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Sunday, August 5, 2018


Senator Godswill Akpabio

It's either just another political masterstroke of unbelievable proportion or maybe, just maybe another surpreme covert move of the most unexpected kind for the future which when it would be played as it should, would be a deft genius move of unprecedented effect, a move that would be the most sagacious and would most assuredly, completely break the spine of the APC as a party. A true masterstroke in every sense of the word. That's if it is actually a subterfuge.

But for now as it is on the surface, if there's nothing clandestine about the move and it is actually a genuine and plane move devoid of any future intended trickery or treachery, then Senator Godswill Akpabio's intended move away from his beloved PDP- his soon to become former party to the APC, might just be the most deft move yet, that the APC has ever been able to orchestrate in their history.

Talk of chess playing of the most masterful kind, and that's just what this crossing or change of allegiance can be compared to! You lost some supposed bigwigs--3 Governors and members of the National Assembly-about 50 plus of them, whose electoral weight or value might have waned and then gain an heavyweight and some, from a very strategic area- South-South/South-East, whose electoral weight/value is still as formidable as it were from day one.

So as it is, it would just be a case of while the PDP were still prematurely gloating and back-slapping each other for a supposed back-breaking masterstroke victory, from a supposed good job well done as directed and produced by the Senate President-Dr Bukola Saraki, who was the PDP's arrowhead, the APC who normally should have started seeing and feeling the results of the rigor mortis brought by the dead shot on their party, have from nowhere just pulled off the carpet from under the PDP, as they too have responded in kind with Senator Akpabio's and company planned movement the other way.

All the above though, are still permutations, not until Thursday, August 9, 2018 in Akwa Ibom when the planned dumping and receiving would have taken place before one can actually believe that truly, Akpabio and Co have left PDP officially to now camp with the APC.

Meanwhile, the next few days before the actual defection date can still spring many surprises. Reason for that majorly is because many can not still fathom, why all of a sudden, when it seems like the stock of his party the PDP is on the virtual  rise after being in coma for so long, and it is at that particular time that he has chosen to now defect. Also it's not like he is a virtual nobody at his party who is looking for a position, him being the Senate minority leader alone,  translates to him being the leader of his party at the National Assembly, meaning he is the leader of the shadow government, were it to be another style of government! The 3rd reason again why people are so baffled as to why in the world he would want to defect, is that apart from the so called battle of wits with his protégé, the present Governor of his home state, Udom Gabriel Emmanuel who he supposedly single-handedly anointed and installed, he supposedly has/had a very good relationship with the hierarchy of the PDP, so why quit then?????

So in order to at least justify the so called mind boggling defection, some have had to come up with some speculations, chief of which is that maybe the ruling party has gotten him in a vice like grip that the only way out for him was just to change camp!

So we are all eagerly awaiting Thursday, August 9, 2018 to see what would actually happen. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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