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Thursday, August 26, 2010


This surely is one very controversial subject, many would ask the question that what gave one the audacity to say Nigeria has just 50 beautiful women, truly we are agree that they are in millions, several shapes and sizes abound from all the nooks and crannies of the country and even outside, but sometimes we need to have parameters that would guide one to come to a particular conclusion, this particular list by MAESTROMEDIA does not say that the people rated are the only beauties in the land, what we have tried to do is to say that amongst the very visible ones, those that we see daily and are in our face this particular one stands out, the face is waoh!!!!!, the structure is heavenly!!!!!, the carriage is out of this world, they are in a way stylish although not necessarily so, but just like FORBES MAGAZINE would say 'THE WORLD'S RICHEST LIST' and they have their parameters for their choice, and people tend to accept the list, this is MM's way of getting people involved in something fun, to arrive at most of the names chosen, the question 'who do you think are your 50 most beautiful Nigerian women' was sent out on 'BLACKBERRY MESSENGER' with not less than 200 responses sending in their nominees, it was also posted on TWITTER and on FACEBOOK, to make it a lot more interactive, MM has gone through the stress and trouble to put together a shortlist and pictures of some of those chosen and here is an opportunity to either agree or disagree constructively on the choices on the list. The names are not listed in any particular order- 1. NIKE OSINOWO SOLEYE, 2.IFEOMA WILLIAMS, 3.IBIDUN ITUAH IGHODALO, formerly Ibidun Ajayi, 4.RENI FOLAWIYO, 5.DOROTHY ATAKE, 6.BELLA ADENUGA DISU, 7.LOLA OMOTAYO, 8.JUMAI SHABA, 9.AISHA SHABA, 10.MUNACHI ABII,11. ANITA UWAGBELE ISEGHOHI, 12.OMOWUNMI AKINNIFESI, 13.ADAEZE IGWE YOBO, 14.GENEVIEVE NNAJI, 15.LOUISE PRIDDY, 16.OONA PRIDDY, 17.ELIZABETH ELOHOR AISIEN, 18.FUNKE KUTI, 19.ENE MAYA LAWANI, 20.FUNKE FOWLER, 21.OLAKUNBI OYELESE, 22.CAROLINE EKANEM DANJUMA, 23.AGBANI DAREGO, 24.STEPHANIE OKEREKE, 25. OMOTOLA JALADE EKEINDE, 26.IFEANYI MORDI ADEFARASIN, 27. ADESUA ONYENOKWE, 28.BIANCA ONOH OJUKWU, 29.YETUNDE ASIKA BAKARE, 30.DAISY DANJUMA, 31.ERELU ABIOLA DOSUNMU, 32.MODUPE OZOLUA, 33.OLUCHI ORLANDI, 34.LISA FOLAWIYO, 35.BIMBO AKINTOLA, 36.ONARI DUKE, 37.MAIDEN IBRU, 38.NIKE AKANDE, 39.TONTO DIKEH, 40.TOLA SUNMONU, 41.ANU AMUSAN, 42.LOLA MAJA, 43. REGINA ASKIA, 44.STEPHANIE OKOTIE, 45.DAMILOLA OTUBANJO, 46.HELEN PREST AJAYI, 47.STELLA DAMASUS, 48.MAKEDA MOKA, Face of sleek, 49.RONKE AYUBA, 50.AMINA ALLI BALOGUN, 51. ZARA OKPARA, 52.AYO AMUSAN, 53.ONOJOMA IBRU ONIWINDE, 54.ADAORA OLEH, 55.BISI SHITTU, 56. YAR ADUA GALS, 57. FREDA EDEWOR FRANCIS, THIS LIST can still accommodate so many names because the idea is for us to subtract and add where possible, so your contributions would be specially appreciated. Going through the list personally some were on target, others were out rightly hilarious and some might be a straight NO!!!!. We particularly agree that beauty is subjective and each person defines it as they deem fit. These are only a few of the pictures, as soon as we get more they shall be posted.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Her very elaborate wedding ceremony that took all of a month is still being talked about several weeks after it happened, the very beautiful and cerebral daughter of billionaire mogul Otunba Dr. Michael Adenuga who is the chairman of the 2nd national carrier (GLOBACOM), top oil company (CONOIL), owner of top bank (ETB) and reputed to be one of the biggest property owners in the country, showed all and sundry how to put good money to good use, the wedding ceremonies is reputed to have cost at least a billion naira. While Bella is a top executive director at GLOBACOM, her husband JAMEEL DISU is a United states returnee businessman who is said to be into communications big time, the news in town now is that BELLA is on the 9 months course, like most women would be at some points in their lives, and from what we hear, though the speculation is unconfirmed ,she is already many months gone and many not be returning into the country until the birth of OTUNBA ADENUGA'S 1st grandchild, many say though unconfirmed also , that Bella is one of Chief Adenuga's favorite, so if all calculations are as it should be most probably there would be another major celebration in the ADENUGA/DISU'S home before the end of the year or at most the first quarter of 2011. MM is using this opportunity to say a big congratulation to the couple and their families.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


2 of the FCT most gorgeous beauties, who are the initiators of a household brand- SELARA STUDIOS & Also FACE OF SELARA, Chats exclusively with MM.
WHAT IS SELARA FACES ALL ABOUT -Selara faces is make- up and Life Style Company. The event Face of Selara was created three years ago, with the main aim of matching outer beauty with inner beauty. Therefore Face of selara is a beauty pageant about empowering young ladies, building up their confidence and giving back to the society. We have chosen children’s orphanages as our main focus in our charity endeavors; because we believe they are our future. Therefore we use this pageant not only to promote our brand but also to create awareness for the orphanages.
LETS HAVE A BRIEF ABOUT THE FACE OF SELARA COMPETITION SO FAR-The first winner of the competition was Meg Kaka (2008) and Blessing Osirim (2009). As stated earlier, the competition is to empower young ladies, giving them an opportunity to better themselves and give back to the community. As the competition grows, so do the rewards. The past winners both got contracts to work with us for the year of their reign, which exposed them to the fashion and beauty industry. Thus enabling them develop their interest in modeling and the artistry of makeup. They featured in a few runway shows, music videos, had magazine spreads, and have become good make up artists. In addition to this they got cash prizes and the last winner got a car.
SO WHAT STANDS YOUR PRODUCT AND BRAND OUT FROM ALL OTHERS, YOU SEEM TO HAVE TAKEN ABUJA BY STORM-Our brand is fantastic because our make up and skin care line are of excellent quality, long lasting, very effective and affordable. With make up, high pigmentation and right tones are very important; we made sure to put this into consideration when we were creating our brand. We haven’t yet taken Abuja by storm, but by His grace this would happen soon enough, not only Abuja, but also the whole country. Selara faces would definitely be a force to reckon with in the makeup industry
TWO GORGEOUS LOOKING SISTER WORKING IN THE SAME SPACE, DOING SAME THING, HOW DO YOU COPE-As sisters working in the same business we cope because we compliment each other. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so it makes us a perfect team.
THERE ARE SO MANY STUDIOS SPRINGING UP DAILY, WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT YOURS-Even though they are a lot of makeup studios springing up, we are able to cope because in addition to having fantastic products, we bring something extra. Firstly we both work on every client, bringing our different areas of expertise, giving our clients the very best. Plus its not just about money, it is a passion, and the satisfaction we get from pleasing our clients.
SO WHAT ARE YOUR BEAUTY SECRETS, HOW DO YOU BOTH LOOK SO GOOD AT ALL TIMES- Our beauty secret is working from the inside. Some people are blessed with natural good skin, while some aren’t. So it is all about using the right skincare products, to achieve to perfect look. If your skin isn’t right there is no way the make up is going to sit right. It is so important to do the daily facial regimen of cleanse, tone and moisturize; even those with good skin would have to maintain it. When coupled with the right diet, the sky is the limit. The 3rd edition of the FACE OF SELARA CONTEST is slated for sometime in November, and forms are out already for intending participants who fit the requirements to get, for further enquiries call-08036081543

AISHA SALAMI ON IYSHA FIERCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DESIGNERS WORKSHOP. WHAT’S A DAY IN THE LIFE OF THESE DESIGNER LIKE. Hectic, is the word that readily comes to mind. I wake up every day thinking “how I can make this woman beautiful in a manner that's unique" then I get to work. WHY CHOOSE TO MAKE CLOTHES, WHY NOT ANOTHER CREATIVE PLATFORM Fashion is where my real passion lies. I could have gone on to other things and still have been good at them, but somehow I'm sure in the blueprints of my life, it’s there somewhere that my ultimate medium of expression will be the clothes I make. WHAT PARTICULARLY PREPARED YOU FOR THIS The ever changing trends and also the realization that people's style consciousness had gone through the roof. WHERE DOES INSPIRATION COME FROM, WHAT HELPS TO GALVANISE IT Inspiration is ultimately from God. And also global trends, fabrics, target clients each with their unique needs. A combination of all this, fuels my imagination.
CREATIVE PEOPLE ARE OFTEN SAID TO BE CRANKY, WOULD THAT BE THE CASE WITH YOU TOO, AND IF SO WHY? Well, I’m only cranky when I don't get enough sleep or when my thought process is interrupted. Those eccentricities are peculiar to each individual. I do my best to be as calm as I possibly can. Not necessarily as a personal quality but as an operational requirement.
WHEN ARE YOU AT YOUR CREATIVE BEST? When I'm surrounded with beautiful fabrics, I'm like a child in toysRus. Every fabric triggers a slew of ideas.
DO YOU HAVE HANDS ON EXPERIENCE IN ALL AREAS OF YOUR WORK, DRAWING/DRAFTING, DESIGNS, SEWING/TAILORING, CUTTING ETC I'm involved in the entire process. Besides designing, my tailoring skills are quite brilliant if I may say so myself. WHICH IS THE HARDEST PART OF THE JOB AND THE SIMPLEST PART? I would say the hardest part is having to make sure your designs are as diverse as possible taking into cognizance your clients unique requirements, while still maintaining the essentials’ that make it uniquely yours.
I think my clothes are fun and fresh. I bring a new twist to already existing designs every time. And because I can sew, I understand that the importance of fit and finish can not be over-emphasized. For appointments pls call-08087822222

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Prior to its release recently, the buzz about the film-IJE that featured two of the most prominent and probably the 2 most successful Nigerian actresses; OMOTOLA JALADE EKEINDE & GENEVIEVE NNAJI had been unprecedented, the buzz was such that everyone both fans and critics alike were ready to see what all the noise was all about, though MM has not yet seen the film, but if one has to judge by the reactions of those who have ,then the producers have released a winner into the market and they must surely smile to the bank, the premiere which was recent had all the heavyweights of the Nollywood industry present and loads more. The movie IJE with a cast that comprises of both Nigerian actresses and a top latino actor already has won about 12 awards and still counting.