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Saturday, December 28, 2019


Churchill Adekunle & Rosy Meurer 

We believe this couple or this 2, do not need any sort of introduction whatsoever. But just for the sake of it, we would actually do the needful.

Churchill Olakunle is the ex-husband of controversial actress and celebrity, Tonto Dikeh, who many speculate is still currently held up in Dubai over an issue of many weeks back. They are the parents of an adorable boy called King.

The standout and quite beautiful and in your face Rosy Meurer on the other side, is the beautiful but equally controversial actress and self proclaimed goodwill ambassador and model.

It was then alleged by Tonto during the epic fight that ensued between husband and wife and had the social media as the arena of choice and that lasted for several weeks and that went viral and left many mouth agape for a long time that, Rosy was one of the reasons for the demise of her marriage to her ex-husband. From the way the thing was painted then, it was like Rosy was the side chic from Mars or Pluto who totally took the soul and heart of Churchill away and never released it ever again.

While there were several denials from Churchill and maybe also Rosy herself then, many somewhat believed something must have transpired between the duo. Seems like that with the passage of time, both might become far more comfortable about showing off their friendship more openly now, as we have seen them in close proximity at several events and occasions. And it's now like no matter how people define the friendship to be, be it that they are lovers or mere super good friends.

One thing you cannot deny the duo though is that, they are always there for each other no matter what, not minding whose ox is gored.

Here in the picture above, the duo are in beautiful matching white outfits at the Chai Tang Restaurant, Twin Waters at the birthday dinner celebrating Churchill Adekunle.

Are they the 'official newest couple' in town? See the body language and vibe both are throwing off.

Tonto wouldn't like this at all oooooo. Hmmmmm...... 

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

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Maybe it's her own way of saying it loudly that, she's living her life like it's golden, so to further buttress that point, she went ahead and made a gold dress or gown as part of her ensemble/garbs to do her birthday shoot.

Ace actress Iyabo Ojo, a dazzling single mother and one of Nigeria's best role interpreters of Yoruba origin, decided to dazzle all to no small effect as she did this shoot celebrating her clocking the good 42. She channeled, a queen or should we saw a fairy godmother in her gold flowy gown and then crowned the whole effort with a tiara.

Then in another series of shoot, she channeled a star spangled rock star in her full element in a futuristic outfit and then sat in a bathtub, with legs wide open to show her sitting with utter abandon, like who gives a f@$k! Same way those American rock stars would have done too.

Then in another much more calmer outfit and supremely gorgeous outfit that accentuated her curves well, as if she was poured into it or like liquid or molten bronze was poured on her and allowed to cool off, thereby taking the shape of her body and one hand of the outfit was made in gold lace Victorian Era style. All of the stress, just to celebrate her birthday 🎂, which was a few days back.

  • Anyways, happy birthday to the very happy soul. More good years ahead. 

Monday, December 23, 2019


Lamborghini Mercy's ultimate dreams are all coming to fruition one after the other and and she cannot just be happy enough. First was that she planned ahead and did all that was humanly possible to win the 4th edition of the BBNaija Pepperdem 2019 series and she won it with a lot of Swagger. It was quite obvious that someway, somehow, she and her team must have studied very well the past editions and they did all that was possible to use their planning to their advantage all through and it paid off at the end of the day. So she carted home the prize, a whopping N60million Naira in cash and other gifts. On the way to winning, she also won the heart of a dude, a fellow housemate by name Ike, who loves her to bits and practically worships the ground she works on. One only hopes that she wouldn't allow the limelight and her new found fame to mess up, what is obviously true love.

Her 2nd dream was to own her own abode, her own house turned home and the first dream made the 2nd dream possible, as the smart girl quickly bought her own place immediately after coming out of the house a winner. Better to make use of the attention while it was still hot hot. So she got what was described as a good discount to own her own place, at Victoria Crown Estate. All hers, that's another part of her future secured too already.

Yes the endorsements have been pouring in Ciroc, Sims (Royal), Mario & Juliet, Mr Taxi, Royal Hairs etc, a quick million or few more here and there to keep the account afloat in a good place. So she can afford to dress up as she wants, which is one thing she loves to do a whole lot. It was obvious from when she was announced as a member of the new house at the beginning of the Big Brother Nigeria Pepperdem show 2019 that, Mercy Eke loves and revels in attention, she loves to be the center of attraction, nothing bad on that at all. She craves it and feeds of it. The moment she was called out, her sexy dress that left so much to the imagination, showing her sexy shape to all announced her 1st and then she did what got all men hooked on her, she turned her 'bionic bum' to the world and wiggled it for all to see, there and then she announced her intent and from then on, she didn't stop showing what she has gone to package well and that she aimed to be a focus of attention. At every given opportunity, she showcased it, it was like she was saying "see me, I gat it". That and her badass wardrobe were permanently on showcase and she then made a good alliance with Ike and a few others, which went a long way as she had made sure to have the viewing public lapping from her hands.

We can't remember at all, if she repeated any garb at all, all through her 99 days stay in the house, where she emerged as the last person/lady standing. She was always on point, dress-wise and hair wise, even loaning her wigs to other housemates too! So that love for fashion and style that was showcased for the world to see is now what she's taking further by making her dream concrete, she announced gleefully on her IG page about her own fashion brand M&M Luxury thus-

“This is my dream right here my darlings, as fashion has always been something I am so passionate about. I’m so glad I won several hearts with this passion while in the BBNaija house.”

“Today, 22nd December 2019, I officially present to you my new baby M&M Luxury. I dedicate this to every young queen out there with big scary dreams, please continue pushing, don’t give up, you can do it with God by your side.”

@mnm_luxury is affordable for every woman who wants to look Haute, Classy, Stylish, Bold and Chic. This is my specially handpicked Christmas collection for you all, and I hope you like them.”

“Thank you all for always supporting and pushing my dreams, I don’t take your love for granted. Special thanks to my wonderful sister @sweeryeke, my amazing friends @mz_miimz @tracy_._chapman, I love you all. @andriasworld, thank you so much ma’am for guiding me through this process. I love you. M&M Luxury is officially open for business.”

We are happy to say a massive Congratulations to her from here at MM (Maestro's Media). May all your dreams come true!!!!! No doubt that Mercy her very self, the ultimate and undisputed queen of highlights is the best advert and model for her brand. 

Saturday, December 21, 2019


Undoubtedly Mercy Eke aka 'Lamborghini Mercy' aka bum of life, whose 1m Naira well sculpted bum is always in our face has defied the predictions that she would soon disappear into oblivion and is in fact still relevant, even weeks after she came out of the BBNAIJA pepperdem House 2019 as the overall winner, carting home gifts and money to the tune of a staggering 60 Million Naira.

Many had thought she would just be a 'flash in the pan' and that after a few weeks of the limelight, she would soon have faded into oblivion, from where we would be hearing about her only fleetingly. But the truly beautiful lady with the 'bionic ass', has not faded so so quickly like predicted and is still in our face and is in fact still getting one of 2 endorsements every other time and securing her future more and more daily. She has her own abode, owned by herself now, a good brand new car courtesy of one of the sponsors of the reality show and she must most definitely still have some millions remaining and must have added a few more since she left the house.

One thing you cannot take away from her also is that her style game is topnotch. She is stylish and that's a fact. She showed glimpses of that while in the house for 99 days and has been representing on the upscale level too, since she came out of the house.

Her stylist and her whole team generally are doing good for her. They are positioning her well. Her hair is always well coiffed, make up also is always banging, dresses mad gorgeous and they always fit so perfectly and then the shoes too are always on point. She's under pressure to always look game, perfect, one just hopes that the pressure wouldn't be too much that she might falter sometime in the future.

But for now, she's Killin dem softly & nicely ooooo. She's never ever forgetting also to always flaunt that ass, that good money made happen. Her doctor, better still plastic surgeon must be so proud of himself and happy about it all, a perfect advert for him any day.

Check her most recent supremely gorgeous pictures above.



Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe

Moyosore Ogunlewe 

Wow. No one would have thought it could happen in a hundred years., let's not overstretch it to a million years. Senator ADESEYE Ogunlewe, the former minister of works under Chief Olusegun Aremo Obasanjo, who was used to fight Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to a standstill then, during the then administration of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the Executive Governor of Lagos State.

The former Minister of Works then wore the garb of the unrelenting enemy well then and did all that was possible to make a mess of the then Asiwaju administration. It was federal might at its best, with Chief Olusegun Obasanjo an ex-military General as its arrow head against the wiles, maneuverings and wisdom of Asiwaju, who literally adopted guerrilla tactics to outwit both Ogunlewe then and his ear veteran principal, that the only option left to them was the illegality of seizing the money due to the state then, in a protracted stalemate. Both Ogunlewe and Obasanjo didn't care, it was their way or no way at all. So they didn't mind whose ox was gored. They had thought they had a strangle hold of a kind on Lagos then and would soon paralyze governance and those administering it then, but much as they tried, the ingenuity of those running the affairs of Lagos then, likes of Babatunde Raji Fashola, Wale Edun, Lai Mohammed, Muiz Banire, Rauf Aregbesola, Babatunde Fowler and Co, made the FG look like a big bullying fool with excreta spattered over their face in shame at the end of it all.

It is the same Senator Ogunlewe whose son was the first to decamp from the PDP after unsuccessfully trying to win elections into the state house, that has now eaten his vomit and returned back home to the so called progressives from his former conservative enclave that he had moved to. What this says seriously and what it gives credence to, is that truism that 'there are never permanent enemies in politics, only permanent interests'. As long as something is going to pay the personality himself or those very close to him, such a person is ready and willing to discard whatever his ideological leaning might be, to then dine with just about anyone, including the devil itself.

So those inconsequential hangers on that takes up battles not necessarily theirs are the losers at the end of the day or would they also go cap in hand to go beg for relevance too?

So after much denial that he wasn't ever jumping ships, he has done just that and was received into the APC ship by Alhaji Tunde Balogun a chieftain of the Lagos APC & other members of the working committee. Ogunlewe didn't actually jump the ship alone, he came in tow with Moyosore his son and other bigwigs of the main opposition. And if their prediction is anything to go by, then it is likely that with this defection, maybe PDP in Lagos State is now on her death knell. 


Prince & Mrs Odianosen & Mercy Okojie

Okojie Family

All the praises on to God alone for the many goodness He alone has done. It's like when it rains in the household of the Okojies, that's talking about a Mercy Johnson Okojie and her husband Prince Odianosen Okojie, who have been married now for 8 years since August 27, 2011, it doesn't just fall down, it pours like a good torrential rainfall. You know that type that pours and pours and turns into a flood. And the family are so soaked with blessings, they are in fact swimming and luxuriating in it.

It wasn't too long ago, in fact just a few days back, when one of Nigeria's best ever thespian and one of the most successful at it and by extension one of the richest, had elatedly announced to the world that she was very expectant and her expectations was in the mold of a baby upcoming.

After already having had 3 kids, 2 gorgeous daughters and a son, well blessed and smart children for that matter, heaven has now thought to bless her further again with a 4th upcoming child. As we speak she's heavy with her 4th baby and she's most likely in her 3rd trimester. She had exclaimed that she had always wanted 4, but she had been happy with her 3 lovely kids. But the icing on her already beautiful cake has now been conceived and is already on the way. The couple even in an unprecedented manner, not too common in our clime elatedly released the scan of their baby for all to see. We are so so happy for the couple and cannot help them rejoice and thank God enough.

Hear her-

We’re having a baby ❤️❤️ I’ve always wanted 4 kids.... always. However, after 3 kids, I thought I had retired from the baby-making business. So a while back, we found out we had a baby on the way.

I can’t explain the joy and peace expecting our new baby has brought, or the cravings for food that have followed. I get so emotional easily, in fact right now I’ve started crying from joy again.

I’m sharing this with you my family for life, hanging on since day 1, growing with my family and I and always showing all the love. I love you all right back. Baby Okojie 2020 getting ready❤️ God bless you all!!"

But that's not the whole good news! Just as they are in high expectations of the 2020 baby, today, Saturday, December 21, 2019 just a few more days to the end of the year and the start of a new year, a new decade, all roads would be leading to a suburb of Lagos, Abule Egba to be more precise, where a new baby for the Okojies has arrived early and the new baby is named "Henod Luxury Hotels".

This new arrival is an Hotel cum bar, night club/lounge & a sizable events hall. The grand opening of this their new baby, that's so dear to their hearts is today from about 2pm and it would be celebrated with family members, friends and colleagues in tow.

Congratulations to the Okojies on their avalanche of blessings. May the outpourings continue. 

Friday, December 20, 2019


Ms. Chanel Chin Ex-Queen Chanel Akanbi

Mennnnnn!!!!! When what was love before which was so openly declared and that was so so public, becomes tainted and turn sour, the resultant from such is what we are seeing now like a bad movie, which has since become something so totally unpalatable! What a shame!

What used to be likened to being in paradise, where the participants (man & woman) in the love tango were acting like it was endless love of the unbelievable kind, like theirs was unmatched by any and cannot be compared to any, has since hit the wall or rocks with a thunderous crash and has now become like a living hell from the looks of it. It's like some sort of tragic-comedy script, that one of the party wants to quickly end and wake up from, as the nightmare is becoming increasingly unbearable.

This is because, the most flamboyant, self styled, 'his imperial majesty' has now totally rejected decorum & reasoning and turned chivalry upside down as he has turned his back totally without a care in this world, on his former wife and her kid (daughter) and by virtue of the decision, has left the delectable former queen, stranded and in a dilemma, leaving her to now regret ever allowing love to rule her heart.

We have now come to a proper understanding of what it means truly that the same teeth with which a dog plays nicely with her puppies, could in one fell swoop become a weapon to devour any of such puppies too should they ever have a misstep.

Is this a tactic by the palace to make her crawl on her knees to come abegging? Maybe! And if this hard squeeze continues, then maybe they would have succeeded in doing that, but we are too sure that help like a welcome light at the end of a very dark tunnel, like a rainbow after the endless rain, could come from somewhere to rescue the former queen of Iwo, now Ms. Chanel Chin from her present horrible predicament and embarrassment. Maybe a knight in shining armour would appear from somewhere to help her.

So you were all privy to the terse in fact, very cold and clinical note that announced the parting of ways between wife and husband just a few days back, which emanated from the palace of the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba AbdulRosheed Adewale Akanbi Telu 1, who prefers and loves to be addressed as his imperial majesty Emperor Telu 1, the commander/authority over the gods and representative of the Almighty God Himself. That note by proxy which was bereft of any emotion had said without mincing words or trying to be diplomatic, that the former queen had immediately ceased to be a queen and is now addressed by her maiden name and whomsoever does business with her on behalf of the Palace, does so at their own peril.

It was in fact a disclaimer by all standards and effect. And the way it was delivered, had elicited major reactions against the palace, by those who felt that, a person's wife even if not one any more, shouldn't be treated so terribly cold! But while people were still pondering on the treatment metered out already to her, many didn't even know that, what might have occurred before might even have just been a tip of the iceberg, as it is been said that the ex-queen a Canadian by birth, whose father is a Jamaican and mother British and who married the king in 2016 just after his coronation, was actually pushed out from the palace and her marriage after the severe demotion, without a dime!

Hence, she's now stranded and holding up somewhere in Lagos, maybe till lady luck would smile on her, maybe till she's able to raise funds to get out of the country!

This is truly a case of from the Zenith, the apex, the pinnacle, the very top, now to the nadir, the very bottom. A totally shocking situation we dare say. In fact a  truly grace to grass story of the meanest order.

According to a reliable source who should know, the now totally uncelebrated ex-queen actually "left the palace with her child (a toddler for that matter who is named after Oduduwa) and boarded a public transport to Lagos without a dime! Both mum and daughtejr are hungry and stranded. Forget the façade created by the palace when Oluwo of Iwo said he would take responsibility of the baby, Oduduwa. He hasn’t. So far, the queen is stranded and hibernating somewhere in Lagos.”

For us we think it is a shame and totally unbecoming of the crown and the royal stool that kabiyesi represents and totally unacceptable too, to treat his ex-wife in such an undignified manner. A king worth his mettle is supposed to defend the honor of women in general, especially here his former wife and mother of his kid and not put her into deliberate ridicule and derision like she's facing now. It's like he has made up his mind to return the lady to the supposed floor he supposedly picked her from.

What viciousness!!!!!

This same lady was his vociferous supporter in the many decisions he took that many found funny then and the same viciousness with which he fought many who were against him then is what he is also now using against his former wife and mother of his daughter. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Battle of the Princes. Prince Ajasa vs. Aremo Oniru

The state government had better make their announcement or the pronouncement of their choice on who to become the New Oniru of Iruland quickly, so as to avoid unnecessary speculations that would continue to fly about unrestrained, leading to intrigues that could lead to rancor, anarchy, strife and out right free for all in Iruland and environs as those contesting for the revered throne or stool of Iruland are said to be battle ready to take on one another any which that it's possible. Both or better still all the sides are said to be battle ready for war, should it arise of dare to stick out its neck.

Today you will see where one side would lay outright claim to the crown like it belongs to only them, then tomorrow the other side too, would then debunk the other side's claims and instead now, claim to be the one that's the Oba elect instead of the others. The media battle to sway the minds of people one way or the other or to help give seeming advantage to one side or the other, has been intense and all the sides are doing their best to overwhelm each other, any which way they can including employing outright lies! And money is a major factor, being used to make things happen.

We heard that since the unfortunate demise of the last king, that's talking about Oba Idowu Abiodun Oniru, who is the father of Aremo Adesegun Oniru, that the palace which normally should be opened to the 3 lawful ruling families has been under lock and key, by his own immediate family, who are from the Akiogun clan and none else has had and can have access to the Palace since.

Though the locking up of the palace was first accepted by all, so that  all that needed to be done, including the burial rites of the late head of the Idejo and last Oniru could be carried out without any issue and unnecessary stress, but that acceptance has since changed, as the other ruling houses are of the opinion, that the Akiogun ruling family or clan, out of the 3 ruling houses are already somewhat unilaterally acting like everything about the royal stool of the Onitu, the crown and kingdom belongs to only them alone and not for all the 3 families that can aspire to the throne.

While Aremo Adesegun Oniru from the Akiogun clan is been claimed by some to be the most eligible person to become the next Oniruof Iruland  to continue the legacy of his own father, who only just passed on in September of 2019, after ruling on the throne for 25 years. The other side are of the claim that Aremo cannot ever have an immediate claim to the same stool that his father just relinquished by death. As it is not a father to son succession, but rather a family to family rotation thing. This their valid assertion is according to the September 14, 1993 gazette signed by the then Governor of Lagos State as regarding the Oniru stool, which says that 3 families would aspire to the throne by rotation. That rotation is between the Akiogun, Ogunyemi & Abisogun Ruling Houses. And so since the late Oba Idowu Abiodun Oniru was from the Akiogun ruling house and has just left the throne, would it then be fair to all  concerned and would it speak justice also, for his immediate son to take over from him soon after his demise? This is the argument of the other side.

From our findings, it might actually not be wise for Aremo to soft pedal or even back pedal on his ambition to sit on the throne of his forebears. Reasons are that he seems to have too much of valuable investments in Iruland, which could be jeopardized, should another not directly from his clan come on board as the next king. According to those in the know, and stating the fact as it should be, there are no more lands to sell in Oniru. All that's of any value have either been sold or are owned by the Abiodun Onirus already. So for a new Oba from another clan to come on board could spell disaster!

For the other clans. One of the very reasons they want to claim what they believe rightfully belongs to them too, is because of the so called injustice they believe they have had to face all of this many years. To them not only was the throne and crown kept away from them for longer than necessary, but also all of the things that they should have gained from being a part of the royal or chieftaincy family never ever came to them. but just to a a few. So to them this is the only time they feel they can fight and win this battle for some kind of liberation. But from all that's on the ground, they are not going to get what they are expecting on a platter of gold at all. It shall most likely be a battle to the finish line.

And so from the little snippets that we have gotten, some might be hell bent on asserting their own rights too to the stool/throne/crown as they might be willing to storm the locked up palace today (yesterday) or this week. There's some sort of  apprehension in the air, as some feel that something could happen at just anytime, with the slightest provocation. So there's the unconfirmed warning, that those in the area where the palace is located should tread with caution. According to the unconfirmed gist which goes thus....

The Oniru Palace Will be Locked Down Today with tons of armoured vehicles and
as the family of the late Oniru are refusing to vacate the palace for the incoming one, so an Oba has ordered for the lockdown.

There is therefore the need to be cautious around Oniru in the next few days.

Avoid the area if you don't have anything important to do around there.

Monday, December 16, 2019


Oba Akanbi & the former Olori

If you look critically at the former queen's (Olori) pictures atimes, especially at occasions or events that she tries to come to, where she follows her then husband that's the Oluwo of Iwo, that's talking about Oba AbdulRosheed Akanbi Telu 1, the self styled Emperor Telu, who also describes himself as the "alashe lori orisha" which translates to mean 'the commander or authority over the gods' and by extension the very representative of the Almighty (Arole Olodunare) to, you would have seen or noticed some sort of strain, like she was trying so hard to try to enjoy herself or blend in. Her face was always just too stern like she wasn't really happy, it was as if she wasn't having much fun, but was trying her best to just manage it all.

Her ex-husband was a loud person, who loves and seeks attention always. Best way to describe him would be to add the tag controversial. From the moment he came to our consciousness, it's one unnecessary attention seeking news after the other, much to the chagrin of onlookers.

Can any actually blame her for not blending in as she should have? Not necessarily! The Prince then while leaving abroad met his wife and they got married in an environment that she could easily blend and adjust to. Maybe she knew he could be king one day and there was the initial excitement then. But it looked like the fun and the excitement soon disappeared after all and finally, the love, the spark and all which could make everything endurable soon withered away and the center couldn't hold together no more, hence the parting of ways. Even their kids that could have made the whole thing even manageable, were never heard about. So maybe that could have added to the strain of the whole matter.

And in his very characteristic any how way of doing things, one of Nigeria's most flamboyant kings, who loves it very loud for a purpose, the most in your face South West King in Nigeria, who seemingly is never afraid to say his mind as he deem fit has announced with as little emotion possible as he could muster, has said rather emphatically that his former Olori is no longer his wife and whomsoever does any business with her, does so at their own peril. It's quite obvious from the wordings of the king that things might not have ended too well after all.

Hear him even if done via proxy-

Ms. Chanel Chin is an Ex-Queen of Oluwo.
This is to inform the general public most especially friends and associates of the Oluwo of Iwoland, His Imperial Majesty, Oba (Dr.) Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, Telu I, that Ms Chanel Chin is an ex-queen of his majesty.

This information is necessary for the attention of the general public to avoid representation on proxy or accordance of respect attached to the sacred stool of Oluwo to her.

For personal irreconcilable differences, Chanel Chin ceased to be his Majesty’s queen.

We equally enjoin the public to disregard any business transaction or request with her using the office of his majesty.

We wish her the best in her new journey.

Alli Ibraheem, CPS to Oluwo.

Obviously from the above, it's obvious that the former Olori is now a 'persona non grata' in Iwo and environs and in fact Nigeria and it's also quite obvious that she might have escaped from Nigeria already to her relief. To go start life anew. Curiously, there is only one picture of the former Queen on the king's page and it's the picture that comes with the announcement of the death of their marriage. So the former queen is as good as gone with history, the past!

Chanel Chin is the 35 year old daughter of a Jamaican reggae star by name Ludlow Chin who is also known known as Bobo Zaro. Oba AbdulRosheed met Chanel in Canada a few years back then and one thing led to another and they got married in 2016. There marriage has only lasted 3 years. Chanel was 32 when they met.

In an interview she had granted a Jamaican publication, the Jamaica Gleaner then, after she has gotten married and became a queen then, Chin had revealed that "she is very honoured to represent Jamaica in such a big way.

‘My ancestors were taken away as slaves, but I have returned to Africa as a queen. One’s destiny cannot be altered. As a young child, I always wanted to come to Africa, but didn’t know how. I feel this is a great opportunity for black people worldwide to return to their home.’

She then added: ‘Our forefathers and ancestral mothers were cast away as slaves to never return, but I want Jamaicans everywhere to know that Africa is so nice. The culture and traditions are so rich and lovely. It’s truly something every black person should come and experience.’

She then further explained that as the queen of Iwo land, her responsibility is to always set a proper example for young girls and women in the community. She then went on to elebirate that, her dressing and outfits are to always be conservative and respectful.

‘No matter what I wear, my shoulders and full legs must be covered at all times. All of my clothes are custom made to match these requirements. 

But alas, things are no more the way she had envisaged. One hopes that her narrative hasn't changed now for the negative.

The then Prince AbdulRosheed was a Canada based well heeled sharp businessman, who became the king of his homestead after the stool became vacant after the demise of the former King in 2013. The then Prince AbdulRosheed Adewale Akanbi Ilufemiloye ascended the throne of his forebears on November 9, 2015 making it 4 years on the throne already and he immediately adopted Telu 1 as his title. The Iwo stool has existed since 1415 till date.

After the Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty Oba Enitan Ogunwusi, Oba Akanbi, would be the 2nd Yoruba royal father to divorce or separate from a former wife, so openly. And like the Ooni, we are expecting that Kabiyesi should also very soon announce that an Olori or some Oloris have been found to take the place of the former Queen Chanel.

Long live the king!!!! 

Friday, December 13, 2019


Queen Nola & mom

One thing that's very obvious for all to see rather glaringly is that, the Iku Baba yeye (the very embodiment of death itself), the one said to be the actual 2nd in command to the Orisa (deity), the owner of the Palace in Oyo [Alaafin Oyo], in the person of his royal majesty, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi Atanda Olayiwola Adeyemi III, who is undoubtedly one of the 2 most powerful, most revered, most colorful traditional rulers, royal fathers, kings (Oba) from the South West of Nigeria, a true custodian of the Yoruba tradition and culture, has 👀 eyes. With his choice of wives, it is quite obvious that Kabiyesi enjoys only the best things that life offers. And when you are reputed to be worth as much as $300m dollars (unconfirmed) you are too sure to attract the very best too, like ants to honey.

Queen Nola, that's talking about the 30 year old boss of HRM Logistics is not a daughter of the 81 year old powerful monarch of incredible gait, but she's in fact one of his stupendously gorgeous wives. The fact is, she's even his last wife, meaning she's the youngest of them all. It has been speculated that the young at heart royal father is a husband to between 4 or 7 or 10 wives. But from what we have seen, that the king himself has shown for the world to see via his trips abroad, we only know of 4 and out of these 4 lovelies, Queen (Olori) Nola is probably the most visible, probably the hottest of them all, most likely the fairest and the loveliest of them all and we cannot just stop being envious of our impressive kabiyesi. He is undoubtedly a strong man by all standards.

Kabiyesi who has been the king now for 49 years, is a Moslem by religious persuasion, so he can afford to marry as many as 4 wives if he so wishes, but he is first and foremost a traditionalist, in fact a custodian of the Yoruba tradition and culture, a king for that matter. So he can afford to have as many in his harem as possible as long as he can love them all and take great care of them well. The fact even is that, because he is a father to all, even his community and more can even give him a wife as a gift, because they have the belief he can take good care of such a lady and that such is a blessing.

Not only is 'Olori Badirat Olaitan Adeyemi', a beautiful lady, gorgeous to look at, she's also super stylish too by all accounts, either in her outstanding traditional outfits or in more contemporary styles too. The serving youth corps member, who is a mother of 2 boys, twins at that, has not yet been found wanting on the style stake at all. She only clocked 30 not too long ago, November to be more precise. And she also only just graduated from the University too, hence why she's just currently undergoing the mandatory youth corps experience.

She's the most visible of the king's wives as she has what could be termed a sizable, in fact strong followership of more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, hence she's tagged herself a fashion and brand influencer, that's apart from her being a serial entrepreneur.

Here's our salute to the Olori that's referred to by many as the 'Oxygen' of the octogenarian powerful monarch. We can see from the picture of her mom next to her in the picture above that, she's a true natural beauty.