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Friday, June 29, 2018


This young but handsome dude, is very well to do (guy is has super rich ad they come) bloke is having the time of his life as we speak.  The the best way to describe him is that he is having the very best of 2 super exciting worlds! What a treat, we bet you are already exclaiming! Oooo yes it's a major treat. The surprising thing though is that both of the ladies he is sandwiched in between are the ones on his case, not necessarily the other way around as expected. To win his love, both ladies are willing and ready to crawl on the grounds the dude treads!

Dude is pretty young, not even yet hitting the big 3-0, but dude is very well to do, like they say, he lacks nothing. That's because he is said to have made super good money from investment in that new financial technology that's the rave of the moment, with its value already skyrocketing. The dude used to be based abroad, where he was head over heels in love, nearly to the state of obsession with a lady more experienced and older than he is. In fact according to the gist, he is so madly in love with the over used lady abroad, he doesn't mind that, loads of peeps have passed her way and experienced her well worn tool of love, maybe that's because of her vocation abroad. Imagine that this lady he loves so well, has had kids for others already, but that doesn't put him off as he still doesn't mind at all. He is willing to take up the responsibility of a dear dad. Dude has his abode in that well known haven of the super rich Nigerians in Lagos, at Ikoyi to be more precise.

Who are these his 2 love interests, who would murder, do whatsoever to have him for keeps as theirs alone? They are 2 very exciting ladies by all counts. Both very popular at that.

While one is super light complexioned, the other's is not that much at all. On one side is this mixed race, divorced mother of a few kids still pretty young at that, who used to be in the exciting world of entertainment before she got married to a renowned filthy rich lothario, who had married several times over before marrying her. She was involved with a young friend of a known entertainer, who passed accidentally and unexpectedly not too long ago. His passing raised a whole lot of hoopla, but has since gone with the wind. Madam's body is Miami constructed by some of the best plastic surgeons in America and it is to die for, one can even say a work of art as the doctors finished their trainings on her! Her body we would repeat is awesome, the type that would awaken crazy desires in the body of an abbot or Reverend gentleman sworn to celibacy!

Since she got divorced from her ex-husband, whose rovung eyes are legendary, she has gone totally haywire, doing what she has always loved to do, but couldn't do much for lack of freedom. But with freedom now, she does her game with unbridled gusto. So "wantonish" is she, that she doesn't even know that a s@#tape of her with a dude she was set up with by her supposed friend and partner in the game of likes attract at a time exists! The mother of a few has been about a bit and has been there done that, not willing to relent at all. We believe a her life's motto is, "to have unbridled fun as much as possible, without a care in the world whose ox is gored.

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May the souls of all that perished untimely in the unfortunate fire incident of yesterday in Lagos along the Otedola bridge not too far from Alausa, find rest! We commiserate with the families, friends and colleagues of the dearly departed on their unfortunate losses, may God give all of them the strength to bear their terrible and irreparable losses.

Yesterday, Thursday, June 28, 2018 was a black day in Lagos! It was the day a fuel laden tanker, lost control through a supposed brake failure and then fell on the bridge with its full content of PMS, that's 33000 litres of highly inflammable product, which exploded and caused many unfortunate and irreparable damages, which would take many of those affected a very long while to bear and forget. By the time the horrible black smoke from the explosion and fire had subsided a little, many lives, had unfortunately been sent to their early graves and much damages had been done to people's properties, specifically their cars!

At least from the reports gotten, at least 9 people made up of 8 adults and 1 minor lost their lives in the fire outbreak!  That's the official report, but the death count might actually be far more than that. Also official figures says not less than 54 various types of vehicles were burnt beyond recognition and repairs, which also might be far more than that too. It was a horror scene yesterday! Many of those caught in the fire, didn't know what hit them, if it was something they could have ran from, maybe they could have escaped without getting hurt. PMS is highly flammable and the fire would have gone as far as wherever the petrol streamed to and would continue to burn as long as there is oxygen in the air to feed the fire too. The tanker that caused the bloodshed was a Mack Truck, it has not yet been ascertained who it belongs to and where particularly it was going before the unfortunate accident occurred!

Though the unfortunate incident took many lives and caused much damages, we must thank God that the fire didn't extend to many of the petrol stations on that road, as the carnage could have taken a much more extreme dimensions, causing far more deaths and untold damages than what it already caused.

Like we said before, we pray for the souls of those lost!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Benedict Peters wins again - Abuja High Court Grants “Stay of Action” Regarding Racially and Religiously Prejudiced Persecution


The National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom, The Crown Prosecution Service (UK) alongside other foreign-based defendants and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) have been dealt a huge blow in the case against Aiteo Boss, Billionaire Benedict Peters. A High Court sitting in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, on Monday June 25, 2018, ordered the parties to maintain the status quo until the hearing of the main issues in the case.

Benedict Peters demanded $5billion in compensation, for what he describes as a series of unlawful and fraudulent conspiracies allegedly organised by the EFCC, AGF, the National Crime Agency and Crown Prosecution Service (UK) and individuals, Helen Hughes, Stacey Boniface, and John Bavister, “to expropriate by intimidation, assets, properties, monies to which he is legitimately entitled.”

In suit number FCT/HC/CV0536/17, the court has heard that properties belonging exclusively to  Benedict Peters were wrongfully included in a list of properties alleged to belong to Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke, the former Minister of Petroleum in Nigeria, and that despite abundant evidence showing that Peters owned the properties, the defendants maliciously and deliberately continued to suppress the information with the intent not only to permanently deprive him of the properties but to destroy him as well as his business interests.  In the proceedings, which has been described as falling within the “fraud of Carousel Tort”, the plaintiff seeks judicial protection and compensation. 

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Like a thief in the night, who is set upon destruction at all cost, she crept in to a home that was well swept and clean. We all already know what the good book says about the main preoccupation of a thief, it's all about "stealing, destruction and killing"! 3 deadly focus. That dastardly and terrible serpent in the good book aptly describes what a thief does,by that we mean its agenda.

So our perfectly disguised, seemingly naive looking serpent systematically picked her victim, a very loaded and handsome, but quite gullible oil and gas billionaire; was he that gullible? A married man at that, whose wife from what we could learn was a nice lady.

Madam herself is a gorgeous lady by all standards possible, beautiful, super stylish and quite elegant to add to the whole packagea and also said to be very hardworking too. Not one to sit at home, waiting for honey to just be pouring cealessly from somewhere into her mouth.

Like it is a common saying in the South West of Nigeria amongst the Yoruba speaking people, "when one would finish eating a good, quite sumptuous and palatable meal and then go about afterwards  looking for unnecessary extras that can tear the stomach as dessert, so it seems the man went wandering! Just imagine a man looking for something you are not getting starved off at home and then you go on a terribly self indulgent trip that nearly set you on the path of destruction from the word go!

Like they say in pidgin "chop finish go tear belle", something akin to what is described as appetite for destruction, the man had thought to have a quick chop and go or was it, touch and go, but the young well experienced  well tutored lady in the act of subterfuge, wasn't going to just allow that at all. She herself being well adept in the game, a sure master of the game, thoroughly well schooled in the game of mind chess, she wasn't planning for or ready for a quicky, instead she had sharpened her claws to the most horrendous level and also her long well poisoned fangs! She had viewed the game many steps far ahead, and had anticipated all the possible scenarios and had prepared for whatever eventualities could come up. And so she played each step to perfection, using emotional blackmail as a major tool each step of the way. So she got in, and wasn't ready to shift base at all, even at a point she had nearly uprooted the owner of the house, wanting to send her packing, but only grace saved her! But alas, after a roller coaster that has lasted for a few years, it's like the game is already up and whatever it was that beclouded the man for so long, whatever it was that had hypnotized him, whatever scales that had covered his eyes that didn't allow him see properly before seem to have suddenly disappeared. So just as abruptly as it started, the whole sham has now hit the rocks and obviously irredeemably!

On to the next already! As a game chick, who cannot be down for too long, the mother of one seems to have moved on already to another conquest again! Again? Yes again and it's another super well heeled and married man again who is also very well known! In fact he was speculated at one time to have been interested in becoming the Chief Executive of his state. Hmmmmmm, who can this be? It's in that state where the ultimate and incomparable father xmas who is now a member of the national assembly used to reign. Our man is specially known by his acronym, which is the name of the most popular or one of the most favored rapid fire weapon or gun in the world, the AK 47!

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Dbanj, late son and wife 

D Banj by the unfortunate pool 

It has been a very sad few days since the unfortunate and avoidable death of the handsome son of D Banj and his wife, Daniel Oyebanjo III. The unfortunate demise came about as the one year old drowned inside the indoor swimming people at his parents home in Ikoyi on Sunday, June 24, 2018.

Since the sad occurrence was confirmed, most especially by the father of the baby who was far away in America attending the BET Awards 2018 when the unfortunate event occured, it has been an avalanche of outpouring of emotions from all over, as friends, fans, colleagues etc have been sending in their messages of condolences, commiserating with the musician and his family over the painful, so Untimely loss. Daniel the 4rd only just clocked a year old in May of 2018, that's a few weeks ago and the birthday was so very well celebrated.

Even the Police have not been left out too in sending their condolences. But just as they have commiserated with the star and his family over the sad loss, they have also confirmed they would be investigating the unfortunate incident also to find out the remote cause of the sad occurrence, they even released a statement towards their intention thus-


The Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, CP Edgal Imohimi, on behalf of officers and men of Lagos State Police Command, wishes to commiserate with the family of Mr and Mrs Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo a.k.a D’BANJ on the death of their one year old son, Daniel (Jnr) Oyebanjo whose sad event took place yesterday 24/06/2018, at the Ikoyi-Lagos residence of the family.

The CP wants the family to know that at this period of their grief, the entire Command shares in their pain.

Although a delegation from the Command, led by the Divisional Police Officer, Ikoyi Division, CSP Mustapha N’Abba, who were at the Ikoyi home of the Oyebanjos on a condolence visit did not meet anyone at home, it is expected that when the mourning period is over, the family will formally report the circumstances that led to the unfortunate death of little Daniel to the police. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

CSP Chike Oti
Police Public Relations Officer Lagos
Lagos State Police Command

May the dear soul of the unfortunate child find rest in God's bosom. 

Monday, June 25, 2018


Jonwo & wife, Tope 

Tope & mom, Princess Rosemary 

Magistrate Temitope Obasanjo

Jonwo & Temitope on their wedding day

Bromide of the letter sent to Tope by Jonwo
Jinwo's letter asking for authority from Segun Adebutu 

Middle of last year May 11 and 13, 2017 to be more precise, in Lagos wouldn't be forgotten in a hurry, as those were the 2 days when the families of Sir Kensington Adebutu and that of Chief Olusegun Aremu Okikiola Obasanjo, GCFR were joined in holy matrimony! The families had done the native law and custom and then sealed it with the church stamp of approval at The Methodist Church of the Trinity, Tinubu, Lagos, on the Saturday, which was the 13th. Maybe that date itself by virtue of hindsight now, being the 13th was a premonition of a sort, of what was to come, humiliation and disaster.

It was a humonguos wedding by all standards possible. In fact, it was rated amongst all the weddings that took place that year as one of the top 3 weddings of that season. Nothing whatsoever was spared. Bride arrived in a brand spanking new glittering white Rolls Royce, while the groom came in another Rolls Royce, but a glistening black one, both came like stars and those that saw them wished they were in their shoes. The money spent to put it all together is still speculated in the region of  hundreds of million Naira, while some have said it was slightly above a billion Naira, some have even claimed that it was far more than that. Imagine a 9 or 10 tiered humongous wedding cake(s) by Cake by Tosan, who is said to be the best in the country! Imagine that Tope's wedding outfit was specially and specifically commissioned by one of the best Lebanese brands, Ziad Nakad, who specializes only in Haute Couture wedding outfits for the best of the best, it is speculated to have cost about $30000 dollars just for that alone, that's not costing the jewelry and other accessories that was used. Her hair throughout the ceremonies was taken care of by the best in Nigeria, that's none other than the incredible, Ugochukwu Igbokwe of Make Me Hair Studios. The whole of the banquet hall of the Eko Hotel Convention Centre was taken and transformed for use, that alone costs several millions of Naira, running to about 20 million Naira! The choice of the best of meals were served, just as the best of drinks too, likes of the best champagnes, brandies, whiskies and cocktails were made available, that alone is several millions of Naira, which could have run into a hundred million on its own. The venue, foods and drinks alone consumed about 150 million Naira. Even the gifts, that the guests all received were totally out of here. Even the invitations must have cost a sizeable chunk.

Any amount that the events might have cost, is most definitely chicken feed for the bride's dad, who is affectionately referred to as 'Baba Ijebu' the same name Nigerians have given to his popular lottery/betting game. He is undoubtedly, the numero uno of lottery and betting in the whole of Nigeria bar none. As the chairman of Premier Lottery and who is also an avowed philanthropist par excellence, Sir Kensington Adebutu is indeed an awesomely wealthy man, by all standards. One whose kids, majorly the men though are all also, stupendously rich too on their own!

The groom's dad is not a minion too by any standards, as he is none other than the former military head of state of Nigeria and then also a 2 terms President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in the person of Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo, GCFR, a former chieftain of the PDP and now referred to as a statesman, but also the convener of the 3rd Force, a new political advocacy group.

The 2 personalities involved in the marriage were, Sir Adebutu's daughter by name Georgina Temitope Oyepero Adebutu, a brilliant magistrate in Ogun State, an alumni of the University of Lagos and the University College London for her Masters, which she got with distinction. Tope was apparently one of the best students in all the schools she has ever attended. Her husband, the businessman son of Chief Obasanjo, in the person of Abraham Olujonwo Ajani Obasanjo, who very much is not known about, other than that, he schooled abroad and is a businessman/farmer, works for his dad.

With how things went, especially the super expensive and lush wedding ceremonies which had all the who-is-who in Nigeria in attendance, many had expected a roller-coaster of a marriage, which at most a year after, would be welcoming and celebrating babies and celebrating some other milestones, but alas, barely just one year after, dark clouds have poured stormy rains on what was once thought to be a match made in heaven and as we speak, the center cannot hold no more and both husband and wife are set on a course in divorceville and both are not willing to rectify or save the marriage, no matter what.

For Temitope Obasanjo nee Adebutu, it has been a very tumultuous and incredulously painful one year, the kind that she cannot pray for her worst enemy to have undergone or experience. Imagine that you are highly expectant after a superlative nuptial ceremony, but all that you experienced from just a few days after the euphoria of the ceremonies have died down, is unimaginable cruelty, neglect or better still desertion and no love whatsoever!

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