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Saturday, December 16, 2017


For daring to intimidate other mothers in her son's school when she drove in an intimidating "Rolls Royce" to go pick up her child, her only son at that- Prince Alexander Akenzua, whom she dotes on, former Mrs Omosede Akenzua, who had since reverted back to her maiden name after her wedding to her ex-husband Prince Aven Akenzua collapsed like a pack of cards only after 2 years a few years ago, has drawn the irk and indignation of fellow mothers at her son's school!

OMOSEDE 36, one of the daughters of the great Esama of Benin, Sir Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion and a younger sibling of the former Governor of Edo, Mr. Lucky Igbinedion; is the eldest daughter of Lady Cherry Igbinedion and a member of the Federal House of Representatives, representing Ovia Federal Constituency had apparently not thought anything was strange and out of place about her going to her son's school in a Rolls Royce to pick him up!

But she was apparently gobsmarked and irritated by the seemingly irresponsible reactions of other mothers, who became openly antagonistic towards her and by extension her son, for her choice of car. Exclaiming on her Instagram page she retorted thus-

“Yesterday (Thursday), I saw a woman run frantic, all because I brought a Rolls Royce to school to pick up Alex. She was so mad! Then she further attracted some other shallow people. One of the ladies said she would bring 4 Rolls Royce’s tomorrow. Another one said she would park in the same spot I did, as the car took up the space of 2 cars. It just made me laugh. You need to see the scene the woman caused. I really thought it was sad.

 Is anyone stopping them? I just don’t get it. I taught my son yesterday that hard work is key and I have always taught him never to compare himself with others, set his targets and aim for them.

What would such parents teach their children? I used to be dropped off and picked from school with a Rolls when I was his age at school in London. It's obvious some people may be materially rich but mentally poor. Its such a shame.

?????? I bet you if I parked a keke right in front of the school gate they would not mind that ???? Maybe na this Government!
Worst of it all is the school asking a teacher to take Alex out of class earlier, as they were causing such a scene. May be these low thinking individuals did not want their kids to see the car and ask them questions. What a shame!

Tomorrow when their kids start stealing or having a complex you wonder why” (sic)

Friday, December 15, 2017


King of Fuji music worldwide, the one and only K1 the ultimate, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Marshall Anifowoshe is in a very solemn, contemplative mood and mode as we speak and the reason for that is not far fetched as it has to do with the untimely and very sad passing of his most beloved daughter, who at 34 years old died a few days ago after a brief illness.

Olaronke Wasilat Anifowoshe Marshall was said to have been diabetic and she had been living in Canada for more than a decade. Wasilat's mom is late and was her mom's only child and K1 was apparently her first boyfriend.

To show how very touched he was about the sad demise, he wrote the below in memory of a child, he obviously loved with his whole being.

17th July 1983 -12th December 2017, The 2 dates in
HISTORY and shall never be forgotten ever in my life..
The first, a date you came to this world and the later
the day you departed.

I give glory & thanks to God Almighty who gave you to me as a GIFT by you coming to this world for a purpose and through me, I have seen that severally while you were growing that I am PRIVILEGED to be your
FATHER and also to the kind of a child that also double as my FRIEND.

About your sickness and all our efforts through Medical means that was available to us to make you better failed us, neither did your prayer and that of mine and everybody that loves you never heeded by God, rather
it is a direct word from God Almighty that Allah Subhanalahi Watahala wants you around him in his
PARADISE and I totally submit to that and never question him God for doing that.

You embraced God and his commandments, also with your knowledge of the Holy QURAN is enough TESTIMONY to the fact that you truly served your God
whom you knew too well inside and outside. If you are able to look back right now this minute
You will see how people across the GLOBE are all trying to comfort me and soften my heart with many
beautiful words and verses from both QURAN and BIBLE, the books that guide us to our CREATOR then
you will agree with me your DEATH is well celebrated as one already in ALJANATA.

ADESUBOMI BABAMI: Shagbola Ogoji, O kobi foshika
ko fenu a rare wuree, Omo Olorule Sesese
Natiijebuode titi de Epe, Omoba Alade Merindilogun,
Omo Awujale Fidipote ton gbenu Aafinpase dede lu.
Alayeeeeeee Dajiiiijii

Rest peacefully well with your creator as I have submitted to his Will without regret or complain.
Many thanks to you friends, Fans, Family and all Associates across the GLOBE that Grief and Mourns
with us in this home-call of my Best Friend. I thank you once again.. Ao ni fi irue san oo. Ojo
gbogbo wa ati awon omowa aape lorile aiye.

NIGERIA. (sic)

Former Society Editor ThisDay Newspaper, Lanre Alfred, Releases 'The Titans' in Lagos.

Kunle Bakare, Steve Ayorinde & Lanre Alfred

KN Steve Ayorinde, Lanre Alfred, Lara Alfred, Dayo Asaju & Iyalaje Toyin Kolade

Lanre & Lara Alfred, Dayo Asaju, Iyaloja Toyin Kolade 

Honourable Commissioner Steve Ayorinde

Akogun Lanre Alfred

·         As Commissioner for Information, Steve Ayorinde, Ovation Publisher, Dele Momodu, others, applaud effort.

·         Why he dedicated book to Capt. Idahosa Okunbo

Former Society Editor, THISDAY Newspaper, Lanre Alfred, recently released a new book titled ‘The Titans: Amazing Exploits of Nigeria’s Greatest Achievers.’

The book which is the fifth of Alfred's publishing endeavours, chronicles the exploits and attainments of Nigeria's finest brains and leaders in different fields of endeavour.

The Lagos State Commissioner for Information, Steve Ayorinde, graced the public presentation of the book in Lagos, on behalf of the state government, a major supporter of the author's factual initiative.

Ayorinde commended the writer's depth and the painstaking research that heralded the factual and inspiring narrative. Other dignitaries at the presentation enthused about the finesse and brilliant craft of the author.

The book, stressed Alfred, details the matchless and valuable contributions to the socio-economic development of Nigeria by individuals who have turned an idea into an industry and attained in the process, remarkable prosperity and renown.

“It is about the wunderkinds from the slums of Ajegunle, Bariga and Surulere, Agege, Amokoko, Ijora, among other places that have parlayed their creativity into a flourishing enterprise and are not only financially liberated but are accorded global respect,” he said.

The literature is dedicated to Capt. Idahosa Okunbo for profound reasons: chief among them is the rarity of his persona, according to the author. Alfred stressed that the Chairman of Ocean Marine Solutions flaunts the same fundamental psychology as the artist, inventor, or statesman.

He has set himself at a certain work and the work absorbs and becomes him. It is the expression of his personality; he lives in its growth and perfection according to his plans.

According to him, Capt. Okunbo became worthy of the honour by account of his sterling industry, humanity and unpretentious modesty manifests positively on all of his acquaintances, the author inclusive. Capt. Okunbo is a patriot whose commitment to national and economic stability are beyond doubt. He is currently one of the very few economic giants and magnates enjoying the respect of the Nigerian government due to his infectious modesty and enviable business culture in the oil and gas sector.

He would be 60 in January. At 60, Capt. Okunbo has conquered Air, Sea  and Land. There is no gainsaying that he has conquered the air as a pilot; the sea as an oil and gas player with over 60 vessels; and now, land as he recently unveiled an agricultural project worth a staggering $750 million with an initial $300 million take-off capital.

Alfred's new book is widely commended as a product of meticulous research spanning the last decade. "The book mirrors the outstanding resilience and perseverance of outstanding Nigerians in their ambitious dash for honour and progress and in the face of daunting political and socio-economic odds, he said.

Some of the chapters in the book include: 'The Forbears, Their Imperial Majesties, Like Burnished Stones, Thrill Merchants, Gods of Industry among others.

“Essentially, I have documented in pristine prose and pictures, the inspiring exploits and attainments of Nigeria’s finest breed of magnates, politicians, scientists, academics, technocrats and entertainers who are transforming the world and inspiring others to do likewise,” said Alfred.

Thus, as he recalls his subjects’ storied trajectory and records it for posterity  and historians, Alfred projects his book as an inspirational mini-biography of the exploits of Nigeria’s finest.

In commemoration of Lagos’ golden jubilee, Alfred noted that, “A section of the book has been devoted to the contributions and achievements of some Lagosians whose industry and initiatives have contributed to making Lagos the fifth largest economy in Africa and a primus inter pares in Nigeria. Their contributions to the growth of Lagos would be put into proper historical perspectives for the benefit of posterity and researchers.”

With a Foreword written by Encomium Magazine publisher, Kunle Bakare, the coffee table book has hit bookshelves across the country. Alfred, is the publisher of the popular coffee table book, ‘Highlife – Amazing Lifestyles of Nigeria’s Rich and Famous’ and biographies including ‘Pacemaker – Triumphs of Igho Sanomi at 40’, ‘The Lion of Afia Nsit – Triumphs of Scott Tommey at 45’; and ‘Julius Rone…The Jewel of the Delta’.


Boyyyyyyyy eeeee our reputation as the biggest daddy Xmas precedes us all over the world. Nigerian men are known to all Africans as givers of the highest order, and can even be referred to as spendthrifts.

We know how to give girls of all colourations, sizes and body shapes a good time of the most awesome kind. So anywhere we go, we are the preferred by many distance.

That's why in certain countries their men hates our men with a passion and would do whatever they can to take us out. We seem to have demeaned them, even their ladies see them as limp do@#s never do wells once Nigerian men come on the scene!

At a point in time, ladies from SA & Zim used to flood Lagos and Abuja looking for the proverbial golden fleece, many were so sure that if and when they come, they would not go back the same way they came, especially if they were beautiful and had the right shape and were willing to do all sorts. There were many who went back home and had become very rich. Many buying homes and driving awesome cars back where they came from and "Living Lavida Loca" and not looking back again.

Forget those 2 Indian-Canadian, who came, saw and conquered but now over did it and somewhat over stepped their boundaries and paid the price for their audacity.

The reigning champions now are the Gambians and Senegalese! There are these 3 in particular, led by an Halima, as that's what she calls herself! Imagine that they are/were lodged at the Signature, where per night is not a joke by any standards whatsoever. From their temporary aboard though, they scan the horizon looking for a prey or preys to capture, their major spot is inside the same hotel area at that new convergence spot/place called Cross R.... When they spot what they are looking for, they see your dressing, check out your car and then pounce. Remember first and foremost they were brought in by someone else to satisfy their own cravings, all these they now do, are side jobs to earn more ob top while still waiting for the main man that brought them in whose own payment is guaranteed!

Halima that we first mentioned above, is a dark chocolate gorgeousness on fleek, with piercings all over, from the nose to the nips to the navel to the labi# etc, these girls are game for anything and everything and there game is to blow your mind up. Once you have fallen for their tricks you are done for, you must pay and will pay and through your nose. Reason being that what you would encounter, or what they would give to you would blow your mind.

Imagine that as soon as you have fallen, action starts immediately to get you in the mood, from the car alone they could grab your joystick to play with. Or if you had given out your number they could call you later asking to come meet you. As soon as one lands, she gets to the game grabbing your tool and heading you (going down on you) straight away, then as you are enjoying the whole deal getting near heaven or so it seem, she would suddenly and abruptly stop and ask what she would get, knowing fully well that you want the game to finish. Depending on what you want, they can do one or play tag or if you are crazy enough, play the game of number, 3 somes, 4 somes and the likes.

Mind you, you must pay oooooo. But the game is that, they wouldn't act like call girls outright, you would be made to act all generous by yourself. If you dare to "chop the ponyo", that's the Bermuda triangle, the sacred hole and not deliver as expected, you might be in for a wrong experience on another date, where you could sleep off after the game most likely from your drink getting laced and then you are nearly, completely wiped out!

By the time you are dealt with, you might just have been cleared out! 

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Gov Ambode, his deputy & dignitaries 

Cutting the tape to declare the park officially opened. 

Aerial view of the park

…Says Former Govs, True Legends Of Lagos

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode on Wednesday officially unveiled an ultra modern recreational park in Alausa, Ikeja, in honour of three former Governors of the State, Brigadier Mobolaji Johnson Rtd, Alhaji Lateef Jakande and Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Governor Ambode, who spoke at a ceremony to unveil the park known as Johnson, Jakande, Tinubu Park (JJT Park) and located in front of the State House of Assembly and a few metres away from Lagos House, said it was part of efforts by his administration to immortalise heroes who worked hard for the emergence of Lagos as not only the Centre of Excellence, but also one of the most prominent City States in Africa.

He said the three former Governors were outstanding in their contributions to the development of the State and wrote their names in the sands of time, especially during their time in office.

Governor Ambode said: “One of the hallmarks of any progressive society is to always recognise and reward the efforts of heroes who contribute to the growth of that society. In the case of Lagos State, we have so many heroes who toiled and laid a solid foundation for the Lagos we enjoy today.

“Today, we are here to celebrate and honour three past governors of our dear state who were outstanding in their contributions to the development of Lagos Sate. These eminent Lagosians are some of the very few brave men that stood to be counted on the side of justice and even by their performances while in office have written their name in gold for future generations.”

“The roles played by Brigadier Mobolaji Johnson Rtd., the First Governor and Military Administrator of the State; Alhaji Lateef Jakande, the First Civilian Governor of Lagos State; and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Governor and Architect of modern Lagos; can never be forgotten. They are the true legends of our State, and architects of the Lagos we are proud of today.”

More after the break.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


…We'll Transform Edifice To National Monument, Says Ambode
...Thanks Buhari, Osinbajo, Fashola, Others.
Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and Minister for Power, Works & Housing, BRF

  1. The Federal Government on Tuesday completed the final handing over of the Presidential Lodge, Marina to the Lagos State Government about twenty years after the journey to actualize it commenced.

Speaking at the brief but impressive handing over ceremony, held at the Conference Room of Federal Ministry of Works, Power and Housing in Abuja, Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode said the development was a testament of the commitment of President Muhammadu Buhari to bring positive change to Lagos.

Governor Ambode particularly commended the President, Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo; Minister of Works, Power and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola and staff of the Ministry; Permanent Secretary in the Office of Chief of Staff to the President, and other stakeholders who worked to ensure the final transfer of the asset to Lagos.

The Governor said: "We are strongly delighted to be here on this historic day; on a day that actually finalises the intention of Mr President to bring positive change to Lagos.

"We want to sincerely appreciate President Muhammadu Buhari who has graciously approved that the Presidential Lodge be released to Lagos State and for the use of Lagos State which, just has said by the Minister, we have been trying to get for the last twenty years.

"We are pleased that on a day like this, it is my predecessor and present Minister of Works who is now doing the final handing over of which he had also been part of that process to get this asset back to Lagos but in God's own doing, the Minister is in the position today to do the final documentation and we are very grateful for that."

While alluding to the fact that the development was a sign of greater collaboration between Federal Government and Lagos State, Governor Ambode expressed optimism that it would be the beginning of process to get such assets back to the State Government.

Besides, the Governor said his administration would put the edifice to good use and transform it into a national monument to boost tourism and grow the economy of Lagos and Nigeria.

"This is a sign of greater things and greater collaboration between the Federal Government and Lagos State. We believe strongly that this singular gesture is part of what will improve the economy of Lagos because our intention is to turn that particular asset into a national monument where we can christen it a National Heritage Centre for Leadership and we will use it also as a tourist centre to bring Nigerians and foreigners to come to Nigeria and as well use that as a means of improving on the economy of Lagos State and Nigeria.

"On a final note, I want to show my sincere appreciation to the Minister and hope that this particular event will bring more good stories as we continue to see how much we can strive to get some of these assets back to Lagos State," Governor Ambode said.

Earlier, Fashola congratulated Governor Ambode and the people of Lagos State for the N1.04trillion budget estimate presented to the State House of Assembly on Monday by the Governor, and expressed hope that it would improve quality service delivery to the people of the State.

He said the signing of the document which formally vest ownership of the Presidential Lodge, Marina in the State Government was in fulfillment of the promise made by President Buhari, saying it was gratifying that the long journey spanning about two decades had finally come to an end.

He said: "This is a long journey that has come to an end; a journey that has taken almost two decades when the Lagos State Government asked that the property be vested in Lagos but for reasons that remained difficult to understand it did not happen but the President of change who is a promise keeper has made it happen."

Aside Governor Ambode, other Lagos State officials at the ceremony included the Secretary to the State Government, Mr Tunji Bello; Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Steve Ayorinde and Commissioner for Waterfront Infrastructure Development, Engr Adebowale Akinsanya.


Now the world knows, they have been alerted to understand that Mo Abudu's words are are bond. When she says it or makes a promise she always would make it happen or come true.

The pre-hype for "The Wedding Party 2", the sequel to the first installment which on its own was a resounding success was totally and thoroughly justified. Those who were lucky to have attended, were swept off their feet totally. The magic started from the security area to the walkway/red carpet area to inside the venue itself.

Mo and cast and crew delivered first on a great movie, and then also, she and her organisers delivered a magic of a party/premiere. It was stylish, it was opulent, it was rich, it was fun, all in all a resounding success by all standards and not boring at all. And the Celebrities, stars, dignitaries, et al came like a pouring rain.

And the head honcho who made sure all the elements met together in a good way was none other than Mo Abudu the incredible.

From this delivery alone, people would always fall over themselves to be a part of anything Mo Is involved in from now on.

For the beautiful night, the gorgeous lady of style was clad in an award winning piece by none other than "Lanre Da Silva Ajayi", make up as usual was by Banke Meshida Lawal, the only one MB swears by and most likely can never change. Hair was by Esther Tom of Game of Fros. 


Beverly Naya wore one of the standout outfit at the #twp2 world premiere .

Just in her late 20's she razzled-dazzled on the red carpet at the event in her Weizhurm Franklin outfit, showing off her trim body to maximum effect with the required Oomph factor!

Undoubtedly she's one of Nigeria's most eligible entertainment bacholorettes, who has got a good thing going for herself!

In "the wedding party franchise", she plays a saucy unrelenting seductress with much aplomb!

Here at the event in her sexy, seductive outfit "maybe she's still in character", one can see and feel the mind-blowing sexiness and confidence she exuded in her outfit, which covered very strategic places 'strategically' and showed off the parts that could be shown off to maximum effect!

We need more big budget and ambitious projects like this at least once every quarter on our annual calendar to always look forward to and to add vibe to the calendar too. That would mean 4 guaranteed blockbusters in the year at least. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Her pink outfit was crafted by "Laitan Olubi of the Magnetic Elegance fame". The event was the #twp2 world premiere, that's "The Wedding Party 2" party and film show at the Eko Hotel Victoria Island Lagos.

Laitan herself is an avowed fashionista, who always aleays stands out in her gorgeous outfits at events and occasions. So just imagine a combo of Laitan and the Tokstar, combining on a creation.

Toke here is looking "bubble gum chewable"in a sweet way. The floor length outfit accentuated with gold is a statement in opulence. And the make-up? Memnnnnnn badass good.

Though she saw us and couldn't help herself but eye us "upandan", lol, we cannot still stop commending her for always always making the effort.

Kudos dear. 


Everything about this mother of 2 lovely kids and owner of the Tiannah's Place Empire and Elegante by Tiannah's Styling is in your face.

She's not shy at all by any standards. Everything about her draws and drags attention, which for some is a money making attribute.

The serial entrepreneur, who has her fingers in several pies all at once, is an undoubted and undisputed fashionista to the core, as she eats, breathes, sleeps and wakes up in fashion. And at every given opportunity she has, she doesn't hesitate to show off her dexterity or her take on something.

She was at the #twp2 that's this year's party of the season, The Wedding Party 2's world premiere and she was the blue cladded fairy of the Arabian magic kingdom with the oomph factor.

We got her here in all sides and shades of blue for your viewing delight. Her dress is both a skirt and a gorgeous tail too.

Toyin brought with her a perfect accessory, her handsome arm candy, a very stylishly attired young bloke. Is this her new heartthrob or just a friend? That we don't know..

Check her out.

More after the break.


K 1 the Ultimate

Shock, disbelief, anguish and unbearable pain are all the emotions juxtaposing and clamouring for attention right now in the household of the King of Fuji music, K1 the ultimate, that's King/Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Igijegede Anifowoshe Marshall as he has lost one of his kids, a daughter by name Wasilat Olaronke Anifowoshe Marshall, 34 year old, based in Canada to the cold and terrible hands of death.

Death apparently occurred earlier today after a brief illness in Mississauga Ontario Canada, one of the 6 largest municipalities in Canada by population.

The late Wasilat Olaronke was the daughter of the late M.A.B Fetuga who passed on a few years ago. The Fetugas are part of  the royal families in Ijebu-Ode, infact the Fetuga name is a shortened form of "Ifetuegashe" meaning love repairs the Palace or throne house, showing their connection to throne.

Wasilat at 34 was the only child of her late mom, reason why she had a special place in the heart of her dad, who we hear has been inconsolable since the sad news got to him.

Already many of his friends and associates are doing their best to console him, whilst also preparing for how to bury the young lady who had relocated to Canada about a decade ago.

We can only commiserate with the entire family on the sad loss and the untimely demise, may Allah grant the lady Aljanah Fidaus, while granting her family the strength and fortitude to bear the irreparable loss! 


Nosakhare Oluwaseun Egonmwan

Ekan Oduwa Egonmwan & his groom's men

Cutting the cake

Nosakhare & Ekan

It was as expected. We had told you all before it took place that it would be a scintillating one. It was the traditional wedding and engagement ceremony between Nosakhare Oluwaseun Ogbemudia and Ekan Oduwa Egonmwan. Bride is the supremely gorgeous daughter of Yetunde Ogbemudia, wife of the late former Governor of old Bendel State, the man reputed to have made Bendel, which is now part of Edo, what it is, that is late Dr. Samuel Osaigbovo Ogbemudia.

Mrs. Yetunde Ogbemudia is a known pillar of the society, who has supported many of her friends in times past on many occasions, so when now it was her turn to give her daughter's hand out in holy matrimony, many of those same friends came out forcefully and openly to give their unflinching support unreservedly.

The tall, light skinned and handsome groom by name Ekan is the son of a renowned scholar, by name Professor Rosemary. J Egonmwan.

More after the break.