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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


He is known to most stars and celebrities across the continent. According to what we hear, he is on speed dial to most of them, they be male or female, reason been, he is a stylist of the extraordinaire kind, who has horned his gift and skills over the years and so, many have come to believe in him and trust him to project their image well. Remember that perception is key.

His clientele reads like the who-is-who of the entertainment industry, from the famous Kenyan bombshell with the stupendous body, in the person.of Vera "VeeBossett" Sidika, who he is said to be very close to, to Ghanaian hotness on clerk, Juliet "the Angel" Ibrahim, to the "white lion and big fish" himself, D Banj, even ace musician Ice Prince is part of the list, just to name a few. Heard he had something little to do too, when Ciara, the famous American musician came in for a concert last year.

The dude loves fashion to a fault and he is ever experimenting, on trends and styles so as to be many steps ahead of the unrelenting competition.

He is seen here in a very recent picture in beautiful, Sandton, Joburg, South Africa, in his "stylish glory", in an all black flowing, full length ensemble/gown, happily showing off his feminine side with much aplomb and super audacity.

Would this be the face of fashion/style/trend in the next few seasons? Men "men" in feminine apparels?

We don't know yet, but let's wait and see if the trend catches fire!

What we have always known though, is that stylists, fashionistas et all, have always had a way by which they start a trend. And the stylish crowd then takes a cue and follow.

Gown for men? Yes or No?