 2016 (that's for 5 straight years) and before then he was an Executive Director from 2010 till 2011 when he was later elevated to the DMD level.

For many that might not readily know or understand, to become an ED of a bank not to talk of becoming the CEO/MD not to talk of a Group MD/CEO at that is not a little thing. Once a person attains the position of a GM and most especially an ED that one is actually made for life! Just imagine the kind of unbelievable salaries and bonus that comes with the position, not to talk of the kind of gifts that comes one way too. Never ever forget that nearly everything that the MD, EDs immediate family members enjoys are free! Best home, best schools, best travelling options, best salaries etc just name it!

UBA Plc established in 1949 has grown massively into one of the largest financial institutions in Africa with a massive presence in 20 African countries and even presence in 3 global financial centers-London, Paris and New York. The global Bank has 1000 plus business offices with over 14 million customers!

According to our findings, once a bank is doing well like UBA Plc is, the sky is just the beginning for the MD, the EDs and even the GMs of that bank. There is a certain percentage of the annual profit that is shared. By this we mean all in very good positions in that bank or institution are on a supreme roller-coaster, that's because the largesse trickles down from the top downwards.

In fact, a bank MD/CeO can take home, apart from his annual salary which already runs into hundreds of millions, 1% of the declared profit of that bank for the year. So just imagine that 1% of the profit after tax for a year of 70 plus billion naira comes to a staggering 700 hundred million Naira for just one person alone! So why wouldn't that one be on a buying spree like one is on a magical Aladdin's carpet gliding in the skies?

Now you can understand why certain people in the banking world, likes of the Group Chairman of UBA Plc, Tony Elumelu, likes of Chairman of Zenith Bank Plc, Mr Jim Ovia and many others a verified billionaires!!!

One of those enjoying her husband's good fortune none other than the very beautiful and quiet wife, Lotanna who you can most often see riding in one or the other of her husband's several machines.


Dr. Olubukola Saraki stepping out of the plane

Waving atop his car in the motorcade

Crowds waving and hailing their hero

Senate President acknowledging greetings. 

Dr. Olubukola Saraki with the Emir of Ilorin, Alhaji Sulu Gambari

After 3 years of uncertainty over what could be the final verdict in his case at the court premised on false declaration of assets, it was most likely the biggest relief of his life, when the Supreme Court, which is Nigeria's highest court of the land declared him innocent and acquitted him of all charges  brought against many days back.

So Nigeria's Senate President, a former 2 term Governor of his beloved state-Kwara, a trained medical doctor in the person of Dr. Abubakar Olubukola Saraki, 55 returned to his homestead-Ilorin just yesterday and it was a return that could be compared to that of a triumphant warrior who had just come home after a victory of extraordinary proportions. And to show their love for their hero par excellence who after facing a battle that could have consumed him and rendered him mojoless, his fans, admirers and supporters alike came out enmasse and accorded him a heroic welcome befitting a returning hero that would have warmed his heart sumptuously and caused jitters in the hearts of his enemies.

The supporters who had arrived around the Ilorin Airport in Kwara State waited several hours, as much as 8 hours to receive their hero and to give him a worthy rousing reception. The Ilorin-Ogbomosho Road, on which the Airport is located was lined on both sides with cars of his supporters spanning many kilometers long. The cars parked on the sides of the roads particularly affected the traffic on that road, as those coming into town from Ogbomosho and environs had a horrid time.

So when the man of the moment in the person of Dr. Olubukola Saraki finally arrived at the International Airport, Ilorin with his entourage made up of Dr  Doyin Okupe, Dr. Razak Atunwa, Dr. Ali Ahmad & Senator Rafiu Ibrahim it was like the triumphant entry of a saviour! The rousing welcome was totally unprecedented, it was a gross display of love for him by his people, which must have totally melted his heart. With how the people came out to hail his motorcade, the 3rd highest person in hierarchy in the present Government must have felt a glow in his heart and a glorious and very large embrace from his people. Could this utter display of support and love touch his heart and make him make the decision to contest next year's Presidential election? We eagerly await his decision on that and also on whether he would be dumping his party-The APC for another party.

Responding to newsmen questions after the rousing welcome, the Senate President spoke on his battles of the last 3 years thus--He described his three-year trial as tough but expressed satisfaction that his followers never doubted his innocence as he had told them on many occasions