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Saturday, August 21, 2010


2 of the FCT most gorgeous beauties, who are the initiators of a household brand- SELARA STUDIOS & Also FACE OF SELARA, Chats exclusively with MM.
WHAT IS SELARA FACES ALL ABOUT -Selara faces is make- up and Life Style Company. The event Face of Selara was created three years ago, with the main aim of matching outer beauty with inner beauty. Therefore Face of selara is a beauty pageant about empowering young ladies, building up their confidence and giving back to the society. We have chosen children’s orphanages as our main focus in our charity endeavors; because we believe they are our future. Therefore we use this pageant not only to promote our brand but also to create awareness for the orphanages.
LETS HAVE A BRIEF ABOUT THE FACE OF SELARA COMPETITION SO FAR-The first winner of the competition was Meg Kaka (2008) and Blessing Osirim (2009). As stated earlier, the competition is to empower young ladies, giving them an opportunity to better themselves and give back to the community. As the competition grows, so do the rewards. The past winners both got contracts to work with us for the year of their reign, which exposed them to the fashion and beauty industry. Thus enabling them develop their interest in modeling and the artistry of makeup. They featured in a few runway shows, music videos, had magazine spreads, and have become good make up artists. In addition to this they got cash prizes and the last winner got a car.
SO WHAT STANDS YOUR PRODUCT AND BRAND OUT FROM ALL OTHERS, YOU SEEM TO HAVE TAKEN ABUJA BY STORM-Our brand is fantastic because our make up and skin care line are of excellent quality, long lasting, very effective and affordable. With make up, high pigmentation and right tones are very important; we made sure to put this into consideration when we were creating our brand. We haven’t yet taken Abuja by storm, but by His grace this would happen soon enough, not only Abuja, but also the whole country. Selara faces would definitely be a force to reckon with in the makeup industry
TWO GORGEOUS LOOKING SISTER WORKING IN THE SAME SPACE, DOING SAME THING, HOW DO YOU COPE-As sisters working in the same business we cope because we compliment each other. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so it makes us a perfect team.
THERE ARE SO MANY STUDIOS SPRINGING UP DAILY, WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT YOURS-Even though they are a lot of makeup studios springing up, we are able to cope because in addition to having fantastic products, we bring something extra. Firstly we both work on every client, bringing our different areas of expertise, giving our clients the very best. Plus its not just about money, it is a passion, and the satisfaction we get from pleasing our clients.
SO WHAT ARE YOUR BEAUTY SECRETS, HOW DO YOU BOTH LOOK SO GOOD AT ALL TIMES- Our beauty secret is working from the inside. Some people are blessed with natural good skin, while some aren’t. So it is all about using the right skincare products, to achieve to perfect look. If your skin isn’t right there is no way the make up is going to sit right. It is so important to do the daily facial regimen of cleanse, tone and moisturize; even those with good skin would have to maintain it. When coupled with the right diet, the sky is the limit. The 3rd edition of the FACE OF SELARA CONTEST is slated for sometime in November, and forms are out already for intending participants who fit the requirements to get, for further enquiries call-08036081543

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Selara is a very nice place they make. You look like queens