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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Olori Abolanle
Like we say sometimes, except it is a deliberate attempt at misdirection, then the lady above might be one of the most important ladies in the whole of Yorubaland pretty soon.

Until the next few days, which would make it a new month, entering the ember months starting in September, before we would know for sure what's up and the truth as it is!

But the speculation is already very very rife as to who is or would the next Olori, that special one, who would epitomise all that is great and wonderful about a maiden and set to take over from where the former Olori Wuraola (queen) has supposedly left off unceremoniously.

The lucky one that is being pointed at and is being referred to for now, though not officially as Olori Ogunwusi is the lady by name Olori Abolanle.

Much is not yet known about her and her background. But all we can say is that she's light skinned and is a pretty lady. Olori Bolanle the "unofficial wife" (until the palace says she is, none can say she is yet) of the Adimula according to unconfirmed gist was introduced to the highly revered monarch by his sisters, all of whom he holds in high esteem. She is said to be from Abeokuta Ogun State.

According to the gist, the trio never liked the first queen (reasons for that we don't know)) and they were alleged to have plotted and did all that was humanly possible to get her removed and expunged.

Though the palace is said to have claimed that all is/was well between the monarch and his 2nd wife, Olori WuraOla, what is obvious for all observers is that they seem to be talking, but their mouth apparently wasn't moving.

So according to the gist which also claimed that Olori Abolanle is the new heartthrob of Yorubaland most revered monarch, this new month of September 2017 would be the official unveiling of the identity of the new Olori (queen).

So while they are still yet to unveil madam to us, we have heard though, that the new queen might be the above lady in the picture.

Can it be true? 

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Not the very best of times for some of the rich and powerful as we speak, as they grapple with sundry issues which normally would have drowned mere mortals like everyday people.

But like the saying goes, a big head needs a big hat or scarf, so they are surely prepared for the down time and heavy loads they carry and so can easily bounce back from any weight that might be sinking them, atleast the boss of Forte Oil, Mr. Femi Otedola has shown them that when there's life there's surely hope!  Thanks

The Kwaran juggernaut by name HAJIA Bola Muinat Shagaya is currently facing the EFCC's investigation as we speak and would need all her dexterity and manuevirings and connection to get out of the grasp of the anti-graft agency of the government known as the EFCC, who have placed 3 of Madam's accounts on a lock down. In these accounts are about ₦8.6 billion Naira.

HAJIA Bola Muinat Shagaya who is reputed to be one of the richest ladies in Nigeria and a director at Unity Bank and supposedly one of the bank's biggest shareholders has since taken the same bank to court for allowing the EFCC to shutdown her account without a valid court order.

Not only were those accounts seized, investigation is also said to be on going as per Hajia's relationships with about 10 firms and accounts.  The accounts also frozen for the now are First Deep Water Discovery Limited, Bola Shagaya, FAPLiNs Nigeria Limited, Lingo Nigeria Limited, Buri Barclays BDC, Links Global Synergy Limited, OKIOIL Nigeria Limited, Jemaruz Nigeria Limited, PJ Oil and Gas Limited and AFDIN Ventures Ltd.

The anti graft organisation has sent an order to the bank has it to place a "Post No Debit" (PND) on the accounts, and that order had jeopardised a transaction and agreement with a private jet leasing company.

Since the ban placed on the accounts, madam could not defray an accumulated cost of ₦514, 800, 000 being the cost owed the Jet company for the lease of a Bombardier jet. Since the payment agreement couldn't be met by Hajia Shagaya and which led to the termination of the agreement, she has had to forfeit a whooping $1 million USD.

So HAJIA has accused the Bank of complicity in her travails, claiming the bank's alleged failure to do the requisite due diligence when the order from the EFCC came.  


Aliko Dangote

Dr Mike Adenuga

Femi Otedola

Folorunsho Alakija
The annual rich list of the mega men and woman was released again for 2017 and the positions occupied by many of those listed hasn't changed at all, neither the value of their wealth too.

Apart from Femi Otedola, Tony Elumelu and Jim Ovia who all sometimes moves up or down on the ladder before. Femi Otedola has now retained his 3rd position again.

Perennial number 1 and 2 remained fixed, as Aliko Dangote is still the Numero Uno liquid man with a staggering worth as stated by Forbes to be $12.5billion followed by Dr Michael Agbolade Adenuga.

Here is the full list according to their positions and their worth.

Aliko Dangote- Nigeria's richest and by extension Africa's wealthiest and also "Richest Blackman alive", said to be worth $12.5 billion. The value of his worth is not as it used to be meaning his position on the world's richest list from the high of nos 24 has now gone down to less than first 100 in the world.

Otunba 'Dr' Michael Agbolade Adenuga. Nigeria's consistent nos 2 richest. The owner of Globacom Nigeria nos 2 telecommunications company and owner of several other brands, with investments in several other pies.  Net worth is put at $10.5 billion. Some have claimed consistently that he might be worth more than the value above.

Femi Otedola. Nigeria's current nos 3. A position that he sometimes inter changes with others. The father of DJ Cuppy has experienced the down time which really affected his wealth and worth a while back, but he has since bounced back gallantly. A testament to his strength and ability is him occupying this 3rd position now with a net worth of $2.3 billion. The owner of Zenon and chairman of Forte oil is a survivor.

Folorunsho Alakija. Hers is the story of grace. The MD of Famfa Oil is said to be the undisputed Richest woman in Nigeria and probably the richest woman of African descent, there's the issue sometimes about who is richer between her and the Angolan first daughter. The former fashion designer has since grown in leaps and bounds. The UK would not forget the wedding of her son to his beau that held at a palace recently. The media spoke about that wedding with such gloss, that made Africans and Nigerians all over the world proud. Her net worth is placed at $2.1 billion.

More after the break.

Friday, August 25, 2017


Femi FALANA, SAN is a renowned legal practitioner that needs no introduction whatsoever. Long before he became a "Senior Advocate of Nigeria" (SAN) the equivalent of a "Queen's Counsel (QC) years back, the people of whom he had and has been a consistent and unwavering voice had appointed him a "Senior Advocate of the Masses", a title that is very well earned.

Of recent he has learnt his learned voice again to a very important issue and one that very many are rather very concerned about, but rather tame about at the same time, that has to do with the church and by extension religious bodies in Nigeria.

Hear him-

"Under the law, no religious body in Nigeria can operate on its own without a check. Unfortunately the 'Corporate Affairs Commission' has been sleeping!"

For instance there's no law that allows you to take money from the Church and then invest such in business and then privatise it. No! That is against 'CAT C' of the CAC.

It is only in Nigeria where you can take money from the church, money contributed by the 'poor congregation/members' and you go and set up a University that the members of the church cannot attend, cannot send their children to. It is against the rule and law of God. It is against the constitution".

Thursday, August 24, 2017


It is very obvious that things are not as they used to be no more. Gone are those days when you can call the bluff of certain Government organisation and get away with it without paying dearly for it. At least with this example now, all others would no who is the boss!

As we speak, the world's richest blackman and African on the continent, Aliko Dangote's younger brother Sayyu Dantata's brand has plenty of explaination to do as we speak.

The offence? Not necessarily an offence like that and it's even not on a personal basis, but it has to do with his business concern MRS which has been accused of tax evasion. The famous brand has been accused of tax default. And for not responding to the query from owing a humongous ₦497million Naira the brand's HQ has been sealed.

Though it was said that the accountant in concert with the head of security of the Apapa based company had tried to prevent the FIRS team lead by Anita Erinne from doing their job, that couldn't stop the men of the FIRS, as they still sealed the MRS facilities.

Knowing the super liquid Sayyu Dantata very well that amount from the FIRS led by Mr. Tunde Fowler is sure a chicken feed, so we know for sure that it would only take a few hours for the communication breakdown to be resolved very amicably. How much is half a billion for MRS, which is one of the biggest players in the downstream sector of the economy? At most that translates to $1.5million dollars, the cost of a super wrist watch or a house!

Though MRS is claiming to have sorted out the payment, FIRS claims the contrary, so both parties would soon resolve their differences and we would soon get a statement stating just that. 


Baring any unforeseen circumstances, serial entrepreneur and fashionista "Liz Gavy is getting set to declare open sometime soon, something very very dear to her heart.

As we speak, all her attention and focus are on this new venture, located somewhere in Lekki Phase 1 on the island.

This venture is not a small affair at all by any standards, as several millions tending towards ₦50 million has already gone into it. The business has to do with "food" and to make it happen, the curvaceous mother of one has gone all out to make it a stand out one by all standards.

We hear that people would be very impressed by the whole set up, when they see it. Knowing Liz for being who she is, all the details, Interior etc would be top notch.

This new concern is in a one storey "edifice" that has set the lady back by tens of millions. It would be a food mart of the best standard, a food market, a first class restaurant and even a cold room with all the works. To make sure all things are in place and top notch, she went abroad to bring in all the superb equipments, which has also set her back by another several tens of millions again.

The way things are going, the new place and business should be opened sometime soon and knowing Lizzy also known as Leila very well, that opening whenever but would happen, is sure going to be with a lot of fanfare and razzmattazz and very grand by all standards.

Liz has been into shoe retailing for several years now, with 2 well known branches of the "Shoe Lounge" on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi and Murphis Plaza, Victoria Island, Lagos, though she later shutdown the V. Island store. At the height of the stores glory, it was the Mecca where all shoe lovers, aficionados and fashionistas used to converge when they needed to update their shoe wardrobes and we heard they used to have endless "shoegasms" by what was always on offering. So she surely must have made crazy money from that venture then.

Knowing that food business is a sure venture, we are sure that if this becomes an immediate hit, then Liz is already more assured of her place in the business stratosphere.

Kudos to her for her never say die attitude. 


Maybe she's trying to showcase that she's far more than just about baring her pierced boobies on reality TV BBN 2017. The quite stunning Tokunbo Idowu aka TBoss channeled her inner "Cleopatra" in a series of stunning pictures she only very recently just released.

For those who might not remember very well, Queen Cleopatra is the last active ruler of Ptolemaic Egypt of yore.

The famous "maneater" was a very brilliant queen who came on the throne at age the of 17. She was as beautiful and has brilliant as they come. One of the things she was very well known for was how to make quite an entrance when she had visitors to entertain, one of the ways she got the unfailing attention of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony amongst several others.

She had as her partner 2 of ancient Rome biggest men in Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

She was very very well versed in mathematics, astronomy, philosophy and oratory. But also a very ruthless beauty, who wiped out her own family members.  Though she was the Queen of Egypt, her ancestry was actually Greek.

So maybe TBoss is channeling Cleopatra's best parts of beauty with intelligence alone and not any of the other attributes. Truth be told though, she's beautiful!!!! #tokunboidowu #tboss #bbn2017 #cleopatra

Check her out!!!!


Not a good one at all. While many were celebrating and rejoicing in adding a new year or the birth of a new child or celebrating one great achievements or the other, it was gloom and sadness for some and what a shame that was!

Former Nollywood star and now woman of God, Eucharia ANUNOBI, very sadly lost her only son, a 15 year old boy by name Raymond to death due to complications from Sickle Cell Anaemia.

The strong lady had gallantly nurtured the young boy alone, singlehandedly all of these years, until the evil hands of death snatched him away from her.

A fellow actress Remi Surutu, who also not too long ago lost her beautiful daughter to the cold hands of death, via the same Sickle Cell Anaemia, commiserated with Eucharia.

We deeply commiserate with the gallant lady over her sad loss, may the soul of the dearly departed find rest.


August 23, 2016 last year was when these 2 stars, that is funny lady Funke Akindele-Bello and her beau Abdul Rasheed-Bello aka JJC SKILLZ had their very private nuptial in London.

Until yesterday, when the finally released their wedding shots, none had ever seen the evidence of that delightsome day.

So finally after 365 days of marital bliss, it's so obvious these ones are so into each other, they have thought to release those nice pictures with Funke in her wedding white and London boy JJC in his tails for the public view.

We totally love how the couple have done their best to keep their marriage private and not necessarily much of a public affair.

We celebrate this anniversary with them and insha Allah would help celebrate many more in the future.

Picture credit is very obvious- neecee bosslady blog, who is said to be Funke's sister.

More pictures after the break.


She is a super gorgeous lady no doubt and has always been in your face, especially in terms of her style. Many say she is a fashionista many times over and to that we concur. That's none other than the tall and beautiful Nollywood star known as RUKKY SANDA.

So yesterday Wednesday, August 23 was her birthday and to mark the beautiful day, the "proud lioness" released some new quite stunning pictures whilst thanking God for another added year. Hear her-

"Extremely THANKFUL to God Almighty For being the absolute best for me! For being the father he is to me, words aren't enough to express my joy, happiness and gratitude #AnotherYear Immensely Blessed #noWorries #noComplaints #Living #free #FullOfJoy #foreverSmiling What more could I ask for?"

We wish her more Beautiful birthdays ahead.

More stunning pictures after the break.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Senator Ben Murray Bruce

This might not be the best of times for the very vocal Senator representing Bayelsa East Senatorial district in the oil rich state as constituents made up of students from the 3 local areas under his jurisdiction have threatened to recall him from non-performance since he was elected into the senate.

Senator Ben Murray Bruce has been accused by his own constituencies made up of students from Nembe, Ogbia and Brass Local Government Areas, the 3 LGAs under his senatorial district of neglect, non-performance and having no plans for their areas.

In a statement released and signed by the student leaders from the 3 local government areas, namely Ambrose Joseph from Brass, Samuel Tari from Nembe and Mark John from Ogbia, they made their grievances known to the world.

In their claims, they alleged that the very outspoken Senator since he was elected to represent them at the National Assembly has never for once visited his district. They claim that the man they voted to be their voice at the NA was not in a good relationship with his own people and that he has abdicated his constitutional responsibilities.

They buttressed their claims by saying that while the Senator donated relief materials to other parts of the state, he has neglected his first responsibility his own district, whose constitutuents are wallowing in poverty as the students are unable to pay their fees.

"Since Bruce became a Senator he has failed to look into the basic needs and challenges currently bedeviling the East Senatorial district, such as Education as most our students cannot access good quality education".

"He has failed to attract a single project to the district in terms of infrastructures, roads and others. He has continuously and delibrately ignored efforts by the people to create a working relationship that would bring out purposeful leadership for our people".

"He is yet to fulfill any of his campaign promises; painfully, he is an Abuja based Senator. He refuses to visit his constituency, except only once when he visited his hometown and couldn't even stay up to 4 hours".

"Sincerely, we are tired, other places are enjoying the benefits that come from having a national representative. Our case has been a curse rather than a blessing. We are just a district without a Senator. That is why we are intended to change that narrative".

The students consequently gave the Senator a 10 day ultimatum to either amend his ways or face a protest and recall process.

They subsequently advised the Senator to organise a town hall meeting with his constituents and take out time to tour his constituency.

Are these students making common sense at all?

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Young designer "Sandrah Tubobereni", the creative director of her eponymous label TUBO has shown to the world that her future in the business of fashion is very bright.

Just very recently in one of the most famous fashion capitals of the world- London, which is known for discovering new fashion talents always, she declared with much aplomb her future intention to rule the world and stand shoulder to shoulder with those that makes things happen.

Her showcase was at the "Africa Fashion Week London 2017", the 7th in the series of the biggest African themed fashion showcase in Europe. AFWL is an annual showcase that has gotten great reviews and even commendation from the Mayor of London over the years.

TUBO's showcase was from her "2017/18 Bridal Collection", a sexy collection if one may say. One of the piece in the collection was that which was recently worn with grace by fashionista Toke Makinwa to the Glitz Style Awards in Accra Ghana. The 10 piece collection was in white and nude and showed class and maturity.

The tailoring was top notch and the styling was totally on point.

More after the break.


Nigeria's own former supermodel by all standards and the most visible and most successful modeling icon till date, the one and only OLUCHI ORLANDI is taking Lagos, Nigeria by storm come this weekend.

Call date is Sunday, August 27, 2017 and the venue of congregation is none other than the Palms Shopping Mall, Oniru, Lekki, Lagos. OLUCHI and friends and guests etc would gather together to declare open something very dear to the heart of the model extraordinaire, whose life till today is the story of grass to awesome grace. Hers can be captioned "grace over adversity leading to ultimate triumph".

On the date, Oluchi would declare open her newest business, a lingerie outfit and not just that, she would open a brand by name "LuLu Lingerie Limited', which is being tagged as the "biggest multi-brand underwear, sleepwear and intimate apparel/accessories store" in LAGOS.

Since it's Oluchi business concern and her most visible to date, one should expect all the razzmatazz that should follow such declaration, with stars and celebrities and notable personalities in attendance in great number.

The LuLu brand, a name which was obviously coined from her name, is a Nigerian wholesaler and retailer of well known multi-brands of intimates, sleepwears and underwears. What this says is that, the ex-international supermodel has the authorisation of many of the world renowned global brands to be a wholesaler and a reseller of their brands in Nigeria.

According to Oluchi, "the brands that her store stocks focus on quality undergarments tailored to fit and adorn, the bodies of West African men and women.

This Lagos branch is the 3rd in the series of the stores, as the Abuja and Enugu branches have been opened for a while now and they have been doing well.

Some of the brands LuLu Lingerie Limited' stocks are the famous "Wonder Bra", Playtex, MaidenForm, Hanes, L'eggs just to mention a few.

Maybe soon, with this opening in LAGOS of the LuLu brand, the country might soon see the opening of a Victoria's Secret, Agent Provocateur, Anne Summers and La Senza or La Perla franchise too and maybe the world famous annual Victoria's Secret Fashion show would be hosted here!!! Lol.
#oluchiorlandi #lululingerielimited #resellerandwholesaler #maestromediablog #palmsmalllekki #wonderbra

Monday, August 21, 2017



This has just brought to remembrance that old disco hit made very famous by the famous trio of Shalamar- Jody Watley, Howard Hewitt & Jeffrey Daniel in the 80s entering the 90s, titled "Second Time Around". The very popular song was a colossal hit then and it speaks of a 2nd time experience at love.

We can bet anything on it, that it's might be the most popular song that's constantly in the mind of one of Nigeria's most famous thespian, in the person of the gorgeous and super talented, Nollywood superstar Ini Edo.

From very available and very very reliable information at our disposal, the stylish and very shapely actress from Akwa Ibom State is presently and currently, as we speak luxuriating in the euphoria of love. Like the Americans would say, she's totally "love joned". Cupid it seems has fired all his arrows thay has been deeped in his most potent concoction till date at her heart and all have hit target.

It's like "Saint Raphael, the patron saint of happy meetings & Saint Valentine, patron saint of love have combined to make Ini Edo's heart and home their abode for as long as she would permit. Not just that, it's like Ini has so pleased Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love, the equivalent of the Roman goddess Venus, that the goddess has found a permanent abode with her and she's not willing to vacate anytime soon.

Who is this lucky man? Or should we say more correctly, who is the man, that has swept the very lucky Ini Edo totally off her feet?

More after the break.


Star Spangled Gorgeousness by Stephanie Linus from Enthyst Fashion Klinik.

Nollywood Super Star Stephanie Linus is known to always have her style game on at all times.

She's one star that does her best to always have her best foot forward on the style stake, making sure to always follow her time honoured rules, never ever experiment.

Here at the Glitz Style Awards 2017 in Accra, Ghana over the weekend, she did her very best to stay safe, while still looking gorgeous.

Black is known to be very forgiving, as it is known to help cover and hide a multiple of sins, but still yet, black can be very stunning when well sown and well styled.

At the event, Mrs. Linus wore the gorgeous garb from Enthyst Fashion Klinik owned by the super stylish Ndidi Obioha also of Enthyst Events. The somewhat 3 piece ensemble, is actually just 2 piece, that's actually a corset dress with peplum that has a bit of white at the bust. It's a bustier style at the top, that has a jacket with puffy hands which is the in style right now, also worn on it. To say the least she killed it!

The gorgeousness of it all is that her pixie haircut, makes her look younger, and doesn't hide her beautiful neck, showing off a bit of her shoulder. She got it totally correct by not wearing any neck jewelry, which could have messed up the whole flow of things.

The cut of the dress creates the illusion of curves too, which is great.  Kudos to Stephanie on this one. #stephanielinus #enthystfashionklinik #glitzstyleawards2017 #vintage #maestromediablog #ndidiobioha #nollywoodstar



Undoubtedly the only opponent out of the many or is it several that can unseat the incumbent in Anambra State, causing a major and unprecedented upset is Chief Osita Chidoka, former boss at FRSC & former Federal Minister of Aviation.

To be able to upset the apple cart, the one with the onerous task must be formidable and must have the wherewithal/resources to carry the fight to the other side, truth be told Osita Chidoka is a most formidable opponent and the only one amongst the several names that can give the incumbent Governor a run for his money.

Forget the fact that the party from which he wants to prosecute his case is "seemingly" unpopular, that false thought is totally untrue. Only yesterday Osita Chidoka,was nominated unopposed as the candidate of the UPP that is "United Progressive Party.

The UPP has as her founder and chairman a well known and avowed, quite formidable grassroots politician and mobiliser of men by name Chief Dr Chekwas Okorie, the Oje-Ozi Ndigbo (messenger of the Igbo) same one that was actually the founder and former chairman of APGA before he was schemed out and ousted by the former Governor of Anambra.

That fight then between Chief Okorie and Mr. Obi for the soul of APGA nearly led to the demise of the party and had loads of casualties in tow. Leading to him leaving to go and form UPP & Peter Obi even left for PDP. So Chief Chekwas Okorie has a bone to grind with APGA and by extension PDP.

The strong back up or support above already counts very much in favour of Osita Chidoka. But let's now even add to the above facts, Osita Chidoka himself has not sat down to just luxuriate thinking all is done and dusted, in order to acquaint himself with the electorate in his state, he has made sure to visit every part of Ndi Anambra. By that we actually mean every hamlet, village, parts even the hinterlands. That alone again counts for so much.

More after the break.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


She's one of the most in your face and most celebrated celebrity in the country right now.

Soon we believe that Toke MAKINWA would copyright her name as a brand that might soon be attached to brands and products, that's how fast growing her brand is seemingly growing and she's smiling to the banks for it. 

One other major thing she's known for is her style, though we believe that the word "style icon" is too big to be used for her now, it doesn't take away the fact that she's a "class act fashionista" and influencer. And she's sure on the path towards being a throughbred style icon of the future. 

She was a guest at this year's edition of the annual "Glitz Style Awards 2017" in Accra, Ghana just yesterday and her choice of outfit- simple, classically cut, embellished floor length outfit from young designer TUBO that she styled or "garnished" with that gorgeous mink stole, totally and scrumptiously killed it. Tubo is set on ruling the world of fashion in a very short period of time. This particular garb we hear is from her 2017/2018 yet to be released officially collection.

The theme of the party was "Vintage" and Tokestar and her stylist did a fabulous job no doubt. 

The gorgeous looking Toke, shone like a million stars at the event, like those revolving gorgeous disco lights. We are sure Marilyn Monroe or better still Diana Ross in her glorious heydays, inspired the garb. 

Her make up was beautiful and totally on point. Only little snag was that fringe hair style. For someone of her built and height and even face structure, the illusion of height, with an up do, would have given her 110% on the style stake. She's got a beautiful neck and a gorgeous face, that this hair seems to hide, so why hide? 

Even at that, she still got healthy 90plus% from us. In fact this outfit reminds us of Rihanna in something similar, that she wore to an award a while back that got everyone talking!  

Kudos Tokestar! 
Let your light so S.H.I.N.E!!!!


Willie Obiano
The upcoming November 18, 2017 Governorship election in Anambra would be very very interesting. The assertion majorly is because it would pitch a well known very hardworking, incumbent action Governor against some very formidable opponents likes of Osita Chidoka and a few others who haven't yet won their party primaries, who just mere looking at them alone and what they have at their disposals, are titans.

If one were to carefully look at some of those wanting to take over from the incumbent very carefully and deeply at the same time, not just on the surface, some very interesting things would pop up too.

That November 2017 election would be a fight for the very soul of Anambra State. Imagine the the caliber of those who have shown interest, likes of Senator Andy Uba, Capital oil boss Ifeanyi Ubah, former beleaguered Minister for Aviation, Stella Oduah and many others.

Former Governor Peter Obi, with his exemplary leadership style had created a fantastic foundation upon which the current Governor has built enviably on, which is what has majorly endeared him to his people.

Anambra, is most probably the headquarters of the Ibos and though probably the most cosmopolitan of the South Eastern states, with very many of the core wealthy ones amd very educated ones from there, no matter how you look at it, it is still a "civil service state". So to be able to win any election in the state therefore, you would most probably have had to impress the state' civil service who are the influencers in the state.

More after the break.

Friday, August 18, 2017


Before this showcase, the brand already had a major "celebrities" followership that's great, for many of the stars love their kind of bedazzled effect, which is what the brand is majorly known for.

Now with this first very successful London showcase at the just concluded Africa Fashion Week London AFWL 2017, that held at the iconic "Freemasons Hall" in London, the brand in one fell sweep delivered a statement of intention to rule the world of fashion.

There's is a simple package, which seems to be working for them. That simplicity is obviously their USP. So if you want to stand out from the crowd or just want to announce your entrance in a cool, rock star way, go "Blingshikified". Lols #blingshiki #afwl2017 #freemasonshall #blingshikified

More after the break.


A mother's joy at carrying her own baby in her womb for that 9 month is incomparable to many other experiences she undergoes through her lifetime, no matter what those other experiences might be.

That 9 months period is when that unique attachment, that "special connect" is made that would take only something extraordinarily monumental to break.

If a mother hen can be so protective of her chicks against any attack, these are chicks that came from eggs that's more nurtured on the outside than inside, how much more a woman, who carries her own all of 9months inside herself and watches the baby grow gradually from just a foetus to a big baby!

New mother and "dame about town" and the owner of Oasis MedSpa, the one and only Freda Francis aka Olivia Pope, aka 007 here in beautiful array, in these picture perfect shots taken not too long ago while still pregnant, just"looked back" yesterday at the gorgeousness of her blooming belly, showcasing the beauty of life and her pregnant beauty before she finally popped very recently.

In the first so soothing picture, you can even see how the Sun was somewhat extending his fingers in form of rays to envelope the then still blooming mama to be.

We congratulate her!