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Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Ex-beauty queen, mother of one and rising entrepreneur 'Dabota Lawson' gets all our undivided attention this morning, as she's the cover star for the newest edition of EM, that's talking about 'Exquisite Magazine' the digital edition.

The self named (eponymous) make up brand owner is all shades of hotness on this issue that you have to subscribe to read. We are too sure that the 6 footer with the bodacious body that would give Jessica Rabbit a run for her money, who always always looks stunning in her pictures on the gram, would be opening up to us all on her steady and sure rise to stardom and fame. Loads of us her fans would want to know what it takes to become a success and what one needs to do to achieve it. Being one she should able to give us 1 or 2 sure advise.

The fashionista socialite cum celebrity in the last few years even after a failed marriage has not allowed one unfortunate misstep, to cramp her style or overshadow her success at all. She has shown to the world the definition of doggedness and hardwork and the need to develop one self, while not waiting for one man or the other to pick the bills. Not only does she own her own make-up brand which we hear is getting more and more popular by the hour, she being the best one to advertise the products in her range herself. She also owns a mini shopping complex along Admiralty, Lekki Phase 1, where other shop owners are paying her rent. That's what it means multiple streams of income. We know her to be a very sharp, smart business woman.

So it's not about mistakes or misfortunes not happening at all, especially in a world where there's light and darkness, white and black etc. It's majorly about how when these negative things come, how one stands to handle such and using it as a stepping stone to higher heights & gaining confidence along the way doing it.

So, rush now to subscribe to EM, so you can read all about our Tuesday bombshell - the one and only Dabota Lawson.

As an aside, we saw her at the recently concluded Arise Fashion Week 2019 on the Frow and she was looking extra gorgeous in her indigo blue sexy wrap outfit causing a major stir with her bodacious shape when she got up to stretch those her long legs. 

Monday, April 29, 2019


Marriott Ikeja GRA

Even the heavens are celebrating. They are rejoicing on this day without reservations, that's the birthday of 'Dr. Taiwo Olayinka Afolabi', the Executive Chairman of Sifax Group. There's no gainsaying about this man's benevolence. His generosity is incomparable. If he would have allowed, which he would never ever do, we can tell you that the garlands that he would  have received from the too many of those he had helped, on such a day like this would just have been too too many.

It seems also that there's something so extra special about April 29. At least we know 2 people born on that day or date that are billionaires. Apart from Otunba Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr, who is 66 today, the other person we also know, who is also a very liquid fellow, is the one that is the subject matter of this write up, in the person of Dr. Taiwo Olayinka Afolabi, who was born on April 29, 1962. Making him 57 year old today.

This lawyer by training, having graduated from the famous University of Lagos with a law degree, is man who by the dint of hardwork and God's benevolence has risen to become one of the richest Nigerian presently today.

His Sifax Group, which he set up in the 80s, 1988 to be more precise, after he left paid employment in a company owned by his uncle, is a growing super conglomerate that is into shipping, oil and gas, haulage, aviation & hospitality. One of the subsidiaries under the group, Sahco just last week was listed by the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

If everything goes according to plan, the brilliant barrister at law, who while growikh had wanted to be an Accountant, would be opening to the world, a 5 star, 251 hotel in Ikeja, GRA that would be called the Marriott Ikeja GRA. Like we had said before above. Dr. Taiwo, whose doctorate he got from the University of Jerusalem, rose from a humble beginning and got his initial entrepreneurial training from his mom, Alhaja Ayisat Afolabi, who he refers to as a '1st class trader'. Then later on in life, he fell in love with the maritime sector, when he worked for his uncle's freight forwarding company where he quickly climbed on in rank to become a 'Clearing Manager'. From that time on, he never looked back again and the sky from then had just continued to be his stepping stone.

From Akowonjo, a suburb of Lagos now to Osborne, Ikoyi where he owns a sprawling edifice amongst several properties he owns. His sprawling land on Alexander Road, Ikoyi, Lagos is where his beloved daughter, Mariam Afolabi, who is the Executive Director, Compliance, Sifax Group uses for her many businesses away from her 9 to 5. Amongst other things that Mariam does, she's an award winning designer formerly known as Mademoiselle Aglaia. One of Doctor's other sons, is 'Damilola AbdulRazak Afolabi', the famous musician better known as L.A.X, a protégé of Wizkid known very much for that popular song Caro. He now owns his own label Rasaki Music Group. His eldest son, Yinka had one of the top 3 biggest weddings of 2018, that spanned Ibadan and Lagos.

Dr. Afolabi is married to the equally highly cerebral, Mrs. Folashade Afolabi.

Happy birthday boss. Long may you live. May your generosity never cease. 


Abimbola Michael Adenuga

Otunba Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr & Abimbola Michael ADENUGA 

Normally we wouldn't do this for most golden spooned, but for this super well behaved and gorgeous soul we would do. Her name is 'Abimbola Michael Adenuga', 33. And just by that surname alone, we know you would have quickly deduced who she is.

She in fact, is the delightsome daughter, one of the daughters of the man that, a boss in the industry refers to as the "spirit of Africa", the guru, the bull, the best kept secret. But we also add to all of that, the enigma, the incomparable philanthropist, the humanist, the man of his time, a God-blessed man.l, a great man of destiny. The billionaire, the African billionaire at that, who left to himself, prefers to remain in his own quiet cocoon. The most celebrated, most ebullient, African billionaire to date. And that's talking about the one and only "Otunba Dr. Michael Adeniyi Agbolade Ishola Adenuga" Jnr, born April 29, 1953. This is the man whose other name should have been MIDAS.

Many of those that know him and greatly admire have said it in whispers that, Dr. Mike Adenuga aka the bull, is far far wealthier than speculated and might in fact be the richest African ever. If he is already the 2nd richest African and black man on the face of the earth and he is speculated to be richer, then that it is very staggering. Without a doubt, he is probably one of the biggest property owners in the whole of Nigeria.

But it's not the father, Dr. Adenuga, who is the 'Grand Commander of the Order of the Niger', GCON, the 'Companion of the Star of Ghana', CSG & 'Commander of the French Legion', CFL, that's in the spotlight here today though he should be. All of those titles mentioned, are the highest civilian titles those countries can bestow on any. Truth be told he doesn't love the unnecessary attention too much. Rather it's one of his daughters, the one that most refers to as the 'most humble' and the 'most beautiful' of them all and some even goes further to say, she's probably the 'most stylish' one too. We have all accepted that Jide is the most handsome of his sons, followed by Paddy, the 2nd son. But when it comes to the daughters, Abimbola takes the cake. Added to her gorgeousness is her unrivaled, unpretentious humility that is totally disarming. We have even encountered it in close quarters too and we say that with all sense of humility.

Abimbola is her father's girl in many ways. She has inherited her dad's abhorrence for unnecessary publicity. Just like her dad, who clocks 66 today, Monday, April 29, 2019, she also clocks 33. 66, that's a whole 3 scores and 6 years. A number who for only those that understands numerology, means so much. 6 is actually the number of man and there is what it actually represents and when it occurs twice or thrice there's also what it represents too. Otunba Mike Adenuga is an undoubted man of destiny.

Otunba's gorgeous and brilliant daughter Abimbola, who is the major focus of this write up was actually born on the same exact date as her dad, April 29, 1986 to be more precise, that's 33 years ago. Meaning just as he clocked 33 his daughter came. So anytime her dad is celebrating his birth, so also the brilliant 'Executive Director' at Conoil, what a lucky girl! It's not just about being born, it's also about being born on the exact date as your brilliant, enigmatic billionaire dad, there's the special connection that would have added to the whole mix or relationship too.

Happy birthday to the bull and a more exciting one to a well trained daughter, who doesn't carry unnecessary air about herself. More great and good years ahead insha Allah. 


On Saturday, April 27, 2019 one of the newest married couple in Nigeria, in the persons of Uche and Sonnie Ayere held their wedding reception at the Landmark Event Centre, in what has been described by those who had the privilege to witness the party as one of the most upscale private parties they have ever attended.

It was lush in any and every way you might want to look at it. Quite upscale it was too. It was well managed from all indications, in fact it was said it would rate as 5-stars plus.  Everything as expected was topnotch. That's including the guests that attended, be it the family members and others too and the fashion itself was off the hook.

Truth be told, we didn't attend the party itself as we were at another upscale event just a stone throw away. But from all the accounts we got, a big kudos must be given to the couple and all of those that handled the management of the event for them. The flowers were much and that must have cost a good deal too.

And what a gorgeous bride!!!! One that every grrom would have loved to walk down the aisle gladly. In fact, she looked 'screamingly scrumptiously beautiful and gorgeous' all the way. Sonnie knows he is a lucky fella. From Uche's badass makeup, done by the undoubted master and 'czarina of make up artistry herself', her royal majesty, 'Banke Meshida-Lawal'- the authentic make-up artist to the stars, celebrities and super well to do, to the beautiful well coiffed hair, to the maturely, white sexy lacey wedding gown with the long tail and even to the wearer herself, it's so obvious that attention to the minutest detail, was a clear watchword.

How more beautiful, how more stunning can a bride be? Especially one like this Cinderella who is already a mother of 3!!! Mennnnnn, she's taken care of herself very very well over the years. And we are too sure that the handsome hunk of man that the husband is, must be gloating in self admiration, for finding his gorgeous gem without an equal.

Again we say, congrats!!!! 

Sunday, April 28, 2019


Biola Okoya

A couple of years ago, there was no A-class occasions or events, be it soirees, shindig call it whatever you want, that you wouldnt have seen the 1st daughter of the billionaire industrialist, Aare Razak Akanni Okoya of the Eleganza Fame, that's talking about the gorgeous, then sumptuously stylish 'Abiola Okoya' but better known as 'Biola Okoya.

But since we last saw her about 2 to 3 years ago, when she briefly came out of her self imposed anonymous cocoon, like a bear on deliberate hibernation throughout the winter months or periods, she seems to have receded back again into that cocoon. As she gone on the mountain? Is it some spiritual hibernation of some sort? Or is it just her, just deliberately cutting off from all the plenty noise and the plenty plastic people that used to surround her?

Gone are the days when at least once a month, you are too sure to see her, somewhere, someplace having loads fun. Like someone once described Biola in her hey days or hell raising days, she was 'the life and soul of the party'. But now one doesn't even see her at all again!!!

It has been speculated that one of the reasons, she might have decided to go totally off the radar, giving the unnecessary popularity and notoriety and partying a wide berth, might be because she has become a more circumspect, more spiritual, more religious person. It has been claimed that since Biola became a Christian, she was actually born a moslem, as her renowned dad and mom are practicing moslems, though there's the unconfirmed rumor that Alhaja Kuburat, Biola's mom herself too, like her daughter has embraced Christianity, very strongly.

Since she became a practicing Christian of a few years running now, she now leads a life away from the boozing and fun of yester years. Giving more credence to the scriptures that says 'behold old things have passed away, behold the new things".

At 52 now, she clocked that age in February of 2019 & with 2 teenage kids to the boot, the formerly married Biola, who has remained a spinster ever since then, who wouldn't chill out at some point in life??? Like it has been said before, when we grow up, is that time we have attained maturity. Maybe that's what has finally happened!!!!!


Prince Dapo Abiodun


The gentleman Governor Elect of Ogun state, recounts what 25 years of friendship meant to the outgoing Governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun. He also recounts how because of his ambition he was sent on a fool's errand, by the outgoing Governor.

Read his testimony at a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, in London below. This testimony was written verbatim by Mr. Tolani Abati, aka the Prof.


Mr Dapo Abiodun, the governor elect of Ogun State gave the testimony of his sojourn in the mine field and sharks invested waters of politics at the Redeemed Christians Church of God, London parish recently which has been trending on YouTube for some days now.

Here is the abridged version of the testimony as transcribed.

"Someone say alleluia . I sneaked into the church this morning, I was sitting at the back because I didn't want to cause any sensation.

I spent the last one year in the campaign train, talking and sharing my vision with the people of Ogun State and largely Nigerians.

I came into London just to have a me time. Pastor Agu has been my friend for many years. He decided that I should come and sit in front. Pastor Badejo is someone who is close to my family and I. As he preaches and shares the testimony, he began to prick my conscience. And as the service progressed, it was all about testimonies and I thought that, God will not forgive me if I didn't come forward to share a bit of my testimony and my holy God moment.

My name is Dapo Abiodun. I am the governor elect of Ogun State. I am a member of of Redeemed Christian Church of God London (applause). I stand here to the testimony of the wholesomeness of the almighty God and the fact that God is greater than man.
God will be God and man will continue to be man. Because if it were man, I will not be the governor elect of Ogun State today.

I will share a few things with you and I will be very brief. I have been in the private sector but I have always had the passion for politics.

In 1997, I made my first showing in politics. I ran for senate and I became senator elect. I was the youngest ever elected in Nigeria. I was so young there was controversy that I was probably too young to be sworn in. Because, the age limit then was 40 and I was quite not 40.

Fortunately or unfortunately the Head of State then died and that republic came to an end.
I tried again in 2015. I was persuaded to run for the senate . I didn't quite win. I was rigged out. I went to court and I won at the tribunal . It went on to appeal and it was overturned. I was so unhappy that I thought to myself, this should be it . I am done with politics. God is telling me something. I must just face my business. That politicians are not trustworthy. They are not reliable. That politics is just a waste of resources and money and all that.

In 2017, I had an unfortunate incident. I lost my first son. Life couldn't have dealt me a worse blow. For over six months I could not function. I could not go to work. I became completely restless.

In 2018, someone came to me and said would I consider going back to politics? I said never. Time after time I will be talked to . Then it was suggested that I should go for senate. Senate? I said I was not interested. I have done it twice , I am not  interested. God definitely doesn't want me to be a senator.
As time goes on, someone asked me if I would consider being a governor. I said that I will consider. But I will first go to God and hear what God has to say about it.
To cut a long story short , I became convinced that God indeed wanted me to be governor of Ogun State. I could not explain it. I sat down with the incumbent Governor (Amosun). I had a chat with him. Of course he said no, never. I will offer you the senate. I said I don't want the senate.

Eventually our pastor prof, that is the vice president intervened and said may be you should consider the senate. I said okay, alright, I will do it. Only to find out that the incumbent governor (Amosun) that indeed offered me senate, did not actually mean it. He was actually just leading me on. And when it became clearer, I went back to Pastor prof and I said, Pastor prof, God is telling me something. I am going to be the next governor of Ogun state.

Church, like Pastor Agu said, it was probably the most turbulent, the most bumping, the most challenged and the most difficult of all the elections in Nigeria.
From my primary process, the incumbent governor did everything humanly possible to stop me. This is considering the fact that, the incumbent governor has been a friend of mine for over 25years.

He did everything humanly possible to stop me. But at every point in time, I serve a living God (applause). The God that I serve is a God that makes impossible possible.
He is a God that makes a way even where there appears to be no way.
People have asked me what keeps me going ? What drives me ? And I said to them, first I am a testimony of God mercy. Pastor Agu knew when I had an accident and I had to be flown here (London) against all odds. My faith in God is a mountain moving faith.

My favourite passage in the  Bible is Mark 11 chapter 23. (He quotes)...................

Saturday, April 27, 2019


Williams Babatunde Fowler 

All things being equal, seems likely that one of the major contenders for the post of the next Governor of highest Bank in Nigeria might most probably be, the boss of the FIRS, Mr. Babatunde Fowler, who by all indices and indication has done exemplarily well.

From all available reports we are getting, we hear that the 'tax guru', who prior to his present assignment and post had been the tax boss in Lagos, which unarguably is Nigeria's number 1 state in all ramifications. Before Mr. Williams Babatunde Fowler became the boss, executive chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and chairman of the Joint Tax Board, he had gallantly shown his exemplary mettle as the boss of the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service, where he had more than helped to triple the revenue from tax in the state and even helped to bring some major reforms and sanity to tax collection, tax administration in the center of excellence. It was because, what he was able to achieve was so glaring for all to see, that he was somewhat conscripted to do same at the Federal level too, and we hear that like the man in charge at the Customs and Excise agency and like the man alao in charge at JAMB both of who have performed exceptionally and excellently, he has not disappointed at all too. 

So with such a record of achievements that's so glaringly visible, many are already speculating that the next big step for him, might be for him to take over from the current Governor of the apex bank-Mr. Godwin Emefiele whose tenure would soon be expiring, June of 2019 to be more precise. Emefiele the forner MD/CEO of Zenith Bank was appointed to his post on June 3, 2014 for an initial 5 years term, which is renewable by the President, if he so wish, 

Though we hear that Mr. Babatunde Fowler is well content to remain at his post as the 'Nigerian tax boss', but he is also not aversed to and would also be favorably disposed to showing his mettle again, if called to a higher office and higher responsibilities as the Governor of the apex bank too. Those who would love him to switch and take up the post are of the good opinion that he is more than eminently qualified for it. Which truly he is. 

Mr. Fowler, 62, he would be clocking 63 come August 12, 2019 has had the privilege to have had an exemplarily private and public services career. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater in the US, with a Bachelors in science in Economics and a minor in political science, he went on to get a 2nd degree from the California state university, Los Angeles where he also went on to obtain his MBA too.  He began his career path at Avon Products Inc in the US, before he was employed by Johnson & Johnson in New Jersey, it was from there he was subsequently transferred to Johnson and Johnson, Nigeria afterwards. In 1984 he took a new career path, when he switched from international finance and marketing to embrace banking.

From 1984 till 2004, he dazzled all comers in his new career path, growing steadily from Commercial Bank (Credit Lyonais) where he left as a branch manager after a meritorious 6 years service, heading the only branch of that bank outside her head office. In 1990, he moved to one of the biggest banks then, Chartered Bank as a Senior Manager. He worked there from 1990 till 2004, a good 14 years. From being the head of branch networks, where from just 2 branches he grew the network to 11 in just 5 years. He also became the head of revenue collections for both states and Federal agencies and it was here that he showed he was a guru par excellence. Taking his bank to the position of 3 amongst all the banks in revenue collection. He left the bank as a General Manager in 2004.

Upon leaving the banking world in 2004, he joined the Lagos State Government as permanent secretary/executive chairman of the Lagos State Board of  Internal Revenue. That agency of Government became autonomous in 2006 and Mr. Fowler became the 1st ever CEO of LIRS & the Executive chairman of the Lagos State Board of Internal Revenue. There began the best years of the Lagos State Government.

With what Mr. Fowler introduced, the monthly revenue of Government leaped extraordinarily from  3.6 billion monthly to 6times what it used to be. The improvements were so much that, it made Lagos State the only state in Nigeria that's independent of the monthly financial allocation from the the Federation account revenue. In fact Lagos State is the only state in the federation that generates her own revenue far in excess of what she gets from the Federation account.

Now the model that he introduced in just a state then and made to work for all of 9 years from 2006 till 2015, he has carried again to the Federal now and it has been yielding extraordinary returns & results too, to the admiration of all. Mr  Fowler is an outspoken advocate against over reliance on oil revenue which has been dwindling. 

So from every angle one can look at it, to scrutinize it, the Executive Chairman of the FIRS/Joint Tax Board is more than qualified enough to take over at the Central Bank Nigeria (CBN). 

Would he become the Governor?

Let's wait and see. All we are saying though is, who the cap fits, let him or her wear it.

As an aside, a bird 🐦, had whispered in our ear, saying that the forner Governor of Gombe State, who was also a former Accountant General of the Federation, who in fact had had an 11 years stint at the CBN before in the person of 'Alhaji Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo', 57, who is in fact not an APC party member, but of the PDP might be interested in the post too🙄🤔. 


Birthday gal and mother of 4, Chief Dr. Mrs Folashade Noimat Okoya instead of having the usual humongous birthday celebrations /party at the 'Oluwa ni Shola Estate', to mark her day, which incidentally was also her 20th wedding anniversary decided to instead burn or better still scotch, the airwaves with the release of some very gorgeous pictures of her, her husband & their 4 kids, taken by ace photographer TY Bello to celebrate the 2 pronged events.

The pictures are so solid, so nice we just have to commend. We have never seen Alhaji, that's talking about Aare Razak Akanni Okoya looking so young like he is in his late 50s, not near 80 that he is.

Check out the lovely pictures, especially the ones showcasing Shade's 4 kids. 


Uche (Juliet) & Sonnie (Romeo) 

Uche Ajene set to officially become Mrs. Uche Ayere

The dapper dude known as Sonnie Ayere

"Love is a beautiful" so they say and that beautiful thing is most surely, most definitely what must  have swept these 2 lovers, in the persons of 'Sonnie Ayere & Uche Ajene', off their feet & turned them into 'giddy lovers', 2 who are so drunk and crazy in love that would come tomorrow, Saturday, April 27, 2019, be walking down the aisle in front of their chosen witnesses to say to each other 'I do' in holy matrimony, which is an institution ordained by God and not one to be toyed or played with at all by any one, whatsoever.

For these 2, it has to be LOVE, real love just like Mary J. Blige was searching for. But it seems like Uche has found has. Both have experienced the institution they are entering into again, before. And it seems both have fallen out of it and have made up their minds again, to give it all it would take all over again. By this we mean it is actually their 2nd missionary journey and from all indications, it seems like these 2nd time around would most definitely be a charm. According to those who know both, these 2 are head over heels, crazily, madly, affectionately, awesomely, soul wise, spiritually attuned to one another.

Between these highly cerebral couple, they share 6 kids, 3 each on both sides. The handsome, quite suave and very intelligent investment banker, who is said to be quite solid as he has handled some very heavy investment portfolios in the past, used to be very very close, was in fact the then boyfriend of a known lifestyle editor of a popular pull out magazine a while ago who is the 'root' of the matter. In fact the speculation then in 2014, before things went south, was that both lovers then, that's talking about Sonnie & his now ex, who incidentally has same name as a very important biblical character were going to marry. But It wasn't too long after, that the speculation became rife that the relationship had broken down totally and irretrievably, with everyone then going their ways.

For those who might not know Sonnie Ayere. He is the handsome, highly cerebral founder, Chairman/CEO of his own very thriving investment company by the name, 'Dunn Loren Merrifield'. A full fledged investment house that was established in 2009. Which is about a decade ago now. SA as the brand owner is called, has an intimidating resume. In fact, he is ascribed as an investment guru that has handled some heavy things both in Nigeria and abroad in the past.

Sonnie has worked for such heavy international brands likes of HSBC Bank, Natwest Bank, The Sumitomo Mitsu Bank, Bank of Montreal, the IFC at the World Bank, the UBA Grp just to mention a few.

Tomorrow's bride herself, a supremely gorgeous one at that, who is a beauty too, is not a pushover in any way at all. In fact, in Uche, Sonnie the fine dude has met his 'cerebral match', one who wouldn't cower at her husband's to be's resume at all. The "Boston University" graduate of 'Business Administration with specialization in Accounting' has a fantastic profile of her very own. In fact, her own resume too is quite intimidating, having cut her teeth at various international brands that can be reckoned with too. She started her career in Chicago at Hill Taylor and has grown steadily and surely over the years ever since. She was at a time the head of Corporate Communications and youth account at the FCMB Group. She's currently the Managing Consultant at Quadrant MSL, which is a subsidiary of Troiyka Group.

The both we have heard, already live in a beautiful place/home in Ikoyi, Lagos and would be making their relationship of a few years now very official tomorrow at their chosen venue amongst selected friends and relatives. It's a hush hush thing or should we accurately say, a very private affair by all indications.

Their love story is actually like the stuff you read in all those romantic 'Harlequin or mills and boon' novels. Apparently, Uche's house maid was a superb magician with the unenviable ability to disappear what doesn't belong to her. She had vaporised Uche's jewelry. So she hunting the run away Thief down to deal with her, so as to recover her goods, found out that the thief's husband, was a 'private chef' to Sonnie, who she had to contact in order to help retrieve her lost valuables. Apparently the theft and subsequent accusation had affected Sonnie's private chef and Sonnie knew something was amiss and it needed a solution asap. So when after getting Sonnie's number from a mutual friend, Uche called Sonnie to discuss her matter, which was all about getting her valuables back.  So both strangers met at the 'George Hotel' and it was like they had known each other before then and for a long time. So cupid took advantage of what was supposed to be a bad situation and turned it into a good one, which then led to LOVE. One thing led to another and both would become, truly one spirit, soul and body tomorrow.

From the pictures above, it can be seen and deduced very clearly that these are 2 souls that have become one in every way possible. The signs are evident from their body language. Apart from what is so obvious about their telepathic connection, we had heard before now that Sonnie is actually a great lover, in fact a quite generous one in every way and manner. Who knows what to do with to put his partner on the Aladdin carpet of love. So no wonder, Uche has been swept off her feet in totality and comprehensively. Love O love.

We are wishing the couple  continual bliss for ever and ever.

Congratulations in advance. 

Friday, April 26, 2019


Akinwunmi Ambode 

The new vastly improved international Airport way

Over 800 brand new buses out of the 5000 expected. 

The new addition at LASUTH 

One of the 500 seater theaters 

The outgoing executive Governor of the number 1 state in Nigeria, that's talking about Lagos State in the person of his excellency, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode never believed that he wouldn't be doing a 2nd term in office, till the plot to remove him gathered real storm. He believed against all hope, that last last, one way or the other he would be allowed to do the 2nd term. But alas that has not come to be.

Even when like a rude shock it became plain for all to see and even he himself too saw how futile the battle could be, he still fought gallantly on and when he saw that there was nothing he could do any more eventually, he had to accept his fate and let go finally and he then gave his support to the overwhelming choice of his party in the person of 'Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu', who at the subsequent Gubernatorial Election, coasted home gallantly to victory in the election, like there were no other contestants in the race. In fact, were the votes of all the others counted together, they all would still have lost against the man everyone has come to now know as just B.O.S.

So now that Ambode's fate has been sealed and the only option left for him to serve the people again if he still wants to, is if he were to he be picked/nominated by the President for a ministerial position as one of those to represent Lagos State. Those who who want him to be quickly forgotten or consigned to the past, are strongly against him becoming a minister too!

The Governor has been accused by those who do not necessarily like him, of playing to the gallery with how he has had to do so many last minutes launching of many projects--The Theaters on many areas, the new section at the LASUTH, the new Oshodi Transport Hub, many of the projects which they claim are not even finished yet. In the opinion of these people, they feel that nothing stops the outgoing Governor of letting those projects be finished in totality and then so that the incoming administration could properly launch them then. They are claiming that the Governor is 'glory seeking' at all cost. And to all of these, the one thing we can just say to these set is that, why not? What stops anyone from glory seeking? Is it an evil thing to do?

If the only way for one to assure one's legacy, is to do anything that he can lawfully do, why not then? The incoming administration under normal circumstances, should come in and come on board with her own plans/agenda and projects to execute without necessarily waiting for anything from the previous administration in the first instance.

And also, if the outgoing Governor still believes he can serve and serve meritoriously at that in another capacity and he feels he can sell himself well to the powers that be, especially with his resume, what stops him from doing so? What does anyone have to gain from his total wipe out from the scheme of things? Would anyone die, or would any misfortune fall on any, were 'Akinwunmi Ambode' to be nominated for a ministerial position? 


Seems like girl chasing has now become a major game now, like the video games children play always. Yeah, we know that men have always loved to hunt looking for the easy prey to hook. It's like the lion or cheetah or tiger or hyena or those wild dogs in packs we watch on NG, chasing after the antelopes or warthogs or other preys that they can easily overpower and tear apart. But instead of tearing apart in this case, it's about getting down into the nitty-gritty of the 'Bermuda Triangle', that supposed holy enclave and if possible, wound it mercilessly to the utter detriment of the owners. Most often many of thr men involved in these game even share, once one is done and has experienced the bliss involved, he would give his other pack of wolves the dimensions so they also too can go after the prey too. So when the prey feels she's supposedly enjoying the good attention of the alpha males, her property is just been shared around by these men, only for the sake of marking the register.

It's been the norm from God's knows when. Where the seemingly stronger ones preys on the weaker more somewhat helpless ones. But are these preys, in these case the various ladies, weaklings at all?

What makes the lion and the likes, other wild animals, is their love for the chase and the kill and it seems like men too have now adopted or adapted these 'animal skills and instincts' now too to grab all of these available chicks & do with them just as they wish.

Young men, old men alike, married or single, rich and not so okay, now surf the internet, most especially the popular social media sites, especially various online meeting spots/platforms likes of the Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Badoo etc like a mine field to sweep in, to catch treasures or trap wannabes, those whose treasure troves are easy to meander through.

And you would be surprised to know, the many names of those who engage in the act. Their profiles are always on point. They have many of those names you would want to be seen to engage with. On their sites you would view the lives of the fun loving, who mixes well, they are the supposed right crowd. It's a life you view on the gram and you would most definitely want to be a part of, but the truth actually is, it's a (caveat emptor) - meaning 'buyers beware'. Before you know it, any lady that falls into the obvious trap would live to regret it at end of the day. Not until that Bermuda Triangle have been summarily dealt with and the value sapped from it, before it would be released again for the world's consumption.

Who are these men who engage in this game of deceit and who are their many victims too? If you know them, let's talk about them.

Proviso though, no full names! 

Thursday, April 25, 2019


Family Portrait, Chief & Chief Mrs. Razak & Folashade Okoya with Olamide, Oyinlola, Subomi & Wahab 

Mother of 4 gorgeous kids and the youngest wife of Aare Razak Akanni Okoya, Chief Dr. Mrs Folashade Noimat Okoya née Adeleye is 42 today, Thursday, April 25, 2019. She was born April 25.1977.m to Alhaji Taju and Alhaja Nimosat Adeleye of Ijebu Ode, Ogun State. She was just 21 when she got married to the multi-millionaire (billionaire) 2 decades ago and it has been a super fruitful 20 years all round indeed in their household. A period of extraordinary blissful coexistence of the best kind.

Maybe by sheer providence or maybe it is as God, the author of destiny and provisions had willed or planned, everything about Shade, who is a Chief many times over-Bewaji of Lagos, Yeye Oge of Epe, Otun Aare Iyalaje of Ajiranland and Ajisewa of Oke Ona and who holds a honorary Doctorate degree from the European-American University and is (the very epitome of beauty and grace) of Oke Ona Egba; one who all that is connected to her in those adjoining 20 years have soared high incredibly. 4 incredible and exceptionally smart kids (2 boys & 2 girls), husband's brand placed in her hands as the Deputy Managing Director of Eleganza Industrial City, has been well ran and is showing good profit annually and expanding her tentacles. Shade oversees more than 30 hectares of a industrial hub! It can confidently be said then, without fear of any kind, that though all was well before she came in, she must surely have brought in additional grace to the clan too to help take it to the stratosphere.

The Unilag graduate from Ojulegba that, that fate smiled on then at age 21 over 2 decades ago, has since grown in leaps and bounds to become a super stylish personality with overload of sass and oomph and in fact, she's being said to be one of the most stylish persons in Nigeria, who many always look out for at events and occasions, to see what exceptional garbs she would adorn again and again and again. She's won or has been award a style icon award by many brands over the years.

Folashade in whom her husband is so well pleased, has given back to her husband, triple if not quadruple, of the love he showers on her daily, added with sheer and unshakable loyalty. It has been said  over times that, the best way for a great relationship to thrive superbly, is for the man to love absolutely and the woman to be submissive, with Shade and her husband its most definitely like it has been postulated, but Shade has added to that submission, exceptional love too and she's eating the fruit of it without a doubt.

She got her OND from Laspotech in Banking and Finance and a Sociology degree from the famous University of Lagos.

It's with great pleasure that we say Happy birthday and happy wedding anniversary to the hardworking fashionista par excellence. More good years ahead insha Allah.