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Friday, August 31, 2018

UBA Appoints Four New Board Members

Lagos, Nigeria; August 31, 2018: The Board of Directors of the United Bank for Africa is pleased to announce the appointment of four new members to its board, subject to the approval of the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN).

The new board members are Mrs. Erelu Angela Adebayo, Ms. Angela Aneke, Alhaji Abdulqadir Jeli Bello and Mr. Isaac Olukayode Fasola.

These appointments follow the retirement of Mrs. Rose Okwechime, Mr. Adekunle Olumide, OON, Alhaji Ja’afaru Paki and Mr Yahaya Zekeri, with effect from August 30, 2018.

“I am pleased to welcome Erelu Adebayo, Angela Aneke, Abdulqadir Bello and Kayode Fasola to the Group Board” said Tony O. Elumelu, the Group Chairman of the Bank.  “These men and women bring a wealth of experience in their fields and will be tremendous assets, as we deliver on our mission to become the leading Pan-African financial institution in all our countries of operation.”

‘I am particularly pleased that two of the newly appointed Non-Executive Directors are women, bringing the total number of women to four, a further demonstration of our commitment to ensuring equality for both men and women,’ added the Group Chairman.

Mr. Elumelu thanked the retiring directors for their contribution, hard work and commitment to UBA, “I would like to express my appreciation to our retiring Directors for their leadership and dedication to UBA and for their contribution to an already impressive 2018. I wish them the very best in their future endeavours”.

This announcement comes on the heels of the Bank’s strong H1 2018 performance with a PBT of N58.1billion. With the successful expansion of its retail operations, UBA now operates in 20 countries in Africa, following its recent acquisition of a licence in Mali and the United Kingdom. The bank also has offices in New York City and in Paris.

About the new Directors.

Erelu Angela Adebayo who graduated with an M.Phil in Land Economy from Cambridge University, is the former First Lady of Ekiti State in Nigeria. Mrs Adebayo previously served on the boards of several organisations, including the Dangote Foundation, DN Meyer Plc, Wemabod Estates.  Mrs. Adebayo is a council member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange and has worked extensively on real estate development and She is the Chairman of the Erelu Adebayo Foundation for the underprivileged.

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So according to the gist we are privy to, all the recent showings looking the bomb and flashing good skin might have the reasons why !!!

So a good bird, with ears to the ground wella whispered into our ears very confidently, in fact the bird was cock sure, just too sure about it that our favorite in your face "celebrity babe" who is gradually "Glowing" confidently to the bank with so much activities nowadays, recently had her body remolded, a slight upgrade that wasn't supposed to be too prominent. Just be as near natural as possible!!!! According to the intel, the areas that were touched up were the bum (yansh like we call it here), the boobs (them manchesters) and the stomach and maybe the hip too, just to make it slighty rounder and in proportion to the bum-bum touched up, a la pull up to my bumper. .

What was actually done according to the privileged information at our disposal is a procedure called "fat transfer". Which is that fat was removed from around the stomach and then they were added to the places that needed it to bulk those parts up and were molded. And because what was done was not actually an extensive kind of procedure, in a day or 2 you are already up and about, showing off the magic touch which you can even ascribe to proper weight loss in the right areas, not as a procedure done.

So we had been very curious  wanting to know why them nipples were straining to bust out powerfully and show face, we had wondered why the showcase and deliberate display, now we seem to have gotten the answer. Hmmmmmmm No wonder those melons were standing at attention, peeking through with gusto and saluting with unbridled, unrestrained and unrestricted vigor and oomph the Queen (Charlie's mom) inna the London Town.

All in all, all that we can say is that the job done, seem to have quadruple our lady's value to the stratospheric levels. And for those who might have been doubting or wandering whether if truly our small babe (girl) with the Big God is as liquid as she tries to portray or pass across, forget it oooooo, babe is as liquid, in fact mad liquid as they come mennnn. Whatever business she's doing, is majorly bringing in the money in loads and torrents as it seems. Imagine that sometime ago alone and that's many months back now ooooo, she bought at least not less than 10 million Naira worth of jewelry (diamonds) at that popular place somewhere in Victoria Island, close to Civic Centre.

If a young unmarried lady can do that, then she must be pretty liquid. At least she may be able to boast of between 50 to 100 million and might even be slightly more! !!! 


RMD and Don Jazzy are both undoubted juggernauts in their fields. Both are very prominent practitioners in the entertainment field in Nigeria, RMD in film and Don Jazzy in Music.

Both are/were in Scotland the birth place of Johnny Walker as the premium brand's ambassadors on the quest to find the perfect blend in the #keepwalking attitude. And as part of the tradition, while in Scotland you behave like the Scots at least in dressing and sipping good Scotch Whisky a la Johnny Walker blend,. So they both wore the Scottish men's national outfit-the kilt, and both were looking super buff and fetching in them and quite standout! Infact, Don Jazzy always the hilarious one added a bit of spice, when he joked about how wearing the kilt, allows one to free their very private something, so it can be free to get air! Hear him-

"When you wear this lovely kilts in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, the gbola is Finally free. 🙈.SHHHHH don't tell anyone O. Having an amazing trip too. #LoveScotch #Johnniewalker #KeepWalking"

And for the veteran man of style, the Mr. Incredible himself aka RMD, how can a man in his 60s, be dripping so much juice and sauce, so effortlessly like this? It's like, like fine wine kept in it the cask to age over the years, he has fermented rather well and he keeps looking better and better as the year goes by. JMD must be pinching herself and saying na me get am spirit, soul and body!!!!

Salute to 2 solid men, & please keep walking gallantly!!!! 


Maybe the resurgence or the supposed revival of the PDP is a mirage after all, as one of her leaders in the person of the very outspoken Former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi FANI-KAYODE has blurted out his thought concerning the imminent demise of his own party, as he has faulted and condemned the qualities of one of the Presidential aspirants of his beloved party-The PDP! In the person of the current Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Olubukola Saraki.

Imagine that FFK as he is fondly called, insinuated something not too palatable in his assertion of the newest PDP Presidential aspirant, who only just declared his intention just yesterday in the words below-

So now imagine a top chieftain of the same party, now declaring that Saraki is not fit to have control of the party or its machinery! Is/are there already a division or divisions in the PDP which is supposedly the main opposition party? Are people already in different camps, ready to cling on to their own at all cost? To predict the death and funeral of your own thing, when all should be on board, working together against a common enemy is a bit steep or what do you think ? 


Emilia Samuel 

Theo Ukpaa

Linda Ikeji
Gorgeous Mrs Tola Adesokun-Ukpaa

Theo Ukpaa until a few days back was a top staff at Linda Ikeji Media Organisation, in fact he was the Head of Programmes. By virtue of his position, he was a man of influence at the organisation and he was said to have been very good at his job, having hone his skill around, before pitching his tent with Linda. But alas, under the so called cover of a hardworking, highly resourceful and passionate gentleman, supposedly hides a sinister vice, he has been accused by several of being a serial rapist!!!!

According to the story, not only has he being accused of been a rapist, but he is accused as been a repeat or serial rapist! He was recently outed by one of those he allegedly raped and in the course of that, there is the speculation that there are others too, who might also be victims and could come out soon too.

As at the time of this particular write up, "the alleged offender" is still on his honeymoon with his wife, he had gotten married just of recent. Him and his wife are on holiday, who we believe if she's heard about the whole matter already must be thoroughly shocked to her bones by it all!!!! How can one, who only just got married, expecting to live life happily ever after atleast for the next several months, cope with this kind of terrible and shocking situation?

That's the case Theo and his new wife would have to deal with for now. From a honeymoon, it is most likely that it might have become a bitter or sour sun already now, with this kind of allegation hanging over him.

And so in order not to be seen to be shielding the perpetrator of such dastardly offence though not yet convicted by any law, the very pregnant boss of the dude after having red the horrific ordeal of the victim, has wielded the big hammer from the USA, where she is currently counting the days to dropping her bouncing baby. We are too sure she must have felt rather bad about the whole situation, as it involved a women like her and Infact a young girl then, when it happened. Some had 1st raised the alarm at before, believing that Linda might have been shielding Theo, but apparently not until after reading the heart rending tale of the serial rape as recounted by the victim, then she was compelled as a woman to act.

Linda's statement

I personally wanted to let everyone know that Theo Ukpaa, who was Head of Programmes at Linda Ikeji TV is no longer a staff of the company. His job with my company was terminated on Monday August 27th just a day after I read the heartbreaking story of Emilia Samuel.
The general public is therefore advised not to transact any business with him in the name of Linda Ikeji TV as anyone who does it, does so at his/her own risk.
Thank you

People are eagerly awaiting the return of the accused, to see how he would either react or deal with the unpalatable and shameful accusations and expose. If the law is brought into the situation and the allegations are proven, then Theo most definitely must be in trouble and would have to feel the full weight of the law or something.

It such a sad situation all round though. Imagine that the victim Emilia Samuel was actually 16 years old, when the offence commenced and she was compelled to out her rapist, when she saw the pictures of his wedding!!!! The lady who is now said to be married with 2 kids, must have summoned extraordinary courage to be able open up about being raped and even revealing her person for all to know. 

Thursday, August 30, 2018


Still only just arrived few months ago and the beautiful "Ibuere", that's her native name has already disarmed many with her baby gorgeousness and beauty. Such an exciting baby to look at by all standards. Mere looking at her many would just want to have their own baby immediately. Those beautiful eyes, the chubby cheeks and the disarming innocence, so so inviting.

She is none other than the 3rd child and daughter of Ehizogie Ogbebor-Bramor, of the Sayaveth Interiors and Sayaveth Hotels fame. And the disarmingly gorgeous new baby is for her supposedly 'estranged' husband, being the Warri Billionaire by name Kenneth Bramor, the super rich oil tycoon.

So innocent is Ibuere, that she's totally oblivious of any shenanigans going on around her, be it the current correct situation between her parents or however anyone thinks about anything. As if to shut down any wrong missive from anywhere or to totally dismiss whatever unpalatable insinuations that might arise from any quarters, see the uncanny and totally unmistakable resemblance between daughter and father! It's like Mr. Bramor vomited her just by himself. Mennnn nature and its power!!!!


Mother of one and ex-beauty queen-Miss Nigeria UK-2009, Dabota Lawson is as beautiful as they come. In fact, some have even rated her as one of Nigeria's most beautiful people. Tall, better still statuesque, with envious long legs and with super good frame to the boot, with the right, perfect proportions in their right places and even well contoured for full effect for that matter. She 'could' have excelled as a supermodel, either on the catwalk or even as a glamour model had she taken that up as a full career or profession.

With her, nothing seems ever out of place. Meaning she cannot step out not looking glam with elan overload at all times. The creator obviously molded her comfortably and it must have been either very early on a Sunday morning, being the beginning of the week or at that time He was most fun. That she was wonderfully and perfectly made is just stating the bare fact and we believe that fact is indisputable. Whatever time it was though, the final product, which is Dabota, came out totally on point, so she deserves the accolades without a doubt. No wonder she's always in our face, looking perfectly scrumptious!!!!!!

The 31 year old (born June 2, 1987), though some have tried to reduce the age to 27, which is not the true age, is a 'University of Leicester' graduate of Financial Economics, before she proceeded to the London School of Business and Finance, where she got her certificate in Accounting and Business. This bombshell mama jammer, defines oomph to the Max! So she can easily be tagged as a "beauty with brains to match with much aplomb!

Those big eyes, that gives her the air of innocence that in turn gives her that exceptionally sultry look, is to die for and then she seem to have her style game on too, very very well too in fact. Never one to step out not looking her best. It is obvious that the standard rule of norm for her is to always look outstanding, very chic, very in place even if for just a quick dash to the supermarket or for quick errands here and there. And then when she wants to now play dress up, her inner fierceness just takes over and then she comes out looking the bomb and the cynosure of all eyes.

Either in casuals or dressed-up, she's always got it on the lock down totally. The budding entrepreneur, who owns her own eponymous beauty range and also owns her own shopping complex named Two Six Mall on Admiralty, Lekki Phase one just by April by Kunbi's atelier is our undoubted, Thursday, thumping bombshell without equal. Though some have suggested that a major part of how she looks now is by virtue of 'cosmetic surgery' - body enhancement, all we have to say to that is that it takes someone who is okay, to think to do a nip and tuck, here and there if they so want. And apart from that, if doing an enhancement or doing enhancements gives you contentment, then please go ahead and have your FUN!

Check out DL's many pictures here, showing both front and back to see if you agree with us.

More after the break.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


The watch, the shirt, the spectacle... 

Givenchy sweatshirt 

Red buttoned down plaid with Gucci shoes

Another Givenchy top

Seems like God especially worked wonders on this His creation, though we all know that all the actions of God are devoid of partiality of any kind. The truth though is that, the presiding Pastor of probably the fastest growing and most likely also the biggest church or congregation in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, that's COZA, which refers to The Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly, is superiorly good to look at.

Handsome, debonair, tall, well built, super stylish, in fact awesomely stylish...., In fact that doesn't say it all, maybe, out of this world stylish may have put it rather more correctly. Many and that's talking about those who understands the ethos and intricacies of style, the cognoscente of note have all agreed and said that probably no other pastor in Nigeria and indeed in Africa nears him when it comes to style. He is far, in fact by many miles, very many miles at that, standout from all of them!

What particularly stands the hunk and bespectacled fellow out, is the effortless grace and cool cat mien that surrounds him, coupled with the divine swag, that he seems to exude in abundance too. Unlike many of his colleagues, either above him, or his contemporaries or even those coning after him, who though tries very hard to play dress up with so much effort put into it, but even at that still looking like overdressed pumpkins, in fact with many even wearing oversized outfits looking like the outfits wore them instead of the other way around; but with Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, it's like its just 2nd nature to him, an extension of who he really is and everything all combines about him to speak- "effortless grace".

The Lead Pastor of the Church also known very well as "The Wealthy Place", a church that some have even tagged as the 'Richest Church in Nigeria' (arguably though-for how true that is, we can't say), is the epitome of "casual ease", sending out outrageous sparks of suppressed oomph in all directions. Madam must surely be proud and impressed! In fact, just because of how pleasing he looks to the eye, even his congregations who are in their tens of thousands would always eagerly await seeing him, to see how garbed he is on any given day or occasion.

From what we have noticed or observed, it is quite obvious that the man of God must most often have what we have tagged immense and unabating 'shoegasms'. In fact his shoe room, we believe would rival most standard shoe stores of note and must be very colourful and exciting at that, in fact we believe it would most probably be a whole room on its own, serving as a walk-in, with arrays of beautiful pairs well arranged all around to make a choice from.

Wearing the best of labels likes of Angelo Galasso, Billionaire Couture, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci, Christian Louboutin and the likes is just very normal for this man of God, as he wears them all like they are nothing! He must buy a lot from what we see and would also get far more as gifts, just as people would be sowing into the anointing like it is called or referred to.

Just like he always looks pretty stand out in his good labels, everything lush prim and proper, hair in place, nail well cut and neat, great collection of out of here wrist watches on, whenever he also ventures to wear native attires too, they always look exceptionally neat and on point, we just believe that his good frame carries clothes so well, in fact if not for the call of God, he could have succeeded very well as a model of great repute, locally or internationally.

We have always said that style is not just about clothes alone, it's the totality of many things that have combined to make the person, Pastor Abiodun Fatoyinbo seems to combine all of those elements together as a person, not only does he dress superbly well, his choices of machines as cars are a story for another post just by itself. Likes of the Porsche, G Swag and others liter his garage. Even the way his church looks and how things are arranged, shows a man very finicky with his outlook and how he is perceived.

So like we had already TAGGED it as a title, so we are happy to reiterate it again without difficulty whatsoever -"ALL HAIL NIGERIA'S OWN (PASTOR) KING OF STYLE". 


Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson & Ayo Alli-Balogun 

... With Rochas Okorocha 

Ayo Alli-Balogun, a staunch member of Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson, APC SouthWest Zonal Women Leader's team, who was personally involved recounts what led to the unfortunate,, Monday, August 27, 2018 event and the actual happenstance of that day in particular. Read her statement below-

Top of the day great people!

I feel I owe it to everyone, to give a summary of what actually happened on Monday, 27th  August 2018 at the All Progressives Congress State Party Secretariat on Acme Road, Ikeja, Lagos.

For a while now, Hon. Jumoke Okoya-Thomas (APC Lagos state women) has been on a war path with the APC South-West Women Leader, Chief  Mrs Kemi Nelson, for reasons best known to her.

I, Ayo Alli-Balogun became aware of Hon Jumoke’s detest for her superior and the South-West Women Leader of our great party, the All Progressives Congress at the final mega campaign rally of HE Kayode Fayemi days before the Ekiti State gubernatorial elections 2018. At the said rally, Hon. Jumoke Okoya-Thomas out of nowhere and without any provocation whatsoever, started raining insults on Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson that she Hon. Jumoke was not allowed onto the VIP pavilion of the event. Whilst Hon. Jumoke was raining her insults she saw me and immediately verbally attacked me calling me “Aja Kemi Nelson” Kemi Nelson’s dog! I ignored her and proceeded to my seat.

Hon. Jumoke Okoya-Thomas, attack on my person came to a head on Wednesday 22nd August 2018 at the country home of Lagos State Governor during His Excellency’s Sallah gathering, where Hon. Jumoke accused me of staring at her and threatened to deal with me.

The shocking thing about her utterances was that at no point or time, did I have any close contact with her whatsoever; not to talk of I attempting any form of attack on her. The worrying bit about her utterances and actions is that maybe Hon Jumoke is imbued with the power of clairvoyance, which allows her her glimpse into an unknown future and so with the abilities to see things not yet in existence!

Hon. Jumoke was seated about 15 huge tables away from where I stood with the Lagos State Commissioner of Police to receive His Excellency, who was making the rounds greeting and taking pictures with guests. I noticed Madam Jumoke’s visible agitation as she wagged her hand toward my direction in a threatening manner when she said “you are staring at me! I would deal with you!!”

Naturally, I was shocked by Madam Jumoke’s conduct, especially coming from an elder and someone in her position, so I informed party leaders present as per my observations. They promised to look into the matter and asked that I go on with my dancing.

However, I thought it imperative to notify the APC state chairman of my experience at the hands of Madam Jumoke Okoya-Thomas during the Sallah gathering of the Governor. So I visited the State Party Chairman on Thursday 23rd August 2018 but he had left, so I called and booked an appointment for Monday 27th August 2018 to which the party state chairman agreed.

On the fateful day, I went to the state chairman in company of three senior women of the party to inform him of Hon. Jumoke’s open threat to deal with me.
As fate would have it, I was informed that the State Chairman was at a meeting. While waiting, Hon. Jumoke exited the chairman’s office and later returned to the office about 10mins later. All this while, I was at the reception area of the chairman’s office with the three women who accompanied me there.

After waiting for an additional 30mins I decided to leave as it was apparent, Madam Jumoke was going to be in the office for a long time.

◦On my way to the South-West Zonal Women leader’s office within the party secretariat, I was apprehended by Hon. Jumoke’s PA (Alhaja Biodun) and the police orderly with her. They both pounced on me with slaps, blows and lashes from the horse whip wielded by the police orderly attached to Hon. Jumoke. I naturally defended myself and extracted myself from the stronghold of the vicious attack of Alhaja Biodun. I then returned to the chairman’s office to show him my battered face, body and clothes.

◦About an hour later, while inside Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson’s office in the presence of the Deputy and Vice Chairman of the party. Six very hefty and fierce looking men in black Tee-shirts with Scorpion drawn on them bursted into the South-West Women Leader’s office. They told us they are from Lagos island and have been directed to kill Chief Mrs Kemi Nelson and I, under the order of the Iron Lady!!!

◦Hon. Jumoke Okoya-Thomas at some point during the assault, came into Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson office shouting that “Kemi Nelson is in the toilet, she must be killed! That once she’s killed her followers would disperse” (All of these in Yoruba).

◦The armed men descended brutally without remorse on everyone in close quarters, beating and pummelling everyone found in Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson’s office.

◦The most horrifying bit of the mayhem was the stabbing of Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson’s Chief Security Officer for not telling them (cultists) where Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson and I were.

More after the break.



"I have never been involved in thuggery, Hooliganism in all of my 30 years in politics". And it wouldn't start now..... 

Our attention has been drawn to reports in some quarters of the media about the involvement of the Zonal Women Leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Chief Mrs Kemi Nelson in a fracas at the Lagos State Secretariat of the party.

To set the record straight, Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson was never a part of the said incident at all.

On the sad day of the incident, six (6) weird looking men in black t-shirt stormed the office of the Zonal Women Leader (South West), demanding to see her. Her staff at the office requested for details of their visit including reasons for their visit. They there and then refused to provide information on their mission to Chief Mrs. Nelson’s office other than that they came there from someone they referred to as the "Iron Lady" from Lagos Island.

Apparently sensing that they were not going to be allowed to gain entry to see madam, which was because Chief Mrs. Nelson was it the time in a meeting with both the Lagos State Deputy Chairman of the party, Chief Sunny Ajose and the State Vice Chairman, West Senatorial
District, Chief Funsho Ologunde, the men there and then unleashed terror of
unimaginable proportion on the office and on everyone in sight.

They went on rampage and vandalized the office, beat up all staff members, party members they say and stole personal belongings that was in sight such as phones, office items and other valuables.

The men came prepared to maim and destroy. They were armed with shotguns and others dangerous weapons. This made party members, including
Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson to run for their dear lives.

The  Zonal Women Leader, South West, Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson wishes to call on all party members, associates and well wishers who may have been inundated by reports of the incident to remain calm as the matter is being looked into by the party leadership.

We wish to maintain that the matter will be resolved amicably.

We also want to reiterate that our party, the All Progressive Congress is a party of peaceful co-existence and development, which are in alignment with what Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson has preached in her over twenty five years in politics in Nigeria.

The incident of Monday 27th August, 2018 is alien to Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson and we are assuring that the party leadership will work assiduously towards a peaceful and amicable resolution.

Hon. Princess Folashade Oba
For: The Media office
The Zonal Women Leader (South West)
All Progressive Congress

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Visionscape denies non-payment of staff salaries

Visionscape Sanitations Solutions (VSS) has described the claim that it is owing its staff salaries as false and unfounded

This is coming after a  protest by the Community Sanitation Workers (CWS's) at the Lagos State Government, Secretariat Alausa, Ikeja on Monday. The CWS's claimed that they were owed salaries by  the environmental firm.

However, a statement issued by the CEO of VSS, John Irvine said: "Whilst we cannot ascertain the information that has been published, we can confirm that no Visionscape staff's  salaries have ever been compromised in any way."

The company said that all enquiries regarding the CSW's should be directed to the Ministry of Environment/ Public Utility Monitoring Assurance Unit (PUMAU).

Irvine said that the company continues to guarantee the complete safety and security of its employees with the highest levels of protection and equipment.

"We remain committed to working with all stakeholders as we carry out our respective roles and responsibilities and will continue to support the Cleaner Lagos Initiative", he assured.

Monday, August 27, 2018


Peter Amangbo

Nyesom Wike, Governor of Rivers State

Not the best of times for the Managing Director of one of Nigeria's biggest financial institutions founded by billionaire banker Jim Ovia right now and the reason for the MD's troubles are not far-fetched as he and had his bank has been accused of aiding and abetting the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike to launder a staggering sum of 100 (One hundred) billion from the State's treasury since 2015.

Mr. Peter Amangbo, who is the Group MD of the Bank over the weekend was over the weekend taken into custody by the fraud busting organisation the EFCC for the failure to properly document the suspicious transactions and report them also to the authorities as statutorily required by the Money Laundering Act of 2011.

It is said that the GMD has been in the custody of the EFCC in Abuja since Friday. According to the report, the total some of 117 Billion was gradually removed in cash over time by officials at different times since June 2015 and ZENITH Bank made a staggering 5.2 billion Naira from the suspicious deal.

Over 50 cheques in 10 million Naira tranches were issued and cashed all in one day in several instances! Others apart from the GMD of ZENITH bank that the EFCC wants for questioning are the officials of Rivers state Government.

While the bank and the EFCC officials have not officially responded, the Governor of Rivers has however stated that no officials of the his Government would report to the EFCC to be grilled until they set aside a judgement of the Rivers State Government against them in 2007.

Until that judgement is set aside, they would not come says the Governor.