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Thursday, November 30, 2017


Maybe in a way to say that the people are the Government themselves and that the responsibilities of leaders are to those they govern. In a bid make the people responsible for certain developments in their own areas and also as a way to show how responsive Government also can be, the hardworking executive Governor of the state of aquatic excellence, that is Lagos State in the person of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode has asked that residence themselves should be the "eye of government" firstly now though in terms of road repairs.

We all know that Government cannot see it all by themself, so we must help to direct their gaze appropriately.

If your area of domicile needs urgent attention, intervention and repairs in terms of roads, what you just need do is to take the pictures of such roads, caption such pictures and send to "LAGOS STATE PUBLIC WORKS CORPORATION on What's App- 07088881841". No calls just what's app only!

To avoid the terrible traffic on Ikorodu road going to Surulere sometime last week caused by the trailers packed on one side of the road stretching from Fadeyi to wherever, we had to take Ilupeju through Association Avenue to burst out along Agege Motor Road towards Vono bus stop going through Olorunsogo towards Mushin to Awolowo Market (Oja Awolowo) to Idi Oro so as to bust out towards Empire. The pictures above shows what we experienced, especially as it had rained on the day. Imagine that this is a major road and route! 


Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye

Daddy Freeze

So there's a video already going viral where the General Overseer of the RCCG while ministering or preaching apparently asked for anyone who was willing to donate a billion Naira (₦1billion), and then any others who couldn't donate a billion, but some other huge amounts to see his Secretary. It wasn't announced though what the money was going to be for. In the said video, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye apparently said anyone who was willing to make the donation should see his secretary afterwards as there was a special announcement for such a person or persons.

Not one ready to let such a thing slide just like that, as he continues in his campaign, which aims to help free supposed gullible Christians from the clutches of their leaders who he believes have continually brainwashed, hoodwinked, impoverished and continuously sapped them without a care in the world, via his relentless campaign that has been tagged (#freethesheeple) which has since gained a massive momentum.

The unrelenting, enfant terrible of church leaders in Nigeria, who has become a serious torn in their flesh with his pronouncements, in the person of the now renowned OAP known as Daddy Freeze, as expected wasn't ready to allow the "man of God" to rest at all and he pounced on it, he responded thus

-"Eku ise Oluwa", which loosely translates to Well done on God's job or work! 

-Billion Naira Gang.

-"Is the Special Announcement only for the Billionaires? Did Jesus separate believers according to their spending power"?

He then went on further to ask-

-"If I may ask where did all the billions, hundred million go to? Did it go into building free hospitals or free schools or factories where workers can work or was just swallowed by "Church expenses or was it geared towards building more churches, Something we already have much more than enough?

- "When Moses realized that there was more than enough offering to finish the temple, he instructed the Israelites to STOP bringing their offerings. Are we going to finish temple building or is this a perpetual process in Nigeria"?

-"I hope this billion Naira offering was shared equally among all the believers as practised by the disciples in Acts 4?- FRZ"

Then he went on to copiously quote from "Acts 4:32 to 35 and Exodus 36: 3 to 7"

MM's reaction- A billion Naira donation at this time of recession by just one person??? So if one doesn't have and must give at all cost, like some would do out of compulsion just to impress and wanting to be seen to be religious, then that person can do anything possible just to be seen to be a donor!

What's the major difference between a fraudster, 419, Yahoo yahoo boys who offer hope of a massive return from little investments and pastors who offer hope also so that one can be seen or said to be in right standings with God?

Let's even ask a question, "what happens to the tithes or offerings given by arm robbers, kidnappers, fraudsters, prostitutes etc?  Are these sorts of givings pure, holy and acceptable? One would have thought that those things brought to the temple must be without blemishes?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


"Delectably shaped" she's got curves for days, "wonderfully packaged" front and back, "restfully finished", "curvaceously blessed", 'awesomely endowed", "boldly structured", "intimidatingly sculpted", "Immensely gifted" are just some of the phrases or figure of speech by which we can describe this our thespian, Nollywood film/movie producer and politician, yes you are right she is a politician and she's not in anyway or manner apologetic about that fact.

The Oyo State born Funke Adesiyan is totally in your face in this her haute outfit and the pair of high heeled sandals and bag, both in aquamarine green colours.

Her poses here are showing her structure to maximum effect, sidebar, front view and even seated. The triple threat has surely come a long way. She was quoted to have said she made her 1st million aged 17, built her 1st house by age 19 and almost lost everything by age 27.

She is now by the grace of God, the owner of her own oil and gas firm, and is also into importation and integrated services and then farming, and by her standards she hasn't even begun. 


Mrs. Bolanle Ambode & Mrs. Folashade Adesoye

The very gorgeous wife of the Lagos State Governor, her excellency Mrs. Bolanle Ambode today received the new Head of Service, Lagos State, Mrs Folashade Adesoye at a brief ceremony. 


  • Love, like it has been said for eons and centuries now conquers all, it's one of those extraordinary virtues which is even used to describe the Creator, as a verse of the scriptures says God is Love. One major attributes of it that has stood the test of time, is that "it conquers all". It removes, expunges, obliterates and eviscerates the hurts of the past no matter how deep or much, and brings as replacement, joy, gladness, unexplainable happiness. It radiates and envelopes and most often sweeps one off their feet.

Love is one of those things, that turns a grown ass, very strong man into putty, that a woman can sculpt into any shape they want. Love.......

So after sadness of a longwhile, they say comes in the morning and that seem to be the case with the "former Deputy Editor at CityPeople Magazine, who later became the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Glam & Essence Magazine", in the person of "Ms. Susan Eyo-Honesty". Ms. Susan Eyo-Honesty was part of the team then at CityPeople, when they held sway as one of the best selling, top 2 soft sell journal in Nigeria.

Ms. Honesty's joy and gladness of heart, knows no bounds currently as she and her beau, exchanged vows od "I do" and tied the knot in far away US of A very recently. So by law and the blessings of God, the former Ms. Susan Eyo-Honesty by right has become and is now to be referred to as Mrs. Susan Jack Ikpe.

Mr. Jack Ikpe from the little we know, resides in the US, so maybe madam would be relocating to the United States or would be shuttling between the continents thereafter. What we know for sure now is that, the new Mrs. S. J Ikpe has been with her new husband in America now for close to 4 months serenading each other and luxuriating in each others ambience.

Happy married life from us at Maestro's Media. May your love for each other continually grow deeper and better.  


In the aftermath of their celebrity wedding that broke the internet records, another record is about being broken again by this love struck duo of Adesua and Banky W.

In the euphoria of the excitement that followed the wedding, by mistake maybe wanting to post or publish a picture on the social media, he might have forgotten that his new wife was in the background wearing just a thong and none else showing off her beautiful body, though from the back and gbam picture has now become public property and is causing plenty of hoopla!

Check it above. 


Sharon & Phillip

Still on the subject matter of love. This time around involving 2 young birds, Sharon Oyakhilome and Phillip Frimpong. It is also uniting the bonds between Nigeria and Ghana.

Sharon's very happy mom, the former wife of the President of BLW Inc aka Christ Embassy, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. PhD, in the person of Pastor Anita Ebhodaghe had elatedly announced that her 1st daughter- Sharon was getting hooked about 2 weeks ago.

Now the gorgeous gospel singer herself, has come to officially declare the old announcement as true and not just that even released pictures to back it up.

Both lovebirds also exchange messages of love and affection for each other publicly for the first time!

See the screen shots of their exchanges above.

We wish them well. 


We couldn't totally believe it when we heard this new mode of operation of some of these young, desperate and very game gals who would do anything all in the name of wanting to earn money at all cost.

Imagine that a man can be approached by a beautiful well spoken young lady, who would claim to be an expert masseurs, someone with the good understanding of massages, the proviso is that they do or prefer home services. So if you are game you invite them or carry them along.

The next thing is that, you get to wherever, be it your home or wherever it is that's conducive for you to do the massage and lo and behold, the young thing begins to change right there or asks for where to change. Either in front of you or gone to change somewhere, she comes back near naked! Either in just her underwear or a bikini or a swimsuit or her birthday suit and she carries then we with her baby oil to use for the so called massage!

Firstly, you don't just use baby oil for massages, that already says a whole lot about the so called professional therapist, the recommended oil is the "massage oil"! Secondly, why strip to near nakedness? What's that for?

Isn't the whole package a ploy to sell some other type of wares? And imagine that "happy ending" is not off limit! 😳


This story is still a developing gist and it is still off the radar as at now, so if the person involved would do the needful, maybe sleeping dogs would be allowed to lay. But knowing this controversy prone thespian, she might just throw caution to the wind and out of desperation, not give a damn or care in the whole world, not minding the attendant hoopla might just go on!

At the very least, twice now on very major note/scale, the in your face prominent role interpreter has been involved in scandals of monumental proportions, that took over the internet and shook everywhere.

She's a famn gorgeous thespian by all standards, not too beautiful, but pretty in a sort of way and you can still class her as a eye candy, she is stylish or at least  her style in the last few years has  greatly improved. She is/was married and a mother. When the nasty fight between her and now estranged husband broke out it raised a lot of hoopla, she accused the man of assault and battery, he raised hell about her alleged unbridled, unrelenting and unrepentant promiscuity. Many unsubstantiated unpalatable things were revealed as the man painted his wife as a wanton.  Both haven't been able to reconcile ever since.

Though she has remained separated ever since that hoopla, which allows her to play the field as she wants to, her supposed current flame is said to be a married man! Same thing she has been accused of before.

Apparently her birthday is upcoming in the next few months so she wants to dazzle all comers with a trend worthy celebration! Not only that, she wants to also fly the dead dad "in good air to heaven" with a celebration that can match her status and name, so to do that she needs to raise the funds required. And to make that happen, anything goes!

Apparently she has caught a "Maga", a married spendthrift in her trap and she has sunk her teeth in deeply. But alas, she's made a mistake, as the man's beautiful wife is said to have come across her "silly text" to her husband. Now that madam had found out, she's carefully scheming, she's gone on stealth mode, aligning things for when she would pounce. She wants to dish out the full dirts openly and publicly, but she's apparently taking her time maybe to see whether like the street would say whether the thespian would "find or hire herself some brains"!

Madam is said to be carefully bidding her time and getting set to "out" this person she has tagged a "Desperado".

Would she err on good judgement and quietly unlock her jaw and fangs and just go enjoy the blood she's already sucked? Or would she damn the consequence and plunge on?

Let's just wait and see!

Monday, November 27, 2017


Yoruba Nolly actress BISI IBIDAPO Obe aka "Omo logba logba"  has gotten our attention. She was seen just yesterday looking creamy and gorgeous and the cynosure of all eyes at the Ogbemudia's wedding at the Landmark event centre, Water Corporation drive, Oniru.

The tall, very light skinned actress, who was 40 earlier this year and who celebrated with much pomp and pageantry is not reducing in gorgeousness at all. As soon as she entered the party yesterday and was sighted by the band, they just went into over drive singing her praise to high heavens.

The actress who has not being in any major production of late, reveled happily in the praise singing and the attention that came her way.

Is she gorgeous or not? Ain't she just so creamy? 


OGE "the Sex bomb" OKOYE

Is she just lit or should we call her dynamite? Or better still a sex bomb or is it "sexy bombshell"? 
The hot and sexy Nollywood actress, though of late we haven't seen nor head of any new production she's been in or that she has produced or directed, is still in our face. 

Check out the picture above again and again and again and see how hot, smoldering hot, unputdownably hot, sexy hot, mad and deliciously hot she is in her garb? Ensemble- black bra under the sheer top and her black pant. 

Never knew she was this light, gorgeous and sumptuous, until this picture. 




Don Jazzy-35

Sound Sultan 41

It's birthday galore for these trio of entertainers. There's something the trio have in common, and that is HUMILITY....

And it's just the reason we are celebrating them. And also because they are stars, who have done very well over the years too and have their own strong followership!

For the man known to all as PASUMA, but whose real name is Wasiu Alabi Ajibola Odetola today Monday, November 27, 2017 is his 50th birthday, having been born on November 27, 1967 in Mushin, Lagos. He grew up in Kwara State. He got his more popular name PASUMA because of the energy of his stage craft (energetic) then, So a friend named him after an energiser 'Pasuma Strong", used majorly for sexual enhancement!

To celebrate his day, he has gifted himself a massive new edifice located at Omole, Ikeja area of Lagos.

The other Monday boy is none other than Sheikh of music in Nigeria, better referred to as Sound Sultan, probably one of the most intelligent musicians in the country. Real name is Olanrewaju Fasasi, born on November 27, 1976 making him 41 today. He is a musician, rapper, songwriter and actor.

Last but not the least here is none other than the musical colossus known as "Don Jazzy", D'banj's partner on their now dead label "Mo'Hits. The producer extraordinaire and the Capo/boss of the music label, Mavin Records. This dude is highly sought after and his very well respected by his peers, who see him as a genius and a lord. Michael Collins Ajereh, born on November 26, 1982 making him 35 was born in Umuahia, In Abia State and grew up in Ajegunle, Lagos before going to the UK. His younger brother is also very well known and that's D'Prince Omoba.

Happy birthday guys!


All Black Everything at the Eloy Awards 2017

Blonde Bombshell

Gorgeous and stylish white dress 

Casual elegance

It is raining down fashion and style this week from us or so it seem!

Someone that has caught our undivided attention this week is none other than the chief of the clan of "about the curvy life", in the person of the one and the only, "her royal sumptuoness", 'Duchess Latasha "tashbaby" Ngwube'.

Not very many have the confidence and that is in abundance that this Assistant Editor at Vanguard Allure has. And her confidence we can tell all, came from the fact that she accepted herself to be who she is. Understanding that we all can't be the same, size wise and otherwise. . And that partly is the reason for setting up "About the curvy life", to start a conversation and to sensitise people that some love being curvy! And memnnnnnn she's badass curvy!!!!!

So for the very bold and gorgeous and pretty lady, she's come to understand the kind of things that fits her and at the same time exude sexiness.

She loves fashion to a fault and she's living her dream of being big, bold and stylish, she's Living Lavida Loca......... Crazy style wise! Salute!!!

Check her out! 


Pinstripe, double-breasted, androgynous in luxury black & Gucci bag

Gold dress. Check out that brown Hermes Birkin in Croc

The whole ensemble-shoe game, bag⚡🔥

In Turfah, 100% hotness, see the bag & pointy toes

The best foot forward, see the bag and the outfit. 

Need we say anything? 

Attitude! Camouflage top Black pant. Check out the bag and pair of stilettos

What do you say when you style focus is- totally, awesomely and mind blowingly stylish and a game changer par excellence?

This is one person that is totally into (immersed into) the game of style. She writes the rules and she determines and understands the ethos and the how to of it. Never afraid to experiment, totally and impressionably fashion forward, many steps or better still kilometres ahead of her peers.

Her style is mixed, avant garde meet classic meet the French would say "Jennifer est tres elegante, elle est toujours magnifique!

This one would stand side by side with the best of them all from across the world. Her accessories game is A-class- those bags hmmmmmmm! Her shoe collection hmmmmm! the eyewears hmmmmm! the wrist watches don't even say etc, her style game is 7-stars, the garbs themselves, most often it's like they are conjured up from "planet style", where only those that dictates the trend, who have uncommon tastes are the only citizens.

It's not just about wearing designer brands or things with logos, it's about wearing them with style and the "oomph factor" that you exude! The clothes don't submerge (wear) you and hide your personality, you wear the clothes and effortlessly too.

Jennifer Obayuwana, is an Executive Director of Polo Luxury Group, owners of Polo Limited, one of the very few authentic brands in Nigeria and West Africa, that the authentic "purveyors of style and luxury of the "bestest" kind swear by", for the best of time pieces like Rolex, Cartier, Hublot, Chopard and writing instruments like Montblanc etc. She's not just the ED of Polo Ltd alone, she is the brain behind the A-Class affiliate-Polo Avenue, who are the stockists of some of the best fashion pieces and accessories brands in the world. She's also a director at CATS Construction, which as the name suggests are into high grade constructions of all types, there is also still the Oil servicing brand too. All of these brands owned by her " style cognoscenti" of a dad, Mr. John Obayuwana. So like they say, the apple doesn't fall far away from the tree.

The dad's style game at over 60 is just on another level entirely, very few and we mean that with every sense of responsibility, in this country can match up to his swag! Dude (with respect,) defines C.O.N.F.I.D.E.N.C.E!

Jennifer's style and evolution, can be defined by a few things, one of that would be via inheritance, if you have a dad who understands it and is willing to let you into the secret, then you are on to a good foundation, a good start.

Also, if money is not necessarily an issue, that also goes a very long way too. But the major thing is about the personality too, Jenny like close friends calls the "underboss" (capo bastone) a tag or title she loves so much, seeing her dad as the "Boss of all bosses"(capo di tutti capi); went to some of the best schools, money can afford in Paris, France & Switzerland! Where apart from academic excellence, one other thing they place premium on, is a person's total package- books and outlook, hence some sort of finishing school training, poise, pose, the way you talk, how you dress etc.  Apart from holding at least 2 degrees from prestigious schools in Paris & Switzerland and having done many management courses at INSEAD, Columbia, LBS, she also speaks French and Swiss fluently and a passing Italian/Spanish!

So it's not just about style for Miss J Obayuwana, but a total package. Undoubtedly tres chic!

More after the break.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Politicians by nature, at least according to how their nature is in Nigeria have no ideological bent whatsoever, to them it's not about a philosophy, but just a game of numbers, so when things are not too rosy where they were, all they just need do is dust their feet and just move on to the next. 
2 major moves were made this weekend alone, one the former VP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar wiped off his name from the registry of the ruling party, the APC. He gave many reasons why he needed to move. The other great mover was none other than the man many just simply refera to as Koro, his full name being Senator Musiliu Olatunde Obanikoro, erstwhile PDP member and staunch supporter and friend of APC's number 1 enemy- Governor Peter Ayodele Fayose. 

Let's even digress a bit, love him or hate, Peter Ayodele Fayose is a man of honour par excellence! The reason for saying this is because he has remained consistent, unflinching and steadfast as concerning his party and what he believes in and he is in the opposition for real, giving the APC back many doses of their own medicines, which they themselves used to give. Compared to the likes of many, who after just a little issue, they are already gone, like fair weather friends, who are tossed to and fro, here and there by every weather, those who cannot take a little stress or cannot face headlong any battle, he has remained a true person. Forget for now, any other part of him. 

So Koro, who many have called several names like of Judas, somewhat of a quisling has officially become a member of the ruling party and his move was celebrated colourfully by his new party in pictures, so we have thought to share them with you all. 

What the generality of the people have based this move majorly on, is that it's a way of giving the dude some sort of soft landing! Identify with us, shame yourself somewhat and you will be pardoned. Is that the case?