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Wednesday, October 31, 2018



A very long while ago, we had brought to you the gist then about a woman we had given the sobriquet "Mama Dolphin", who had her supposed "prayer house" somewhere inside Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi. For those who knew her, her address was a mecca of a sort as many flocked there to get remedies for whatever was their loveand sundry issues. Many of the things she treated then had to do with the issue of love. How to keep your man forever and all those sort of things. By that we actually mean how to turn the man into a classic mum, dumdum.

Just Imagine that after we had let the cat out of the bag then, many sent in enquiries to get the address of Mama Dolphin so as to visit. We even heard that many went to Dolphin Estate on their own, going about to ask for Mama Dolphin, not knowing it was just our own way of describing her using her location as that wasn't her business name nor her real name. She couldn't have been Mama Ikeja or Mama Lekki or even Mama Osborne for all we care.

We had inundated our readers then about the famous woman's modus operandi. Part of what she used to use then was a full local chicken, which is roasted and which must be eaten in full by the one seeking the aid, without breaking any part of such chicken bones. It is now the bones of chicken that would now be used by Mama Dolphin to do what she must. The idea now is that the one so captured, is held spell-bound forever. Be it the lady's husband, boyfriend, man friend etc....they are gotten!!! Once the man tastes of the lady's Bermuda Triangle, he is literally gone!!!!

So fast forward to now!!! Alas we know a lady who had done the thing and that the package worked for, for a bit, for a time. While the dream/drama lasted, she was totally in charge and ran/ruled her home with a iron fist, but not until recently, when it seems the spell which must either have had a time limit or had a no go area, wore off with its attendant effect.

We can tell you very well what the situation of things became afterwards. It was like the man became another thing entirely. The one who was like a lap dog before and was totally subservient, is now one with total hatred and disgust for his wife now. In fact the thing degenerated so much that it became constant beating/pummelling at the slightest provocation. In fact the madam has been sent packing from her own home, as she ran for her dear life. And as we speak, another is currently occupying where she used to reign supreme as queen before. The new occupant of the house is in fact pregnant and madam is actually the one now begging her for help to return back home, to which that one has said an emphatic No. 

Join British Vogue Editor-at-Large, Julia Sarr-Jamois in her Masterclass at the GTBank Fashion Weekend

Stylist & Editor-at-Large at British Vogue & i-D Magazine

Julia Sarr-Jamois is a London based stylist and is the Fashion Editor-at-Large at British Vogue and Senior Fashion Editor-at-Large at i-D. Furthermore, she is a contributor for Teen Vogue, Vogue Italia, Self Service, Double and M Le Monde. Julia regularly works with leading photographers such as Harley Weir, Zoe Ghertner, Angelo Pennetta, Letty Schmiterlow, Theo Wenner and Oliver Hadlee Pearch.

Julia’s work, which typically plays with unexpected clashes of texture and idiom, has also won her top commercial clients, such as Max Mara, Moschino, Kenzo, Lacoste, Carven, Nike, Stella McCartney and Sonia By Sonia Rykiel. She has also curated personal pop-up shops for British multinational, Topshop, which has over 400 shops across the United Kingdom and other parts of the world.
Date: Sunday, November 11th, 2018.
Time: 5:45PM – 6:45PM
Venue: Plot 1, Water Corporation Drive, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Julia Sarr Jamois will be at the GTBank Fashion Weekend to lead the discussion on Authenticity in Style and Global Fashion Trends.

To register for her master class click here

Join Style Director, Nikki Ogunnaike as she discusses “Diversity in Fashion” during her Masterclass at the 2018 GTBank Fashion Weekend

Style Director,

Nikki Ogunnaike is the go-to style expert for the 25 million+ users, fans, and followers of what is now the largest fashion and beauty magazine website. She also represents the brand on television and in videos. Anytime you need a mix of style that is equal parts accessible and forward-thinking, Ogunnaike is on it.

The Nigerian-American editor cut her teeth at InStyle as an Assistant Editor and Vanity Fair as a fashion assistant before moving to as their Senior Fashion Editor.
 Date: Saturday, November 10th, 2018.
Time: 12:00 Noon – 1:00PM
Venue: Plot 1, Water Corporation Drive, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Nikki will be at the GTBank Fashion Weekend to discuss Diversity in Fashion.

To register for her master class click here



Femisoro Ajayi

Femi & Gbemi in an old picture together. 

It's definitely going to be lit without any shadow of doubt!!!! That's talking about top radio/media personality and Lifestyle entrepreneur (she owns her own shoe brand) GBEMI OLATERU-OLAGBEGI'S upcoming November 2018 wedding.

According to the available information, the d-date slated is Saturday, November 3, 2018.  And towards that upcoming day, she recently had a very beautiful bridal shower (hen night) that was organised for her by her very close friend, Olakunbi Tomori née Oyelese the founder/owner of April by Kunbi.

In attendance at the private party were some of GBEMI's close pals-Toke Makinwa, Fade Ogunro, Kunbi Tomori and co. The happy bride was looking very gorgeous as usual in a piece by fashion brand-Tubo. That's the fashion brand that is gradually becoming the go-to brand for the very stylish set in town. 2 of the fashion brand's most visible clients are GBEMI herself and ace thespian Rita Dominic.

Gbemi would be getting married to a media consultant (talent manager) and entrepreneur, Femisoro Ajayi, who is also said to be Falz's manager.

More pictures after the break.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Do you go out a lot? Have you seen or noticed the avalanche of very feminine-guys that seems to be out and about a lot nowadays? Anytime and everytime there's a major fashion show in town, it's like who's let out the dogs??? They come out in great numbers and are mostly often in a group. So once you know one amongst the group, it is very very likely that the whole group or team are all the same then. Like it is said, birds of identical plumage, congregate in the same vicinity. So it's like even if they don't want to be noticed or want tk be clandestine, they just gather in a group, by default !!!

Mind you, it's not a problem for us at all and we are not complaining about it anyway, as it doesn't necessarily bother or affect us any which way, it's just that we have observed over time now, that more and more babe-guys are coming out of their cocoons/shells daily and are somewhat openly embracing whom they feel they are! Like someone said, they are openly embracing their femininity and there's nothing wrong with that.

Imagine also that it's not just about the guys alone, even the women/ladies who favour their own like, also seem to be increasing daily and are coming out of their shells too! We know a few, in fact quite a lot. But since it's their stew, would allow them to eat as they want. But one we know for sure, who is an Abuja based multimillionaire.

You would be shocked to learn or know that many in the creative/artistic industry are part of those we have noticed. Plenty of those in the fashion industry. Models and designers alike and many others too, especially some in the entertainment industry too.

Just imagine that we took the courage very recently and approached a young, very brilliant and quite creative lady who was willing to say a bit about herself. In opening up, what she said actually shocked us a bit!!! She revealed/confessed that she has never ever being attracted to the opposite sex (male) before. In fact she went on to say that she's strictly into the lady-lady love and she was actually disvirgined by another lady and that she can never ever be attracted to a man, neither can she allow a man get into her Bermuda Triangle, that sacred and hallowed cave of discovery. She even went on and gave her situation a name, which we cannot readily remember now! We were just too shocked to continue, so we just had to leave her in peace!

Back to the shy-boys, though they are men/guys/boys their very dispositions reveals their preferences. A lot of the time, they can even be more feminine than even the actual women are, that is, those who were actually born as female as nature allowed it! There's a way they effortlessly cross their legs when they seat with the grace and Oomph of a lady. There's the way they do their hands when gesticulating or even when just talking. Though some of them are very manly in their appearances, but if you take the time to watch them, they are kind of very fruity and soft, in that female sort of way. We actually know a Yoruba dude with the initials WA, who is that fruity in all types of way. There's a way he does his lips, roll his eyes and talk, that you just know for a fact, he is a babe-guy. The one that particularly gets us is when these she-guys come out wearing their feminity up their sleeves in the choice of their outfits that they wear out.

Imagine wearing totally transparent, lacy outfits in some kinds of fruity colours!!!! When you see those outfits you immediately know they are feminine, but they would wear with much aplomb without batting an eye.

And because we see more and more, newer ones at that as occasions/events comes up, we are won't to ask if more and more are recruited daily or just that people are just coming out and declaring who they are??? 


Gbenro Ajibade... 
Gbenro Ajibade needs no introduction whatsoever. He is the hunkish husband of the drop dead gorgeous "Osas Ighodaro-Ajibade", the Nigerian-American delectable actress.

The dude who is a bundle of talent, being an actor and model has lived more in America of late rather than in Nigeria. Some say he is doing his best to get his American citizenship sorted, hence the need to be abroad more now. We don't know that for a full fact though.

The dark and handsome dude, fun guy all the way was seen in beautiful Miami, Florida, the USA recently chilling and flaunting his abs, the smooth sculpted, well chiseled body, especially sporting rings on his nipples and elatedly vibing about the destination thus--

"MIAMI.....the weather, the places, the water, the vibe. EVERYTHING STEW!!! #grateful🌈💦😍🚢

With the nipple rings and rainbow in the same package, Gbenro might have inadvertently said something or given allusion to something he never ever meant to. Hmmmmmmm!!!! There's actually what the rainbow points at abroad.

But we are just too sure that Gbenro was just having his own fun, without necessarily thinking otherwise. Wink!!!!! 

Monday, October 29, 2018


Seems like JK and his party the PDP have gone to sleep again in Lagos. It's like after the initial GRA-GRA of a few weeks back, they have receded back into their cocoon again to awaken maybe much later nearer the election.

Except maybe their action for now is deliberate and they have intentionally adopted this clandestine style just to deceive their opponent, the APC to think they see inactive and then spring a surprise. Adopting or better still employing deliberate misdirection and subterfuge, maybe then we would have understood this their glaring inactivity.

Just Imagine that it's only a few months to the next Gubernatorial election which would decide or determine who should or would take over from Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and up till this very moment, while the APC'S aspirant-Babajide Olusola-Sanwoolu is very visible, meeting with stakeholders, connecting with the people across board on different fora, engaging, discussing and generally creating awareness, instead his most visible opponent, Jimi Agbaje aka JK of the PDP is nowhere to be found!

Like we already said, except maybe there is a winning formula that they are perfectimg or that they have perfected and that they do not want to easily and quickly divulge, of otherwise they lose like it is starring them in the face now, then they have themselves to blame and should not cry any blue murder!!!

Just Imagine that Sanwoolu is not resting on his oars believing that the winning party machinery led by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and others are behind him, let him just go and rest and then coast home to victory. But he is busy every week going about doing the needful. Politics first and foremost is about engagement, connecting with both the stakeholders and the electorates, showing the ability to mix and showing the trait of humility and having a listening ear. We are already seeing much of Sanwoolu, but only know that there's a JK somewhere in background eyeing the same seat too.

Like some have said though, it's still very early days yet. There's still enough time to do the correct things that would excite the polity and get their attention. If Sanwoolu likes, he should criss-cross the whole of Lagos ten thousand times and meet with all those he wants to meet with, all of that doesn't count so says some. We know what to do, when the right times come.

Hmmmmmm!!!! Let's just hope so!!! 


Ozinna Anumudu, Nkiru Anumudu & Joyce Jacob

Joyce Jacob

The beautiful tear drop diamond engagement ring. 

At the couple's engagement in March of 2018

Loved up duo-Enyinna & Joyce

Joyce Jacob

What a feeling??? That's love for you. It has this air of totally lifting and suspending the one she envelopes into the cloud and they are suspended in the air of giddyness, drunk in the effect of an unexplainable and overwhelming joy. Those around you would begin to see the beautiful glow that covers the one, most often the feeling can be contagious too.

So the renowned make up professional, born and bred in the US, but from Imo State by name Joyce Jacob, 29 is having her "Traditional wedding and Engagement" ceremony, come December 27, 2018 in her home state and it promises to be off the hook! Joyce's Beau, that's Enyinna Anumudu, is none other than the second son of top billionaire and businessman owner of Globe Motors, Uncle Willie Anumudu and his stupendously stylish and gloriously fashionable wife, Nkiru Anumudu. Nkiru is known to be on 1st name basis with the likes of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana of the Dolce & Gabbana fame; And
that's just one amongst several designers that she's on their speed dial.

While Joyce Jacob is renowned for what she does, which is make up artistry, she owns her own eponymous brand that was established in 2009, having a clientele list that boasts of the likes of Angela Simmons, Alek Wek, Alexandra Burke, Tiwa Savage, Lloyd Banks, Millen Magese, Waje Iruobe, Dolapo Sijuwade, Abisola Kolapo-Daisi (nee Ajimobi), Omawumi just to mention a few. Enyinna apart from being the 2nd son of uncle Willie, that's his nickname and the gorgeous Nkiru-rated to be one of thr most stylish Africans alive; he is an up and coming banker. Enyinna is in fact the 2nd son of 4 kids in all. Uzoma Anumudu is 31, born August 1987 and is the first born, followed by Enyinna who is about to get married, who recently clocked 30, born 1988, he is followed by the twins, who are the last borns- Ozinna (Zina) & Ozichukwu (Zikky) born, December 19, 1991 making both 27 come December 2018.

While Ozinna one part of the twins is the founder and owner of "The Style Concierge", she is in fact a major chip off the old block, just as super stylish like her doting mom (check out our upcoming profile on her). Zikky her twin brother lives in the US, where according to the information at our disposal, he is doing very, very well!

So all the roads would be leading to Joyce Jacob's village (town) in Owerri, Imo State come Thursday, December 27, 2018, though the invitation cards are not out yet. Her place is said to be just about 30 minutes away from Mbieri, in Mbaitoli council which is just 8 km from Owerri, which is where Uncle Willie her father-in-law is from. This wedding promises to be a top Liga event as this would be the first wedding ceremony of one of the kids of the famous Anumudus and in fact Enyinna's wedding is the first by any of the grandchildren in the family.

With the kind of money that Uncle Willie is reputed to have & equally with how very solid Nkiru's family from Nanka in Orumba North Local Government area of Anambra are too and not forgetting also that Joyce's family are no pushovers at all in any way, then it would be one first class, cultural jamboree, that would be very well steeped in ibo tradition and culture, come the date.

All the big named friends of both families are eagerly awaiting the day as they prepare to celebrate with the Anumudu's, most especially many of thrme upscale friends of Nkiru, who would do anything possible to play dress-up. No matter how big the traditional and engagement ceremony would be though, if the kids would allow their parents to host their "white wedding" which should come up in the new year, that is 1st quarter of 2019 most likely, then Lagos would most likely be the venue & if not Eko Hotel, then it would be somewhere very upscale and we can bet it would be super stylish, totally 7-stars all the way. We are trusting Nkiru to help package that as a one in town party that would be one of the best to happen in 2019.

So wait for it. Congratulations in advance to the couple.

More after the break.


This is undoubtedly Sola Sobowale's season and she deserves every bit of accolades and more that swims her way and that's because it's like everything she touches turns to gold or better still platinum. It's very obvious from her role interpretations that she is a thespian per excellence and award winning one at that too. Super good at what she does and mighty gorgeous too, to the boot!

You watch her and you are totally consumed by her characterization, how she enters fully into what she's doing, making it all look so believable and you become engrossed and totally flow into the character with her. When she's a comic, she's utterly hilarious to the bones, when she is a goon, playing the evil lead, she is so convincing it's scary! And then when she needs to play the good part, she does it with effortless charm that sweeps all watching off their feet and bowing at her professionalism. We totally, utterly, wholeheartedly love her.

We had always known she was good before, but she stepped up from just being good to stratospheric great when we saw her in that feel good, 2 parts soar away, star-studded successful franchise-'The Wedding Party' & 'The Wedding Party 2', where she played a very huge supporting role as the hilarious wife of the equally hilarious AliBaba. From that massive budget film to another which is very likely to break the box office too, that's talking about Kemi Adetiba's 'King of Boys', which just came out. We hear she played lead in the film too and from the snippet we have viewed already, as expected, she was badass again.

Though it looks like she's been there for quite a bit, O yes she started in 1992 starring in a Yoruba classic Ashewo to re Mecca! It seems like the Ondo State indigent has only done a hand full of movies/films. She began her acting career under the tutelage of the famous Adebayo Salami, that's Oga Bello of the Awada KeriKeri Group fame. So her transition from Yoruba speaking film to full English speaking was seemless!

We are happy to feature this incredible actress, producer and director and mother as our Monday, day delight!!!!

All hail the Queen!!!! 

Sunday, October 28, 2018



How are the mighty fallen!!!! It's like when things wants to unravel/unkink or fall apart, everything just scatters all at the same time like a pack of ill managed cards. Just imagine that this very much celebrated love that caused major heartache for the person on the receiving end years back, that looked like it was love made so perfectly from heaven as crashed and crashed so badly? In fact the crash is so irretrievable, it's so unbelievable!!! What really looked like forever, was apparently a temporary fix!!!! It was like taking an illicit drug and then you go on a great high for just a minute and then you come crashing down even far worse than how it was at the start!!

It's like the man involved, in the person of the world famous Mo-A has just returned back to normal from a long lost journey in the maze or should we just say the wilderness. It's like the spell casted that had held him captive and totally subservient all of this while has suddenly expired! It's like the scales that had blinded him so so much, have both suddenly fallen off! So now after waking up from a sort of deep comatose slumber, he just seems to be in a hurry to right all the wrongs of the many years meted out.

Only those involved in the debacle could have explained better all that happened for the many years that MW controlled the heart of Mo-A. That control was near total in all ramifications. MW truly enjoyed her position oooooo. She basked in it, without looking back to check how anyone might have felt. She didn't care a hoot how the other woman on the other side fared at all. She rubbed the salt in, at every given opportunity. If it were just salt alone, it would then have even been better, rather it was salt plus lemon and pepper and vinegar, all together! All were the terrible combo or should we say the concoction she readily and heartily applied. And it really worked for a while though, until respite somewhat came out of the blue or like they say like a bolt out of the blue and then liberation came and that was the beginning of her super fast downward and shocking spiral too. Imagine from being the favourite madam who could do no wrong, to the despicable person that Mo-A now wants to be as far away from as possible. Hmmmmmmm!!!!

For those who don't know this story, let's just give you a very brief rundown before telling you about now or what the current situation and status is. It's a typical case of pride goes before a massive fall or should we even just say, that you should always be careful on your way up, for those who you might have stepped on anyhow while climbing up might just be the same one you would need for lifting up, when problems come rushing in afterwards.

MW is a pretty damsel no doubt, she's with that very seeming innocence, which covers up a heart that's just so despicable. She was very 'much about' a few years back. She was like a national cake that all & sundry wanted to have their own fair share of and according to the legend she readily shared. She's the type the Yorubas would tag "animasaun" meaning freewill giver.

By a stroke of luck, in comes Mo-A, a fine boy, cool guy, in fact a supremely wealthy dude, who just wanted to have a taste or 2 and move on. Fact as we later learnt it was that, she was packaged for him by a friend who was also already chopping in the national cake. But like a well orchestrated trap, same way the Venus fly trap works, as soon as he entered the open trap he was hooked and he couldn't extricate himself again! Strange for him though as that's not his 1st time at this kind of game, you can only trap an amateur, not a well experienced player, so what could have gotten him, even he himself didn't know? This particular supposed professional had been taken by a more well versed baby faced assassin/professional it seems!

More after the break.


He was well known as Mr. Fix it or the Fixer in his lifetime. A sobriquet he had earned for his ability to turn things to his or his people's advantage no matter how bleak it looks. More on the political plain though. Born Anthony Akhakon ANENIH, but better known throughout his life simply as Chief Tony ANENIH. He was born in Uromi, in Edo State on August 4, 1933 making him 85 years old as at the time of his demise.

He passed on today, Sunday, October 28, 2018. He began his work life as a Policeman, in fact he was a Police orderly to the 1st Governor-General of Nigeria, Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe. He retired from the Nigerian Police many yearsater as a Commissioner of Police before going on into full politics in the then 'Bendel State' where he became the state chairman of the then NPN in 81, helping Samuel Ogbemudia to clinch the Governorship of the state then, though that administration was later cut short by the military via a coup.

He later became the National Chairman of the SDP in 92, helping the great MKO Abiola to win that election that's still adjudged as the freest and fairest election in the history of Nigeria, which was later annuled by the military led by General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida.

He was one of the founding fathers of the PDP where he rose to become the chairman of the board of trustees of the PDP. He was the Minister for Works and Housing under the administration of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo in 1999. In fact he was the Deputy Coordinator of the Obasanjo Campaign organisation.

He is survived by his wife, Josephine Anenih and many kids, one of which is Tony Anenih Jnr. He had lost a wife and a son in quick succession many months back. Which made him retire from active politics to take life easy. He died at an Abuja based hospital after a brief illness. 

Speech by Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN- Honourable Minister of Power, Works and Housing FMPWH at the FGNTownHall Meeting in IBADAN.

Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN 

“In 2015 the budget left behind by the previous government was N19 billion for works, N5 Billion for power, N1.2 Billion for housing, Total: N25.2 Billion

In 2017, the budget for works was N394 Billion; Power was N69.96 Billion & Housing was N64.9 Billion (Total N529 Billion).”

BRF: “We are constructing houses in 34 states in a pilot scheme to determine affordability and acceptability; and we have 90 transmission projects aimed at improving connectivity between the GenCos and the DisCos who serve you.”

“Those 90 projects are largely resuscitated because this government has recovered 690 containers of power equipment out of over 800 containers left at the Port for almost a decade because they did not pay contractors, who then could not pay the shippers & warehouse companies.”

“Those of you from Ondo and environs will agree that although the work is not finished, your travel time on the Benin-Ore-Sagamu road has reduced. Our contractor is on site and has to work while you use the road.” — @tundefashola

“The same is true of the Lagos-Ibadan Exp that connects Lagos, Ogun and Oyo; and links to Ondo. Those of you who use the road will acknowledge that you no longer have to spend the night on the road. You can go to Ibadan from Lagos and be sure that you can return on the same day.”

“Yet we have not finished. Please as you prepare to choose next year, remember those long hours on Benin-Ore, Lag-Ibadan that sometimes stretched into the Night. Do you want to go back? Ask yourself if progress on these roads in 3 yrs is better than what you‘ve seen over 16 yrs.”

“It will help you decide who to choose to ensure that the road is finished, and you can move forward. Also remember those who presided over the cuts in the budget of these roads in the 2017 budget.”

“As they plan to frustrate and slow down the Buhari Govt, the president innovates & finds solutions. There is now a Presidential Infrastructure Development Fund to ensure that the Second Niger bridge, Abuja-Kaduna-Kano Road, Lagos-Ibadan Exp... are not deprived of funding again.”

“Major roads in the Southwest like the Lagos-Otta-Abeokuta Road, the Ikorodu-Sagamu road, which had been deserted and left to decay, now have contractors at work. Do you want to go back to that?”

“The Apapa-TinCan-Mile 2 -Oshodi- Oworonshoki road has been awarded and work should start sometime in November this year as the construction equipment are being readied. This will give a final solution for the gridlock that was inherited from the last government.”

“These are some of the examples of what has changed and is changing for the better.

Those who ran it aground for 16 years now say we are not quick enough.

The question you right thinking and well-meaning citizens should ask is which Nation has been rebuilt in 4 years?”

“It is going to take more than one election cycle to consolidate on the progress I have shared with you; and if you do not choose wisely you can reverse it.”

“A choice to go back is a choice to reverse this progress and a choice to move forward is a sensible choice to consolidate and progress.

Those same people who caused the problem cannot now be trusted to fix it.”

“You will hear from them that the country has problems as they try to weaponise our challenges to deceive Nigerians.”

“Infrastructure decayed under their watch; insurgency & bombings started under their watch; grand corruption under their watch makes it impossible to identify 1 item of critical infrastructure that Nigeria can point to in a decade during which oil price averaged $100 per barrel.”

“On the housing side, as I said we are in every state including all the states of the South West except Lagos. Each site employs not less than 1,000 people made up of builders, artisans, fabricators, and vendors and we plan to do much more.”

“Through this infrastructure commitment, the President and the government are driving the economy vehicle in the right direction. The last quarter report of the National Bureau of Statistics for Q2 of 2018 shows the following rate of growth in sectors affected by my ministry:”

“i) Transportation – (Road, rail, water and air)  – 21.76%

ii) Construction – 7.66%

iii) Electricity – 7.59%.”

“But it is not just travel time reduction, & economic growth that is impacted, the number of road traffic accidents, injuries and loss of lives are reducing month by month as FRSC figures from June & July 2018 show. While the biggest cause of accidents remains speed violations.”

“Let me close with some specific comments on power in the South West: Magboro, Mowe, Ibafo, Ondo (North and South) are communities who were never connected to power supply before. That story has changed. They are now connected and experiencing power supply. That is Change.”

“This is because we increased generation from 4,000 to 7,000 MW; averaging 1,000 MW per annum; Transmission from 5,000 to 7,000MW averaging 660MW per annum, and distribution from 2,690 MW in May 2015 to 5,222MW in January 2018, averaging 844 MW per annum.”

“We have not finished and we have not reached everybody yet; but many of you can tell the difference now and attest to the fact that things have changed for the better.”

“Ask yourself if you use your generator longer today than in 2015 or if you spend less money on diesel today than in 2015, or if you are getting power supply longer today than in 2015.

Please choose next year according to that answer.”

“Also ask yourself who has done better: 4,000 MW over 16 years at an average 250 MW per annum? Or 3000 MW over 3 years at an average of 1000 MW per annum?

I have addressed the choice before you between going back and moving forward.”

“Let me end my contribution on another issue that is critical to the decision you have to make about your future.

That issue is TRUST.”

“Who will you trust to better manage your affairs. The one who did less with more; or the one that is doing more with less.

Without a doubt, we have done more with less time and with less money. That is change and we remain committed to doing more.”

Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN
Honourable Minister of Power, Works and Housing FMPWH


Atiku vs PMB

We have 2 main candidates. 

But you can abstain. Or you can choose a fringe candidate. You can demand a census or referendum before any election. That's a choice too.

Democracy is freedom.

We have a monogamist and a polygamist. I know what Islam says. I know what Islam prefers. I know about the equality of persons. I know the marital status I will prefer.

We have a former military officer and a former Customs Officer.  I know which institution was more morally flabby. I know the one that was in fact a college of corruption. You can choose as you wish. One was an example in rectitude, cited by his peers. The other was a picture of the  routine moral decadence his parastatal was known for.

Choose whomsoever you like.

We have one candidate respected by foreign leaders and the international community for his integrity. We have another with a sullied international reputation.  I want a leader who can't be deemed by outsiders as fantastically corrupt.  I would have wanted Oby Ezekwesili too.

Choose your candidate. It is democracy.

We have one candidate who has allowed a later day reputation of nepotism and tribalism to rest on him. We have another who has appeared more cosmopolitan.

Make your choice. I will prefer a leader that can heal a fractured nation.

We have once candidate who appears business savvy. it is possible he will be quicker in decision making. And he may be more flexible and more eager to reach helpful compromises.

It's your choice.

We have one candidate who had the opportunity to grab oil wells. But he shunned inordinate wealth acquisition. We have another who worked for government and worked for himself. He exploited his positions in government and fattened his private pockets. I want a leader who isn't possessed by the spirit of compulsive wealth acquisition. You can choose whom you want.

We have a candidate that has put in sweat into railways and agriculture. He has engaged in the biggest social intervention programs this country has ever known. He paid Biafran veterans what had been denied them their life time. He is paying Nigerian Airways workers. We have another candidate who saw  openings in government economic policies and grabbed cakes for himself and his friends.

We have a candidate who deputised in an administration that paid off national debts and privatized public assets. And left a sizeable sum in the treasury. We have another who is frugal but met fragile circumstances that caused him to balloon the national debt profile.

One candidate has mouthed restructuring. When he was in power he resented that topic. The other was willing to look at restructuring when he was out of power. But when he got in he said it was for the NASS to deal with.

Choose your candidate.

Angel Gabriel is not on the ballot.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

The legendary designer and style pioneer, Dapper Dan will be at the GTBank Fashion Weekend – Register NOW to Attend | 10th & 11th November 2018

Fashion Innovator

With his eponymous store on 125th street, Dapper Dan pioneered street wear in the early 1980s, co-opting luxury branding to design original garments with high-end detail. A leading driver of the 80s chic style, Dapper Dan began making clothes in Harlem, during which he was known for giving rap its signature music style, styling everyone from Big Daddy Kane to Mike Tyson.

He then went on to outfit entertainers and other celebrities including Eric B & Rakim, LL Cool J, Salt-N-Pepa, Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, Aaliyah, P.Diddy, Floyd Mayweather and many more.

In 2017 Gucci partnered with Dapper Dan to reopen his atelier as well as release a Gucci-Dapper Dan collaboration exploring the design synergies between the designer and Gucci’s creative director.

Dapper Dan has been featured on platforms including The New York Times, Elle, Vogue W Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, CNN and Netflix. His works have been on display at The Smithsonian, The Museum at FIT, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art.

Date: Sunday, November 11th, 2018.
Time: 4:45pm – 5:45pm
Venue: Plot 1, Water Corporation Drive, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Dapper Dan will be at the GTBank Fashion Weekend to share his insights on Making A Fashion Statement.

To register for his Masterclass click here

Jay Manuel is bringing energy and dynamism to the GTBank Fashion Weekend – Register NOW to Attend | Nov 10th & Nov 11th

Beauty Entrepreneur

Jay is well recognized for the energy and dynamism he brings in the fashion media space as a host, creative director and executive producer on some of the decade’s hottest television shows.

His roles in television include Host of The Style Networks’ makeover series, “Style Her Famous” and as the inspired Creative Director/Judge on the CW Network reality series “America’s Next Top Model”.

He has also hosted “Style Rocks the Red Carpet” for New York Fashion Week and been co-host of “Fashion Police” and has covered the glamorous red-carpet world of celebrity fashion and beauty at the Emmys, The SAG Awards, the Grammys, the Golden Globes and the Oscars.

In 2015, Jay launched Jay Manuel Beauty, a prestige line of cosmetics based on a new Filter Finish collection technology.
Date: Saturday, November 10th 2018.
Time: 3:45pm – 4:45 pm
Venue: Plot 1, Water Corporation Drive, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Jay will be at the GTBank Fashion Weekend to speak on Discover You - In a world of social media and noise.
To register for his Masterclass click here

Friday, October 26, 2018

Fidelity Bank’s 9 Months Profits Soar To N20bn, On Course to Deliver its 2018 Financial Targets.

Lagos Nigeria: October 25, 2018: Fidelity Bank Plc has posted an impressive financial performance for the 3rd Quarter of 2018 and is on course to finishing strong in the 2018 financial year. Details of the 9-months results for the period ended September 30, 2018, released yesterday at the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) showed a double-digit growth in revenues and profitability.

Gross Earnings grew by 6.9% to N139.0 billion from N130.1 billion reported in the same period in 2017 whilst profit-before-tax soared by 23.6% from N16.2 billion to N20.1 billion.  In other indices, total assets grew by 21.9 % to N1,680.8 billion from N1,379.2 billion in the same period last year. Total deposits; a measure of customer confidence, increased by 27.3 % to close at N986.8 billion from N775.3 billion in 2017

We are delighted with our 9 months financial performance with the continuing execution of our medium-term strategy which has further yielded positive results, leading to impressive growth across key performance indices including profitability, total deposits and balance sheet size etc. said Fidelity Bank CEO, Mr. Nnamdi Okonkwo.

According to him the bank has continued to grow its market share driven by significant traction in its chosen business segments such as Corporate, Commercial, SME and digitally led Retail Banking. “Gross earnings increased y-o-y by 6.9 % to close at N139.0 billion primarily driven by the growth in earning assets by 19.2 % which led to a 9.1% increase in interest income to N120.4 billion”, he explained.

Over the years, Fidelity Bank has differentiated itself from its peers by continuously introducing customer – focused digital products to grow its market share and mobilize cheaper funds. Attesting to that, its savings deposits increased by 12.9% to N201.7 billion leading to the fifth consecutive year of double-digit savings growth whilst low cost deposits, now account for 73.6 % of total deposits as shown in the results.

The growth in deposits is further complemented by its digital banking push with has resulted in having over 40% of its customers enrolled on the mobile/internet banking products and recording over 80 % of total transactions on digital platforms.

Despite the high inflationary environment, the Bank’s expenses grew by 6.5% to N50.6 billion due to increased technology investment and higher AMCON Charges. Its cost to income ratio remained relatively stable at 68.4 % compared to 67.5% in the 2017FY. Non-performing Loans (NPLs) Ratio improved to 6.0 % from 6.4 percent in the 2017FY despite a 3.4 % growth in the absolute NPL numbers with the NPL coverage ratio at 109.9 percent. Other regulatory ratios remained above the required thresholds with Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) at 17.0 % and Liquidity Ratio at 38.3 %

Fidelity Bank is a full-fledged commercial bank operating in Nigeria with over 4 million customers who are serviced across its 240 business offices and various digital banking channels. The bank is focused on select niche corporate banking sectors as well as Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).


Dame of Politics and the most outspoken person from Bakassi, Mma BAKASSI, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa who moved to the ruling party the APC just about a year ago, after a protracted simmering issues with her home state Governor then, has blasted the APC where she moved to, has she dumps them, to move back to where she came from in the first instance, which is the PDP.

Just imagine that the well connected, highly influential politician who is also a noted style icon, with many awards in her kitty slamming the APC, as a "house of confusion"! That's a super shocking assessment coming from her and a damning indictment of the party especially ahead of the election year, 2019.

The most visible and the most famous female politician from Cross Rivers State, who apart from being a former Senator, was also at a time the Senate Deputy Minority Leader and a special adviser to the then president tabled a few of the reasons for her change of mind thus--

She stated that in her over three decades in politics, she has not seen the kind of confusion she met in the APC inspite of the kind of forthright President the party produced in 2015 in the person of Mohammadu Buhari and an intelligent Vice President, but recent activities in the APC is nothing but complete confusion.

-"I cannot understand why out of sheer negligence, a party will not be able to present candidates for elections in several key states nationwide.

-“ I cannot understand how any party will have in its ranks popular and trusted leaders who can muster tremendous goodwill for the party and yet treats them with disdain”.

She further went ahead to say  "the party is factionalised, beginning from the ward to the national level, which shows how incapable it is to organise itself and get ready to win an election and so for that reason, she would prefer to swim or sink with her original home, the PDP.

“The experience of the supposed recent direct primaries was also a taste of sour experience where factional interests simply allocated figures and manipulated same as votes after shutting out other aspirants in the race”

The well loved Mma Bakassi further explained that the factionalisation even affected her own ward and local government area, where the party is grappling with the problem of proper resettlement of the people and there are divisions in the party which shows it can never make headway or win against the PDP.

She then called on all her supporters to join her as she returns to the PDP and to ensure victory for the party at all levels.

Mma Bakassi has a rich political history in Nigeria. The 72 year old started her political sojourn as far back as thr days of the NRC, the party from where she became a House of representatives member in 1992. She later became a Senator on the platform of the APP in 1999 till 2003. It was after she left the Senate in 2003 that she joined the then ruling party the PDP and she became the special adviser to the then President Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR, on National Assembly Matters. It was from the PDP last year that she jumped ships and joined the ruling APC from where she has now moved back again to the PDP. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Tolu Bally Set to Celebrate Two Years Anniversary of 2207byTbally With Pop Up Sales and Party

Tolu Bally

Award winning fashion and luxury brand 2207bytbally will be celebrating its two years anniversary as one of the most outstanding fashion brand in Nigeria and across the world.

The luxury brand which is owned by fashion entrepreneur and stylist, Tolu Bally will be celebrating its second year anniversary with a pop-up sale which will make available ready to wear outfits, designs and materials at affordable rates to loyal customers and new ones. The pop up sale will be done in an atmosphere of fun and party where everyone, both celebrities and regular folk can party and buy items from the iconic 2207bytbally brand.

The 2207bytbally brand has been a force to be reckoned with since its inception two years ago, gaining grounds, winning awards and being a home to many fashion inspired and stylish celebrities and individuals.

The fashion brand is known to have styled many Nigerian celebrities such as Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Bolanle Olukanni, Ini Edo, Toyin Abraham, Linda Osifo, Inidinma Okojie, Lilian Afegbai, Beverly Naya and many more. Her statement on celebrities have been adjudged a must have in many circles.

The pop up sale and anniversary party will be happening on Sunday, 18th Of November 2018 in the presence of entertainers, stylists, industry captains and the media at fun hub, Side Walk, Victoria Island, Lagos.

UBA Receiving Entries For National Essay Competition

The UBA Foundation is now accepting entries for this year’s edition of the National Essay Competition. The first prize for the competition is a N2 million educational grant for the winner to study in any African university of his or her choice, a 100% increase from N1m which was awarded last year, while the second and third prizes have increased to N1.5 million and N1m educational grants respectively.

Applicants must be secondary school students, schooling in Nigeria and applications close on 2nd November, 2018.

To apply, qualified candidates must:
1. Attach 1 passport photograph, a photocopy of their original birth certificate or a photocopy of international passport data page.
2. Submit their complete contact information (School Name and Address, Residential Address, Phone number and Email Address)
3. Send Handwritten entries (not more than 750 words) should be sent to:
UBA Foundation, UBA House, 57 Marina Street, Lagos Island, Lagos State.
Applications can also be sent to any UBA Branch in Nigeria

The educational grant is only applicable to students who intend to study in an African University.

LATE ENTRIES will not be accepted


Maybe the video was one of the most anticipated music video ever by a Nigerian music star and now that it has finally come out and it has also elicited much reactions, from fans and others alike.

While many loved the video, which is clear and colourful, their reaction has come mainly from the fact that in the video was Tiwa Savage, who many had claimed was or is Wizkid actual love interest, but with both just keeping it hush-hush. Both stars have never confirmed the relationship though. With each calling each other brother and sister.

In the video though, Tiwa actually acted the part of the love interest quite admirably and very believably. Even if this duo are not lovers like they claim, it's obvious from the video that there is some form of strong chemistry between them. It's quite obvious that they were holding back not to go too far. And if that's acting or make-believe, then both are fantastic actors, worthy of winning either an AMVCA or AMAA in 2019.

Many had also thought that with Tiwa featuring, they had assumed she was going to sing or do a singing part, but alas no, she was just a video vixen acting as Wizkid's love interest in the video!!!!

Truly this fever was actually much and enveloping. See above a few of the many reactions that has trailed the suggestive video. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

GTBank Releases Q3 2018 Unaudited Results …….. Reports Profit before Tax of ₦164.2 Billion

Segun Agbaje

Guaranty Trust Bank plc has released its unaudited financial results for the period ended September 30, 2018 to the Nigerian and London Stock Exchanges.

A review of the results shows positive performance across all financial indices, reaffirming the Bank’s position as one of the most profitable and well managed financial institutions in Nigeria. Gross earnings for the period grew by 8.8% to ₦337.3billionfrom ₦309.9billion reported in September 2017. Profit before tax stood at ₦164.2billion, representing a growth of 9.5% over ₦150.0billion recorded in the corresponding period of September 2017. The Bank’s Loan Book dipped by 12.3% from ₦1.449trillion recorded as at December 2017 to ₦1.270trillion in September 2018, while customers’ depositgrew by 8.6% to ₦2.239trillion from ₦2.062trillion in December 2017.

The Bank’s balance sheet remained resilient with Total assets and Shareholders’ Fundsclosingat ₦3.433trillion and ₦534.3Billion respectively, a2.4% growth from Total Asset Position of ₦3.351trillion as at December 2017, Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) however dipped by 300bps to 22% despite the impact ofIFRS 9 implementation. In terms of Assets quality, NPL ratio and Cost of Risk(COR) improved to 5.6% and 0.1% in September 2018 from 7.8% and 0.5% position in December 2017 respectively. Complementing the improvement noted in NPLs and COR, we maintained adequate Loan Loss coverage of180.6%for Lifetime Credit Impaired Loans (NPLs).On the backdrop of this result, Post- Tax Return on Equity (ROE) closed at 32.7% while Return on Assets (ROA) stood at 5.6%.

Commenting on the financial results, the Managing Director/CEO of Guaranty Trust Bank plc, Mr. Segun Agbaje, said; “Despite operating in a very challenging business environment, our 3rd quarter result is a reflection of how we have appropriately positioned our balance sheet to cope with economic realities. It further demonstrates the strength of our business strategy to deliver financial services that enriches the lives of our customers and creates more value for all our stakeholders.”

He added that, “Going into the final quarter of the year, the Bank will continue to drive its digital-first customer-centric strategy to improve customer experience and expand its range of service offering whilst constantly differentiating itself by maintaining a high standard in service delivery and putting customers at the heart of everything that we do.”

Over all, Guaranty Trust Bank plccontinues to be best-in-class in the Nigerian banking industryin terms of all financial ratios i.e. Post-TaxReturn on Equity (ROE) of 32.7%, Post-Tax Return on Assets (ROA) of 5.6%, Cost to Income ratio of 38.3% and PBT margin of 48.7%. These ratios are testament to experienced Management, efficient Balance sheet structure coupled with operational efficiency of the Bank.

In recognition of the Bank’s stance on world class corporate governance standards, excellent service delivery and innovation, GTBank has been a recipient of numerous awards in the course of the year. They include Africa’s Best Bank for SMEs and Best Bank in Nigeria from Euromoney Magazine, African Bank of the Year from African Banker Magazine, Best Banking Group and Best Retail Bank from World Finance Magazine, Best Bank in Africa for Corporate Governance from Ethical Boardroom Magazine.


Do these girls in anyway have parents, especially mothers at all???? Is it even a terrible joke?????? Imagine the shock to the system when we came across their above adverts, in fact some even left their numbers for contact!!!! Is this the so called "signs of the times"? Or is it one of those fads, those things that come in Vogue and afterwards blows over????

How can young girls or should we say young, highly impressionable demons of seductions just go on rampage like this??? To be tagged a wanton, a loose girl or overly available is what many ladies, women, young girls do not ever want for themselves no matter how much they love to be bedded or how much they enjoy the game, but to now begin to boasts so openly and so outrightly, especially on platforms that have very huge audiences/followership and that could even get to members of your family etc and not caring about the repercussions, takes the cake and says a lot about the people and what the society is gradually becoming or turning to.

Imagine a young lady saying she owes no one no tight pus$&? Another even claims that she is an Olosho, a street slang for a prostitute. Another one says that she can f#@k anything!!!! One claims that bedmatics is her hobby and was game for 3 some for as low as N5000!!!  Imagine the names they even gave themselves-- Surulere, Ikorodu, Ketu Pus$¥!!! Then another called herself iCloud Pus$¥!!!

One says she can do (fu€¥) anyone doable, even her own dad. Imagine our total shock and utter disbelief when we truly tried the contact nos on the post and the number actually existed and the name actually came out as Nofisat Olobo iCloud truly!!!!!