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Saturday, September 30, 2017


She's the supremely gorgeous younger sibling of the equally gorgeous Ghanaian bombshell actress Juliet Ibrahim.

Sonia combines being a model, a very classy one at that, in fact one of the most prominent in Ghana at that and being an actress.

The married fairy or should we say angel or better still beauty queen is the epitome of gorgeousness in this new shoot and we thought to show her off.



Jyoti & Kiran Matharoo

When they were in Nigeria the mention of their names used to send shivers down the spine of a lot of married ladies who felt they were the ones behind their wealthty husband's infidelities.

Not just the women though, even the men also lived in fear, believing they were blackmailers.

After their arrest late last year, many breathed a major sigh of great relief, thinking their so called attrocities would end and they would either be jailed or be sent packing and made to become persona non grata in Nigeria. The sisters did everyone a favour, when they seemingly escaped abroad and vowed never to return to face their case that was still pending.

Getting back to Toronto, Canada must have been a great relief for the duo, believing that the long arm of the law in Nigeria, cannot stretch as far as Canada to catch them, or so they thought!

But now, with what was said to have happened yesterday in Venice as reported by Toronto Sun, who got their own report from an Italian newspaper II Gazzettino, says the younger of the sisters by name Kiran, without being aware of an "international arrest warrant" on them, was arrested as she landed at the Venice "Marco Polo Airport, Italy.

The arrest warrant is suspected to have emanated from their pending "Sex-tortion" case still on in Lagos, Nigeria.

More after the break.


In the not too distant past, there were some, both ladies and gentlemen at that, who were constant and consistent features and fixtures whenever anything fun and fly and stylish were happening, one of such beautiful souls was Yosola "the elegant" Kuku.

She was pretty, well mannered, well loved, very stylish and quite friendly, in fact she was even described severally as a socialite, but we preferred then to tag her a "social butterfly", who perches delicately on different stems of gorgeous flowers. In fact, she was one of the "it girls" then, our very own version of the likes of Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton etc. She was one of the most visible amongst the young upwardly mobile crowd then, who used to let us all know the "in things" in fashion & lifestyle then.

At a point we knew she went very career conscious a very good decision at that, steadily rising on the ladder at "MRS Oil owned Sayyu Dantata", where she now heads the "risk management department", so that must have been why she totally went off the social radar or was it a combo of many reasons? Someone also once hinted that she might have "cooled down" so as to get married, but does getting a husband mean to not socialise no more or not to have fun no more?

To have totally gone extinct? That's a worry oooo!!!!

For whatever reason(s) that she has gone very quiet, we love it though and totally wish her well.


Jaden and Joey Yobo

The young Okojevohs

Mercy Johnson's 3 kids

King Andre Churchill- Tonto Dikeh's son in Igbo outfit with friend. 

Bovi's kids

Julius Agwu's kids

We do love how in the midst of all the recession drama and other what nots, we are still doing our best to step out looking awesome and unharrassed, if ever there is a word like that.

Though change has changed us rather somewhat and nearly everything for us, we are still a people that can't be kept down or weighed down by anything. So we always find those channels or avenues for fun and enjoyment.

In celebration of our independence "National day", which we got on October 1, 1960 which this year, falls on Sunday, October 1, 2017 the different kids from across the country went to their various "private" schools happily garbed in various outfits as worn by the different tribes that makes up this great country known as NIGERIA, all looking fabulous. 

Truth be told, many were looking outstanding, and we have got a few pictures here of kids who are children of some of our "stars and
celebrities" representing the "National Day" with much aplomb! From the Yobos, to the Okojevohs, to Mercy Johnson's 3 kids, to the Agwus and Bovi's kids. We salute them all!

We wish all Nigerians Happy independence celebration! 57 years together as one united country, with our glaring differences is no joke!

Our diversity is our strength and thats what makes us unique. God didn't make a mistake in putting us all together. To break us or wanting to break us, is an open admittance saying "GOD MADE A MISTAKE". And God gets it Right in the 1st instance. He never makes a mistake. So in the voice of K.U.S.H "Let's Live Together". One nation under GOD! 

Friday, September 29, 2017


This year's edition of the Aquafina sponsored annual model search known as the Elite Model Look Competition is going to be as exciting as usual, at least going by the on going preparation towards it.

The event organised annually by Elohor Elizabeth Aisien's Beth Model Management, is probably the best model search in the country bar none. This edition is in conjunction with Upfront and Personal Global Management Consultants.

The 24 lucky semi-finalist that would enter the boot camp were finally unveiled just very recently. This annual modeling contest in Nigeria has over the years become the yearly benchmark to discover new and exciting talents from Nigeria that would take he world of modeling by storm later.

The casting for this 2017 edition had taken place last month at the Eko Hotel and Suites venue on August 26, 2017. Over 1000 aspiring models had converged at the expansive venue, from where just 100 were pre-selected and their images were then forwarded to the Elite Model Management Paris, who now selected from that pool just 24 models, comprising both males and females.

These 24 are those to now go to the boot camp for 7 days, undergoing rigorous trainings etc. At the end of the boot camp, the 24 would be reduced by 4 and the remaining 20 are now the ones to compete for the ultimate prizes at the final at a later date.

The criteria that would be used for judging would be "Poise, Personality, attitude, character, natural beauty and photogenic quality".

We are all looking forward to a great competition. 


She's probably one of Nigeria's main export to that country where the legendary Kwame Nkrumah once held sway-Ghana. 

She's none other than our dear own Miz Gold, who has been variously described as the future of dance hall music in Africa.

The petite and sexy bombshell is a super dynamite on stage and when she's in her element, totally mystifying those who look at her small size and try to judge her by the size.

In far away Accra, the capital of Ghana, this pocket dynamite would host friends and fans alike to a gathering celebrating her birthday, which was yesterday Thursday, September 28, 2017.

Being a good friend of the house, we celebrate her by wishing her more good years ahead.


His and his wife's case bordering on "allegations of fraud", which their investigators have not been able to substantiate was only just revived again some days back.

According to their court case (unsubstantiated allegations) they are being accused of siphoning in excess of ₦25 billion Naira when the husband reigned supreme as a Bank MD years back with the so called active connivance of madam, leading to the collapse of that financial institution. If we can still recall well, when things were still very sugary and superiorly honey coated, madam was a "style trendsetter par excellence", but she has since relaxed her love for the "fancy and attention grabbing things" for more sober reflections now.

But not to be held down and captive by allegations that has refused to go away and not yet proven all of these years and continuously stifling progress, the former bank MD has seemingly gone on according to the gist, to establish or is it to promote these humongous chains of super stores (supermarkets) doting the landscape in recent time!

For now 2 of those all inclusive supermarkets patterned after some of the best abroad, with all the works have been opened to great success one on Adeola Odeku and the other in GRA, Ikeja for now. And part of the reasons for their quick successes are their well chosen locations, super good stocks that are well priced, well trained staffs and what have you.

We even heard that another branch is getting set to open in the Lekki Phase 1 area sometime soon too. Which would make it 3 and most likely some more afterwards.

So dude is employing loads of people (hundreds at one branch alone), giving value & making money while still under a stifling cloud of allegations. 


Obaro & wife

Cecilia Ibru

This hunk of a dude that kept many heart fluttering uncontrollably years back with his brooding good looks and stylish package, seem to have totally gone into his shell without any trace, which has led us to ask the question, Where is Obaro Ibru?

His somewhat extinction or near  extinction seem to have begun immediately after his beloved mom's predicament of a few years ago when she faced allegations of fraud and even pleaded guilty to same and was convicted.

Even his mom after her short spell in incarceration and his other equally handsome brother Oboden, who was a boss at their then family owned bank Oceanic Bank, have both gone on to live very hush-hush lives devoid of all the razzmatazz of yore.

At the height of their glory or better still in their glory days, Obaro being the friend of many of the most happening guys and ladies then and him being the very definition of the young, rich, handsome, stylish and very upwardly mobile was a regular fixture and feature at all the right parties, events and occasions. He was the ultimate "style god" and party lord, holding all the ladies spellbound with his overall package and then he later married a stunner or should we say near goddess of a wife too, making it all a total package.

Now just a few years after all the fun, it's like he has gone on to become an "hermit", not only do we not see him at all again anywhere, we haven't even heard from him or about him also in a longwhile. Same dude that others used to literally eat from his palms and people wanted to always be around like he was their very oxygen has disappeared into thin air, like a puff of smoke. Giving credence to the saying that "Fame is a fickle food", you eat it today doesn't mean you would tomorrow.

So where is he hiding?
Why is he hiding?
When would this self imposed exile end?
When would we return back to the days of "flagrant fun and unbridled enjoyment", which were the hallmarks of the international super jetset life, many used to dream about, "Lagos in the afternoon", "Monaco in the evening", "Bahamas the next day" and then "Cape Town" thereafter just in a weekend. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017


Prophet Okolie Vs. Primate Ayodele

There are 2 things that this particular prophesies or predictions has brought to fore, one is that, is the voice of the Almighty God so discordant that everyone hears Him so differently and therefore say different things from the so called same God? or 2. How can one truly identify the true from the false, the fake from the real, the original from the unoriginal, the truth from the lie and so on and so forth? How can 2 men of the "same God" be showing God to be in a confused state?

Imagine that the renowned Nigerian prophet by name Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church gave some prophesies very recently, chief of which is that, the incoming President come 2019 would remain a Northerner, who would most likely not be President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR.

Now another self acclaimed Prophet of the same God has come into the arena to give a totally divergent prophecy/prediction on the same subject.

More after the break.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Just the same way certain things in Nigeria usually becomes "pure water" after a while, such is the case now, as "cosmetic surgery" is gradually becoming for those who can afford it.

Until the super gorgeous and supremely structured Modupe Ozolua made it more popular and more openly known, those in Nigeria who used to do it were more of the very well to do, who preferred being very clandestine or totally off the radar, reason for that majorly is because they like people to think it was all natural (au natural), while they had already undergone the process.

Now that more people are far more aware, a lot more have had to engage the services of one doctor or the other across the world to get a procedure done, doing what is popularly referred to as nip and tuck.

Before it was more of the "boob augmentations", where people majorly wanting to add more roundness and structure to their chests, a few of the people later got into shaping their noses etc, but one of the most popular procedure was the belly reduction or tummy tuck like it was popularly called.

Now the "in-thing" is bum augmentation, where formerly flat backsides (bums) are given more volume, roundness and shape and the procedure comes in different format. But the end result basically is about having a perfect, more rounded back side, something that has been tagged or termed "brazilian bum or butt".

The reason for the it been called the "Brazilian" is because the ladies from that particular part of the world are 1. Adjudged to have some of the most near perfect backsides in the world and 2. Also because they could be termed some of the vainest women in the world, who engage more in making their bum as near perfect as possible (cosmetic surgery).

We have a few here that we know have engaged in the procedure(s) over time. We start with this very well known one who even did her back side not once but "twice". Known very well in the "hair merchandising business" and with a bad ass banging body to die for, AK also known by her famous initials KK, first did a "milder bum" and but not satisfied with the initial outcome, then went back again to re do it to a bigger more intimidating thing, to have the contraption she carries around now with glee, which many of her friends laugh at, behind her back. They are massive and wide and crazy. AK before getting married was dating her married boss who was a colossus having hands in several pies. The dude who is still her main backbone even as she's now married is at the very "peak" of things. AK even plays both sides of the coin and with the Intimidating backside now, her partners have a delightsome mountain of enjoyment to always climb.

More after the break. Please click on read more.


Oba Saliu Adetunji, Olubadan of Ibadan

Chief Rashidi Ladoja

Chief Femi Lanlehin

In a move akin to unnecessary harassment and foolish intimidation tactics, 4 unknown men most likely sent by opponents of the King, appeared at the front of the palace of the Olubadan of Ibadan yesterday at Popoyemoja shooting repeatedly to intimidate those at the palace of the king as he was installing some new Mogajis and Baales.

The 4 dastardly actors apparently came in a black Toyota Sienna mini-van which was their operational vehicle.

The gun wielding hoodlums after positioning themselves at the front of the palace of the monarch at just before noon, began to shoot repeatedly for a bit demanding that those who dared to, to confront or engage them. In the ensuing confusion brought about by the shootings, those around and at the front of the palace ran helter-skelter for the safety of their lives.

After about 10 minutes of the utter madness, which didn't still disrupt what was going on inside the inner chambers of the palace, the 4 men later escaped towards Molete.

Though everyone escaped unhurt, it was still a total act of foolishness and unnecessary intimidation.

Curiously, the state government and her appointees (some newly crowned kings) and a large number of the Olubadan-in-council on one side and the Olubadan of Ibadan and his own supporters on another side are engaged in a battle of supremacy. So people are now hoping that this act by the 4 men, might not be in direct response towards the Olubadan's stance.

Curiously, the only member of the Olubadan-in-council to have rejected the elevation to a king by the state government, in the person of the former Governor of the state and a PDP stalwart, the OSI Olubadan (left hand man of the king) Chief Rashidi Ladoja was in attendance at the palace, so also was the Bamofin of Ibadan in the person of  Chief Femi Lanlehin when the shooting occurred. 

Monday, September 25, 2017


Seyi Afolabi Tinubu


The testament to focus, hardwork, resilience and purposefulness have begun to pay off so quickly, so it seems as the scion of the famous Tinubu family in the person of "Seyi Afolabi Tinubu", come this week, would be joining other young business titans in the making to be inducted into the "West African Business Hall of Fame".

The hardworking MD/CEO and Co-Founder of one of the fastest growing and most innovative outdoor advertising brand in Nigeria by name "Loatsad Promomedia", would be one of the "young men and women" of honour across West Africa to be so honoured.

The 2 honours to be bestowed on Mr. Tinubu, are the awards of "EYC LEADERSHIP of the year" and also his induction into the prestigious "ECOWAS Youth Council Hall of Fame", in recognition of his exemplary leadership qualities and entrepreneurial acumen displayed over the year.

Both awards are coming from the "ECOWAS YOUTH COUNCIL" with secretariat in Cape Verde one of West Africa most developed countries. The EYC is designated as the apex youth body in West Africa.

It has been a rollercoaster year on all fronts for the young, highly motivated and hardworking Seyi, who after bagging his law degrees (LLB & Masters) from the famous University of Buckingham a few years back now and after his compulsory year at the Nigerian Law School, set up his now burgeoning business enterprise with his partner, another UK returnee by name Denrele Olusoga.

What began then like a little acorn, has now grown to become a little tree with great potentials already, with branches wide spread and also becoming a shade for young upwardly mobile and highly motivated crop of people who wants to take over the industry and world in a good way.

Loatsad Promomedia is the dream of 2 very resilient young men, whose ideal was to come in to shake the industry with innovation as their weapons of choice and top class service delivery as foundation. They had had clear cut ideas about coming into the country and setting up a brand that would make its mark upon the sands of time and in a short period of time, what was first a dream in the mind has taken a shape beyond everyone's imagination.

Seyi Tinubu has always had a clear cut path to success well thought out in his mind, though he strongly believes in his illustrious surame, made very famous by dint of hardwork also by his colossus of a father, "ASIWAJU BOLA AHMED TINUBU", he has also thought to make the name more famous with his own achievements in business and in life.

Since Loatsad Promomedia emerged in the market, it has been success upon success all through. In just under 2 years, the young very innovative brand has collaborated with the "biggest outdoor advertising brand" in the whole of the Middle-East to deliver the best of its kind service and excellent innovations in Nigeria. And they are still not resting on their oars, as they are set to unveil some more award winning services and products to the country.

So these awards have come at the right time as a testament to good ideas, innovations, resilience, hardwork and much more.

#seyitinubu #eyc #ecowasyouthcouncil #tinubudynasty #halloffame #induction #leadershipaward #loatsadpromomedia


Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar

Nnamdi Kanu

Peter Ayodele Fayose

The Primate is very well known for his predictions and prophesies over the years. Many have ascribed the tag of precision and accuracy to many of his predictions, so whenever he says anything, people always always sit up, just to await another of his "Intercontinental ballistic missiles" (ICBMs) which have the uncanny ability to hit the targets most accurately.

The man of God very recently spoke again and we have tabulated his new releases below.

1. A Northerner will still rule in 2019. Here he didn't mention from which party, maybe APC, PDP, APGA, UPP, AD etc

2. By 2035 Nigeria will be no more.

3. Nnamdi Kanu has taken the wrong step in his fight for Biafra. He "cannot actualise" it. But the Government "must dialogue" with him because his agitation will cause pandemonium. At least this somewhat confirms that he is alive and in hiding somewhere, contrary to IPOB's claim that the soldiers killed him and his family.

4. There would be lots of factions within IPOB. Some people would penetrate the group to cause issues.

5. Only GOD can stop Nigeria's disintegration. No Government can stop the disintegration of Nigeria.

6. He sees a major referendum in the nearest future, but not now.

7. Five (5) nations would come out of NIGERIA and Two (2) will be greater than 3.

8. Neither the ruling APC nor the rival opposition PDP can take Nigeria to the next level.

9. I have Five (5) names of people to take NIGERIA to the next level, but it is not yet time to announce them. He says should he announce those 5 names, he would be accused of taking bribes from those so named.

10. President Mohammed Buhari GCFR and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, GCON, the former Vice President of Nigeria in the administration of Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo cannot take Nigeria anywhere.

11. Atiku Abubakar should consult God before stepping in so that his ambition will not ruin his image or personality. A lot of people believe that Atiku can never become the President of this country.

12. Buhari's 2nd term is not the best for Nigeria and he knows that. This might be an obvious reference to the health of the President.

13. No Southwest Governor will rule in 2019. An obvious reference to Peter Ayodele Fayose's rampaging ambition to become the President of Nigeria. 


By virtue of the revered stool the Oonirisa, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, the Ojaja II occupies he is seen and acknowledged as the number 1 monarch amongst all the royal fathers in Yorubaland. So whatever his Imperial majesty does is seen and accepted as the actions of the gods, since he is the official representative of Oduduwa, the acclaimed founding father of the Yoruba race.

Succession towards the very respected Olubadan stool before the recent actions of the Oyo State Government led by Senator Abiola AJIMOBI, used to be very rancour free. There was the clear cut path towards becoming the next Olubadan. So everyone on the line knew where they were and accepted their positions without issues. But the state government then came on board, and felt that the rancour free path though great, was now obsolete and felt they could rejig it by elevating all the chiefs around the royal father also to lesser level crown wearing kings.

That decision was not very welcomed by the Olubadan at all. Who felt and believed that for any elevation to occur, if it should occur at all, should be done by the Olubadan and the Olubadan-in-council and then by extension even if there was any reason to review the so called "obsolete succession constitution", it was strictly the purview of the Olubadan and the Olubadan-in-council.

But the Government of Oyo State didn't see the whole process in that way, so they did their review, did the gazette and immediately elevated the Chiefs to kings, pitching the newly elevated kings against their ultimate king-the Olubadan Oba Saliu Adetunji. To reverse the so called anomaly, the Olubadan has since instituted a court case.

But while all this drama is on going in the background, Yorubaland's number 1 monarch, the Ooni who should normally not be involved in any type of unneccesary drama that involves the stool of other notable kings, is seen in a picture that has gradually gained traction by the day, in his palace with those newly crowned kings which has been translated as a form of endorsement of those 21 kings and his support of Governor AJIMOBI .