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Sunday, June 30, 2019


Since the genteel lady, the mother of kids and the wife of a gentleman took courage as a companion and gut as a friend and came out in that YouTube video in that interview conducted by Chude Jideonwu, where she revealed and narrated that she was raped twice in the space of one week by her then shepherd/pastor/mentor, who is the flamboyant, designer wearing leader of COZA (Commonwealth of Zion Assembly) in Abuja, the FCT, it has been like she acted like the great Moses and hit the rock and the water has been gushing out, in fact pouring and pouring ever since unabated and unstoppable.

The shock of that unprecedented revelation, the gut and strength of the expose has since given strength and voice to so many, many that had been in limbo for so long, many all across who had suffered in silence having been violated many times over by many of those they had gone to seeking for help, succor and embrace.

Many that had been held in bondage for years, the bondage, the jail of what they had had to keep to themselves all this while, for so long and that had gradually been eating them up like a cancer, until now. Many can be said to have been suffering from depression and with just one action, Busola Dakolo has somewhat allowed many to exhale finally.

Maybe many who have never experienced her pain and what she's gone through, might not really understand what her action has done for her. We wouldn't stop reiterating the fact that it must have taken super human strength and unbelievable gut for this quiet giant to have come out to experience this kind of scrutiny that has suddenly come her way since many hours ago, when the video recording hit the airwaves.

With what her action has elicited, with how this advocacy has helped to break down chains of oppression, freeing those who had been in limbo all of these while, those whose kept in and internalized secrets that had nearly turned into time bombs, waiting to blow up to smithereens inside them as they had no outlet to pour out their pain. Many had been suffering terribly in silence all of this while and because of those unnecessary secrets they have had to keep unduly, many's misbehavior and misconducts could be traced and ascribed to their pasts. They were looking for outlets and were somewhat protesting via their actions.

And in just one fell swoop, scales have fallen, eyes have seemingly opened, burdens lifted dramatically and people are breaking off chains!!! So no matter how anyone see it, Busola has become a breaker of chains and the voice of a generation. Do you agree????

More after the break.


Pastor and Mrs Biodun & Modele Fatoyinbo 
Modele Fatoyinbo 

It wasn't a surprise at all earlier today when at their (COZA) HQ in Abuja, amidst the turmoil of the protest going on outside, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo's wife, showed and displayed her full support for her husband of many years.

At the very brief service today, Sunday, June 30, 2019 where the couple had to make a show of their support for each other, Mrs. Omodele Fatoyinbo as expected, stood on the pulpit next to her husband, before their teeming congregation and made a short address let's quote her verbatim--"My husband is not a rapist. Even if he was not a believer, he would not be a rapist".

But before she could go on to make further statement on the trending issue that has hit their home and church terribly, her husband quickly took the microphone from her, maybe as a way to dismiss his present predicament as a none issue and mouthed--"the elders are handling the matter". And that was it.

The shock of the Busola Dakolo revelation has shaken the table in such a way and manner have not thought possible in a long while. In her statement of allegations, she said while he was a pastor, not yet of COZA then in Ilorin, Kwara State, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo came to her house and raped her, thereby disvirgined her and a few days after wards again, did it again. This rape happened when she was just 17 year old. Still a minor according to the Nigerian constitution.

The only statement of denial from Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo has been a press release from the church, where he denied the rape ever ever occurred and then went further to insinuate blackmail. Who are those trying to blackmail him or his church he never stated. But he threatened that a lawsuit would follow the accusations.

Today as promised by so many, a protest at all the branches of COZA actually took place rather successfully and what we saw, as we were at the branch near the Sheraton hotel to observe what would happen was quiet unbelievable. We would make a report of that on another article. 

Saturday, June 29, 2019


Busola Dakolo

What would or could have made a mother of children and a wife of a well known husband, decide to come out openly to talk about what supposedly happened to her many many years back that nearly messed up her growing up? What would she & husband want to gain by bringing a supposed, very successful man of God down? Is there a time frame allowed for rape and the consequences of it, if the terrible violation had truly occurred?

For Busola to have finally summed up the courage, the gut to spill and break the Pandora's box of mess, if she and family were smart enough, they would have made sure to have done their due diligence first. The one the have decided and are determined to expose is not a small fry at all in any way and manner. You are coming against the might, power and influence of a whole church! If that church that the man presides over love him, like we know COZA loves Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, then the might of the church and her influence are what you know you would have to contend with. And that's not a small thing at all.

For Busola to come out like she has, she must have first settled it in secret with her God. Secondly she must have settled it well also with her partner and in this case her husband Timi Dakolo. Timi would have had to give his express backing and unflinching support as the head of the family. Mennnn, this dude is a strong man ooooooo. And he would have had to steel himself to withstand any scrutiny and attack that would come against his family from all sides. This is more a battle of David against Goliath any way one would look at it.

Going further, to do this kind of battle, the couple would have had to have settle with their church too and gotten their church backing with the support of the leader of that particular church too is also very important. If one is correct, the family we think worships at the House on the Rock. Then also, they must have gotten the advises and assurances of their lawyers too, who would have had to weigh the merits and demerits of the exposure before they would give a go ahead or the all clear to go at it.
So this matter is not a small matter and it is one that could drag for a long while.

Let's try to examine the mind of Busola a bit. First and foremost, for her to have done what she's done, we are too sure she must have well understood that maxim, that says very clearly, that "he or she that must come to equity, must do so with clean hands". This is so because, if this thing ever becomes a court case, every can of worms, true and false will be exposed! So it must be established that prior to the supposed rape, that truly she was actually a virgin and not a wanton. The other side would do everything possible to expose, deal with and damage her reputation to prove their innocence.

If truly the rapes happened, and it happened so long ago, why did she take so long to come out to expose the violation? Why now after she's married and has kids? Why bring undue or supposedly unnecessary attention your way, especially when you are not in need of any monetary gain? Maybe she's only just finally gained enough strength and emotional balance after all this while to expose what she went through and that she needed healing from now? Maybe they, that's her husband and her just heard again something that must have triggered a reaction, which must have said to them, "enough is a enough". This has just got to stop! Some people might just not be able to understand  & rationalize that someone they know to be more than vile, is seen by the public as a Saint.

What process should she and her family have adopted to expose the shame and stopped it from happening to others??? Maybe they have the understanding that to report to the police first would just have been another journey to no where. What if they knew that the matter would just have been swept under the carpet, especially again as the so called violation(s) didn't just happen now and the way victims are even treated by our so called law enforcement officials is another thing. Also they could have envisaged the intimidation that would arise and just thought to adopt the method they have used now.

What if they had taken their time to investigate some other cases first, gotten confessions and evidences and even have witnesses in their tens who are willing to come out and speak at the right time!!!! Like we had said earlier above, they would have needed to do their due diligence first before coming out to out their so called adversary.

It is said that Busola after the YouTube video expose and the attendant hoopla had gone on to say that the pastor and church should go ahead and sue if they dared!!! If she actually truly said that, she must then be so sure of what she has at hand then and must be well prepared for this battle, which would take a while oooooo.

In the days to come though, she and her husband's name would be dragged in the mud in every conceivable way possible as the rain would surely pour in torrents unabated. The church and their friends would come out with fangs and claws drawn to defend their own. Hmmm they Timi & Busola must develop thick skins. The threat of all shades and intimidation would be unbelievable and crazy. Their so called adversary is a pastor and not a small fry at all and one that has seemingly endless funds. Also if the allegations are not true, he would fight with his very soul to clear his name and get damages too at that.

All in all, the burden of proof is on Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo to prove nothing ever truly happened of the sort as described by Busola and also that he has never ever been involved in any cases of rape, intimidation, sexual violation, misconducts before. He has come out to say he has never ever violated anyone before, ever ever, even when he was an unbeliever. So that's a start. Pastor and church have also smartly anticipated that many would or could soon ride on the wave of this expose to even reveal far more, unpalatable things. And from the little we have heard and seen, many things are being unearthed already.

We await this court case with glee and all excitement.

People have said why didn't Busola go to court in the first place? Yeah she didn't go to court naaaa, so she came out to say certain things, a few of which tallied with the claims made by Ese Walters many years back. Pastor Fatoyinbo has the opportunity now, once and for all prove all liars wrong. So please sue their asses tight.

So Busola lied abi prove it.

So they have tried to blackmail you now, prove it.

This case from all I see is going to be the opening of an unprecedented and unwanted terrible can of worms. So let's see if the marines would hear these stories or not!!!! PLEASE PASTOR CLEAR YOUR NAME OOOOOOO!!!!! I so badly want to believe you. I pray and hope you can cope with what is going to be unleashed in the next many days?????  You have to defend your honour against so so very many ooooooo. Hmmmmmm!!!!!

For those who believe Busola Dakolo, please pray very well for her and her family oooooo. She needs all the spiritual help and support, encouragement and protection possible right now. She has stirred the hornets nest & may she come out of it unscathe! Also for Pastor Biodun as it is now, it is only the host of heaven that can help to clear this mess you have been exposed to. If truly you are innocent as you have claimed against Busola, Ese and some others who are hellbent on letting the world know what they have supposedly suffered, may heaven be on your side oooooo. 

Friday, June 28, 2019


Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo 

The flamboyant senior pastor of the Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly (COZA) Abuja, the FCT has finally jettisoned quietude and responded robustly to the allegations of repeated rape brought against him by the beautiful wife of Bayelsan born music star Timi Dakolo, in the person of Busola Dakolo.

In a recorded interview aired on YouTube and which has gained so much traction as conducted by Chude Jideonwu of Y! Naija, the man of God was accused as being a rapist by Busola Dakolo. The lady in interview made sure to relate how her relationship with the pastor developed into what later became rape. But in a subsequent 2 pages press release, that was released on his personal Instagram page, the Pastor has denied ever raping before, even as an unbeliever. In that release he stated categorically that even while not yet a Christian he had never molested anyone in his life before, not to talk about when he had become a Christian.

From his statement, he went on to insinuate and infer that the said YouTube airing by Y! Naija was a calculated attempt to blackmail him, bring his name to disrepute and cast aspersions on his person and by extension a way to bring down his church . He went further to state that this particular attempt is in fact one out of the numerous attempts.

So in the light of his statement, he has also said that the church has made up their mind to seek redress through the law courts. In his response Pastor stated that the interview was fallacious and non-existent and which are all denied.

See the pastor's denial in its full entirety above. 


Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA

Timi Dakolo & Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo 

It's like it is becoming a common thing for people to accuse the flamboyant pastor of the Coza Ministries of sexual indiscretion nowadays. A few years back, a lady then came out with gun blazing and not in any way trying to exonerate herself and accused the man of (God) then of something very similar.

She related the story of what transpired then between her and her beloved pastor who later took advantage of her. She spoke of tryst in hotel(s) and how they had their fill of wantonness and debauchery. That story of sexacapade was heavy enough to have brought down a ministry then, but the way it was rationaled then was that, the lady was either having brain issues or was a woman scorned, who had wanted to get own 5 minutes of fame. Instead of the people, the church and church leaders to have examined the merit of what the lady raised then, they dismissed it and all was swept under the carpet.

At the end of it all, the lady - Ese Walters, who came out confessing her own part and felt that was one of the ways she could have gotten forgiveness and then healing, was made to look like a liar and a Jezebel. We can bet anything on it that if it was like now, that depression is like a dime in a dozen, that lady out of shame and embarrassment and how she was received, could have taken her own life just as a way tk get prace. The castigation and threat were unbelievable then. Some who saw something in what the lady had raised out of the whole hoopla were rather shocked, but they thought that in time, let's see.

Now again that sort of issue has reared its head again and it's the same man that's again in the eye of the storm. He has now been accused of the rape of a 17year old! This time the lady that allegedly RAPED is the wife of music sensation Timi Dakolo, when she was still a 17 year old!!!! That's a crime! In the first case, the lady involved didn't absolve herself at all. She agreed that she was a willing partner, but also alleged that she was tricked or maneuvered into the relationship. But in this new case, that happened several years back, she is has alledged rape!!!! Rape is having the carnal knowledge of another without their express permission. Rape is forcing one way through without consent. Rape denotes FORCE! Even a wife could be raped just as long as she didn't give a go ahead.

How does one deal with the case of a supposed respected man of (God), a leader of a congregation, supposed father of multitudes being accused of rape, a sexual crime? How can a man put himself in such a situation that he could be so accused? How is the church taking this new accusation? What are they doing about it? Would it be swept under the carpet again as the ranting of another mad person??? Why only Pastor Biodun? This is not a case of tithe or sowing and reaping as it concerns giving. This is about rape allegations.

Has the Pastor come out to vehemently deny such preposterous accusation? As he in other to clear his name, instituted a case against his accusers/traducers? This is a very gross accusation that must not be taken with kids glove either way. To be quiet now is to have accepted something one way or the other. This is the kind of allegation or accusation that can bring down a church! In saner climes, if this were in America or the UK and maybe other more civilized parts of the world, it would have become a major case and the law would have had its full impact and the truth would have come out eventually.

If the accusation or allegation is true, why sweep it under the carpet? Or has rape now become accepted as a normal sexual practice in our law???? If its a lie from the pits of hell, then Pastor Biodun, his wife and his church or friends and family, then should also allow the full weight of the law to take its full course, as his name has been maligned, his reputation dragged in the mud, everything he stands for and holds dear has been impugned upon by this gross allegations then.

The true church of God is under the klieglight right now. The searchlight is beaming on the so called place that's supposed to be rock to protect the weak. Would the pastor get away with this if the accusation is true or would his accusers get away with the allegations if its a lie?

Church of God over to you!!!! Your actions and inaction at such a pivotal period like this matters a whole lot. Many fates would be determined by the side they would pick or have picked in this case. Is it the side of truth against all odds and intimidation or is it the side of outright lies, intimidation and blackmail? No one should come blow some hot nonsense about David's acts and God's forgiveness here ooooo. David at the end of the day was a contrite soul. God doesn't condone nonsense there's the price to pay for every act.

Read the full transcript of Mrs. Dakolo's confession below -


Busola Dakolo was born and lived most of her early life in Ilorin. The first time she left Ilorin was for secondary school at Suleja and that time away allowed her really find her Christianity. She joined and rose to become the vice-president of the Gifted School Academy Suleja’s fellowship and embraced a conservative approach to Christianity, growing to become distrustful of churches and fellowships that tried to copy worldly trends as a way to reach people outside the church. She returned home for the holidays to find that her sisters had started attending a non-denominational ‘youth club’ that embraced all kinds of people and focused on worship and fellowship over doctrine and legalism. It took a while but  her sisters convinced her to go by telling her she needed to meet different kinds of people, especially former prostitutes and cultists that have given their lives to Christ.

Busola reluctantly joined her sisters for the youth club, but she wasn’t comfortable there, partly because of the way they worshipped and because I was the youngest person there. After the service, there was a first timers call, and Busola stood up and introduced herself, explaining her initial skepticism and how their worship had changed her mind. After the service, the pastor of the club, a much younger Biodun Fatoyinbo came looking for her after the service.

Pastor Biodun wasn’t yet married (though he was engaged to his current wife) and the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) wasn’t yet a church, it was called Divine Delight Club.
He expressed his surprise at how bold she was for someone so young and encouraged her to keep speaking up for herself. He also managed to convince her to sing at their next meeting before she left back for school. To sell this idea, he offered to personally rehearse with her, mentioning that he played the keyboard. This was before mobile phones and internet, so Busola’s sister had to take her to Fatoyinbo, who was living with his parents at the time.

Though Busola remembers the song they rehearsed, their rehearsal was uneventful, and at the next meeting she performed, her performance moving enough that a former cultist who was attending the club public renounced his past and embraced Christianity. After, the members of the club affirmed her and Fatoyinbo convinced her through gifts of books and cassette tapes to keep attending their club when she was back home from school.
Returning to school and the more conservative worship environment she was used to was harder than she had anticipated. For the rest of her secondary school year, she struggled with guilt, shuffling between her role in the conservative Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS) and the more liberal world of Fatoyinbo’s COZA. She felt she was living a dual life. Eventually she graduated and returned home to find that Divine Delight Club had grown into a church headed by Fatoyinbo, and her sisters had convinced her family to join the church. It felt like the only option she had to join as well.


More after the break.


Late Dr. Abiodun Laja

The entire family and friends of the great educationist, the administrator par excellence, the visioner and founder of the Lekki British School, Lekki, Lagos who passed on unfortunately very recently after an operation abroad at the age of 69 years are still reeling from that shock demise even many weeks after the sad occurrence.

Dr Laja had undergone what was considered a routine and very successful surgery operation on her ailing back and was gradually recovering from the operation, only for her to give up the ghost exactly 3 days afterwards due to complications from a suspected cardiac arrest. The unfortunate incident occurred in the United States at a high brow hospital on Sunday, May 26, 2019. The back had been problematic for her and at a point had started affecting her walk. So she was operated on, on Friday, March 24, 2019 and had even gone back to her hotel to recover and was said to have even being in contact with family and friends, only for there to be some complications and she was rushed back to the hospital, where she thereafter gave up the ghost!

The late great educationist is the younger sister of Chief Dr. Mrs. Kofo Olugbesan and she is the elder sister of the very influential former commissioner in Lagos State Government and now a top chieftain of the ruling APC, Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson. Aunty Kemi like most call her, is presently the ED of Operations, NSITF and the South-West Woman leader in the APC. The late founder of the now ABC Nurseryland, Floral College and Lekki British School would be buried next week in Lagos. Her funeral program is below.

Service of songs and Night of tributes is set for Sunday, June 30, 2019 by 5pm, inside the compound of the school she founded, Lekki British School, on Victoria Arobieke, Lekki Phase 1, then the Monday after at the same venue by 6pm is the Christian wake keep, then on Tuesday July 2, 2019 is the funeral service and interment. The church service would be at RCCG Olive Tree Parish, Banana Island Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. Reception follows immediately after the interment.

Dr. (Ms.) Abiodun Laja is survived by her sisters, 2 sons, grandchildren and many others. She was born January 7,1950 and would have clicked 70 early next year. Which many were eagerly  looking forward. 

May the dear soul of the well loved departed find rest. 

Thursday, June 27, 2019


Birthday gal-Chioma 


When you are happening and happy, it shows. And if you can afford all the good things, why not then just have all the fun, most especially with friends that you all connect so well together and that you can have unreserved fun with, without necessarily being worried about anything, whatsoever.

So for one of the duo of the very hardworking gals behind the Good Hair, Brass & Copper brands, that's talking about Chioma Ikokwu, you can only hit 30 once in a lifetime. So to celebrate her day and mark the birthday in a special way, she decided to go to the idyllic location that stands out. And not just her alone, she went in tow with a few of her closest circle of friends, most especially with her number 1 sidekick, the older Kika.

From the looks of things and pictures we saw as are above and below. They must have had an absolute belter of fun in Mykonos, Greece. The place is gradually becoming the choice location for the discerning Nigerians with the good resources to have fun in such a place like the picturesque Greek island. Billionaire oil and gas investor, Akanimo AK47 Udofia only very recently, had in Mykonos a mother of all private birthday shindig in Mykonos and now as Chioma clocked 30, she flew from Paris, France where she had attended the wedding of Enyinna and Joyce Anumudu then briefly to Santorini before going to Mykonos, it takes 2.5hrs by ferry from Santorini to Mykonos, while same trip via helicopter ride is about 30mins, where she and friends converged to have the fun of their lives. It's obviously the lifestyle of the rich, famous and jet setters unparalled for this fashionista.

The fun loving gals obviously let down their hairs to have first class, 5-stars fun, cruising their own yacht or boat ride, posing and jumping into the clear blue sea. having helicopter ride and just all the fun one can package into a short holiday on a stunningly beautiful island. In the pictures you would see the gals in all white everything ensembles, in their bikinis & swimsuit and other colorful outfits, enjoying without a care in the world. Can one truly blame these young ladies??? When you have worked hard for your funds how you now spend the money is not of any one's concern. Like it is said all work and no play, makes princess a dull gal. So if you work pretty hard, then you are allowed your commensurate measure of fun too. This party was actually tagged #omasdirty30.

So go go gal. Happy birthday Chioma. Long may you live to have more fun that we can always report too.

Far more exciting pictures after the break.


DJ Cuppy 

Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola (Ote$) aka DJ Cuppy is one of the gorgeous daughters (2nd daughter by age) of Nigerian billionaire and former owner of Forte Oil, who is now the leading promoter of Geregu Power, his new investment. That's talking about the one and only Femi Otedola (Ote$) himself aka Mr. Tom Ford.

The young and quite exciting Deejay, is a super gorgeous gal all the way, who by our personal experience one can say is also very, very humble (something one cannot readily say about most children of the wealthy, rich & famous) and she has her head well screwed on her shoulder.

So well mannered is this gorgeous young and exciting lady that you could be blown over by her classy comportment, and that's just maybe because you weren't expecting her to be so respectful and all. And on the style stake as a young, a quite still impressionable gal, one who would still be experimental with the whole fashion and style thingy, till maybe much later in life, when she would have developed her own signature style all of her own.

But we somewhat believe that her younger sibling, Temi 23, who seem to be more into the Fashion and Lifestyle world is more stylish or should we say more expressive when it comes to her fashion and style, that's in comparison to her elder sister. Though this assertion is more our personal opinion than anything else.

The 26 year old going 27 in November of 2019 and acclaimed to be personally worth about "N600 plus million NAIRA", was on the 'blue carpet' of the "BET Music Award 2019" quite recently looking all 'glam and gorgeous' in her 'glittery outfit', brand name of which we do not know. So we are asking the question then, if her outfit, that was showing off her 'beautiful pins' in those hot Christian Louboutin Stiletto peep toes was a 'hit or a miss', especially putting into consideration what other guests wore.

See our smart looking Jidenna too, looking scrumptiously good looking in his yellow outfit.


Far more pictures after the break.


Female Aso-Ebi

So finally the appointed date is sealed and it's Sunday, June the 30th of 2019. And all roads would lead to none other than the biggest venue to hold any event in the whole of Lagos State and that is none other than the expansive field of the Tafawa Balewa Square at Onikan, in Lagos.

That's the date above and the venue of the 3-pronged event, that the Iyaoloja-General of Nigeria, Chief Mrs. Folashade Tinubu-Ojo would be having. And it promises to be the mother of all gatherings and parties. And because of the somewhat capacity of the person throwing it down, it promises to be a type of political party rally, with all the who-is-who of the APC, especially in the South West and more making sure to attend.

The Iyaoloja-General, Chief Mrs. Sade Tinubu-Ojo is the first born child and daughter of the man everyone know simply as the Asiwaju of the world, that's talking about top APC Chieftain and former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu. This throw-down of a party like we had already told you all before in another earlier report, is to celebrate first, Chief Mrs. Folashade Tinubu-Ojo's birthday. The Iyaoloja-General is in her 40s. Secondly it is a celebration of the anniversary (remembrance) of her late highly influential grandmother, the former Iyaoloja-General, Alhaja Abibat Mogaji and thirdly it's a celebration of her 5th year anniversary as the mother of all markets in the country.

The aso-ebi (party uniform) for the party (for both male and female) has gone out already & for the female it's N60,000 Naira only, as per the male version of it we don't know the cost yet, but we are sure it would be relatively far cheaper. So if you haven't gotten your invite for the party yet, it only just mean that you haven't been invited. 

The Luxury Reporter Magazine Celebrates the Fifth Anniversary …announces TLR International Luxury Conference

Mr & Mrs. Brown

Mrs Modupe Ogunlesi

Funke Osea Brown & Abiona Babatunde 

The Luxury Reporter Magazine celebrates its fifth anniversary with a well-attended event by experts in the luxury sector held at The Wheatbaker Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos on Thursday last week.

The exclusive event afforded attendees a glimpse into the activities of the magazine since it was founded on May 24th, 2014.
Speaking at the event, Mrs Funke Osae-Brown, founder/publisher of The Luxury Reporter said the idea for the magazine came to her at a point in her career when she knew she wanted to embark on a new adventure.
According to her, the magazine kicked off five years ago with a website,
before it began its print edition three years later.

“We ran the website for more than a year. Before we migrated to We later introduced the digital edition of the magazine which we did for two full years with 24 digital editions. Along the line, we identified a market for print. Hotels, private jets operators, airlines, automobile companies, retail stores need print editions for their clients. In January 2018, we announced our first print edition which had on the cover emerging brands and a buyer, Abela, TPS Luxury, Pere Lei, Okiki Marinho, Scentify, and Ndidi Obioha,” she said.

Besides, she explained that
the print edition paved the way for our exclusive partnership with PrivateJets Nigeria as advertisers in The Luxury Reporter print edition will have 30 seconds clips of their advert placed in the in-flight entertainment screen of all the aircraft of PrivateJets.

“Our vision is to report on the African Luxury by projecting Nigerian brands.  We are constantly in search of indigenous luxury brands that will compete with international brands.  We believe this will contribute to the economic growth of Africa. At TLR, we don’t just want Nigeria to be a consumer of luxury but also the manufacturer of luxury products that can compete with their counterparts not just on the continent but globally,” she explained.

She also said the magazine has been deliberate in its approach to reporting on luxury lifestyle by featuring top players in the industry some of whom are quiet players in the local luxury sector. “We have been reporting on emerging luxury brands on the continent. Also, we hope to bridge the divide between African Luxury brands and their counterparts abroad. In a bid to kickstart this, we attended the 2019 edition of the Baselworld in Switzerland where we interacted with CEOs of renowned luxury brands in the watch and jewellery sector. We also had exclusive interviews with some new brands and some other major players. Some of them are in the latest edition of the magazine that will be unveiled here today.”

To commemorate the fifth anniversary Mrs Modupe Ogunlesi, CEO, Adam and Eve Homeware delivered a keynote address titled: Luxury Retail In Nigeria: The Opportunities, Challenges and Policy Options.  She observed that in the luxury sector, an understanding of what one sells, the psyche of the expected consumers are very basic ingredients for success. While defining luxury across different stages, she said:
“An experience that puts you in a bubble of euphoria, boosting your feeling of wellbeing.  Incidentally, Luxury as an experience is the fastest growing concept of luxury at the moment worldwide.  In Nigeria, we are a mix of all four definitions of Luxury.”

Furthermore, Ogunlesi’s keynote address was followed by a panel discussion where issues affecting the growth and development of the Nigerian luxury sector were discussed.

Speaking on the panel, Mrs, Ini Abimbola, CEO, Thistle Praxis said lack of data is impeding the growth of the luxury sector. “As someone who works with data, I found out that there is no available date on the local luxury sector, which makes it impossible to track the growth properly. Most of the HNIs we have in Nigeria prefer to shop abroad. Therefore, I discovered that Europe and America have data on the number of Africans who shop there and how much they spend. HNIs usually won't shop locally, which makes it impossible to have accurate data on what they spend on and how much they spend.”

Mr Omotade Lepe, Chief Operating Officer, PrivateJets Nigeria, explained that it had become the norm in Nigeria that when there is a change of government spending power of some HNIs drop.

“Change of government does not affect the market in the most country as it does in Nigeria, which is the uniqueness of Nigeria,” he said.
On her part, Funmi Onajide decried the lack of proper shopping malls for luxury retail stores. She argued that the current infrastructure of Nigeria has does not support luxury retail. “You can’t have a 5-star hotel without a 5-Star infrastructure. The kind of infrastructure available in Europe is not here in Nigeria, and if you want to create that kind of infrastructure you will have to pay a lot to get that,” she said.

As an expert in the Automobile Sector, the Group General Manager, Marketing & Corporate Communications, Coscharis, Abiona Babarinde said: “for us, automobile is about lifestyle to complement your successful life to give people experience they deserve because the average Nigerian is a car freak, that you want to drive a good car you have a bad road and are insecure.”

At the event, the latest edition of The Luxury Reporter Magazine was unveiled just as the panel discussion signalled the commencement of TLR annual International Luxury Conference.

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