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Friday, May 18, 2018

UBA Innovates with another first ‘UBA Learn’ targeted at empowering students

The pan-African Financial Institution, United Bank for Africa(UBA) has introduced a unique and innovative product, called ‘UBA Learn’ targeted at helping students achieve all round academic success.

The Product, an online Learning Platform for students powered by Roducate, was launched yesterday, May 17, 2018 with particular emphasis on helping students within the age range of 5-16years and 17-24 attain academic excellence, while ensuring that the parents and teachers keep track and monitor their ward’s educational developments and performance.

UBA Learn is accessible online, through a downloadable mobile app and  USSD (*919*33#) and is open to both existing customers and non-customers.  Intending customers can have account numbers automatically generated once they enrol on the platform. The platform features academic curricula (e.g. WAEC), NECO, Continuous assessments and tests, financial education, learning/fun games, etc.

Speaking at the launch of the Product, Group Managing Director, Kennedy Uzoka said: “United Bank for Africa is a technology-driven company with enormous capability in business. Because education is key to us and is a fundamental human right, we felt a need to extend our capability to education, by revolutionising access to education through technology. “

That’s the main reason we are here today- to bring knowledge to the doorstep of everyone across Africa and other parts of the world, through this Unique innovation, called UBA learn”.

Uzoka continued: “The app is a distinctive and well-tailored product loaded with all the needed learning tools and required subjects put together in a robust manner that is guaranteed to grow with the student early on to when he or she becomes a young adult.

“UBA Learn was carefully conceptualised to suit a niche focus of our customers who are mostly students; because more than anything, we are a bank that is particularly passionate about the growth and development of youths especially as it concerns their academic growth as is evidenced in the plethora of campaigns and Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives (CSR) targeted at helping them find their paths in life, e.g.  Read Africa Initiative, Campus Ambassadors, National Essay Competition among others”. said Anant Rao, Group Executive, Digital & Consumer Banking.

Rao further explained: “UBA Learn is unique in the banking industry because it is a product that suits a special need. The app which empowers student through their mobile device  and available in Google play store and app store is a concept where the bank is taking on a mentorship role intended to equip and guide students into a bright future, life of prosperity.” Anant explained.

“That is why there is a conscious effort aimed at helping them grow, because we understand, that the future is only secure when they are empowered”. “The UBA Learn platform is designed to appeal to the young and aspiring youth who is looking to actualise his or her dream likewise get to the exalted height only education can guarantee. UBA is more than aware that there is an urgent need to effectively guide them to actualising success and more, that is why we introduced UBA Learn”.

He further said, the benefits of enrolling and using ‘UBA Learn’ are enormous. Apart from preparing them academically it also aids them to becoming financially independent. At this stage, account holders will enjoy exclusive invitations to job and career fairs as well as entrepreneurship workshops.”

Also speaking, Dr. Brai Malik, appreciated the bank for picking International School UNILAG, out of many to officially launch the one of a kind, product. He  also noted that UBA learn is a great initiative deserving of commendation. According to Malik, “UBA as a financial institution and innovator of the wonderful product deserve applause for demystifying learning with this application”.

Malik also stated that, ISL is a school with  good taste that recognises quality and  in line with its foresight for the future the school will encourage teachers to join the train and also take advantage of the innovation in their classroom activities."

Account holders will also have access to 24 hour online banking services on UBA’s highly acclaimed internet banking platform, particularly Leo the Virtual banker which is now a hit with students besides other privileges like specially branded debit card, interest bearing savings accounts, career advisory, scholarships, work place experience schemes with the UBA Group, entrepreneurial skills development workshops and social media engagements.

UBA was incorporated in Nigeria as a limited liability company after taking over the assets of the British and French Bank Limited who had been operating in Nigeria since 1949.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


The news of her sudden demise on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 from complications from Breast Cancer sent shock waves to her industry-Nollywood, the Yoruba sector where she was an active practitioner.

 She was majorly famous for an old production OMOGE CAMPUS, that was in fact her 1st movie, which blew her into prominence and from where she got her famous nickname-OMOGE campus which stucked to her ever since, for her fantastic portrayal of a hot in demand campus damsel.

The mother of 2, a very good friend of the late Moji Olaiya, who incidentally passed on only about a year ago also in the same Canada, was at the hospital in Canada, getting treated for Breast Cancer related issues. But alas even with all the fantastic treatment she was getting and all the attention she also got from the best medical hands available, she still gave up the ghost at the Scarborough General Hospital, Ontario, Canada.

Aishat Abimbola, who is a beautiful, divorced mother of 2, died at the young age of 46. She was in Canada with her 2 kids, when the sad occurrence happened and she would be buried today. She is from Epe in Lagos and would he sorely missed by her fans and friends. She had lost her mom in the 90s, followed by her dad in the 2000s, she had married and had separated amicably from her husband then years back and had poured her energy thereafter into acting. After the lost of her good friend Moji a year ago, she had sacrificed a lot to make sure that her friend's kids were well taken care of, only for her to have passed on shockingly and untimely too!

May the untimely, dearly departed soul of AISHAT ABIMBOLA find rest. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Don't know if anyone has seen or come across what might soon become a trend or is already the latest happenstance in Lagos of late. Young, fine boys going starkers and having temporary madness?

The way it goes is that these young kids do this madness thing on major roads where many eyes would see and stare at them incredulously! Not too long ago it occurred in broad daylight on Admiralty in Lekki Phase 1 when a guy just suddenly got out of his car and went bunkers stripping himself and going about starkers! Another again occurred not long afterwards at about the 2nd or 3rd roundabout on the Lekki-Ajah expressway, where during the very early morning traffic a young dude right in the middle of the road all starkers was bathing and not caring who was looking and then the most recent of it all, was near the newly launched Deeper Life Bible Church HQ in Gbagada, Lagos just 2 days ago, a young guy suddenly removed his clothes, bent down shat in his own hand and then decided to rub same on himself, while people looked on in shock. When he saw that he had gotten a little attention he repeated the same scenario again and then went further to bath himself inside a stagnant water not too far from the spot. All of these terrible scenarios all sound so unbelievable, but they are all true even there are some worst ones just too crazy to relate.

There have also been instances where young, supposedly normal guys would be barking like a dog at particular times of the day too. All in the desperate quest to make money! So these things have all raised our curiosity and we have thought to find out/investigate if possible what's going on?

Remember very well that several months ago, we had written and posted on this platform about a trend then, where guys in desperation to be the new hits in town, driving the latest cars, wearing the newest trends all in the quest to join the Gucci gangs etc, flashing and flaunting at the bars, joints and night clubs and other social places of gathering where many people ply or gather, drinking up a storm so that the bills would rise like its a loaf of bread, where many could see them flaunt their newly acquired wealth. These set were willing and ready to do the basest of things for that temporary fame, which was to eat "shit" that is fresh excreta! What!!!! Yes shit as in shit!

As the story goes, the voodoo done for these boys demands that they look for fresh excreta, which they must eat with relish with fresh bread and thereafter their money would begin to flow in and in torrents after other things must have been done too. The connection between excrete (shit) and money we cannot just understand. It's something that's totally mad and unbelievable, totally true too. While the terrible and unbelievable bullshit is yet still on as speak. We hear there are new trends also now.

There is the madness thing where the dude would go bonkers and tear of his own clothes and go raving mad about town, it's like the more the people that view his madness and embarrassment, the better and the more the money would flow in. How true this is, we do not know, but that's what we have found out is actually going on. And the more desperate the guys are, the more they are not too afraid to go through with it too. According to what someone said, these new methods are the alternatives to blood rituals which was the in thing at one point too. So instead of killing other people and using their blood, those using this new method believes they are at least not putting another person's life in limbo, just theirs. Wonders they say, would never end. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


These 4 guys are very well known in the happening circles in Lagos, majorly because they supposedly have badass money/dough and they are not too shy about spending same like a drunken sailor. And because of their penchant for going overboard with their spending and very flashy lifestyle, it has brought about the salient question, so what do they do for a living? Where is this their waterfall flowing from?

Are there companies they own where many are gainfully employed and are getting paid and so are helping to secure a few lives and by extension sustaining a few more.

The legend that follows these 2 are quite outrageously unbelievable, one of the cars in the garage of Abolo is a Rolls Royce Phantom and that's one amongst several other wonders-on-wheels in his garage. For the uniquely named Self-paid; his is another story of another young but stupendously wealthy young dude, whose claim to fame is none other than that he can afford to spend in excess of 5 to 10 million Naira at a Night Club, joint, bar on just one night alone! 5 to 10 million Naira just to drink the choicest of drinks and few things to munch alone? Ain't that totally mad?

The kind of lifestyle some of these guys live, even the known so called celebrated multimillionaires and real billionaires cannot try or even try to afford, lest they go bankrupt in the twinkling of an eye.

Wearing a Rolex Presidential or other iced out known brand has become pure water standards for many of these boys that you cannot actually link to any particular background.. And these 2 shine boys are not the only ones at all oooo, they are very many, including another one called B NAIRA, whose claim to fame is that he is an artiste, but till date no known hit has been linked to him as at yet, but the 'lalau'- (ostentatious and super loud living) linked to him is totally out of this world!

People wouldn't have been unnecessarily curious at least, if there was a business or 2, that they or their family background are linked or connected to, then it wouldn't have been easy to then just assume. But alas nothing of the sort.

Imagine that self-paid has been a resident of Signature now for more than a year, that's more than 365 days! The average rate for a normal room at the signature is 48000 Naira in 365 days that comes to 17,520,000 Naira, that's just for a normal room, imagine that he wouldn't live in the cheapest! Meaning on the average he spends at at least 20 million Naira a annually on his accommodation alone! To be able to do that so easily and so effortlessly, then he must be related to the Chagourys. Which brings one to ask the question, is 'Self-Paid' surnamed Chagoury?

Also there's another flyboy dude who goes by the name Allen Loop John Doe, who is less than 30 year old, meaning he is still in his 20s, 28 years old to be more precise. This guy's garage is the stuff that dreams are made off. He air-freighted in a brand spanking new white Ferrari 488 Spyder from Dubai in October of 2017, at a total cost of 290 million NAIRA. The Ferrari is only just one outbid his several cars, with 2 others being a white G 63 Mercedes Wagon and also a Maserati. He was planning to bring in a Lamborghini this year, but might have thought better of it after totalling the Ferrari after only 6 months!

There are still yet several nos of these boys in town, lounging, flaunting with just too much money to spend and spread. Just imagine someone using what another went into a house to struggle for, for 90 plus days, just for hotel bill for a year?

Who are these guys? What do they do? What's their real claim to fame? 

Sunday, May 13, 2018


Kenneth and EHIZOGIE Bramor

A few months ago November 19, 2017 to be more precise, Ehizogie Ogbebor's wedding to her beau-Chief Kenneth Bramor shook the social media as it was one of the biggest events of that year. She and her super rich husband spared no expenses to make the wedding party one to reckon with, every which way one can think of.

In fact, 2 cars  (Toyota Camry) were even given out to 2 lucky guests, free of charge at the humonguous wedding, making the unbelievable gifts unprecedented. It was a display of wealth and the best of Benin tradition and culture, which is quite rich and a beauty to behold in its splendor. Ehi is Bini from Edo, her husband IS from Warri in Delta State. Those who had attended the wedding then, exclaimed at how they were swept off their feet and were cared for very well.

Now months (7 months to be more precise) after that very impressive event/occasion that had the whole social media agog and salivating and with many making different comments both positives and negatives, the impressive CEO of Sayaveth Interiors and Hotel on the island, who was already a mother of 2 from her previous relationship/marriage has dropped a new, bouncing baby girl from the information at our disposal. This new baby makes it the 3rd for the beautiful, very stylish and in your face Ehizogie Ogbebor, now Ehizogie BRAMOR, it meant she was at least 2 months gone at the time of her wedding party, not that it was any issue at all.

When Ehi as she's mostly called by close friends and even those that she merely know, got married her oil and gas magnate husband -Chief Kenneth Bramor, she came in as his 3rd wife. But whichever her position is, she immediately became the nos 1 in the heart of her big boy husband, by virtue of her exposure and who she is,... ... a prominent personage. She was a social media sensation, who enjoyed so much the notoriety that Instagram brought her way, as she was cool with it and by herself used to put on it a lot of her stuffs, making her quite popular and some sort of celebrity.

The graduate of Biochemistry from the Ambrose Alli University, who used to work for an insurance company in Lagos before she established her own businesses remarried after being divorced for a whole decade. She met her husband to be then 3 years ago at her interior company and one thing led to another and both fell madly in love with each other. They then got married on November 19, 2017. Now after her humongous wedding and 7 months later God has blessed the couple with a child of their own, so the balling continues.

Congratulations to her. Baby and mother are doing well.


“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent,” a philosopher named Victor Hugo once said. This quote must have held true for the Queen of Afro Pop, Tiwa Savage, as her latest single titled ‘Tiwa’s Vibe’ reveals. In the feel-good, mid-tempo song produced by Spellz and released two days ago, the Mavin Records' First Lady expresses that which is impossible for her to be silent about. She sings:
If you want to touch my body
You gats to spend the money
Bottles must to pop o
F.O spray the money o
While nobody can say for a fact what motivated the multiple award winning songress's serenading line,she is no doubt extolling the benevolence and at the same time appealing to the fantasy of Chairman of Forte Oil Plc, Femi Otedola, whose generosity is legendary and who has been benefactor for many artistes . Tiwa became the first artiste to bag an endorsement deal with an oil and gas brand in Nigeria when Forte Oil chose her to be its brand ambassador. That campaign was one of Tiwa's first upon her return to the music business after she had taken a long maternity leave away from the music scene.
That Tiwa considers F.O. ( acronym for Femi Otedola) as a godfather is not in doubt, and she does not make any pretense about this. Her social media platforms are replete with images showing her affinity to the man who has continued to be a pillar of support for her. Otedola's daugher, Florence Otedola, notably known as DJ Cuppy, has been one of those jamming to Tiwa's Vibe, as shown in one Tiwa's latest Instagram uploads showing DJ Cuppy tapping toes and singing the song along.


Governor Peter Ayodele Fayose of the PDP and his supporters must be laughing their heads off right now, with what has happened at the APC primary, which was just concluded last night.

Their victory didn't start just yesterday, it began when somehow, they were able to cause division and divisiveness in the rank and file of the opposition APC, which warranted the withdrawal of probably one of the best candidates, for the primaries, in the person of Senator Babafemi Ojudu.

The distinguished Senator of the Federal House of Assembly had withdrawn in protest for what he claimed wasn't a level playing field and deliberate orchestration by some in their party to foist and force a particular candidate on the party.  So after his withdrawal, about 32 others were said to have partaken in the primary, with the former Governor of the state, Dr Kayode Fayemi, who is the serving Minister of Solid Minerals Development emerging as the day's winner with 941 votes against 481 votes polled by Segun Oni, a former Governor of the State, who came in second.

As an incumbent then seeking for a 2nd term, at the election that brought Ayo Fayose back to power for a 2nd time and 2nd term, the then Governor FAYEMI, had lost abysmally in all the local government areas of the state, including his own LG then! So total was Fayose's landslide victory against an incumbent then, that it was baffling and totally mind-boggling and left everyone shocked!

With Fayemi's victory at the APC primary and with the schism that was already in place even before the primary, would the different camps now close ranks to compete against a common for? Is APC heading for another abysmal 16-0 loss again?

With the likes of Opeyemi Bamidele, Segun Oni, Babafemi Ojudu, Hon. Bimbo Daramola et al who are the party pillars already very disgruntled, where is the Ekiti State APC heading to? The war of words and accusations that heralded the primaries, had exposed the under belly of the party in the first place, showing that many were at daggers drawn and there wasn't going to be the possibility of them sheathing their swords and closing ranks.

With the victory of Dr. Kayode Fayemi at the recently concluded primary, it also somehow exposes the fact that the Jagaban Borgu, the National leader of the party, the great Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu might have totally lost control of the Ekiti APC, just like he did that of Ondo State. So this victory, which might yet be pyrrhic though, is a clear statement in defiance.

Dr. John Olukayode FAYEMI 53, was the former Governor of Ekiti State and currently, the Minister for Solid Minerals Development. He is from Isan-Ekiti, in Oye LGA of the state. He is a Doctor of War Studies, a degree he got from the King's College, University of London. He is eminently qualified to vie for the position and this is his 2nd missionary journey towards taking Ekiti State to the expected Eldorado, after the first journey that ended with a loss.

Dr. FAYEMI would be locking horns with the current Deputy Governor of Ekiti State, Prof. Kolapo Olushola of the PDP, who is an anointed candidate of the outgoing Governor, Peter Ayodele Fayose. The Professor who apparently must have been a genius from birth, was born May 24, 1968 and would be 50 in a few days time. He began his primary school at the age of 4. He is a Professor of Building Structures from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State. He got his first degree in 1989 and was the best graduating student of his set then. Just like he had distinguished himself in Secondary school too. By 2009 he had become an associate professor. He has published over 50 academic researches in both local and international journals. He is from Ikere Ekiti, in Ikere LGA of Ekiti State. The APC candidate too has an intimidating resume too.

The July 2018 election upcoming in about 11 weeks would most definitely, be a battle royale. And we are eagerly awaiting the results. 

Saturday, May 12, 2018


Just like the title above says it, the EFCC might have changed it focus and may now have their attention focused on any of these young lads who frequents the night spots, joints and bars with their humongous machines on the mission to show-off, while spending their ill-gotten wealth in such ways and manner, that beggars belief.

Just yesterday alone, at a well known joint on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Club 57 to be more precise, the long arm of the EFCC clamped down on some of these fly boys and their entourage as they were getting out of the joint after a good night of unbridled fun. It was a sting raid, so they all weren't aware of what was coming and so were not prepared for the surprise that came their way! So with these particular successful raid, many are already suggesting that the others are now going to be loads more careful and that those who do not have the businesses to back the lifestyle they live, are either going to shift their bases, run away for a bit if things are too hot or go underground for a while till things would relax again.

The EFCC on their verified Twitter handle gave credence to the raid- “Operatives of the EFCC early this morning raided Club 57 in Ikoyi, acting on intelligence report of activities of suspected Internet fraudsters.

“While some abandoned their exotic cars to evade arrest, some others resisted. 12 suspects were arrested, with 10 cars recovered.”

Mind you, many of the very big ones in the business, have solid backings from what we have heard. In fact some have the support of heavyweights in the force, behind them, who are said to be on their payroll, hence their very brazen attitudes.

For those who don't know, you have to be out at some of the joints in town to see how many of these boys intimidate others when they go on their spending sprees. Imagine that you go around and you see young guys driving some of the most humongous machines you can ever dream of and they have all not being smart enough to cover their backs with some legitimate businesses they could cover their asses when the push comes to shove. If the kind of raid that happened yesterday is sustained for a bit, then the night club owners and their businesses are the ones that would majorly feel the brunt, as these boys are most of their best customers/clienteles.

We met a young guy sometime last year, whose garage is worth at least near a billion Naira, if not more. He lives in a rented apartment somewhere, with things inside the house that's worth more than a hundred million, several more millions worth. This young dude is still in his 20s! He bought a brand spanking new Ferrari, that he air freighted in from Dubai after the purchase. He also owns a white G63 GGuard, we hear he also owns a Maserati and a few others. He drove and crashed, totalled his Ferrari under 6 months! After he had bought the Ferrari, he had also made up his mind to get a Lamborghini too! This is just one case.

There is also the case last year about that wedding, that got tongue wagging for several weeks. No wedding till date has beaten that wedding, including that of Dangote's daughter by display of opulence. The cars in the entourage of that wedding were more than 35, atleast 25 were brand spanking new G Wagons, driving by unknown young boys, a few Range Rovers were in the mix and the bride and groom rode in a Rolls Royce or 2. The display of opulence was so much that even some moneyed adults were intimidated. Just 2 of the guys sprayed 8million plus Naira, hard currency flowed like it was pure water. In the midst of the party were even go-go dancers doing strip tease. King of Fuji performed at the party and was sprayed endlessly for a long period of time.

If you want to catch many of these dudes who are not leaving in their own apartments either built or bought or rented, then you can either check Eko Signature, Continental Hotel and a few other places, where they have turned to home and you are too sure to catch many of them at these places having fun, with their posses and girlfriends etc. Imagine that last year alone a particular one who went haywire spending at a club, where one night's drink amd revelry bill was more than 10million Naira, stayed close to a year at the Signature!

How come many of these boys are still hitting paydirt daily! Inspite of the fact that or even as the scrutiny on them have not abated? You must understand very well that there are levels of operations in their type of business, differences in operations too. The mid level operators are those engaging in Yahoo-yahoo! The advanced level guys have moved to bigger things these are the G-boys. These ones by virtue of technology make use of applications that helps them to evade many of the firewalls of major companies, whose accounts they have been able to penetrate like they are the authorised people in charge and once in, they then transfer major funds in large amounts that are possible, from those accounts to other accounts, where they now share money with those account owners they have transferred to on 70:30 or 60:40 basis. Many of the account owners are abokis and others who deals in money transfers etc.

These boys believes wholeheartedly that they are not doing anything wrong, since they are dealing with companies and not necessarily individuals. There are also some whose advanced level border on the diabolical too, but that's a story for another day. You have some of these G-boys everywhere. And they also have many working for them too. Many have rented or leased apartments all over Nigeria, while they have some abroad too cutting the deals across the pond.

Would these focus on them help reduce the situation? Let's wait and see! 

Friday, May 11, 2018


Long before the Governor of Anambra state got to power, he was already a very big boy like some always love to say, meaning he was already well to do and could easily afford many of all the good things of life.

Just imagine that the man who began his career at First Bank and later went to Chevron, became a Chief Internal Auditor before he left, that's no small feat for anyone. He later went on to Fidelity Bank unarguably one of Nigeria’s top banks, where former Governor Peter Obi at a time was said to be like the single highest shareholder, where he rose to become an Executive Director before retiring and later becoming a Governor.

We could imagine him looking back, that when he and madam would go do some shopping then, they like all Africans loves to do, would do so with much aplomb, doing retail therapy like their very lives depended on it. Like they might never have the opportunity ever again, so whatever they could buy at any point, they would literally gorge themselves on. So maybe that kind of scenario was recently repeated when his excellency, Governor of Anambra, Sir Willie Obiano visited the United States of America. Not minding that he and madam were Governor and first lady, they were like any other ordinary Nigerians as they went shopping crazy at the Galleria on Westheimer in Houston Texas and at the end you can imagine them carrying about 15 plus assorted shopping bags of different sizes of the many top labels they had purchased. And that's just on one trip!

The Galleria on Westheimer where they had come to, is the 7th largest in the US and the biggest in Texas. It houses 375 stores, but 4 of the most prominent are Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. You can imagine that they caught a few eyes as they moved about. And that was actually what got our attention. When we Nigerian rich peeps wants to do anything, we love to do it with the ultimate swagger, which shows to all that are around us, that we are not ordinary, no minions and that we are people of means that must be accorded the desired accolades. Most often we desire and literally ask for respect and recognition by our very actions, we do not know or have in our vocabulary understated or incognito.

Whilst the Executive Governor deliberately worked a few steps ahead from his other 3 companions which included his wife, like he was on his own, he was carrying about 4 Louis Vuitton shopping bags, 2 each on each side. Madam on the other hand was with the 2 men and they carried all the other shopping bags of various sizes of different brands. The executive Governor of probably the richest South Eastern state, had on, his signature cap or hat, by which many know or have come to identify him.

A little retail therapy like it is said, hurts no one. It might even be a way to relax and think up the next upcoming big idea that would bowl any and all over in Anambra. For a Governor who we hear loves to relax a whole lot, especially with a "drink or 2", shopping at such a humonguous shopping mall with madam who we hear does not suffer fools gladly and 2 others, who maybe are aides or even family members, might mean a massive shopping mall that could be the biggest in the East may be on its way or in the pipeline.

Kudos your excellencies, for showing that we Nigerians and by extension Africans don't lag behind but are as big as any big boys or girls are at anytime. Salute!

Thursday, May 10, 2018


…To Train 10,000 Skilled Persons Through Employability Support Scheme

The Lagos State Government on Thursday said a total of 6,462 residents with proven business ideas have so far benefitted about N5.22billion from the Employment Trust Fund (ETF) designed to grow the economy and create jobs through provision of credit facilities with minimal interest.

Speaking at the annual Ministerial Press Briefing to mark the third anniversary of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s administration held at the Bagauda Kaltho Press Centre in Alausa, Commissioner for Wealth Creation and Employment, Mrs Uzamat Akinbile-Yussuf said the amount so far disbursed constituted a huge part of the total N5.98billion approved for 8,229 beneficiaries since it began disbursement in 2017.

The ETF is an initiative of the present administration in the State through which N25billion is earmarked to be disbursed over a period of four years to provide entrepreneurs, artisans, traders and others with capital to boost their businesses thereby reducing unemployment and increasing wealth among the people.

While reeling out loan disbursement activities of the fund, Akinbile-Yussuf said: “In fulfillment of the Lagos State Government’s mandate, the Fund has now disbursed N5.22billion to 6,462 beneficiaries, out of the approved loans totaling N5.98billion for 8,229 beneficiaries received.

She said in the period under review, the board of ETF approved loans totaling N627,053,826.15 for 643 beneficiaries under the batch four of the scheme, while in batches five, six, seven and eight, N924,696,671.00, N979,704,570.31, N443,859,457.60 and N1,013,485,058.69 were respectively disbursed to 5, 813 beneficiaries.

“For batch one of 2018, the Board approved loans totaling N492,798,560.90 for 1,753 beneficiaries (44 Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), 1,306 Medium Enterprise (ME) and 403 MES). The successful applicants have been contacted to meet the conditions that precede the disbursement of their loans,” she said.

Akinbile-Yussuf said as part of efforts designed to encourage startups in innovation and technology, the State Government launched innovation-driven enterprise program tagged “Lagos Innovates” where access to high quality infrastructure, learning and networks were provided, adding that the projection was to cement the place of Lagos as the leading destination for startups in Africa.

She said the government, through the Lagos State Employability Support Project, has also firmed up plans to produce 10,000 skilled persons within three years to cater for demand in key sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, construction, entertainment, garment making and tourism and hospitality.

“In addition, the project will place at least 6,000 trained persons in jobs and upgrade the equipment and improve the curriculum at two of Lagos State Technical and Vocational Education Board (LASTVEB’s) Colleges,” she said.

On other achievements of the Ministry in the last one year, the Commissioner said government developed virtual market which is an online portal created to connect artisans and tradesmen with customers in need of goods and services in a secure environment, revealing that the Ministry had commenced partnership with different stakeholders to actualize the initiative.

She said under the tradesmen and artisans capacity building scheme, a total of 1,000 were retrained in 2017 to enhance their efficiency, competitiveness and productivity, while 40 members of Lagos State House Painter Association were trained and engaged by Kansai Plascon Nigeria, as well as 50 others were trained in partnership with Ruff n Tumble under the sustainable development programme.

Besides, she said in recognition of the opportunities in emergence of new technologies especially in addressing the needs of the society to attain sustainable growth and development, the government came up with the concept of developing an ICT hub in Yaba, saying the project would be delivered in partnership with other critical stakeholders.

Also, the Commissioner said the government would soon launch health SMEs to facilitate quality improvement in both public and private sector health facilities through provision of financial support with the support of private sector organizations with the aim of creating wealth and employment.

The State Government, the Commissioner said, also introduced graduate internship programme through the Ministry where a total of 1800 candidates were screened in 2017 out of which 910 were deployed to various private organizations with the view to creating a network contact between the off-takers and the interns.


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Bum bag

Bum bag

Amal for those who might not know her, is the tall, very exotic looking and stunner daughter of former football star, John Fashanu of England and Nigeria. In fact the statuesque and gorgeous young lady was a former model, something she enjoyed so much for quite a bit. Her exotic gorgeousness comes from the fact that her dad is a British - Nigerian and her mum is Spanish, she was born in London one of the most famous fashion capitals of the world. So now you know where that stunning looks came from. She lived in Madrid the home of football giant Real Madrid for 12 good years and shuttles between the UK and her 2nd home, Madrid. Spain is one of the most famous, emerging fashion powerhouses of the world.

She embraced modeling on the part-time basis, while still at the University, as she attended the Brunel University London, a highly regarded University that was founded in 1966. She has a degree in Communications and Media studies for her effort. After school was when she started doing the "documentaries"  for the famous BBC, till date she's done 4.

Last year she gave in to her inner creative juice, when she went on to get a "Masters in Handbag designs in Madrid" last year 2017. Fast forward to a few months later in 2018, she has come out with her debut collection of exquisitely designed and very beautiful and functional bags.

The bags are all made in Spain and are called the "Amal Fashanu Bags", while the exclusive range are called the "heritage bags'. The materials used for the heritage collection is more lush and leather is more rich and parts are coated in gold (gold plated). There are 8 bags in the whole collection, with the heritage bag being one and the more fun bum bag"  for the younger crowd to be carried to such fun events like the Coachella, Burning man event. The exclusive heritage collection would be launched officially in September of 2018.

The bags are presently available online now at, also it's been sold in Spain at some stores and they are quite affordable for those who understands good luxury, that's exquisitely made. Discussions are presently on going with the 3 topmost lifestyle stores in the UK, Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. There's also a launch upcoming for Nigeria pretty soon, the brand is looking at doing a Lagos and Abuja launch before September.

Already the bags have gotten and are still getting wonderful reviews all over, with Harper's Bazaar, Elle, S Magazine UK, Luxonomist, Daily Express, Yo Dona Magazine in Spain, Trendencias Magazine also in Spain just to mention a few!

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Cirrus Vision Jet

Since the reigning star musician and entertainer released some statements yesterday about getting his own Private Jet, the excitement has been palpable. Many were totally stunned and we can bet now that the bar has been raised and the next thing now is for other entertainers to struggle to do everything that's humanly possible to go get their own PJs as the planes are referred to.

Though none has yet to see the said plane, but it's been the subject of discussions everywhere, with people discussing animatedly about the pros and cons of such a purchase. Some have even wondered aloud about the appropriateness of the the purchase, with others immediately slamming them down that if he could afford it, it's his headache, while others also wondered aloud saying that Davido then must be super rich or stupendously wealthy and that maybe that 30 billion in the account narrative might actually be near the truth.

Some have also wondered that why the need to buy, when his dad only just bought his, not too long ago. But then the answer to that is that, Davido is already a man, even a father few times over, who can make his own decisions and stick to it. Some have even claimed that David's well oiled media/PR/communications team might be behind the whole hype as another media hype. But he has since confirmed via his own Twitter handle that he has truly bought a plane, saying “Air OBO soon land…youngest Nigga with a jet.”

In our personal opinion, we believe it is possible for the award winning musician and businessman to have bought a jet, if he so wanted. It is very possible for one to buy a private jet for $1.96million dollars. Does Davido have in excess of that amount? Yes we believe so! In fact far more than that.

$1.96million dollars is the actual amount of a "Cirrus Vision Jet" the price, (brand new of course) of the most affordable private jet in existence right now. The plane is known as the game changer and sits 5 adults and 2 kids at a go.

People must also not forget that there are still cheaper planes than the above, you can still purchase a Cessna for less than $400000 dollars its still a private jet. The major cost of getting a plane though comes from maintaining it. That can cost between $300000 to $4 million annually, that's between 108,000,000m to 1.4b Naira annually just for maintenance and sundry issues, depending on the type and level of PJ. So for Davido to own a private jet, he needs to be worth between 5 to 10 million dollars at least and then there must be a steady stream of money coming in annually, with the claim of 30 billion already in his account, maybe that's possible.

One other thing that most might not have put or factor into consideration is that one can do a long lease/rent of a private jet too, while one can also buy a 2nd hand private jet, which is considerably cheaper than when it's brand new.

So on this occasion we say congratulations to the OBO himself, who is gradually staking his own claim at being Olowo aiye himself. Do not be surprised though, when the likes of Hush Puppi and the likes would also go on to claim to have bought their own private jets too. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


There are those born special and with the platinum spoon in their mouth, so when they act, react or do things, they do it in a special way and reason for that is because that's what they are used to. They live in humonguous edifices that are like gilded palaces, they drive humongous cars, that by just looking at them you are intimidated, they wear things that are super expensive and could cause others to take sharp intake of breath and then also, when they spend, they do so with ultimate flair and aplomb, spending really big. These sort are what people refer to as giants of men. Just imagine that a $100000 dollar watch is just a toy for them. People like these are men and women of immense and not easily measurable means.

And in this class, is billionaire businessman known to all as Baba Ijebu, but whose real name is Sir Kensington ADEBUTU, Mr Lottery in Nigeria himself. But this story is not about him at all, but about one of his equally loaded sons by name Segun ADEBUTU, in fact his 2nd son.

So loaded is Segun, that he has earned for himself, the special sobriquet of "Mr. Extravagance"! And he is living gloriously up to the moniker by all means. Imagine that as he clocked just 43 years old very recently, so he and friends went all the way to Malta in Eastern Europe, between Italy and North Africa to celebrate his extension of coming of age, meaning in this new dimension he only just clocked 3 years old, remember like they say, life they say begins at 40!

You cannot blame him though, his business even at this time of economic downturn is seemingly doing great. Maybe he must have made some awesome profits when the price of oil soared to an ultimate high of recent so why not celebrate in a special way then!

So last week Friday, May 4, 2018 to be precise, the oil and gas magnate son of Baba Ijebu, who is gradually fulfilling the saying, "like father like son", dad does things on big side, so as a true son too, he also did a big birthday party. So Segun Adebutu hosted friends, family members and associates to a top of the chain, exclusive birthday shindig that had that former R&B heartthrob Ashanti, former top of the chain rapper JaRule and to crown it all, he brought in the topmost of the trio, the one and only Akon to grace the occasion and the trio were the ones that elevated the fun and excitement to the stratosphere at the exclusive occasion.

Venue of the event was none other than the Intercontinental Hotel St. Julians Malta, one of top 10 best hotels in Malta, where over 400 rooms were reserved for those who attended. Choice drinks, exotic foods and canapés of all kinds were the order of the day. At the end of of the humonguous party, at least (€1 million Euros) was expended... . 1million what???? Yes €1 million hard currency! That's about half a billion Naira 425 million Naira at least!

If Segun could expend over a million Euros on an event of fancy, that's not celebrating a significant birthday like this, how much more the other very loaded elder brother Ladi ADEBUTU, who wants to become the Governor of Ogun State after the current Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun must have finished his 2 terms. Ladi as the eldest son of Sir Kensington Adebutu is being fully supported by his immensely loaded father in his bid to prosecute his ambition.

Happy belated birthday though to Segun "Mr EXTRAVAGANCE" ADEBUTU, many more years of show off in the pipeline, in good health and God's grace. 


Swanky Jerry

Phillip Picardi

Both are in the fashion/lifestyle business in different parts of the world. Swanky Jerry is probably the "most celebrated Nigerian stylist presently bar none". He is one dude, that has totally elevated the game to stratospheric levels and he is not about to relent nor rest on his oars. His job resume is to say the least, outrageously intimidating and he has made mad money from what he loves to do-styling. His new office on the island is a statement in class. His car is loud for a purpose and tells you immediatelyhhe is in the lifestyle business and not a minion, his personal style borders on the uncompromisingly bold and in your face. From our perception of him, we believe he sees no border between feminity and masculinity. He interprets "fluidity with outrageous oomph"! Never one to shy away from the spotlight he embraces it with much aplomb. He is like a neon light that is just inconspicuous totally in your face, like it or not. He defines what we call "loud for a purpose.

Phillip PICARDI on the other hand is the digital editorial director for Teen Vogue and Allure both Conde Nast publications. By his resume it means he is very involved in the fashion and lifestyle world, where he is one of the pillars that helps to dictate the trends and direction of fashion as it concerns the youths with the way it is reported and viewed, better still at Teen Vogue he oversees web content and social media, in fact when he came on board he helped to improve the traffic from 2.9 million to 7.9 million in just a year! What he did at Teen Vogue he was able to replicate at Allure, where he holds the same designation as he holds at Teen Vogue.

He is American, with Italian heritage and a graduate of New York University. He grew up gay and has never been shy to reveal who he is. He was named by Fast Company as its "Most Creative People" in 2017. Under him Teen Vogue has won multiple awards.

The obvious connection between these 2 celebs/personality is in their outfits and also in that both award winning personalities are on top of their game and major influencers in their fields!

While Swanky wore his own all black, floor sweeping gown like outfit a long while back making him a style visionary, Philip PICARDI just wore his, just last night at the Met GALA 2018. What it just says very simply is that even from Nigeria here there are some, who sees where the style trend is going to go way ahead through their binoculars.

Phillip wore his own outfit to an iconic event as a stamp, a mark, a signature of who he is, never afraid to show it and as a form of subtle protest against how religion can try to cage one from expressing themselves.

Remember that this year's theme for the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute exhibition is about exploring the connection between religion and fashion, so the theme of the exhibit always dictates the direction of the year's dress code.

Swanky who is tall, bearded, well built wore his own as an expression of freedom and relaxed mien.

Who wore the outfit best? 


Signing the Chef Chi Show deal 

Davido with Asa Asika 

Unveiling as the brand ambassador for Infinix

Obviously the elements, Stars et al have all aligned and it's raining goodwill on Davido and those around him too. It has been one good turn after the other for him, carting home awards here and there, having hits upon hits, except for the little blip at a point. But asides from that, everything else he has touched has turned to gold for him and he sure must be thanking his stars daily, for a most wonderful and fruitful past year and half and he is still going on strong. Imagine that he just hit 3 million views on Vevo in just a week!

Just yesterday alone he snagged 2 major deals that must have sent some ridiculously cool millions into the accounts. Remember he had hinted about a rejected deal for his gf Chioma over not being offered enough zeros. Now one of the deal he cut yesterday, was for his heartthrob of inestimable value, Chioma. For her, she has been signed to shoot her own TV show. So the duo signed a strategic partnership and endorsement contract/deal with the Dune Center Abuja for "The Chef Chi Cooking Show". Chioma would be making crazy money doing what she knows best-cooking! What a treat! Details of the actual value of the deal wasn't revealed.

And then on the same day, another endorsement deal was signed with Davido being revealed as the "Brand Ambassador for Infinix Phone". That must have fetched some major millions again.

So maybe you now all understand what we mean when we said, it's raining blessing unlimited on Davido, maybe the words of his song, "money fall on you" might just be the secret to waterfall! Hmmmmmm.

Congratulations on the outpourings. 


Adut A
Alek Wek

Gabrielle Union

Kim Kardashian West

Chadwick Boseman

P Diddy & Cassie 

Kerry Washington 



Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner


Phillip Picardi

Maybe just because of the drama that follows the Met GALA yearly, it is always an event to look out for and always very well anticipated. With the stars and celebs going zany at interpreting the theme of the event in their dress code annually, so it's always a wondrous collaboration between the stars/celebs and the designers who most often clothes them.

This year's Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute exhibition event was a mix of religion meet with fashion, as the theme for the year's exhibition was "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination". The annual GALA is always tied to an exhibit at the costume Institute of the MM of Art.

So in interpreting this year's theme as a dress code for the event, many of those who attended channelled religious iconography in different forms, the year's theme explored the relationship between fashion and religion or better still the tradition of catholicism, so from the use of the crucifix to many more outrageous styles the guests did their best to translate the theme how best they understood it. From Rihanna to Madonna to Jared Leto to JLo to Katy Perry to Solange to Kim Kardashian West and many others, it was one outrageous interpretation to another. That Kim K's gold outfit with the 2 large crosses at the front, was like molten gold was poured on her and it just absolutely formed her silhouette to perfection. Travis Scott all black military outfit stood out for us, though it didn't exactly follow the year's theme, the neatness and styling for us was upscale. He was with his baby mama, who was hot-hot in all black too, showing off impossible curves.

One person that was expected but was conspicuously absent and whose absence was well noticed was Beyonce, as most wanted to see how far she would have gone or what she was going to interpret the theme as.

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