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Tuesday, December 25, 2018


Mercs G63 AMG

Mercedes Maybach 

Range Rover Autobiography 

Music and allied business connected to it must surely be paying off, or how else can one fathom how the Nigerian stars, by that we mean musicians are acquiring massive properties and humongous cars that costs very many millions. Though their garages are already packed out like they are into automobile businesses, they are not relenting at all and not stopping is in the horizon.

Davido the son of Adeleke is one of those car buffs in the entertainment industry that has been causing some major headaches with his humongous car collection. That Bentley Bentayga that he added to his collection a couple of months back was the cake of it costing him between $195,000 & $245,000. The way it is now, Davido's car collection should be heading towards about 500Million Naira more or less.

While the mouth was still agape about his last purchase which was the Bentley, the dude is said to have apparently gone another notch up and a probable Rolls Royce Cullinan 2019 might already be on its way!!!! After the Bentayga by Davido, the next star to cause major explosion as per his car was none other than the Wiz himself, that's talking about Wizkid. In the aftermath of becoming the highest paid African musician in the whole world, after his Indian trip, he wounded all comers and upped the ante with the supposed purchase of a Lamborghini Urus for about $280000 plus thousands of Dollars, adding to his already mad humongous car collection.

Then in comes the master himself, the Kom Kom boss just few hours to Christmas and the former plantain hawker gone good, out of boredom presented to himself 2 fantastic birthday presents, one being a G63 AMG wagon which starts from about $143,000 plus and then he crowned it by doing the Maybach!!! A sumptuous Maybach, a super luxury car from the Daimler Benz package can start from $168000 to $198000 rising to $350000 and cresting at $1.3million Dollars!!!

According to a very reliable source, TIMAYA actually out of boredom decided to bless himself with the 2 cars! Dude already owns several monster cars in his fleet and in fact already owns a GWagon, which he transferred to Port Harcourt, Rivers State. So not wanting to bring it back, he decided to do another in Lagos, adding to his very plush garage at his very impressive edifice. So between the two machines, he couldn't have done less than between $200000 and $450000 Dollars then!!!! What a Christmas!!! !who says Entertainment is not as lucrative as oil and gas business???

For you to better understand the amount he must have spent, TIMAYA just a few days before his own cars came, had gifted his babe an humonguous Range River Autobiography and then also he had gifted his dude another gasp inducing white car too!!!

It has obviously been a superlative 2018 indeed for TIMAYA ooooo. It was the year he moved to his own multi million NAIRA valued palatial edifice and now with several well valued machines in his garage too in the same year, return on investment must really be skyrocketing. 


The news is all over town about Femi Otedola new investment drive as he retires from oil and gas totally. The wealthy father of 4, would be setting up an investment company after the good deal he got for selling his stake in Forte oil. His 75% stake in Forte Oil his former baby was sold for an impressive between 300 to 400 million dollars (some say about 25 billion NAIRA) according to the unconfirmed gist.

With such an amount in the cooler, if same amount alone is fixed, that's about 2 to 3 billion NAIRA guaranteed monthly as retirement largesse, for as long as he keeps the fixed investment. With what FO has smartly done, comes the question about if he is a clairvoyant who has seen or has the uncanny ability to see the future and might know that the fortune of that sector could begin to dwindle and lose value, so as a shrewd businessman, maybe one that is very aware of certain facts, he has cashed out when the ovation is loudest and at the best time possible, to get real value for his investment.

Now maybe, people would begin to understand that the rumor of him wanting to do other things and even vie into politics was somewhat true and wasn't without fire in the 1st instance. Maybe he had to quickly retrace his steps for now as the coast wasn't that clear yet and it might not have been the best of times to stick out his neck.

So from vibes we are getting maybe not totally confirmed though, maybe we should be expecting something like an FO Capital or something near that contraption an investment company to manage the massive wealth already made and then see how the wealth can be further invested to double or quadruple what's already on ground.

The sumptuous white HQ of Forte Oil, that impressive multi billion property of the wealthy businessman whose investments in real estate is said to be staggering would still house the oil and gas concern, which is very likely or most definitely going to have a change of name and would be re-branded to showcase the new owners, Prudent Energy who made the purchase through Ignite Investments & Commodities Ltd. So even as FO retires and has sold the company, he would still be earning rents in pretty millions, from his property that would still be housing the brand he would no more own. The water front facing white edifice also is still most likely to house FO's personal office too!

For FO or should we say Mr. Tom Ford (he loves that brand a whole lot) though, it's a new horizon, a new dimension, it is pastures new. And we can begin to expect much flavour in different delicious stews from him. You would have noticed that he is now a lot more active and prominent on the social media scene, interacting and engaging the people more, unlike before, this we believe is deliberate and it might all be geared towards something in the future, maybe near or far.

Till the divestment and sales was done, Zenon Oil and Thames Investment Incorporated were the highest shareholders and majority owners of Forte Oil, with Prudent Energy purchase of the 75% stake through Ignite Investments, they take ownership and the majority stake immediately as soon as the purchase is ratified by the appropriate authorities. 

What Is The Logo Of Your Benz? By ‘Fisayo Soyombo


Lil Kesh

Those who believe in God know that there are times He uses the unworthy vessel to work wonders. One was Moses the stammerer, who considered himself unqualified but was nevertheless picked to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land. Another was Saul, the man who went about arresting believers of Jesus but then not only turned one himself but also spent his time seeking converts.

Please ignore the opening paragraph if you’re an atheist or your religious leaning isn’t Christianity. Here’s the summary: sometimes the wrong person preaches the right message. Sometimes, too, and without waiting to be called, the wrong person preaches the wrong message, but in a way that serves as an unintended wakeup call for the people — if they are smart enough — to seize the initiative and seek out the right.

As it happened last week, musical artistes Olamide and Lil Kesh propagated a message that just doesn’t stop at being wrong but calls for renewed national introspection. The duo — each popular among secular music lovers despite their notoriety for releasing songs low in content but high on lurid lyrics, obscene videos and danceable beats — combined to release what will go down as the most repulsive song of the year, titled ‘Logo Benz’. Without listening to the song, a mere look at the cover says it all: the round insignia of global automobile marque, Mercedes-Benz, strapped together on three ends by a G-string. The song preaches riches by hook or crook. “I pray to Jesus, I pray to Allah, to make money,” reads a loose Pidgin-English translation of the song. “But if money doesn’t come, I’ll do ‘blood money.’” In other parts, it urges ladies to let go of their pants to guys in need of them for Benz-buying rituals.

Expectedly, the public reaction has been largely critical. But why is anyone shocked about a song applauding the use of ladies’ pants for quick-money-making rituals? Olamide/Lil Kesh’s ‘Logo Benz’ is the story of our society — one so ‘dangerously’ lacking in values, depth, substance, conscience and perseverance.

Here in Nigeria, the biggest way to command respect is to have money, regardless of how you made it. Just open your mouth and speak gibberish; as long as you have money, there’s an audience waiting to clap you. While I do not think money should attract automatic condemnation, one basic qualifier for me is that it must be ‘honestly made’.

Not too many people care, though; dishonestly-made money is money all the same, and it rules. You’ll find young men who date ladies/women SOLELY because of money, and vice versa; people who take jobs SOLELY because of money; people whose choices of their life partners are SOLELY motivated by money; people who dispense respect ONLY according to the pocket of the next fellow; people who class themselves aside and wouldn’t mix with others simply because, as Wizkid said, ‘my money and your money no be mate’.

We can’t succeed as a nation if we do not rein in the extent to which people go to make money. The scale of greed pervading the public governance space is already well-documented, but the private sector — even though under considerably lesser scrutiny —¬ is not any holier. Too many CEOs and top executives have skeletons in their cupboards; we’ve seen this in the past with the supposed management staff who mismanaged Intercontinental Bank and Oceanic Bank. There are numerous anti-corruption and pro-accountability non-governmental and civil society organisations that are nothing more than money-making ventures — organisations calling for openness in the National Assembly and the oil and gas sector yet the heavens would fall were their CEOs or accountants or admin heads to be probed. This doesn’t mean honest men no longer exist; only the shining lights among us have been overcrowded by too many people around trying to outsmart the system as part of the maddening desperation to get rich.

We are largely a value-impoverished society, and this is first and foremost because the family is shirking its responsibilities as the first societal unit. To digress a bit, from time to time, I come across people with certain character flaws that are strictly down to deficient upbringing. Not that anyone, not least the writer, is perfect. But there are certain values that, if not picked up as part of family training, are hardly retrievable later in life. The unfortunate thing is that people with character flaws of this nature do not even realise they have a problem, that they need help.

There is a lot of work to be done if we must address the gaping value deficit afflicting us. The family is the first basis. Parents need to realise they’re raising not just their kids but the country’s ambassadors. We must address the ephemerality that has come to define marriages; if homes keep breaking up children will bear the brunt. Something is usually missing when a father or mother is absent in the formative years of a child, due to single parenthood or divorce. There usually are gaps with children raised by grandparents such as a retired teacher or an ‘old soldier’; it’s just not the same. Religious institutions must play their part. Enough of hero-worshipping moneybags; enough of presenting the church as dumping ground for ill-gotten wealth. Subjects that teach honesty, integrity and incorruptibility should be introduced to the curriculum, from primary school till tertiary level. And the National Orientation Agency (NOA) should get involved as well. This is a national emergency; if the depravity of now is left to continue growing at its current pace, it would be irreversible in probably a few decades — that is if it still is.

Until we fix the family especially and the general values upon which our lives are woven, musical artistes of the ilk of Olamide and Lil Kesh will continue to occasionally propagate evil in the name of money-making. I hope someone sings it loud into Olamide’s ears: money is good; very important, in fact. But it is NOT the most important thing in life. For everyone who comes to us with a Benz, we must not celebrate until we have first asked: “What is the logo of your Benz?” Pants, blood, corruption, crime? Or sweat, hard work, ingenuity, creativity? And ill-gotten wealth should NEVER be celebrated — because the dishonestly wealthy man is poorer at heart than the poorest but honest man alive.

Soyombo, former Editor of the TheCable and the International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR), tweets @fisayosoyombo


PRIMATE Elijah Ayodele 


Babajide Sanwo-Olu 

Nyesom Wike

Bayo Adelabu

The self-styled religious leader, who goes by the the title PRIMATE, heads the Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, situated in Ejigbo, Lagos. Prophet Elijah Ayodele is very well known as a seer of extraordinary repute and true to type, he has again restated what he said long ago as per the chances of the PDP in the February 2019 Presidential election.

But not only just that, he also gave his predictions too on several of the upcoming Gubernatorial elections in some states of the Federation.

Hear him- the PDP would find it outrightly difficult to unseat PMB in 2019. Reason for the difficulty is because they have refused to do the right things from the very beginning of their pursuit.

According to him "I said it the other time & I still maintain it, if PDP had given the ticket to Bukola Saraki, they would have won because it's only Saraki that can unseat Buhari. But the PDP stakeholders have not done what they were supposed to do.

I said it in 2015 that Jonathan may be the last President from the PDP! I am still standing on it that unless they take a quick step and that is for Atiku & Saraki to do the right thing, that is only when PDP can win. For now I am only seeing Atiku & Saraki playing!

As per the Gubernatorial elections, "For Lagos State, it would be business as usual, but the APC will still win. Oyo State, it's going to be tough. The PDP man there has missed it, it's still going back to APC.

Ogun State is a troubled state. The election should have favoured the APC, but APC may not have it in Ogun State. Don't under estimate Amosun's candidate or the candidate from the GNI. But PDP will never get the ticket in Ogun State.

For Delta State, PDP will take the state. For Rivers, though its a do or die affair, Wike will still come back. Kano & Kaduna is for APC. Then for Imo State, if the PDP man is serious he can take the state, but unfortunately, I don't see him to be serious. And if the APC puts their house in order in that state, then they can win that state.

APC may win Anambra state for the President. Ebonyi & Cross River may go to APC, if the PDP is not careful in those states.

Sunday, December 23, 2018


Mr & Mrs. Enyinna Anumudu flanked by the Ajimobis. 

Joyce Anumudu nee Jacob with Abisola Kolapo-Daisi

Hmmmmmm!!!!! So this young delightsome and very loved up couple are already married??? Ooooo yes by all intents and actions, as they were declared man and wife just yesterday at the marriage registry. So by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that governs marriage, they both are now Mr. & Mrs. Enyinna & Joyce Anumudu! Meaning Joyce, the super make artist to the famous is now the former Miss. Joyce Jacob, so everyone take note.

The duo had their 1st step into matrimony sealed by the court yesterday, Saturday, December 22, 2018 very quietly and at hand to celebrate them were just a few family members and close friends, one of such being Abisola Kolapo-Daisi, Oyo State's 1st daughter and a few more, maybe just a hand ful. So one down, 2 more ceremonies to go.

The expected out of this world traditional wedding that had been set for the village on December 28, 2018 from all we can gather has been postponed for some reasons to a later date in the new year-2019. Joyce parents and immediate family members live abroad, so things have to be done at their convenience too. So doting mother-in-law would have to wait before she fetes the world to a super classy ceremony. We trust her!!!!

So away from the paparazzi, the duo and a few quietly went to the registry and had their wedding and so every other thing that comes now like the traditional-Igba Nkwu and white church wedding and reception is just an addendum.

Congratulations to the couple. 


Olusegun Jnr and Bola Awolowo, parents of the bride

It's most definitely going to be a superlative gathering come January, the 19th of 2019 just a few weeks after entering the new year as the CEO of Nigeria Export Processing Council that's NEPC for short and his amiable wife, Bola Awolowo who have been married now for a good 28 years, would play host to the world as their first daughter Seun Awolowo who is a about 25 plus would be getting married.

Olusegun Awolowo Jnr, is the "most visible" grandson, grandchild (apart from the wife of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo who is his cousin) of the late sage and former Premier of Western Nigeria, Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo and his wife the Yeye Hannah Dideolu Obasanjo. Though Segun has an elder sister that's not too popular by name Funke Awolowo.

Segun Jnr is also the only son and child of the very famous matriarch of fashion, Hajia Abah Folawiyo, the owner of award winning Labanella fashion brand, which in its hey days, was the go-to fashion brand for the super rich and famous in Nigeria. 

From all indications, it promises to be a society affair of the monumental kind. Colourful Aso-ebi the African common uniform, have been going round already like it is with Yoruba society event. This promises to be off the hook in many ways bar none. The lady getting married by name Seun, is a niece of the VP through his wife.

The Awolowo family are in the top echelon of Nigerian society so they wouldn't be playing 2nd fiddle at all, especially as it's their daughter's do and it is the family of the wife that normally goes all out in such cases like this, so this would be super upscale by all standards. Segun himself is known to love the spotlight so he is likely to make sure it is one hell of party, like the Americans would say!!!

This is also the marriage of the 1st grandchild of Hajia Abah, a known top matriarch of the Lagos society who is one of the wives (in fact the most visible) of the late billionaire philanthropist Alhaji Wahab Iyanda Folawiyo, the father of Billionaire Tunde Folawiyo. So her friends would give outstanding support like she has done for them too for several years now. Also for the highly connected Barr Segun Awolowo Jnr, this is his 1st child, and his first of this type of party ever so he would want to make it a statement one.

Top Government functionaries across board, corporate colossi and captains of industries of different colouration, the heads of diplomatic corps and other guests etc are expected to grace the occasions. And even the media is already geared up to cover the whole proceedings.

Sadly, one part of the parents of the groom is said to have passed on very recently. So maybe, all things could be postponed or they might still go on as planned. 


Among Nigeria’s more respected and renowned corporate citizens, Ocean Marine Services is streets ahead. Established to enhance the safeguarding of maritime related commercial investments by offering expert advice and real time solutions to security problems, OMS also provides premier security solutions that help to promote a safe business environment not only in Nigeria but the entire West African Coast. 

Given this background, its impressive catalogue of corporate social responsibilities and proven integrity in the industry and beyond, the company found incongruous a Thisday publication of December 10th, 2018, promoted by one Eraskorp Nigeria Limited (Eraskorp) accusing it of impropriety on the multi-million dollars pipeline surveillance deals with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). 
Those conversant with the far-reaching activities and integrity of the company say it is a ludicrous and puerile publication not deserving of the attention of OMS. Its management reckoned however that it was worth reacting to, and setting the records straight, in view of how fast such negative reports travel. 

Also, the company stated that it was constrained to respond to the publication in the sole interest of the general public that has been presented with a potpourri of untruths, inaccuracies, and fabrications which serves no utilitarian purpose than to undercut the reputation and goodwill of the company. 

“Many in the oil and gas industry and even in the Nigerian commercial sphere are aware that OMS is a law-abiding corporation with a sterling reputation of probity, integrity and competence that has made significant contributions to the Nigerian economy. We fully intend to protect this hard-earned reputation. Accordingly, in all our years of existence, we have conducted our business fully in compliance with the law, and as a testament to this, allegations of impropriety have never been proven against OMS,” the statement read. 

Further, it stated, “As it relates to our competence, the record of our contribution to the Nigerian economy, through stellar services, are clear. We need not itemise our track record of success on this platform, in order to give credence to our work. That said, we categorically state that we are proud of our work in assisting the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in a number of pipeline surveillance mandates, including our impressive performance surveilling the Bonny-Port Harcourt and Warri-Escravos evacuation lines.” 

The company went on to assert that despite the allegations, what is independently verifiable is that its efforts are directly responsible for an increase in revenues for Nigeria and a significant reduction in what had become recurring costs in repairing damaged and/or vandalised pipelines. “We counsel that any allegations of corruption by Eraskorp should be directed at the relevant anti-graft agency(ies), rather than co-opting the instrumentality of the media to conduct a media trial that relies on pedestrian, half-baked, and inaccurate allegations, devoid of factual evidence. 

OMS prides itself on its robust anti-corruption policy, and for the avoidance of doubt, the company does not engage in any form of corrupt practices, economic crimes, financial crimes and/or acts of economic sabotage. Specifically, the award of the surveillance contract for the Trans Forcados Pipeline (TFP) to OMS followed due process, with no wrongdoing, illegality, or illicit activities underpinning its award,” the company said. 

It continued: “We take the allegations of impropriety in the publication very seriously, and we would be pursuing our legal remedies, including but not limited to actions in defamation and injurious falsehood. We trust that in this era of fake news, our media houses and journalists would continue to uphold the standards of their profession by verifying publications, at all times, with authentic and reliable sources, before publishing. We must never sacrifice truth on the altar of sensationalism.” 

Monday, December 17, 2018


Gorgeous bride, former Miss Anita Gupta now Mrs. Toyin Subair. 

Hon. Jimi Lai Mohammed, with Toyin Subair & guest. 

Newly married couple, Mr & Mrs Toyin & "Anita Subair with Seyi Tinubu 

Fine boy owner of the now comatose or is it defunct HITV networks had a beautiful destination wedding ceremony on Saturday, when he and his gorgeous Indian wife were united in holy matrimony according to the beautiful and very colourful Indian tradition, which is always a gorgeous spectacle to behold, as Toyin is not known to do things in little measures.

For Toyin, this is his 2nd journey into matrimony after his first marriage to his ex-wife went bad and led to a divorce after several years as husband and wife. Toyin himself after the traumatic demise of his beloved cable network, which had given the only surviving cable network in Nigeria, Mnet or is it DSTV a major run for their money had relocated abroad for a few years then, maybe then to lick his wound or to restrategize, as he had given his very all to make sure that HITV survived, but alas those who should have backed him then, to save the growing business concern which had many hundreds of people in her employ really disappointed by backing out.

One of those that reportedly removed the carpet from under his feet then, is said to have been a very popular financial institution led by an English speaking MD, that has enjoyed a lot of good attention ever since then, for many innovations his institution had brought into the financial industry.

This Toyin's 2nd missionary journey was signed, sealed and settled on Saturday. We had by chance then met the couple a few weeks back at the Wheatbaker Hotel, Ikoyi and it was obvious that they both were totally smitten with each other, as they behaved like loved up pals just so much into each other.

Two of those seen at the event were the MD of Loatsad Promo and scion of the Asiwaju Tinubu dynasty, Seyi Afolabi Tinubu and  Hon. Jimi Lai-Mohammed, a lawmaker at the LSHA, who is the son of the current Minister of  information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed. Congratulations to one of the newest couples in town. 

Sunday, December 16, 2018


How time flies so quickly! So Quincy is about clocking 60???? The grandmother looks good we must say!!! Life surely must have been good. She's obviously a good example of what she does and preaches, good living.

And so to celebrate hitting 6 and 0, her diamond jubilee at that, the lady known to have helped to position Herbal medicine use and good living in Nigeria in a classy way is sweeping all her guests off their feet as it's going to be like an Aladdin ride on the magic carpet!!!

Maybe her plan is an ingenious way to manage the event most appropriately, so it would be very exclusive and not 'a for all' shindig. We all know that majority of Nigerians love the, I heard and just thought to branch thing, the queen of herbal medicine in Nigeria is taking all her guests to guess where???....... the stupendously beautiful and idyllic Dubai!!!!

And it's not even just Dubai, the birthday party would be hosted at none other than the Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah, that awesomely majestic 5-star paradise situated at the Palms, that awesome man made island resort. And from the look of things, especially as stated in the well packaged invitation card, it promises to be an helluva party that shouldn't be missed at all by any. That's if the person is willing to cough out, at least a million NAIRA for flight and accommodation alone. The birthday celebration is packaged as a very short 4 days fun holiday, with the Dubai Desert Tour inclusive.

Suggested airlines for the January 2019 trip are Emirates, Etihad and Kenya Airways. Hotel suggestions are for the Atlantis and the Dukes, both in Palm Jumeirah with 3 nights costing between plus $800 to plus $1500.

The supremely gorgeous Senator Daisy Danjuma, wife of Ret. General TY Danjuma is the Chairperson of the event. Ace comedian and MC, Gbenga Adeyinka the 1st, would host the event. Award winning Nigerian gospel artist, known for many great hits like Olowogbogboro, Alagbadaino etc, would be the day's guest minister. It's an all white event, with dress code slated as "glamorously white". 

Order of the event-- so you land on Thursday, January 24th, you are transferred to your hotel and rest. Next day Friday, the 25th is the Dubai Desert Tour and Pre-birthday dinner. Saturday, the 26th is the actual D-day, when everything would go totally off the hook. Sunday, the 27th is departure day for those returning to work on the Monday after. So it's planned as a badass weekend of fun and revelry.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

“Dear Linda Ikeji, forgive me. I thought you had sense”, By Mark Anthony

Reactions towards Linda Ikeji's baby birth out of wedlock have come in torrents. Even if you didn't want to say a thing at all before, by her own self, Linda puts the discussion of her situation in your mouth, meaning she doesn't mind the attention at all!

Major reason for all the unnecessary attention though is that, long before her supposed mistake, she had been an avowed advocate of chastity, totally preaching against babymamaism, advocating the need for ladies to be dignified and not engage in acts (sex before marriage which leads to having a child out of wedlock). So some have thought to now castigate her for supposedly speaking with 2 tongues!!! It was like so while being painted white, she herself was supposedly enjoying the magical thrusts of a lothario, out of wedlock, with thw matter even becoming a pregnancy!!! So how does one rationalize such advocacy??? Does it then mean that, when the disrespectful rod of Gibraltar comes into a matter and unlocks the pleasure therein in a near comatose Bermuda Triangle or haven of exquisite pleasure that needed much attention rather badly, it can lead to the senses loosing its faculty???

Hear one of Linda's critiques by name Mark Anthony, who apparently was a fan before, but felt totally disappointed by how things went.

Years ago, I was armed with naivety of how the Nigerian entertainment industry worked and I looked at a lot of people with awe—like a child will look at Santa. Linda was one of those people I felt was all that.

I mean, in a world well dominated by men who know what they are doing and the ones that don’t know what they are doing Linda was and is a stand out. The story of blogging in Africa cannot even begin without Linda writing the preface. Linda made a fortune from not minding her business; she built an empire with a foundation of lies, conspiracies, amebo and many times bitterness.

Scratch that!

Linda, all my friends have been calling me after you came out of the baby mama closet this morning. They said my madam is a scam, they said you are a “manipulative bitch”, they said people who take you seriously are the same people who take the tooth fairy thing seriously. I feel sad Linda. You “fell” my hand in different ways. I am not going to call you out for “felling” into pregnancy but I will call you out for preaching celibacy online but offline you drive 2 hours from your house enduring the insane traffic of Lagos to Jermi’s house because of the same coitus you told young girls not to do. Enjoying one for the road!

Linda!! How cold of you my dear. Enjoying the magic of orgasms and telling girls not to enjoy what you are enjoying. This speaks a lot about you. You are one hell of a greedy person. Depriving girls of something as vital as orgasm in this god forsaken country?? Sigh.
Years ago, you slandered all the available baby mamas in Nigeria and around the world.

I mean!! You were their nightmare. You gave them sleepless nights, you gave them low self esteem, you made it seem like a grown woman cannot decide not to have a husband but have a child. Look at you now my dear. You have become what you laughed at. You have written an epistle punctuated with your near-deflated ego and unserious grammar usage. You always make history dear. You are the first woman to ever “fell” in pregnancy in the history of the world.

Karma knows your address my dear. It isn’t done visiting you yet. For all the innocent people you slandered with your blog, you will receive in the same measure. You think parking out of the mainland to Banana Island will confuse karma or make it leave you?? Sorry. Karma is the greatest cartographer of all times dear. It knows everywhere!

After reading your coming out story, I remembered this quote “To defend the truth, you say very little, to defend deceit, you have to keep explaining yourself.” Every smart person that read your story knows that there is more to it but because you are Linda that cares less about truth but more about lies, you have drowned part of the truth. My dear, truth na soap. It may take time but very soon, e go bubble and the bubble go clear your eye once more.

Forgive me Linda, I thought you had sense. I won’t do it again.



Culled from SocietyNowNg.

Since the braggadocious blogger, Linda Ikeji, came out yesterday morning to confirm what many had always suspected and speculated that oil and gas billionaire, Sholaye Jeremi, is the father of her new baby, while addressing other issues surrounding their purported affair and why they would never ever get married, the blogosphere has been abuzz. And many have seen through her veneer of piety and pretense that she is just another desperate young lady who employed the oldest trick in the book; tie a potential suitor down with pregnancy.

In a post on her blog entitled ‘Meet my son Jayce…and yes, Sholaye Jeremi is his dad,’ which has since gone viral, Linda desperately wove an incoherent story of how he met Sholaye, in one breath saying he lived in a three bedroom apartment in Lekki and in another saying he was a billionaire further lending credence to the insinuations that she just wanted to be Mrs Jeremi by all means and crudely deployed old feminine wiles to achieve that but in vain.

She traced the genesis of her relationship with the Delta State-born billionaire to one night in December 2015 shortly after moving into her Banana Island mansion and how they hit it off almost immediately. She wrote, “I was definitely searching and I fell in love almost immediately and so we became an item...It was a whirlwind romance. He was the funniest and most romantic guy I’d met up until that point, so it was easy to fall in love and I truly believed the feeling was mutual.” She went on to describe how one thing led to the other and ‘she fell pregnant’ even though the relationship had gone south. Linda welcomed a son whom she named Jayce Jeremi three months ago.

Predictably, Linda’s post is the trending topic on all social media platforms – an uproar borne out of the song and dance she made of her alleged celibacy. A lot of Nigerians have weighed in on the matter while the man in the middle of the storm, a private man who despite his billions and connections, remained anonymous until the blogger came into his life. Because of how jealously he guards his privacy, it had been hard getting his reaction to the raging story. However, we penetrated Jeremi’s seemingly impervious redoubt and the details and evidence we got are as salacious as they are sensational.

When Linda’s eternal foe and co-blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus, labelled her a sperm thief after one of their many fights recently, many sat up, others sneered. By Jove, what a source in Jeremi’s camp told us is not much different from Stella’s claims. According to the close source, “What Jeremi and Linda had was just a fling – a typical case of boy meets girl, just that in this case, there was a very desperate party. Jeremi was just out to have fun and there was not supposed to be any commitment or emotional attachment. But Linda had her plans from the moment she set eyes on him.”

The informed source disclosed further that when Linda came up with the pregnancy tale and stormed his house crying and begging, Jeremi had to be diplomatic about it because he didn’t want to create a scene. “He told her point-blank how disappointed he was and that if she was trying to lure him into marriage, she had another think coming. That was when Linda began to plead and blackmail him. Initially, she said it was a taboo from her part of Imo State to have a child outside wedlock. Later, she said Jeremi should just meet her father to assure him that he is the owner to save them from shame and what the world would think of her after she had deceived a lot of young girls about her pious life,” disclosed our very dependable source.

The source went on, “I am privy to the fact that Linda has been begging him to just accept paternity of the baby. And she herself confessed that she knew he was not in love with her neither did they talk about marriage but since she was pregnant, abortion was out of the question because of her age. Now, Jeremi feels used and I don’t know how the matter can ever be settled because what they had was not supposed to lead to this – it was more like a one night stand. So, all the emotion she is whipping up is to sway her gullible followers.”

Indeed, Linda, who bought a Bentley Mulsanne to celebrate her son’s arrival, confessed that she had to tell her story despite that family and friends advised her to the contrary.

Saturday, December 8, 2018


Apostle ATB Williams presides over one of the biggest churches in the UK. He is well known for his prophetic gift and utterances. He is like a lone but sure voice, out of the very many men of God.

Known to be extra passionate about Nigeria. This particular message was spoken not very recently (May 2018) to be more precise, but it's gaining traction again, because of what the message is about especially as 2019 election beckons. It is the prophecy about Nigeria, Buhari, the President of Nigeria, the very many men of God in Nigeria who have been blowing hot and cold and their alliances and the acts of the so called Christians in Nigeria too, especially towards 2019.

Hear him!!!!!

I am talking to the world.

They misled Nigerians to pray against God's anoited, because he is a moslem.

When the Holy Spirit told me that man would rule Nigeria, all of them were saying the man would not. Before the election of the man! But God told me.

I have no business in Nigeria, you know. I have no sharing in the Government money in Nigeria or in all of those stuffs in Nigeria. So I have no reason to be bias.

Holy Spirit told me the man will rule Nigeria. And He showed me 4 years for the man to rule Nigeria and to bring Nigeria to his position. But the 'liars' who call themselves 'Christian leaders' in Nigeria. Lied to the people only because they have participated in 'ungodly acts with the politicians'.

In a short time their judgements will begin. Vociferous Amen from the congregations!!!! No... I am telling you what I have seen.

Some people 'would mourn and weep',.... when they open their pandora's boxes out..... The Holy Spirit in the new year.

Listen to me, because of that Christians in Nigeria got biased, instead of them to pray for their CYRUS, they kept their mouth shut or they wished him evil. But the man is seeking. The spirit of the man is crying!!!! "Who shall help me".

And the Christians God sent there, have been lied to, so they turned against him, therefore 'the people who rule in darkness afflicted him'.

They afflicted him!!!! The ones who have the authority to free his affliction, Satan turned them against him. "They will answer with their lives in eternity"!!!!

Listen to me! Cyrus was ungodly. God said to Cyrus, I will set... , I will lift up your hand to subdue nations. I would open before you double doors, so that doors would not be shut against you. He said, I will break down the gates of bronze and will cut through chains of brass, because you let my people go.

Buhari..., is God's last chance for Nigeria!!! Nigeria miss it, I am sorry...

Many years ago, God took me to the future of Nigeria and showed me. I am going to Nigeria next year, to teach and talk to them.... I want any, who thinks he can hear God, to come and talk to me publicly unedited!!!!

The destiny of that nation God revealed to me. When people were queuing all over the world, looking for and begging for visa to go to Nigeria, because Nigeria was abundantly blessed, but God gave them one chance, after that one chance.

After that man Buhari, is supposed to rule a young man, before who there's no pebble. I saw it before Buhari showed up!!!

Are we together now??? (asking the congregations the question)  If Nigeria miss this time of Buhari in Nigeria!!!! Write my words down, write my words down. Unless 'He: who lives in heaven did not speak!!!

The defiant man of God presides over a massive church in London with branches across 4 continents of the world named Christ Faith Tabernacle. Yours truly had the opportunity once in 2016 to visit the beautiful, well structured worship place and was quite impressed and pleased with what I experienced. A lot of Nigerians and Africans in London worships at the church.