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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yes!!! with a very loud bang!!!at that, she only just dropped her 6th kid just a few days ago, and the ace musician is already up and about, rocking it with others at the L.A Rising Festival, which was at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The Ex-Fugee's has still refused to name who her baby daddy is, which is the topic of ongoing controversies, as if whoever her baby daddy is concerns anyone.

Look at those knee-length pair of boottttttssssssss!!!!!! Da yummmm!!!


She's always in your face anyhow you look at her, either in the way she dresses, her kind of music and most especially her hair colour, today its Flaming Red, tomorrow another colour, she just a few days ago changed the colour of her hair to a more naturally looking colour. So we would love to ask your opinion on which you think fits her the best. The flaming Red hair or the Brown one?.


Spice TV Presents Spice Haute Party

 Spice TV, a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle Channel from the stable of CMA (Consolidated Media Associates) content provider of Soundcity, Tellevista and VillageSquare presents the 2011 edition of Spice Haute Party.

 Spice Haute Party is a quarterly exclusive gathering of the affluent, professionals, fashion designers, musicians and technocrats in an atmosphere of glamour and luxury.

 Come the 5th of August Spice TV will gather fashion and music lovers at Four Point Hotel for a night of fun and social networking. The event will feature a sneak display of runway fashion from some of Nigeria’s notable designers, music performances from top artistes and majorly an amusing atmosphere to mingle and network.

 The event is proudly supported by Hennessey, Four Point by Sheraton, Mania magazine, Soundcity Channel and Sleek Make Up.

 For further enquiries, call: Faith Inegbe – 07066025690, Adeola Ojedokun – 08060022099

 Check out Spice TV website on

Friday, July 29, 2011


The Ex-Fugee's 1st lady just had a baby boy recently, making him her 6th kid in the past 15 years, so its not only in Africa that we love to have plenty of babies. Lauryn seems to be following the biblical injunction to the letter, which says in- Genesis 1:28 ''Be Fruitful & Increase in Number; Fill the Earth & Subdue it. & also Psalm 127:3 ''Behold,Children are a Heritage from the Lord,the Fruit of the Womb a Reward. By taking this quote in its simplest form, it must mean ''the more, the merrier'', so there is the possibility of a 7th child on the way, for a ''spiritual''  person like Lauryn, who loves to fulfill the words to the letter,the nos-7 means Completion,Perfection & Fulfillment, so that she can now take a rest from all the works, especially after an over-view of all the things made and the proclamation of GOOD on it all. Here is a picture of Lauryn's new baby boy.


Fine boy no pimple, was totally ''fagged out'' and had to take a quick nap, and we thought to show you. He ain't pregnant also, just a tiny bit over-fed, after a fantastic plate of fufu & efo-riro (plate of vegetables). 


Just in case, you pass-by Awolowo road, and you look up at Phenomenon and its shut down, don't be surprised, its not that they have closed down permanently for any reason whatsoever, its only a temporary shutdown to totally overhaul the Flagship of the growing lifestyle enterprise, and get it ready for a new lease of life, so as to cater better to the needs of the store's ever growing 1st class clientele, with 3 branches now,the flagship been the Awolowo rd,ikoyi branch, another at the Palms Mall,in Lekki and the newest been the Port Harcourt branch that has been an absolute success in all ramifications. The Phenomenon Stores owned by the very amiable business man-Azuh Francis, stocks the best brands of  Clothing's,apparels & other accessories sourced from Italy,France,U.K & the U.S & it is adjudged to be one of the best stores around in terms of sales.

Now we hear,that the store when re-opened would incorporate, a fully functional, high class female store, would retain its male store & in addition would now have a children section & a little surprise package, we are not yet ready divulge, the whole interior is going to be renovated to a far more beautiful and more functional one. So expect something very new from Phenomenon.

Thursday, July 28, 2011



Open letter: The air hostess has written a letter to Cheryl Cole offering her advice apologising for the way she found out Ashley wasn't the man she thought he was and warned the singer

The letter from the Air Hostess girlfriend-Kerry Meades of Chelsea FC player Ashley Cole to Cheryl his former wife about how terrible a rat the footballer is .


A purely "Hands on Practical" workshop!

Lagos, Nigeria 13th & 20th August,2011 -- The Nigerian Music Industry is becoming one
Of the world's fastest growing industries. The music content that is being produced from NAIJA is second to none...BUT can we say same about the QUALITY of most of them? Maybe yes? Maybe

no? Well...this is a WAKE UP call for every interested music producer/upcoming

music producers who want their products REFINED & POLISHED

So as to have a good RANKING anywhere in the world.
Various Workshop Modules are lined up for this INTENSIVE WORKSHOP. From (1) mixing to

Mastering. (2) Recording right to tips/tricks used by the PROS out there in various music

recording studios. Also another serious “CATCH 101” will be the "MUSIC BUSINESS MODULE" that will

be offered as well. GOOD NEWS is there is a "FREE WORKSHOP" that will teach on how to

mix and master right slated for 13th & 20th of August 2011. Other subsequent workshops will hold every quarter of the

year. WATCH OUT!!!

LIMITED SEATS WILL BE AVAILABLE as reservation is required. Our partners in

Lagos, Nigeria "MURENGE STUDIOS" can be reached on 
0803 419 2266. 

The whole idea is to bring you all the TIPS & TRICKS used out there so as to improve

What you do. The host is an experienced recording

Engineer/music producer who has worked for UNIVERSAL MUSIC and SONY BMG on several

projects that became HITS in South Africa, UK and beyond

For more info:

+27 83 754 2107

Doxology Music Studio is a privately run music studio that offers recording & media related services

to companies, artistes and record labels. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011









Its been 5 long years since they parted and everyone went there different ways to make a living, with Beyonce taking over the world as if it was hers alone, other members of the very famous Destiny's Child were in her shadow, though Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams did their utmost best to establish a solo career, it did not enjoy the same colossal success Beyonce has had over the years.  So when one of the trio-Kelly Rowland had her album release party for ''Here I Am'' last night, the others-Beyonce now Mrs. Carter & Michelle Williams came around to show support.


Much uproar come to fore after the part 1 of this report was written, where we were seeking clarifications about the whereabouts of the very happening dude-Known by many as Ahmed 11:45, there had been a report that he had been arrested in far away Atlanta,Georgia for theft/shoplifting, though we had seen the so called mugshot on a particular website, we had thought to crawl very carefully, while conducting our investigations as to the veracity of the story, knowing fully well some very despicable souls might have been up to no good, we did our best to contact the gentleman mentioned- in the person of Ahmed,through a number of his that ends with.......1145, but to no avail, we asked around, and many vouched that they had seen Ahmed in Lagos, at different places, about 3 to 4 days after his alleged arrest, so we had to be careful.

According to a source, we spoke to last night, there is another dimension to the whole story, and that particular dimension is the side of the man involved in the situation itself. There was no denial about the arrest whatsoever, but the case was not supposedly as viewed by everyone, according to our source, Ahmed & a very good friend of his, who is said to be a confirmed multi-millionaire had entered a store to shop, and had been shopping the storm, the store attendants on sighting a ''black'' dude and a white guy doing so much shopping, had called in the police to check them out, the police on coming in, had asked for both Ahmed & John his Friend to identify themselves, but the 2 supposedly had no identity card, so they were arrested and taken away, which supposedly was the reason for the mugshot, but after a call or 2, they were said to have been left off the hook immediately without paying any bond, which was why though people felt he was still supposedly in custody in Atlanta,Georgia,U.S.A, he had already flown back to Lagos,Nigeria. Case closed, don't you think?.

Not on your money, we hear both Ahmed & John are suing the store-which is said to have about a 120 branches across America for false accusation & the attendant terrible embarrassment caused to them, this is what our source explained to us, but, we are yet to personally get across to Ahmed to hear from the horses mouth, though many have confirmed for a fact that he is the country, and has been seen at many top spots in Lagos, minding his own business. As soon as there is any update or new development as par the whole truth of the situation,we will get it across immediately

FROM LOLA MAJA OKOJEVOH TO GOD & ALL-a beautiful thank you



New baby mommy Lola the top make-over artist who is married to Tonio, has been overwhelmed by the love shown her since the birth of her new baby and  she penned a very emotional thank you to God and to everyone else on her FB page-Excerpt''I feel as though I'm living in a dream. I'm not sure what I did to deserve such a beautiful life. I have the most amazing husband, family & friends. I'm humbled by the Love that has been received by our son into the world. He is truly blessed to be welcomed by so many. Thank you so much for all your support. God is ever faithful, without him I am nothing. Thank you father.''


We continually wish the family well. Undoubtedly,Lola & Tonio are 2 of the most fantastic people we have ever come across, so the avalanche of goodwill is to be expected, and very well deserved. First 5 pictures are from Fabmagazineonline.


The whole world seems to be in turmoil, everything seems to be going tupsy-turvy, there is palpable fear all around, cases of depression all around us, people are taking their own lives, some people deliberately go out of their ways to cut short other people's lives-What is going on in the world???.

Even the so called very advanced societies are grappling with very terrible debt situations, America the supposed Nos 1 world power is at a cross road, the UK is battling its own problems also, for many its not the best of times to be in charge. I still do not understand why a human being would decide of their own to snuff life out of themselves, maybe I do not understand because I have never been there before, It might also be because of my religious background, that has put the fear in me that to commit suicide is eternal damnation, I do not understand at all whats going on, looking at the case of the banker who recently committed suicide,I heard she had been depressed for a while, and I asked what must have triggered it in the first place, many had said it was because she was jilted by her supposed boyfriend, but I personally believe, it must have been much more than that, I heard yesterday, though unconfirmed, that she recently returned from a trip abroad where she had gone for an operation and her womb was removed and her supposed boyfriend who was supposed to be her support dumped her, could this have been the trigger for the suicide???.

How can a human being wake up in the morning and then use the name of a great and good God, to go about on a killing spree, for whatsoever reason(s), it can never ever be justified, what gives another human being the right to kill another???, a man in Oslo,Norway has caused worldwide pain & anguish by killing scores of innocent souls, he was said to have taken some drugs to steel himself, for the pain he was going to cause. what is taking over the people???, has the end of the world come?.

A well known politician was said to have left a meeting, then not too far from his office he insisted on using the toilet near the lagoon front, his next course of action still baffles everyone till tomorrow, he then removed some items of clothing and plunged into the open water, every opportunity to rescue him was spurned and a few days later his dead body was found, how can one put all this series of actions together.

Alexander McQueen, the very celebrated designer at just 40, and in a season where everything he touched seemed to turn to gold, took his own life just last year.He was said to have hanged himself after taking a cocktail of cocaine,sleeping pills and tranquilisers. And inquest said he had battled depression, pressures of work and the loss of his mom. What is going on???.

Amy Winehouse at just 27 was one extraordinary talent, who allowed her excesses to consume her, cutting short her very promising life & career at its prime, and causing untold pain,tears & sorrow for many, over-dosing on an excess of drugs, one only hopes this would have taught a lot in the same situation loads of lessons. What is going on???.

All over the news, the most you hear are all negative stories/news, 2 trains in China colliding and killing many, maiming many others, plane crash in Morocco killing 78 & injuring others and so many other terrible newsreel. What is going on ?


The countdown has already begun, by this weekend, this year's Big Brother Amplified would throw 2 lucky housemates out as the winners of $400,000 cool dollars, those 2 would be the last men or women or man & woman standing, this 2 would be the ones that Africa must have agreed were the 2 that deserved the ultimate prize. Its been many weeks of tactical maneuverings from all the housemates, doing their possible best to outsmart or outwit each other, many doing their best to be loved by Africa so as not to be thrown out, its been many weeks of intrigues,fights,tears,fun,sadness and whichever emotions by which you want to describe it. But 2 things stand out, the 2 Nigerian housemates have a very bright chance of both carting home the prize, 1-Vina has been adjudged by many as the most intelligent or one of the most intelligent in the house and by the stroke of luck many times, survived the many intrigues that the other housemates brought her way, she was one of the most nominated in the house, throughout the full duration of the show, but just like the corner stone rejected, that later came to be the chief cornerstone, she was the first assured of a final spot, even having to save one of the favourites-Karen. Karen the other Nigerian Housemate, had from the time they entered into the house, had been the court jester and in your face person, the first thing she did was to undermine her fellow country mate, insinuating that she was fake, majorly because of her accent and other sundry things she didn't like about Vina, but it was still this same Vina that saved her from being nominated at the last eviction show before the finals. Karen enjoyed a lot of popularity, majorly because most viewers thought she was the live-wire of this particular BBA Edition, why this is so might be because of her gargantuan edifice which she flaunted for all to see and also because she was adjudged to be the nos 1 Fun element in the house, so if she had left the house, there was the major possibility of the house losing colour,drama, and becoming very boring.

Now with only a week more or better still 5 days more and only 7 housemates-HANNI-ETHIOPIA,VINA-NIGERIA,LUCLAY-SOUTH AFRICA,KAREN-NIGERIA,LOMWE-MALAWI,SHARON O-UGANDA & WENDALL-ZIMBABWE left, who is or who are going to win the ultimate prize-$200,000 or $400,000?. Some have suggested that its the duo of Vina & Karen that would carry the day, how that is possible we do not know yet, the possibility of Africa allowing Nigeria to slam-dunk her again, we do not know, it would be 3 in a row for the country and if that happens, I can bet some rules would be changed for subsequent editions. Others have suggested Luclay & Karen, that's a possibility, reason is because, at least Nigeria & another country, this time the host nation would be winners, and both housemates seem to be the most popular anyway. But their is an outside chance of 2 entirely former unnoticed carting away the prize, either Sharon O & Wendall!!! or even Hanni & Lomwe.  What we at MM can predict for sure is this, at least one of the Nigerian housemates has won part of the prize & most likely a straight battle between Luclay,Wendall & Hanni is on for the other half. Africa who are your winners?.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The love of money has been said to be the root of all evil, and every day in our daily existence, the saying seems to continually ring true, or how else can one describe this terrible scenario, we hear for #18 Million Naira some unscrupulous elements are willing to do anything, and its mostly young guys, who lure their unsuspecting girl-friends and even male friends abroad, to have their kidney or kidneys removed for a price, and the kidneys are now in the market for organ transplant.

Unconfirmed report though sounds too good to be true, we hear its an on-going concern, most of the young guys would lure their friends to go on a trip to Dubai & then Malaysia, in Dubai they have all the fun of their lives, while the main destination is Malaysia, where there is an agent already, depending on the agreement with the agent, if it’s for one kidney or both kidneys, the unsuspecting guinea-pig might suddenly fall sick mostly due to their drinks been spiked, they are then rushed to a pre-arranged clinic, where an operation is performed and either one or the 2 kidneys are removed, if one is removed its #18Million, with the agent taking #8Million, and the remaining for whoever brings the person; If it’s the 2 kidney, which is known as MULE-a Yoruba word which literally means Drop IT-then its #36Million & with that the person is dead. We hear unsuspecting models are even the major targets, with the lure of jobs in exotic places & dreams of filthy lucre.

We are still investigating to find out, if anyone has fallen for the tricks yet, we just pray that our young ladies & guys would be wary & very careful.


She looks brand spanking HOTTTTTT!!!!!!!!, Though she's been away for a while now, she seems to be back in our face with a loud Bang!!!!, though we dont know, if she's still doing music the way we know her to do, Da Brat recently had a photo-shoot for VIBE Magazine, and she was looking fabulous.