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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Elegushi Royal Clan debunks unsavoury assertions in the unfortunate death of 2. 

In the aftermath of the unfortunate death of the 2 UNILAG postgraduate students at the famous Elegushi Beach known for its high patronage and the seeming silence of the operators of the beach, the Elegushi royal family after much consultations has finally broken its silence and gone on to explain the way the operations is at the Beach.  

While first commiserating with the families and friends of the dearly departed ones, whose unfortunate accidental deaths was the reason for the gathering at the press conference, the high powered family members made up of the Elegushi Oba-in-council made up of the Odofin of Ikateland, Chief Kehinde Hassan Elegushi, Olisa of Ikateland , Chief Moroof Adisa Sunny Elegushi,  the Eletu of Ikateland, Chief Ayuba Babalola Elegushi, the Otun Are Of Ikateland, Chief Akeem Elegushi, Chief Salisu Elegushi and the Asiwaju of Ikateland, Chief Olanrewaju Elegushi who came to address the media went to great length to debunk many unsavoury and unsubstantiated claims made by some about the complicity of the operators of the private beach in the unfortunate deaths of the 2, which had to do with safety of the visitors at the funspot. 

Addressing the Press first was, Prince Olanrewaju Elegushi, the Asiwaju of Ikateland who as the Chief spokesperson said, that all the requirements for safety to run any beach resort by an operator were strictly met at the Elegushi beach, especially on the day of the sad occurrence. He pointed out the folkowing, which was reiterated by Chief Moroof Adisa Elegushi, the Olisa of Ikateland. 

1. There was a red flag alert out on the day, to alert all intended swimmers and even other fun lovers that the beach was on a high and rough tide on that day which was enough warning by itself to all to avoid swimming in the waters as much as possible. 

2. There were numerous lifeguards always around at the beach at all times just incase of any emergencies. These lifeguards are mostly on horse backs parading the stretch of the beach just incase of any call to duty.  And they are not few in numbers. The reason for the horses is so as to be able to cover much distance in a short time. 

3.  The ladies who unfortunately passed on, were rescued at first by these lifeguards who immediately jumped into the water on seeing the need to rescue these ladies. Though they later died, but not in the waters and not even at the beach. 

4. That instead of allowing the rescuers to finish the job of rescuing the now diseased, their friends hijacked the situation leading to their unfortunate deaths. 

5.  The reason it took them a few days to react was because their leader the Elegushi himself, was not around, as he had embarked on a spiritual journey abroad, and they had to wait to hear from him before making any statement whatsoever. 

The members of the Royal clan went on to reiterate that they are law abiding abiding people, and not in any way irresponsible. That apart from this very recent occurance their had not been any loss of lives at the beach for a very longtime, showing the premium that the beach management had put on safety. 

To forestall a reoccurance of such misfortunes, the beach operators are collaborating 100% with the government in their investigations. 

Also the family has closed the private beach for a short time, so as to ensure improved operations and improvement on safety measures at the beach in terms of equipments and manpower resources.   

The royal family even went on to state that they were part and parcel of the burial arrangements of those that lost their lives. As that their were some spiritual matters only they could take care of. 

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Abiola Aloba, you are greatly missed. Haba , come back in full force.