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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


VANE STYLE by Veronica Ebie-Odeka: Styling from New York City to Cosmopolitan Lagos
Veronica Ebie-Odeka is an international stylist with over ten years worth of experience in modeling, fashion and styling.
Veronica Ebie-Odeka launched VANE STYLE, a brand new styling consortium that caters to women for their fashion and styling needs.
Before her career as a stylist, she had also delved into the world of runway modeling, print & commercial modeling, travelling model and also worked as a spokesperson for notable brands like General Motors and OTC.
Her successful modeling career introduced her to high end fashion brands such as Betsey Johnson, Armani, Just Cavalli, BCBG, Donna Karan and a host of others.
She was also trained by fashionista Cassandra Walker, who styles most of the Houston’s and Los Angeles’ bourgeoisie wives and socialites.
Under Ms Walker’s tutelage and guidance, Veronica practiced the fine art of styling celebrities and socialites alike, for events, dinners, vacations and more.
Her eye for detail and her understanding of fashion and the female body is what sets her apart from other stylists in her league.
To re-introduce, VANE STYLE is a styling agency which provides the female gender with an insight into creating instant glamour both from updating their wardrobes to improving their personalities with an eye on matching and complimenting fashion items.
VANE STYLE has a cutting edge styling brilliance and the know-how and actual passion for dressing women of all ages, shapes and sizes.
VANE STYLE offers services such as: Styling Services, Wardrobe Coordination, Personal Shopping Services, and so much more.
On the 13th of June 2010, Veronica Ebie-Odeka launched her brand VANE STYLE to the African Fashion Industry.
The invite-only event drew some of the highly sociable and fashionable women in the cosmopolitan city of Lagos (Nigeria).
The event held style consultations, showcased fresh looks and outfits straight from the hottest boutiques in Los Angeles & New York City, Opportunities to win fabulous gifts, Shopping party and more.
For all information please email: vanestylepr@gmail.com

The stylist and former model is also a contributor at ThisDay style,the sunday sunday style magazine,that has become a must read for fashionistas in Nigeria.

VANE STYLE: “Look Fabulous, Feel Fabulous”

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