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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Intercontinental Hotel Victoria Island

Lobby & Reception Area

Just at the weekend we were invited for a meeting at this humongous and intimidating hotel which we believe would have been a self rated 4 or 5 stars hotel, but by our experience is more of a 2 Stars rated hotel. 
The name "Intercontinental" normally evokes in the mind a top standard internationally acclaimed hotel chain brand, known for providing near first class experience for their guests and visitors. So everything about them is supposed to be top notch, be it the structure, the ambience, the staff members, the food, interaction and what have you. 

Many of the markers noted above are some of the things you enjoy as you come into the Intercontinental Hotel Victoria Island Lagos, except some little which counts a lot for an international standard hotel. 

As we entered the front part of the imposing hotel, it was littered with monster cars, we counted at least 2 Ferraris, one an intimidating Tomato Red Ferrari and the 2nd just next to the door, a white 2017 Ferrari Spider 488, amongst several other imposing cars the Range Rovers etc. 

Next was the awesome looking lobby, where first you have to go through the security check, those here were nice and courteous and welcomes you well. Right across in front is the reception area, staffs were obviously well trained and know their onions, a slight left deviation sees you facing the restaurant area, which is also well packaged and presented, their food is good if we may add and not far from the restaurant is where the elevators are leading upstairs to the upper echelon of the hotel. Directly opposite the elevators is the imposing stairs leading to the immediate upper floor area of the hotel, all of these areas were well managed, the staff members you encounter were all cool and willing to help. 

If we are totally correct, the standard all over the world is that the higher you go in an hotel, by that we mean, the higher the floor of the rooms or suites of an hotel, the more exclusive the rooms or suites would be! 

So our meeting was on the topmost floor, at one of the suites there, specifically room 2317 on the top floor of the "Intercontinental Hotel Victoria Island Lagos". 

We were expecting to be ushered into a lush and super well appointed suite of 5 star class, that would 'trip' us and make us dream like we were somewhere else. A room with a view to die for and more. But we were totally and thoroughly and completely disappointed! It was very bland and just there and right in front of us, not too far from the door, just above our head was a leakage? Water was dripping from something, somewhere above us! And it was slippery! And opportunity for accident and for one to claim good damages! You could even see some cracks on the ceilings too! 

We would have thought and expected that you don't give out a room that has problem(s) or issues to your guests, no matter what! People's experience of what you offer and your services are what you would be judged by and that experience they would relate to others! 

Imagine that we were "Hotel Critics" or even "Star ratings award panel" or even some form of investigators? That experience alone in a supposed suite was already a major disappointment and downer! 

So imagine now our shock again, when complaints was made and the staff just brought about 2 large bedsheets to lay on the floor, just to soak the water!!!

So Intercontinental Hotel Victoria Island Lagos, it's not just about the facade alone, it's also about the underbelly. For your kind of brand, everything counts, reason being that just the name of your brand alone, brings people to you. 

So your score is above average, but you could have done far better. Or is it that we expected far too much???

Monday, October 16, 2017


Xerona & Derin


Actually it is the Dukes and the Phillips, who are about to officially tie the knots pretty soon.

Donald and Onari Duke were the gorgeous and stylish couple who were the former executive Governor of Cross Rivers State and his former first lady. Donald it was that brought about some of those extraordinary infrastructural development in his state.

Chief Mrs. Teju Phillips on the other hand, is the first daughter of the late former Apena and one of the most flamboyant and most respected Africans in the world, in the person of Chief Deinde Fernandez. Mrs. Teju Phillips was one of the top Commissioners in Lagos, during the administration of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

These 2 families are set to unite in a big society wedding that's upcoming very very soon. The duo of the stupendously gorgeous and cerebral Xerona Duke and the dashing Derin Phillips aka the incredible DJ Caise have been engaged since August of 2017.

But their actual introduction ceremony was just at the weekend. The wedding would be a great display and the unity of the best of the Yoruba culture mixed with that of the very rich Efik culture and the panache and glamour of the Kalabaris!

The details of the upcoming wedding though not out yet, would soon be related to friends and family members and we are sure it would be a super stylish one, going by the antecedence of those involved.

From the pre-wedding pictures taken at the introduction, it is obvious that the duo are madly and sumptuously in love with each other. Infact the love seems very overpowering.

More pictures after the break.


There was first the "419 wave, which is another code for saying obtaining by "falsehood or pretence", which earned the practitioners- who were many celebrated people loads of money, even a colossal amount if we can say that. The top hierarchy of those involved in the trick, even at a point became celebrated figures and celebrities, driving the very latest cars and building humongous edifices, their legend was sung by many of our top musicians, who even went on to wax albums in their names, giving them titles like- the moon that shines on all and many more.

Indirectly, they became inspiration to certain types of people and why wouldn't they be? Especially when same type of tricks were being used legally by those working in Government parastatals who were becoming multi-millionaires just for working for Government and were using their pens as weapons of theft!

Gradually the 419 thing assumed another dimension and gradually Yahoo-yahoo mode of operation reared its head up and became the in-thing! The same type of operations now assuming a new name, but it's the same principle that ran through it, same idea to just simply hoodwink the greedy and the gullible and wipe them out of their funds. The minute you have an "ounce of greed" in you, then you can be easily activated, making you already a sucker (Mugu/Maga) waiting and ready to be taken or gotten and if care or restraint is not applied, the Maga would be completely taken to the cleaners, there's no pity here ooooo!

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Sunday, October 15, 2017


People have asked the question to ascertain whether he is edelibrately insensitive?

That's only because how can one just make a decision that is so totally out of sync?

Is it that he lacks advisers? Or it's just that even when they advise him, he sees himself as the only intelligent one around, the undisputable lord of the manor, who can do no wrong?

Firstly, you brought in to the country, one of the most vilified person in Africa, same person whose own country people are doing their best to investigate for so many allegations. Same man who presides over a country, whose people totally hates your own countrymen and have even murdered a few to show you how they mean business.

So this same Jacob Zuma came into the country and in what still seem like a dream you unveil a statue of him! Which makes one to ask, is he Nelson Mandela? Or better still, what is Jacob Zuma's contribution to the world and to Nigeria to warrant such a monument? If the tables were turned, would South Africa or the government have done such for us too?

You used taxpayers money, which you claim not to have enough of, still owing backlogs of salaries, on a round of folly? Just to make yourself look totally out of tune and totally far away from reality?

And this is the same person that would point out or chose for his own people, who to succeed him at the next election? 

To say one is disappointed, would have meant one had expected better from you, the shock here comes from the fact that action was actually you, you made no effort at all, at not being predictable!

You goofed!!!!!


Her Excellency, Madam Osodieme Ebele Obiano, the 1st lady of Anambra State is surely a good wife, why have we said that?

If we are to judge strictly on the basis of her wanting to help her husband the "Executive Governor of Anambra Chief Willie OBIANO" to retain his mandate to rule the good people of Anambra State for the 2nd time, then her "antics", (especially using the style of Peter Ayodele Fayose to hoodwink the people) at "electioneering campaign" then can be easily excused.

Imagine the Anambra State 1st lady deciding to ride around on an Okada (bike) looking grossly uncomfortable as a way to endear herself to the people and make them seemingly feel she's one of them!

If it was something she does often it would have been great, but to now embark on subterfuge for election reason to us is a gross mockery! Bad aspect of it was that the discomfort was etched on her face glaringly!

We particularly love her husband and wouldn't want them to take this thing now, to the mundane level. 


Sarah and mom

Niola Cancer Care Foundation sends grateful thanks to all who have donated towards Sarah's care.  We have raised N172,000 between Thursday evening and Friday. We were at LUTH yesterday to give her money and met her in soul wrenching pain with her distraught Mum weeping helplessly.  Her doctor informed us that apart from the palliative care, she urgently needs 6 courses of chemotherapy to shrink the massive tumor in her abdomen. Each course is approximately N123,000. She has done 1 course and has 5 to go. We are in a race against time.

Please help us!! Send your donations to

Niola Cancer Care Foundation, GT Account Number 0233949904.


MARK WHO? MARK Obi......., the ultimate big boy super car fiend! Salute. LIFESTYLE OF THE RICH & FAMOUS!

It's the lifestyle of the rich and the famous (some infamous) on steroids.
Ferrari 488 GTB- Base Price $300,000 plus 
Aston Martin DB9-$200,000 Plus

We have thought to move away from the plenty "Alamala gist" and take it to another gear, focussing more now on some of those boys, some near men if we can refer to them like that, who are doing some things their elders who supposedly have far more money and who are supposedly far more liquid wouldn't dare do!!!

Let's talk about Mark Who? Mark O. Here is the dude who was the heartthrob, the heart beat of "that lady that a bag annihilated her marriage sometime back". She was so in love with this dude and actually wanted to marry him at all cost, that she even got pregnant for him, but alas the dude didn't want none of it. So the thing fell like a pack of cards and she moved on to go marry who you all know and the rest is history.

What's the gist about Mark? This dude who is an acknowledged "Ferrari preferred client" is the ultimate "super car monster" of the most awesome kind. Not even just a monster, he is actually a juggernaut. No no no that actually doesn't say it well enough also, he is actually the "Zeus of super car"!!!!

Let's paint you the proper picture! For the last 15 years and consistently so, this Nigerian-Britico dude has not failed to own the latest and the best that Ferrari can offer at anytime in the years. We are hoping you now understand why he is a "preferred client"? Imagine that in 2016, while Ferrari was still advertising their 2017 edition of one of their awesome cars Mark already had it and had flown it to Lagos!!!

Mark as we speak is just a year or 2 shy of 40 or might have even just clocked 40. He used to live in the UK where he had apparently gone to "college/school" a few times. But he now lives in Lagos at that rich people's enclave called "Banana Island". Mark for those who might not really remember him, was the dude who in the days of "Ahmed Onwubettine" of 1145 used to drive those monsters with labels- Mark 1, Mark 2, Mark 3 etc.. . 

The proper English speaking dude with the accent, is a super car fiend without equal; apart from the fact that he has driven "EVERY" top range Ferrari that has come out in the last 15 years- from a Ferrari F430, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 488 GTB he also has a awesome love for the Lamborghinis too, a couple of which he has also driven! In fact his 488 GTB is claimed to be the first in Africa. The base price for the GTB is about ₦108, 360, 000 (one hundred and eighty million, three hundred and sixty thousand Naira plus.

He has driven every super car you can name, even the Aston Martin DB9- a $200,000 (₦72, 000,  000) plus valued car.

Imagine that this dual citizen, had been doing what the "Arab kids/men" have now made very famous where they "air freight" their cars to and fro, to be driven wherever they are since 2008! Mark has had every Ferrari in Lagos since 2008. 


Love is surely a beautiful- Ini Edo

We had exclusively broken the news a few weeks back about the angel who has gotten the sumptuous back of this Nollywood titan, in the person of the man known to all as Stanel.

We also revealed to you that it is this man that has supposedly made Ini to retract into her cocoon in a good way, luxuriating in the fervent ambience of Supreme love.

We just caught both lovebirds last night about 10ish or thereabout having dinner at the Intercontinental Hotel Victoria Island, Lagos.

We had to look well again as we never knew that Ini Edo had such a banging body! That back hmmmmm can make an eunuch react in another manner! She was casually garbed in a polka dotted black outfit, that was awesomely form fitting and showed her curves to killer effect, while her man was just on a white top and jean.

The air and aura around them was thick with love, hence the title of this write up- Love is a beautiful thing!!!!

Saturday, October 14, 2017


- He cannot dare enter Malaysia as we speak.

- He is currently hibernating in Dubai. Being there now for 3 months running.

- He sleeps on the couch at Mompha's apartment in Deira, Dubai UAE.

- He has a large enemy base as we speak and has to be very careful.

- Many of those cars he is seen in belongs to others.

-He is a loud braggart and an attention seeking noise maker.

-He might have returned back to his anonymous cocoon until another 'hit' happens. Which could be anytime.

- Apparently all those large bills incurred at a famous Lagos Lounge and Club is a package between Club and him, to project him bigger than he actually is and also to help connect to his supposedly large Instagram followership.

He has had his 5 to 10 minutes of fame and madness while it all lasted. He took the social media by storm showing off with so much abandon and aplomb that many were just too curious, wondering about who the dad or mom of this loud braggart was?

He had the somewhat annoying habit of posing inside one designers store or the other especially the Gucci store, which literally became his 2nd home, claiming to be on a buying binge. In fact at a point he began to make the brand look very cheap.

Imagine that those who should know and whose lifestyle it is to wear these stuffs or carry things by this brand, exclaimed that "how much truly is Gucci?" Is it not the same brand that does 50% sales? Can you even compare Gucci to Hermes and some other brands? For those who understands very well, what that actually means or just says is that despite all the flaunting and fronting, Hushpuppi was just actually a cheap braggart.

More after the break.


Nnamdi Kanu & wife
While there's still some form of controversies trailing his whereabout in Nigeria, with his group claiming that he might have been shot (killed) or that he was even being held incommunicado by the Army authorities, the very combatant leader of IPOB, who it seems is hell bent on the actualization of the BIAFRAN nation was recently spotted in London according to "PRECIOUS EZE'S BLOG", devoid of any form of fanfare, going quietly about his business with his lovely wife!!!
Dude and madam were apparently out and about doing some form of shopping, without a care in the world! 

Maybe this has even given credence to that saying of the sages that "He who fights and run away, lives to fight another" or also that the "Ram that has delibrately taken some form of backstepping (reverse) has only done so, to gain more momentum". 

So this might actually put to rest the allegations by IPOB that he was shot or that he is nowhere to be found! This might also answer the UK government who recently asked, that Kanu is actually with them in their own country, where he holds a dual citizenship! It also might actually vindicate the former Governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu, who had claimed before now and had been vilified by some, that Kanu had actually scampered away from Nigeria, during the army operation in the State and may actually be in London with his family resting quietly. 

The curious thing is that the dude in the so called picture who claims Nigeria is a zoo, was devoid of all the razzmatazz that normally follows him around in Nigeria, he was particularly garbed in a normal top trouser and jacket combo and not all the Biafra apparels that he so much loves to wear while in Nigeria. 

So "Mazi Nwannekaenyi "Nnamdi" Kenny Okwu Kanu", the so called "freedom fighter" is actually in London? And in his "anonymous cocoon"?  Luxuriating in the gorgeous and lovely embraced of his beautiful wife? 

So if true, when would he be coming back again? Can the above picture be recent? 

Friday, October 13, 2017


SEE CCTV footage above.
Just like he promised to respond as par the unfortunate death of his friend, in which it was alleged that he lied in his statement to the Police, David Adeleke aka Davido has finally thought to respond through his lawyers- Norrison Quakers (SAN). And also since we don't want to look biased, we are also giving his response the same prominence the other stories received too.

The response is titled "THE UNFORTUNATE DEATH OF TAGBO UMEIKE; Davido's story.

Our attention as solicitors to Mr. David Adeleke aka Davido, has been drawn to statements and comments both on the social, electronic and print media including not limited to a very recent publication by a national daily, wherein various statements credited to the acting Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, Mr. Edgal Imohimi, insinuating inter alia that our client has a case to answer in the unfortunate demise of one Mr. Tagbo Umeike.

 More after the break.


We complain that there is recession and truth be told the thing bites so terribly that to meet the basic needs nowadays can be through many ingenious ways and means, but while the majority are hard hit, some are balling or having the parties or fun of their lives spending money as if there's no tomorrow!!!!

And when we say spending, we are not talking about local currency alone, we mean spending "hard currencies"-Dollars, Euros and Pounds and spending it like it's just mere paper and nothing else.

A few months ago, the "king of the spendthrift" was a dude known to all as "Hushpuppi". This dude, if we can refer to him as that took being vulgar to another level. The dude's life is all about intimidating others outrightly, showing off his intimidating wardrobe to mad effect, designer labels, his shoes, clothes, wrist-watches, cars and what have you. The dude takes private jet trips just for fun, luxury cruises at a whim, visits all those places where money opens the doors wide like going to the bus stop. He goes to clubs, lounges etc and shuts down the place totally, running out others with his vulgar spending. You make the mistake big trying to match him, you are literally taken to the cleaners!

Then he comes on the social media and shows off all his actions without a goddamn care in the world. The dude doesn't care how you view him or see him; he insults all comers with his actions and spending.

What is the source of his so called "Stupendous Wealth and somewhat unlimited wealth"? How much is he worth for him to have gone bananas with spending like he does? Who are his parents? How much did he inherit? Answers to these and more, nobody knows, but a large majority holds him in stupefied awe, while some are repulsed and totally disgusted by everything he stands for. But that has not stopped him though, dude sure has some form of thick skin, only that of recent he seems to have calmed down his antics a bit.

Now away from this "spendthrift" on to another of the utmost kind again. There's the new "master of the game" in town now, the supposed "new king on the block", who is simply known and referred to as "SELF-PAID". We have even heard that K1 the ultimate is already singing his praises to high heavens.

More after the break.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Primate Elijah Ayodele

Governor Ayo Fayose

Former VP Atiku Abubakar

Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna

Former Governor, Gbenga Daniel

Former Governor Rashidi Ladoja
The General Overseer of the "Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church of Nigeria", in the person of Primate Elijah Ayodele has come out again to further buttress the point be made a few weeks back that no South Westerner would win the election come 2017, this time around he has specifically mentioned the current Governor of Ekiti State, Mr. Peter Ayodele Fayose. Hear him-

"The Spirit of the Lord says that the Governor of Ekiti State, should not waste his money and energy on any Presidential campaign for 2019, because he is going nowhere.

God says his Presidential ambition is FOUL! The Spirit of the Lord says it is a none issue.

He also went on further to say- "I also do not foresee Atiku Abubakar becoming Nigeria's President in 2019.

I do not see El-Rufai becoming President in 2019.

It didn't just end there, he also revealed certain things about the former Africa's nos 1 party, the PDP.

"The PDP may bounce back to reckoning, if you he party returns to God. What the PDP lost is God in its affairs, that is why you see the party being overwhelmed with controversies. The party has still not found its bearings. Unless the PDP returns to God, I see it crashing totally!

The broom which is the symbol of the APC is very Spiritual; it is not ordinary."

"Also, I see that of it chooses either Gbenga Daniel or Rashidi Ladoja, the party will return to normal. These 2 people the Spirit of the Lord says can rescue the PDP from the storms now". 


Yesterday, Wednesday, October 11, 2017 would be a day to forever remember. It is one day that would be forever etched on the memories of all who came to commiserate with top businessman, Dapo Abiodun the owner of Heyden Oil and Gas.

It wasn't a celebration of any type, but it was the "service of songs" for his first born Olugbemiga Abiodun aka DJ Olu who with a friend had just passed on accidentally a few days back. The solemn occasion was at the Olaniwun Ajayi Gardens in Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos.

It was a sad one, it was very obvious that the dad Dapo Abiodun was inconsolable. In only just a few days of the sad occurance the handsome man, who normally carries with himself with some grace and dignity and poise and panache had lost so much weight.

His friends and friends of his son and family from all walks of life to commiserate with him and offer him their shoulders, though it was a solemn occasion every one that is a who is who that you can imagine came. Remember that Dapo Abiodun is part of the establishment and he is someone very well loved by all. So they all came to support him.

It was just too emotional as people did all that was possible to hold themselves in check, not to break down. The number of those that came could have made those who didn't know what had happened to think it was a wedding, with the numbers of cars and the attendant traffic that ensued. All in all, it is very obvious that Olugbemiga would be terribly missed.

Speaker after speaker spoke glowingly about the handsome dude, whose sad passing wouldn't be forgotten in a hurry.

The well loved fellow as you read this write up has since being buried.

May his soul continually find rest and succour. 


According to the initial report made available by the Police through the Commissioner of Police Lagos State yesterday, David Adeleke aka Davido, the "rich man's kid musician" was found to have "lied" in some instance in his statement on the death of his friend, Tagbo Umeike.

The question that is on everybody's mouth and mind is that, why the need to LIE at all?

According to that same initial report on the probable cause of death, it is said to be "Asphyxia", which in lay man's term is Suffocation.

Could any have conspired to delibrately kill Tagbo? We totally and greatly doubt that. So it's a definite NO. So then what happened?

What we think could have happened was that, after having too much to take (40 shots or more of Tequila is not a joke), Tagbo might have become very drunk. Drunk here could mean either terribly or another way, so those around him, who were having fun might have just thought, please take him to the car to cool off till they were ready to go!

So he was taken to the car and now probably left there. How was he positioned when in the car? Because that's very important too! Was the car air-conditioned switched on? Was he just left to himself without any one caring? Most likely, because the thought would be that he is man enough and an adult at that!

So the following is our own premise of what could have happened.

Alcohol when it is too much, and is taken to an extent, can become like poison. Also depending on what had already being ingested or taken before, then the alcohol would irritate the bowels and then the person would want to puke/vomit. If such a person is wasn't well positioned in the process, in such a way and manner that if he vomits he can easily let out the vomit, it can become a problem! That same vomit can choke or suffocate him and kill him.

For a man that has become terribly tipsy and mad drunk, coordination would have become very minimal or even none existent. Also depending on what he had taken before, that act of  vomiting could make something block his pipe and lead to choking or suffocation.

If the above was what happened, then we some little issues with all of those involved in the whole matter. Just because of fun, they were 'somewhat negligent'! That fun they wanted to have was probably more important than the health of one of them who was in a bad shape.

So after all the fun, they must have come back and found Tagbo dead. So in panic they decided to take his body to the hospital and dump him there out of fear.  It was from there they complicated their own case!

If you are not liable for his death, why panic, why the need to fear and act foolishly?

If you were not liable for his death, (for Tagbo is an adult who wasn't forced to drink and should have been old enough to know his own limit), why the unnecessary conspiracy to make his death look suspicious, by stupidity?

Why the need to lie in your own statement? Why would you portray yourself as an unkind and wicked and uncaring person, when actually you are not like that at all?

So that lie alone, has now brought about an unnecessary "cloud of suspicion" that points at conspiracy, which should have been non-existent in the first place! So even if the police would exonerate you of any form of culpability, which is what is going to be the likely end of it all, you have made yourself look totally foolish in the "court of public opinion"!

What lessons have we learnt from all of this? To be very careful with what you engage yourself to do.

Also, your so called friend in the height and euphoria of fun, might not necessarily give a damn about you being if anything happens.

In the case of accidental and untimely death, you can just be dumped anywhere like a log of wood and that's it.

For some, fun is far more important than anything else. So whatever happens to you, you are "on your own" (OYO).

Be very careful!!!! Prevention they say is better than cure, cure here might actually mean DEATH! 


-His death was obviously due to deliberate negligence.
-Tagbo's so called friends abandoned him when he needed them most.
-With friends like this, then it's better to dine with the enemies.

It's not yet plain sailing for Davido the award winning Nigerian musician, whose friend by name Tagbo passed on in circumstances that has remained very very cloudy.

So to further unravel the mysteries surrounding that sudden death, Davido was invited again to furnish the answers to some knotty questions.

According to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Edgal Imohimi, the musician has been detained at the Lion Building Police Station on Lagos Island so as to help the police.

The Police Commissioner said at a briefing on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 the Police are investigating the case of Tagbo's sudden and unnatural death which happened on October 3, 2017.

He went on further to reiterate that "at the General Hospital on Lagos Island, the CSO of the hospital by name Oparah Moshood had informed the DPO of the Lion Building Police Station, that an unidentified male was brought in dead in an ash coloured Toyota Hilux with registration number LXB 738 EX.

The dead victim was brought in by 2 unidentified male. On searching the body of the deceased, the police found an international passport with the name Tagbo Umeike.

You can recall that one Caroline Danjuma an actress and the victim's fiance, published on her Instagram page that her fiance died in the company of friends including one David Adeleke aka Davido. To be objective and in my usual style of fact finding, I called for a pre-investigative meeting in my conference room.

In that meeting were all the parties including family and friends of the deceased, family and friends of Davido and of course that of Danjuma and the DPO of Lion Building and the IPO were also present.

The meeting confirmed the following, that "Tagbo Umeike" on the day in question met and had drinks with friends including Davido at 'Sushi Bar'. The CCTV camera footage of the bar was called for and it showed that the victim had "40 takes of Tequila".

During that meeting, Davido said he left the bar for DNA night club. He stated that he was only informed of the victim's death at DNA Bar. However investigation conducted into the case has clearly revealed that one Tunde Yusufu, a driver and the driver of Davido's white Toyota Hilux Vehicle accompanied by one Agbaje Olaoye and one Idris Busare both Davido's friends took the deceased to Lagos Island General Hospital and abandoned him in the car in front of the hospital on the instruction of Davido.

"The CCTV footage at the General Hospital picked up the white Hilux vehicle and captured the entire incident. The vehicle was recovered at No 7 Awosika Street, Lekki Phase 1".

The police said the new revelation completely debunked Davido's claim that he did not know how the deceased got to the General Hospital in Lagos.

"For this reason, I have instructed the DPO Lion Building and the investigating officers that they should invite Davido for questioning. It is in our interest to know why the victim was taken to General Hospital and dumped him, and why those who took him there fled the location without as much as notifying the hospital authority or reporting to the police.

"That calls for questioning. As I am talking to you, Davido has been re-invited for questioning. He is at the Lion Building Police Station.

The autopsy report on the deceased revealed that he died of "ASPHYXIA" which in lay man's term is suffocation. At the end of this sub round of investigation, I will again let Lagosians know our findings".

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Dapo Abiodun

Late Olugbemiga Abiodun aka DJ Olu
No parents no matter how strong they  might claim to be or how bad that child or children might be, would pray to lose any of their children to death while still alive no matter what, even if the kids were terrible. Not to now talk about a child like Olugbemiga Abiodun, who the parents consider a "golden child".

Everyone, both young and old who have ever known him or encountered him, all have wonderful things to say about the tall and handsome dude. He is very respectful, in fact very well brought up and very hardworking, though he had a bit of independent streak about him, that in itself is a good value, because according to those who know him, he wanted to be seen as a man of his own, not one solely dependant on his rich pop (parent).

That he went to school to finish his studies was to show he was an obedient child to the core, who listens to good advises. For such a good child like that to have passed on so untimely and in such a cloud, is rather very shocking and painful and unbelievable all at the same time! 

His numerous friends, and even the one some say was his girlfriend, in the person of the daughter of the current Governor of Oyo State, Ajibola AJIMOBI we hear have been inconsolable.

According to our findings, the doting and very proud father, had only just very recently started showing his late first son some of his things and showing him a bit of the ropes. In Dapo Abiodun's mind, he was already preparing the ground gradually for his son to take over the reigns of his empire.

What more could have been expected, when such a child was already 25 years old and has always being an obedient child, who listens to instructions and can be trained. 

Imagine that not too long before Olugbemiga's sudden and abrupt demise, the dad had just opened for him a well equipped Car Wash and Lounge somewhere on the Island!

So can one just now understand the pain and the anguish the dad is in right now. To show how much Dapo Abiodun loves his kids to bits, he was even on his way to go celebrate his daughter's 21st birthday abroad, where he had planned to givethe young lady a major gift of value, when he was called back because his first son and child had passed on in a freak accident sort of.

Imagine the pain of investing so much in one, expecting that all that investments of many years would soon begin to yield unprecedented results only for that child to have now died. While the father is still alive!!!

It is such a pain that is rather experienced than can be spoken of or described.

We just want to continually commiserate with all the people involved. And pray that God would strengthen them at this time and give them the fortitude to bear this irreparable and painful loss. 


Both Tiwa Savage and Ini Edo are super stars that have remained relevant over the years. There "star sparkle" seem to continually add more luster and gleam by the years. Not only are both "slayers in this outfit, they did their outfits mad justice.

Both also in these pictures have their "style shoes" well put on. Both gorgeouly defining "glam, oomph and confidence all in one. Tiwa's picture was taken in far away Texas in the US where she dazzled to no end at the Afrimma event. Tiwa is the ultimate blond bombshell in her all black everything with the sexy open back and she totally killed it. Even Marilyn Monroe has stood up and is clapping in admiration.

While our delicious looking "Ini Edo", Special Adviser to the Governor of her State, was at a wedding event in this her haute couture gold outfit that must have set her apart with much aplomb from all others. We just hoped that she didn't upstage the celebrant herself though.

Truly and truly, their stars are shining down on all.



Dr.Ibe Kachikwu & Dr. Maikanti Baru

Chums or buddies for life

Up until yesterday both men were supposedly at each others jugular.

Dr. Ibe Kachikwu as the supposed boss had raised an alarm that his subordinate approved contracts without due process totalling more than $25 billion dollars. Apparently Kachikwu felt he was supposed to have been in the know and was supposed to have even approved those contracts. So because he was bypassed it might have meant some hanky-panky must have ensued in the process.

In defending his honour, the GMD NNPC, Dr Maikanti Baru apparently took his boss to the cleaners brought him crashing down to earth, stating categorically that he doesn't have to get the minister's approval to do his job well, especially in certain areas.

Now after all the missiles and the atomic bombs thrown at each other, the 2 combatants that were at daggers drawn all of the weeks past, that it took the intervention of the President to calm nerves, seem to have forgotten their battle of days before and have somewhat sheathed their swords and are now best of chums!

Both were at the ongoing 23rd Nigerian Economic Summit in Abuja yesterday and it was like they were best of friends without any form of issues with each other at all.

Things were so rosy, that as soon as Kachikwu came in, Baru immediately got up to greet him and both exchanged pleasantries, then Baru even stood in for Kachikwu at a point as the chairman of session till he got back and both were now co-chairman of that particular session.

So now that both are seemingly chums, buddies again, what would happen to the alarm that was raised before?
Would everything return back to business as usual?
Was the feud brought on by that "somewhat unneccesary" alarm just a "Storm in a Teacup?".

This is because if things could have just been sorted out so easily like this in the first place, why the need for the whistle blowing and all the attendant hoopla?

So those who had thought that the Dr. Ibe Kachikwu had bitten more than he could chew in the instance and were already helping him to sing the lyrics of a top hit song titled- "Going going gone", would now be disappointed that the imminent sack they had predicted wouldn't be happening again.



We know that the first thing many would do is to exclaim in shock! Pretending not to know that filming pornography is gradually becoming a big time business in Nigeria.

The pretentious religious amongst us would also exclaim in shock and disgust- Abasi Mbok! Finishing that with " this world is surely coming to an end!"

Yes it is shocking, but the truth is that "filming people engaged in the 'act' for pleasure and then getting paid for it, is gradually becoming a thriving business and young girls are brazenly taking it up as just another way to earn money for a living as if it's another day's job, what the hell!

Before now, what used to be the norm is that young girls are tricked into filming such acts without their consent before it would later become public property. So boyfriends and men, girlfriends etc would record themselves and then one part would go release such videos for fun or out of spite.

Now it has gone to another level totally, all the participants are in the know from the get-go that the live recording is being filmed to go out directly to the public. So they are all participating willingly and would be paid for their actions.

To participate per show is at a cost and follows certain modalities. Firstly there is an attempt at some "shabby scripting", which is most often dead on arrival and then the main game goes on live! One of the major unrepentant and unminding advocate, who doesn't care whose ox is gored is a young Yoruba dude who is said to be in his 20s.

To allow your face to show uncovered in the recordings attracts more money, the participant gets between ₦50000 to ₦70000 per show. It's very rare that it would pass ₦70000 and if it does, then something far much more might be expected.

If you still want to participate but with face covered, either with a mask or some other way of hiding the identity, then the payment is a lot less from between ₦20000 to ₦35000 depending on the person's bargaining power.

So what the above translates to is that, those who engage in these acts apart from doing what they love to do a whole lot are now getting paid for it!

But truth be told, what price can one be paid for losing one's dignity so easily and we are not even trying to be puritanical here. So just imagine an act ordain by the creator to be done in very dignified mode and setting but that has now become some form of spectacle. Just for the fun of it!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017



Hmmmmmm!!! Naysayers are claiming that our exclusive expose of the "chummy-yummy"  amorous relationship between TM & FF, might have brought on a sledge hammer on the eggshell new appointment as the Director of Publicity of the latter's Oil company.

The claim is that FF in the euphoria of love with his much younger darling, had somewhat systematically orchestrated the move for her to be well taken cared of in a much more better way than just being a kept lady, by being installed to be in charge of his company's public outlook and interactions- Director of Public Relations. That one move stroke of genius, would have made sure that both darlings see each other at anytime, without obstruction and the need to cover their steps.

But what is being claimed now is that since the story of the relationship broke, those that can influence the decision either good or bad or even support it have come out enmasse, especially the man's kids to totally kick against such an appointment.

These same naysayers even went on further to building more castles in the air, by claiming that, TM out of fear after the expose has had to be more incognito with her movements by covering her SUV's vanity plate with leather now to try to conceal identity or be more stealth now.

More after the break.

Monday, October 9, 2017


Gbemi Phillips

Kunle Remi

Gbemi Phillips is the very creative and stylish daughter of the former Chief Judge of the State of Aquatic Excellence, better known as Lagos, in the person of Honourable Justice Ayotunde Adeyoola Phillips.

The very creatively inclined gorgeous lady, who is a filmmaker amongst other things and has had it not too nice as per love over the years, is singing a new far more sonorous tune right now, since cupid seemingly fired an overdose of potent, love potion deeped arrows into her heart and the recipient of this extraordinary outflow of love is none other than Nollywood handsome hunk "Kunle Remi", who is professionally known as Kunle Rhemmy but whose original name is "Oyekunle Oluwaremi Opeyemi". Both are now in a wonderful collaboration singing "It's love at last" "What a feeling" and then finishing it off with the classic "Am so excited, I just can't hide it".

The young dude is the supposed ex-boyfriend of the "former Miss Adesua Etomi", the now betrothed of top Nigerian crooner Banky Wellington. He was a former Guilder Ultimate Search Season 7, 2010 winner.

Dude is acknowledged to be a bundle of talent, him being a registered model, a dancer and an actor also. He is a graduate of the University of Ibadan, where he got a degree in Fishery and Aquatic Wildlife Management. He also has a certificate from the New York Film Academy.

The young man would add a year come October 18 and he is in his early 30s.

Gbemi herself also should be in her early 30s too, if we can still remember very well. She was very in love with a former top music headliner, who later hurt her heart, but she has since moved on since and these lovebirds have both being luxuriating in the unbelievably crazy euphoria of love.

If things works out as expected, maybe it's a walk down the aisle sometime soon then.


King Spesh aka Special ED

DJ Olu
The last most obviously has not been heard as concerning the baffling deaths of these 2 young men, Olugbemiga and Chime. Both bubbly young men were cut down in their prime just 2 days ago in circumstances that has remained sketchy.

According to the unconfirmed gist, both were found dead together inside a car at Olu's dad's house, bleeding.

While people were still trying to come to terms with the whole untimely demise of the 2, a known very outspoken member of Davido's DMW/HKN organisation in the person of King Spesh aka Special Ed, who is the brand's Head of Corporate Sponsorship has added a new dimension to the whole unpalatable drama, claiming that there's far more to the deaths than meet the eyes.

Hear him-  "No sickness, no complications, plus everything we could possibly want so WTF!!!!" "It doesn't add up sha! #StayWoke I know evil when I see it! The older crowd have a hand in this!!!!"


So with this unprecedented outburst coming from Special Ed, we want ask him that who are this "OLDER CROWD" he is indirectly addressing or talking about?

Is there truly more to the whole drama/issue/deaths? 


Baring any last minute change of anykind, the "city of Lagos" in Nigeria and "Abuja FCT" are 2 out of the 7 lucky cities in 4 countries that would play host to the world's most flamboyant boxer to have ever stepped into the boxing ring by name Floyd "the money man" Mayweather.

Not only is Floyd a super duper rich retired boxer- his outstanding wealth has been rated or valued to be between $300 to $600 plus million dollars, he is also acknowledged to be one of the most skillful boxers to have ever boxed too.

The now retired many divisions  champion has been touring the world for a bit now to a lot of success, so it is now the turn of the famous continent-Africa, which most African-Americans refers to as the Motherland.

So the countdown has begun already, towards the "November 2017" scheduled tour. The tour would start in the South, meaning South Africa- Cape Town and Joburg and then end in the West, that's West Africa, where Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, Accra and Kumasi, Ghana, Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria would host the "Money Man" and his Crew.

Part of the activities lined up is an exhibition boxing match between Floyd "the Money Man" Mayweather and guess who? The currently "World Heavyweight Champion" (IBF, WBA & IBO), the one and only Anthony Oluwafemi Joshua. The fight would be over 3 rounds and it's going to be epic by all standards.