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Thursday, September 20, 2012


 Nigeria's biggest airline & probably one of Africa's fastest growing airline, Arik Air is in the news again, not because of some new air-crafts they have just acquired or brought in, but because they have just announced a total suspension of all domestic flights. According to the following statement from the airline to passengers-

''Due to persistent hostility of the Ministry of Aviation, and FAAN management, which has culminated in the use of FAAN staff to stop Arik Air operations and lock in checked-in passengers in Lagos this morning, Arik Air has no option than to suspend all domestic operations until further notice. This issue bothers on personal interests and not payment of bills; since FAAN has been collecting their charges in advance since 18 months now.
Arik Air regrets the inconveniences this disruption by FAAN, would cause you. Thank you for your much-valued support.” 

This coming from Arik Air just a few weeks after Air Nigeria suspended all operations till further notice is clearly sending out some bad vibes. There is the particular unconfirmed gist on going about the Honorable Minister for Aviation wanting 5% of shares in the Airline, a move said to have been rejected by the Chairman/owner of the Airline. Further to this unconfirmed gist, is also the gist that the Minister supposedly forced Dana Air to allocate to her shares in the company, so that the suspension placed on the airline in the aftermath of the terrible air-crash of June 2012 could be lifted. As high sounding as these allegations might be, we would want the Federal Government to properly investigate the matter and deal appropriately with any culprit found wanting. 

We do not think it is nice, when one of the only brands that Nigeria and Nigerians should be proud of, would be hounded into submission, especially when the survival of many are attached to it.


Anonymous said...

Na wa for all this nigeria minister's who fail to serve the people of nigeria other than themselves

Lady X said...

I knew it. That daft dumb ass minister Stella Odua is a big theif. I knew for her to let Dana fly again, their must be something for her. Damn! why does Jonathan surround himself with these jezebels? This is so embarassing

Anonymous said...

Stella Oduah is a witch. Take that to the bank.

Mama Borngirl said...

Am sorry to say this as a Niger Deltan, but her boss himself is as clueless as they come.