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Sunday, January 9, 2011


After several months of running what many considered a highly successful business venture-Movida bar & lounge on Adeola Hopewell street,Victoria Island,which used to be Club Towers owned then by Prince Nazir Ado Ibrahim,the son of the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, the duo behind the relatively new venture are alleged to have parted ways, and from the feelers we are getting there might not be a reconciliation.

Though not fully confirmed we learnt that one of the many reasons for the breakdown in communications might be ego, on the part of one of the partners, the unbelievable success of the club is alleged to have become an Achilles heel, especially has the club is said to rake in a whopping #40 odd million naira every month, its one of the only clubs in Lagos, that fun seekers and revelers are said to have unlimited fun till the wee hours of the mornings, especially because the deejay is considered the very best in the business, MM can even attest to this fact, as one of our fun loving, roving eyes, has been part of the fun several times, and we had so much fun that we didn't know it was 5:30am already. What particularly caused the break up of the partnership is said to have been several, one of the things is said to have been because of the way account is been rendered, while one partner seem to always know what the accounts details were, the other was been kept in the dark deliberately, and it was very obvious that profit was been made, so there had been suspicions, the matter finally reached the point of no return recently, when the other partner was disrespected terribly in the sight of guests and all, and was bundled out by security and locked out on the orders of Akeem for having the audacity to complain about something. Akeem Sodeinde is a veteran at running fun spots and has been at it for several years, he had partnered with Ahmed Unwubettine to start what was then the hottest night club then called Xtreme Reloaded at what used to be 11:45 on Awolowo rd,Ikoyi, after the partnership broke down, he started another partnership with the captain of the national football team Joseph Yobo & Lolu Sodeinde to start Insomnia at the same Awolowo rd venue which raked in several millions before it was shut down again,Joseph Yobo was said to have been the main backer of Insomnia, and many alleged that he was short changed, Lolu left to start Rehab on Ajose Adeogun,with new partners, , then Movida came on board with the partnership between Jennifer Uzor and Akeem and now after only a few months a total break up is imminent. Apart from the club partnership, Jennifer is said to be into "several" other ventures. Akeem is said to have recently purchased 5 new cars a BMW X5 Jeep, a MERC GL jeep, a Nissan Armanda jeep, a Lexus LX 570 jeep and a Jaguar saloon car. We hear the lawyers on both side are already working on how to sort out the investments of each partner, there is the possibility of  the case going to court, if not sorted amicably.


Anonymous said...

So this fucktard makes a living short-changing his business partners? What happened to the Nigeria I know, why is he still breathing?

Anonymous said...

Akeem must think he his some king of John Gotti bullying his business partner all over the place? Nemesis will soon catch up with him. Agbaya buruku

Anonymous said...

They're a bunch of Surulere fucking. thieves along with the useless barrel of a brother always mumu'ing around the gate. No wonder its been dead and dry as a doorknob the bare times I've made it this year. My spirit has always rejected that place. Ppl shd be careful with these derrty peeps I'm definite they are blackmailers and ragmag snitches too as well occultic.

Anonymous said...

Well, people should watch out for the kind of people they do business with. Although, when it all started, movida was the bomb, even though Akeem has slept with 99% of the girls that comes there without using condom, he rather gives them pills and has wasted Jennifa's investment on them. The drinks that are meant to be sold has always be offered to all the girls he fuck whenever they go clubing. A girl even confessed Akeem is an Ogboni man. He kept on buying jeeps and even bought for his brother and girls.
I personally hate him because he slept with my girl I broke up with.
Thank God, nemesis is catching up and will even go worse on him soon because he thinks he has it all.
Old fool acting Jay z his age.
Jennifa, please take him to court.

Anonymous said...

He raped someone I know. The man is a beast. He raped her and used electro shock device to shock her and took pic of her and gave threats that if he calls her and she never answers he will put her pic online. What a beast