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Friday, December 13, 2019


Queen Nola & mom

One thing that's very obvious for all to see rather glaringly is that, the Iku Baba yeye (the very embodiment of death itself), the one said to be the actual 2nd in command to the Orisa (deity), the owner of the Palace in Oyo [Alaafin Oyo], in the person of his royal majesty, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi Atanda Olayiwola Adeyemi III, who is undoubtedly one of the 2 most powerful, most revered, most colorful traditional rulers, royal fathers, kings (Oba) from the South West of Nigeria, a true custodian of the Yoruba tradition and culture, has 👀 eyes. With his choice of wives, it is quite obvious that Kabiyesi enjoys only the best things that life offers. And when you are reputed to be worth as much as $300m dollars (unconfirmed) you are too sure to attract the very best too, like ants to honey.

Queen Nola, that's talking about the 30 year old boss of HRM Logistics is not a daughter of the 81 year old powerful monarch of incredible gait, but she's in fact one of his stupendously gorgeous wives. The fact is, she's even his last wife, meaning she's the youngest of them all. It has been speculated that the young at heart royal father is a husband to between 4 or 7 or 10 wives. But from what we have seen, that the king himself has shown for the world to see via his trips abroad, we only know of 4 and out of these 4 lovelies, Queen (Olori) Nola is probably the most visible, probably the hottest of them all, most likely the fairest and the loveliest of them all and we cannot just stop being envious of our impressive kabiyesi. He is undoubtedly a strong man by all standards.

Kabiyesi who has been the king now for 49 years, is a Moslem by religious persuasion, so he can afford to marry as many as 4 wives if he so wishes, but he is first and foremost a traditionalist, in fact a custodian of the Yoruba tradition and culture, a king for that matter. So he can afford to have as many in his harem as possible as long as he can love them all and take great care of them well. The fact even is that, because he is a father to all, even his community and more can even give him a wife as a gift, because they have the belief he can take good care of such a lady and that such is a blessing.

Not only is 'Olori Badirat Olaitan Adeyemi', a beautiful lady, gorgeous to look at, she's also super stylish too by all accounts, either in her outstanding traditional outfits or in more contemporary styles too. The serving youth corps member, who is a mother of 2 boys, twins at that, has not yet been found wanting on the style stake at all. She only clocked 30 not too long ago, November to be more precise. And she also only just graduated from the University too, hence why she's just currently undergoing the mandatory youth corps experience.

She's the most visible of the king's wives as she has what could be termed a sizable, in fact strong followership of more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, hence she's tagged herself a fashion and brand influencer, that's apart from her being a serial entrepreneur.

Here's our salute to the Olori that's referred to by many as the 'Oxygen' of the octogenarian powerful monarch. We can see from the picture of her mom next to her in the picture above that, she's a true natural beauty. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Edward Lametek Adamu


Seems like there's a wind of change blowing right now across the Government agencies and appointees and all those not well founded, whose roots are not well structured in its path are getting swept away, thrown away, removed or shut out.

Only just yesterday the Federal Government against all the lobbying that was mounted on her, refused to reinstate the former Executive Chairman of FIRS, in the person of Babatunde Fowler, who did all that was humanly possible so as to retain his seat for another 4 year tenure which would have lapsed in 2023, same year that this government/administration of PMB would have also finished her 2nd term too. Fowler's 1st term actually elapsed on Monday, December 9, 2019. He was appointed as the Executive Chairman of the FIRS on August 20, 2015, but his appointment was later confirmed by the Senate on December 9, 2015 hence the date his tenure finished. He had shown his readiness to do a 2nd term so as to be able to consolidate on the results of his 1st term in office, where he had supposedly led the service to raise what was presumed a record breaking revenue over a 4 year span.

Just as Mr. Fowler who is a school mate of the current Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo at Igbobi College has left office now without any visible stain on his person and records yet, one only prays that the mud splashing going about in the same service he has just left behind and that has splashed & stained some of those top officials who used to work with him, who have been accused of monumental fraud to the tune of billions of Naira, would not in anyway splash on him too, to the extent that he could be called by the EFCC to come explain certain actions of his and Co.

Just as many were still grappling with the non renewal of Fowler's tenure and his immediate replacement by a thorough-bred tax guru by the name Muhammad M. Hami, the same wind of change has blown again now over another Government agency and it has removed, unseated the erstwhile Chairman of that agency in the person of Mr. Muiz Banire, SAN a former top chieftain of the ruling APC, who probably has only just spent one year at the most as the boss of the agency. Reason why he might have been removed was not stated in the communique that announced his removal.

But his replacement was immediately named and he is none other than a Deputy Governor of Nigeria's Apex Bank, the CBN in the person of Edward Lametek Adamu, who is an indigene of Gombe state. Mr. Adamu from all indications has had a meteoric rise since the advent of this administration not undeserving though. He only became a Deputy Governor at the CBN in 2018 & after just a year as the Deputy Governor of the apex bank he has now being given more responsibilities as the boss of AMCON, that's the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria. 

Mr. Edward L. Adamu is a Quantity Surveyor by training. He graduated from ABU Zaria. He is a business Consultant and leadership Strategist also. He has been at the CBN for 27 years since 1992 when he was employed there. He became CBN's Director of Strategy in 2012, then he became the apex bank's Director of Human Resources in 2016. He was nominated as Deputy Governor on February 1, 2018 and was unanimously confirmed on Marc 22, 2018.

His resume reads ABU Zaria, Bachelors in Quantity Survey, Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Institute of Credit Administrators of Nigeria, Wharton Business School, INSEAD, Booth School of Business, IMD Switzerland.

He is a father of 4. 

Monday, December 9, 2019


Babatunde Fowler 

Till Friday of last week, there was still hope against all hope he could still remain, but even at that it was just a 30 to 70% odd. But we were just still expecting that one way or the other that maybe, just maybe that the FG would look more at his outstanding and award winning records on his beat and that maybe that could sway them in their choice to either retain him on the seat to continue or to do away with him and pick another to occupy his seat. But with the news coming out now, it obvious the latter is their preferred choice.

As the Federal Government has decided to pick another person instead by the name of Muhammad M. Nami to replace Babatunde Fowler as the substantive Executive Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), to jump off where the tax guru has ended from.

So it's a new regime entirely now at the FIRS henceforth and we expect that the new helmsman would bring his own style of management to bear on the agency. Truth be told, FIRS would miss Mr. Babatunde Fowler a whole lot. It was a roller-coaster of a time at the Service while it all lasted, as the brilliant and award winning tax guru who had held sway at the same type of position in Lagos State before and helped to reposition the state of aquatic excellence's revenue collection, where from as low as about 30% compliance it went to more than 200%, injected new life, energy and sass into a service that before he took over wasn't anything special.

When he had gotten on board then, many immediately knew that a new order had come and the results he began to deliver not too long afterwards, even as many tax experts felt then he wasn't qualified enough to be at the helm of affairs at FIRS. But as the net spread wider and wider he began to astonish all and sundry. Now that he has been replaced, one hopes that the new helmsman wouldn't allow the revenue service to go back into the doldrums AGAIN. Mr. Fowler reigned for 4 years from 2015 till Monday, today December 9, 2019 when his tenure elapsed.

Muhammad. M Nami, is a thorough-bred tax consultant, who is a graduate of the famous Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. The new FIRS executive chairman has over 30 years experience in audit, tax, accounting and management. He is a member of several relevant professional bodies. Mr. Nami's appointment is still subject to the approval of the Senate.

By this appointment PMB has finally given voice to reason by appointing a professional tax person to take charge at the service, so maybe now it's a round peg in a round hole finally. 


CSP (Prince) Hakeem Ajasa

Aremo Segun Oniru

What should normally be quite straightforward in all ramifications, is instead getting more and more, complicated and intriguing day by day. With the sides involved doing their best to outwit each other, as they battle each other to a stand still, though in a more clandestine manner. It seems like supporters on both sides of the divide, are not willing to concede a yard or even as little as a foot to each other. So they seem not to mind using divide and rule tactics, guerrilla tactics and are even willing to engage or employ subterfuge and misdirection to gain advantage over one another, just in this battle to be the preferred one to wear the crown and to sit on or inherit the royal stool of their forebears.

For those who might just be wondering what we are on about, it's none other than the battle for the Oniru crown and royal stool. We hear reliably that the overwhelming pressure on those who are perceived to have the influence to sway things one way or the other, has been unprecedented!

Before we go further, let's quickly dispel the unfounded rumor that the Oniru designate has already been picked. That assertion is very far from the truth. Until the Government of the day as led by his excellency, Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu, has made a pronouncement in the affirmative as concerning their choice, all that is flying around now are just figments of the imagination of those peddling such.

What has actually happened from the feelers we have gotten is that, some sections of the extended families were said to have come out to announce their support for one or the other of those vying for the crown in the person of Prince (CSP) Hakeem Ajasa, who is from the Abisogun ruling house.  So what has happened there is that he would representing the whole Abisogun royal family as their preferred choice.

According to a communique that was signed, released and published in 'The Nation Newspaper' of Saturday, December 7, 2019 on page 11 to be more precise, after a meeting of some sections of the ruling families, the said release acclaimed that they were members of the ruling house and that they had come together to support only the candidature of Prince Ajasa. See the content of their published release below, which we have reproduced verbatim.


1) The General Public is hereby informed that the Abisogun Ruling House on the 5th if December, 2019 at Block 203, Amuwo Odofin Low Cost Housing Estate, Mile 2, Lagos, conducted an Election for the purpose of Electing a candidate from the Abisogun Ruling House to fill the vacant stool of Oba Oniru of Iruland.

2) Each of the four branches that make up the Abisogun Ruling House namely; Omowunmi, Omishade, Oresanya and Ewumi branches of the Abisogun Ruling House presented a candidate at the Election while the candidate for Oresanya branch voluntarily withdrew his candidature on the day of the Election.

3) The result of the aforesaid Election held to present a candidate from the Abisogun Ruling House is as follows;


Chief Matthew Adekunle Akinwunmi (Omowunmi branch) Vote Scored 1

Barr. Teslim O. Giwa (Omishade branch) Vote Scored 1

Mr Hakeem Oriyomi Ajasa (Ewumi branch) Vote Scored 9

Chief Tajudeen Kushanu (Oresanya branch) Vote Scored Withdrew.

4) That in view of the Result of the Election, Mr Hakeem Oriyomi Ajasa of the Ewumi branch of the Abisogun Ruling House emerged as the candidate to be presented by the Abisogun Ruling House to fill the vacant stool of Oba Oniru of Iruland.

Dated the 6th day of December, 2019

14 (fourteen) people namely Abiodun Ajasa-Ewumi, Kabiru Oseni-Ewumi, Chief Solomon Isa-Ewumi, C Kashimawo Bello-Omishade, Hammed Oseni-Ewumi, Oniru Jide-Oresanya, Giwa Nurudeen-Omishade, Salau Saliu-Ewumi, Chief Tajudeen Kushanu-Omowumi, Chief Saliu Abisogun-Omowunmi, Adebiyi Muideen Abisogun-Omowunmi, Chief Wasiu Oginbambi-Omowunmi, Chief Biliaminu Abisogun-Omowunmi & one other person, now wrote their names and appended their signatures to the published document as witnesses to the meeting.

The publication was now counter signed by the Oloris (heads) of the 4 branches, Chief Abdul Wasiu Ogunbambi Abisogun for Omowunmi branch, Mr. Kashimawo C. Bello for Omishade branch, Chief Tajudeen Kushanu for Oresanya branch and Chief Salawu Isa for the Ewumi branch and then further signed by the overall Head of the Abisogun Ruling House by name Chief Biliaminu Sanni Abisogun.

But in a very swift manner an immediate response allegedly came from the other side too in the battle to try to debunk and dispute what the other side had claimed had happened. In fact, they went further to also claim that their opponent, Prince Hakeem Ajasa might have employed coercion to get his desire done. Hear them-


The public and all interested parties are put on notice of the kangaroo selection of a person unknown to the entire Oniru family to rule over their land and fill the currently vacant Oniru Chieftaincy stool.

Whist news on the social media report that one Akeem Ajasa was selected by his ruling house as a candidate for the vacant stool, nothing can be further from the truth as the statutory, customary due process and formality were not followed in this kangaroo selection of this individual, working desperately with others, towards achieving their own selfish interest and putting the whole family (a family of honour) into disrepute.

Being a policeman, we have information from reliable sources that Akeem Ajasa had harassed, intimidated and threatened other members of his ruling house. We also have information that under the table exchange of funds have taken place and the result of all these illegalities is the kangaroo selection.

It does not accord with reasoning that only 6 to 8 men of an entire ruling house will make a decision that will affect the whole of the Oniru Royal Family and select a candidate for the vacant stool.

Owing to the above, other cheated members of the Abisogun Ruling House have decided to do the needful to preserve the good name of Oniru Royal Family by distancing themselves from this propaganda and public show of disgrace by an individual (working together with his cronies) unknown to the Family.

From time immemorial, no member of any royal family can impose himself on the community. The Oniru family which has been in existence for over 500 years, has lived together in peace and harmony. It is therefore quite unfortunate that one unknown individual using his public influence and position as a police officer, to harass and intimidate the other members of the Family, has now disunited the Family, all in the bid to become the next Oba. This completely goes against the customary heritage and values of the Oniru Family. The uncustomary selection of this individual has disrupted the unity that the past Obas of Iruland worked tirelessly in achieving.

Akeem Ajasa (working in connivance with the Olori-Ebi of the Abisogun Ruling House, his supporters and cronies) is hereby advised against parading himself as the selected candidate for the vacant stool. Moreso, if Akeem AJasa has indeed been selected as a candidate for the vacant stool, he ought to have resigned his position as a police officer and properly put himself forward.

In any event, it is very evident to all that there are enough check points and security measures in Iruland and in the unlikely event that the community requires additional policemen, they shall contact the Commissioner of Police in Lagos directly.


With the above statement it became obvious that the battle line had been drawn and that both camps had gone fully into full opposing camps ready for battle of any kind not willing to accept each others position. While Prince  Hakeem Ajasa of the Abisogun Ruling House in the company of a mammoth crowd had a sort of power rally declaring their intention and preference. Subsequently, Aremo Segun Oniru in the company of his younger brother Prince Tijani Oniru was declared by Saliu Okanlawon Abisogun, who claims to be a member of the Abisogun Ruling House and some others, as their own legitimate heir to the throne and the Oniru of Iruland elect.

So because of all the shenanigans going on, there is plenty of confusion and misinformation going about now. But we can reassure all that, it is only when the Lagos State Government has declared who is the actual king (Oba), then before anyone can lay claim to the stool or crown.

So until then, the Oniru stool is still vacant. 

Saturday, December 7, 2019


... With Tola Odunsi

Leaving her hotel in Lagos 

... at Eko hotel 

.. At the Zenith Bank roundabout on Ajose Adeogun, V. Island 

Before you tearing your pant out and begin to argue like you know more than even God, sit down read and calculate, maybe it would hit you after all. Apart from this, what we are telling you was reliably sourced and is a fact. Today and tomorrow, that is Saturday and Sunday, December 7 and 8, 2019 would have Nigerians and Ghanaians have a live fill of the best of top American rap queen currently by name Cardi B. This is the one lady that has one way or the other nearly pushed one of our favorites of all time in the person of Nikki 'the incredible' Minaj into oblivion or near retirement.

The 27 year old mother of one, a music star par excellence who rose from grass (stripping) now to grace multiple award winning star, landed in Lagos, Nigeria yesterday and has been going about her media rounds quite fantastically and without the unnecessary airs that normally surrounds international stars/celebrities of her ilk. Babe is fun and accommodating and a joker par excellence.

Last night there was a 'Conversation with Cardi B' that held at the Eko Hotel, Ademola Adetokunbo, Victoria Island, Lagos and from what we gathered, you would have thought that Cardi was familiar with everyone before that day. So disarmingly sweet was she, that she held all spellbound and they all fell in love with her effortlessly. She has since spoken about her love for Nigeria.

We can tell you all matter of fact that bringing the reigning music star to Lagos, Nigeria and then to Accra, Ghana didn't come cheap at all. From what we could gather, the 2 African countries trip on paper was for about $5m dollars which translates to N1.8billion Naira at N360 to a dollar. 5 what????? ? We are too sure you must be asking. We meant it when we said $5,000,000 (Five million dollars only). That's about a staggering N1.8billion Naira which some people have asked us for what? And if there's ever the possibility of the organizers making back such a staggering amount of money? Quite possible in Nigeria ooooo, especially if it's just N900million Naira from different brands and personalities. We can tell you categorically that there's much money in Nigeria, but just maybe in the hands of just a few. And there are those who actually have the money and would love to find a way to take it out too.

We can try to break the whole cost down well for you our readers here. Each country, that is Nigeria and Ghana, has her  budget of about $2.5million dollars each! The 2.5m dollars covers the performance fees per country and the production costs per country too. The production costs includes hotels/accommodation bills for Cardi B and her entourage, it also includes the chartered private jet and all other incidentals that could accrue for the trip. We heard that Cardi B's performance fee for Nigeria alone is between $800,000 & $1.2m Dollars and same goes too for the Accra concert.

Stars don't come cheap at all ooooo. And to set the record straight, seems like the whole concert is not an initiative of Darey Art Alade and his wife Deola as some have tried to sell. Seems more like it's some type of collaboration and their brand are just in charge of production and all. 


Last Wednesday, December 4, 2019 was the birthday of her highness, the delightsome and outstandingly gorgeous 'Olori Hadiza Saheed Elegushi', the gorgeous second wife of His Royal Majesty, Alaiyeluwa, Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi Kusenla III, the Elegushi of Ikateland and environs.

And in celebrating the beautiful day with her, friends, family members, admirers and followers and more, all literally fell over themselves in wishing her a happy birthday and also prayed for her ceaselessly, wishing her well and all. And from the mass outpouring or should we say avalanche of felicitations, it was proof positive that this is one lady that very many have fallen in love with, and this maybe due to her perceived beauty, comportment and other admirable qualities which obviously has swept most off their feet. What we can say categorically though without mincing a word is that, she's a beauty no doubt and that her fans her quite vociferous in their admiration and support of her too.

So to mark the special day, a beautiful private birthday dinner was put together in her honour which had Davido and others in attendance.

Her highness was so impressed with the outpouring of love and admiration that she responded to it all too. But before we go further, let's make a quick & very important correction. We had erroneously suggested that the beautiful Olori Hadiza clocked 36, which is far cry from her true age. We have since found out that she only just clocked 32, although someone suggested 33. We regret the unintentional mistake. Olori is still a much younger darling dearest than was suggested by us, maybe her perceived maturity is why we had thought to add 3 or 4 more years to her number. 😂 😂 😂.

For the happyy day, the queen, (Olori II) released some amazing pictures above, that got all salivating. We especially loved the 1st one, where it seems she was dancing in praise to God for a good year and birthday 🎂. Olori must be a hotstepper by the look of it, as there is grace in that movement above.

So in response to the abundant show and outpouring of love on her birthday, she later responded thus-

My Birthday!

To all my friends and family members, I am overwhelmed by all your beautiful wishes, messages, time and gifts..... My cup is overfloweth with tremendous gratitude and love for each and everyone of you!
May Almighty Allah bless us all with another year of incredible adventures and unimaginable opportunities! Ameeeeen!!!
I'll also like to specially acknowledge and say a big thank you to My beloved husband and King @hrmselegushi and to everyone that made my birthday dinner a memorable evening, can't thank you enough. 

Friday, December 6, 2019


Aremo Olusegun Abiodun 

CSP 'Prince' Hakeem Ajasa

The countdown has quietly begun, as Lagos is waiting eagerly and others are watching with bated breath to see who would emerge as the next king, his royal majesty, the Oniru of Iruland in Lagos. And the big question that is being asked rather quietly is, would it be the amiable, very well connected & very liquid, Aremo Segun Abiodun, who many refers to as Aremo Segun Oniru, who is the eldest son (hence why the tag Aremo) of the immediate past late king, Oba Idowu Abiodun Oniru and he is also the grandson of the father of the one that just recently passed on, in the person of Oba Yesufu.

Aremo/Prince Segun Abiodun is more synonymous with the Oniru tag, as that has been added to their name and accepted by all too over the years now.

Or would it be the highly resourceful, super highly connected also, in fact the well supported and rather more quiet Prince Hakeem Ajasa? Who is a top Police officer and said to be a gentleman to the core???

The Oniru name and title from the little research we have carried out actually belongs to the 3 ruling houses that can aspire to the throne of their forebears. They are the Akiogun house, the Ogunyemi house and the Abisogun house or line.

Just so you all would understand why this stool is very very  important. Iruland where whoever emerges as the Oniru would reign over, used to cover a vast mass of prime land that included Victoria Island and environs. In fact according to history, Iruland was said to have even included parts of CMS in Marina too and other parts that the Government of the day then bought and paid the Oniru chieftaincy family then a sizable £400,000 (£250,000 first & later £150,000) many years back as compensation, for acquiring their lands. So the Onirus have always been major landowners on the island.

All of these exciting large land mass, that is now valued at several, tens of billions of Naira included the 'Bar Beach', where the 'Eko Atlantic City' now sits. It also included the part that was the then slum called 'Maroko', which later became 'Victoria Island extension', which only became that after the forceful eviction then in 1988 of over 300,000 people by the regime of then 'acsion Governor' Colonel Raji Alagbe Rasaki, who acted with such power then, as the no nonsense military Governor of Lagos from 1988 till 1991.

It was 1st tagged VI extension before the former slum later transformed dramatically to become what has now become the 'Oniru Estate of the rich', after it was named after the chieftaincy family. It is even in this estate, that the Palace of Oniru was relocated to after it was moved from in front of the Bar Beach on Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Their domain didn't just end there though, as their vast control still went as far as Lekki towards where the Elegushi palace presently is in fact now.

So the chieftaincy family which began as far back as 1589 but which later became a royal family from 1994 after their status was elevated, used to sit atop a virtual goldmine of landmass. But that's not all there's it to it.

Whoever becomes the Oniru of Iruland is also said to be the very head of the Idejo, that's like being the Olori ebi, head of the royal family. The idejo are the highly ranked in fact highest ranked, highly influential white cap chiefs of Lagos. Idejo for those who don't know, comprises the highest ruling clan that determines what obtains as per the royal stools in Lagos.

'Ejo' or better still Mejo, in Yoruba language actually refers to 8. These 8 began with the 8 brothers of a father, who were the founders of Eko. According to legend or better put history, they were said to have actually come from the Oyo Empire. But before they came, as was required of them they had done some divination to chart their course appropriately, so as to know where their destiny would lead them, their ultimate destination. That is talking about where they would finally settle down to as their home.

Far more juicier details below. Click on read more

Thursday, December 5, 2019


With husband, Ugo Okoye

It's raining birthdays this December of 2019 unabatedly and we cannot just not celebrate some good. great and beautiful people. And one of those that came under our radar and that we just thought we shouldn't ignore is none other than the stupendously gorgeous and stylish wife of Ugo Okoye, in the person of Nnenna Okoye who is the head honcho at top beauty place YOUTOPIA.

The tall, light skinned, beautiful & brainy mother of 3, just clocked 36 a few days ago and we had expected a major throw down kinda things, that would have had all her beautiful girlfriends likes of Toke, Arese and more in attendance showing off some new styles and what have you. And that's just because we know very well that she or her handsome bloke of a husband, who is one of the famous Okoye brothers that panicked Lagos a bit a few years ago, can easily afford it.

But instead of the throw down, she opted for or she preferred to have a more private and rather subdued celebration. The in your face mother of 3 kids, who looks like she's just about to get married. but who has done a decade plus already, is one of Nigeria's top beauty experts/entrepreneurs and it shows all over her, meaning that she's the best advert for what she does.

From what we hear, her beauty parlor which is down Fola Osibo, near Hakeem Dickson in the Lekki Phase 1 axis of Lagos is always a beehive of activities for the discerning beauty enthusiasts, who daily thronged her office for one advise or the other or even to pick up some of her best selling beauty products, many her of which are her own exclusive products too.

Elegant Nnenna, who is a known egg head, had a couple of years back, 2005 to be more precise, had graduated from the popular University of Kent, where she had read for a degree in Accounting and Finance and had graduated in flying colours. The beautiful lady has an ACCA too. Then about 6 years ago, sometime in 2013 when the entrepreneurial bug ate her up, she gave voice to her other major passion, which is beauty, as she went to a beauty school to fine tune what could be tagged her native, natural intelligence, that's talking about her attending "The Beauty Academy in London', where she had gone to learn all (the nitty-gritty) that it takes, before she now came back to set up her now famous YOUTOPIA place and brand.

It is that same brand that as now grown in leaps and bounds in just 6 years of existence, with an enviable clientele list for that matter too. The mother of 3, is acclaimed to be a phenomenal wife, it's been 11 good years of marriage already (she had walked down the aisle and gotten married age 25); she's an exceptional mother of 3 brilliant kids, but has been said it's like motherhood is her special gift and a supremely super loyal friend to those who can swear on anything about her good and endearing qualities.

So on this her 36th occasion, we are happy to say happy birthday t🎂 to her and wish her more beautiful and health blessed years ahead. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Olori Hadiza Elegushi 

So we nearly forgot whose day it is today. But it's better late than never at all. Today like is well reflected on the title board is the 32nd birthday of the super gorgeous, super stylish, awesomely humble and very well to do, 2nd wife, Olori (Queen) Hadiza Saheed Elegushi. That's talking about the 2nd wife of his royal majesty (Alayeluwa), Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi, the Kusenla III, who is the Elegushi of Ikateland and environs.

Kabiyesi, Oba Elegushi had gotten married to his delightsome new wife then at a Kano ceremony a few months ago. That was private but that was totally off the hook in all ways. The beautiful surprise traditional nuptial in that ancient town had surprised everyone when it happened, as it caught a lot of people napping, much so that some even actually did their best to deny that such a nuptial had taken place at all. Thank God that pictures don't lie!

This platform, that is, our esteemed Maestro's Media platform was actually one of the few platforms then that had reported accurately that a nuptial had actually happened as a matter of  and fact, we were even reporting it as it was happening in the day. And now again, we can tell you categorically that, except of they decide to put it off deliberately, sometime soon in the new year, that is 2020, God willing, the Lagos end of what had begun in Kano, would take place with far more fanfare than the one that attended that Northern one. It promises to be a mega nuptial of the highest proportion, we knowing fully well that the kind of party that would make all others look like a parlor event. You all know very well that no one can beat Lagos when it comes to showing off, hence why it is said "Eko for Show"!

So today, Wednesday, December 4, 2019 is the 32nd birthday of the former Hadiza Tanko Yakasai. And in appreciation of his lovely 2nd wife, just like the King did in November when his Olori (Iyale) Sekinat Aramide added a year, kabiyesi who is rather becoming a love poet of a sort now went lyrical again, exclaiming his love for Hadiza his beloved new wife without a chill, declaring his endless love and praying for her too, Saying.......

"On this day My wife was born, it has only been God all the way, Alhamdulilah.
Today, I celebrate my wife's birthday, Olori Hadiza Elegushi. Being happy around you is an effortless thing for me; it just comes naturally. I pray that you live long to continue to make me happy, and I in return, will be here to ensure the smile on your face never (seizes). May your heart be filled with joy and may our love continue to grow stronger and stronger. I celebrate you today and I will celebrate you always. Happy birthday my My Queen".

We here at MM would love to say a happy birthday to a beautiful queen with a lovely heart. 


It is only until after Friday, that's talking about this upcoming Friday of December 6, 2019 when the apprehension, the palpable fear or better still the unprecedented jitters would have subsided one way or the other, that there would have been that sharp intake of breath as relief or otherwise would have set in. By that Friday, the die would have been casted and then, for or against, the somewhat unchangeable deed would have been done as by then there wouldn't be no going back again on the decision to either retain the man known to most as the Chairman, as the boss over that parastatal that he has made one of our best cash cows for a few years or by then, he would have been removed to go begin pasture's anew. Friday is the D-day.

Under normal circumstances starting and ending any endeavor or assignment given one is nothing new. The excitement normally comes from the fact that after doing what one is given to do and that one has now done to the best of one's abilities and with the end of such activity coming near, there is always a mixture of feelings. One can be happy that finally, the end of the assignment is coming, so a kind of great relief is expected as a mighty burden is going to be lifted off one's shoulder, but with such an impending transition also comes a bit of sadness too, especially as it sets in that one would have to move on to some other things that would or could need some readjusting or readjustment to get used to.

For our person here, it seems like to move on or better still for another to be chosen to replace him in his position, would or could be tantamount to a disaster.

That's not only for him though, for he can just dust himself, readjust and move on, but for so many, in fact very many people running into hundreds at that. For these his many dependants who he has been like God sent to, it would be some kind of disaster, in fact a big time disappointment.

One excellent thing though, which no one can never ever take away from him & which allows for many to overlook his so called excesses without looking back at all, is the fact that his generosity, unbelievable generosity at that, is frankly adjudged and acknowledged to be unparalleled. It has been well said and often reiterated by many that, you cannot see him, that's if God allows you and you are able to have access to him and go away empty handed. He has fans, followers, people, friends that he has helped out in very many ways, that have since become his die-hards, vociferous and unrepentant supporters. Who are willing to do just about anything for him.

Truth be told, he has done extremely well, in fact extraordinarily well in his assignment. He has broken every available record in the course of delivering on his assignment too. Never before in the history of that sector, has someone brought in the kind of astronomical figures h,e has delivered consistently. His parastatal and another have been the major sources of revenue in the last many years in the country, taking away our total dependency from another sector that has been so sapped, that's its nearly comatose now.

And because of how extraordinarily he was adjudged to have done, many had thought that without a doubt, that he was going to be elevated to another much bigger assignment which would have been some sort of crowning and a major stamp of approval. But alas no, the one in charge at the other assignment was actually returned against all odds, which was in fact a shock! Thereby shutting down that door on him. So what is now left, is for him to either retain this particular seat or nothing.

Some had even predicted in the aftermath of that other snub, that he could be chosen to man a ministry, but nothing like that came to fruition, though it could still happen as there is still a few years to go.

Whilst some have predicted that he is a goner, meaning he wouldn't be retained and that's because they feel that he has lost the support of his supposed now former godfather, some are of the opinion that, that might not actually be totally true as they are claiming that he has the backing of some anonymous, but equally very strong and important element(s), so they are too sure he would retain his position and remain on his seat.

If he should retain his seat like many are already predicting, then we must expect a mother of all celebration at that his regular place by the water, where he and friends with their various handbags of all types likes to frequent a whole lot.

Would he be retained? Very likely.
We would actually love it though,  if he is retained.
Would he be removed? That's a big question only the top gun alone can answer. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019


The super gorgeous and awesomely stylish Executive Director at Polo Ltd, Nigeria's number 1, in fact the 'primus inter pares' of luxury brand in Nigeria, by name Jennifer E. Obayuwana, has done it again. And we cannot stop applauding her for another good job well done. It has been a super upward swing from a very profitable luxury brand of before, to a far much more profitable brand, since after she became her dad's under-boss only a few years ago now. The brand has since grown in leaps and bounds.

The kind of excellent and very identifiable and obvious progress that the Swiss trained inimitable fashionista, who speaks at least 3 international languages, one which is French, has brought on board since the chairman of the brand in the person of Sir John Obayuwana the great, has been giving her more and more control in the running of the growing, 1st class luxury conglomerate, has been staggering to say the least.

Polo Avenue, a first class subsidiary of Polo Ltd has been a big hit, in fact a massive hit since the brand opened store for purveyors of luxury at its best, on the 1st floor of the Polo House, on Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island right across Radisson Blu, Victoria Island, Lagos.

It has since become the favorite convergence point for those who understands what it means, a one stop store/shop for the best in garbs and accessories, the ultimate in luxury and elegance for that matter. Both Polo Ltd, that stocks the very best of wrist-watches & pens likes of Rolex, Chopard, Cartier, Hublot, Montblanc and more & Polo Avenue, where you would encounter the very best of Valentino, Palm Angels, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Salvatore Ferragamo, Alexander McQueen, Gedebe, Bottega, Anna Karin Karlson, Guiseppe Zanotti and more, for both the male and female are acclaimed as 2 of some of the best places to shop in Lagos, Nigeria without any fear of contradiction.

So the same award winning Polo Ltd brand with her awesome subsidiary in tow, has now brought in, a brand that is first and foremost very international and quite renowned at that, secondly it is one of the most respected lifestyle brands in the world. In fact a brand that has collaborated over the years with some of the most iconic brands & names in the fashion and lifestyle sector and that brand is none other than, the one and only  Swarovski, whose intimidatingly beautiful HQ is located in the awesomely beautiful Austria. 

Swarovski is world famous for simulated diamonds as their type of crystals are referred to. They are in fact the undisputed leader in that sector. It has even being said that, it's just Swarovski and all others. The Swarovski crystals are so renowned, because of the complexity involved in the production process of crystals, which they have particularly turned into a art form. Then also, the precision of their cuts, which allows light to dazzle off it spectacularly, is also a distinction that separates them from all others. So they are in a world and position all by themselves.  It is this same brand with some of  the most outstanding stores in some of the most exclusive spots and malls all over the world, that has now berthed in Lagos via the Polo Ltd brand, where Jennifer Obayuwana reigns supreme.

The Swarovski brand is now in Lagos and at the Ikeja City Mall, by Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos to be precise. They have been there now for about 2 months fine-tuning the process & as expected mesmerizing all comers with their outstanding bling non stop!!!!

The very little we actually know about owning a Swarovski franchise is that, such a franchise is not less than €100000 (One Hundred Thousand Euros), which translates to about N40million Naira at today's exchange rate and there's still some exacting criteria one must still meet like the size of store, location etc to get the stamp of approval. So now with Swarovski officially now in Lagos, Nigeria, it's no more the need to fly anywhere in the world agai, to go get the outstanding, world class Swarovski experience.

If we have actually have gotten it right, Swarovski Lagos were actually the sponsors of the outstandingly gorgeous tiara won by the very latest Miss Nigeria 2019 at the competition that happened just at the weekend.

Welcome on board Swarovski. We are happy that you have come. So let's bling up Lagosssssss!!!! 


Kika Osunde is not an unknown to regular readers of this outstanding platform. Some would even refer to her as our regular customer. She's in fact, a part of one of our most well read stories of all time to date. But for emphasis sake, we will do a recap kind of introduction of her.

She is the outstandingly snazzy, totally in your face, most  exciting, badass fashionista friend and partner of the equally exciting & elegant lawyer cum entrepreneur, Chioma Ikokwu. Both gorgeous ladies in their early 30s, are packed filled with so much oomph & are the owners of the quite popular hair brand, Good Hair Ltd and also that top lifestyle convergence point, Brass & Copper, both brands are located at the same address, in the Lekki Phase 1 axis of Lagos.

Their Good Hair Ltd brand which is now a decade (10) old, is actually top 5 best selling hair brand in the whole of Nigeria and the HQ of their business is London, but with a sub-headquarter in Lagos. While London handles the international arm of the business, Lagos deals with Nigeria and Africa part of the business.

So Kika aka Keeks was a year older just 2 days ago, that being Sunday, December 1, 2019. And the beautiful Sagittarian actually clocked 30 something, her early 30s if we were to be more precise
and from what we were able to find out, this birthday would be one to remember for quite a bit too.

Firstly she was said to have flown from London on a lap of honour to romantic & supremely elegant Paris with her mom and just a friend in tow. She lodged at the 4 Seasons George V Hotel Paris, which is an Iconic hotel and in fact, a top 10 luxury hotel in Paris. It was here that the Anumudus of the Globe Motors fame, that they had their outstanding destination wedding months ago. An authentic 5-star hotel by all standards. She thereafter went to L'Arc Paris Night Club on Rue de Presbourg, an elite nightclub where her throw-down took place. And it was a first class throw-down all the way, as Pernod Ricard, who are one of the supporters/partners of Brass & Copper, who incidentally were in Paris for their annual retreat went all out splashing what was said to be about €10000 Euros (fully unconfirmed though), on champagne, other liquor and what have you to make the day quite special for Kika.

The birthday gal herself who wouldn't say no at all to a good deed done for her, had an absolutely smashing time in Paris and as was expected later did enough shopping to add to her already over filled wardrobe that's already busting at the seams with fantastic items. If what we hear is true and confirmed latter, the unrepentant and inimitable fashionista might soon be unveiled too as an ambassador of the Alexander Wang brand, which is an  eponymous American fashion label.That would most definitely be a big deal. And that would most definitely place her in a class of her own, on another pedestal that all others would begin to run after again. The brand representatives of Alexander Wang were said to have also taken her out in London for her birthday as some sort of appreciation, maybe for being a great customer over the years?

So instead of a more loud birthday celebration with plenty of friends on some exotic islands and destinations as was expected, it was a more intimate experience for Kika as she clocked 3? She's just a tiny few years older than her best friend forever Chioma, who she actually met years ago at the University of Birmingham, where she had studied for a degree in Business and Marketing and where she came out with an outstanding 21 to the boot. So hers is most definitely beauty with brain. Not a dumb blonde or platinum bimbo.

So we here at MM are wishing Kika or Kiks or Keeks or even Ronks, a Happy, most delightsome birthday and more beautiful and outstandingly colorful years ahead.