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Friday, January 31, 2020


People have been wondering about his dissappearance for a while now, why he seems to have just gone off the radar for quite a bit, just like that. Immediately after he was unceremoniously relieved of his post, after he had done his very best, at a parastatal with so much entrenched interest. Though he had wanted to come back, but the prevalent  intrigues and politics worked against it. The quite suave and exceptionally brilliant dude, who had been on some sort of leave of absence from where he was actually a top dog, in fact their  highest ranked African, just to serve his land, just quietly went away.

That this well spoken businessman, who has or had investments in the media and other things is wealthy, is like saying one drinks water. He is filthy rich on all accounts,. In fact he is probably a billionaire. And like bees are attracted to sugar or honey or nectar, ladies, especially of the sweet light complexioned and beautiful kind, swarm around him like their lives depend on it. There's the joke about him a while back. Which has to do with his private brands (companies), that if he employs you today to head one of his businesses, you might wake the next 2 days to find out that a beautiful lady, who wasn't in the count before, has just resumed and as your boss.

He is not tight-fisted at all, as he is a known Mr. Generous, good giver. Before, but that's like a while ago, he used to give out Toyota Corolla to his bahes as thank you, but he later elevated it to Toyota Prados only for the classy ones he believes are worth the value though. So if you are the lucky one, be rest assured you are already made.

There was a story of an happenstance of a few years ago, where he and his then girlfriend had traveled abroad, where he had gone for a crucial meeting and she had come along to help keep his mental state on the proper level. He was said to have actually forgotten the lady in that country and left for another country, before he now remembered what had happened.

Dude favours designer apparels a whole lot and they fit him well too. In fact with much aplomb too. He loves mostly things by 'Angelo Galasso' and other very elevated brands too. Very soft spoken and a top chieftain (high chief) of his people (domain). In fact, he wants to Govern his state of origin, if and when the opportunity arises.

His 2nd wife at home currently, is a top person too where she works and she is said to be equally brilliant and urbane too. Their home in the village, where he is from, is outstanding and totally upscale to say the least. If the village home is as awesome as described, then one can just imagine, what his home in Lagos would be like. One of the things that welcomes you to the village palatial edifice, is the colourful dancing water fountain, which is a sight to behold at night. The palatial mansion, with many supporting buildings, is a statement in class and distinction.

He was filthy rich before he was called to serve at that cash cow of importance, where he was the direct subordinate of the main man of the manor. So now guess how much more he would be now by virtue of his connection.

Dude whose tag and initials is as follows Dr. IK, just had prostate cancer surgery abroad and he is currently convalescing or better still recuperating, we believe in London.

Get well soon sir. 


Bishop David Oyedepo

We all woke up to the story today stating matter of fact that billionaire founder and presiding Bishop/pastor of the Living Faith Ministry aka Winner's Chapel in the person of the fiery and enigmatic Bishop/Dr. David Oyedepo, had been denied visa by the US Consulate in Nigeria.

The news of the kind of unpalatable treatment meted out on the pastor, who is neither a politician nor a businessman, met with shock and disbelief from all and sundry. The story was in fact credited to one of the top 5 Newspapers in Nigeria, which is the This Day Newspaper, founded and owned by the highly connected, Prince Nduka Obaigbena aka the Duke.

But after the story had gone more than viral, with many online outlet carrying it with pomp and energy like they were there when the thing actually occurred (we didn't carry the story at all), a rejoinder has now come out, purportedly to be from the verified US Missions Abuja Twitter account, denying that what the story had stated happened, or never even occurred. The story has now been tagged as FALSE!

One of the reasons the story met with shock and total disbelief is because, it is a known fact that the Bishop of Winners has been acknowledged credibly to be the wealthiest pastor in the world, said to be worth in excess of $150m Dollars, that's even just a suggested estimate as it might be a far cry from what he is actually worth. Same person has atleast 4 private jets, branches of his church are all over world, even in the United States itself, with congregation in their hundreds of thousands from across the globe. His HQ alone fathers tens of thousands of worshippers at a go. He owns at least 2 well funded, well known and probably some of the best Nigerian higher institutions amongst several investments. And he is said to be an avid traveler, who has traversed the world, so can be classified as a world traveler, then he is very very connected in and outside Government. So based on all of these and more people were shocked 😲!

So most would be relieved now, that the story has been tagged as false. 


Doris & her billionaire who is the subject matter 

Uche ELENDU (34) mom of 2

The picture referred to P1 

Oge Okoye (40) & mom of 2

This there industry is a whole lotta mess! They actually love and thrive on the absurd, the strange and the nonsensical. In this there so called world of Nollywood, life actually imitates the act or should we make them happy nu saying the art? There's seem to be no decorum, no chill and nothing is sacred and all things goes or are allowed. And it is just a big shame.

We had thought that our culture would atleast have something to say to us about most things, but in our quest to be like other cultures, in us trying to be like them at all cost, we have thrown everything to the dogs. Which is why some of the most despicable of things are so obvious in that world, so much so that sometimes you would even think it's acting, but it's actually not they are actually showing or showcasing who they are. Now, we don't think twice to wash our dirty g-strings publicly!👙 🤧🤦‍♀️.

So just imagine 2 friends having a fall out, but in this case not just 2 friends, 3 friends for that matter. On one side, in the blue corner we have Doris Ogala, and on the other side, in the red corner we have the duo of Uche Elendu and Oge Okoye and it is a battle to the finish as Doris has thrown the first debilitating salvo thus -

Who can relate this picture spiritually (P1 above) ? Hmmmm this is the part I’m talking about… be careful of who you call your friend.”

“This is 4 Uche E***DU and Oge Ok*ye and co….Those who specialize in fuc*king people’s husbands… still claim to be your bestie and friend…. Pls ooooo stay far far away… If u are friends with them… take off.”

The picture spoken of is (P1) above. 

Thursday, January 30, 2020


Until that terribly unfortunate accident in 2016, this great Nigerian thespian titillated us all with his acting prowess and extraordinary talent as a great actor, better still a thespian of note.

Then suddenly, a man of vigor and grace, was struck down when he had a ghastly accident, so bad in fact was it that he has been grappling with it for a long time now, 4 years and counting. When the alarm was 1st raised very loudly for all to know what was up, which was after the family had exhausted all that they had and that without the help and intervention of well meaning souls, that the situation could go terribly bad, billionaire former Chairman of Forte Oil, in the person of Mr. Femi Otedola answered the cries of the people and became an angel of mercy, one who had promised and took the task on single-handedly and paid the whole bill for the treatment of the gentleman role interpreter.

With FO 's intervention, everyone immediately heaved a big sigh of relief, thinking and believing that the worst had been overcome. But alas, we can tell you now, without mincing a word that, it is far far from the best been over and that the sooner good hearted Nigerians would come together again to the aid of the gentleman, that might just be the best and only chance of surviving. Mr. Victor Olaotan is a shadow of himself and needs all our help.

The family are in dire need of a whopping $350,000 dollars, which translates to N127million Naira. Like we had said already above, This Day's recent awardee or recipient of 'Philanthropist of the decade', Femi Otedola had kept his promise to the letter, but due to some further complications, Mr. OLAOTAN still needs to undergo some further treatment.

So please everyone, your widow's mite would be extraordinary. Those little drops of water would most definitely make a large ocean, let's be our brother's keepers, donate to either ECOBANK - 0040006665 or Stanbic- 0001101396.

We beg you all please, a stitch in time, would definitely save nine. God bless you all real good.


Dr. Taiwo Olayinka Afolabi 

Hmmmmm. Very soon and quite soon too, maybe we will begin to release for all people to have as evidence a book of our predictions for the year, you must have noticed that we didn't tag it (prophesies) like many of the so called men of God do. That book from one of the things we have come to learn, is part of why many of the so called seers are respected, so maybe that would give us too some sort of unprecedented clout too, hmmmmm fantastic! So we are thinking very much about it. Please be on the look out for it.

A few weeks back, we looked at a few things around us and we decided then to look into what we call our own 'crystal ball', trying to mimic the great Nostradamus, whose many predictions have hit home accurately so they say and are still hitting home. Whenever anything of great and monumental effect occur or come to pass, one of the very few that's always mentioned is Nostradamus, who one way or the other was able to somehow strike home and hit the target 🎯 with his predictions.

So we too have now self named ourself too as the new modern day 'Nos-Bobo'. Mind you though, we haven't at any point claimed to anyone, that God sent us or gave us those predictions, so be mindful of that. So we started a few weeks back. And out of the 8 predictions for the year that we came up with, one has already missed the target by just whiskers, while one of the others, is most definitely going to hit target as we had predicted it would, no matter what. We were just too freaking damn sure that Burna Boy was going to come home with that Grammy. In fact we were so cocksure, that we had planned to drink at least 6 big bottles of water on the day he would have been announced as the man for the job. But alas, we missed the target gbagaun, but just by whiskers. Egbeleoooooo!!!!!

Anyways, just one out of many and it's not like it didn't nearly come to pass Sha, we try now!

The 2nd prediction though is about the brand spanking new Marriott Hotel, at Joel Ogunnaike, in Ikeja, GRA, Lagos, owned and promoted by the legendary philanthropist and billionaire of note, Dr. Taiwo Afolabi, the barrister at law who owns Sifax Holdings. who are the owners of Sahcol. We can tell you now again, without any fear of contradiction whatsoever, that baring all unforeseen circumstances. Except that maybe there wouldn't be cement no more in Nigeria or even house paint anymore and that we would be importing water and sand instead from out of the country, all works at the hotel would most definitely be done. finished by April of 2020.

Thereafter, a 3 months test run of the facilities and all, would then be carried out for the next at most 3 months, just to make sure that the i's are dotted and t's perfectly crossed and everything is working like clockwork. So give and take, that hotel would have her guests salivating at the beauty of the place and functionality of things near perfectly installed by July of 2020.

As we speak, work is frantically on going to make sure to meet the deadlines set for them. On that stretch of road alone, not even talking about the GRA Ikeja as a whole, there are at least 5 hotels of various ratings, functioning there already. There cannot be less than 20 to 30 hotels all around the GRA and immediate environs. If we would even rate it correct, there should be about 100, if not more.

The beauty of this particular Marriott Hotel is that it is just about 25 to 30mins away from the International Airport and nearer from the Local Airport and because of the brand name also, which is a well known international brand of hotel, it would most certainly be a preferred hotel brand for the discerning, especially those who appreciates very well, value for money. Also again, GRA is packed filled with all the best attractions one can be looking for. think it, it's most likely available. The Cave, a men's club is just a walk away from the Marriott, even not too far is Cubana and all others. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2020


We had all thought that the time had finally come and we were so sure, except for only just a hand few that Burna Boy was most definitely going to cart home the Grammy award. Some of us were already celebrating even before the day of reckoning came and that was just because we were damn too sure, he was going to slide home on the path of glory, with his hands up carrying the trophy aloft.

Music or generally put, entertainment generally like sport, has this uniting force thing about it, which cuts across all divides. We can forget for a moment the ill or hurt someone might have caused us, just so we can be one, that's because of either football or some other sport that we love and that's how it is also with music.

Nigerian jams and by extension African jams in the last several years have been improving and improving so well. In fact the improvements have made it so palatable, so inviting, that other cultures have even begun to enjoy very well, the way we are packaging our thing for the international market and it's not just about the sound or beats alone. It's also about the unique dance steps that accompanies it too, which on its own alone, fascinates and attracts people from all over the world. Our fantastic music, which is quite heavy on the side of percussion and vibes and our rhythms are very hot, in fact pulsatingly hot,  very highly rhythmic and inviting. You can't just hear it and not bob your head or move your foot or body or something to the sound or beat.

D Banj at a point, that was when he was at his peak with Mo Hits Records, exploited it to his benefit or maximum advantage and he enjoyed a whole lot of super attention and made good fortune and fame from it. He had tried to break into the international scene/market then, but he wasn't that successful. But he tried, but wasn't just able to blend our sound successfully then with what obtained then internationally. The minute he wanted to do what they were doing there, which was more their forte, he actually lost what attracted them to him in the 1st place and by so doing, he left a major gap here for those who could, to be filled by those who could fill the gap. Issue basically here is that there are so many scrambling for every available space and once you lose it and someone fills up that space successfully, it might just be extremely hard to get back that kind of space or spot again. But what D Banj did struggle to do successfully, but for which he successfully prepared the road for, a Wizkid and Davido just stepped into effortlessly and it's been up and up and up ever since, reason been that, they didn't deviate from who they were and even when they began to go international, they still kept their essence intact to a very large extent.

Then came the dude known to most now as Oluwa Burna. Though the dude had been on the periphery all the while, like a good wine though, he was 'aging' gradually and very very well too. He was improving and improving on the job all the time and fine-tuning, what he had begun to master. It was some sort of Afro-Groove, inspired majorly by the great strange one-Abami Eda, that left room for all types of fusion to be added to it. He found that unique blend. An excellent potpourri of great sounds with great beats as the bedrock. It is quite obvious that the dude must have gotten influenced a whole lot by the one agreed by all to be the King of Afrobeat himself, that's talking about the legendary and one of a kind personality, 'Fela Anikulapo-Kuti'. Fela's unmistakable influence is very obvious, in fact quite obvious in his repertoire, though a lot more fast paced. He showed glimpses of what he could do in some of the songs he had churned out before, until he seem to have gotten it totally together with that song titled - Ye.

That song just has something very mesmeric, quite infectious and hypnotic about it. There's the way it starts and then the crescendo just gradually gets heightened and then booom.... You need to go listen to it..... "ye ye ye ye ye ye ye,...... ye ye o, ye ye o, ye ye ye ye ye ye ye o.... this one na gbadu we dey ja Pata.... which translates to mean this one is the beat/song/rhythm that tears pant literally!!!!!!! which in itself is meaning the song that enters you and set you loose......

While that one was getting to everyone, the dude began to work on his album and he began to release one hit single after the other. It was all these impressive singles that were later put together and it became the giant that was aptly titled "African Giant". A superb album by all standards.  It's not just about the songs alone, it's when this dude performs in the stage, that he seems also to totally be in his full element. He knows how to stir his audience and get them to flow with him.

Here is our own personal rating of this his extraordinary work of art, as put together by the dude known to the world as Burna Boy.

African Giant: is probably the best, the most complete album put out by any African musician in the last 5 years or more. If it were an American or better put, a foreign artist from Europe etc that had dropped an album like this, it would most probably have gone triple or quadruple platinum in only a short while. This is what can be referred to in our local parlance as hit after hit, back to back.

Burna Boy African Giant Album is the most complete, most international collection of songs done by a Nigerian, Nigeria based artist, a Nigerian in the diaspora in a very long time. This is actually one album, where the elements all gathered and made happen. By that we mean the sun, moon and stars were all present and gave their best, their very best for this album. A thought provoking, series of songs. If care is not taken, just like 9ice aka Alapomeji, Burna Boy might have created already, the very best album or the very best of Burna Boy or in fact the greatest album by Burna Boy already!!!!!!If you are a lover of good music, with extraordinary beats, meaningful lyrics, fun jams etc. There are 2 to 3 or more songs to gum to immediately. The beauty of the album is that, even the songs were arranged in good other. Its a fantastic flow.

It's undoubtedly the season of Burna Boy, no doubt and he has shown his colleagues Wizkid, Davido, Kizz Daniels and the likes what it takes to be truly international. No wonder he fills all the arenas he appears to the rafters without much effort.

We say again that, If Burna were English-Nigerian, American-Nigerian, maybe he might have blown far more than he has now. As those climes would have promoted him like he is the only one in their existence. Though he didn't finally win the award, which would have been a stamp of honor on his effort, that he was nominated alone for us, was awesome and even the magnanimous and awesome winner-Angelique Kidjo, acknowledged his 'extraordinariness' by dedicating her win to him. And truth be told too, she won the Grammy deservedly too.

Don't you just get pumped up, immediately Killin dem starts???

One thing though, he needs to work more on his attitude Sha! 


Adebutu vs. Kashamu 

We all know this 2 men. Chief Kessington Adebutu needs no introduction whatsoever. But just for the sake of it let's do something like a little intro. He is the man referred to as the "Nigerian undisputed king of lotto" and a super great and highly celebrated philanthropist. Everything that has to do with lottery/betting revolves around him. His name is in fact synonymous with it, in a way he made it popular and showed to Nigerians one could be a billionaire from it. He and his late friend, Chief Solomon "gbengbeleku" Ayoku were the colossus of betting and all. And Baba Ijebu as he is fondly known, a name also synonymous with his brand, has kept the flag flying, even after the demise of his friend who was a colossus in Casino business. He owns Premier Lottery, which has been in business for so long. The Odole of Ife, is the father of Honorable Ladi Adebutu, who is a politician and the other Governorship aspirant of the PDP in their ill fated desire to wrest power from the ruling APC recently. While his son Ladi is a politician and used to be an Honorable member of the Federal House of Representatives, his dad who is in his 80s, has never being a politician.

Chief Buruji Kashamu on the other hand a well known politician and a leader of the PDP in Ogun State. He is in fact the controversial high spending moneybag businessman and politician from Ogun State. He is the owner of the Best Western Hotel opposite the Bar Beach, Victoria Island, which is just one of the businesses he is known for. He had a long running court case at a point, when the US Government wanted to extradite him to face allegations of drug running in America, an allegation he has denied and continues to deny fervently and with vigor. He was a distinguished Senator of  the Federal Republic at a point. He fought his own party to a standstill to be the PDP Gubernatorial candidate of his party at the last election, his unrelenting rival was none other than Hon. Ladi Adebutu, who had emerged as . Both see each other as straightforward, uncompromising bitter enemies, who would go to any length to do away with each other. Chief Buruji Kashamu is the owner and promoter of Western Lotto.

Ladi like we have already said above, is an unflinching and bitter rival and enemy of Buruji. And Ladi is the 1st son & eldest child of the owner of Premier Lotto, Chief Kessington Adebutu. Premier Lotto and Western Lotto are competitors, in fact major rivals. Premier Lotto controls the turf, at least a large percentage of it, because of maybe length of time in existence. Western Lotto being a rival and competitor would love to have one over an enemy. So like they say, all is fair in war.

Since the owners of the brands are bitter rivals somewhat, then their companies or brands doing the same business are also likely hit heads also0 be bitter rivals and enemies too and that has been seen to be the case now, with what is presently unfolding into a war of damn all consequences and bring your rival down at all cost by Western Lotto against Premier Lotto. Maybe to get to Ladi, Buruji is willing to take down the business that brings in the milk that feeds the family in the most legal war possible, most especially if there's a chink to exploit.

Hence, Senator Buruji Kashamu justifiably through his Western Lotto brand, became a whistle blower to the Nigerian anti graft body the EFCC, in a strongly worded petition alleging 'economic sabotage and multi-billion Naira tax fraud' to the tune of as much as N5billion. And hence the investigation began and even gentleman Segun Adebutu, one of the sons of the Great man, has been invited for questioning.

So last year December of 2019, Justice Chukwujekwu Aneke of the Federal High Court in Lagos had granted Western Lotto Ltd an Anton Piller order (a court order which requires the defendant in proceedings to permit the plaintiff or his or her legal representatives to enter the defendant's premises in order to obtain evidence essential to the plaintiff's case) authorizing it to search 23 firms involved in the Lotto business, for evidence of violation of its Ghana Games patents infringement, which they Western Lotto had exclusive rights to.

The Ghana Games are alleged to be responsible for about 60/70 percent of the revenue generated from lottery games in Nigeria.

The reports had said that the Ghana National Lottery Authority (NLA) had granted Western Lotto Nigeria Limited the “exclusive rights” in an agreement recently executed by both parties.

The Ghana products, includes the following Monday Special Lotto, Lucky Tuesday Lotto, Midweek Lotto, Fortune Lotto, Friday Bonanza Lotto, Saturday National Lotto, VAG Lotto and super six Lotto) both in stores and in all promotional activities.

Western Lotto’s right also include “the exclusive right to use the draw numbers of the Ghana National Lottery Authority (NLA) to sell and distribute lotto products and games to customers located in the Federal Republic of Nigeria”.

The first and second defendants in the suit, marked FHC/L/CS/2321/19, are the National Lottery Regulatory Commission and Registrar of Trademarks.

And then there 23 others which includes Premier Lotto Ltd and even K.C Gaming Networks Ltd who are the parent company of Bet9ja, so in actual fact, Western Lotto is actual fighting the biggest names in the business, in fact a consortium if one can put it like that.

The given court order also affects “each and every point of sale stations and agency operated by all the brands offering lottery products.”

Justice Aneke also went further to  appoint the third to 25th defendants to represent “the class of persons passing off their lotto products by using trade names and trade marks that are associated with the ‘Ghana Games’…and or who illegally sell ‘Ghana Games’ lotto products in Nigeria by using the draw of the numbers of the Ghana NLA to sell and distribute lotto games to customers in Nigeria.”

So it's a long drawn battle ahead and big money, in fact very big money would most definitely exchange hands. 


#Let's save
No one is challenging the courts decision! No one is saying she did the right thing!
No one wants her kids to be made orphans!


we plead for a lesser sentence and May God see us through.
Lets use social media to fight these Dear women.

Maryam Sanda was sentenced to death by hanging a few days back by an Abuja Court for killing her husband Bilyaminu Bello. She actually did herself in by her account of what transpired on the day and how her unfortunate husband, met his untimely demise.

Immediately the judge gave the sentence and pronounced the judgement, emotions that had been held in check before was let loose in a dramatic manner.

Maryam, her mother, other family members, friends and sympathizers who were around, couldn't just hold themselves back again. It was tears of anguish galore, as it suddenly dawned on them, that wow it was life for life! The judge had said in a grim statement that, if you kill, you would be killed too, no beating about the bush. From how they reacted, Maryam first ran out of the dock in tears and the mother let loose her emotions and family members and friends plus well-wishers joining in, it was obvious that they had had the hope of a slim chance that a miracle could happen somewhat, but alas, it wasn't to be.

But there is still a slim chance that she can still escape the death sentence. There's still that slim window of hope that the death sentence, that the capital punishment could be commuted. That a sort of reprieve could still come, where the sentence could be reduced instead to life imprisonment.

That is now the hope of her people and that's the hope that the advocacy above, is actually trying to pursue in their campaign, which they have begun already. Though they remain faceless for now. Why that, we do not know!

From the judgement given at the Abuja Court, the presiding judge had given that ray of hope, when he had said that until she must have exhausted all her opportunities for appeal. Meaning maybe the case could still move to the highest court of the land, which is the Supreme Court of Nigeria. But even after she might have appealed and maybe the conviction and sentence remains the same, maybe she could still get a reprieve by a 'prerogative of mercy'. 

But the issue with prerogative of mercy in her own case though is, who would give it, would it be the Minister of Justice? And does he have that sort of power? Would it be the Minister in charge of Abuja, the FCT, who may be like the Governor of a state, who by law sometimes can or would? Does a Governor even have that power? Or would it be the president himself?

In all of the above though, a commutation or prerogative of mercy doesn't mean the accused is no more guilty of his/her earlier conviction.

So can Maryam Sanda actually beat her death sentence? It can't be easy at all to be on a death row ooooo ooo!!!!!!!

How would Bilyaminu family feel about this advocacy? 

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Uchenna & Mayowa 

Uchenna Ogeah on her T & E day

Father of the bride, Ogbueshi Chike Ogeah & Uche

Parents of the bride-Chike & Olufunke Ogeah

Bride and groom with family members 

Ogbueshi Chike Ogeah

The 1st 2 legs of the nuptial ceremony, being the compulsory introduction and the traditional marriage/engagement have already held, in Lagos and Asaba, in Delta State respectively. Both event held at the tail end of last year, meaning 2019. The introduction which was at the GRA home of the bride's parent, held in November of 2019 and it was a strict family affair and then the Asaba, quite colorful 'Traditional and Engagement' ceremony was in the 3rd week of December of 2019. And many of Chike & Olufunke Ogeah's friends & family members and those of the Awosemo's too, happily graced the occasion including the current Governor of Delta State himself, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, also there was Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, who has been a friend of the bride's father since the 70s and very many others too.

Both Chike Ogeah and his adorable wife-Olufunke, left no stone unturned to host the multitudes that came to rejoice and support them. We heard that 'Starch and Banga' was aplenty as one of the delicious delicacies of the day, hmmmmmm yummy😋.

For those who might still be wondering about who Chike Ogeah is? He is the tall, handsome & quite friendly, well connected, former Commissioner for Information, under the Dr. Uduaghan's administration in Delta State then. He was a fellow Commissioner in that administration, with renowned Nigerian actor/star, 'Richard Mofe-Damijo'. Long before he was called home to come serve his home state, he had built an impressive resume for himself in his career as an administrator of good repute. First as a trained lawyer and then administrator. He was a 2 time, former Special Assistant to 2 Chief Economic Advisers to the President of the Federation. After his stint in Delta State, he later became the MD/CEO of Sahcol (Skypower Aviation Holding Company Limited), before he later became the Vice-Chairman of the same multi-billion Naira valued brand, that had first been ran aground before he took over, resuscitated it and then was later privatized profitably. The Chairman of Sahcol is none other than, philanthropic billionaire of note,  Dr. Taiwo Afolabi of Sifax Holdings. In fact, Ogbueshi Chike Ogeah is the Vice-Chairman of Sifax holdings, who are also the owners of the soon to be unveiled Marriott Hotel, Ikeja GRA, Lagos, probably Nigeria's only 2nd, 5 stars hotel.

So come February 01, 2020, better written as 01/02/2020 all roads would lead to Trinity House, Zion Centre, Water Corporation Drive on the island, where the suave and handsome Pastor Ituah Ighodalo is the lead pastor. After the holy solemnization, the party would thereafter move the train to 'the Marquee' Harbour Point for what some have already tagged as 'a mother of all reception'. The wedding hashtag is #MUchLove2020.

'Uchenna Adaobi Ogeah', the delightsome bride, is the brilliant daughter of Chief Chike Ogeah. She works at Exxon Mobil as a Chemical Engineer, she in fact has a Masters degree in Engineering (Chemical Engineering for that matter) from Aston University in Birmingham, England. Her equally brilliant and handsome, a total gentleman for that matter, husband/groom, Mayowa is a graduate of Bradford University where he got his first and 2nd degree in Economics and International Relations, he currently works at FIRS (Federal Inland Revenue Service).

Both actually met through Mayowa's twin sister. The sister is a friend of Uche and one thing led to another to now. 

'Mayowa Izuagbe Awosemo's' dad used to be one of the main men then in the heydays of NTA, when the Sienne Allwell-Brown, Ruth Benamasia and Co used to reign Supreme. The marriage is a unification of culture. Saturday promises to be off the hook, in all ways. As all the who-is-who are expected to grace the occasion.

More after the break. 

Monday, January 27, 2020



…Restricts Their Operations On 50 Highways, Bridges

Lagos State Government on Monday wielded the big stick against the menace of commercial motorcycles (Okada) and tricycles (Keke NAPEP), proscribing their operations in six Local Government Areas (LGAs), nine Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) and 10 major highways across the State with effect from February 1.

The State Government directed security operatives to embark on a total enforcement of the State’s Transport Sector Reform Law of 2018 to immediately address the chaos and disorderliness created by illegal operations of Okada and tricycle riders in restricted areas.

Besides, the Government also banned Okada and tricycles from plying 40 bridges and flyovers across the State.

Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Gbenga Omotoso, who made the announcement at the State House in Alausa, said the measures were taken by the Government in response to “scary figures” of fatal accidents recorded from operations of Okada and tricycles in the State between 2016 and 2019.

Omotoso said the lack of regard for the Lagos Traffic Laws by the Okada and tricycle riders had resulted in preventable loss of lives, adding that their impermissible movements on restricted highways had also contributed to traffic jams.

He said: “After a robust assessment of the debate on what has been widely referred to as the motorcycle (Okada) and tricycle (Keke) menace, the Lagos State Government and the State Security Council have decided that the security and safety of lives of Lagosians are paramount.

“The figures are scary. From 2016 to 2019, there were over 10,000 accidents recorded at the General Hospitals alone. This number excludes unreported cases and those recorded by other hospitals. The total number of deaths from reported cases is over 600 as at date.

“Also, the rate of crimes aided by Okada and Keke keeps rising. They are also used as getaway means by criminals. Therefore, after consultations with stakeholders, the State Security Council, in compliance with the extant Transport Sector Reform Law 2018, has decided to commence enforcement of the law which bans the operation of Okada and Keke in six Local Government Areas and nine Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs).”

Omotoso said the enforcement would be total, warning that the Government would deal with violators in accordance with the Laws. He added that there would be zero tolerance for the movement of the banned vehicles on the listed highways and bridges.

According to the Commissioner, operations of Okada and Keke NAPEP have been banned in the following LGAs and LCDAs: Apapa LGA, Apapa Iganmu LCDA, Lagos Mainland LGA, Yaba LCDA, Surulere LGA, Itire-Ikate LCDA, and Coker-Aguda LCDA.

Others are Ikeja LGA, Onigbongbo, LCDA, Ojodu LCDA, Eti-Osa LGA, Ikoyi-Obalende LCDA, and Iru-Victoria Island LCDA, Lagos Island LGA and Lagos Island East LCDA.

The Okada and Keke NAPEP are restricted on the following highways and bridges:

Major Highways

1. Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

2. Apapa-Oshodi Expressway

3. Oworonshoki-Oshodi Expressway

4. Lagos-Ikorodu Expressway

5. Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway

6. Eti-Osa/Lekki-Epe Expressway

7. Lagos-Badagry Expressway

8. Funsho Williams Avenue

9. Agege Motor Road

10. Eti-Osa Lekki Coastal Road


1. Iyana- Ipaja Bridge Agege

2. Dopemu Bridge Agege

3. Airport/Ikeja Bridge

4. Agege Motor road/oshodi Loop, Oshodi

5. Mushin/Isolo Link Bridge

6. Dorman Long Bridge

7. Ojuelegba Bridge

8. National Stadium Flyover

9. Apapa-Iganmu Bridge

10. Apapa-Ijora Link Bridge

11. Liverpool Bridge, Apapa

12. Mile 2 Bridge-Loop, Amuwo-Odofin

13. Okota (cele)/Ijesha Link Bridge

14. Apakun/Apapa-Oshodi Bridge Network

15. Ikorodu Road/Anthony Clover leaf Bridge

16. Trade Fair Flyover Bridge

17. Festac/Amuwo-Odofin Link Bridge

18. 2 Flyover Bridges along Alhaji Masha Road

19. Ojota Clover leaf Bridge

20. Ogudu Bridge

21. 3rd Mainland Bridge

22. Maryland flyover

23. Ikeja General Hospital Flyover Bridge

24. Kodesoh Bridge, Oba Akran, Ikeja

25. Opebi Link Bridge

26. Sheraton-Opebi Bridge

27. Jibowu/Yaba flyover Bridge

28. Carter Bridge, Lagos

29. Bariga-Ifako Bridge

30. Apapa-Oshodi Expressway/Alapere Bridge

31. Bariga/Oworonsoki Bridge

32. Apapa-Oshodi Expressway/Gbagada U-Turn

33. Apapa-Oshodi Expressway

34. 3rd Mainland/Oworonsoki Bridge

35. Eko Bridge

36. Apongbon flyover Bridge

37. Cowry Bridge (Officers Mess)

38. Mcwen Bridge (Bonny Camp)

39. Marina/Ikoyi Bridge

40. Ikoyi/Obalende Bridge




JANUARY 27, 2020


It has taken 2 plus years for this conviction to finally come and  finally according to the law court, husband killer Maryam Sanda has been found guilty of culpable homicide and for that, the court has ruled that she also must pay the supreme price too, which is death by hanging!

What a sad sad tale and sad end it is, for something that could have been avoided, if only restraint could have been employed and embraced.

Maybe now the family of her late murdered husband would finally find closure. But for her own family, friends and admirers, it's pain and anguish as they would see their daughter, sister, cousin, niece, grandchild and friend lose her life, for killing the former love of her life, Bilyaminu.

The High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, on Monday convicted and sentenced Maryam Sanda to death by hanging for the murder of her husband, Bilyaminu Bello.

Delivering the judgment, Justice Yusuf Halilu, held that there was circumstantial evidence coupled with her testimony and statement to the police that she “fatally” stabbed her husband to death in Abuja on November 19, 2017.

The judge ordered that she should be remanded in Suleja prison till she would have  exhausted all her right of appeal.

Maryam Sanda, a mother of two, her mom and her other relatives broke down in tears immediately the judge pronounced her guilt.

Maryam's mother who had occupied a back seat immediately ran out of the court as she wept profusely on hearing the judgment. Maryam herself in shock, while in tears rushed out of the courtroom too, which was just next to the dock, but the judge ordered that she should be brought back to the courtroom immediately.

In the middle of the ensuing confusion, the defense lawyer attempted to make a plea for allocutus (plea for mercy)  but the judge said he needed to rise for the courtroom to be restored to normalcy.

The judge then said he would return to deliver the sentence after some minutes.

When the judge eventually returned from the break, he said the offense for which Maryam was convicted being one based on Section 221 of the Penal Code, there would be no room for allocutus.

“It has been said that thou shall not kill. Whoever kills in cold blood shall die in cold blood,” the judge said.

“Maryam Sanda should reap what she has sown,” he said, adding, “it is blood for blood”.


When they exchanged their wedding vows a couple of years back 2014 to be more precise, it was a talk of the town nuptial they had, as good money was well spent to make it one of the weddings of the season then. While Dr. Sid, full name Sidney Esiri was one of the raves of the moment then, being one of the artists on Don Jazzy's label, his wife Simi was from a wealthy home and had a good job. Their families left no stone unturned to make sure it was a befitting nuptial.

Fast forward now to a couple of years after and after 2 adorable kids, girls for that matter-Sydney & Sarah, it's a sad story instead as the center couldn't hold no more and both have to part ways permanently. They had had much trouble and turbulence all through. Some had even speculated that part of the issue was because the dentist turned music star, who had followed Don Jazzy his boss from Mo Hits to Mavin Records with the likes of D'Prince, Tiwa Savage and Co wasn't as buoyant or liquid as he used to be when he and record mates were ruling the airwaves and balling extraordinarily. So maybe as things weren't too good, madam stepped in more and more. All of that are unconfirmed speculations! 

There were stories of altercations in the past, as it's common in nearly all marriages too. In fact it was said that Simi used to slap her husband around and abuse him (domestic abuse), which she has denied in strong terms. They had parted for a bit and later tried to come back together and people felt they must have learnt their lessons and would be more careful now, to at least make things work. But alas, seems like everything has totally collapsed and scattered now. Simi herself released a statement, where she stated very clearly that the marriage was done for and is irrevocably headed towards divorce and that both would do their best to be good Co-parents. See the letter above.

May they both find future bliss in their chosen paths. 

Sunday, January 26, 2020


Ooni of Ife & Sujimoto

Ooni giving his address

Funke Adesiyan receiving her award from Sunday Dare, Minister for Youths and Sport 

UAE Ambassador to Nigeria 

Yomi Makin of Yomi Casual 

Ajebo receiving his award 

Awardees with the Ooni & others 

The Sample plaque/certificate & trophy 

This is one badge of honour that all the recipients, most especially this young trailblazing developer/builder by name 'Sijibomi Ogundele' would sure to treasure, to carry around everywhere with much aplomb and pride. Especially as it is coming from the one rated by all, as the boss of all bosses, the king above all other Yoruba kings in Nigeria, his imperial majesty, the Ooni of Ife, 'Alaiyeluwa Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi', Ojaja II.

Since his imperial majesty came on the throne of his forebears, he has done his best to bring new energy to the palace of the Ooni of Ife, the home of  Oduduwa, with many innovative ideas and one of such is the "Royal African Young Leadership Forum", which is under the umbrella of the Ooni of Ife Global Outreach. Part of the mission of this outreach is to help rebuild Africa's greatness with the youth at the epicenter of this thrust. So part of the agenda is the identification of and the celebration of future leaders in the various sectors of Nigeria.

So in doing the above, the highly regarded royal father played host to 100 bright and futuristic Nigerian youths making waves in their several sectors of the economy, across all geopolitical zones in Nigeria. The areas in purview were Governance, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Creative, Culture, Innovation, Academics and Leadership.

One of the recipients of the Royal Awards was Sijibomi Ogundele aka Sujimoto who is growing in leaps and bound as a developer of note. The Royal Father, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye himself was a developer too before the assumption of the throne.

Some of the other awardees were Funke Adesiyan, Politician, actress and entrepreneur, who is currently a Special Adviser to Nigeria's First lady, Dr. Aisha Buhari; Seyi Awolowo, a grandson of the late sage and Premier of the then Western Nigeria, Pa Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo, the young man was a recent housemate of Big Brother Nigeria House 2019, the #pepperdemgang; then also were the likes of Eyitope Kola Oyeneyin, Adedimeji Lateef, MC Lively, Ajebo, Jerry Mallo, Yomi Makun of Yomi Casual fame, Hon. Chima Obieze, Dr. Ibidapo Fashina and very many others.

The very well put together event held at the expansive, Oduduwa hall of the Great Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU Ile Ife, Osun State. 2 of the special guests of honour that helped the Ooni  in presenting the awards to the honored recipients were, the Honorable Minister of Youths and Sport, Mr. Sunday Dare and His Excellency, the UAE Ambassador to Nigeria, Dr. Fahad Al-Taffaq.

Sijibomi Ogundele. who is also very well known by his company's brand name Sujimoto, who was one of those prominently recognized by the royal father, later after receiving his award addressed the media thus -

It was a great honour to have received this call to duty and recognition from the most distinguish frontline traditional ruler in Africa – His Imperial Majesty, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi. This award of excellence is a continuous reminder that he who works hard will stand before Kings because I strongly believe that there is no nobility in poverty and it doesn’t matter whether you are from Ikorodu or Ikoyi, immediately you substitute recklessness for diligence, your true potential becomes a reality”.

This, to me, is not just an award. This is a symbol of responsibility-to uphold the Omoluabi spirit — the spirit of integrity, the spirit of perseverance, and the spirit of nobility.

As I sat in a room filled with more than 1000 students and over 99 awardees from fashion,
entertainment, technology, manufacturing, business, and other industries, I realized that the Nigerian youth have not even utilized up to 10% of her potential, our true asset is not in crude oil but in the potential of young vibrant people of our nation. The future of Nigeria is dependent on the opportunities we give our youth. The Ooni has set a precedent for us all to follow. I am happy for the opportunity to be part of a block-chain of young Entrepreneurs, making a difference. I left the events of the weekend humbled and overzealous to do more; inspired to be an agent of change in my industry.

More after the break.

Friday, January 24, 2020


Chief Dr. Mrs. Folashade Razak Okoya

... With their kids 

Against all odds, what began 2 decades ago is still going on pretty strong contrary to how people felt it should have ended. The then 50 plus year old man met and fell heads over heel in love with a 20 plus year old young and still impressionable girl then and one thing led to another and from just been mere lovers, who many thought he would just have discarded after a short-while, to now his darling, very stylish wife of 20 years and still going strong, with 4 grown up, well trained, brilliant kids to the booth.

So on the occasion of the awesome celebration of the man's 80th birthday, the gorgeous wife penned a heartfelt tribute that was both awesome and touching and in fact, something all should study and learn from on how they also can make their marriages work.

Hear Chief Dr. Mrs Folashade Okoya-

“My Chairman, there is nothing I write today that would be news to you, because you know everything about me. You are my Chairman, my darling husband, and my everything. I love you, just as you love me and I adore, respect and cherish you with all my heart and will forever do so. Both of us desired to make our marriage work, irrespective of the wide age difference, and I am thankful to God that we are all alive to witness the beautiful occasion of your 80th birthday and over 20 years of our marriage.

I knew when I got married to you, that it was I who had to adjust myself to fit into your life. You were in your 50s and fully formed, while I was still in my 20s. I never, therefore, made any attempt to change the way you did your things because I believe you were already used to your ways over the years and that trying to change you would be very unnecessary.

For me, marriage is about sacrifices; and since I did not want it to fail, I decided early in the day to sacrifice whatever was necessary. I studied your lifestyle and adjusted quickly; even though it was not easy, looking back now, I can say that it wasn’t really difficult. You made it much easier with your support, love, and appreciation. I am now more mature, smarter and have a better understanding of everything and now see things from a different perspective. I now clearly understand why you wanted things done your way and I am very glad I complied without much ado.

You are a man of great stature and wisdom, and all you ever wanted was for me to hold the house and family together; but as a young girl in her twenties, this task did not look easy or interesting at the time. I thank God for the wisdom and understanding he gave me to be an obedient wife and I can say today that everything you wanted was important and in order.

We now understand ourselves better, and all I can say to you as you celebrate is that I love you very dearly and I am grateful to God for blessing me with you – a wonderful husband and great friend.

You have supported me all the way; and with you by my side and God being so faithful, I have been able to play the role you wanted me to play, able to plan well in the Okoya Family and to fit in properly.

I have learnt great lessons and wisdom from you that I can even offer some of the words of marriage counseling to other couples, especially women. We all need, wisdom from God to understand that our husbands need to be respected and appreciated and be able to trust us. They want us to be loyal to them and I thank God for helping me to provide these for you because they matter so much to you.

There is nothing that you have asked for that was too much; although it was difficult at the beginning, I have overcome with patience. I have learnt not to argue with you. This, in any case, was never a challenge to me as I am naturally a peaceful person; which is why I could accept that I am wrong, even when I know that I am right, for the sake of peace. I believe that the argument will not get anyone anywhere.

I didn’t think you took note of these, but you did and have come to respect me so much because of these sacrifices.

As a matter of fact, I knew I had to shower you all the respect, especially because of the age difference, but you have reciprocated in so many wonderful ways that nobody can imagine, and I am indeed grateful. I thank you for appreciating me so much and for your love. Once I made my choice of you, I knew there was no going back, irrespective of whatever people thought then of my early marriage and the age gap between us. I had resolved to stay married and, thankfully, God has blessed me immensely, through your reciprocated love, care and attention.

Failure wasn’t an option for me as I can never trade my loving family and the peace of mind it provides for anything. You have been a wonderful husband and I am very happy with you. You have respected and loved me; and my prayer is that our love shall continue to wax even stronger, that we shall continue to respect each other, and that we will never take each other for granted. You have not, in any way, taken me for granted. I am sure we both enjoy each other’s company. Moreover, I personally feel happy and blessed in our marriage. Together, we have four lovely children, for whom you have been a great dad.

You have also given me the opportunity to soar professionally. You have trusted me to run your factories, which, I clearly understand, are very dear to you. For me, this is a great measure of trust and I shall, insha Allah, uphold this trust.

With your support, I am already able to achieve a lot, in terms of restructuring, rebranding, growing the company, and saving costs. We are working to attain your vision of ensuring that Eleganza Industrial City becomes the number one producers of household items in the entire Africa. I am proud to say that, as the Managing Director of Eleganza Industrial City, and with you by my side, Eleganza is much bigger, stronger and with high-quality products. I thank you for your mentorship, vision and support. I thank God for your health and ability to have clear and untainted vision at 80. I like to note that the New Eleganza Industrial City is a massive project located on 35 hectares of land. It is called an INDUSTRIAL CITY for the production of all kinds of household items and more.

My Chairman, you are so passionate about this project and I pray that Allah will continue to be kind and good to you and grant you the strength and health for achieving your dreams and goals in the new Eleganza Extension Site. I resume daily at the factory from Monday to Saturday. All I know is what you have taught me over the years. You remain the centre of my universe and my whole world revolves around you. I have even started to like factory life, just like you. I do not feel complete except I do my bit at the factory. I have gained a lot of experience from you, in both the manufacturing and real estate sectors.

People have asked me how I manage to cope running the company and combining it with family, and even social demands. You have honestly been a very supportive husband and I thank you today. You have helped me to rediscover myself. I am, no doubt, naturally a very structured and organized person. I outline my plans in such a way that all my roles are played without any one of them being compromised. Today, as you celebrate the milestone age of 80, you remain my everything, and I offer my continued unconditional love.

I will continue to love and to respect you and I pray that we both live many more years together. Happy Birthday to you, my Chairman! Our products, by the way, include the following:·Furniture (plastic chairs, tables, iron beds, iron clothes’ stands, and hangers, etc.); •Cooling boxes and food warmers; •Luggage of different sizes and designs; •Baby diapers and lady sanitaryware; •Soap, beauty products, etc.; •Hair vinyl thread; •Pet cap and perfume bottles; •Ladies’ shoes and men’s slippers; •Disposable and reusable plates and cups. Our recent new products include: •Casserole -different sizes; •Hair attachment and weave-on; •Aluminum and roofing sheets; •Shaving sticks; •Eleganza biros/cosmetics are coming back soon.