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Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Hamza Koudeih 

Ismaila Mustapha aka MOMPHA 

That Mompha the highly celebrated Internet or better still social media celebrity with the awesome and enviable lifestyle was arrested or better still caught, is now history. What is the very latest in the installment in the edition or series that concerns him now, is that one of his so called accomplices or better still collaborators or co-star (actor) in his drama series has also now being nabbed too.

So like we have rightly said above in the title of this write-up, Mompha's still unfolding saga continues dramatically, and from the vibes we are getting, it seems like the loose noose or lasso on his neck as placed there by the anti-graft body in collaboration with the Interpol, is gradually tightening more and more daily and those many birds that surrounds him, still fluttering around and gliding through the air with utter abandon, like they actually own the world, same way 'Tony Montana erroneously thought the world was his or in his palm, like in that classic 'Scarface movie', might soon still  be caught or caged, as the days goes by.

Like we had said before, the super generous 'Mr. Nouveau rich', little known to the world as 'Ismaila Mustapha' but better known to most as the highly celebrated Mompha, has since adopted singing, in the mold of a K1 the Ultimate/Sir Shina Peters, as a highly dexterous one man band Canary or a hybrid Nightingale, singing as an avowed multi-instrumentalist also as his new hobby. The guy's memory from what we hear seems perfectly intact, with a great ability to recall instances, places, people and occasions.

Only just yesterday, it seems like one of his formerly invisible band members, an important international collaborator, in the person of a so called Lebanese businessman by name Hamza Koudeih was discovered and has been brought into the open to come explain his own part in their many business collaborations/transactions. Hamza would have to help explain to the anti-graft body how he and his band mate(s) were able secure transactions valued at just about 33 billion Naira only.

The wily Hamza was arrested at his $5million valued luxury apartment at the Eko Pearl Towers, Victoria Island address. From what we heard, it wasn't easy at all to penetrate this highly secured/fortified, super luxurious apartment, located at the Eko Atlantic City, the planned super luxurious enclave of the super wealthy that would have no rival in Nigeria, being packaged by the Chagourys. The apartment boasts of the best in security appliances like CCTV and more.  We once had a tour of the place more than a year ago and we can readily attest to the beauty and secure nature of the Eko Pearl Tower, the view alone from the rooms, is breathtaking!

It took the EFCC men more than 3-hours to gain entrance into Hamza's apartment as he and his wife and other occupants had refused to open the door. The door had to be broken down for them to have access to the apartment. When the EFCC officials finally entered the apartment, they found the wife, who claimed that her husband had escaped from the apartment through the window. But he couldn't have as they lived on one of the topmost floors of the 33 storey building. So to have escaped from such a height, would have been suicidal. It was only after a thorough search, that Hamza was found hiding in the ceiling of his room, cowering like a trapped mouse. The officials had noticed that a part of the ceiling in his room was suspiciously sealed. Apparently the 3 hours stand off was used to try to either escape or hide. Most likely also the time would have been used by the husband and wife duo to either hide or throw away some incriminating evidences too.

The search of the apartment by the anti-graft personnel, discovered a fireproof safe which had many charms and talisman inside, which Hamza claimed were his 'prayer objects'. See the picture above.

According to the investigations by the EFCC, it has been discovered that Mompha and his pal, Hamza are highly valued targets of the OCSN which is the Organized Cyber Syndicate Network. Between the 2 of them alone, they have used 3 firms, namely Ismalob Global Investments Ltd owned by Mompha and Hamza's 2 companies namely THK Services Ltd & CHK Properties Ltd via which they laundered N14 & N19 billion Naira respectivel, totalling N33 billion all together.

It has also been discovered that Mompha alone operates 51 bank accounts in Nigeria alone via which he does his money laundering runs. He apparently undervalued the cost of the 5 watches seized from him at his arrest, which he claimed were about N20m, but has since being discovered to be more like N60m. Like we had written in one of our earlier reports, these 5 seized are some of the cheapest in his collection. He has about 3 not part of the ones seized whose value can never be less than $600,000 dollars that's atleast N200m Naira, his 2 Richard Milles alone that's the Yohan Blake & Felipe Massa are about $400,000 dollars. See the picture below, the one on the left alone is limited to only 100. Imagine that Mompha and wife have a his and hers of such a watch. And that's not the only his and hers they own. Forget about the Rolexes that he, his wife and their children all have. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Skeleton double balance wheel below could go for between $100,000 to about $250,000 depending. Even his son owns a made to size AP Royal Oak. So his watch collection could be worth not less than $2 million dollars alone.

From our own underground investigation, Mompha's rise to stardom or fame couldn't have begun further than 2015. According to the underground gist, his well known 'designer loving friend' who was actually 'deported' or had relocated from Malay like they call Malaysia was the one who did the connect. It was this friend, who introduced him to what is now called the G business or that helped to make him a G-boy. He being a Bureau de Change owner, a business he had inherited from his late dad and was running at his pace, was the perfect cover. Apparently he fell in love with the quick, supposedly good money and the rest is now history.

According to the gist, even as his now estranged friend is a lot louder than him, Mompha is supposedly more well to do (richer) than the one that introduced him to the job. According to those who might know, HP the former friend of Mompha might all be more clothes and mouth, than substance-Mompha.

Monday, October 28, 2019


The question above is the multi-million dollar question, loads of people, most especially the many ladies who love him to bits, would love to get a straight-forward answer to or better still a clarification on.

And this question is actually aimed at the 'self styled designer billionaire' who loves and cannot do without flaunting his supposed stupendous wealth with utter abandon. Nearly every day, without a fail, the social media is always filled with things about him either on one shopping spree or the other or him flaunting a new machine that he has just acquired or him just lounging at one first class, 7-stars joint or the other. And always always in his entourage if at all he is with anyone at all, are always guys alone. Although that alone is not why people suspect he his not on the straight and narrow. It has been said or better still suggested, that his actual preference are men like himself, but he is just able to still do the normal because he is actually not ready to come out of the closet yet in full!

Dude is super stylish, fine boy par excellence no doub, who came into some badass humongous money in just the last 3 years that has totally turned his life around hence the outrageous flaunting. And since that money came, it has blown him into the stratosphere in an unbelievable way and turned him into an icon of a kind for his admirers, with many followers in their millions wanting to meet him, be his friends or even those praying to be like him. He is humongously well celebrated all over where he lives, where he has obtained their citizenship. There is even the suggestion that it might have become impossible for him to come home again or he would immediately be picked up. He himself has even aggravated the matter by constantly making a mockery of the anti-graft body, who might have placed him under perpetual watch.

His story is that of a proper grass to grace trajectory and if he were to sit down to write a true life story book about himself and his life, it would most probably be a best seller, many times over. 


Pastor Tunde Bakare

Since 1999, that's about 20 years now, the 'unofficial seat of power' in Lagos has been the residence of the man described famously as the 'Lion of Bourdillon', in the person of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. It is at his place in Ikoyi, Lagos, that everything that happens or must happen to shape Lagos State, Nigeria's smallest but richest state, the one that is also known as the 'state of aquatic excellence', comes from. 

From that formidable enclave of power has emerged and without any interruption whatsoever, 4 succeesive administrations. That's talking about the 8 years of the Asiwaju administration which handed over to another 8 years of the BRF administration which in turn, handed over to the 4 years administration of Akinwunmi Ambode, that now handed over to the present administration of Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu, an administration that some have speculated might only just do 4 years, meaning just a term. Meaning the administration could end by 2023.

The year 2023 from all that's already going on now, by all indications, it promises to be a very interesting one. Just imagine that for a year that's still up coming and that's about 4 years away, (3 years and a few months to be more precise), the kind of jostling, the positioning that's already on going, is highly unprecedented and unbelievable!

As concerning that year and further, one of Nigeria's more prominent personalities who seem to have a inkling about how it could play out, in the person of Pastor Tunde Bakare of the Latter Rain Assembly in his most recent message at his church on Sunday, October 27, 2019 had some major things to say about how things could play out in the future and how it would affect the occupant of the Bourdillon enclave. Though he only gave a cryptic message that mentioned no name or any one, but anyone that could decipher, can easily deduce or place, the direct target of his arrows (that is his fiery pronouncements).

Hear him-
"the people are praising the one who stole from them, and regarding him as a generous man.

"a truly generous man is a man who “devises generous things, and by generosity, he shall stand”.

“The eyes of those who see will not be dim. The ears of those who hear will listen. Also, the heart of the rash will understand knowledge and the tongue of the stammerers will be ready to speak plainly,"

“The foolish person would no longer be called generous. You can say ‘so so and so’ has stolen all the money in the state, but he is a very generous man, you are foolish.

“That’s why potholes are killing you, that’s what pools of water… you can’t drive now anymore because what is meant for road has been stolen since democracy began, they are living larger than life having jets here, having jets there, having house in Bourdillon, having house in this place, having house in that place, having house in every place at the expense of the public.

“You will not go without vomiting what you have stolen. Wait, and see. Because a king will reign in righteousness and princes will rule with justice. Unfortunately, Nigerian people, you celebrate your villains and crucify your heroes.”

"the government has not done right by the people.

“You’re complaining about Flood. Since 1999 the condition of this road for 30 years now since I’ve been here has remained the same. They’ll do patch-patch, join-join, until rain comes and reveal that they have not been right with the people,”

“And you think your children will stand shoulder high above the perversity you have created? I see the race to 2023, congratulations Presidential ‘hope-fools’. You cannot, you have stolen what belong to all.

“You can tell the man, he is a very generous man, he would pay for your hospital bill. Because he didn’t build hospitals. The foolish person will no longer be called generous.

“Woe betides the government that does not know that the purpose of government is the welfare of the people.”

Sunday, October 27, 2019


Lamborghini Mercy..... by Bbyonce

The king & his Muse (Swankyjerry & Mercy Eke) 

Style Queen in the making

Don't get scared, we are not talking of naked flame of any kind here, but just merely playing with words or should we say making use of an appropriate figure of speech literally. The focus of our attention is none else than the dazzling winner of the 'BBNaija Pepperdem 2019' & that's talking about Mercy Eke. She was the last lady and last person standing of all the housemates at the last BBNaija series where she pulverized and annihilated all comers.

Her winning percentage was far more than that of the 2 runners-up Mike & Frood combined. That was just a mere show of the sheer power of the effect she had on people. People actually went all out, to vote her to win. Never before had someone so ignited people like that. We doubt if any elections in Nigeria, had ever gotten such level of excitement and participation ever before.

With Mercy, you either fall deeply in love with her & her antics or you just don't like her. But there was just something very infectious about her. First was that confidence and later fear. Or was it that her signature dance, where she just turns her bum on you at the slightest opportunity and then just twerk her life away with utter abandon? One thing again that was noticed about her from day one was her style.

From what we saw till the end, she never repeated an outfit all through her 99 days in that stifling house. She even had more than enough wigs to flaunt, to the extent she could loan some out. For us we believed that she used the house as her runway, the perfect stepping stone. She was well prepared for the show obviously and with every opportunity given her, she razzle-dazzled us with one impressive outfit after another, always playing to her strength, showing her curves. Truth be told, she was truly the 'queen of highlights', she earned that title well.

She was one person that kept many glued to the TV as everyone wanted to see what she was going to wear or come out with every weekend. The person that did her bum did a good job and she too knew how to work it to maximum effect. Either glam or casual, she was always on point. So she deservedly won. If she didn't, maybe many would have felt short-changed. And they could have protested!!!!!!

And to show that style-wise, she isn't a flash in the pan, she has refused to let down her guard even after leaving the house. Wounding us (in a good way) day in, day out with her impressive style options. She hasn't yet placed a foot wrong in the style department. In fact, we believe she must have won more converts or fans to her side since she emerged from the house.

We actually didn't write a single line for her, all through her stay in the house, even as she caught our attention while she was a house mate. But now we just couldn't resist saying our 2 cents.

It's so incredibly obvious that "Mercy Eke aka Lamborghini Mercy", the gorgeousness with the million Naira ass (M.N.A), is unofficially, the 'most stylish' of all the BBN season's housemates bar NONE. And by that we are combining all the different Big Brother Housemates.

We couldn't just resist how she totally mesmerized us in no small way/measure in this her short, blue outfit. We had 1st thought it was Toke, but had to do a double take, as Toke is a lot more petite.

Here in the picture is Mercy the incredible and her badass stylist, the one and only SwankyJerry. This is perhaps one of the most perfect collaborations we would ever see. Borrowing a statement from our good colleague, Kemi Ashefon, who tagged it the  "stylist & his muse", we have thought to say the king stylist and his princess charming muse, that statement perfectly suites/fit what is captured here.

All great designers from the incredible Christian Dior to the incomparable YSL to the awesome Jean Paul Gauthier & more, all had their favorite muse, who perfectly encapsulated & expressed their most fantastic inner most expressions of style. With Mercy Eke, Nigeria's most famous & one of the most magical of stylist-Swankyjerry seem to have found his forever, most perfect muse yet. And we are truly and overwhelmingly excited about it.

We are in fact, expecting MAGIC of the most incredible & awesome type. Mercy seems to be the most perfect blank canvas ever, either to express style or even for make up too. See in this pictures above, also make up done by the magical hands of bibyonce.

Need we say more!!!

Saturday, October 26, 2019


This fake or scam miracle matter that occurred during the week truly went viral and exposed so much and placed many of the actors of the happenstance under scrutiny. With the attendant public odium that has come on those involved many are already coming out to try to explain their parts in the drama, so as to remove the tag of scam artists already been attached to their names. First to respond was one of the more prominent pastors that was involved in the whole drama, that person being Prophet Chris Okafor of the Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry who via his publicist said yes he met the woman and that she was truly healed by him and that may be the affliction returned after wards.

Now the woman herself who is the chief focus or dramatist in the whole matter has finally come out to debunk the tales that she was a scam artist. She has come out to say that she wasn't acting and wasn't involved at all in any fake miracle scam. She was actually interviewed exclusively (not by us-but by Chris Kehinde Nwandu of CKN News) and she apparently she'd much light on many things.

In the interview she revealed that her name is Mrs. Bose Ola from Ibarapa In Oyo state and that the arm actually had an issue which was as a result of a domestic accident 2 years ago. She went on to say that she had tried to get relief from numerous nos of churches too many for her to remember, but to no avail. She claims that she's been to various churches in and outside Nigeria. And that she went to different men of God or churches because after the miracles she get, her arm returns back afterward to how it was just 2 days after, with the attendant pain and all,

She said it was her sister in law that introduced her to the Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry aka Liberation City and that prior to the introduction she had never met prophet Okafor before. She then now claimed that she was truly and actually healed by prophet Chris Okafor after he ministered healing to her. She further buttresses that it's only prophet Okafor's healing that has lasted now more than the normal 2 days. She also refuted that she has not made nor received a single kobo from her predicament, contrary to the news going about that she got paid a Million Naira each to act the part during the supposed packaged healing drama at the different churches she's visited.. She so said she didn't pay anyone also for the miracle. And that she believes that this one is actually a permanent healing.

Madam Bose Ola claims that if she had gotten the so called million Naira from the churches that she wouldn't look as poorly as she looks now.  


Prophet Chris Okafor 

Mrs. Bose Ola

The very popular and light skinned prophet and leader of the "Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry aka Liberation City" was enmeshed in what was believed to be a fake miracle storm a few days ago as he was seen in one of the several videos that had gained traction and gone viral which showed where a woman-Mrs Bose Ola (picture above) with a supposed stunted or deformed right arm had received a so called miracle to the very arm via Prophet, while in front of all that were present and to their utter astonishment, the arm had stretched out and returned back to normal.

In the video it was seen that while jumping up and down during his ministration as he was performing the so called miracle, the pastor had said that the woman's problem was as a result of witches attack and that if they could do such a thing to the woman, his God can do far more for the woman then. And then he went on to demand from the so called witches the bone and consequently got it back from them and the woman's arm was supposedly healed right in front of multitudes of witnesses. Which first drew so much praises at first and then negative attention afterwards.

It was soon discovered that the woman had been involved in the same miracle 'act/scam' with about 4 other pastors of different denominations and they also had performed the same exact miracle on her too getting the same result, without having the knowledge of others being engaged in the same act before.

It was the discovery of what became tagged a scam that had raised so much public odium against the pastors as fakes, that one of the major ones amongst the 5 being 'Prophet Chris Okafor', who in order to dissociate himself from the tag of being fake and performing fake/scam miracles that he has thought to respond.

In his response which he gave via his supposed publicist a "Sunday Adeyemi", he had this to say - that the woman actually came to their church and was actually truly healed. He went further to say that, the woman could have come across the affliction again after she left, as such was the way with deliverance. Quoting the dude - The woman was in our church really. But you know in this issue of deliverance, some people could be delivered here and then go back to where they stayed before and the attack would return. That was what happened to the woman, he had said.

But the statement above to try to easily rationalize the whole thing/drama as simply as that is somewhat. How does one rationalize the fact that the prophet after having dealt with the so called witches (devil) that afflicted the woman, he didn't fortify her against a return attack or advise her on the dangers of returned affliction. That's because according to the scriptures, a returned affliction is far worse than the former.

Also he should have understood that a return affliction so quickly after a very public miracle if not guided, against could make him look fake/false before the public as it would be thought that everything was stage managed on the first place!

Prophet or pastor Chris Okafor is the 49 year old televangelist and faith healer behind the popular Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry. He has been tagged as 'the most accurate seer of the year' before. 

Friday, October 25, 2019


So who actually was scammed or conned? That's the nagging question on all mouths right now, in the aftermath of this very glaring highest miracle scam of the century in Nigeria involving not less than 6 whooping pastors!

Or maybe we should ask another question, were these so called pastors are in active connivance with this circus act? Did they knowingly package a scam for their so called followers and onlookers? And then if that's still not the case, of they didn't plan with the scam artist to perpetrate the foolishness or madness, then it must be that the pastors themselves were scammed and therefore charlatans of the highest order, as they were staggeringly hoodwinked by the attention seeking, money making woman with the well packaged scam deformity! See foolishness to the power of infinity on utter display! Sad thing though was that many of their congregants, extra gullible souls at that, if not all, already fell for the sham or scam or scheme, hook, line and sinker. No wonder one is advised strictly to test all spirits, to ascertain if they be true or not. Na wa!!!!!

If the 2nd part above is the case, then those pastors and their so called gullible followers should go and hide their heads in the mud. It must then mean also that all the pastors involved and many more are actual artists and actors, who should be packaged for the next Oscars or Emmy awards too.

One same woman & 6 fools, calling themselves pastors. All scam artists, hoodwinking the public with drama in the name of miracles. One same woman, same miracle on the same right arm performed by all of them in their different churches at different times. Just imagine the money the woman would have made from the different churches as the scammed congregants would have rushed to support believing she's has been suffering so much all this time, so she must be helped!

In one of the several videos, one of the pastors spoke about witches doing the deformity to the woman and then he went about claiming or calling back the bones supposedly stolen, back from the witches or the witches coven! Just imagine that? God claiming something back from witches like He needs help from them. Then he began to jump around and gesticulate like something had possessed him, for the bones to stretch back into place. All the while this whole shenanigan were going on, you can see and hear as the onlookers were shouting in awe, in fact in one of the churches, a lady was heard loudly exclaiming-Ebube! Ebube!! Ebube!!!

And since all of these people have been confirmed as fakes, they then all should be arrested and prosecuted as they are a danger to the society and public. 

Thursday, October 24, 2019


We have no issues whatsoever with anyone indulging in anything they feel is good for them or that helps to boost their confidence. Many have had to do it, to help correct what accidents of all kinds, might have screwed up terribly. So that's great. But there have been too many instances too, where people have just indulged in it just for the fun of it.

For those in this category. It's a quest to just re-do whatever it is they have considered nature's mistakes. In their minds, they believe that maybe nature cheated them or short changed them, so with the opportunity to try to make amends available, nothing is ever again going to stop them from achieving what they consider their dream bodies. So however it can be done, no matter the risk and cost, they don't mind going under the knife to correct such problems or achieve their goal.

While there have been so many successes, so many in fact too numerous to count, there have also been many mistakes too, in fact even casualties too and that's scary! Remember it was the complications from a liposuction gone bad that eventually killed a well known person not too long ago. Just like we have in many professions, smart alecs and charlatans, who just want to experiment, just so they can make money abound in loads. But also there are qualified personnel too, who knowing very well their own limitations should embrace restrain, but instead of accepting such, they have preferred to be seen as a jack of all trades, master of all. So just bring any job, we go do am!

This particular doctor, a  celebrated plastic surgeon for that matter, is well known, especially since plastic surgery became the in thing in Nigeria. And since he emerged on the scene with his practice, he has done loads and loads of jobs, a quite many successful ones at that. And by virtue of that he believes he has become extraordinary at doing many of the procedures that have been brought his way. In fact he has become very cocky, over confident and somewhat rude.

But this particular liposuction that he did around June/July has turned into a super ugly thing. What was supposed to have emerged better and given the person operated on renewed confidence, has emerged even far worse now, than what was there before. It's even a grotesque mess. And the particular victim is so ashamed and embarrassed of the botched job now, she feels too embarrassed to shout out.

The SW dude from all indication is so cocky now that it has turned to rudeness. The reason majorly for that is also because he sees himself as the salvation of all gullible women who aren't satisfied with their bodies and would go to any length to try to make a cosmetic change. So the demand from what we hear, is so far above the supply, hence the cost (price) is not cheap and the one that makes the magic happen can afford to be cocky.

Like we said before, we cannot begrudge anyone for wanting to help shore up their own self-esteem and confidence, but that's only when the process or procedure used in achieving such is not harmful and very safe and wouldn't add more problem at the end of it all! But the plastic surgery thing has since become like a dime in a dozen now in Nigeria. Just imagine that in the length of time the thing became more popular here, a number people have even died untimely in the process in recent times! And guess what, such deaths have been hushed!

Just imagine a secretary/trainee nurse/attendant, at a point leaving her popular boss, to go set up her own clinic, claiming to know how to do such procedures too! And then the not so easily  reversible accidents that have occurred at such kind of clinic, with people even dying and then such had to be kept hush hush. Very recently such a thing happened in Abuja to a lawyer and what has come out of it? Nothing!

Loads off botched jobs abound all over, here and there. Many have had to go re do what had been done before. And why wouldn't such be the case, when the ladies are literally queuing up to have one thing or the other done. In fact, some are even begging for discounts too, so they could go do theirs too! These doctors are so busy with appointments back to back that, they have jobs waiting for several weeks ahead. With such schedules, mistakes are definitely sure to happen.

In Lagos now, if you see 10 ladies (married and single) at most functions, at least about 4 to 6 of them, have had things done on their bodies just for the fun of it or to impress some men. Boobs, stomach, bum etc. The bum in particular is the most happening part to do now. The kind of bazookas or humongous edifices some people are carrying behind them now, are totally unbelievable. It's like they have stuffed massive pillows down their backs now and they carry those grotesque things with so much pride and aplomb, it's laughable. We can name names, but that's not necessary right now.

Back to the lady we were on about, her stomach which was done about 4 to 5 months ago is botched and she's ashamed now to let people know. Apparently when she reported back to the dude, he just told her it would get better and it hasn't. So now that the 1st surgery is like money down the drain and to correct now would be more money again and then just imagine the risk!

To our ladies, you all need to be careful. A word is enough for the wise. Any which way though, na your bodies ooooo. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Mompha with EFCC

Mercedes G wagon 

Rolls Royce 

Orange McLaren 

Yellow Ferrari 488 Spider 

Rolls Royce Wraith Eagle VIII

The 3 watches here are close to $2,000,000

The EFCC, Nigeria's foremost anti-graft organization have finally confirmed that the Nigerian but Dubai based big boy and social media sensation, Ismaila Mustapha aka Mompha is in their custody. With that confirmation, it lays to rest the thought that the arrest was affected by Interpol.

Speculations had been rife in the wake of the dude's arrest that he was in the custody of Interpol, which they later debunked. But the EFCC have now confirmed that the rich dude's eventual arrest was facilitated by the collaboration of the 2 organizations (EFCC & Interpol.

Mompha had apparently been under watch for a while and maybe he got an inkling, he could be arrested in Dubai, so he escaped somewhat to Abuja, Nigeria. Where he was apparently traced. He had landed in Abuja, Nigeria and showed off on ig in one of his last posts as having arrived or landed safely in the Federal Capital as sky lord. He was allowed to do whatever it was he wanted to do in the town, it was afterwards when he was on the plane to fly away back to Dubai that he was then arrested. And he has been in incarceration since then.

On him at the time of his arrest were about 5 very expensive watches with a conservative estimate of about 20 Million Naira and it could be far more than that. There was a Rolex Oyster Perpetual in stainless steel and gold, same type as owned by his kids too, and then at least about 2 Audemars Piguet Royal Oaks, one of which was all gold and 2 other watches. Though the EFCC have not been too forthcoming as per the reason or reasons for his arrest, they were not shy to allege that it was not unconnected to graft. Some have even speculated though that it might have been connected to a fraud of about $5million dollars (not confirmed).

One of the major reasons why Mompha might have come on the radar of the international police and even the EFCC might have been because of his super extravagant lifestyle. You claim to own a bureau de change, but the kind of money you flaunt on thr social media is so extraordinary, that it couldn't have been just a BDC business that could have brought such kind of money in. At least in this dude's garage right now are about 5 cars said to be worth in excess of ($1,763, 326 million dollars alone), that's about at least (N634,797,360 million NAIRA), that's very close to a billion Naira. And that's for just 5 cars alone. Those cars includes a $450,000 valued Rolls Royce Wraith Eagle VIII, one of the only 50 of such a car that would ever be available in the world. It is claimed that he is the first and only African yet, to have bought one that alone at N180m. Then there's the Lamborghini Aventador, not to talk of the Ferrari, McLaren and other humongous cars.

Just imagine that the boastful dude had alleged owing at least 50 of such state of the art cars which would have meant the value of his cars alone, would have been in the excess of N5 billion Naira. If just one man can own cars, worth about 5 billion Naira or more, then just imagine the value of his very many wrist-watches 5 of only which were valued at more than N20M Naira only. His collection of Richard Mille alone cannot be less than $1.5m dollars, when one of his favorite alone that's the 'Richard Mille Yohan Blake 59-01 Tourbillon' cost just $620,000 that's just about N223,200,000 and it could be more, especially if its the one that which has only 50 of it made in the world. So his 2 Richard Mille watches alone is about N500 million Naira.

Mompha is so staggeringly wealthy that even his kids have their own Rolexes and AP's made to size. What this stupendous wealth actually points to is that maybe Mompha is the nos 1 BDC owner in the whole of the emirate, maybe the preferred one for even the Emirati most elite too. A conservative estimate of Mompha's wealth would say he could be worth from between $50 to $150million dollars.

From what the EFCC have now alleged, Mompha apparently wasn't just operating a BDC in Dubai and wherever he might have his branches, he was actually just using the BDC as a cover to do far more clandestine but shady shit. So now that he has been arrested, we hear he is already being very cooperative. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2019


For any to say they don't know or have not in one way or the other come across the 3 names above very very well in the last 2 to 3 years would mean that such a person claiming such ignorance is probably from Mars, Mercury, Saturn or Pluto. Even at that, such inhabitants of those far away planets cannot deny not knowing those three names. These 3 are just a few of the so called super rich young men, some call them billionaires that came into our consciousness like a bolt out of the blue all in the space of the last 5 years.

These young men came in and made the old filthy rich guys/men look like they only had peanuts and are probably peasants. They flaunted their "wealth" with abandon in the faces of people like they didn't give a care in the whole world. In fact even songs or lyrics in their support came pouring out like the very lives of the singers/musicians, depended on it. Remember such lyrics like "if you no get money, hide your face". And others like it. These guys and so many others like them, became icons to many youths, many who didn't care that their new heroes seem not to have any pedigree or backgrounds or history whatsoever, for those youths their new motto became, 'make money at all cost, no matter what'. So whether the money is from organ harvest, yahoo-yahoo, yahoo plus, it doesn't matter as long as money has come.

You see extreme, extraordinary, totally vulgar and extravagant display of crazy amount of cash in foreign currencies; display of  monsters on wheels-likes of the very latest Ferraris, Rolls Royce, Lamborghinis, Bentleys etc just name it; buying of designer garbs of all kinds (extreme daily shopping that baffles understanding, like the money is limitless; travels in first class or private jets to exotic places in Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Greece, Paris and Co; outrageous display of wealth at some of the best hotels and lounges possible, such as the 7-star Burj al Arab& other similar places like it.

When many of these guys whose vocations one couldn't readily ascertain or point to came into this wealth, what they came into must have been humongous ooooo. It was like they even owned the banks in those places, that they became like lords. Their parties were so extravagant, that even those whose wealth were somewhat certified couldn't dare compete with them. We can remember very well an out of this world party about a year or more ago. Where the kind of cars in thr entourage of the couple marrying has never been so vulgar like that before. Close to 40 states of the art cars one after the other and the couple in a spanking Rolls Royce. The money sprayed at that party on that day couldn't have been less than 100million Naira. The party even had strippers or go go dancers entertaining naked.

People like Mompha and Hush-puppi also known as 'Igbalode', Self-Paid and the likes became the new lords of the manor. But just like they came like bolts out of the blue, it seems like the chicken might have suddenly come home to roost now. Self-Paid now in Ghana, like several of them have ran away or gone underground to avoid the law. The fear of the EFCC now has become the beginning of wisdom. Have we now not seen the reduction in the outrageous and vulgar display of wealth on the streets, like it was 2 years ago? Most night clubs that just sprang up anyhow then, are shutting down for lack of patronage. Those that are still around are more careful now so as not to draw unnecessary attention their way.

So on Thursday, October 17,2019 in Abuja, the FCT to be more precise, after Mompha had arrived Abuja and had had his fun and was about going back to wherever he was on his back way to, the long arm of the law crept and clamped on him to arrest him or invite him for questioning! He was already on the plane luxuriating, waiting for the flight to go, when the 'men in black' came for him. People are still speculating on whether it's the EFCC or Interpol, that clamped him. And since that day, he has remained incognito or best incommunicado. With people speculating on whether he is in Abuja or now flown to Lagos, but those who feels they know are picking Lagos to be the most likely spot he would be. From what we hear, the usually boastful and generous Mompha is most likely already singing like a well fed Nightingale. According to this folks thdy believe very well he would have since become a one man band, singing bass, treble and soprano, and playing all of the instruments available all by himself, whilst playing the lead and then the supports too.

So are speculating that this might actually be the beginning of the end. Just imagine that this is actually his 2nd arrest in the space of 2 months! If he was actually smart, why didn't he just go underground for a while?

Who in fact is Mompha the big boy? According to those that might know a thing or two about him, he is the son of the owner of the biggest bureau de change in Ikoyi before. He is about 30 plus years old and he cut his teeth under his father before branching out on his own to do the same business too, albeit in Dubai. So is it the bureau de change business, where you make between 1 & 3 dollars per a certain amount, that has made him so filthy rich like this, to the extent that he became a Father Xmas of extraordinary proportion? Most definitely not. Apparently he was introduced into another money spinning business maybe real estate business or fashion or lifestyle influencing by his former friend now turned enemy, Hush-Puppi a while back and the rest like they say has since become history.

Since his 'arrest', unconfirmed gist says that Hush and Woody might have somewhat gone underground, that's because of its Interpol like some have speculated then yawa don gas be that. But we would try to confirm that though. Hush like you all already know is the well known self-styled 'Gucci billionaire', who has bestrode Dubai like a colossus since he got there about 2 years now. He and Mompha were 2 & 3 before they fell out publicly and then took each other to the cleaners thereafter.

Woody on his own is said to be Hush-Puppi's man Friday. The dude that picks up all his bills every where they go. Once Hush snaps his finger, Woody makes magic happen immediately (Woody is Hush puppy bill payer).

Would Mompha open up and point finger? That's the question on many mouths right now. We believe that soon, we might begin to see the effect of this big arrest or invitation around soon. Remember very well that not too soon after the arrest and expose on Invictus the Forbes rated billionaire, an FBI dragnet swept out many from their hide outs across the world.

One thing we know for sure though is, it's nearly going to be impossible for Hushpuppi to step foot into Nigeria for a long time to come. 


A good, kind-hearted, quite generous, an all round gentleman to the core and a friend of the house, who is a consummate musician and professional by all standards one can conjure, who has shown his extraordinary skills with many acts both at home and internationally was recognized and rewarded for his diligence, dedication, hardwork and excellence over the weekend.

Henceforth, Wilson Joel, musician extraordinaire, a wonderful craftsman, whose immense gift has seen him show his talent in Nigeria, South Africa, the US & more would now be addressed as Dr. Wilson Joel.

So just on Saturday of October 19, 2019, he was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in Music and Management by ESCAE University Benin, Cotonou at a well attended ceremony. For those that do not readily recognize Dr. Wilson, he is the very able music producer a.k.a MUSICMAGNATE and has been for over 2 decades now, he founded his music company, Doxology Music via which he has helped loads of career in music and management to grow. He has cut his teeth in the industry for more than 2 decades now.

So he is not a flash in the pan, neither is the award undeserved. So we here at Maestro's Media are happy to say a massive Congratulations to him.

Monday, October 21, 2019


Nwanneka Nkumah aka MizWanneka 

To be a big player in the lifestyle sector now seems like the best thing to do. Most especially to be an hair merchant, as nothing seems to compare to it right now in terms of making good profit. Those engaged in it are seemingly raking in the money in loads and torrents. Ask the likes of Chioma Ikokwu & Kika Osunde of Good Hair. Also ask Akunna of Kuku's Hair and most especially too, ask MizWanneka, who just took delivery of her very own 120m Naira rated 2020 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG in matt black! That she bought with her sweat and hardwork.

Nwanneka Nkumah aka MizWanneka, the self styled Africa's Nos 1 hair boss, whose entrepreneurial prowess has been commended  & rewarded took delivery of her monster on wheels, just a few days ago and it has been celebration galore since then.

The 9 speed automatic gear box monster has a starting price of $147,500, and that's just for starters. Multiply that by a base N360 exchange rate, that equals about N53,100,000 plus, then add 70% clearing which is (35% import duty and 35% levy) that also comes to about N37,170,000 making a total of about N90,270,000. The 90 plus million is just for starters as the car could even cost more depending on specification and the clearance could still have some other additional too. So we are talking of an SUV costing between (100 to 120million Naira).

Whoever then that claims that there's no money in the hair business in Nigeria is most definitely a bloody liar!

Akunna of Kuku's Hair who is probably one of the biggest in the luxury hair market in Lagos and most probably in Nigeria, regularly carries her 'Hermes Birkin in Crocodile' amongst several other ones, which could come to about $150,000, that's about N54million Naira for one bag, which would most conveniently buy the 2020 G63 AMG, without batting an eye and one would still collect good change from such a purchase.

The super stylish Akunna Nwala-Akanmo, who is a married mother of one, with the' 'awesomely bodacious body' is an avowed fashionista of note, who most likely could own more than one of that most coveted of bags in her enviable collection. We have heard several times about how her wardrobe and collection are a to die for. But this story is not about her, but about Nwanneka.

To also show how that the hair business must be a major money spinner, one can also see how 2 of the most visible in the business too, in Kika Osunde and Chioma Ikokwu, are always lounging luxuriously, having the best of fun, wearing the best of designer garbs and carrying the best of accessories too like they owned the companies making those things. Flying about to some of the most exotic places in the world in business class or upper, like they are trekking to VI. Their wardrobes must be in excess of millions and millions of Naira. If all things work out as they would, even Chioma from what we hear, could be launching a humongous car/SUV soon, maybe a Velar or something much more awesome and costlier. We are waiting and watching. Her multimillion Naira home or penthouse in Ikoyi, already speaks volume.

One other person cruising about town in her own AMG G63 for a bit now is @badgirlkelly. Her own though is one kind of those gorgeous cappuccino color, which always-always gets people's nods of admiration whenever they come across it.

From how the elated Nwanneka expressed happiness at receiving her new car, as she says grace and hardwork is what has brought her thus far. We are too sure that this is just the beginning.

Read what she said as she expressed her joy in full above in the picture.



It is very obvious that ex-model, shoe designer and former very public partner of Nigeria's bad boy rapper Ikechukwu, by name Sarah Ofili now Sarah Adukeh is in the happiest space of her life presently. Over the years and since after she got married, she has been able to re-invent her life. She dated Ikechukwu then who had a great career for a few years, but whose trajectory has gone totally comatose now for 4 turbulent years. Gone now are the days of just appearing in the news just for the sake of it. It is most obvious now that with responsibility now comes maturity and we greatly commend her for this.

Everything about the gorgeous lady now speaks contentment. She exudes love from deep within that radiates all around her on the outside so gorgeously. And now at just about clocking 35 years old and on the 9 month course (pregnant) and in fact in her 3rd trimester at that (what a beautiful birthday gift), she's so happy to let the world see her at her most gorgeous form now, with her beautiful baby bump.

Sarah who is now Mrs. Adukeh had gotten married in December of 2017 at a beautiful traditional ceremony in Asaba, Delta State to her then beau now husband and just near 2 years after (would be 2 years exactly this December of 2019), the couple are now expecting their first child together.

The elated mama (mom) to be gushing with pride, was so happy to exclaim her joy as she waxed lyrical on her ig page saying -

“What a day! What a journey! What a time of my life!! Counting down to my 35th bday, and am just so grateful to be able to celebrate such a milestone with my most precious gift from God. Aint God good!!!🙌 am not one to write epistles on the gram… but let me tk a min to appreciate my peeps! @jujufierce @mniqsamuel @p.i.n.e_a.p.p.l.e_ thank u for making my journey alot easier, Thank you for the laughs, tears, encouragement and sitting for hrs thru the shoot making sure it was exactly wat i wanted! Thank you @jujufierce for the endless effortless hrs u put into making everything happen even wen i wanted to give up, Now i wish we tk more baby bump pics 🙄🤣 AND BIGGEST THANK YOU TO MY HUBBY @zsihughez for everythinggggg.” (sic)

Sunday, October 20, 2019


And so earlier this morning, Sunday, October 20, 2019 to be more precise, a super elated Davido, Nigeria's current hottest international music property (music lord) welcomed to this world his newest son, 'David Adedeji Ifeanyi Adeleke Junior'.  And the proud father and husband, as he gushed appreciatively that "OMOBA TI DE" meaning 'the prince is here' 20-10-2019, he pronounced again his love for his wife, whilst also immediately commending the wife, Chioma, for her strength--saying Love you my STRONG WIFE @thechefchi.

Apparently the music star was at the hospital with his wife, when she dropped the 'October boy'.

And since he giddily announced the birth, it has been an avalanche, an unprecedented outpouring of congratulations from far and wide and all over.

And we too join the line up and chorus too to say, welcome baby boyyyyyy!!! And a heartfelt congratulations to your parent- Davido and Chioma too.

Long may you live in great health! 

Saturday, October 19, 2019


Cynthia aka 'cy4luv212' is a beautiful, stylish and quite well known (very very popular) lady about town. A regular at Honorable Shina Peller's upscale Night Club/lounge Quilox. Some even say that she's like the club owner, top businessman's little sister, some sort of protégé.

There had been some speculations about town that cupid had finally-finally hit the right target with his super love drenched arrows, with the fortunate target being Cynthia-CY as most know her to be and that love had finally swept her off her feet totally and unconditionally and that of recent, she had been living in giddy land  luxuriating helplessly and with utter abandon in the embrace of love, as a loved up dude was all over, giving her maximum attention.

So finally, just last night, Friday, October 18 into early morning of October 19, 2019 to be more precise, her knight in shining armour with her in tow, walked into the venue of their surprise engagement party and right in front of a few select those that matter to them, the somewhat chivalrous dude, while on bended knee with a rock in his hand, asked his damsel, here now not in distress to be his for forever. As expected, Cynthia in front of the witnesses cooed the expected Yes!

The reason a whole lot of people are super happy and relieved for the beautiful Cynthia is because, she has not been quite lucky in love over time. She's been hot hot for quite a bit now and on the radar of a whole lot of dudes, some you could refer to as both big boys and small pretenders too, many have painted humongous 'castles in the air', offering to be her prince charming, all in the attempt to swim her precious river only to cut short the dream mid-way.

But her husband to be, her mysterious but delightsome prince charming has finally landed and has swept her off her feet, professing love forever profusely. Though his identity is not well known yet, at least you can see the picture of the dude above.

May this beautiful association come to full fruition insha Allah.

Congratulations people!!!!