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Saturday, November 30, 2019


Sir Olu Okeowo 

Baba Ijebu, the stinkingly wealthy Nigerian lottery Czar, that's talking about Sir/Chief Kensington Adebutu opened the way for all others to see and follow, as he showed to all and sundry, the kind of money and wealth that's available in the lottery or gaming business. Baba is reputed to be a billionaire many times over. Some have even rated his wealth to be in the range between $100m to $450m dollars and it could be more or far less. Fact though is, all his male kids (sons) are multi-millionaires in their own rights.

In a clime such as ours, where the harsh reality is such that, the division or better put, the divide or separation between the haves and have-nots, the poor and the rich, is a major gulf that's nearly impossible to bridge. We can then say categorically that the poor, the suffering ones, those living below and slightly above the poverty line, are as much as 90 plus percent.

So one of the ways some ingenious ones, have come up with the ideas to bridge such a gap, is by creating a platform for hope and one of such platforms is via lottery/betting. Those who play lottery or are regular players or better still die-hards, are of the sense that, luck would soon smile on them one day & if they continue to try and if lady luck does do smile on them, they can one day just jump the divide from not having at all or just barely surviving or managing to have, to being well sorted out for life with careful planning. So the more they play, the more they believe their chances of winning grows too, so they are permanently hoping. So from the pool of several players who can run into hundreds or thousands or even tens of thousands, who are already hooked on hope like being hooked on drugs, a little drop from such an ocean, is what is then paid back to a tiny percentage of the same pool that created the ocean. This is done to continually feed their hopes and keep them glued in the cycle. Some would even call it a vicious cycle.

In the last few years, those who have created the lottery/betting platforms have increased exponentially and dramatically too and they have become very big too by virtue of the fact that those who play too have increased dramatically. What feeds this pool is never decreasing. You cannot but make money from it, especially if the thing is well packaged and well manned, it's a virtual goldmine, that's the tree that is would perpetually sprout money.

We can tell you about a young married dude, in his early 50s, who owns one such platforms, in fact a quite popular one at that too, who is literally swimming in unbelievable money too. So filthy rich is this dude, that is brand sponsored a show not too long ago to the tune of about a billion Naira. This dude has so much loose cash, that he is even said to have gone ahead and bought a 1st division Portuguese football club all by himself too a few years back! The dude we are talking about is set to launch an airline brand, that would send shivers down the spine of most and cause panic amongst the hierarchy of the wealthy.

As we speak, the man by yhe initials KS, who we would unveil on his own in another story, would soon unveil VJ airline either before 2019 ends or early 2020, he is said to have bought 7 (seven) brand new jets already, so the business is in fact very ready to launch powerfully.

One very big personality who has since joined the bandwagon of owners of a lottery/betting company unbeknownst to most, is none other than the already stupendously wealthy, car collector extraordinaire and property czar of incredible proportion, in the person of Sir Olu Okeowo, the Knight of John Wesley Church. This incredible man of immense means, in fact a colossus by all standards, who is undoubtedly one of the top 3, highest collector of Rolls Royce cars probably in Africa, has since opened his own betting/lottery brand said to be known as G-bets. Those who know about the lottery brand, actually claims that, it is one of the fastest growing lottery/betting brands in the country, since it began operations about a year ago.

Now just imagine that Sir Olu Okeowo, who owns the most humongous & in fact mind-boggling edifice- all of 16 rooms wonder palatial mansion, that sits atop a landmass said to be valued at about a billion or in fact more, inside the exclusive Parkview area of Ikoyi, Lagos and who also owns several blocks of other multi-million Naira valued properties, all rated to be worth several billions. For those who know ehat it means to have a home in Parkview or Banana Island, they would then understand far better, the value estimation.

It is in fact reputed that the mouth-opening Palacios de Okeowo that took him just 11 months to construct from scratch to finish, was built for between 2 to 4 billion Naira only. The edifice houses all the amenities that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary. A private chapel, a private club/lounge, a massive sized swimming pool, a lawn tennis court, a massive air-conditioned garage and what have you. Let's not describe the vulgar display of wealth that the interior shouts at those who would encounter. It is actually flamboyance at the zenith of it.

It is this same one person who also owns cars, whose collective estimated value cannot be less than N2billion Naira; Just imagine someone owning at least 6 topmost of the range Rolls Royces, cheapest of ehichbis most likely between $150,000 to $2500,00. 3 Bentley sedans, one of which is a limited edition one, having only 50 of them made in the whole world, that's the 'Bentley Mulsanne Extended Body Limited Edition Sedan', which we have since christened as 'Bentley Okeowo'. Then there are the other cars like his one in town Range Rover, the exquisite topmost of the range G Wagon-moat likely a G65, then there's his special Escalade and even more!

It is this same billionaire, whose wealth some have estimated to be in the region of at least $250 million dollars, that is now the chief promoter of a lottery brand now too. So you can now imagine how if he could have excelled so much with his property and construction company known to the world as Gibraltar Construction and his other unknown investments, how far too he would take G-Bets to then!

Like it is commonly said by the Yorubas that, money is never enough for the rich, Olu Okeowo might soon quadruple his worth soon, all things been equal. 

Thursday, November 28, 2019


Style King Oba Gushi 1

..with billionaire businessman Tunde Folawiyo

.. with Funmi Tejuoso & Speaker LAHA

Maybach Stretched 

Normal Maybach 

That Alaiyeluwa (his majesty) Kabiyesi (the one that shouldn't be questioned) Oba (King) Saheed Ademola Elegushi, Kusenla III is a man (king) of style cannot be queried. Since it's something that's super obvious for all to see.

His royal majesty, a man of the people at just 43, is a handsome man by all account and a very stylish king by all standards too. In fact, he is one man that carries the grace about himself so effortlessly. Truth is, his royal or regal mien, his aura is in fact very enveloping.

The thing is that Kabiyesi's style is not just limited to his royal garbs alone. We in fact love that his outfits either continental or traditional, are very classy and classic, not for him those overly garish or unnecessarily colorful gabs, but always very simple, royal and on point and that sense of style also extends to his royal chariots too. We have also noticed that his wives too, are on that upscale, sumptuously stylish and regal level too. Most especially Olori Sekinat Aramide Elegushi, who is well known to favour only the classiest of fabrics, from the HKG upwards and more. In fact, there are not many that can match, Olori Sekinat on that level, as they might go totally bankrupt. Now we understand why husband and dear wife. are so in tune with one another, style is part of where they are also one.

It is quite obvious for all to see that, the 'young elder' is a lover of machines. By that we mean treasures-on-wheels. Cars that leave the mouth agape in open wonder. Apart from the normal off the hook SUVs that's already in his garage or stable, 2 of the cars that actually takes the cake without a whimper his Rolls & now his Maybach. And they are obviously the pick of the pack too. First is his royal majesty's custom made 'Rolls Royce Gushi' that he added to his still growing collection about 2 or more years ago. That car/chariot/machine/juggernaut, used to enjoy solely or might still be enjoying a pride of place in the heart of machine loving king.

But he has since brought in, since sometime this year and rather quietly also too, a companion for Lady Gushi as we have tagged the Rolls. In fact it's a flamboyant and stately sister for the 'Rolls Royce Gushi' which we heard had cost him then about $500,000 plus dollars then. This is new baby, is a top of the class/range, Mercedes Maybach that is said to have come in at a princely $400,000 (that's about N144,000,000 million Naira). It could in fact be slightly more or less, depending on the exchange rate used, we on our own have calculated here based on (N360 Naira to $1dollar).

The stunningly beautiful and gorgeously charming Maybach is jet black. When we first came across the Rolls Royce a while back then, we saw it then in her own transparent climate control bubble, which we heard helps to maintain it's colour and what have you. But we don't actually know now, if this Maybach too enjoys the sort of pampering that the Rolls used to enjoy too then.

The Maybach, with her quite distinctive logo of m over M for those who might not know, is the super-super luxury arm of the already super duper Mercedes Benz brand. The auto giant Daimler-Benz actually acquired the brand as far back as in 1960. The brand is in a class of its own in terms of individuality and exclusivity. They don't come more awesome than this. Former Governor of Delta State, James Ibori who was a great cars aficionado, actually used to favour the brand a whole lot in his heydays and he was said to have owned a few across the continents then.

So his royal majesty in getting one of it to add to his million dollars rated or valued garage, knew what he wanted and went ahead to get it with much aplomb too. With the acquisition of the inimitable Maybach, the stylish husband of 2 awesomely gorgeous Oloris (queens), who also collects badass wrist-watches, the likes of Franck Muller, Rolexes etc, has taken it another notch up on the style quotient amongst all the super well to do royal fathers in Nigeria.

Kabiyesi sir, ka ade kpe lori oooo. More grease to your stylish elbow.

Salute sir!!!!

Note well. The Maybach above are not actually the King's exact own. These pictures were sourced online for the story. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019



Stella Dimoko Korkus 

Tonto Charity Dikeh

Nigeria's number 1 cross-dresser extraordinaire and by extension West Africa's most prominent one at that, Idris Okunneye aka Bobrisky has joined the fray in the unfolding battle drama between online publisher extraordinaire and the fear of celebrities, Stella Dimoko-Korkus versus celebrity pugilist extraordinaire Tonto C. Dikeh.

Bobrisky who is known for his epic cat fights and his undying loyalty to his Bff Tonto, has joined the fray powerfully as Tonto's tag team member and he is already huffing and puffing, throwing jabs, combined with very dangerous left and right hooks, plus leg drops and all what have you. Bobrisky who is seemingly a mixed martial artist, is not doing his fight in any conventional way, but from the look of it, it's like everything is a weapon with him. Hand, leg, mouth, fist etc.

After the pulverizing blows that Stella had delivered on Tonto, which must have dazed her temporarily, Bobrisky without waiting to tag Tonto officially, just ran into the arena of thr fight to rescue her friend and in doing so, delivered some mesmerizing blows of her own on Stella thus-

Madam Mary AMAKA someone just sent me your post where you said you won’t answer me 😂😂😂😂😂. There is absolutely nothing you wanna use to insult me because am way richer than your generation 😂😂😂😂”

“I’m shameless there is nothing you wanna say I haven’t heard 😂😂😂. I’m Bobrisky no one win my battle ! If you wanna come for my bestie @tontolet come with d real story not lies 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Yes I supported her because you mention my name. Old cargo go and take several seat.”

He then went further delivering this too, while shooting from the hip-

I’m a Peaceful soul, but don’t try shit with me or my friends. I have every right to STAND up for my bestie because she is my friend. D annoying part dat got me so pissed 😡. That old witch lied about tonto.”

Blog d right story not d wrong one biko 😂😂😂😂😂. Stella you might still change your mind to come for me. I’m here waiting…. I repeat no one win my BATTLE. Stupid old woman. They are calling you for village meeting Stella. Your age don pass ig 😂😂😂😂😂. Asaba ashewo 😂😂”

But Stella Dimoko-Korkus who is a prize fighter herself only responded to Bobrisky in a no holds barred way, hitting below the belt thus-

"As for Bobrisky calling me out on your behalf. How and why should I respond to a man who has cardiac arrest of the blokos now pretending to be a woman? I don't know how to respond so I ll ignore you Bob who is rejected in the gay community for being dirty and stinky down there.....

Stella also delivered another mind numbing shade the way of Bobrisky, as part of a response to Tonto in another instance thus-

"I don't need any confused gender paying my rent or shop for me in Dubai.

So who responds next? Or who would tag on the sides of the combatants next?

Let's wait and see!!!! 


Mr and Mrs. Olumide & Stephanie 

It has been elation galore in the household of suave city businessman, who is said to be very big into properties & real estate business, Olumide Aderinokun, who is a cousin of the late Tayo Aderinokun, one of the founding partners, that set up what has now become Gtbank, one of Nigeria's biggest financial institutions and by extension one of the biggest banks in Africa. Olumide is married to the beautiful TV personality by name Stephanie Coker-Aderinokun.

The gorgeous couple had gotten married via a white wedding in Greece in 2017,  that was after having a most colorful traditional nuptial/engagement on December 11, 2016 #StephMiTide1617, that was acknowledged then, as one of the most exciting of that year. It was after the engagement ceremony in Lagos, before they then went ahead to have a most exotic destination white wedding that was stunning by all account in Mykonos #SoMykonos17 and in fact was one of the most plush ones of 2017.

So exactly, 2 years & 5 months thereafter, the grateful and graceful couple have welcomed into their beautiful household, their first bambino, we imagine the little one as the first of many more exciting ones to come. Stephanie Omowunmi Eniafe Aderinokun nee Coket, who would clock 31 come Thursday, November 28, 2019 (just 2 days away) having being born on the same date in the year 1988, is said to have delivered her exciting bundle of joy in the UK. Mother and child are doing super well from all accounts.

She had happily chronicled her exciting process, stage by stage before delivery, on her instagram handle to her numerous fans/followers, before her good friend, filmmaker Kemi Adetiba in fits of joy, let the cat out of the bag thus-

“Fiiiiiiiiiiiinally. I can scream from the rooftops. Just bring my boo back safe and sound. That’s all I want to know. Love you, my Steph-Steph. You’re legit one my favorite people in the world”

The avalanche of praise and all, haven't ceased since the announcement, as friends, family members, fans and more have been falling over themselves to hail the new mama bambino.

Congratulations to the couple. More like this, we PRAY. Amen!!!! 

Monday, November 25, 2019


Stella Dimoko Korkus 

Tonto Dikeh 

Toyin Lawani 

Wow wow wow seems like war has been declared and in it too nothing is sacred. All that was conspired or baked in secret may soon become public knowledge and the gathering spectators woul
d sure be intrigued by it all. From all indications, it promises to be a battle royale of the most awesome kind, this is so knowing the pedigree of the combatants.

In the red corner, wearing red shorts amd arrayed in gold, is none other than online publisher extraordinaire and the effant terrible of celebrities and stars, in the person of Stella Dimoko-Korkus, who owns the media platform that bears her name and facing her with extraordinary agility and grace is none other than celebrity pugilist extraordinaire of mean repute, who has had many great battles under her wings, in the person of the inimitable Tonto Dikeh. And with the first salvo of round house punch, fired by Stella, who delivered what can only be described as a TKO (one blow die), the battle line has been drawn dramatically. And it would be a vicious cat fight, with all fangs and claws on display.

And just like the funny street sayings goes, 'Na person wey get liver pass, na him go last'. This could either end as a one round TKO or it could become a long drawn, marathon battle of awesome dimension. The question though now is, how would Tonto, who is never known to back down from a fight, battle or war, would react is not yet known. But spectators in high numbers are gathering already and are already choosing and wearing corner colours already. One major celebrity laughing her bum off already at the unfolding shenanigan, is none other than serial entrepreneur and award winning celebrity, Toyin Lawani of the Tiannah Empire fame.

Let's try to give a very brief background to this whole imbroglio that is still unfolding rather dramatically. Back a few years ago, Toyin and Tonto, were good friends, in fact bosom friends. They were so close that they knew plenty about each other. But not too soon after, one thing led to another and they had a mighty, earth-shaking fallout. The fall out was so bad that it became public knowledge and there were accusations and counter accusations, bricks were thrown to and fro and everyone went their ways vowing never to sheath their swords and to remain enemies. In it all, friends fans & foes took sides. Like it is said, all is fair & game in war, as all weapons can be employed, including intercontinental ballistic missiles. So it seems from Stella's revelations now that Tonto might have taken the fight, far further than maybe necessary to maybe discredit and shame Toyin somewhat as per her son. And maybe to have an upper hand she employed and tried to induce Stella who is one of the most popular online publishers in the celebrity gist cum lifestyle genre to take sides with her.

Now it seems like erstwhile friends and collaborators (Stella & Tonto) have fallen out and totally apart now too and a Pandora's box of shameful things has been cracked open a bit and the worms & maggots and flies are coming out gradually now. Seem like Tonto had tried to embarrass Toyin about something to do with her delightsome and precocious son-lordmaine2. It didn't end there, as Stella also went on to accuse Tonto further of having gone to do like a blood oath or ritual in Ibadan 👀😳. Then she went further to insinuate that Tonto is a chronic debtor, owing her N200000 & then also owing Toyin Lawani $15000. And still not ending it like that, she accuses Tonto of having slept with Toyin's ex. Mennnnnn.....All these exposes, blood! Sex! Debt!...... etc are EPIC! (with full local igbotic accent).

Seems like Living in Bondage part 3-Breaking the calabash.... is on its way out soon ooooo.

See Stella Dimoko-Korkus's first fiery, mind-boggling, face bending, in fact..... pulverizing salvo below, she has even somewhat dared Tonto to respond-

Hmmm you are owing me 200k for bad press I refused to do on toyin. I turned it good. I leave the money for u ooh. How can I drag money with u when u have not paid Toyin’s 15K dollars?”
After Gbenshing Toyin’s ex when they were still married. Did you drink blood in Ibadan or not at a babalawos place? See Tonto you are a nice person but very evil and malicious when you are fighting someone. I don’t have receipts. If you have please post.”

Toyin Lawani, who is chief spectator in the arena as her name was called out and maybe Adekunle Churchill Tonto's estranged husband, may be  laughing their hearts out now. In fact, Toyin as since responded to Stella's first salvo thus-

"Wow wow wow God is not Asleep o, God is not a sleeping God oo , Same person you pay to tarnish my image is now Ratting you out, pls everyone one grab your Popcorn ,I’m coming wait.”

“@lordmaine2 is a Blessing from God and no man can use negative press to change his destiny, it’s been 5yrs now ,I have forgiven the bad press and I have moved on ,but I watch as karma unfolds the truth , will be right back , Abit busy . you don’t pay to write horrible things about people’s kids ,it’s so wrong and you call God, Smh.”

WINNERS PARADE AT THE FUTURE AWARDS 2019-Burna Boy, Israel Adesanya, Timini Egbuson, Simi ‘Drey’ Adejumo, Tolani Alli, others carts home well deserved awards.

Damini ‘Burna Boy’ Ogulu, Israel Adesanya, Timini Egbuson, Simi ‘Drey’ Adejumo, Tolani Alli, and Adetola Onayemi emerged winners in their categories at the 14th edition of The Future Awards Africa held on Sunday, 24 November, 2019 at the Balmoral Hall, Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos.

The event was attended by dignitaries such as the former governor of Ogun State, Aremo Segun Osoba; Deputy Chief of Staff to the Vice President, Ade Ipaye; Google Country Manager, Juliet Ehimuan; Chief of Staff to the Kaduna State Governor, Muhammadu Sani Abdullahi; actress and producer, Lala Akindoju; comedian, Chioma ‘Chigul’ Omeruah, among others.

Themed Nigeria’s New Tribe, The Future Awards Africa celebrates young, inspiring nominees who are breaking boundaries across several industries, and changing the narrative through their talent, innovation, entrepreneurship, and community advocacy.

The Future Awards Africa 2019 is brought to you by The Future Project and RED | For Africa, with support from Mitsubishi, 7Up, CMA Group, Vanguard Allure, Cool FM, Emmanuel Oyeleke Photography, Nigerian Info, Wazobia FM, BellaNaija, Pulse, African Movie Channels, Folio by CNN, FilmHouse, Olorisupergal, Channels Television, Legit, TheCable, Ono Bello, Style Vitae, and Pop Central.

Here is the full list of winners:
Timini Egbuson (32)

Uka Eje (29)

Hamzat Lawal (32)

Ken Nwadiogbu (25)

Isaac Success (28)

Dare Olaitan (28)

Otosirieze Obi-Young (25)

Samuel Ajiboye (28)

Damini Ebunoluwa ‘Burna Boy’ Ogulu (28)

Bukky Akomolafe (31)
Simi ‘Drey’Adejumo (21)

Adetola Onayemi (28)

Israel Adesanya (30)

Olaseni Cole (32)

Zang Luka Bot (28)

Tuboboreni Sandrah (28)

Olawale Ayilara (31)

Shola Lawal (25)
Tolani Alli (27)

Damini ‘Burna Boy’ Ogulu (28)

More after the break. Please click on read more........

Saturday, November 23, 2019


We had deliberately refused to comment or even write anything about her during and after she was removed with seeming ignominy from the Big Brother Nigeria 2019 Pepperdem House, as she had played the role of a she-devil to absolute perfection then. Here was one lady that seemed totally cocksure that she was going to be one of the last people standing, without a doubt in the house, but if not for that one silly mistake she made, she could have fulfilled that dream without a doubt.

She had carried herself with such air of arrogance in the house that she grated all, in all the wrong ways possible. Especially also as she only related on her own terms alone with people. Pushing off people to a safe distance only seeing them when she wanted to. You are her friend at only her choosing and she seemed like she didn't care whose Ox is gored. Maybe because of her self confidence, many just didn't like her at all, so they somehow also created the image about her of a villain. But even at that, by her own uncompromising attitude too, she gave fuel to what was been presented about her to the watching world. And we all just lapped it up good too.

So most only saw her as she was casted, some sort of maleficent at that. One with bad attitude, totally arrogant, all the adjectives that comes to form just a word-BIT#$! So when after her altercation with another strong housemate in the person of Mercy Eke who is also referred to as 'the Lamborghini mercy', who was in fact that only person that was seen as her direct rival and competition to beat and she was summarily disqualified and flushed out from the house, in the aftermath of what could have turned into a brawl. Those who felt she was a bad influence and bad person and therefore a good riddance, were so happy and couldn't contain their joy.

Her dismissal from the house we believe, made it a more easier win and paved the way easily for the eventual winner, to sail home towards the prize-N60m in cash and gifts, without the fight to the finish that we had anticipated. Were Tacha to have remained in that house till the end, maybe it would have been another story now that we are talking about . Just maybe!!!!!!

So with that dismissal, many had thought that the lady in shame and embarrassment would have receded into her anonymous cocoon. Maybe she would have gone into an embarrassed quietude, to silently go repackage herself and maybe gradually climb up quietly again afteraa while as a newly reborn Tacha, a new PH's 1st daughter.

But alas that has not been the case for the undisputed queen of the Titans. In fact, from the moment she was disqualified and asked to leave the house, her fans have been relentless even till date. They have shown to their queen that warts or no warts, they love her as she is. There's truly no better way to define love, other than this. Though it was created then that she has/had bad body odour, it seems like it was either an outright lie from the pits of hell against her and a creation from the minds of those who desperately wanted her out at all cost or maybe it is that, having come to the realization of her issue and owing it, she has now learnt to deal with it appropriately.

Since her dismissal it has been like a jump after another higher jump for Tacha. She has not rested on her oars at all. Brands have come calling. Fans have supported incredibly and outrageously. Though some of the so called heavyweight fans actually lied as they only made noise to chase clout, her die-hard fans in their thousands or tens or  hundreds of thousands have not backed down! If she was an actual influencer before, she has since quadrupled her value now.

Her handlers must be very well commended for doing an absolutely amazing job of riding the waves of the controversies atound her and keeping her on top of those waves and not allowing her to fall at all, so as to go wallow in self-pity and spiral into negativity. She is in fact, giving the winner of the BBN 2019 Pepperdem Gang House a run for her money in all areas. In terms of prominence et al.  In fact on IG she's several thousands of followers ahead of Mercy, who has 914000 mercenaries to Tacha's own 947000 titans. Mercy got Ciroc endorsement, Tacha too got something from them too.

Imagine now that the same tarty looking one before, is now the 'Tacha the Sophisticat! Away from the somewhat dirty looking, somewhat unkempt way of before, that over made up personality that we used to see before, though the make up is still as loud, but it's a bit more toned and better applied now. The dress sense as since now received some sense and is loads more funky, stylish and beautiful.

We have never ever seen Tacha look this beautiful and glam before. There's what white seem to do to her. Red is also her colour too, from the looks of it. We are loving this totally revamped, re-made, re-branded Tacha. Let's hope she will continue to be the best of herself.


More pictures after the break.


It was with utmost shock and disbelief that the world heard about the allegations of fraud and money laundering has brought against the founder and CEO of Nigeria's fastest growing airline by name Air Peace, in the person of Allen Onyema, by the US department of Justice.

Though the same body had in the body of their press statement said that the release of the statement by them does not mean admittance of guilt or confirmation that he was already guilty of the allegations, but are still mere charges, but just a mention of the name of the lawyer and businessman in the allegations alone, led to people having the fear that maybe the worst has come knocking on the man's door. Especially such a one that many of us has considered a model citizen and businessman, who in fact should be commended and awarded a medal of honour for being a great man and one who owns a great brand that should also be considered a good corporate citizen.

But just as quickly as the allegations came about and subsequently out into the public space, the resolute amd fealess businessman, who doesn't want at all, such a stain to be associated or attached with his name and brand, has come out to vehemently deny the allegations in its entirety and in the same vein has also promised to totally clear his name too and show his innocence.

Also, his lawyers too-Alegeh & Co have through a press statement already released above, issued a strong rebuttal against the charges made against their client, denying any sort or type of wrongdoing of any kind. Find below a statement by Allen Onyema himself and see above thr rebuttals by Allen Onyema and his Co-accused, Mrs. Ejiro Eghagha

Hear him-


I can confirm to you that all allegations are false and are in no way in line with my character as a person and as a business man whose only aim has been to build Nigeria and improve well-being.

As the press statement clearly stated, these are indictment that only contains charges.  I am innocent of all charges and the US government will find NO dirt on me because I have never conducted business with any illegalities.

Be rest assured that I also have my lawyers on this and these mere allegations will be refuted.
I never laundered money in my life, neither have I committed bank fraud anywhere in the world. Every Kobo I transferred to the US for aircraft purchase went through the Central Bank of Nigeria LC regime and all were used for the same purpose. The American companies that received the funds are still in business. I never took a penny from any US bank or Nigerian bank. I am willing to defend my innocence in the US courts.

Allen Onyema


The news was rife over the weekend and even till now, that ace actress and celebrity, the one and only Tonto Dikeh having ran foul of the laws in Dubai where she had gone to attend the wedding of Big Bro Nigeria 2018 couple #Bamteddy2019 and also the annual 'One Africa Concert' was arrested and in detention and was likely facing deportation. It was claimed that she would be first facing charges of misconduct, maybe harassment also and maybe possession of illegal substances, said to have been found in her possession upon being searched.

Part of the reason why many felt that Tonto might have been arrested and was still in detention is because, unlike how she would have normally taken over Dubai as expected, like going all over the places and splashing pictures of same all over the social media, she being the original goldfish, show gal without a hiding place. This particular trip that held a lot of promises from the get go, seem to have become very subdued all of a sudden after her reported altercation at a venue. This is especially after the noise that had heralded her arrival in the same Dubai initially.

So to ascertain her whereabouts and to find out what was also actually going on and the true nature of things, knowing full well also that there are many sides to a story, we did try to put a call through to the mother of one, so we can at least put to rest all the speculations and unfounded theories, if that's what they are, as expounded online already.

At first the phone just rang out without anyone picking up. Then immediately afterwards, she first responded back via her What's app trying to do a Whats app call. But it's a well known thing in the Emirate, that whats app calls to and from Dubai can be near impossible. So she thereafter called us again, but now with a Dubai nos  +971 50 620#%@$. And she responded thus to our quick enquiries- What's going on? Where are you? Are you calling from Jail or detention?

"Don't mind these people, they are frustrated. Their papa is the one in jail!

I  had an altercation with the police when we were getting into Paul O's event. You know how Dubai is. You have to dress decent and everything. So initially when they just see you dressed with your breasts out or dressed sexy, they just feel you are a business woman. And business women are actually prostitutes. That's what they call them here.

So one of them now said "sharamuta" under his breath and I know what sharamuta is, so that's why I got upset. But we settled that.

The only thing is, the only offense I committed was that you don't record. In Dubai, you don't record a police officer. It's against the law. 

I am fine, I am ok. 

Question - When are you likely to come back?

Tonto- I would be back by next week.

I am having fun. I am lounging at the apartment given to me at the Burj. I am having a helluva time. Then she says she would be calling me back as her brother had come to pick her.......

You can follow my new IG page to see my activities". 


Wow wow wow. That's just the bewildering expression coming from the mouths of those hearing about this misfortune that has come the way of the man, many had touted and were too sure was going to be declared without a rival, as man of the year in Nigeria 2019, just too surely by the end of this year. Owning to the fact of his major intervention at the most auspicious time in Nigerian history, when he single-handedly played the role of a good and benevolent Samaritan, when desperate Nigerians, who were in major dilemma in South Africa, in the aftermath of the repeated xenophobic attacks against Nigerians, needed to be evacuated immediately.

His swift response without prompting and solicitation of any kind, when he volunteered to aid is nation for Free, had greatly endeared him to Nigerians, who saw in him a selfless hero, a wonderfully humane personality and in fact a great Nigerian by all standards.

Now just only a few months after such wonderful intervention and the attendant outrightly fantastic ovation and backslapping, it is that same candidate for the deserved man of year award 2019, now that misfortune seem to have crept towards and now he must fight with all he has, to clear his name and reputation from the damning mess, has he has been indicted for fraud and money laundering in the US. The shock to the system as par this allegations, is totally unbelievable!

Chief Allen Ifechukwu Onyema, who is the founder and CEO of probably the fastest growing airline in Nigeria, by name Air Peace, who only just how many weeks recently, even ordered for more planes to be added to their fleet, is the unfortunate target of the indictment in the US, for fraud and money laundering related offence to the tune of $20 million Dollars which in Naira translates to about plus or minus N7.2billion Naira (that's at N360 Naira to $1 Dollar).

Incidentally, Chief Onyema is a barrister at law by training.

According to www.justice.gov

Friday, November 22, 2019

CEO of Nigerian airline indicted for bank fraud and money laundering.

ATLANTA – Allen Ifechukwu Athan Onyema, the Chairman, CEO, and founder of Air Peace, a Nigerian airline, has been charged with bank fraud and money laundering for moving more than $20 million from Nigeria through United States bank accounts in a scheme involving false documents based on the purchase of airplanes.  The international airline’s Chief of Administration and Finance, Ejiroghene Eghagha, has also been charged with bank fraud and committing aggravated identity theft in connection with the scheme.

“Onyema allegedly leveraged his status as a prominent business leader and airline executive while using falsified documents to commit fraud,” said U.S. Attorney Byung J. “BJay” Pak.  “We will diligently protect the integrity our banking system from being corrupted by criminals, even when they disguise themselves in a cloak of international business.”

Robert J. Murphy, the Special Agent in Charge of the DEA Atlanta Field Division commented on the indictment, “Allen Onyema’s status as a wealthy businessman turned out to be a fraud. He corrupted the U.S. banking system, but his trail of deceit and trickery came to a skidding halt. DEA would like to thank the many law enforcement partners and the subsequent prosecution by the U.S. Attorney’s Office who aided in making this investigation a success.”

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Thursday, November 21, 2019


For me I believe there are the special type of people in this our same society, on this our clime that deserves celebration and commendations. Normal citizens like you and I, who do not go about, deliberately in search of and looking for fame, not the clout chasing lot, but those who for their chivalry or chivalrous acts and their love for humanity such things that have become normal to them, fame of its own freewill, just attracts, and in fact wants to celebrate them to high heavens.

Joseph Edgar seem to be living true to his name Joseph and maybe like the biblical Joseph too, he must have had a dream too and was then sown a coat of many colours too, but his just seem to attract a lot of goodwill his way. He is first and foremost a consummate investment banker of the most unbelievable kind. That's the vocation he has known for more than 2 decades now. He is one person who trained under the best the industry could boast of and by virtue of his somewhat brilliance, has met and he knows many people that are of great value and those who love him and maybe, because of something they must have discovered in him, are willing to do just about anything for him or those or things connected to him.

Brilliant, crazy, passionate, extraordinary, humane, selfless  are some of the very kind adjectives that can try to encapsulate this man, who was 50 many weeks back. He is in fact, a philanthropist of the most awesome, extraordinary kind. He is not a billionaire, neither a multi-millionaire, so we can not boast of him just dropping 5 billion in one fell swoop. But unlike those moneybags, what they do not seem to have, he possesses in over abundance, that's the heart of gold and an unpretentious consistency that baffles all. Just imagine someone who might not necessarily have the millions personally, he himself might even be hungry and also need help at any given time, but yet, he would still stick out his neck, far out for others, without bating an eyelid.

He is a writer too, but of the crazy kind of type. His writing style is tongue-in-cheek, a satirical master of the highest order. He is in fact at the top of Primera liga of those who have adopted satires as their cup of tea. His newest book, a satirical masterpiece which he titled Aaaaarrrgg... amd which has sold a sizable number and has gotten unbelievably very fantastic review from a whole lot of top people. This somewhat autobiography is his 3rd book. He is a columnist and contributor to This Day, RipplesNg & most recently Opera News.

For us he actually defines what it means being an influencer. By that we mean in the real or true sense of the word, not in the toy way that, that word is used now., because for us, who is that influencer truly, who has not used his or her mettle, his/her connection, his/her wealth to improve the lives of others?

Joseph Edgar, the man. An extraordinary man, in any which way you want to look at it. One who has used his mouth and clout, and all that is in his possession to bless others, be it in the entertainment sector. A sector he recently entered in, in a most awesome, most powerful and exciting way to promote some of the best produced stage plays in this country till date. There is the current rave of the moment 'Emotan' ehixh displays thr rich cultural heritage of Benin, there was the sexually explosive 3SOME. there were others like Oba Eshugbayi, LoudWhispers and Isale Eko, he is currently working on the biggest so far, titled Aremu. A play that would chronicle and bring to life, all about the lifr and time of the former 2 time leader of the country, retired General, Head of State & President, the stateman known to all as Chief Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo.

He has helped to resuscitate a dying culture, that's talking about the love for stage play, from something dying, something like on her last kneel, having seemingly lost her luster to something many now look forward to or that others even want to experience and explore for the first time now. He brags a lot, in fact a whole lot, some would even call him a loud mouth, but he does same in the most positive and honourable way one can imagine. Like it is said, he brags correct.

Just imagine that an individual, not a corporate entity in any way or of any kind for that matter, not one in the mold of a Dangote or Otedola or Alakija and more, but who by our estimate can stand shoulder to shoulder with any of these people mentioned, who in the last few years all by himself, using just his clout, but has raised for the well-being & care of others not less than N100m. We mean 'One hundred million Naira'. All for the good of others, for one intervention in one area or the other.

In just 3 hours of this morning alone (21/11/2019) he has raised N156,000 for the school fees of a child of a woman who via getting raped was infested with the HIV virus. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Fly girl extraordinaire, Emelda whose style has continued to cause panic amongst her own, may have thought that a high flying lifestyle all of the time without a visible business to show for it, might not just be the best thing anyway. So she seem to have resolved and decided to show to all, that she's not just about flashing and fluxing alone and just being a fashionista all alone, but that she can easily also excel too as a businesswoman of note.

So she might have decided to open her own first class business too, which all things been equal might just be getting set to open for business pretty soon too. We hear that she has already gotten a place somewhere in that Lekki Phase 1 axis and is currently doing it up to taste. Maybe it's a sizable store or she might have gotten her own shopping complex or building too, we don't know about that yet. But what we know is that, when Emelda wants to do anything, she goes all out of her way to make it 5-stars or 1st class. So the length of time that it's taking for the place to open for business might be because of how tasteful, she might actually want the place to be. A place great enough for the high and mighty, the 'moneyed' crowd to come shop in, in a very relaxed mode too, spending quite a sum. Driving the best 'Range Rover' money can afford, already testifies to Emelda's 7 stars taste, that can actually give the picture of what to expect from the dazzling fashionista of note of our time, whose walk-in wardrobe/closet at her apartment on Admiralty Way around her friend's Dabota's shopping complex is said to be one to die for.

According to what a bird whispered sonorously and confidently to our ear 👂🐦, Emelda's sizable, in fact well appointed and well arranged wardrobe, which she had gotten a noted stylist and wardrobe consultant to arrange for her, with her outstanding bags and other accessories collection would literally build a nice home for some in a good area. She's not a small fry at all ooooooo. So with so much money flowing her way & floating in her hands, she might have thought and decided to invest some in other things apart from properties and not just be buying garbs and things that would soon fade out of fashion and lose value after a short time. Quite sensible! Making hay while the sun is still shining.

So if all works out well, like it should, maybe a super luxurious beddings and accessories store is in the offing, courtesy of Lady Emelda. We hear she might even have just gotten back from Istanbul, Turkey because of this her new business. The beauty of this also is that, instead of her just joining the bandwagon to open a hair shop like every lady with small money in Nigeria seem to be doing, she's looked at another thing instead that if well packaged, could just become a best seller and then a money spinner of extraordinary proportion too for her.

So let's give it for the gal!!!!!! We are sure that the store opening would be with plenty pomp and excitement too. Way to go gal!!!! 


Lanre Da Silva Ajayi, Chairman Organizing Committee

Fatimata Coker, organizing committee member 

This is one massive event in the Catholic church of Lagos calendar that they always look forward to with relish annually. And another in the series beckons already and it shall be big, in fact massive on all counts. Just imagine the awesome atmosphere of praise, worship, thanksgiving, opportunity for soul winning and mentoring that is unleashed on an annual basis!

It's always that time of the year towards the tail end at that, as the year is grounding gradually to a finish, to get blessed and to bless unusually too. The upcoming event, known to all as 'UNUSUAL PRAISE 2019' of Friday, November 29, 2019 would be the biggest in the series by far, so far.

Though officially this is the 9th edition, but it is in fact, the 4th major one at that. It would start at 5pm on the Friday of the 29th November and would end with a mass the next day on the 30th at 5am. The last gathering in 2018, had more than 50000 people at the venue, praising, worshipping, praying etc. For this edition it is expected that at least 100000 (one hundred thousand), grateful praise worshippers of all denominations would gather at the venue, which is not far from the Catholic Church of Divine Mercy, Lekki Phase 1 which is the events host this year. There are 3 of the Catholic Churches majorly involved as organizers of the annual event and they are Catholic Church of Divine Mercy, Lekki Phase 1, St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, Victoria Island and Catholic Church of Assumption, Falomo, Ikoyi, others of shown willingness to come in board fully too. And many from other branches have sent in various supports too.

Like it is tagged-Unusual Praise 2019, Unusual Praises and worship would be unleashed from 5pm of the start day till 5am of the next day and crowned off with a mass, which is the most important part of a Catholic life. Expected at the event are all denominations and faiths. There's no discrimination whatsoever at all. And a few of those that would grace the occasion to add fire to it and dazzle all with their gifts are Nathaniel Bassey, Mary Chinwo, Chioma Jesus, Big Bolaji, Penam Percy Paul, Beejay Sax, David G, Grace Eze, Tope Alabi, Joe Praiz, Osinachi Nwachukwu, Akanchawa and very many others.

There would be free buses across the 20 archdioceses of Lagos to take willing participants to the venue. There would be free wifi at the event venue too to be provided by Udux. The venue of the event is Periwinkle Ground along Freedom Way, Lekki Phase 1.

The year's theme is "Declaring the glory of the Lord among the nations, a verse gotten from 1 Chronicles 16:24. The organizers would love for people to have a proper understanding of that the Unusual Praise is about. And that is that, it is not in anyway a normal music concert, but a 'praise event'. It's like evangelizing through pure music. A soul winning event or platform for that matter. It is seen as that opportunity, to reach those that normally might not be reachable through other means. According to them, Praise is a part of a ministry. So this is praising God for a long time as compared to the normal 2 hours.

A day prior to the biggest opportunity for praise, the mentoring program by the organizers that is part of the annual event would award or support at least 250 businesses handpicked from 3000 applicants that successfully went through the rigorous processes they had to scale through. They would be awarded not just with mentoring, but with various amounts of money too from between N100,000 to N1,000,000 (one hundred thousand to one million Naira), so as to help towards the growth and progress of such businesses. The monetary support is not limited to just Catholics though. But in fact, to all. So that's like putting their money where their mouth is. For us, we think that this is actually a  powerful way of preaching the Gospel to the world we can happily say.

Last year 2018 alone at least 100 viable businesses got this mentoring and aids, but that number increased significantly by 150 this year 2019. So as more donations are made to the coffers of the organizers then their tentacles would spread further and wider too, aiding more and more.

Award winning designer of note, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi is the orgainising committee Chairperson for this year's event.
This year's event is a must be at. And Invitation of very FREE also for all.

Let's go there.