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Monday, May 29, 2017


Unless Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, 26, been the real name of popular artist Burna Boy settles with New York based promoter by name Niyi Fatogun of Vibesland Entertainment, LLC a Supreme Court in America has passed an injunction banning him from either performing or doing any form of recording of any kind in the US and Canada for the time being.

The very prolific artist, who is under his own eponymous label Burna Boy Limited was sued for breach of contract, by Vibesland Entertainment, LLC at the Federal Courts over a concert tour of the US and Canada in 2016, for which he refused to turn up and also postponed the said tour.

The promoter in his claims had said prior to the contract, his company had already expended about $25000 dollars towards the tour, which put his brand in serious debt situation, not only that, that his brand had obtained for Burna Boy a USA work permit visa for the tour, for which the artiste didn't even show up at all, after all the promotions done towards the tour.

The case was heard on May 17, 2017 in the US and for the breach in contract, the court has placed the ban/injunction on the musician until he settles the promoter for the financial losses he made as per the failed tour.

Saturday, May 27, 2017


The only white lion (Kiniun Funfun), also known as the big fish (Eja NLA), the one and only D Banj aka Bangalee welcomed his first child, a son at that in America just yesterday.

Dude had gotten married quietly sometime ago, but decided to keep the news/information under the radar, instead of the society wedding everyone had expected, he had gone totally low key, even keeping the identity of his other half well wrapped.

But the excitement of this his new boy, Daniel Oyebanjo III was so much, that he announced the birth on Instagram. Mother and Junior are in great health.


Thursday, May 25, 2017


If former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode were a rapper, we can bet his name would have been something like the "lyrical FFK". Seriously!!! Dude is so good at yarning lines he would rival Kanye West.

The former minister is well known not only for his gift of the garb, he combines that good gift also with the ability to write well too; so by that alone it's obvious his communication skills are top notch and he was puts that into great effect all the time, whenever possible or he is given the opportunity to show off. Maybe that's why he has had the "enviable or is it unenviable" record of sweeping many ladies off their feet.

Like it is said, FFK is a lover and not a fighter. ??????

So on the special occasion of his wife's birthday today, Thursday, May 25, 2017, the trained lawyer went overboard in a very positive way, though by celebrating her very sweetly, waxing very lyrical and hyperbolic. He showed in his epistle to his wife and mother of his son, that his poetic licence was well earned and that he loves her dearly, nearly worshipping the ground she treads on.  Ooooo what love!!! Even the fatalistic Romeo must be blushing here!!! Shakespeare had better re-write that story.

The gorgeous Ibo lady on her own part, released some very stunning and colourful pictures to celebrate her day.

Hear FFK serenade his Snow-White-


From the hills of Ohafia and the valleys of Abriba comes you that makes me smile.

More after the cut.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Hmmmmmmm, so Hints Magazine is back and with a bang at that again. It used to be the best of its type of publication then. Now the publishers​ have since gone to do their homework and they are back now, more colourful, more interesting and ready to titillate endlessly no doubt. Still centred on Lifestyle, Romance and Gossip, three very saleable platforms.

On the cover of this edition is none other than the former queen of video vixens herself, her royal "vixenette", the one and only Jennifer Oseh aka @LadyVhodka.

Not only was she the best then, she's now one of the baddest stylist in town as we speak. Always in your face, with some outstanding looks and badass poise and pose, showing off her unrelenting and bold style. That she is in hot demand, is like downplaying it, those who wants to be distinct on the style stake always crave her expertise.

More after the break.


Like they say, he that a new year meets should be grateful and thankful, so it seems like for this authentic "big boy", known by many as Dapo Abiodun, celebrated by many as the the Capone of Heyden oil and Gas, an indigenous oil and gas firm and looked at in wonder by loads more, as the fine Adonis by those who don't know himthat much, but who just admires the handsome man with cool features and his dandyish carriage.

The Ogun State born businessmana d recently also politician, who has made his mark in life, who if God permits might one day run the affairs of his beloved state Ogun State, in one capacity of the other, is a year older this month.

He swept everyone, all comers off their feet, when he added a year last year, with a celebration that got people mopping and gobsmarked, that those who attended still recall with glee and excitement. It was a first class celebration in all ramifications. The celebrant took the pains to elevate his guests to the stratosphere and back. So because of that experience,many are already anticipating and expecting an elevation of last year's type of party. Where rare liquor were at the beck and call of those who attended.

Come Sunday, May 28, 2017, a day before his main day been, Monday, May 29, 2017 all roads would lead to a special location in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria where the very suave dandy and liquid fellow, would declare open his new baby and venture, aptly named 12 TEMPLE.

The super exclusive, one of its kind lounge is packaged as a strictly​ members only enclave for the top notch. It would be a convergence point for the eagles in the society. An understanding of that legendary bird of prey would give a clear understanding of what this mega spot is supposed to be like and the likes of clientele it would cater to. The eagle like the hawk are birds that enjoys solitude and don't live amongst mere birds.

So 12 Temple, would cater to top notch business people, aristocrats, well heeled and influential government officials etc. And the location is perfect, as Ikoyi is known for been the best place to own a property in Nigeria.

12 TEMPLE is modelled after the likes of some of the most exclusive clubs/lounges in the world, the likes of Silencio in Paris, Soho House in London, White's also in London, Core, in Manhattan, New York, Capital Club in Dubai, UAE, Kee Club, both in Hong Kong and Shanghai and Yellowstone Club, Montana, USA.

When you are liquid to a certain extent and the mundane is not your usual stress, there are some perks that are expected by you and a membership of 12 TEMPLE is one of such perks.

So congratulations to the man of the people, friend and brother of Tayo Ayeni of Skymit Motors fame, the one, the only Dapo Abiodun. Salute. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Maybe to further buttress the fact that he is now a member of the ruling party APC, after jettisoning the PDP a while back, Warri, Delta State monrybag, Chief Ayiri Emami arrived the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja very recently in a private jet to meet with APC, National leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the Minister for Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed. Whatever it was that was the subject of discussion we don't know, but it must have been important.

On the jet also was oil and gas czar, Dapo Abiodun of Heyden, who is really enjoying a new lease of life businesswise. Is brand was one of the few chosen for some multi-billion dollar, oil for product swaps.

Ayiri and Lai Mohammed

Dapo Abiodun and Ayiri


What a victory for the convicted felon and former Governor of Delta State, the warlord Chief James Onanefe Ibori, who recently too the British Secretary of State to court for unlawful detention and who won the case.

For that win the "highly respected politician" and kingmaker, who took to his heels from Nigeria years back to escape prosecution won a staggering £1 Pound in damages. He had escaped to Dubai the UAE, where he had an extraordinary amount of investments​, but was surprisingly extradited later to the UK ,where he was convicted and jailed for fraud. Curiously he had worked in the same UK years before as a store cashier.

Though the worth of victory monetarily wasn't extraordinary, the important aspect of the victory at least was that, it showed that he wasn't deported from the Queen's land, but he was rather "allowed", to leave voluntarily on his own volition. The unlawful detention victory came about because he was detained for a day and some hours more, after his initial release from prison after finishing his term for fraud, which was in excess of £50 million pounds.

Now that he has at least won this colossal and monumental victory, especially since returning to Nigeria, that might actually clear the way for him to contest for any elective post anytime he wants. Chief IBORII has an incontestable number of followers, ready at any time to lead him to victory.

Congratulations to the great man of the people, for this very important victory. May more Victory like this come subsequently.  


One of the most respected practitioners in the art of entertainment in Nigeria, Saidi Balogun, who recently clocked 50 years old on earth as a show of empathy towards his 3 fallen colleagues in the industry, whose untimely demise all happened very recently, has postponed all the merriment which was to have commenced this week and to last for 4 days till a latter date.

For the ace actor and film maker, it is his own way of honouring​ the 3, with the most recent death that of Moji Olaiya in Canada, before that Adesina Adesanya had passed on and before him, Olumide Bakare, all under 30 days.

Olumide Bakare's burial ceremonies have been fixed for Thursday and Friday, May 25 and 26, 2017.

Saidi, who recently just returned from Pilgrimage to the Holy land has since pushed his birthday celebration to July 4 till 7, 2017.  


The Inimitable Jagaban of Borgu, and ASIWAJU, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu extended​ his hands of magnanimity towards the committee in charge of the burial of ace actress Moji Olaiya, whose untimely demise happened only last week in Canada, just 2 Months after putting to bed with her 2nd child.

The very well loved thespian is said to have succumbed to the death via a heart related issue.

The ASIWAJU of Lagos, also sometimes referred to as the Olowo Eko, a title that is actually for the Paramount King in Lagos, Oba Akiolu, the Oba of Lagos, put is money where his mouth his, with his donation.

Though an exact amount was not announced by the respected and revered politician and National leader of the APC, some other media outlet had claimed the donation might likely be to the tune of about $50000 dollars.

The donation is to be used to transport the corpse of the lovely actress and mother of 2 back to the country, for a befitting burial.

Unlike Governor Fayose whose every action is more of playing to the gallery, who has not donated a Kobo to the committee, Asiwaju has shown that he has the milk of human kindness in abundance and we commend him for his gesture.

Monday, May 22, 2017


Oba Saliu Adetunji​

Governor of Oyo, Senator Abiola Ajimobi

There's already a growing sense of discord pervading the atmosphere in Ibadan land, in Oyo State, that if care is not taken to especially nip in the bud, might go overboard.

The respected monarch of the town of 7 hills, Oba Saliu Olatunji is already arrayed now against his chiefs better referred to as the Olubadan-in-council.

The bone of contention between the 2 are two-pronged. First the Olubadan-in-council are totally against the dethronement of the present Iyalode of Ibadan, Chief Mrs. Labake Lawal and the subsequent enthronement of another to replace her, in the person of Chief Mrs. Iswat Ameringun.

Their other grouse with the respected monarch who only just very recently celebrated his 1st anniversary on the throne is that their input and advice was totally discarded in the choice of the Olubadan honouring Chief Layiwola Lakojo as the Mayegun of Ibadan. The new Mayegun, a former Secretary to the Government of Oyo,  is a friend and ally of Chief Olusegun Aremu Okikiola Obasanjo, the former President of Nigeria.

The matter if not handled well and quickly could degenerate.

Just as the town is still trying to deal with the situation at hand, the executive Governor of the state in the person of Senator Abiola Ajimobi, might also have added pepper or salt to frayed nerves, by his announcement of a commission of inquiry, whose number 1 mandate is to review the process of choosing the Olubadan.

Though this commission's outcome might not adversely affect the position of the present Olubadan, what might affect him might be the whittling down of his power. Reason for this is because, the commission is also mandated to look the possibility of having more kings (royal fathers/monarch) in the ancient town, having in mind, the present size and population of Ibadan.

One just hopes all of these activities is not akin to seating on a gunpowder keg not too far from a firestorm.

The Olubadan stool has enjoyed one of the most rancour free ascension line, with all the ones to take over successively knowing about it long ahead and waiting patiently. To now rejigg at this time, though if truth be told changes are needed, is to invite chaos and anarchy. 


She has her ways about always getting the attention wherever she goes, the Cameroonian bombshell also has never been nominated on the "best dressed or most stylish" list ever before, but even at that, you can only ignore her at your own peril.

She's a brand and she knows it well and therefore loves and revels in all the attention she gets, whether good or bad; in fact she rides on the attention, galloping on it like a prized mare.

Check her out here on the red carpet in her not too descriptive black and yellow outfit selling her wares! Selling her wares? Yes! Herself.

The beauty products boss intrigues us. Seen here on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards 2017 in Nevada.


Master of the game
Collaboration from music heaven

Better to start from home before any other. A massive congratulations to our dear own boy extraordinaire, the one and only Wizkid as he did great at the Billboard Music Award 2017 in Nevada just earlier today.

Out of 8 awards he was nominated for courtesy of his collaboration with artist of the moment, Drake, Wizkid won in 3 categories namely- Top Streaming Song (Audio), Top R & B song and Top R & B collaboration, all for the song Drake featuring Wizkid and Kyla 'One Dance".

That's a good 3 over 8 and we are just very happy for the very talented and hardworking, young man, who has gradually grown to becoming the biggest home grown talent outta Nigeria. More grease to your elbow and more awards as you continue on your quest towards world domination, music and entertainment wise.

Meanwhile, the man from Canada, the swav and cool dude with the ultimate swag, that's the one and only Drake boyyyyyyyy!!!! Swept the Billboard MusicAward 2017, annihilating and obliterating the nearest to him, winning 10 incredible awards. From Top Rap Album for Views, Top Billboard 200 album also for Views, Top Rap Tour, Top Rap Artist, Top Streaming Songs Artist, Top Song Sales Artist, Top hot 100 Artist, Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Male Artist and finally to the ultimate "Top Artist"!!!! That's an incredible one, but it is even made more incredible by the time you also add the collaboration with Wizkid and Kyla, making a colossal 13 awards in just one night.

The nearest to Drake in terms of numbers was far far behind and it's the incredible and about to pop, Beyonce, who won in 5 categories herself namely, Top R&B artist, Top R&B Tour, Top R&B album for Lemonade, Top Touring and finally Top Female Artist.

Again a big congratulations to Wizkid and by extension to Drake for helping to take a man towards his dream. Africa is on the rise! 

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Melody nos 1- First he sonorously commends Governor Akinwunmi Ambode for doing excellently well in his service delivery. That he is pleased with what the action Governor is doing.

Melody nos 2- Then in the same breathe, he castigates his own party chieftain, Ali Modu Sheriff and says he would rather follow the opposition than to follow him. He went further to say that, should Modu Sheriff win his case and be made the Chairman of PDP by the Supreme Court, that's when he would cease to be a member of the PDP.

Melody nos 3- Then he waxed lyrical, when he corrects the notion that he had already jumped ship from PDP to APC. The speculation was rife that he had moved from his beloved PDP to APC. So he claims that a politician of his status would not move and that move not be heralded by much fanfare that it deserves. So by that it means, he hasn't moved yet. All that's been heard are just rumours.

Melody nos 4- Then he went rapping, when he went on to state that he was never comfortable while he was estranged from his godfather, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Jagaban of Borgu, with whom he was at loggerheads with since 2006, that's for 11 straight years until recently. He went further to say that he his happy to have finally made peace with the Asiwaju. That losing a personal relationship with the Jagaban was a mistake. That the fence mending is not for any political reason, but rather for Lagos and personal interest.

We totally commend his dexterity at mixing all the genres of music together so effortlessly and greatly and therefore recording an award winning single.

Remember that the nightingale is that little bird🐦, well known for its rich melodious songs, often heard at night!

More grease to your elbow, the Great Koro!!!!


Mohammed Kawu Baru

Dr. Maikanti Baru

It is absolutely not the best of times for the Group Managing Director (GMD) of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Dr. Maikanti Baru. It's like all he holds dear, are been torn apart and taken from him one after the other. And the anguish of the losses, are most definitely too much for only one person to bear.

Imagine just one person being hit left, right and centre by the cold hands of death, all in the space of  just 2 months!!! First in the month of April of 2017, he lost his mother who resides in Misau, Bauchi State to death, while still bemoaning his fate, another sad news slipped in to jolt him again, when he lost his sister while preparing for the annual oil and gas conference known as OTC in Houston, Texas, then still not ending at that, just on Thursday, what could break any man occurred. He lost his 18 year old son, Mohammed Kawu Baru, a 1st year architecture major of the American University in Sharjah, who had collapsed and gave up the ghost, while on a school organised hiking exercise at Fujairah.

The brilliant boy has since been buried at the Sharjah Emirates Cemetery.

May all the dearly departed would make Aljanah.


Where is the sumptuously beautiful and gorgeously stylish UGONNA OMERUO,? The creatively blessed and super talented young designer, who held sway a few years ago!

It's like she has totally gone off the radar and has gone totally incognito. Even her fashion brand cum label with which she mesmerised many with her talent seem to have gone comatose also.

When she was still on the radar, she dazzled all comers with her colourful and intricate creations, she was also a fun fashionista in her own right, as she was always on point, with people always on the look out to see how she would be garbed at the next event/occasion.

The last we heard was whether she had relocated abroad for school, but it's been 2 years now going 3 & yet not even a glimpse, so where is Ugonna Omeruo and what happened to her baby, House of Nwocha? 

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Yummy !!!!!

Totally gobsmarkingly gorgeous.

Our subject matter today, who is our ultimate eye candy is a fashionista to the core and beyond.

This is one proud peacock who knows how to dazzle with her beauty and gorgeousness. Her name is Olaitan Olubi and she's the creative director of her own fashion label, Magnetic Elegance.

Young, beautiful, vivacious, magnetic and very very creative at that.

Truth is she's got the Oomph and she got all our attention.


More gorgeous pictures after the break. Please click on read more below.


The king having a tete-a-tete

The Oloris, the King & Prince Lanre Tejuosho

Papa Ayo Oritsejafor and Tope Alabi

Revered monarch and one of the most prominent kings from Ogun State, his royal highness, Oba Dr Adedapo Adewale Tejuosho, the Osile-Oke Ona Egba, Karunwi III, clocked 28 years on the throne of his forbears very recently and to celebrate the occasion, his organisation Oba Karunwi Evangelical Movement organised the 28th hours praise marathon as a form of thanksgiving.

The royal father is an avowed Christian, who has for several years now, proudly carried the flag of his faith very openly, without fear or favour.

The very lovable king, who is a wonderful father to 20 plus kids, and the husband of 3 gorgeous and quite colourful Oloris (queens) was crowned March 20, 1989 exactly and this year is his 77 birthday.

The king has had many momentous opportunities to showcase his faith to the admiration of all. The only son of the 3rd Iyalode of Egbaland, which is the highest cheiftaincy title a woman can hold in the land, in 2005 when he was 67 years old caused to be removed from his father's compound the Obatala idol, which caused a lot of anger against him then, by the traditionalists. In fact another King then rose in open opposition against him, castigating against going against the tradition and culture of the land, that Oba actually died a year later.

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We had wanted to keep the excitement till next week before, but because of how things are we have thought to change our mind. The excitement is just too overwhelming, just just too much to keep till next week.

But before we go on, let's try to establish some parameters here and rules of engagement as it is, as a house rule. We do not like the outright use of full names in commentaries, we prefer intials or sobriquets or monikers or nicknames or just first names alone. We pray and hope you do understand. Thanks for that understanding for it means the whole world to us. So back to the story now.

We are so happy and even over excited to announce with much aplomb at that, that the most celebrated lady of the moment, the one, the only, the supremely gorgeous lady with the beautiful eyeballs, the same one that some of our commentators have claimed can only travel to only Dubai, UAE and the UK, the fashionista extraordinaire known as and addressed as BO, that's not the initials for "body odour" though is Preggggggggggnant!!!!!

More after the break. Pleaee click on read more below


Hmmmmmmm. Though what we would try to explain in this write-up might sound very foolish and preposterous, but from those we spoke to about it, it is actually the truth and many even swore by it.

We all already know many of these culprits known as the Yahoo boys and what they represent. Many of those whose major preoccupation in life is to swindle and hoodwink others and reliving them of their hard earned money and life savings. These boys and men and even girls sometimes too, come in many colourations, those whose focus are on foreigners and those whose focus are on targets based here in Nigeria.

We heard that for one to do "local" as they call it, the one has to be hard boiled, well seasoned in jazzy matters (juju) so as to be able to hoodwink effortlessly and also as a form of protection to evade scrutiny and arrest.

While many of these boys/men/women succeed and have succeeded based on the absolute greed of their subject matter, for some of their victims it's not about greed alone, there is also the diabolical manipulations involved also which can apparently sway people. Which was what birthed the offshoot of the Yahoo syndrome now tagged Yahoo plus.

Yahoo plus, in it's simplest form actually means that another dimension was added to their mode of operation, to aid in its execution and this added dimension is as deadly as can be, as these guys involved don't care what happens to their victims as long as they would keep having money and stay relevant, spending money like there's no tomorrow.

More after the break. Please click on read more below.

Friday, May 19, 2017


Amira is the London trained super gorgeous daughter (one of the) former Chief of Air Staff, the Late AM Ibrahim Alfa.

She is young, gorgeously beautiful, very well educated, a calm child who is very well trained and quite respectful, a fashionista to the core and an upcoming presenter, who is set to take over the entertainment scene pretty soon.

She has just been unveiled as the Face of the AFRICA FASHION WEEK NIGERIA 2017, the 4th edition in the series and franchise, which also is part of Africa Fashion Week London.

The AFWN 2017 is set to hold in the next 2 weeks at one of Nigeria's​ Most Iconic venues, the National Art Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos. A place that can not be easily forgotten in the history of Nigeria, as it played host to the Festac 77, the world festival of black arts and culture.

According to the organisers of the show, their choice of the impressive young lady is because she represents today's young, African, that's vibrant and vivacious and that's unafraid to explore and dream.

Her pictures above, evokes the best of the Egyptian queen of yore, Nefertiti. 


Hmmmmmmm. She's yummy, well packaged, well connected, fashionista to the core and even involved now in the fashion business. Long before now, she had always been a successful entrepreneur, with hands in many pies. Long ago she owned a very good business involved in the food/beverage service industry, as at that time, none could rival the equipments that she had then, she was that big. Those her big expressive eyeballs are not there for just mere looking at things at all. She has always been SHARP & that truly is in capital letters, sharp sharp.

Since she moved into the clothing business, she's done very well for herself and her exclusive clientele, which includes Senator............, basically because she brings in super exotic and expensive fabrics from around the world, which she transforms into very exquisite creations, kudos to get for this. That she's gifted is not in doubt, "Midas"(a terrible flirt himself) seem to have been bewitched also by those alluring google eyes and that shape which was far more, before she trimmed down and there's that sing-song way she talks that mesmerises the ears in that sonorous way.

But with all her package, she also has an uncanny ability, that's extraordinary too. Those very expressive, round and beautiful eyes that we mentioned above are not just there for play at all (not for watching Uche Lol!!!!!!), like those of the hawk or eagle those 2 majestic birds of prey, who from an extraordinary height can hone in on a prey, her eyes too are awesome in their abilities, in fact they are exceptional. Once those eyes catches a prey, that prey is already literally done for. That target must fit a particular profile or criteria, but the number one of the criteria is that he must be undeniably liquid, must be super rich/wealthy, like some would say in that stinkingly way and the other attribute might also be that he would have roving eyes, who loves the game.

Once target is acquired, he has already become a prey and a weakling at that and he would serve till he his discarded with ignominy.

More after the break. Please click on read more below..  

Thursday, May 18, 2017


As if to say thank you very much for the past and welcome back on board again by the State Government of Cross River, ably led by Professor Benedict (Ben) Ayade, the Executive Governor of the rich and very beautiful South-South state; PR Guru, Brand Specialist extraordinaire and Communicator par excellence, Charles O'tudor has been engaged by successive governments to help repackage and re-brand the image and the perception of the state and how people, both inside and outside view the oil producing state. The result of this mandate given to him is to be unveiled next week towards the celebration of Cross Rivers @ 50 anniversary.

O'tudor, who is the principal consultant and head honcho at one of West Africa's best strategy brand- Adstrat, is taking off from where he left before, though in another capacity. His extraordinary handprints​ are all over Cross River, where his expertise many areas He was said to have done an extraordinary job when he was engaged then by the government of Liyel Imoke as the head of the Parastatal in charge of outdoor advertising and signages in the state. According to the many encomiums that came his way while saddled with that responsibility, he was able to bring discipline and sanity to what was then seen to have been in utter chaos before, thereby earning good returns for the government. He was also the brain behind many other laudable projects like Destination Cross River, Carnival Calabar just to mention a few.

Now that he has been engaged for another great assignment, expectations are already high and there's​ palpable excitement in the state, as many already know that he has the uncanny ability to always deliver on given mandates​.

Charles O'tudor who is very well known in and outside the industry for his ability to come up with award winning brand principles which are unique to himself, such like oxygenation of brand ideals, deoxygenation of archaic ideas and principles just to mention a few, is expected to immediately help add life to how the state known as the People's Paradise is perceived.

We wish him the very best in this new assignment.


Show me that man that the gods are smiling on and I will show you that man, who has made a success out of nearly all opportunities that has come his way.

IGHO C. SANOMI II, the young Turk who has taken giant steps that those much older and seemingly more experienced couldn't dare take, is one of such that the gods have smiled on very lavishly at that. The young philanthropist par excellence was 42 just yesterday, May 17, 2017 and not wanting to go ostantacious like many would have done, he had a quiet celebration. But those who matter around the world and who know the worth of the young and exceedingly liquid and hardworking man, didn't allow the day just go like that, like an avalanche, the good will and good wishes poured and poured in, in torrents.  It was a flood like storm of greetings, with​ many praying for longlife and good health and more giant strides in his many endeavours.

One out of the severals who thought of salute and wish him very well, was none other than the pride of the moment, the most celebrated boxer on earth presently, the soon to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, the young, the handsome, the strong, the resilient, the one and only Anthony Joshua.

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Jibrin and Maryam

Birthday Boy
Maybe to show to the world that his suspension from the House of Representatives has not had any adverse effects of any kind on him, suspended House member, Honourable Abdulmumin Jibrin went picture and joy crazy of recent.

The enfant terrible of the national assembly, Honourable from Kano, who represented Kiri/Bebeji Federal Constituency in Kano, who has refused to be intimidated by the whole might of the House for his whistle blowing allegations of budget padding against the house, which led to his suspension for taking this particular stand, looked very happy and at peace in the several pictures he took with his family, consisting of his wife and kids. Jibrin is the fly in and around the teacup of the Speaker of the House, Honourable Dogara.

In the pictures were Maryam his pregnant wife and his 4 children from his 1st marriage.

Maybe this is an early birthday celebration as we saw him cutting a 40th birthday cake, while his biography  claims he was born on September 9, 1976 at Agenebode in old Bendel State to a military dad. Which would mean he would be 41 in September! Maybe the pictures were last year's but just released now! Or that there was a mistake on his biography?

Don't know sha!!!

Whatever it is happy celebration. Many more celebrations to come Insha Allah.

More gorgeous pictures after the break. Please click on read more below