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Thursday, May 4, 2017


There's no fun loving dude or babe in Lagos worth his/her salt that doesn't know who KIKA is!

The young, tall and light lass is as gorgeous and stylish as they come, and hot hot too. She is the hit of the moment and the cynosure of all eyes and in hot demand. You want to catch her or see her in her element, you come to either that very famous hotel in Victoria Island known for connecting the continents or go to that famous club/lounge on the island connected to magic!

Kika is said to be in the famous natural hair business with her partner Chioma, which we hear is super lucrative business, which might be the reason she cruises around town, in that intimidating machine Mercedes Benz GLE, a car we know costs about N55 million Naira, the car some claims belong to her man, the stylish small framed okay dude, by name Mr. L...... This happening dude we hear, has in his garage also, a G Wagon G 63, which we already know, goes for $150000 dollars, that's about N58 plus millions and a Bentley continental also.

The Mercedes Benz GLE was bought from Chika same dude that sold same car model to Davido not too long ago.

What's Kika claim to fame?........ She and her partner sells hair and owns the brand called Good Hair. The "London based lady according to the gist, knows a lot of people, female and male (rich men at that and has a lot of beautiful young ladies as friends), likes of ........., she's the go to babe as she seem to have a bit of control over her other female friends, she loves to enjoy herself and party, she's just generally fun loving and good to look at her.

More about her pedigree? Totally nothing whatsoever!  Reason why we are asking, who is she, cos she's hot hot??????


Anonymous said...

Hehehe! Hold on! Maestromedia, are you guys now a Pimp? WTH!

Anonymous said...

Is the dude Abdul?