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Sunday, August 20, 2017


She's one of the most in your face and most celebrated celebrity in the country right now.

Soon we believe that Toke MAKINWA would copyright her name as a brand that might soon be attached to brands and products, that's how fast growing her brand is seemingly growing and she's smiling to the banks for it. 

One other major thing she's known for is her style, though we believe that the word "style icon" is too big to be used for her now, it doesn't take away the fact that she's a "class act fashionista" and influencer. And she's sure on the path towards being a throughbred style icon of the future. 

She was a guest at this year's edition of the annual "Glitz Style Awards 2017" in Accra, Ghana just yesterday and her choice of outfit- simple, classically cut, embellished floor length outfit from young designer TUBO that she styled or "garnished" with that gorgeous mink stole, totally and scrumptiously killed it. Tubo is set on ruling the world of fashion in a very short period of time. This particular garb we hear is from her 2017/2018 yet to be released officially collection.

The theme of the party was "Vintage" and Tokestar and her stylist did a fabulous job no doubt. 

The gorgeous looking Toke, shone like a million stars at the event, like those revolving gorgeous disco lights. We are sure Marilyn Monroe or better still Diana Ross in her glorious heydays, inspired the garb. 

Her make up was beautiful and totally on point. Only little snag was that fringe hair style. For someone of her built and height and even face structure, the illusion of height, with an up do, would have given her 110% on the style stake. She's got a beautiful neck and a gorgeous face, that this hair seems to hide, so why hide? 

Even at that, she still got healthy 90plus% from us. In fact this outfit reminds us of Rihanna in something similar, that she wore to an award a while back that got everyone talking!  

Kudos Tokestar! 
Let your let so S.H.I.N.E!!!!


Willie Obiano
The upcoming November 18, 2017 Governorship election in Anambra would be very very interesting. The assertion majorly is because it would pitch a well known very hardworking, incumbent action Governor against some very formidable opponents likes of Osita Chidoka and a few others who haven't yet won their party primaries, who just mere looking at them alone and what they have at their disposals, are titans.

If one were to carefully look at some of those wanting to take over from the incumbent very carefully and deeply at the same time, not just on the surface, some very interesting things would pop up too.

That November 2017 election would be a fight for the very soul of Anambra State. Imagine the the caliber of those who have shown interest, likes of Senator Andy Uba, Capital oil boss Ifeanyi Ubah, former beleaguered Minister for Aviation, Stella Oduah and many others.

Former Governor Peter Obi, with his exemplary leadership style had created a fantastic foundation upon which the current Governor has built enviably on, which is what has majorly endeared him to his people.

Anambra, is most probably the headquarters of the Ibos and though probably the most cosmopolitan of the South Eastern states, with very many of the core wealthy ones amd very educated ones from there, no matter how you look at it, it is still a "civil service state". So to be able to win any election in the state therefore, you would most probably have had to impress the state' civil service who are the influencers in the state.

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Friday, August 18, 2017


Before this showcase, the brand already had a major "celebrities" followership that's great, for many of the stars love their kind of bedazzled effect, which is what the brand is majorly known for.

Now with this first very successful London showcase at the just concluded Africa Fashion Week London AFWL 2017, that held at the iconic "Freemasons Hall" in London, the brand in one fell sweep delivered a statement of intention to rule the world of fashion.

There's is a simple package, which seems to be working for them. That simplicity is obviously their USP. So if you want to stand out from the crowd or just want to announce your entrance in a cool, rock star way, go "Blingshikified". Lols #blingshiki #afwl2017 #freemasonshall #blingshikified

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A mother's joy at carrying her own baby in her womb for that 9 month is incomparable to many other experiences she undergoes through her lifetime, no matter what those other experiences might be.

That 9 months period is when that unique attachment, that "special connect" is made that would take only something extraordinarily monumental to break.

If a mother hen can be so protective of her chicks against any attack, these are chicks that came from eggs that's more nurtured on the outside than inside, how much more a woman, who carries her own all of 9months inside herself and watches the baby grow gradually from just a foetus to a big baby!

New mother and "dame about town" and the owner of Oasis MedSpa, the one and only Freda Francis aka Olivia Pope, aka 007 here in beautiful array, in these picture perfect shots taken not too long ago while still pregnant, just"looked back" yesterday at the gorgeousness of her blooming belly, showcasing the beauty of life and her pregnant beauty before she finally popped very recently.

In the first so soothing picture, you can even see how the Sun was somewhat extending his fingers in form of rays to envelope the then still blooming mama to be.

We congratulate her! 



The 2nd edition of what is gradually becoming the most important and most significant Cultural pageant in Nigeria, the Queen Moremi Ajasoro Pageant is gaining momentum more and more by the day and from all indications, this year's event is going to be extraordinary by all standards.

The organisers from all that is available for all to see, are leaving no stone unturned to deliver an event that would impress all, while at the same time showcasing what's beautiful, what's great and what's exemplary about the Yoruba culture and tradition.

One of the most important and most significant criteria for participation according to the organisers is that, "the QMA pageant" is opened to all Yoruba maidens across the world! No matter where you are currently, whether in Nigeria or in the diaspora, you are "free" to participate as long as your origin is Yoruba.

There's no restrictions as per whether you are from Ogun, Osun, Ekiti, Ondo, Lagos etc, as long as you are Yoruba and can trace your origin, your eligibility status is most assured, every other criteria like being between 18 and 25, being able to communicate in the language and also a world recognise international language like English or French etc are a given.

Whoever is going to epitomize one of the most important cultural icon and heroine of the Yoruba culture, must also have the expected cerebral capacity and the beauty. The queen is going to be attached to the highly revered and most important Yoruba monarch in the world, in the person of the great Ooni of Ife. Meaning that she would work with the imperial majesty's palace as a "Cultural Ambassador". What this entails is awesome and better experienced.

The Queen is going to enjoy some of the best pamperings ever, that a queen should experience, imagine that the winner is going to be set up for life with ₦5million grant for a business, this is apart from also winning a brand spanking "new car" as a prize amongst other gifts and pecks of office. Just imagine traveling around the world also, all expenses paid!

As we speak, registration is going on in earnest and unlike all other pageants, the registration is completely FREE!!!

Thanks to his Imperial Majesty, the Ooni, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, the Ojaja II, who in his magnanimity has borne all the registration costs, so all eligible maidens of Yoruba origin can participate free of charge without any burden whatsoever on themselves.

So for more information and enquiries about participation please check  and also all the social media handles for more about the QMA 2017.


After the very long wait which seemed like eternity and that was accompanied with trepidations of fear, that anything could happen in his case against the state on the 9 counts allegations of fraud and grand theft, Nigerian beloved musician, Oyindamola Emmanuel Johnson Hunga aka Dammy Krane has beaten the fraud rap!

Although he had vehemently denied all the allegations from the very beginning, stating his innocence from the get go, many didn't truly believe him and most didn't give him any chance of beating the rap, so there was that trepidation of fear as many thought that nemesis might have caught up with the "innocent" dude. So, good for him, let him face the law for his "supposed" foibles. Some even went as far as saying categorically that he was a confirmed Yahoo boy!!!!

So it came as a major sigh of relief from all and then a spontaneous bust of deep rooted thanksgiving as the 9 charges, which had hung on the neck of the very talented star, like a hangman noose or like an albatross, were all quashed by the court at the resumed hearing. Judge De La O'Miguel who heard the case, struck out the whole charges and closed the case, effectively dismissing all charges against Dammy Krane. 

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


It was just about a year ago, that the whole merriment and fanfare began, it was like the highly revered king had fallen in love forever and ever with a match, made in the stratosphere. It was the union of ancient connection, with Ife and Bini coming together to forge a union supposedly blessed by the gods of the land.

According to the gist then, out of the many could have been the one, Olori WuraOla was the preferred choice of the ancients, the exception. The dieties being immortals with the abilities to see out of the ordinary, must have seen something that others who are just mere mortals didn't see, being mere puns in the hands of the gods and goddesses alike. So who they picked, was the irreversible choice that must be accepted.

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Chief & Chief Mrs. Peller

Aare Gbobaniyi & Yeye Aare

Chief Mrs. Ayobola Peller
Night club impressario and man about town, known for his generosity by all and sundry, that is "Chief Shina Peller" is a known man of the people.

Many have ascribed him that title of the "king of nightlife" in Lagos, albeit Nigeria, especially with the success of his brand Quilox, which has since become the standard by which others are weighted and judged in the country.

Shina obviously seems to have the "Midas touch", when it comes to running a joint in Lagos. His lounge/night club-Quilox is where the richest, most happening and the most "unbridled spenders" always prefers to converge.

Of recent he has been in the news for the other major thing he is known for, which is philanthropy. Shina Peller is known to be an "unrepentant giver", who believes strongly in helping to make life easy for others.

Maybe this good heart of his, is what has always brought his number one known business a lot of goodwill. His "Quilox" customers are known to be big spenders, many of who even competes openly on how to out spend each other most often.

Only very recently, he sponsored single handedly an age grade football competition in Oyo State, for which many youths competed and for which he got a good pat on the back.

To crown it all, just a day ago, just for visiting the palace of the Aseyin of Iseyin (King of Iseyin), an ancient town in Oyo State not far from Ibadan- which is renowned as the "home of Aso-Oke", that highly coveted traditional attire of the Yoruba's.

Iseyin is also the birth place of Shina's famous dad, the late renowned "Master Magician" of yore, who many say is probably the greatest "African master illusionist", the late "Professor Moshood Abiola Peller" better known as just Professor Peller.

Shina and his wife were both honoured by the king of his homestead with the new chieftaincy titles of Aare Gbobaniyi and Yeye Aare Gbobaniyi of Iseyin. The honour apparently came as a surprise to Shina and wife, as she expressed same in her speech afterwards. Thanking the monarch and chiefs, for the honour done to her husband and her.

The installation was such a surprise that madam had on only a quickly borrowed "Quilox fez cap". Congratulations to the boss of Aquila Group and gorgeous Madam on this new honours.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Mama Mia! Whoever it was that styled Uriel Oputa for this event should win a Grammy for styling, if ever there was an award like that. So kudos to the da duchess for a good job well done.

All the elements of style and elegance aligned totally for the ex #bbn2017 hot housemate with the voluptuous body.

The styling was totally on point, as it accentuated her curves to maximum effect. The colour choice was "ace" as it was superiorly cool and not shouting in a vulgar manner, the confidence exuded was totally welcoming, it was a good mixture of innocence and sassiness, with that disco vibe of the likes of Diana Ross and the make up and hair.....first class.

Hair was from URIEL's own personal brand Uriel London Wig and she apparently did her own make-up, clap clap clap!

The garb was what she wore to the City People Entertainment Awards over the weekend.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Adaobi Nwakuche and Ndidi Obioha

Mr & Mrs Osita & Patricia Onumonu

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! The excitement has refused to subside since Saturday, July 29, 2017 which was the d+day of the grand opening of the Trish 'O' Plaza on 27, Karimu Kotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

That date was the official opening of the new HQ of the top Nigerian fashion brand Trish 'O' Couture. It was also the day of the official launch of the brand's new business venture, which is "Trish 'O'Luxury Interiors", a brand strictly into the best of Italian furnitures and furnishings and all of the first class home accessories that makes every home a stand out and not ending there, it was also the Celebration of the birthday of the creative director and MD of the brands, in the person of Patricia Onumonu better known as Tricia or Trish 'O' by most.

To show that even the heavens approved of the day and all that went on, there was a very healthy "showers of blessings" that poured relentlessly from the sky, till just about the time that the building and business was going to be declared opened. At first everyone had felt that the rain was going to mar the event and stop people from coming in high numbers, but in less than 2 hours after the outpouring, the venue was filled to the brim.

The avalanche of beautiful, very stylish and the very well heeled was unprecedented. Like some would say figuratively, they came in torrents and relentlessly.

The beautiful event was organised by the supremely gorgeous (a supremo fashionista to the core) and award winning "event queen"- Ndidi Obioha of Enthyst Events, who put her expertise and experience to great use, space was very well managed and decoration was on point. Arrangements to say the least was top notch, kudos Enthyst

The whole ambience was "gobsmarkingly beautiful" and very welcoming at that too. The canapes were totally and scrumptiously on point, imagine such delights like "chicken lollipops", "prawn cocktails", "jollof rice in cocktail cups", "Shrimp Irie" and "Chicken Wrap", so well named, totally exotic and yummy that we had many helpings and was still not satisfied.

All of these items were coming out one after the other served with delight to the guests.

While the fashion section was on the ground floor, and people were very mesmerised by the colours and the cuts and style, the furniture explosion of the very best of Italian craftsmanship was upstairs.

So while people were picking their delights, they were also networking and backslapping in a beautiful environment.

The event afforded the brand the opportunity to also unveil the season's new collection to the delight of all, as there was a mini fashion show, where the daughter of the creative director dazzled all like she was a professional model, though she's just 10!

The models that were picked to showcase the collection were specifically picked to be as close to normal sizes as much as possible, though the outfits were all already exquisitely made, their (models) carriage added value to what they wore too, so they shown like stars on the mini catwalk.

All in all, it was a very beautifully colourful event, that all who attended commended.

For more information or enquiries about this one of a kind Nigerian brand, please email or check the website- or check Instagram @trisholuxuryinteriors
Facebook- @trisholuxuryinteriors
Google Plus- @trisholuxuryinteriors
YouTube - @trisholuxuryinteriors
Twitter- @trisholuxury
Pinterest- @trisholuxuryinteriors

Check out more of the colourful pictures of the event below.

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Champagnes🍾 are popping, birds are chirping excitedly and singing sonorous "love tunes"; the robin birds and the nightingales are in consonant raising the tunes singing like Stevie Wonder "For your love, I would do anything, just to see the smile upon your face, for your love I would go anywhere"....  , even the thunder had to add his melodious baritone, in gorgeous melody.

The stars are in array, blinking stupendously,  shining so brightly in supreme ecstasy, just as "cupid" itself has gone totally gaga, "shooting uncountable arrows of love" hitting the target with much aplomb and gorgeous frenzy, in celebration of this gorgeous duo.

So it's "just" only one glorious year..... Just a year???? And it's like it's already a lovely decade, like it's already forever (in the voice of the incredible Luther Vandross) as these gorgeous couple, lovebirds of the most incredible kind marks their 1st anniversary together as man and woman. By that we mean as husband and wife!

Just like yesterday, sometime last year in August 2016, a day and date that would remain indelible in the hearts of the couple, in the idyllic, picturesque and romantic Lake Como, at the Villa Erba a 19th century Villa in Milano Italy, was when the once, "man about town", in the person of Seyi Afolabi Tinubu on bended knees, took as wife, the supremely gorgeous and magnificently intelligent former Miss Layal Holm as his wife, till forever and ever.

It has been a rollercoaster of wonderfully positive emotions ever since then and they have been blessed with a baby girl by name "Noella Amira Rose Titilayo Asabi Simisola Tinubu", to add to their untainted joy and love.

To mark the day, the very love swept Seyi we heard from our usual bird "🐦" in the sky, is likely to go to the moon and other planets and back, to show his avowed, unprecedented and selfless appreciation to the woman he has always openly announced and acknowledged to the world as his best friend and number 1 partner bar none.

So totally into each other are this couple, that Seyi "literally" worships the ground that the "gobsmarkingly" beautiful Layal walks on, and she in return dotes on him so very much like her very energy/lifeforce comes from him.

Both are truly the "epitome of being truly entwined and being in sync, spirit, soul and body.

If we can correctly predict, Seyi being a "hopeless romantic that he is", would most certainly serenade his wife to the heavens and back and we can bet, there would be the exchange of "gorgeous" gifts. Maybe this would be the day, that another joy would be made, wink! Wink!!

Yes Layal and gorgeous daughter Noella are finally in town, so it- the celebration is going to be done hear in Lagos, Nigeria, maybe some candlelight she-bangs etc!!!

We would just love to say a vert big/massive congratulations to the cool couple, who makes love look so "totally uncomplicated and comfortable".

Happy 1st anniversary from us!

So where's the party at? On the awoof tip. Lol!!!!

Monday, August 7, 2017


Jide Omokore
It's definitely not the very best of time for this rich colossus. We are too sure that if he had his way, he would have wished the avalanche of happenstances of recent would have befallen an enemy rather than himself. All of the staggering revelations have been totally embarrassing to say the least.

It has been one battle after the other for him, his companies and some of the people connected to him. These battles as they are, are all coming from all sides of the world. And as it seems now, there are no signs they are abating any time soon.

As we speak now, his current travail is coming from his friend's bank, that is Skye Bank PLC, where Tokunbo Abiru, him being the former ED at First Bank PLC (where Omokore is also said to have gotten another ₦120 billion unresponsive loan) is now the GMD/CEO of Skye Bank PLC.

Jide Omokore's current quagmire arose from the "₦110 billion unresponsive loan", he had gotten from the bank which has Lagos State Government of Nigeria as the highest shareholder. The chairman of SPOG petrochemicals amongst several other companies had gotten the loans via 3 of his business concerns namely, Atlantic Energy Drilling Concepts-₦56 billion, Cedar Oil and Gas Ltd- ₦22.4 billion and Real Bank Ltd- ₦31 billion.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017


A few years back on the island, this fashion store by name "JEANS CULTURE" was the Mecca for all the Celebrities and stars. At many occasions we had had the honour of seeing and meeting many of the stars/celebrities making purchases as they went on a buying spree/binge, picking this and that. Likes of Caroline, Ruth, Linda and very many others were regular clients, fast forward to now this store still packs a punch.

The fashion outler stocks the latest and most trendy of fashion apparels, be it bags, shoes and clothings of different brands Gucci, Versace, Louboutin, Prada etc from all over and even some not any popular names from America etc.

Brand's strength is majorly in the mix of their different collection from around the world, so there is always something from somewhere for everyone.

In order to be much closer to her clientele, the fashion merchandiser just over the weekend, moved from her former location at Murphi's Plaza on 27 Sanusi Fafunwa Street, Victoria island to the newly opened, Trish 'O' Plaza, which also houses the fashion label Trish 'O'Couture and Trish 'O' Luxury Interiors, now on 27, Karimu Kotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos too.

At the re-opening on Saturday, July 29, 2017 it was good business as usual as customers stormed the place in torrents picking up many of their favourite brands, saw the former chairperson of a now defunct bank going Gaga as she picked many things with her Abuja based friend. 


Since they prefer to let sleeping dogs lie, we wouldn't want to say too much about it or over expose them, but we have also thought to at least let the perpetrators know we know and let others beware so they wouldn't fall into the same dastardly grasps of these 2 violent young idiots and wouldn't experience such traumatic encounters also.

According to the gist, the rape involves at least 4 ladies. One was an "actual rape" and 3 others were actual "attempts". Those who have encountered the terrible acts have refused to say anything out fear and the attendant shame they envisage would follow. Since they believe that to prove the terrible acts is one person's words against the other.

Their assailants are 2 handsome young kids, who are seemingly well connected. All of these people including victims and assailants are all trained to defend others against such things like they have found themselves in. They are all about to take their profession by storm, by becoming some of the best in their practices.

But alas while still undergoing training to defend victims of terrible acts, these 2 have become actual actors in the act of sexual violence and violation. They have become violators, predators, exploiters, devourers and animals in human flesh.

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This is a pageant that's very different from all others put together. The cultural significance of it is linked to a great icon by name Queen Moremi Ajasoro a great heroine linked to the source.

For those who might be wondering what the source refers to, that's actually the other name for Ile-Ife (the land of love), the domain of his imperial majesty, Oba Babatunde Enitan Ogunwusi, the Ojaja II, the current Ooni of Ife.

Ife according to Yoruba folklore passed down from generations to generations is said to be the very "source of existence". It is acknowledged as where it all began and by extension Oduduwa is the one referred to as the "father of all". So anything connected to this historically significant place would normally receive very much attention.

The Royal House of Oduduwa, meaning the house of the King are currently doing all that's possible to make sure that the 2nd ever edition of "Miss Moremi Ajasoro's pageant" that is Miss Moremi Ajasoro 2017, is the best yet in her short history. The organisers led by Princess Ronke Ademiluyi are leaving no stone unturned to deliver an event that would be first historic, secondly very exciting and that would further embed the name of one of Ife's greatest heroine in the heart of all and sundry far much more. So this pageant is not just a flight of fancy or one that would diminish the history of the heroine in any way or manner.

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Board of directors meet with TY Danjuma

Lagos August 1, 2017: ntel, Nigeria’s first 4G/LTE-Advanced network has announced the departure of Kamar Abass, its pioneer Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer.
In a statement signed by Osondu C. Nwokoro, Director, External Affairs, the company said “Mr. Abass has stepped down from his role as CEO due to urgent personal and medical considerations. The NatCom board has named Abhulime Ehiagwina as Acting CEO and the company will embark on the search for a substantive CEO in due course.”

Kamar Abass joined the Board of Directors of NatCom in 2015 as the CEO of ntel and led the company through launch on April 8, 2016 with operations in Lagos and Abuja and then subsequently in Port Harcourt by December 2016.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and holds an MSc in transportation planning & management from the University of Westminster, London, UK as well as an MBA from Cranfield University’s School of Management, Bedfordshire, UK.

With wide ranging experience in the global telecommunications industry Kamar Abass led ntel to record a string of firsts; first advanced 4G/LTE network providing superfast Internet access that enables voice, data video and TV on demand; first network to make a 4G data call  on Monday January 18, 2016; First network to make a VoLTE Call on Tuesday, February 23, 2016; First 4G/LTE Advanced network to begin full operations in Nigeria  on Friday 08 04 2016 in Lagos and Abuja; First network to launch a bespoke 4G/LTE dual-SIM phone in Nigeria.
Abhulime Ehiagwina, holds a BSc Accounting degree from the Obafemi Awolowo University, an MBA from the University of Lagos and an Advanced Management & Leadership Programme (AMP) certificate from the Said Business School, Oxford University, UK.

Prior to joining ntel as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Abhulime was CFO & Board member of Helios Towers Nigeria where he oversaw the Finance and IT functions. He helped grow the Company EBITDA by over 300% in 3 years and raised a $250m Eurobond, first non-bank or Oil/Gas Company out of Nigeria. He also sat on the board of Interswitch as a non-Executive Director during this period. He has over 25 years financial management experience.

The company has assured all stakeholders that it remains committed to existing obligations and will honour same. It has also clarified that the leadership transition will be smooth and orderly in accordance with no impact on its operations

About ntel
ntel is Nigeria’s first advanced 4G/LTE network providing superfast Internet access that enables voice, data video and TV on demand. The ntel network is built on the 900/1800 Mhz which are the best propagation frequencies for the deployment of 4G/LTE technology.
Our bouquet of offerings includes: National Bandwidth, International Voice Termination, International Bandwidth, Mobile Network and Fixed Network.
The company made its first on-net test data call in Lagos on Monday January 18, 2016 then followed up with its first on-net Voice over LTE call in Lagos on Tuesday, February 23, 2016.
Full commercial operations began on Friday 08 04 2016 in Lagos and Abuja with Port Harcourt coming on stream in December 2016.