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Saturday, July 10, 2010


What determines what you wear to any occasion
The type of event determines what I will wear (be it formal or informal).
How do you define style
Style to me is being graceful, fashionable without being a slave to it.
Don’t you think that women are generally vain?
No I disagree about women being vain generally.
Who are your style icons?
I have no style icon.
What’s that particular thing you cannot do without?
If it’s one thing I could not do without I’d say my blackberry, but if it’s more than one thing I’d say, it’s brushing my teeth, moisturizing my skin and my chap stick.
Is it true that you have a shoe fetish; I heard your shoe collection is to die for?
I wouldn't say I have a shoe fetish but yes I do appreciate beautiful crafted pieces and believe me I don't have that many.
What makes a woman stand out?
A woman stands out with her sense of style, how she's able to put everything together to create her own signature look, well manicured hands and feet, hair done nicely, clothes fit properly(for someone you don't know) but in general it should be a woman's character (if you do know her)
Are there particular rules to follow?
Fashion rules:
1. A) Don’t be a slave to fashion just because it’s in vogue, doesn't mean it'll suit you.
B) Please always buy your right size in shoes, clothes etc.
C) Own at least one black dress.
d) Accessorize accessorize accessorize
When are you at your best?
When I’m happy I’m usually at my best.
What’s your perfume personality
Perfume personality, I assume you mean the type I like -basically strong sensual floral and fruity types -flower bomb by Viktor and Rolf and chance by Chanel.
Describe you, what type of person are you
I'm pretty much a straight forward, to the point type of person still trying to work on being a little more diplomatic though...lol
How do you unwind, what do you do for relaxation.
I unwind by spending the day at the spa and going on vacation, unfortunately I don't get to do it often because of work.
What’s your mantra for life?
Live your life like its golden

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