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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Since this high street brand landed in Nigeria, they have been breaking one record after another, first their Lagos store broke the world MANGO's sales record just in their first week of opening shop, now they seem to be the fastest growing fashion brand in the country and this is still just under a year, they have 2 branches already, the one in Lagos at the PALMS SHOPPING COMPLEX, Lekki expressway, and the one at the imposing SILVERBIRD GALLERIA in ABUJA,FCT, already plans are in the works for about 3 more branches, one more would be in LAGOS, at IKEJA-at the new CITY MALL, Alausa, IKEJA and the massive mall is planned to be opened by the middle of 2011,same type of mall is also planned for ENUGU & KANO set also for the middle of next year, the malls are been built by the same company that built the palms complex-a SOUTH AFRICAN firm, so by the end of 2011, there would be about 5 branches of MANGO in the country and more still likely to come.
One of MANGO'S beautiful initiatives is their now very popular shoppers nights at the end of every month, which affords the shoppers the opportunity to shop till they are tired and buy some of the latest trends & designs from the MANGO stable at unbelievable DISCOUNTS. This month’s shoppers night is set for the first week of September, Friday the 3rd, 2011 and from 8pm till 11pm, shoppers would be serenaded and have absolute fun buying all the new stocks at a discount only for that day, there is going to be a mini fashion show, with about 8 to 10 models showcasing the new MANGO’S offering at the Lagos store, while the Abuja edition is slated for the first week of OCTOBER 2010. The new season’s line is dubbed summer lights, the new summer season is as epitomized by the great beauty-Scarlett Johannson, who is the face of MANGO and for this season trends 4 major elements are been highlighted-Red & Blue returns to garments with a light ad-lib touch in blue & white tones. White, the summer colour par excellence, combines with different tones of blue in very light cotton fabrics, chambray and jeans. The key garments in this range are dresses and waist-height skirts featuring floral prints, embroidery, frills and lace details.
Another element is- sexy contrast which reveals a clean line in which volumes, such as A-cut skirts, sack forms and kaftan are introduced. Graphic contrasts are highlighted in prints, embroidery and jewels in natural fabrics which add richness to the purest summer lines.
With its romantic and boudoir air, Romantic mood adorns garments with floral motifs and a handmade look. The richness is also provided by the textures and weaves of the fabrics, producing a relaxed and urban silhouette with the introduction of rich tones and natural textures.
Similarly, South seas features a combination of paisleys, mixing patchwork motifs,which give movement to the fluid and sheer silhouettes.

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Dont like the manager in the store of mango.lekki branch he is tooo rude. Pls change him