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Monday, January 10, 2011


That is the million dollar question of the lips of everyone, especially those with a lot of decorum and modicum of uprightness, and the question came about, because all over the black berry messenger at the weekend some very wicked and unknown fellows, had gone to town to publish some very unpalatable and outrightly wicked,supposed pictures of the Governor of Kaduna state in some very uncompromising positions with another male fellow having a feel of each other, at first when the uproar was going on,we had refused to open the links been sent by everyone, but when the torrent increased we had to check the link, and what hits one's eyes is very shocking, 2 guys are on each other  naked and the supposed picture of the governor was under having sex, but if you look very well, what would come to any right thinking individual is that the pictures were doctored, in the parlance of those who understand it well,photo-shopped. And that brought about the question in the story, why would people for any reason whatsoever do anything to bring another man to disrepute, some are speculating that its the governors opponents, who do not want him to run for the next elections, the idea is that this detractors would do everything they can to make him look terrible. It has not been a easy ride for the Governor since taking over as the top boss of his state-KADUNA, since the former governor Alhaji Namadi Sambo was made the vice-president of Nigeria, Mr Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa,was appointed the deputy governor of Kaduna State in July 2005, he later returned in the same position in April 2007, from where he was appointed Governor of the state on May 20,2010, born on December 1,1948, he is a christian and has a bachelor's of science degree in social science from ABU University,Zaria,Kaduna state, he has had a very progressive civil service career before venturing into the very murky waters of politics.He was said to have had myriads of problem from the minute he was appointed as the first christian to occupy the post of the governor, and now that the election year has come,  his detractors might be the masterminds behind whats going on.


Shakara said...

Are they trying to tell us he's gay but pretends to be married and is a good christian?

Anonymous said...

Pls o! Yakowa is not known to be a fag! It is all the work of detractors! Everyone in Kd knows that its Namadi that is a homo!!

Anonymous said...

the intention was to destroy his political career, that was why it was released on the day of the primary elections. GOD WILL VINDICATE YAKOWA AS HE HAS ALWAYS DONE IN HIS LIFE. GOD WIL ALSO COME DOWN HARD ON THE PEPPATRATORS OF THIS EVIL ACT. AMEN. LONG LIVE YAKOWA .

Cerie said...

Unthinkable, impossible,unbelievable, unGodly photo-shopped. The extend desparate people can go.

This makes us even stronger because we are looking UP!!!

Fan said...

To think he's now dead. This life.