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Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Zaynab OTITI & His Excellency, Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansoori
Try as much as her detractors have tried and would want to push her down and drag her about in cow dung, raising so much hoopla about her and blaming her for this and that and for so many unpalatable things, this very resilient lady, who a few months ago was occupying the revered position as the wife of one of Nigeria's highest ranking monarch and infact the most revered King from the South West, in the person of His Imperial Majesty, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, before she was unceremoniously jettisoned for sundry issues; Zaynab Otiti has refused to be ignored and has refused to go mope
 in silence in an anonymous cocoon. But rather she's has thought to raise her head up and make something meaningful out of her life.

She seems to be saying very strongly and emphatically that there's surely life after the palace and that since the palace didn't make her, they cannot unmake her also, so everyone must take notice. She's gradually getting her groove back, and getting her life back in shape and on to the right path towards good success or so it seems.

Just very recently in far away United Arab Emirates, the former queen just sealed a strategic partnership with the Emirate, that is Royal kingdom of the UAE.

The Bridge, an Afro-Arab organisation under her patronage, which was set up to promote and improve relations between Arab countries and Africa, sealed a strategic partnership with the UAE.

Sealing the deal, the former queen met up with the Emirati's Minister of Economy, His Excellency Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansoori to formally initiate the process that would begin an international relations with the UAE economic sector, to improve economic and cultural relations between the United Arab Emirates and several African nations.

His Excellency, Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansoori, is not just a high powered cabinet member of the Emirate council, he is a member of the governing council and he has been the minister of Economy since 2008, his multiple portfolio has him in charge of Industry, Foreign Trade, Investments, Small and Medium Enterprises and Tourism. Before becoming the man in charge of economy ministry, he was the Minister of Transport in 2004 and Minister of Government Sector Development in 2006. In his capacity as the Minister for Economy, he also holds the position of Chairman of the FCCA, "Federal Civil Aviation Authority" and also the "Chairman of the SCA, Security and Commodities Authority" and the "Chairman of the Insurance Authority" also.

So this deal as brokered by Zaynab OTITI, is not for kids and she must be commended.  


Senator Dino Melaye & his boss Dr. Bukola Saraki

Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo & Senator Ibikunle Amosun

Chief Obasanjo & Senator Melaye

- No alcohol of any kind was served.
- Those expecting to drink themselves to stupor for free were disappointed.

- There was the consciousness to be careful, so it was somewhat a boring affair.

- KSA as expected razzled-dazzled and Aliko Dangote as expected, did the needful.

- After party was lit as there was no restrictions on what the kids could do.

All the above and more below.

So the party has come and gone like that after all the attendant hoopla and razzmatazz and the memory of it would still linger for quite a bit. Though the 3rd leg is still upcoming in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory,  maybe some of those who attended this Lagos edition might just bid a bye to the Abuja edition, except maybe if things changes or are different!

What do we mean? Some of those who attended who said though the event was jam-packed, but claimed that it was boring! Boring? Yes they exclaimed that apart from the who-is-who crowd that came in large numbers, apart from the awesome decor that was gobsmarkingly in your face, it was rather a very strict, no alcohol must be served party!

What????? "A party of soft drinks, water and juice in Lagos State"? A state known for the tag- EKO FOR SHOW? Especially because of the kind of over the top things that we do in Lagos! What is a party in Lagos like, especially a high calibered one without alcohol (Rose Champagne-Moet, LP, Cristal, DP, Hennessy VSOP, XO, Johnie Walker Blue Label, Red Wine etc) to make the things merry, to make the people a lot freer and to allow people have fun of the highest order.

Morning of gist after the break.


We had heard about this story, but had thought to let it be as we felt that the whole imbroglio might have been a storm in the teacup that would be resolved very easily and quickly, so that all would go their ways and bygones would have just been bygones. But alas instead of that to have been the case, the whole thing just escalated further and degenerated to a very fiasco!

Banke Meshida Lawal, is the boss at BMPRO, which is probably one of the biggest names/brands in her line of business. She's the make up artist on speed dial to the celebrities and stars worth their salts, as she doesn't come cheap at all.

Her 2 combatants were her own former staff members- Damilade Williams & Annabelle Warrie, who according to the gist felt they had done their bits, after a combined 12 years (7 & 5 years) experience working for Banke and could now become independent, maybe they were 2 of her best.

Apparently seeking for independence didn't go well with their boss or maybe there were some unresolved rancour already festering which weren't spoken of or addressed before they left, the next thing was that both were accused of ₦28 million Naira fraud/theft! Twenty what millions? Over how long?

The first thing to ask is, how come that colossal amount was left just laying around just like that? If the deed wasn't perpetrated in one fell swoop, how come it took getting to that massive level before the internal mechanism set up against such from happening didnt pick up on it earlier until it became Twenty plus millions?

How come it was after these duo had left, that such discovery was made? Not just that alone, both were immediately arrested and then thereafter were tricked as they were transferred immediately to Abuja? Is it that the Lagos arm of the police as a whole, was incompetent to be able to handle that little case of alleged misappropriation?

Loads of questions have flashed through our mind that has begged for some answers, but that has remained unanswered. Access to the 2 was denied while in detention, and even their boss who made sure they were arrested had remained taciturn.

Imagine that in late September of 2017 after their cordial resignation, the police visited the duo's home in Surulere to affect the arrest of the 2 on a petition by Mrs. Lawal alleging that both "had profited from their former company's brand and diverted the company's funds to their personal accounts.

The allegation was that they had used the company's brand to collect businesses for themselves, where payments were made, such was not remitted to the company and jobs were not executed, so the clients that had supposedly paid were very angry.

So the Police visited the duo's home & met only one of them, whose arrest or invitation they made, to answer to the allegations, she couldn't go home that they as she couldn't make her bail. The other lady later cane too, to make her own statement too. It was after this that the police drama began. From Onikan to Alagbon and before they knew what was happening off to Abuja, after the Police had lied that they were being transported back to their Surulere Lagos home!

In Abuja they were further detained for more days, but by now the allegations had changed again, has it had to be reconstructed! But why did the Police lie, when they could have just said they were transferring the duo to Abuja? Also were they already convicted by any competent court of law, for them to have been tagged "criminals" at the airport by the police as they were being transported to Abuja?

The question to also ask is this, it's obvious that they were going to be "taught a major lesson they would never forget in their lives for both "conniving to leave together" at the same time, to unite to form their own company". Maybe they were both 2 of the best hands, who had also gained a massive followership while at BMPro and even after leaving were still getting jobs from their former customers at BMPro. But "why kill a mosquito or mosquitoes with a sledgehammer"?

Could the girls have done various deals? O yes they could have and most probably have done some before, but ₦28 million Naira?????? They would have had to do ₦500000 job 56 times to accumulate such. If that be so, over what length of time was these diversions, misappropriation, fraud, theft perpetrated?

Another question to ask is, were the Police able to trace that ₦28 million to the accounts of the duo? Who were these clients that were swindled and didn't get value for their monies and therefore were very angry and so wanted their pound of flesh? 

Monday, October 30, 2017


Folasade Okoya

We don't think it's cosmetics (that's the use of it) or cosmetic, that's because no colourings can hide all the issues that much, for that long. We don't think she's done any nip and tuck either, but if she has, it's more like her doctor (s) are that good and have done a fabulous job at it, so if she has we must say kudos to them.

Folasade Okoya at 41, and with many kids to the boot (4 kids in all to be more precise), has like good wine, well placed in it cask, aging gracefully and filling out well, she looks gorgeous.

We all know what having kids could do to a body and by extension, when the body owner now is too relaxed, how they can lose "good tensions" in all the right places and then they become a shadow of their former best, but despite all the ravages et al, Shade instead seems to be looking a lot better than years back. Her eldest kid in 18 years of marriage and still counting is a teenager already! The Aare definitely caught her young and both wife and husband have had good effects on each other, so it seems.

No wonder that the billionaire industrialist behind the Eleganza Group of Companies  and RAO Properties fame and a High Chief of Lagos, in the person of Chief Razak Akanni Okoya, only has his "big eyes" fixed on her alone, no shifting, no roving, just eyes on the target! .  

Sunday, October 29, 2017




We had reported already before as per the launch of Femi Otedola's first daughter-Tolani launching her music career.

Now we have thought to showcase a pictorial excursion of the night for your viewing delight.

We had already told you all, how the big wigs, the heavyweights came out in torrents to support the gorgeous daughter of one of their own, so we wouldn't bore you to stupor with names of those that attended no more.

So see bright lights, camera, and pose!!!!!

More pictures after the break.


Shade Okoya

Shade Okoya

Dr Bukola Saraki, Toyin Saraki & Senator Abiola AJIMOBI

Karen Koshoni


Saturday, October 28, 2017 was the D-day. Venue or the convergence point of the eagles was the ballroom of the Eko Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos, which has been completely demystified as a 5-star hotel.

It was when "Halima Oluwatosin Saraki" was traditional married and engaged to "Adeniyi Olatunde Olukoya".

As expected, the "stars, celebrities" et al rained down ceaselessly on the venue, all dressed to the nines as they are known to always do. And we have a few more gorgeous pictures for your beautiful view. Enjoy!!!!

More spectacular pictures after the break.


It was a spectacular gathering of the who-is-who of Nigeria. Although it was nearly marred. Check out all the details and more here.
Oluwatosin Halima & Adeniyi Olatunde

Vice President & wife, with parents of the bride. 
Adeniyi and Oluwatosin

Bride and groom cutting the cake

Parents of the groom, Omooba Adebola & Olori Olatokunbo Olukoya

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo & Dr. Bukola Saraki

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Senator Remi Tinubu and Chief Bisi Akande

Now that part 2 of the 3 part series has happened, it's now on to part 3, which would take place in Abuja the FCT. The Abuja edition would be a multi-day event like we had already stated in our earlier report. A part of the event is slated for the Yar Adua Centre in Abuja, while the main she-bang would be at the International Conference Centre Abuja. The mother's night/cultural reception (a collaboration between the 2 mothers) is set for Thursday, December 7, 2017 at "Royal Hall of the Dunes Centre, Aguiyi Ironsi Way, Wuse II Abuja".

With the benefit of hindsight now as per what had happened at the Eko Hotel and using that as foresight, all the Abuja events would be monitored and planned to a T to avoid further embarrassment of any kind. 

The Lagos event like we had exclusively reported was nearly marred and panic had already set in, but for the frantic effort of the event centre technical team, who did all they could do to avoid a major disaster as light (Power) was unavailable for 5 hours prior to the event starting. Imagine that from 6am till much later there was a total blackout. Public power was unavailable and the Generators curiously went kaput also! Strange don't you think?

It was a scary situation at first, with people even already conjuring some unbelievable permutations, alleging sabotage! Sabotage for what and why? Thank God though, all that early troubles were nipped in the bud. And the traditional wedding and Engagement thereafter went like a breeze, without any other issue (s) whatsoever.

The event planners engaged, delivered a slamdunk! Security as expected was very tight as provided by both private and public security services.

So finally, Oluwatosin Halima Saraki, 25, first born child of Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, the President of the Senate, Federal Republic of Nigeria and his wife, Toyin Saraki nee Ojora, President/Founder of Well-being Foundation Africa was joined traditional to Adeniyi Olatunde Olukoya, the son of Omooba Adebola Olukoya and his wife Olori Olatokunbo Olukoya.

Could less have been expected when the father of the bride is a political juggernaut from the ruling party-the APC and also when the maternal granddad of the bride, is a known boardroom guru and "a lord of the Lagos Social establishment" and also a "bonafide prince of Lagos", who has a legitimate right to the throne of Oba of Lagos, in the person of Otunba Adekunle Ojora, who is ably supported by the Matriach of the Ojora clan in the person of the Erelu Oodua herself, Erelu Ojuolape Ojora, her supreme gorgeousness.

The heavyweights of businesses, top Government functionaries, top echelon of the diplomatic corps, sprinkling of Governors and Ex-Governors, royalties of all colourations, political heavyweights and more littered the venue with their presence. It was colourful, it was upscale, it was an explosive gathering in a great way, in that though it was supposed to be a social gathering, but with great political undertones, which would guide some certain major decisions thereafter. Those who came and those who didn't either deliberately or otherwise would have been noted. 

Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo GCON, came with his gorgeous wife, former President Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo GCFR, came. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Senator Remi Tinubu, his wife were present. Esama of Benin, Sir Gabriel Igbinedion, Osile Oke-Ona Egba, Oba Dr. Adedapo Tejuosho Karunwi III, Aliko Dangote, Abba Kyari, Chief Bisi Akande, Aremo Olusegun Osoba, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, Otunba Subomi Balogun, Senator Ken Nnamani, Ali Modu Sheriff,

More beautiful pictures after the break.

Saturday, October 28, 2017


Eko Hotel

As we speak the Lagos leg of this massive wedding is set to take off at the venue, Eko Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos. It is the wedding between the daughter of the Senate President of Nigeria, Dr Bukola Saraki in the person of Tosin Saraki to her beau, Adeniyi Olatunde Olukoya.

The introduction had held successful without any incidence in Ilorin, Kwara State of Nigeria.

Now it's the turn of Lagos and alas, no light for the last 5 hours! And the hotel management is battling that! Some are suspecting sabotage! Sabotage???? Yes ooooo, like someone is hell-bent on disrupting things.

Eko Hotel is supposedly the biggest hotel in Nigeria and most probably the only 5 star rated in Lagos. What's going on?

More reports as things unfold.

Keep it locked to us MM here. Praaaaaaaa!!!!!! 


Tolani Otedola

Femi Otedola

With his 3 gals

Maybe that artistic/creative gene(s) specifically in the art form, which the dad never displayed before, is what the kids are now showing off with glee! Sometimes the old ones can live a particular beautiful dream of theirs via their kids, this most likely might be the case in the lives of the children of Femi Otedola.

Many might not have known her that much or heard her name as much as that of the other more popular two, in the persons of DJ Cuppy-Ifeoluwa Florence Otedola, the Celebrity Deejay and Temi Otedola, the top lifestyle blogger, but Tolani Otedola is the first born daughter and the eldest child of the certified Forbes billionaire, Femi Otedola.

Like the other 2, she's also very gorgeous too, a pretty girl by all standards and the eldest of the 3 gals, even older than the only son too. 

From the way the 3 daughters of FO, (which is one of the popular sobriquet by which Femi Otedola is addressed by most), have embraced their very creative and artistic sides, it is obvious that their parents have a very liberal leaning, unlike many of the kids of the super well to do, whose parents most often would have insisted that their kids should go find other meaningful things to do. So most likely FO might have had an agreement with his kids, that they finish school first, get your degrees and then thereafter go do whatever catches your fancy and I ll support you to the best of my abilities.

So Tolani, like her younger sibling DJ Cuppy has thought to explore her musical side, expressing her artistic gifts and showcase her talent to the world via singing and performing (music).

So as a star in the making, an emerging entertainment Sun, set to let her shine fall on all, she showcased her skills for the first time publicly yesterday, Friday, October 27, 2017 at that artistes enclave on Tiamiyu Savage, Victoria Island known to all as Terra Kulture.  Incidentally, that same street used to house FO's former business HQ- Zenon Oil head office.

This first showcase was a very privileged one at that, with the who-is-who of the business world attending to show support, to their friend and his daughter. The likes of Aliko Dangote, Samad Rabiu, Nduka Obaighena, Sam Iwuajoku, Segun Sebanjo, Aig Imohkuede, Herbert Wigwe, Mo Abudu, Dapo Balogun, Gbenga Oyebode, Tayo Ayeni, Bola Shagaya, Ijeoma Nwogwugwu, Muyiwa Bakare, Ladi Balogun, Niyi Adebayo, Donald Duke, Tunji Olowolafe, Aremo Segun Oniru, Mutiu Summonu, Biola Akinola and very many others all came and were all mesmerised! 

This emergence of a well supported budding new music talent, set like "Pinky & the Brain" to take over the world music stage, sure started on a good footing. Knowing her dad very well, if Tolani is as talented as she has displayed already, then we are sure that he would leave no stone unturned to make sure to help her realise her dream of becoming the "next international world music star" to emerge from Nigeria Africa.

Should we be expecting a "Grammy" award sometime in the future, from the Otedola's household? Never say never, is all we can readily respond with right now. But we can also say that for a first outing, she did give a good account of herself. 


Doing the backslide

The choreography

In her element

Tundun Abiola and guest

It was most definitely a scintilating affair no doubt. The drama was much, the Michael Jackson dance interlude was Badass. Obviously just like the late Michael Jackson sang in one of his hits, "she's bad so bad and she knows it"! She does truly know it.

Truth be told Ifeoma is a "dancing queen of the meanest kind", even MJ the late King of Pop, who was the master of the stage unparalleled would have been proud and would have saluted her with a 7 to 14 shot salute. Iphie can comfortably compete most favourably with Chris Brown and Usher Raymond, 2 of the very best without being intimidated.

Her dexterity was on showcase fantastically to everyones delight and admiration. This image consultant is one kick your butt one with a difference. Envy truly doesn't and can take away the savour of honey, this was one party in town that razzled-dazzled and lived up to the hype that attended it.

More pictures of the event after the break.

Friday, October 27, 2017


Like the old saying of the sages goes, "all is good or better still lawful in war". That's because this upcoming November 18, 2017 election in Anambra State of Nigeria is most definitely a war, to be fought on all front by all the candidates vying for the post of the Executive Governor of the state. All the combatants are not leaving anything to chance whatsoever, so every which way they can try to get people's sympathy and vote is what they would do or even try. 

One of those making sure that all the (i's) are dotted and (t's) crossed as per the election is the wife of the incumbent, in the person of Mrs. Ebele Obiano.

She's been every where done that in the last many weeks. Imagine she's had to ride on an Okada (commercial motorbike) very recently just to appear to blend with the people and experience what they do daily.

In furtherance of that same agenda which is to seem to be a part of the general populace, Madam took it further very recently as the pictures above speaks going to the market, with her full paraphernalia of office though, to buy "okporoko and things", maybe to cook a delicious dish for his excellency, Chief Willie Obiano. If this was what she does normally, it would have been nice, but to be so pretentious in just a short while, just to garner votes smacks of fakery and acting! Has madam become a Nollywood star so suddenly?

Would this new gimmick help to sway the people their way? Hmmmmmm November 18, 2017 on the evening of that day when the results would have come out we would know for sure!

We are so sure that if the Governor retains his post for any reason, it would have nothing to do with the acts of madam though.

One other thing we would love to address is this thing about the "1st lady's alleged quickness or propensity to daze anyone who angers her with a slap", which has somewhat earned her the tag of the slap-slap lady!!!! Isn't that allegation just a way to give a dog a bad name in order for one to be able to hang it? But if such an allegation is true, then it's not a good one at all and that's a negative mark on the Governor's good marks, remember that 2 have become one! So both as one would be guilty of such a despicable attitude. 


Aminu Babangida

Aminu Babangida is the younger sibling of the Polo loving Mohammed Babangida, who is the former military despot IBB's heir apparent.

He is known to be very quiet and one who avoids any type of unnecessary attention whatsoever. Even at going towards 40, he has remained single and therefore a most eligible Nigerian bachelor. Many single ladies of all colouration and physique have done their best to make him their big catch, but till date none has been lucky enough to capture him for keeps.

The well read somewhat recluse of a dude, who part manages a few of his dad's vast investments and is the Co-Founder of Phoenix Energy Abuja, has just become the Executive Chairman of one of Nigeria's financial institutions, Unity Bank PLC. This elevation was recently approved by the Apex Bank and announced.

Many have speculated over the years that the Babangida's like Chief Obasanjo have substantial interest in Unity Bank, where a known associate of the Babangida's in the person of Hajia Bola Shagaya was also a member of the Board of Directors at a time. At a point the elder Mohammed Babangida was also a Director of the same bank, but he might have relinquished the position for his much younger brother Aminu.

Why the well read Aminu- (he holds an BA in International Business, an MA in International Business Management, from Regents Business School London, and also from Westminster Business School London), has not taken a dashing young lady down the aisle has become very baffling. Maybe he is scared of the kind of experiences his elder ones, likes of Mohammed and Aisha have had to undergo with that institution in the past. Both Mohammed and Aisha have had some very unpalatable experiences in the past that might have scared their brother from making commitment with a very lucky damsel.

But even if marriage has not entered yet into the book of Aminu, it hasn't in anyway affected taking major strides in business. One of those major strides is this his new appointment as the Executive Chairman of one of Nigeria's Banks.

So congratulations to the new executive Chairman of Unity Bank PLC.


Lanre Da Silva Ajayi


This year's edition of the annual harvest luncheon/annual fundraiser of the "Catholic Church of Assumption, Falomo, Ikoyi Lagos" would not be forgotten in a hurry. The event happened over the weekend, same day as "Ifeoma Williams birthday party at the Civic Center", but earlier in the day and the place of choice was none other than "Yewande Zaccheaus's Harbour Point", near Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos.

It's one memory that would linger for a long while in the mind of all that attended, as entertainment of the highest order linked or connected simlessly with philanthropy/charity at the height, at this year's event. Not only were they able to achieve the reason for the gathering, they were also entertained by 2 of the best in the business as guest artistes.

The highly successful harvest luncheon/fundraiser had as it Harvest Luncheon/Fundraising Committee chairperson Yemi Aluko, and the Planning committee for this year's event was headed by top fashion entrepreneur and very gifted and award winning designer, the one and only "Lanre Da Silva Ajayi", with all the committees reporting to Yemi Aluko. 

And with the way things went, Lanre proved her mettle to be a meticulous organiser with fantastic attention to detail as a premium. Kudos to her and her members and by extension to the other committees, but the major kudos to Yemi Aluko for a very very very successful event.

Everyone that was an heavyweight from all walks of life, likes of many certified billionaires, others multimillionaires attended the harvest luncheon/ fundraiser. From the wealthy young Turks to the "super rich Old Skool peeps". Some of those that were seen at the very successful event were the likes of Charles & Didi Ndiomu, Pascal Dozie- Diamond Bank and MTN fame, disputable king of "Rolls Royce" and lawyer Dr. Boluwasanmi "Bolu" Akin-Olugbade PhD, the incomparable Erelu of Lagos herself, the ever white cladded Erelu Abiola Dosunmu, Hajia Fatima Edu, Biodun Aluko, the boss of Zinox and one of the biggest property owners in Nigeria, Leo Stan Ekeh, indefatigable and very prosperous businessman Oscar Udoji, one of Nigeria's most solid investment bankers and GMD AfriInvest West Africa Ltd, Ike Chioke, who was the day's chairman, Hakeem Muri-Okunola aka HMO, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Youths and Sports, Lagos State, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Akpani, the MD/CEO of Providus Bank, whose wife is the CEO of Northwest Petroleum and Gas Company, Chuka Eseka, Yinka and Derin Shonekan, Pat Faniran, Chuks Iroche and very many others.

Yemi Aluko who was this year's Harvest committee chairman with very strong ties to King Sunny Ade himself, brought the King of African beats to the luncheon to add major bite to the whole proceedings and as expected when KSA sees the high and mighty, he gets inspired to no end, so he gave another excellent performance worthy of commendation. It wasn't only KSA that razzled-dazzled all at the event, even afro-higlife pop crooner, with the crazily sexy body- "Flavour" also added major flavour to the event too. 

The fundraiser is an annual event of the church, and this year's focus was to raise funds towards a project that the church had already embarked on before, which was building some structures for "Mater Ecclesiae College, old Isiwom Road, Igbodu, Epe, Lagos", this particular fundraiser was towards the 2nd phase of that same project. We heard that at the end of the day's event, the expected amount was raised effortlessly. 

The Church of the Assumption, Falomo, Ikoyi had acquired a while ago and fenced the 40 acres school land and went on to build a secondary school with 7 structures there, which included classroom block, dormitories, staff quarters etc. The school started with 25 pioneer students (male and female) in 2015 and is growing rapidly.