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Friday, May 31, 2019


Adewale Tinubu 

Mofe Boyo

It's most definitely not the best of time for the Billionaire top helmsmen at one of Nigeria's biggest oil and gas firm Oando. Both the erstwhile GMD & his Deputy have been sacked from the company. And not only have they gotten the ignoble boot, they have also gotten banned for atleast the next 5 years too, from holding any position in any public company. The fact is that it is what can be likened to triple jeopardy. As they would still also face criminal investigation afterwards too.

Wale Tinubu and Omamofe Boyo were both the Group Chief Executive and Deputy Group Chief Executive/Executive Director (Oando Energy Resources) at Oando Plc until the sledgehammer of the SEC fell on them today, Friday, May 31, 2019.

This is coming on the heels of the SEC investigation of Oando Plc following the receipt of two petitions by the commission in 2017 against the company.

According to the SEC, “Certain infractions of securities and other relevant laws were observed. The commission further engaged Deloitte & Touche to conduct a forensic audit of the activities of Oando Plc.

“The general public is hereby notified of the conclusion of the investigations of Oando Plc. The findings from the report revealed serious infractions such as false disclosures, market abuses, misstatements in financial statements, internal control failures, and corporate governance lapses stemming from poor board oversight, irregular approval of directors’ remuneration, unjustified disbursements to directors and management of the company, related party transactions not conducted at arm’s length, amongst others.”

The Commission also directs that some members of the Board of the group should resign immediately while it also directs payment of monetary penalties by Oando to affected individuals and directors and refund remuneration.

The commission also directed the payment of monetary penalties by the company and affected individuals and directors, and refund of improperly disbursed remuneration by the affected board members to the company.

It said as required under Section 304 of the Investments and Securities Act, (ISA) 2007, it would refer all issues with possible criminality to the appropriate criminal prosecuting authorities.

SEC stated that other aspects of the findings would be referred to the Nigerian Stock Exchange, Federal Inland Revenue Service, and the Corporate Affairs Commission.

The apex capital market regulator said, “The commission is confident that with the implementation of the above directives and introduction of some remedial measures, such unwholesome practices by public companies would be significantly reduced.

“Therefore, in line with the Federal Government’s resolve to build strong institutions, boards of public companies are enjoined to properly perform their fiduciary duties as required under extant securities laws.”

According to the commission, these, among others, are part of measures to address identified violations in the company.

However, the commission maintains its zero tolerance to market infractions, and reiterates its commitment to ensuring the fairness, integrity, efficiency and transparency of the securities market, thereby strengthening investor protection.

It also directed the convening of an Extraordinary General Meeting on or before July 1, 2019, to appoint new directors.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

House of Irawo Debuts Abioye SS19 Collection

Denrele Edun & Abby Ikomi of House of Irawo

Fashion enthusiast came together on Saturday, May 18th to celebrate the launch of the Abioye Spring/Summer collection by House of Irawo. This took place at their store Ocean Bay Mall, 24 Idejo Street, off Adeola Odeku, VI. 

Culturally inspired by the West African heritage and values; the collection showcased woman in the light of royalty, glory and elegance.

The collection Abioye speaks volume as it reminds every woman of her invisible crown.

You will admire a woman in Abioye, by the spirals and ruffles that follow through every piece in the collection; as they connote the curves and sensual yet authoritarian strides with which the woman moves; the ways she flows while she walks, the way she holds her head high; never forgetting where she is from. Never forgetting her place as a priced jewel, an esteemed piece to be adorned and revered.

The Abioye collection embodies women as elegant, strong, daring, vibrant and boundless.

We present to you Abioye.

More after the break.


We are pretty sure you can still remember very well that our expose on that UK based stylist/buyer who is very well connected to our so called celebrities and stars and who helps them to procure most of their designer bags, shoes and whatever needs?

We have since discovered where either she herself and or some of those connoisseurs of those luxury items or should we say purveyors of the nearly originals get their fixes from!!!

You see them carrying and flaunting bags of between $5000 to $15000 dollars each or even far more about. Showing off their new limitless acquisitions on the gram, some of these things which under normal circumstances would or could have set them back by not less than $100000 (that's at least N36,,000,000 Naira). That's because they look like they own between 5 to 10 of such bags and more. So the total cost of the collections could be reaching between $50000 to $120000. And in trying to rationalize it, you examine and find out that most of what these people claim they do as their jobs or profession/occupation, cannot readily ever pay for those things. For example does Nollywood actually pay that much for some to spend $10000 or more on just one bag or a pair of bag and shoes????

So it's either there's so much more to what their so called profession or occupation is, or that they are actually engaged subtly in the well packaged and glorified form of the oldest profession known to man. And that's what???? And that's what we believe you know what it is.

Just imagine that most times you even see these fashionable lot, carrying some colours of these bags, shoes etc that even the actual makers/manufacturers/designers have not even thought to make or release into the market yet and that's what you see some of our delightsome celebrities and stars flaunt about.

Let's even judge it by logic alone. How can a designer or manufacturer of certain lifestyle items create the thing and be selling at an amount, and you buy from them at an amount and you are given a margin and a recommended price to sell so as to make profit and then you that sells, now sell it for far less!!!! Is that not crazy????

Let's take for example a Birkin bag by Hermes, here we are talking about the original. The cost to buy is between $10000 & $15000 Dollars and that's just for the normal leather alone. It could even go as high as & $50000 to $100000 or more if it were alligator or crocodile or ostrich or others or even if it's encrusted with gems. And then a retailer or a seller now comes and sells for between $3000 to $6000!!! That's how much you can get some of the ones in the pictures above.

So who is deceiving who? Would you truly claim not to know the real cost against the cost for the near original fakes? So the truth must be that the one buying and the one that sells are in active connivance. The seller knows its a fake she's selling and is either intentionally hoodwinking the buyer and is making a very tidy profit or the buyer in actual fact is hoodwinked because he or she doesn't actually know nothing about the original in the 1st place and even the cost, but just want to join the Joneses by fire by force. And to such carrying those fakes, wearing those things are easy ways they think they can use to penetrate this fickle crowd the see as the standards by which society must be judged. Fact IS, much as you try to belong these fickle crowd actually snigger and laugh at these ones behind their backs, for trying too hard. The so called elite are the most terribly snobbish set in the whole world and would only accept new comers for their own advantage.

So where can you get these near original bags, shoes for far far less? Check out all the pictures on the post above. 


Like the Yorubas of old used to say, there's so much stories in a 10kobo book, meaning that for so cheap you would get endless stories, in fact tales of the totally unbelievable type.

We have since found out that OM's husband is the very definition of a man who cannot keep his 'John Thomas', that rod of mass destruction, that rampant shooting star, in check or in control.

According to the quite reliable gist, it seems that rather than be a model husband as expected of him; a quite disciplined one at that, one who is able to hold his emotions in check, a man in control, this particular man is actually controlled by more or less his out of control mammary gland. According to those who know, it is actually where his trusted weapon leads him to, that he just follows. Like a homing device it's like he is always looking for a target to nail with his thing and there's no distinction whatsoever. They could be just about anything or anyone.

He has the unenviable distinction of once impregnating a house help (maid). What?????? How very low could a man have gone? But yes he did it and that's the actual fact. We heard that people used to carry and run away with their maids once they know he was coming or around. That's not all at all. They claim that with the dude, there is not a no go area, everyone is 'game' to be tried out or checked out, just in case they might just 'gel'. Even the wife's friends were not untouchables.

And according to the gist it is not like madam was oblivious of all his chicanery and shenanigans. In fact she knew about it all and her ears have been full over time, but she had just thought she could weather the storm and maybe he would change as time went for the best. She had thought why the need to throwaway the baby and the birth water? But alas, it seems her best has not been good enough. As this leopard, like all leopards couldn't change his spots.

The man couldn't just resist the allure of his other woman, saying the truth wouldn't kill anyone, at least so we think, this other lady pretty die oooooo. So instead of just helping to keep his beautiful home intact, a home that was badly shaken to its marrow and very foundation after the first outside pregnancy and other misdeeds; he just still went ahead, not minding the consequences to continue his relationship unabated with the lady some have even started calling his 2nd wife and now that their 2nd child together is on the way now, maybe he would do the next best thing, which could be the most honorable thing in the situation, that's if he hasn't done that already by officially marrying his darling girlfriend-EG and making her his official other wife. Would madam agree to that arrangement though? The lady is presently abroad gearing up for her delivery, far away from the hoopla her pregnancy has caused.

What we hear, though not confirmed is that the once peaceful home of OM is in turmoil especially as madam of the house cannot rationalize this intentional betrayal again. If it was this once, it might have been understandable, but it's not once, neither twice, so is she going to stay and just accept her fate or not?

The embarrassment of the whole mess is epic to just say the least. Madam cannot just believe what  has befallen her! Not only is she shocked, she cannot actually believe it. She went way backwards to try to accommodate her man's excesses as a good woman should do. The truth is that if she had left, she wouldn't lack for anything at all, not even a small thing, except that cap of her being married and living her husband. The lady we speak of has her own very successful business-she's a fantastic creative, and apart from that her dad is super well to do, her married sister too is as wealthy as they come too. But the issue that's a major dilemma now is that, should she leave all that she's sacrificed everything for over the years, that she has received embarrassment for, for another to come sit on and  enjoy???? 




By the grace of Almighty God and Your votes, I stand before you today as your Governor. (Pause)
This day marks the beginning of a new chapter in our journey to greatness. Today, I ask you to join me on this journey to awaken a Greater Lagos.

When we speak of a Greater Lagos, we speak not empty words. It is a deep and profound assertion we mean.

We intend to make history by making for ourselves and our children a better future.
Therefore, on this day, on this precious land we call our home, let us stand together in the very face of history.

Let us vow to ourselves, and to posterity that we shall not just dream of a Greater Lagos. Let us agree this day that we shall collectively rise up to build the Lagos of our dreams.

We need not be discouraged by the challenges that may be apparent. Today is an opportunity for us to forge ahead in our quest for a Greater Lagos.

It is possible!

No one should ever underestimate the spirit of Lagos and the resilience of its people. Yes, hard problems may confront us, but we will also confront them. Every problem will lose its potency to our unity.

Therefore, Lagosians, in this new chapter of our lives, we need not cry or fret. We are united by our common purpose of a Greater Lagos and fulfilling future.

Posterity has given us this day to commence our journey to greatness. We need to envision the glorious end of working together, tirelessly and committedly, towards achieving a Lagos of our dreams. By our individual and collective efforts and the Grace of God, these dreams will become a reality.

In Lagos State, our story has been of successes and achievements. Since 1999, our tradition of progressive governance has set Lagos apart and strengthened people’s belief in our ideology.

And that is the very reason I stand before you on this historic day as your Governor. While we celebrate the victory of progressive governance and democracy, tomorrow we must be ready to stand on guard and be fully vigilant.

Democracy and progressive governance hold only to the extent that we protect and nurture them. While Lagos glimmers as a beacon of progressive and quality governance, our nation now undergoes a historic battle to establish progressive and just governance.

Lagos must again rise and help lead this nation to fuller progress and to a closer realization of the greatness that exists within all Nigerians.

This inauguration symbolizes such an awakening.

Today, I stand before you as your governor, but also as your friend, brother; neighbor and your servant. I stand here to ask that you join me to script and fashion this greater Lagos with the creativity of our minds.

More after the break.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


TM is most probably one of the luckiest gal on the face of the earth, with the kind of attention she has enjoyed in the space of the past few years. And that attention we say has yielded fantastic results no doubt and for that we must say kudos.

Amongst her friends and associates and admirers et al, what they must be saying is that the end, at the end of day must have surely justified the means. And that's because looking back at it, there are tangible, in fact very tangible reason at that to praise the Lord for the end result for all the stress & troubles.

To own one's own personal multimillion Naira home no be beans at all ooooo. And not just that alone, all the trappings that separates the haves and have-nots are quite visible and stares all in the face, no doubt whatsoever.

The magnanimity or better still unprecedented windfall must have poured in fantastically by the looks of it and our darling girl must have had the best balls of life to dance at, as things went totally high up from just the average level where she used to look at all others in her then Awolowo click like what was it about them, that made them more better as they had all of the attention then, while she just used to get the spill-over. But to now, where those same peeps she used to admire and look up to, now look at her and salute her like she's the Queen B of all, the new Capo tutti capi. Just again imagine a standard home that leaves mouth agape, one that can be described as to die for; that badass Franck Muller wrist watch gift amongst several other gifts, to add to all the; Van Cleef & Arpels; The Rolex; The Audemars Piguet; The Cartier etc. Anyone that said that, that's not a good enough, must be the greediest fool of all.

Those who used to look down on her before as a minion, have now come to learn of the truth that things are far far different now ooooo from how it used to be, with her, surely controlling things. Is it beans to have gotten about N400m from just one person? If it's that easy how come just about everyone haven't been doing the same thing too???

But now that the man at the helm of affairs is going, going and gone, would the heavy munificence or bounty or unprecedented windfall continue without interruptions? Has she invested very well so as to be able to also continue this super high level lifestyle living? First class traveling or sometimes business class don't come cheap at all. Or would there be a change of position with another good appointment? So that the relationship can further go up another gear and then the windfall continues? Just imagine that at this same time of so called pestilence and drought, one person just seem to have a never-ending well or spring of sweet water that's just flowing limitlessly pouring out the goodies at their backyard.

The thing is that the old designer garbs of seasons before would soon fade and not be in much contention again. Those things that are trending today would soon have become old seasons and as a frontrunner, new acquisitions must be made continually to stay relevant. If the in-flow is not as it used to be somewhat limitless, then the out-flow can be affected drastically too. But with at least N200m saved or in the account/bank, and we think it might even be far more than that also, maybe the lifestyle would just continue as it were. Or else, it might just be, on to the next again as there would always be many Magas ever always willing to pour the rain without thinking. Since for them to get into that treasure trove, might just be an achievement, a major one at that.

Bye-bye boss, you came, you saw and you conquered and welcome to the next level, girl. There's this song with the following lyrics just playing in my head.... Since you have been gone, I keep holding on, holding onnnnn!!!!! 

Monday, May 27, 2019


Whoever it is that claims that preaching the gospel isn't lucrative or money spinning had better have a rethink or better still go rearrange their priorities or however they do their preaching, for the preaching and the spreading of the gospel or word has become the surest and the fastest way to become rich and by extension acquiring the so called best things of life, including a private jet or many private jets.

Bishop David Oyedepo, the presiding pastor/man of God in charge at Living Faith aka Winner's Chapel is reputed to own more than one private jet, about 4 now and he justifies the acquisition with the claim that's it is to ease traveling about as he spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. So having more than one jet, helps with the ease of movement around the world, so it's actually nothing extraordinary. That the man at Winner's can afford those jets and their maintenance is proof positive that venturing into God's business is not venturing into something poor. The Bishop is in fact, reputed to be the wealthiest Nigerian pastor ever. Owning at least 2 private, top notch higher institutions; Covenant University & Landmark University amongst several other investments like a housing estate etc.

Another private jet owning pastor is none other than the President of the 'Believers Loveworld Inc worldwide aka Christ Embassy Church, that's in the person of Pastor Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, whose own private jet was alleged to actually be a gift from some members of his church. The man at Christ Embassy is an avid traveler, who goes about the world also propagating the gospel of the Lord, following the mandate that it must be preached in all the nooks and crannies of the world, after which the end shall come.

Curiously we haven't heard that the man who presides over the largest congregation in Nigeria, in the person of 'Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye' of the Redeemed Christian Church of God 'RCCG' owns a private jet yet. Maybe if he does, then it's not a common knowledge. There's the speculation though that he owns a Gulfstream V, like his son in the Lord, Bishop Oyedepo, who counts a 'Gulfstream V' which costs a whooping $30 million dollars amongst his fleet of 4 jets.

So several weeks ago, the presiding pastor of 'Omega Fire Ministries', in the person of self styled apostle of the gospel, 'Apostle Johnson Suleiman' announced to the world that he had acquired his own private jet a Hawker BAE 125-800, also to help with the spread of the gospel of Jesus as his worldwide ministry needed such for ease of movement. The acquisition was met with a lot of fanfare and applause by his followers and admirers, who believed it was a right move. You know that in Nigeria we believe a lot in status symbols. There are things that helps to announce one appropriately. The jet now owned by Apostle Suleiman was said to have cost between $1m plus and $2m plus.

Curiosly again we do not know if another 2 of the richest pastors in Nigeria, in the persons of Pastor Paul Adefarasin of the 'House on the Rock' and 'Prophet Temitope Joshua' of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) also have their own private jets too. If they do own such jets, it is not also common knowledge. Mind you, when we say the 'richest pastors', we mean it in every sense of the word as these pastors are not just rich, they are super rich at that and are known to be 'billionaires', at least in Naira. To build a church edifice costing several billions-' no be beans at all'.

So to announce his status also too and to show that he has also arrived powerfully and that he too belongs to a 'special class of men of God/pastors in Nigeria', the man who recently had a running battle with his US based wife, over allegations of gross infidelity, Bro. Joshua Iginla, the presiding pastor/founder of the 'Champions Royal Assembly', the philanthropic man of God, has also acquired a private jet too. The announcement was happily made in celebration of his recent birthday in Abuja yesterday.

Bro/prophet Joshua Iginla who some have tagged as most probably, 'the most philanthropic man of God in Nigeria', owns an 80,000 seating church auditorium in Abuja, tgr Federal Capital. The itinerant man of God was born 50 years ago on May 21, 1969 to Moslem parents in Ado Ekiti of  Ekiti State. This particular acquisition of a private jet is his first.

Now that Apostle Suleiman & Bro, Prophet, Apostle Iginla have opened the floodgates, maybe we would soon hear that Pastor Paul Idoko Enenche, who is the founder and  presiding pastor of the 'Dunamis International Gospel Center', Abuja, the church that owns 'arguably' the largest church auditorium in the world, with a seating capacity of 100000 at a go, has taken delivery of his own jet too or that Pastor Paul Adefarasin of HOTR, might have ordered for his too.

Any which way, praises be onto the lord. 

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Changemakers: Segun Agbaje, Building A Great African Institution Through Digital Transformation By Steve Coomber

Segun Agbaje 

When is a bank not a bank? That is a question Segun Agbaje, the multiple award-winning CEO and Managing Director of Nigeria’s Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) has been getting to grips with as he forges a new path for banking in Africa.

Agbaje was always destined to become a banker, it seems, although he took a circuitous route. Initially, he qualified as an accountant and practised in the US before tiring of auditing and returning to Nigeria to follow his father’s footsteps into banking. There, in 1991, he joined an exciting new venture, the Guaranty Trust Bank, founded by a group of young Nigerians the previous year.

As he worked his way up through positions of increasing responsibility, several events in which Agbaje played a leading role shaped his thinking about GTBank’s future: the initial public offering in 2004, listing on the Lagos stock exchange; entering the international capital markets with a Eurobond issue and listing on the London Stock Exchange in 2007.

“Those transactions exposed me to the international financial markets and the people who worked in them – merchant banks, investment bankers, lawyers, investors,” he says. “It gave me a better understanding of what people wanted from a first-class bank and best-in-class practices. It also encouraged me to think about the bank as an international institution, rather than just a Nigerian institution, and what it took to compete in the global economy.”

Agbaje became CEO of GTBank in 2011 and won the coveted African Banker of the Year award the next year. The award recognises financial industry leaders throughout Africa who have exercised “good vision and leadership” in guiding their organisation to strong financial performance, as well as having contributed to the impact of Africa’s financial services industry internationally.

During his tenure as CEO, the bank and Agbaje have won numerous awards. What is particularly interesting is the trend in types of award since GTBank has been under Agbaje’s leadership. Awards for financial performance have been joined by Innovative Bank awards, Best Mobile Banking and Mobile Money awards, Best Digital Bank awards and, most recently, Digital Wallet of the Year award.
‘I’m not sure that, if we removed the word “bank” in five years, we would be losing anything. We might actually even be gaining something'

This trend reflects Agbaje’s pioneering attitude towards digital transformation and the role of banking. Traditional bankers might think his view of the bank’s future a radical departure from mainstream banking, but for Agbaje it is change that has to happen: “Banks are going to become platforms, so we will become a trusted single, integrated platform,” he says. “Because the competition for banks has changed, where it was once other banks, now it is fintechs, telcos, Apple Pay, PayPal, payday-loan companies, salary-advance companies, even coffee shops. Any bank that stays with the traditional banking model is going to get smaller and smaller. All these other companies will be taking part of your share of business.”

If some of the digital giants, like Google and Apple, start to develop banking services, the word ‘bank’ could soon be associated with inefficiency and a lack of innovation, he adds. “I’m not sure that, if we removed the word ‘bank’ in five years, we would be losing anything. We might actually even be gaining something.”

While there may be a lot of disruption in the banking sector, Agbaje has a head start on many traditional banks. For example, the bank launched its Habari mobile platform in November 2018: “What we’re trying to create is something where, when you come to the bank, however you do that, you are not just coming to pay and receive,” he says. “You can come into our ecosystem and do just about everything – pay for tickets, book holidays, stream music, buy online, watch videos, and then, because we are a bank, we can provide the payment engine.”

The reputation of bankers and banking took a knock following the global financial crisis and Agbaje is well aware of the challenge banks face in terms of their relationship with the societies they serve. “A banking licence is a privilege, given to you by the regulator. Banks owe a social responsibility to the communities within which they operate,” he says. “Just as we monitor profits, costs and return on equity, we must also monitor how much we give back in terms of social responsibility.”

This is not just talk. The bank interacts with the community in many ways, from football education programmes and tournaments to its internationally renowned annual conference on autism (now in its ninth year); from its You Read Initiative aimed at promoting a culture of reading to the Social Impact Challenge designed to unearth ideas that can enrich the lives of local communities.
Many of the bank’s CSR initiatives are aimed at community development, promoting entrepreneurs and small businesses. For example, there is the GTCrea8 Convention aimed at helping undergraduates “build successful businesses out of their passion”. The bank is also building shared service facilities for businesses in the food and fashion sectors, so that these small businesses can benefit from the economies of scale enjoyed by large companies without the overheads.

The initiatives reflect Agbaje’s passionate belief in Africa’s economic potential: “It is a continent that I am completely bullish about, because I don’t think there are many places in the world that have both the natural resources, the human population, the distribution of millennials; who are just incredible people. If you are able to tap into and unleash that human capital potential it is a continent that has a huge growth upside,” he says.

“What we have in Africa is a leadership problem. There are pockets, organisations, where the leadership is good. Those organisations function the way you would in a developed economy. If you start to get people with a track record of achievement running things – whether that is in countries, governments, parastatals – they will bring that excellence and achievement to government and Africa will start to change.”
He is just the leadership role model that the younger generation needs. “My values are simple ones. I believe in hard work, humility, integrity, discipline. Those are the things that drive me,” he says. “If you have those values, show them, inculcate them into all the decisions that you make and you will be fine.”

He has naturally given some thought to what he might do after his time at GTBank: “Maybe I will get another platform to do something in the private sector. It could be in a completely different sector to banking. My first choice would be an Africa-focused organisation. A second option would be something, if not solely focused on Africa, with an emerging market emphasis.”
He would also be interested, he says, in mentoring young people with small businesses; helping them to think about organisational structure and governance, for example.
But for now, with two-and-a-half years left on his contract, he is fully focused on the transformation underway at GTBank. “I’m not finished,” he says. “We are trying to build a great African institution; putting the bank in the position I think it should be in – not just financially, but socially, being a well-run enterprise.”

Agbaje is not someone to trumpet his achievements, but if his vision for the future of one of Africa’s largest and most important banks comes to fruition, more plaudits are likely to be heading his way.
Agbaje on leadership:
“My role is first to set the tone, to talk
the talk. When we set a vision, goals,
objectives, values, I have to be seen to
live and walk those.”
“I like to be involved in a lot of the key
decision-making. So it is a balance: being
really handson, so that I know what is
going on, while also giving people a large
degree of autonomy, because the number
of people reporting to me means that I
cannot micro-manage them – I rely on
their abilities.”

“I believe in a flat organisational structure.
I don’t believe in creating silos. I would
rather have a squad as opposed to a team,
which means I probably have more direct
reports than most CEOs.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

THEADAORAble Unveils LORDMAINE TENOR AS the face of #ACFR2019.


Who’s Ready for the Big news🔥👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏  ADAORAble Charmers Fashion Runway show is the first kids fashion runway show in the  Nigerian Fashion and Entertainment Industry. It is strictly for kids between the ages of 3yrs to 12yrs.

The event which is a yearly event is supported by MTN, FPGN South Africa, Tiannah Empire and many more brands. It will be holding on the 8th of June 2019 at THE Podium Lekki.

This year will feature top kid designers like @Elegantekids for @lordmaine2 and many others big kid designers, musical arts and comedy. It's going to be a big one. Kiddies Designers can still Apply. Tickets are available online at or call 08038238778 for enquiries.

Don't be a spectator, be a player.
 Pls go follow @officialadaorable now to support your boy @lordmaine2 , Grab the tickets for your kids to be part of the fun. 

Shocking news of the century. EG is pregnant again for her same baby daddy.

Hmmmmmm. Let's just drop the 💣! Let's just give you a good weekend story to titillate your weekend. Fact is, no one, absolutely no one, does it like us. Okay then, take it!!!!

Is this the last straw? Can thunder strike twice and be allowed or accepted? Hmmmmm, though on one side it is exciting news for the mother of baby who cares less how any one thinks, but on the other side, where the woman owner of the house that has been penetrated in such a way is, it's has been sad to hear.

It was first a very shocking, totally unbelievable news that then later turned to anger and disbelief! Can people just be this utterly senseless and cruel? What if the tables were turned? What if the other lady was the one at home and facing such a battle as this? You did it once before and shook the house to its very foundation and whoops, you did it again, same way as exactly as you did before!

Years ago we had busted their bubble by revealing their clandestine relationship which led to a child then. The smart wife then a well known creative,  who is super good at what she does and whose dad was a big boy in a particular set up, accepted the actions and the result that occurred then, as a mistake that any could have made and immediately adjusted, instead of leaving like every one thought she would and they trudged on, mending the holes and managing their situation.

But alas, while the madam did her best to let the past misdemeanor or misdeed go away, the culprit, her husband was still singing sonorous love songs with baritone voice like Barry White atop EG the good, who was enjoying being swept off her feet. And so, what they were conducting all the while in supposed silence and in the dark has now shown fruit as EG is many months gone already. In fact, she is said to be in her 3rd trimester and has even gone abroad to drop her bambino.

So that would make 2 kids, one born already and the 2nd on the way, and they are both for the same man, the very happy husband of OM.

The news of it all has been the shock of the century since this Pandora's box was broken!!!! Would madam again just accept her fate and try her absolute best again to keep her home already in major shock together? Once beaten, twice shy is what they say, what then would be said to twice beaten????

Just try to imagine the absolute treachery and the shame of the whole matter. And the way it is, is that Oga is just going about his business like there's nothing amiss! EG and her other child from what we hear, are abroad now, enjoying an all expenses paid medical attention and holiday. Just taking her time waiting to pop? Would it be a boy or a girl? We don't know yet. But fact is, a baby is a baby, either boy or girl!!!

Hmmmmmmm. Mennnnnn. Men can be vicious ooooooo. Hmmmmmm

Friday, May 24, 2019


HRM, Alaiyeluwa Oba Saheed  Ademola Elegushi, Kusenla III & Olori Sekinat Aramide Elegushi. Olori Gushi 1 

The King, his Olori and their daughters 
Olori Sekinat Aramide Elegushi 

Today, Friday, May 24, 2019 same date a few years ago, 16 years ago to be more precise in 2003, was when after a whirlwind courtship that the then Prince Saheed Ademola Elegushi, one of the sons of the then Elegushi of Ikateland and environs, now late, took his beloved fiance as the then 'Sekinat Aramide Ipaye' as his beloved wife in richer or poorer till forever.

That year 2003, a decade and much more ago, was a big day in all ramifications as the then prince father didn't spare any expense to host his son's wedding and the Ipaye's being Lagos Island top socialites of note did their daughter very proud too. It was in fact, one of the top weddings of the year then, with the delightsome K1 the ultimate on the bandstand with the one and only KSA, the king of African music.

His royal majesty, Alayeluwa, Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi, the Kusenla III, the Elegushi of Ikateland, and Olori Aramide Sekinat Elegushi were college sweethearts whose relationship blossomed into marriage. Olori Sekinat was the school sweetheart (they met as undergraduates) of the then prince, meaning they have been together for at least 2 decades now, if not more.

Till this very moment, even as the kabiyesi (king) has done what the tradition requires of a royal father by marrying another wife, a 2nd wife at that, in the person of Olori Hadiza Elegushi nee Yakasai, the love between him and his first love, his supremely gorgeous and super stylish first wife has not waned at all neither diminished in any way. In fact, it's like as the years have come by, that love has gotten better and better and more solid and  intense by the day.

Fast forward to now, that's presently, the beautiful and eventful 16 years have been blessed with 3 extraordinarily intelligent and super smart daughters, who are always a delight to behold and interact with. These girls are not only princesses in every true sense of the word, but they have been so well brought up that, they are very respectful, quite humble and very knowledgeable too.

It is quite obvious in all ramifications that the quite handsome and very well to do king, HRM Oba Elegushi, has enjoyed a great 16 years, as he has continued to look younger and younger even as he is in his 40s, making him one of the youngest royal fathers in the whole of Nigeria. It must mean his 40 plus years old 1st wife, has done remarkably well in the years past. 

So, as his royal majesty and Olori Gushi 1 celebrates their 16 years of bliss together, we also here on this platform celebrates 🎉 with them and wish for them a more continually blissful and blessed marriage in all ramifications too.

Long may both of you live. 

Congratulations on the 16th and we look forward to the 25th and more years. 

Thursday, May 23, 2019


There's the reason for wanting to celebrate to high heaven this dynamite of a lady, who most know as 'Jennifer Obayuwana', the Executive Director and heiress to the Polo Lifestyle Conglomerate. For those who might not know or might have forgotten so quickly, she is the stupendously gorgeous and most kindhearted daughter of the Czar of Lifestyle himself, his imperial majesty, 'Sir' John Obayuwana, the owner of Polo Ltd, Polo Avenue, Cat Construction and other brands.

Like already stated above and a good virtue at that, that we cannot stop from emphasizing, Jenny like loads call her, but who some close people to her prefer to refer to as the 'underboss', the anoited one learning from the Capo Tutti Capi himself, is  unpretentiously one of the most kindhearted angels to have stepped foot on the face of this earth. She's one person that can give her heart to her friends or those she comes in contact with, without necessarily rationalizing about who they are and what she could get in return from it or them. A class act in all ramifications.

But not only is she so generous to a fault, take it or leave it she's also undoubtedly one of the most stylish Nigerian alive and by extension African on the face of this earth, with a style that's very avant Garde, futuristic and quirky. Any where in the world that you come in contact with her or across her, be it in London, Geneva, New York, Miami etc as she's a avid traveler, who speaks French very well, a bit of Italian/Spanish, if you truly understand and appreciate high fashion and style, you cannot but nod continuously in approval.

So on this wonderful occasion of her birthday, we cannot but wish this princess of elegance, duchess of good form, heiress of grace and panache, a happy birthday and a wish for many more years of goodness and happiness.

Long may you live J! 


The dude is a super well known guy who made major money from God knows where and the money is not some coins, but hefty, quite a hefty sum at that  from what we have heard, reason being that he also spends it, as if or like there's no tomorrow. For him it's like money is going out of fashion soon, so it's better to spend, spend and spend. Many of our current music stars have sang or praised his name to high heavens before.

So such a dude would have ladies of all kinds-hues and shapes, falling over themselves to be with him, trying everything possible to get his attention and to date them. Any rich dude like we all know, is a veritable magnet of attraction and this guy has gone through them all, cutting through them like a sharp knife 🗡 would cut through butter. To say the least, this guy has registered or branded his name on just too many 'Bermuda Triangles', in fact too many, just too numerous to mention. Abo@& like many of those boastful American basketballers, can readily boast too of having slept with more than 1000 gals of all shades and sizes.

The ladies in this particular story are both very well known too. In fact one of them claimed to be a former beauty queen turned entrepreneur, a mother of one, with the bazooka or humongous bum bum/backside. This tall formerly married lady is a supposed social media sensation with a sizable following. She owns a brand that's in the beauty and lifestyle business. She's in fact the favorite of a very boastful young developer. Whom when she was still married to her husband, caught her with and nearly jumped off the roof of a hotel on the island to escape. This lady according to her ex-husband has donated her treasure trove to as any men worth their name as possible in the past and she still hasn't stopped till now! Mennnnnn, she loves money to a fault and what she can only offer in return is just that Bermuda Triangle. According to her legend, her red sea has received too many countless rods that has parted it, in fact just too numerous to count. The only other way to describe her is to call her a desperado, one who would do just about anything, anything at all for fame and money.

Just imagine that her then husband to be, who was still later hoodwinked to marry her afterward, supposedly caught her hair or make up guy rodding her mercilessly at one time, when he paid her an unscheduled visit, but she later confessed to him that he was only giving her head not that they did the full deed!!!! 🙄.

Our other lady here is not a Nigerian at all in any way, but by virtue of her exploit so far, she can easily claim to be one. She in fact is a British-African, from where that super old despot who never wanted to leave power used to reign supreme till he was ousted. She's a creative who loves clothes to stupor. Gorgeous, sexy, exciting and more describes her perfectly. You cannot as a man see her and not salivate with want,

She 'used' to be a 'live-in lover' of a notorious former married man, whose property is supposedly  one of the biggest where it is located. She was a major pain in the ass of the dashing, super gorgeous ex-wife and mother of the man's kids. We say used to be here, because we aren't too sure whether she's still with the man anymore, that's because if she still is, then she's then cutting major side shows too then, while they are still dating. She and the madam of the house then, who was light years more beautiful than she is, had a running battle of several years and used to clash every other time. In fact there was a time when madam of the house had gone abroad to deliver, that girlfriend was moved in temporarily as the lady of the manor, without her knowledge. So embroiled was oga with her that he once held an exclusive party for her in London that had only him and several ladies in attendance. We still have those pictures saved in our archives.

If DA....... is playing side games though, you can't really blame her, as her man is a 'confirmed, totally unrepentant womanizer' who has major issues sticking with one person. In fact he has been married and divorced or separated too many times already and after his ex-wife left him, many had thought the time had come for DA to become the newest official wife. But that doesn't seem to have happened just yet. But truth be told, the billionaire's generosity is staggering. As he is ever ready to pay for jobs (plastic surgery) for his babes. One of the several being Kelly.

So how are the 3-the trio, that's talking about DL DA & Abol..connected? Apparently the 2 ladies are both dating Abol... at the same time and then both apparently met each other at a club quite recently and with both wanting to lay claim on their man who was just having his own fun, both had a clash an altercation. Those who experienced it claim it was a fight, but we believe it was just a clash to lay claims. You know like, just how a dog would mark his/her territory so no one dares to encroach. So both apparently allowed anger to get the better of them and let loose scathing remarks and words about each other.

But from our actual findings, Abol....apparently prefers DA to DL who he considers a bit too desperate and somewhat razz..... , but the truth from what we know is that it seems like Abol... has entered wahala (problem) as DL.... doesn't seem like letting him go.

So who would win this war at the end of the day???? Whose pee would be the strongest to fend off the other rival???

One thing both ladies have in common is that both have gone under the knife. While one's own looks totally out of place, the other's own looks more natural.

DA or DL???? 


Those who do not like Femi Gbajabiamila's visibility and rise, those who do not like the camp that he belongs to (he is unrepentantly a strong member of the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu's camp) and who would want their pound of flesh have merged together to fight the one they now see as a common enemy. And in fighting the battle to what they believe is a conclusion, they are willing to use every weapon in their arsenals to achieve their goal. For these people, they have embraced wholeheartedly, the maxim that, "all is fair in war". So whatever is is going to take, is what they are willing to give it.

What is it particularly that is bringing so much attention on the exemplary lawyer and law maker, it's none other than the battle for the position of the speaker (leader) of the Federal House of Representatives, which makes the one that emerges for the post, as the 4th in rank on the power hierarchy in the country.

The speaker of the national assembly of a country, is a massive position of influence and what the norm actually dictates is that, the party that's in the majority in the house, picks the person to occupy that position. What the party in the majority normally does is to pick a consensus candidate from amongst themselves, who they would all vote for to become the speaker, but with the APC which is the ruling party, it has been a party in chaos and disarray. So a house divided against itself cannot stand. So if care is not taken, they might just lose out all over again. Like in the 8th assembly.

With so many from the same party laying claim to the post, it hasn't been as straightforward as the party would have loved it. So with the in-fighting in the party getting more intense by the day, making them not to stand as one, it has allowed the opposition to plant seeds of discord to further pull them apart. And that opposition scheming powerfully and might actually spring a surprise.

Part of what they have used to their advantage so far is to bring to question the integrity of the major front runner for position from the APC in the person of Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila.

First was the question of his abroad based daughter, who is a supposed model, whose unrestrained lifestyle they have called into question and then now is this campaign of calumny that is fast gaining grounds that he was a convicted felon in the US in 2007 where he was formerly based. So the idea is basically that how can a former criminal or felon aspire to such a sensitive position as that of the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives of Nigeria.

In fact there's even a court case - FHC/ABJ/CS/539/2019, was specifically instituted already by a Phillip Undie. The plaintiff, Mr Philip Undie, who identified himself as a taxpayer, in a 25-paragraph affidavit, told the court that he has evidence that the 1st defendant was convicted by the Supreme Court of Georgia in 2007.

Consequently, he as asked the court to determine “whether upon the construction of section 66 of the 1999 Constitution, as amended, vis-à-vis the judgement of the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia, Atlanta, USA, in suit No. SO6YO829 in the matter of Femi Gbaja, the 1st defendant is the fit and proper person to be elected to the House of Representatives and/or to the office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.”

To Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila's detractors, It is like one's past catching up on one.

So would this people, these enemies of progress succeed in their dastardly schemes? It is left to be seen as the countdown to the election in June of 2019 gets near.


Dr. John Kayode Fayemi

His profile has continued to soar high since he came back for his 2nd term as the Executive Governor of Ekiti State after taking over from rabble-rouser extraordinaire, Peter "the rock" Ayodele Fayose.

At least Ekiti is not just in the news for just about anything anymore, peace and normalcy had since taken over and people are seemingly just moving about doing their things quietly.

And now the very calm, highly cerebral Executive Governor of Ekiti State, His Excellency, Dr. Kayode Fayemi has added another feather to his enviable cap after emerging unanimously as the new chairman of the quite influential Nigeria's Governors Forum (NGF). The news of his emergence  wouldn't have been anything extraordinary had it not being that its the "first time in the history of the NGF that a Governor from the SW would be occupying such a position". And with Dr. Kayode Fayemi being an expert in war & conflict resolution, he would bring that expertise to bear on his colleagues as the Governors would engage all other arms of Government. So it's a very very positive and very welcomed development. The days of unnecessary confrontations without necessarily achieving anything, might just be long gone afterall.

The new NGF chairman is known to be a very good ally of the President of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, who he served meritoriously as a Minister for Solid Minerals. before he resigned to vie again for the Governorship of his state.

The new chairman was nominated for the post by the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, who was seconded by the Governor of DELTA state, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa. He would be leading the NGF for the next 2years till 2021.

Also elected as the Vice-chairman of the forum was the Governor of Sokoto state, Governor Aminu Tambuwal, who was nominated by the outgoing Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode who was seconded by the Governor of Ondo state, Rotimi Akeredolu.

In his acceptance remark, Dr. Fayemi expressed his gratitude for the confidence reposed on him by his colleagues.

He then pledged to build on the achievements of his predecessors and success stories of the forum.

“We will build on commitments with strong partnership with the Federal Government as federating unit and trash out issues as amicably as possible, in the over all interest of the country,” he said.

He then pledged that they would represent the interests of Nigeria irrespective of their political affiliations.

“Whatever we are going to do will be in overall interest of the nation in ensuring that our states are continuously strengthened,”

“Our country derives the benefit of strong, dedicated states to our citizens and the partnership with all arms of government, development partners working with us in the over all interest of Nigeria.

He commended the outgoing chairman of the forum and the secretariat for their commitment to states and Nigeria at large.

Kudos to Dr. Kayode Fayemi on a well deserved appointment. And some have even begun to look forward and ahead already as far as 2023 & are believing the calm mien of the Ekiti state Governor might just be leading him towards the presidency.

Would it happen or wouldn't it happen? Let's just wait and see, for like they say, time is the judge.

What is more curious though is that a coalition that's not too favorable inclined towards Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is gradually day by day gaining more and more access to power and influence. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2019


More than 2 decades ago destiny crossed our paths and we met while at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State. From that time in the early 90s till you passed on untimely and so suddenly about 2 weeks ago, you remained a perfect gentleman.

If death had permitted  and not acted funny maybe, you would have clocked 50 or so next year. From having a degree in Agricultural Sciences you left for the United Kingdom for pastures anew and in your own way made your good mark in the sands of time, leaving indelible footprints. From Agriculture, like someone who knew what the future held, you got into ICT and gave it a fair try, excelling as much as a hardworking and relentless achiever should. At a point in 2012, as the CEO of Afrimobile, a UK based Telco, that brand was already targetting about 40million plus of the African ethnic minority.

Ever always calm and generous to a fault, ever willing to help and lend a helping hand to family, friends & associates. In the course of making ends meet, you became an avid traveler, going around the world, ever always looking for the next exciting business opportunity to invest in. In all your dealings and quest to make ends meet, you remained a perfect gentleman, the type that everyone you met along the way, always commended for all the good reasons. So so much was expected of you and you really tried. And everyone believed that the time for the investments of the past years were just about coming to fruition.

But alas, just as the time for the fun, relaxation, enjoyment, semi-retirement was drew near, you decided to lump it all and dump it and thought to start another journey again, but this time around it was a journey of no return that you had embarked on. You were snatched so cruelly and so unexpectedly from us all that loved you, by that most despicable and shameless of enemy-death.

Till this very moment many have still not been able to rationalize it yet. Some in fact cannot yet believe that you have passed on. It would most definitely take time for the pain to heal. It's just damn too fresh bro. The only solace that we have, is in the fact that you have left good memories behind. And that's what everyone is just clinging on to.

You have left behind plenty of dreams yet unfulfilled, much hope cut off, loads of great achievements have been left in limbo. But not just that alone though, your loving wife and kids and even your mom and other family members and we your friends and your business associates would all miss you so much.

Kay D Kay baba, Alhaji Kay to some, Isuzu K to many..... We go miss you oooooo. Till we all meet again on the day of your resurrection bro.

Sleep well....... (sun re ooooo) 

Step into the World of The 1% of the 1% - The Bling Lagosians - A Bolanle Austen Peters film

Have you ever thought about what it would like to walk in the shoes and delve into the lives of the 1% of the 1% even for just one day?!  #TheBlingLagosians are here;  Bolanle Austen Peters  has her directorial debut with “The Bling Lagosians” having successfully showcased critically acclaimed stage plays such as Saro the Musical, Wakaa the Musical, Fela and most recently, the Kalakuta Queens.

The movie is a powerful story and gives us a glimpse into the lifestyle of Lagos’ high society; the “big men”, “big madams’ and their inner circle of the ruling elite. They are super rich and they do not feel guilty about it one bit! In the film, we step into the world of the elite who are truly in charge of Lagos;  these folks have immense power. These are the 1% of the 1% in Nigeria and they put everyone in the shade with their lavish display of wealth. They may have the wealth, the luxuries and of course : “The Bling” lifestyle,  but have they mastered their pursuit of happiness?

Austen-Peter's vision for this film is to create something reflective of her experience in Lagos The Movie tells the story of “The Holloways”, a powerful Lagos socialite circle whose matriarch never disappoints when it comes to flaunting her families extreme wealth. She is resolute on having her 51st birthday become the year’s biggest society event – however things take a turn when her family’s huge dept verges on being exposed – How will the family cover it up when she is 100%  reluctant to cut back on her extravagant lifestyle?
The trailer reveals the party preparations, showing the formidable cast which includes: Elvina Ibru, Toyin Abraham, Jide Kosoko, Bisola Aiyeola, Denola Grey, Monalisa Chinda, Osas Ighodaro Ajibade, Sharon Ooja, Helen Paul, Alex Ekubo and more.

While it doesn't give too much of the plot away, it's clear that the film is going to be very scandalous, and if you live in Lagos, this should come as no real surprise to you. The movie is a must watch with enough drama, twists and turns, giving us a detailed in road in to ‘the magic circle’  with whom on the surface everything seems to work for, everything they touch turns to GOLD, until it doesn’t. Even though they may hide behind very high walls, exclusive estates, tinted cars and security details, for how long will they continue to keep up appearances?
Watch the Trailer:

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