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Monday, October 21, 2019


Nwanneka Nkumah aka MizWanneka 

To be a big player in the lifestyle sector now seems like the best thing to do. Most especially to be an hair merchant, as nothing seems to compare to it right now in terms of making good profit. Those engaged in it are seemingly raking in the money in loads and torrents. Ask the likes of Chioma Ikokwu & Kika Osunde of Good Hair. Also ask Akunna of Kuku's Hair and most especially too, ask MizWanneka, who just took delivery of her very own 120m Naira rated 2020 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG in matt black! That she bought with her sweat and hardwork.

Nwanneka Nkumah aka MizWanneka, the self styled Africa's Nos 1 hair boss, whose entrepreneurial prowess has been commended  & rewarded took delivery of her monster on wheels, just a few days ago and it has been celebration galore since then.

The 9 speed automatic gear box monster has a starting price of $147,500, and that's just for starters. Multiply that by a base N360 exchange rate, that equals about N53,100,000 plus, then add 70% clearing which is (35% import duty and 35% levy) that also comes to about N37,170,000 making a total of about N90,270,000. The 90 plus million is just for starters as the car could even cost more depending on specification and the clearance could still have some other additional too. So we are talking of an SUV costing between (100 to 120million Naira).

Whoever then that claims that there's no money in the hair business in Nigeria is most definitely a bloody liar!

Akunna of Kuku's Hair who is probably one of the biggest in the luxury hair market in Lagos and most probably in Nigeria, regularly carries her 'Hermes Birkin in Crocodile' amongst several other ones, which could come to about $150,000, that's about N54million Naira for one bag, which would most conveniently buy the 2020 G63 AMG, without batting an eye and one would still collect good change from such a purchase.

The super stylish Akunna Nwala-Akanmo, who is a married mother of one, with the' 'awesomely bodacious body' is an avowed fashionista of note, who most likely could own more than one of that most coveted of bags in her enviable collection. We have heard several times about how her wardrobe and collection are a to die for. But this story is not about her, but about Nwanneka.

To also show how that the hair business must be a major money spinner, one can also see how 2 of the most visible in the business too, in Kika Osunde and Chioma Ikokwu, are always lounging luxuriously, having the best of fun, wearing the best of designer garbs and carrying the best of accessories too like they owned the companies making those things. Flying about to some of the most exotic places in the world in business class or upper, like they are trekking to VI. Their wardrobes must be in excess of millions and millions of Naira. If all things work out as they would, even Chioma from what we hear, could be launching a humongous car/SUV soon, maybe a Velar or something much more awesome and costlier. We are waiting and watching. Her multimillion Naira home or penthouse in Ikoyi, already speaks volume.

One other person cruising about town in her own AMG G63 for a bit now is @badgirlkelly. Her own though is one kind of those gorgeous cappuccino color, which always-always gets people's nods of admiration whenever they come across it.

From how the elated Nwanneka expressed happiness at receiving her new car, as she says grace and hardwork is what has brought her thus far. We are too sure that this is just the beginning.

Read what she said as she expressed her joy in full above in the picture.



It is very obvious that ex-model, shoe designer and former very public partner of Nigeria's bad boy rapper Ikechukwu, by name Sarah Ofili now Sarah Adukeh is in the happiest space of her life presently. Over the years and since after she got married, she has been able to re-invent her life. She dated Ikechukwu then who had a great career for a few years, but whose trajectory has gone totally comatose now for 4 turbulent years. Gone now are the days of just appearing in the news just for the sake of it. It is most obvious now that with responsibility now comes maturity and we greatly commend her for this.

Everything about the gorgeous lady now speaks contentment. She exudes love from deep within that radiates all around her on the outside so gorgeously. And now at just about clocking 35 years old and on the 9 month course (pregnant) and in fact in her 3rd trimester at that (what a beautiful birthday gift), she's so happy to let the world see her at her most gorgeous form now, with her beautiful baby bump.

Sarah who is now Mrs. Adukeh had gotten married in December of 2017 at a beautiful traditional ceremony in Asaba, Delta State to her then beau now husband and just near 2 years after (would be 2 years exactly this December of 2019), the couple are now expecting their first child together.

The elated mama (mom) to be gushing with pride, was so happy to exclaim her joy as she waxed lyrical on her ig page saying -

“What a day! What a journey! What a time of my life!! Counting down to my 35th bday, and am just so grateful to be able to celebrate such a milestone with my most precious gift from God. Aint God good!!!🙌 am not one to write epistles on the gram… but let me tk a min to appreciate my peeps! @jujufierce @mniqsamuel @p.i.n.e_a.p.p.l.e_ thank u for making my journey alot easier, Thank you for the laughs, tears, encouragement and sitting for hrs thru the shoot making sure it was exactly wat i wanted! Thank you @jujufierce for the endless effortless hrs u put into making everything happen even wen i wanted to give up, Now i wish we tk more baby bump pics 🙄🤣 AND BIGGEST THANK YOU TO MY HUBBY @zsihughez for everythinggggg.” (sic)

Sunday, October 20, 2019


And so earlier this morning, Sunday, October 20, 2019 to be more precise, a super elated Davido, Nigeria's current hottest international music property (music lord) welcomed to this world his newest son, 'David Adedeji Ifeanyi Adeleke Junior'.  And the proud father and husband, as he gushed appreciatively that "OMOBA TI DE" meaning 'the prince is here' 20-10-2019, he pronounced again his love for his wife, whilst also immediately commending the wife, Chioma, for her strength--saying Love you my STRONG WIFE @thechefchi.

Apparently the music star was at the hospital with his wife, when she dropped the 'October boy'.

And since he giddily announced the birth, it has been an avalanche, an unprecedented outpouring of congratulations from far and wide and all over.

And we too join the line up and chorus too to say, welcome baby boyyyyyy!!! And a heartfelt congratulations to your parent- Davido and Chioma too.

Long may you live in great health! 

Saturday, October 19, 2019


Cynthia aka 'cy4luv212' is a beautiful, stylish and quite well known (very very popular) lady about town. A regular at Honorable Shina Peller's upscale Night Club/lounge Quilox. Some even say that she's like the club owner, top businessman's little sister, some sort of protégé.

There had been some speculations about town that cupid had finally-finally hit the right target with his super love drenched arrows, with the fortunate target being Cynthia-CY as most know her to be and that love had finally swept her off her feet totally and unconditionally and that of recent, she had been living in giddy land  luxuriating helplessly and with utter abandon in the embrace of love, as a loved up dude was all over, giving her maximum attention.

So finally, just last night, Friday, October 18 into early morning of October 19, 2019 to be more precise, her knight in shining armour with her in tow, walked into the venue of their surprise engagement party and right in front of a few select those that matter to them, the somewhat chivalrous dude, while on bended knee with a rock in his hand, asked his damsel, here now not in distress to be his for forever. As expected, Cynthia in front of the witnesses cooed the expected Yes!

The reason a whole lot of people are super happy and relieved for the beautiful Cynthia is because, she has not been quite lucky in love over time. She's been hot hot for quite a bit now and on the radar of a whole lot of dudes, some you could refer to as both big boys and small pretenders too, many have painted humongous 'castles in the air', offering to be her prince charming, all in the attempt to swim her precious river only to cut short the dream mid-way.

But her husband to be, her mysterious but delightsome prince charming has finally landed and has swept her off her feet, professing love forever profusely. Though his identity is not well known yet, at least you can see the picture of the dude above.

May this beautiful association come to full fruition insha Allah.

Congratulations people!!!! 


Both ladies are outright fashionistas and entrepreneurs worth their salt. In fact they are the envy of others as they are daily making progress in their different endeavors and ways.

Both needs no introduction of any kind whatsoever. For those who don't know oe who claim not to know Toke Makinwa aka TM aka 'small girl big God', read all about her above, she's our own Kylie Jenner in the making. Denike Margaret Balogun aka 'Nikky Bizzle' also needs no introductions at all. Regulars on this page or platform would have read much about the unrepentant fashionista & upscale lifestyle counnoseur. She's the recently turned 35 year old serial entrepreneur part owner of 'Diamond Ink Events' with her cousin Dabota Lawson. She's also the owner of the upscale 'The Tea Room Lagos' and the 'certified flower arrangement specialist' owner of 'Maggie's Fleur'.

Both ladies are Unilag graduates, in fact they have been friends now since their days at the University which is much more than a decade ago now. So theirs is not an association or relationship that began recently, they knew each other when they were just spring chickens not this well celebrated celebrity fashionistas they have now become now, so to now hear that such long ago friendship and friends could just be at dagger's drawn like that over what some would consider petty issues, to the extent, they would follow it up by 'un-following' each other so publicly on a public platform like Instagram!!!!

Maybe the issue had been on for a bit before, but it literally came to an head at the party to celebrate the birthday of the Polo boss. There was an argument or exchange of words as witnessed by the lady owner of the hair store. It's so so petty, it's a laugh, just imagine that Toke thinks Denike is rude & Denike thinks Toke is getting too big (pig) headed! That's how petty the stuff is. Maybe after this story now, they'll over look the whole shenanigans and mend up and be back as friends again.

Speaking of rifts. There have been some epic falling out though, one of such is the Toke vs. Chioma saga, and it's only God Himself that can mend this one from what we hear.

Friday, October 18, 2019




Everything about the 2 of these gorgeous ladies speaks/shouts FLUXING heaven. Both are 'avowed fashionistas' to the core. We doubt if there's any 'visible female celebrity' worth their salt currently on their levels. Toke particularly maybe because she's more in our eyes stands out the more. Her 'multimillionaire Naira' valued home, must be filled to the brim with awesome  fashion apparels that would astound the biggest collectors, be they shoes and bags, clothes/garbs, accessories and things she gat them all.

Except for maybe bags and shoes that can be repeated, basically because we all most often have our favorites that can be carried more often, we don't think Toke has repeated any garb she's worn before in eons. It's always something new everyday. Her collection of branded handbags must be out of the world by now. From the Hermes Birkins and Kellys in different colours, to the Balenciagas, Guccis, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Celines, LVs etc. She most definitely might have a whole room as her walk-in closet, which would be some kind of heaven for some other ladies out there. Her Jewelry/watch collection cannot be less than 20m, even closer to 50m if not more. We are talking about the Rolexes, Audemars and Cartiers and the likes she loves to wear plus them trinkets, studs etc......

The well paid OAP, also best-selling author, influencer-another space where she makes cool consistent millions from, fashionista to the core, has certainly done well for herself in the last 4 to 5 years. After seemingly escaping from a troubling relationship/marriage that seem to have held her down. She seemingly arose from her doldrum, her own ashes like a Phoenix and has since not looked back ever again. She has her own hand bag brand TM, and truth be told without mincing words, those bags are super well made. If Nigerians would support each other and not have some other negative thoughts in mind, by virtue of those bags alone, she could already have hit pay dirt sinc, llike she must have struck oil or a diamond mine. She also owns her own body care range, though it's more underground than out there and has not grabbed our attention like it was intended. Is Toke our own 'Nigerian Kylie Jenner' in the making? Is she the ultimate queen of FLUXING?

Don't under estimate her at all! For someone who clearly has the Kardashian's as one of her heroes, she might be on her way to getting to the very top. And to dismiss her ambition is to do so at one's peril.

For Imelda, she has not been there at the top somewhat has much as Toke. But in the last year and maybe half, she's climbed quite rapidly up that ladder and has been causing major headache for others who see her. She has become a fashionista of note to fear and respect. Over the short period of time, she has acquired all the bags, shoes, clothes and things that many had taken eons to acquire. Who says money, good money at that, can't buy it all???? Hmmmmmm.....

Unlike Toke though, whose vocation is more known, we only know the periphery about Imelda sometimes spelt Emelda. She was supposed to have owned a lifestyle store selling hair before and it's been said that a super luxury store is upcoming soon. Her garbs and accessories are to die for in the last a year and half. And as a testament to her arrival on the scene and no more on the periphery, she launched her brand spanking new, black Range Rover that did set her back a couple of tens of millions earlier this year, more precisely a few months ago.

Both ladies do strictly 'Business Class' and might do 1st class also a few times depending and in fact may do private sometimes. While Imelda's chariot is the 2019 version or better put edition, Toke's Range Rover Sport is about a few years older. Though someone had tried to claim she has a Bentley tucked or packed quietly away somewhere, knowing her we know that if she has bought such, she would have driven it and not hid it at all.

While Toke's self owned Ikoyi apartment is known to have cost her some whooping hundred of millions plus, we have only heard that Imelda owns her own property(ies) too (speculated to be in the GRA/Island).

Both ladies are single, we don't  know if they are searching. They are 'avid travelers' and like those who know them says, very fun to be with.

Who then of these 2 is the "ultimate queen of FLUXING"!!!!

See our 2 delightsome gold fishes with no hiding place splattered all over this post.  Dazzling all comers in these pictures.

Plenty more after the break.


Sanwoolu & Hamzat

We don't want to sound alarmist for any reason whatsoever. But when you begin to hear some things repeatedly in the midst of some people who should know, then you know it's not a joke neither are they just throwing words around like they have nothing to do. Yes, we truly understand that an idle hand is a devil's workshop. But we also know very well that many of these people are not charlatans, neither are they bereft of work, so not engaging in idle talk.

What we have heard consistently over the last few weeks is that, Lagos is actually, very broke! What????? Where did you get that from? A whole Lagos???? You mean a whole state of aquatic excellence, that's so freaking rich compared to all other states? Imagine with all the avenues for internally generated revenue? This same Lagos that's the envy of all the other states, such that every one else wants to copy their style and model? Yes ooooo, it's the same Lagos.

According to the very underground gist, the state is so very broke, such that if care is not taken, she might not be able to pay salaries or better still meet her obligations as at when due, from the next few months! Some are even claiming that the last administration didn't leave much at all or didn't leave anything at all (that's pretty hard to believe though). The no funds at all tale, might actually be the reason why the points man for that particular administration in the person of Akinwunmi Ambode and some of his commissioners are going through unbelievable scrutiny for sometime now.

Unlike how it used to obtain, with the state house of assembly normally getting well taken care of, with good flow, it seems like the expected flow to them haven't been as forthcoming as expected and as at when due. And because that administration and this current administration being one of the same, with the difference just only been that the people running the affairs of each, are different, this is why they would prefer not to bring too much attention/scrutiny to the problem, but would prefer to just handle it more internally like a Yoruba saying goes - "when 2 parleys are not in tandem and not united, at the end both might end up losing"(ti awo o ba gba awo nigbowo, awo a tee, awo a fa ya").

Is this outrageous tale of brokenness the reason why our current Governor seem to be impotent? Or it's just that things are so overwhelming, he is just still grappling with the humongous issues, whilst looking for the best solutions to fit each to solve them once and for all? Even if it's as true as we have stated it, this story would be denied with vehemence. Since it's APC that was there before and even before, and it's still APC that's there now, it's better to keep all under wrap then to cause more issues. If this administration which would only do a term, except something extraordinary happens to change that, doesn't come good at the end of it all, APC might find it hard to win again at the next election, except if the opposition would be foolish again, to field an incompetent loser. 

Thursday, October 17, 2019


When we say 'Chief Executives', we are not talking about those who are just running companies. Oh no.... not at all. We are talking about executives in charge of things far more valuable, far more gargantuan. To be in charge of what they are in charge of, for even just a week alone, sets them apart forever and ever. And it's in this state of Excellence that we are talking about.

Apart from a few other states, like the oil rich states of the South-South none can be compared to this state of aquatic excellence. There's in fact no criteria via which you can compare this state with, it stands out. And whoever mans it, is a big boy of the highest caliber.

This ladies, we mean the duo we are focusing on or talking about are blood sisters from the same mom. In fact they are about 3 sisters in all if we can still remember very well. And they are highly connected too. One was a side-chic to a former Chief Executive, who was discarded unceremoniously not too long ago for another to take his spot, whilst the sister was enjoying the ears of the former dude, she gave her sister to the one who took over from the one now discarded. The one who gave her sister to the new helmsman had also dated the dude before! Just imagine that,. But the one she was dating then was the main boss, while the one she gave the sister was in charge of a Government institution or parastatal then, but he would later be picked for the top job.

While sister was in the hands of the now out gone, she had major fun. Her house in GRA, Ikeja, Lagos is a testament to the largess she enjoyed. We all know truly that to own a house in GRA, Ikeja is comparable to owning an edifice in old Ikoyi, Lagos. So no be beans at all.

Now it's the turn of the other sister now, as her investment is now in power and it is time to eat the fruits of endurance & labor. It was as if when dude was just in charge of the Government institution he wasn't well to do enough, na na na he was very very okay, in fact stupendously so, it's just that he has now being elevated far far above his own dream now. What he controls now, is totally outstanding and because he is known to be exceptionally generous, this lady may already be on a ride of her life, in fact she's on a roller coaster of outrageous fun.

At the inauguration of our bespectacled Bobo, the whole family, by that we mean, all the sisters with even their mom in tow, came in full regalia & glory, wearing the special uniform/color of the day with exceptional aplomb and they were seen showing how connected they are to the new power!

Both sisters have dated the same dude, while one left to date another who was in power before, she left her sister to continue to service the new dude.

When it is said that some things runs in the family. Now you would have the understanding of what we mean by that. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Maureen Onigbanjo 

The sad news came as a major shock to all. It's not the kind of thing anyone prays for or wants to even happen to anyone close to them.

The Lagos social firmament are mourning with one of their own on the sad demise of her 1st son so untimely.

The loss of any person is shocking already, but when the parent(s) is/are still alive and kicking and then one loses their child; one with a good head for that matter, handsome and well read, with the future still ahead brightly and horizons to conquer beckoning, in this case a good son, then it's totally inconsolable. And that's the story right now!

So top socialite and award winning designer of note of several years, the super gorgeous and stylish Maureen Onigbanjo of the Maufechi Fashion House fame, has just lost her son, a 31 year old man in London to the colds hands of death. Shocking! yes quite shocking!

It has been grief and anguish at the Onigbanjo's since the sadness occurrence meandered in, as they mourn the death of one of their sons 'Olawale Opeyemi Onigbanjo Junior' at just 31 in London.

It wasn't that too long ago that the kindhearted and beautiful lady lost her handsome husband-Wale Onigbanjo to the grim reaper, and in fact due to that loss, she had gone into her shell somewhat and was still mourning, only now for their son to pass on so untimely too. Shame on you death!

If death had demanded for money to be placated so as not to strike, we are too sure it would have received something quite hefty from the Onigbanjos, or even if it was good behaviour, talent and how cool a person looks or even great connection, then the 31 year old would have been brought back to life or wouldn't have even died in the first place at all. But alas, what can we do? Such is life, the grim reaper who reaps where it didn't sow, who harvests where it didn't plant, came, knocking at a terrible time and like it always does, grabbed, stole, robbed and killed and left anguish and uncontrollable tears in its wake. Mrs. Onigbanjo only clocked 60 not too long ago.

Wednesday July 8, 2015 was a grim day in the household of the Onigbanjos as that was the day 'Olawale Onigbanjo Senior' passed on untimely at age 57, having been born in Chelsea, London in 1959. Friday, July 24, 2015 was when he was  buried in Ikoyi, Lagos.

The young man, that is the now late 'Olawale Opeyemi Onigbanjo Junior' is survived by his mom, Maureen, his brother, a 6 plus footer ex-basketball player BabaFemi Oluwafeyisola Onigbanjo, 22 and a sister--Morenike Ololade Onigbanjo, 26.

The late Olawale Opeyemi Onigbanjo Junior was born in 1988, 4 years after his parents met & married in 1984.

As death has now done its worst, we pray that the good Lord would grant the dearly departed soul rest and that his family would have the strength and courage to bear this unfortunate demise. 

Sunday, October 13, 2019


Seems like the entertainment scene has some new exciting entrants or can we afford to call them debutantes who wants to take over desperately from those they consider as their icons who are well celebrated, well decorated fashionistas of high repute likes of TM, Chioma, Kika and the likes!

The way Kika, Chioma, TM and others more authentic fashionistas, who have jobs that they do and that they can readily point to; show daily or should we say weekly show their prowess as Africa's own Kim K/Kylie Jenner showing off all their latest garbs and colorful acquisitions, traveling to some of the most exotic places/destinations around the world like they are just strolling to Ogudu or Ikeja and splashing same on their social media pages with utter and colorful abandon, has inspired many wannabes/desperadoes and the likes, without any form of pedigree or job that one can readily point to, to also want to live the good life too and at all cost or any cost, no matter what. But can we blame them? Seems like in Nigeria, it's not how, it's just you arriving on the scene gbam!

The way Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo fly about to some of the most exotic places in the world, wearing such chic outfits, lounging at exotic hotels, beaches, cruising wonder on wheels, showing off pictures of gorgeous gourmets that are well displayed to perfection, has caused major issues. We dare say. These ladies seem to have opened the eyes of many a ladies to possibilities they never thought existed before.

A lot of the time you could see these young and not so young ladies opening social media handles/platforms to do copy cat or lookalike pictures/posts, just so they call sell their wares. The targets for these their copy cat outrageous displays are these so called 'nouveau rich boys' that seem to be all over the continents now, who seem to have some 'inexhaustible amount of money' to flaunt and spend, to fly about either in private jets or first class; drive about super exotic cars-just name any-Rolls Royces, Lamborghinis. Ferraris, Porsche etc; wear all the best blings and garbs; drink all the so called best drinks; eat the best cuisines at the best restaurants and lounges; literally just generally having the so called, best times of their lives.

These boys, likes of Hush Puppi, Mompha etc have so much money to spend, that even when they actually venture to visit Nigeria alone, just like they do also at other destinations they visit, the kind of money they spend on just a night of fun & revelry, runs into tens of millions of Naira and that to them is chicken feed. So you must now just imagine how desperate some girls would be, just to try to get these super liquid guys attention or to lay their claws upon any of them, by force, by fire. Na to go to any length possible ooooooo......

So away from all the shenanigans above. Who are these 2 new ladies on scene? Who seem to be causing loads of hoopla? Are they in fact truly newbies? Or have they been around for much longer, but just under the radar? What is their call to fame? We are actually asking about #ASHLEYMINGS & PAM?

Both seem to have become the new darlings on the scene and both are not relenting at all as they are on everyone's 💋 lips. While some are claiming that they are just wannabes and not authentic one bit, some are saying they are just ladies just having fun, just like Cyndie Lauper sang in that her classic single of many years back.

From our findings though Pam is Zim, but she's based in London. She is good at dating men and may have a doctorate in bedmatics too. She's gone under the knife very many times to achieve the state she's at now, though she likes to claim like she's never done nothing. Done Timmy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation all the works.

Truth he told, her tattooed voluptuous body is badass stunning now, though those who know says she's botched!

1 of those she's dated is Hush who apparently got down and wasn't satisfied and claims her Bermuda Triangle pongs like no man business. It is even claimed that he had to leave his designer underwear at the Villa where the action supposedly happened as he couldn't bear the nauseous pong. In fact, the claim now is that he wants to get back the payment he made for the villa use. The other dude that conquered, swam that ocean and ran 40-40 is a popular Yahoo boy with brain attached to his name, who dumped her like a bad habit to now follow a Kenyan bombshell, cosmetic entrepreneur and socialite - HM.

Just imagine someone who should know her describing her thus- "She’s sleeps with men for lifestyle and money. What??????

For #ashleyming she's supposedly from 'SA' or from that area, and like someone described her too and we quote "she's small, but mighty"! Hmmmmm. She once dated a popular, well to do young Nigerian. At one point she had sent in their gist to a now notorious but rested online platform-GL, but she  now made an inexcusable mistake of forgetting to crop her name from what she had sent in. What was the pain of Pam as she was dumped, became the gain of Ashley, as the dude that dumped Pam came into her hands.

Both ladies are supposedly the most current rave of the moment. 

Thursday, September 26, 2019


Comrade Timi Frank 

The saga between Vice-president of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo & one of his accusers, former Deputy Publicity Secretary of the APC, Comrade Timi Frank has not ended like many had thought it would happen. After the apology and retraction from the Vanguard which had earlier carried the accusations by Timi Frank that the VP had something to do with N90b which was despatched in very funny circumstances, many had thought Timi Frank would have gone scared to hide in his anonymous cocoon.

But alas no, that hasn't been the case. It seems like the threat of a robust litigation from the chambers of Femi Falana, SAN on behalf of the pastor turned politician VP of the country now hanging on his head has even given him more impetus, as he has now gone out more on the mountain top to shout out for all who cares to hear that the vice president should rather leave Vanguard alone and face him squarely to sue him instead.

Hear what Timi has to say,  N90bn scandal: Stop threatening media Houses, sue me, Frank tells Osinbajo
...Urges DSS, EFCC, others to investigate his allegation
...Urges VP to resign.

A political activist and former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Comrade Timi Frank, has challenged Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to sue him instead of threatening Media Houses over his latest revelation of N90 billion used for the last general elections.

Frank said he was anxiously waiting to receive court summons from the Vice President, assuring that such move will afford Nigerians and the international community opportunity to hear more about the activities of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) pastor (Osinbajo).

He also asked Osinbajo to resign  as VP, to give room for thorough investigation and unbiased prosecution in court, saying "this is important so as not to influence the judiciary as well as use public funds to pursue the case as a sitting Vice President."

The political activist had revealed how the VP allegedly collected about N90 billion from the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) to fund the last presidential election.

Responding through a statement to a letter Osinbajo sent through his lawyer, Femi Falana to Vanguard Newspapers for a retraction, Frank said he is rather expecting the VP to sue him instead of threatening the media house for keeping the general public informed.

"I understand Prof. Osinbajo, through Femi Falana has written Vanguard Newspaper, demanding for a retraction. It is a move to silence the media and those of us speaking for Nigerians. I challenge Osinbajo to sue me and not Vanguard Newspaper. I'm prepared to meet him in court whenever he is ready to do so.

"The VP should know that I can not be intimidated by his threat. We shall meet in court
"The VP is trying to intimidate everyone including the media but he has forgotten how he accused others like former President Goodluck Jonathan and former Senate President Bukola Saraki without any evidence," Frank stated.
While urging Vanguard and other newspapers to stand firm, Frank called on the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Director of the State Security Service (DSS), Independent Corrupt Practices Offences Commission (ICPC) to investigate his claims objectively.

"Osinbajo is trying to use his position as Vice President to intimidate me and especially the Vanguard Newspaper but he won't succeed.

"I have also spoken with Femi Falana, the VP's lawyer who has confirmed that he has a letter from the Vice President for me but I'm yet to receive the letter," he stated.

Frank also challenged the EFCC to quickly release the reports of its earlier investigation of the activities of the Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) under the current leadership.

Comrade Timi Frank
Political activist


Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, VP, Nigeria 

In order not to fall victim to the threat of a very robust litigation against them for publishing what is tantamount to falsehood, one of Nigeria's biggest newspaper brand - Vanguard has done the most honorable thing possible, by issuing with immediate effect a retraction of one of their stories that had painted the current Vice-president of Nigeria, his excellency, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo in very bad light. The retraction also came with unreserved, public apology too.

See the retraction and apology here-


*On our website publication of  Monday, September 23, 2019, we published a story titled “N90 Bn FIRS Election* *Fund: Osinbajo’s problem, not 2023 politics.” We have since discovered that the story lacks factual substance and we hereby retract it in its entirety.*

*We tender our profound apology to Professor Yemi Osinbajo SAN, the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on whom the story touches directly the All Progressives Congress, A.P.C.* *and the FIRS for any inconvenience or embarrassment the publication has occasioned them.*

*We hold Professor Osinbajo, S.A.N. in the highest esteem.*


© 2019 Vanguard Media Limited, NIGERIA.

The story as seen above had pointed fingers at the VP, the APC which is the VP's party & a Government institution - The FIRS, manned by the highly resourceful, Babatunde Fowler. One of the sponsors of the highly damaging story is alleged to be a former chieftain of the APC, Mr. Timi Frank who years back had been removed from the ruling party and had since then become a turncoat and a vociferous enemy of party and those now in charge of it.

Prior to the retraction, the solicitors to the VP, led by the Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Mr. Femi Falana had sent a strongly worded warning to the newspaper to do an immediate retraction and tender an unreserved public apology, or be ready to feel the full weight of the law which could result to them paying a very hefty fine.

The VP a legal luminary himself, who is also known to be pastor had confidently said he was ready to waive his immunity to allow for unfettered investigation into the matter, which had grossly insinuated that he had received slush money prior to the 2015 election. In a Twitter text that was authored in its entirety by him, he had said -

"In the past few days, a spate of reckless and malicious falsehoods have been peddled in the media against me by a group of malicious individuals.

“The defamatory and misleading assertions invented by this clique had mostly been making the social media rounds anonymously.

“I have today instructed the commencement of legal action against two individuals, one Timi Frank and another Katch Ononuju, who have put their names to these odious falsehoods.

“I will waive my constitutional immunity to enable the most robust adjudication of these claims of libel and malicious falsehood.

It was after the above that the robust letter from the chambers of Mr. Femi Falana, award winning legal luminary came out. Full text of which is below-

September 24, 2019

Mr. Eze Anaba,
The Editor,
Vanguard Newspaper,
Apapa, Lagos.

Re: N90 bn FIRS election fund, Osinbajo's problem, not 2023 politics-Frank

We are solicitors to Professor Yemi Osinbanjo SAN, the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (hereinafter referred to as “our client”) on whose behalf and instructions we write this letter.

Our client’s attention has been drawn to your highly libelous story entitled “N90 bn FIRS election fund, Osinbanjo’s problem, not 2023 politics-Frank” recklessly published in the Vanguard newspaper edition of September 23, 2019.

In the story credited to one Comrade Timi Frank, your newspaper informed your large readership that our client’s travail “has nothing to  do with 2023 but alleged mismanagement of about N90 Billion Naira (sic) released by the Federal Inland Revenue Inland Service (FIRS) to prosecute the last general elections in favour of the APC”.

The false contextual background and specific untrue and defamatory statement include the following:

"The presidency discovered how Osinbajo allegedly mismanaged N90billion from the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

When confronted by the presidency, he confirmed to General Buhari that he indeed allegedly took N90billion from FIRS but it was used for the 2019 presidential election campaign in strategic states of the South-west.

Gen Buhari asked for a breakdown of how the money was spent and he said he gave N11 billion to Lagos state APC leader but when the said national leader and one former APC chairman were invited for an explanation, it was confirmed that Osinbajo gave only N5billion and not N11billion to Lagos state.

'The cabal is asking to know how come they beat PDP in the South-west with less than 60,000 votes if the money was actually spent in the strategic states of the South-west as allegedly claimed.'

The activist insisted that if the information is true, Osinbajo must resign his position as Vice President, adding that such is akin to the characteristics of ‘yahoo boys."

It is clear that the entire publication was a vicious, wicked and reckless ploy to impugn the reputation of our client and lower him in the estimation of right thinking members of the public. Without any scintilla of evidence you deliberately gave the dubious impression that our client colluded with the Federal Inland Revenue Service to divert public funds to the tune of N90 billion to prosecute the 2019 general elections in the South west region.

In view of the foregoing we have our client’s firm instructions to request for the immediate retraction of the offensive and derogatory publication coupled with apology prominently published in your newspaper.

Take notice that if we do not receive your formal retraction and apology within 24 hours of the receipt of this letter, we shall proceed with our client’s instructions to seek legal remedies including aggravated damages in the appropriate High Court.

Yours Sincerely,


So with the first part now done, with the apology and retraction done by Vanguard, would the duo of Timi Frank & Katch Ononuju who are said to be the authors and sponsors of the blatant falsehood, now tow the honorable path too and admit they had lied with extreme vigor against the VP? 

GTBank Fashion Weekend 2019: Get Ready For Africa’s Biggest Fashion Experience

Segun Agbaje, MD GTBank 

Lagos, Nigeria. This November, industry leaders, style connoisseurs and fashion enthusiasts from across the globe will converge in Lagos, Nigeria for the 4th edition of the GTBank Fashion Weekend. Holding Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th of November 2019 at the GTCentre, Plot 1, Water Corporation Drive, Oniru, the 2-day event will put a spotlight on Africa’s emerging fashion industry whilst showcasing the talent and creativity of indigenous small businesses in the fashion space.

Since 2016, the GTBank Fashion Weekend has been at the forefront of promoting enterprise in Africa's rapidly growing fashion industry. Over the years, the event has brought together renowned fashion experts and personalities to interact with hundreds of thousands of young Africans who are passionate about fashion and entrepreneurship. This year, the GTBank Fashion Weekend, which is free to attend, will feature over 30 distinguished fashion leaders, designers, and industry experts, whilst providing more than 130 indigenous small businesses with free stalls to showcase and sell Africa's finest ensemble of apparels and fashion accessories.

Attendees at the 2019 GTBank Fashion Weekend will be treated to an exciting repertoire of fashion moments, from fashion and entrepreneurial masterclasses facilitated by internationally renowned fashion experts to enthralling runway shows that will present the latest in fashion styles and design trends. There will also be pop-up stands where talented indigenous designers will display their works and interact with some of Africa’s most passionate fashionistas, an Arts & Crafts Village that showcases the beauty and dexterity of traditional African design.

Commenting on the 2019 GTBank Fashion Weekend, the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Guaranty Trust Bank plc, Segun Agbaje, said; “Africa is home to some of the most creative fashion talents on the planet, and we are delighted and proud to provide them with a global platform that connects them to the world. As we work towards the 4th edition of the biggest fashion showcase in Africa, our goal is to not only showcase the wealth of talent, innovation, and enterprise that abound in Africa’s fashion space, but to also, grow the continent's contribution to the global fashion industry by empowering budding entrepreneurs at home with everything they need to thrive on the world stage.

He further stated that “At the heart of the GTBank Fashion Weekend is our vision of promoting enterprise in industries where we believe that we can help small businesses grow and dominate. In fashion, as well as in food and the creative industry, we see not just the amazing talents and passion of our people, but how, by championing their entrepreneurial spirit, we can enrich millions of lives, uplift communities and grow our economy.”

GTBank has consistently played a leading role in Africa’s banking industry. The Bank is regarded by industry watchers as one of the best run financial institutions across its subsidiary countries and serves as a role model within the financial service industry due to its bias for world-class corporate governance standards, excellent service quality and innovation. The Bank is also going beyond the traditional understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility as corporate philanthropy by intervening in key economic sectors through non-profit consumer-focused fairs and capacity building initiatives for small businesses.


Friday, September 20, 2019


Gracious David West 


After a killing spree said to have consumed at least 15 ladies in various hotels in the oil rich Port Harcourt, Rivers State over a period of time, the long arm of the law has finally nabbed the perpetrator of the evil spree and he is none other than a self confessed former militant from Buguma LGA and a cult guy from the Degbam cult group by name Gracious David West.

The dude whose capture was aided by a CCTV recording at one of the locations of his last killing, where he had stylish escaped after committing the dastardly act was caught along East-West Road en route Uyo from PH. The video that saw him and the lady entering the hotel and him leaving much later after committing the murder had gotten loads of shares and had gone viral which aided the search for him. Though many had abused those who released the video earlier to high heavens, as they thought it would have alert the culprit to flee, so that it would be very difficult for him to be caught as he would have gone totally underground.

Now that he had been caught, maybe they would now heave a sigh of relief. The dude already in police custody, is being interrogated and from all accounts, he is already singing like a canary. The police would quickly want to find out from him, the remote cause of why he would have engaged in the terrible acts.

Like we already made mention at the beginning of the story, the suspect who is only 26, snuffed out the lives of at least 15 ladies, he had lured to various hotels, before taking their lives.

The Rivers state Police Command needs to be commended for the swiftness of their action in arresting the suspected murderer! 

Saturday, September 7, 2019


Seyi Afolabi Tinubu

We are too sure that the title of this particular article would have hit some like a thunderbolt. The shock of what we are insinuating would have gone through their bodies like a shock wave too and we are too sure that it would have caused many kinds of unbelievable reaction too.

What does it actually mean, Seyi Tinubu for 2023? Would the young dude, who is a super successful business owner and multimillionaire many times over in his own right, who is currently the eldest son of the indefatigable leader of the ruling party, the APC getting set, getting prepared to hold political office come the year in question? If all we hear, if all that is getting discussed in very hush-hush tones is to be believed for certain, then maybe, just maybe, 'his excellency' come from that year-2023, might just be a title that could be added to the young man's name. Seyi a father of one, who is married to a stunning beauty by name Layal-Holm Tinubu, is the majority owner and chairman/CEO of one of the fastest growing advert agencies in Nigeria by name Loatsad Promomedia with headquarters in Lagos.

Though Loatsad is probably one of Seyi's main cash cow, which brings in a majority or very large percentage of his earnings, he is not limited to just that brand alone, the young, highly energetic dude, who is always on the lookout for profitable business opportunities to invest in, is also into very many other pies, that are yielding extraordinary results too. He is in fact into construction too, by that we mean roads, roads marking, housing etc.

One of the major reasons for him vigorously enlarging his coast business wise and doing his own personal steez, is because he made up his mind quite early to do all that's possible, to personally build wealth for himself too by the dint of hardwork, be able to stand as a man of his own, even as it is obvious that come what may, he would inherit a staggering amount of wealth in cash, properties and connections, whenever his dad would would decide to hand over the reigns of the vast and supposedly quite intimidating empire to him. The dude is already undergoing tutelage to handle such enormity, when the time comes.

Loatsad, which is Seyi's most visible hand has some of the biggest and best LED screens in Lagos, located at the most strategic of places. The 4 on the Lekki toll gates, by that we mean inwards and outwards on the Lekki-Ajah expressways are all, always booked. By conservative estimate, a brand pays 10million Naira to advertise per month on the screen, for just one brand in 12 months alone, that's 120m, now multiply the nos of brands by about 7, that comes to a staggering 840 (Eight hundred and Forty million Naira) in just a year from just 2 screens in one location alone. Plus or minus, if a sizeable discount is given, like it applies to series adverts, at least an estimated amount of not less than 500 million Naira comes in from the Lekki toll gate location LEDs alone. That's the one by Oriental Hotel alone. There's the one by the other toll gate further down after Chevron roundabout, there's also the LED by Lekki bridge-Alexander Street roundabout, there's also now the new one by the bridge near the Law School if you are climbing from Ozumba Mbadiwe going towards Falomo, the 2nd of that one facing another side is still upcoming too. That's 4 locations right now and more still upcoming. All of these haven't added at all, the several lampposts they own, that dots strategic streets or roads in Lagos.

So conservatively estimated, earnings from Loatsad alone could amount to in the excess of 1 billion plus per year, from the different locations! So when you see the young man, a lawyer by training and businessman by vocation riding around in wonders-'on-wheels of any kind, a few of the outstanding ones that he has in his collection in his enviable garage, you must know for sure that he has the personal wherewithal/resources to afford them without yet touching his father's perceived, humongous wealth.

Seyi is viewed or perceived by many, as a Davido on steroids, but way way quiet. Yeah, Davido can afford to be loud as he is in the entertainment industry and that's one of the requirements. Both have stunningly liquid fathers. Lest we forget, Seyi is also into the entertainment industry in a quiet way, as he has invested into it too. He is known to be close to Olamide Adedeji, arguably the king of the streets. We know for sure that there was a time, he was a quiet owner of a record label.

For those who do not know, this young man, who has won several local and international awards for his exploits so far in business and who has in his employ at least close to a hundred staff members (100), is a philanthropist par excellence. Stories abounds of several unbelievable interventions, personally and through his 'Noella Foundation', which is his official CSR arm to reach out to people. The foundation in the last year have done outstandingly well.

So back to the permutations about 2023. Seyi is known to have the ears of his powerful dad-Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. And the growing speculation is that he is being prepared for higher office, the office of the Governor of Lagos. Though some have laughed hilariously at the idea, in the same vein, some have taken it serious too and are not seeing it as an expensive joke at all. They point at various chess moves that have already taken place and that would still take place too, to make the move happen.

If the idea were to be true, what that would imply is that the current Governor, His Excellency, Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu and his team would then be doing just one term, with BOS as the Chief executive of the State of Excellence for just 4 years only?

Would that be allowed to happen?

Or are we going to be seeing another Ambode type of resistance upcoming ????

 Or better still would the ambition be pushed till 2027 instead? 

Monday, September 2, 2019

UBA Delivers 21% Growth in Profit, 21.7% Return on Average Equity; Declares N0.20 Interim Dividend:

Kennedy Uzoka, GMD UBA Group

Tony Elumelu, Group Chairman 

Africa’s leading financial institution, United Bank for Africa Plc has announced its audited half year financial results for the period ended June 2019, showing impressive growth across key performance indices as well as a significant contribution from its African subsidiaries.

In spite of the increasingly unpredictable environment witnessed in some of its countries of operations, the pan African financial institution delivered double digit growth in its profit before tax as it rose by 21 per cent to N70.3bn for the half year to June 2019, up from N58.1bn recorded in the similar period of 2018, just as the Profit after Tax also improved to N56.7 billion, a 29.6 percent growth compared to N43.8 billion achieved in the corresponding period of 2018. The profit for the first half of the year, translated to an annualised return on average equity of 21.7 per cent.

According to its results filed with the Nigerian Stock Exchange, UBA recorded a 14 percent year-on-year rise in top-line, with gross earnings of N293.7 billion, compared to N257.9 billion recorded in the corresponding period of 2018. Analysts say that this result emphasises the capacity of the Group to deliver a strong performance through economic cycles in spite of the overall challenging business environment.

As at 30 June 2019, the Bank’s Total Assets grew by 4.8% crossing the N5 trillion mark to N5.10 trillion. Customer Deposits also rose by 4.8 per cent to N3.51 trillion, compared to N3.35 trillion as at December 2018. This growth trajectory underscores UBA’s market share gain, as it increasingly wins customers through its revitalized customer service culture coupled with innovative digital banking offerings. The bank’s Shareholders’ Funds remained strong at N542.5 billion, reflecting its strong capacity for internal capital generation.

In line with its culture of paying both interim and final cash dividend, the Board of Directors of UBA Plc declared an interim dividend of N0.20 per share for every ordinary share of N0.50 each held by its shareholders.

Commenting on the results, the Group Managing Director/CEO, United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA), Mr. Kennedy Uzoka said: “I am pleased with the half performance of the Group, having delivered 14% growth in gross earnings and 21% growth in profit before tax. Despite the subdued yield environment in some of our large markets, we achieved a 9% growth in interest income and defended the net interest margin. We also achieved a 39% growth in our electronic banking revenues, as we broaden and deepened our digital banking play across Africa. Revenues from our remittance and funds transfer businesses grew 69% and 53% respectively. All these factors attest to the efficacy of our strategies and the resilience of our business model.”

He further stated “I am very optimistic that the ongoing Group-wide transformation program, will in the quarters ahead, enable the Bank deliver substantial operational efficiencies and best-in-class customer service, which will ultimately boost earnings. We sustained our asset quality with the NPL ratio down to 5.62%, from 6.45% as at 2018FY. We will continue to adopt best practice standards to grow and manage the portfolio in the quarters ahead.”

Also speaking on UBA’s results, the Group CFO, Ugo Nwaghodoh said; “We had a strong start in the year given the prevailing macroeconomic environment across our various markets.  There is better diversification in profit contribution as our banking subsidiaries across Africa contributed 38% of the profit before tax, whilst our recently repositioned UK business contributed 4%. We expect this dispersion to continue, as the subsidiaries consolidate on their share of the various markets.”

“I am particularly delighted that the key ratios are trending in the right direction. The net interest margin is trending upwards and will continue to improve as we responsibly grow the risk asset portfolio and realign the funding mix to lower our cost of funds. The cost-to-income ratio trended down to 60% with our focus on balance sheet and operational efficiencies which should enable us deliver our medium term CIR target. Capital adequacy ratio increased to 28% from 23.6% in December 2018, providing  a very strong buffer for asset growth,” he stated.

United Bank for Africa, Africa’s global bank, was founded 70 years ago in Nigeria and today, operates in 20 African countries and in the United Kingdom, the USA and with presence in France. UBA serves over 17 million customers across the globe with more than 1000 branches and touch points. In 2018, the bank received the award of Africa’s Best Digital Bank by the Banker’s magazine.

Friday, August 30, 2019


Elite World is the largest international network of model management agencies in the world, with leading agencies in global fashion capitals, including Milan, Paris, London and New York. Elite World is also present in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Prague, Bratislava, Copenhagen, Shanghai and Hong Kong, which serve as strategic hubs for scouting and commercial development.

It is the only model agency network in the world to have such a successful scouting tool as Elite Model Look, it is Managed entirely in-house, and is the most influential and professionally respected contest in the industry, making Elite standout from the crowd.

The world’s most prestigious modeling competition, it is the biggest model search in the world and exists in over 50 affiliate countries and about 80 castings are held worldwide, with a yearly turnout of over 350,000 candidates.

Elite is consistently discovering the stars of tomorrow, launching the careers of young models dreaming of becoming one of the glamorous few represented by the most prestigious modelling agency in the world.

EML was launched in Lagos, Nigeria, in 2008 by Beth Model Management (The organizers) and has held annually in the past 11 years, discovering all the biggest super models of today from Nigeria, such as, Mayowa Nicholas, Victor Ndigwe and Davidson Obennebo who became the very first African to win the World Finale in 33 years.

This year EML Global and EML Nigeria has decided to launch the EML East and West Africa thereby spreading our tentacles to reach out to these parts of Africa.

Africa is filled with beautiful and raw talents, whom are yet to be discovered and may sometimes, go overlooked, but Africa has produced some of the world’s most exquisite models.

The team have toured round 10 African countries, namely: ETHIOPIA, GHANA, KENYA, LAGOS, CONGO, SOUTH SUDAN, SENEGAL, CAMEROON, UGANDA AND RWANDA, and now we are ready to unveil the beauties discovered to the world.

The Aquafina Elite Model Look East and West Africa grand finale would be holding on:

Sunday 8th September 2019

The finals would see 25 finalists from around Africa compete for the role of overall winners of East and West Africa Finals, to follow in the footsteps of world super models discovered in the past 36 years of Elite’s inception; like Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bundchen, Amiolna Esteavon, Tami Willliams Alessandra Ambrosio and Adut Akech.

Come experience a night of fashion, music and relaxation!



12 Anifowoshe street, Victoria Island, Lagos


2A Glover Road, Ikoyi Lagos

For ALL Enquiries, Tickets and Table Bookings:

Email: info@elitemodellooknigeria.com

TICKET HOTLINE : ‪08033278752‬




Follow us on social media:



Thursday, August 29, 2019

FEMALE NIGERIAN LAW GRADUATE & ENVIRONMENTAL LAW EXPERT-Olabisi Bashira Ajadi set to become a universal bestseller with her 1st book.

She's a literary giant in the making, following in the extraordinary footpath of such giants like Prof Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Flora Nwapa, Chimamanda Adichi and many others in that society of great writers. She is from the ancient town or better still, city of Ibadan in Oyo State.
She's in fact one of the gorgeous daughters of the very popular merchant of yore, Chief Alhaji Lamidi Ajadi, who bestrode the commercial town of Ibadan in the 80s & 90s as a business colossus, he was a noted trader/businessman of note. You cannot be in Ibadan or be from Ibadan and not know Alhaji Ajadi and his children then.

They all have all since gone around the world making a mark for themselves too.

One of the most prominent kids of the great man  right now is the young, sexy, brilliant, quite stylish and in your face "Olabisi Bashira Ajadi". 'Olabisi' like loads of her friends call her, is a law graduate of the "Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State" where she excelled with a good result before going to the Nigerian Law School Abuja. In the adjoining years post graduation, she has done quite well for herself. Olabisi apart from being a practicing lawyer, is a also a blogger & a writer. She was a special adviser to one of the now out gone Senators, that didn't return back to the house in the 9th house. We nearly forgot to add that her main and most up to date qualification, is a "Master's degree in Energy and Environmental Law from University of Aberdeen" which she did on scholarship.

Bisi recently published a book, her first book for that matter titled "Appeasing the Earth", which is getting a whole lot of unbelievable attention worldwide and which is most likely going to be an outstanding best seller if we all show support by buying to read. Now we understand why she is an authority on Climate change and why she had to write about it. All things being equal, we are on to another, better still we have another 'Chimamanda Adiche' in our hands.

The book which is on Amazon now and is garnering loads of unprecedented attention was written in honour and great memory of her late loving mom- "Alhaja Mulikah Akanke Ajadi', who passed away a few months ago, on Valentines Day, February 14, 2019 to be more precise.

Olabisi was particularly very close to her mom, that she had a special pet name 'Amori', which refers to a special person, in fact, 'a star that must shine amongst many other stars'.

"Appeasing the Earth" is a book that is "Set against an orthodox and empirical backdrop,  it is the moving story of family, friendship, hope, and survival. Plans of a reunion have never been so thrilling as childhood friends; Tosin, Bisola, Adiya, Alex, and Fatmata look forward to painting the town red when they meet again. Faced with a devastation that shakes them to their core, and ultimately threatens human existence, the friends each tell their stories as climate change unravels about them".

It is a book that touches on one of the most important issues/problem plaguing the world right now-'Climate change'. It is a must read for all.