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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


What could have made a grown up, married man with kids bite a woman and especially going to the extent of causing a fraction and even biting? That's the question on the minds of everyone now. Why would someone who is a top management executive of a company even resort to messing up or fighting in public beats everyone's imagination. 

According to our findings, this particular incidence is one of many of similar ones that Obaro had been involved in before. What has only happened in this case is that his victim this time around is not a nobody or someone that can be easily cowed. So what really happened? 


According to the gist, Obaro Ibru & Louise Priddy were both at an occasion at Cool Off, a joint somewhere on Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, Lagos when fun loving Obaro got up from his own circle of friends and table to where Louise & a couple of friends were seated, Obaro apparently very high (high on what? That's another story for another day) tried to pull up Louise's friend from her seat to come dance with him; this is someone he didn't know from Adam. The shocked one who couldn't comprehend the aggression or what was going on, was advised to ignore him as he was high. 

Before anyone could say Jack Robinson, Obaro apparently went after Louise and all hell was let loose. The aftermath of the whole mess was a fractured right arm and a bloodied lips where Obaro had bitten Louise's lips. Most didn't know the extent of the damage, including the victim until she ran to the toilet and she noticed she was bleeding from the mouth for at least 2 minutes. 

Meanwhile, the world fighting champion also known as Mr. Obaro Ibru was immediately carried out of the joint by the bouncers who would have wrecked havoc on him had they not being restrained, because he was still hell bent on causing more havoc. We heard that, thereafter the whole mess, after apparently coming back to his senses and upon realizing what mess he had gotten himself to, was now apologetic!!! He has since being in hiding, only communicating with people via phones. All the while his retinue of friends and his brother Oboden and even his wife have been going about abegging. 

According to the gist, the idea behind the begging is that the assault was a small case that could be sorted out very easily. Why would a little bite and a little fracture cause more problem than it warrants, so family and friends wants the whole brouhaha to fizzle out just like that. So as we speak, Louise has her right arm in a cement cast and 2 teeth bite marks on her lip and plenty of headaches to deal with, while her assailant is in hiding trying to cool off till the storm would have blown over. 

From the little vibes we have gotten, this is most probably going to become a police case, so let's all wait and see how this whole brouhaha is going to pan out. 

2 questions that has continually rang in our head are these- Why would a grown up, matured man assault a woman? What would have warranted the level of assault in a public place? Secondly, would Obaro finally go to rehab to help whatever his addiction might be? Because we heard that the last time he was to have gone for the same thing, he instead went on a fantastic holiday trip to Lebanon just to go and cool off!


Anonymous said...

Obaro grabbed Louise's friend and tried to dance with her but she said no, then Obaro attacked Louise? Is that what you're saying? You've managed to write a whole page without saying clearly what happened.

Anonymous said...

He's permanently dazed. Hope no blood was split because you don't want O's blood on you. BTW he has slept with this babe, her sister and all their friends so let nobody put mouth.

Anonymous said...

after doing 3 lines why wont he go hayway!! awom omo iran kiiran. his whole life is wasted on drugs. Go to road 12 in lekki, na popular customer
wasnt one of the sisters obaro's ex abi na friend. That one that married priddy's brother. the one that had a quickie with him in his office and he was videotaping it.. then later shared with his friends!!" give it to me daddy'' hahahaha.. They wont let it go oo!!

Anonymous said...

May be ur talkn about Linda priddy. Never knew she's ever been wit obaro before ooo. Haa wonders shall never end.

Anonymous said...

You must be a learner. The Obaro jist is like ten years old or so. When was Usher first in Nigeria? It started around that time.

Anonymous said...

Na wa o, he must be full of remorse & shame now that he's lucid.

Anonymous said...

Are the rumours about Matthew Mensah and Obaro Ibru being lovers true?

Anonymous said...

Lovers!!!Obaro ,hahaha
I konw his lover,she's pretty Iranian girl,I mean pretty!poor girl....dosnt know this useless,irresponsible saga

Anonymous said...

This girl is happy to be cover page of news wit Obaro,she just stuck on his tail to be the cover page .thats it.Obaro is not wild like that