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Saturday, December 8, 2018


Apostle ATB Williams presides over one of the biggest churches in the UK. He is well known for his prophetic gift and utterances. He is like a lone but sure voice, out of the very many men of God.

Known to be extra passionate about Nigeria. This particular message was spoken not very recently (May 2018) to be more precise, but it's gaining traction again, because of what the message is about especially as 2019 election beckons. It is the prophecy about Nigeria, Buhari, the President of Nigeria, the very many men of God in Nigeria who have been blowing hot and cold and their alliances and the acts of the so called Christians in Nigeria too, especially towards 2019.

Hear him!!!!!

I am talking to the world.

They misled Nigerians to pray against God's anoited, because he is a moslem.

When the Holy Spirit told me that man would rule Nigeria, all of them were saying the man would not. Before the election of the man! But God told me.

I have no business in Nigeria, you know. I have no sharing in the Government money in Nigeria or in all of those stuffs in Nigeria. So I have no reason to be bias.

Holy Spirit told me the man will rule Nigeria. And He showed me 4 years for the man to rule Nigeria and to bring Nigeria to his position. But the 'liars' who call themselves 'Christian leaders' in Nigeria. Lied to the people only because they have participated in 'ungodly acts with the politicians'.

In a short time their judgements will begin. Vociferous Amen from the congregations!!!! No... I am telling you what I have seen.

Some people 'would mourn and weep',.... when they open their pandora's boxes out..... The Holy Spirit in the new year.

Listen to me, because of that Christians in Nigeria got biased, instead of them to pray for their CYRUS, they kept their mouth shut or they wished him evil. But the man is seeking. The spirit of the man is crying!!!! "Who shall help me".

And the Christians God sent there, have been lied to, so they turned against him, therefore 'the people who rule in darkness afflicted him'.

They afflicted him!!!! The ones who have the authority to free his affliction, Satan turned them against him. "They will answer with their lives in eternity"!!!!

Listen to me! Cyrus was ungodly. God said to Cyrus, I will set... , I will lift up your hand to subdue nations. I would open before you double doors, so that doors would not be shut against you. He said, I will break down the gates of bronze and will cut through chains of brass, because you let my people go.

Buhari..., is God's last chance for Nigeria!!! Nigeria miss it, I am sorry...

Many years ago, God took me to the future of Nigeria and showed me. I am going to Nigeria next year, to teach and talk to them.... I want any, who thinks he can hear God, to come and talk to me publicly unedited!!!!

The destiny of that nation God revealed to me. When people were queuing all over the world, looking for and begging for visa to go to Nigeria, because Nigeria was abundantly blessed, but God gave them one chance, after that one chance.

After that man Buhari, is supposed to rule a young man, before who there's no pebble. I saw it before Buhari showed up!!!

Are we together now??? (asking the congregations the question)  If Nigeria miss this time of Buhari in Nigeria!!!! Write my words down, write my words down. Unless 'He: who lives in heaven did not speak!!!

The defiant man of God presides over a massive church in London with branches across 4 continents of the world named Christ Faith Tabernacle. Yours truly had the opportunity once in 2016 to visit the beautiful, well structured worship place and was quite impressed and pleased with what I experienced. A lot of Nigerians and Africans in London worships at the church. 


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Egbon Aloba welcome back.i don visit taya.please no make me taya to visit this blog.


www.o2klove said...

I Okiroro Othuke is saying no matter who governs us, God is still on the throne.
Hence, all things works together for us