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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Just the same way certain things in Nigeria usually becomes "pure water" after a while, such is the case now, as "cosmetic surgery" is gradually becoming for those who can afford it.

Until the super gorgeous and supremely structured Modupe Ozolua made it more popular and more openly known, those in Nigeria who used to do it were more of the very well to do, who preferred being very clandestine or totally off the radar, reason for that majorly is because they like people to think it was all natural (au natural), while they had already undergone the process.

Now that more people are far more aware, a lot more have had to engage the services of one doctor or the other across the world to get a procedure done, doing what is popularly referred to as nip and tuck.

Before it was more of the "boob augmentations", where people majorly wanting to add more roundness and structure to their chests, a few of the people later got into shaping their noses etc, but one of the most popular procedure was the belly reduction or tummy tuck like it was popularly called.

Now the "in-thing" is bum augmentation, where formerly flat backsides (bums) are given more volume, roundness and shape and the procedure comes in different format. But the end result basically is about having a perfect, more rounded back side, something that has been tagged or termed "brazilian bum or butt".

The reason for the it been called the "Brazilian" is because the ladies from that particular part of the world are 1. Adjudged to have some of the most near perfect backsides in the world and 2. Also because they could be termed some of the vainest women in the world, who engage more in making their bum as near perfect as possible (cosmetic surgery).

We have a few here that we know have engaged in the procedure(s) over time. We start with this very well known one who even did her back side not once but "twice". Known very well in the "hair merchandising business" and with a bad ass banging body to die for, AK also known by her famous initials KK, first did a "milder bum" and but not satisfied with the initial outcome, then went back again to re do it to a bigger more intimidating thing, to have the contraption she carries around now with glee, which many of her friends laugh at, behind her back. They are massive and wide and crazy. AK before getting married was dating her married boss who was a colossus having hands in several pies. The dude who is still her main backbone even as she's now married is at the very "peak" of things. AK even plays both sides of the coin and with the Intimidating backside now, her partners have a delightsome mountain of enjoyment to always climb.

More after the break. Please click on read more.

There's also this lady into the beauty business, whose specialty is "creaming ladies and men up to near white". They are actually 2. Both are very well known, one based in Lagos, Nigeria while the other is based abroad. To say it mildly, both are on top of the chain and game in their businesses and acknowledged as authorities in them. The Lagos one has a slamming, award winning platform back "bum", while the one abroad has done nearly all parts of her body, chest, waist, bum and skin. They are both the best adverts for their businesses, FF & DEN are top top levels.

This other one used to be a top "video vixen" now retired and a mother of one now, who at a point relocated from the UK to Nigeria and took over the industry, dominating the terrain with her dancing skills and her prowess on her back, she gave out her "Bermuda triangle island", like the world was ending. To the extent that "she was madly referred to then in the industry as the donatress". She was so fixated with her flat back then, that she had to have it done and she showed her close pals the finished product with much glee afterwards. It was done in America. V.A.T is a class act.

This supremely gorgeous one, with eyeballs that would tame beings from other worlds, is super stunning to say the least. Long before going under the knife, her 2 mounds were full frontal irresistible assaults that were extremely intimidating. With those twin mounds and her heavenly eyes, it was obvious the goddess of structure spent extra time on her, but that goddess apparantly slept off when it came to her bum, so after reducing her 2 attacks (Manchesters) to a more accommodating size, she also perfected her bum (Arsenal) to make sure everything came together structurally and properly. She was in some form of altercation very recently, that was wildly reported and gained loads of attention

This one also has eyeballs that would tame the " raging and maniacal Goliath and turn insatiable king Solomon" to potty. She runs her own business doing interiors and she's really done very well for herself. She, at a point did her back (bum), but she made sure to make it look as natural looking as possible. Truth be told she's a fashionista to the core. Her business address is in Victoria Island, not too far from the 1*@# estates.

This one is as fake as fake can be and is a mother of one. Not too long ago, the former tall beauty queen had issues with her former gullible older husband who she hoodwinked to no end for a time before dumping him afterwards like a bad habits afterwards. She has an insatiable, crazily ravenous appetite and is a pro in the sack. "DL" is a legend whose story is for another day. She has since moved on to another gullible man, to whom she gave birth to a baby for. She is into the sales of items that helps to accentuate good features. She at a point also did her bum.

This now fat one at a point claimed she was a shoe designer in the land of Prince Charles- bobo, which we later found out to be a lie. She had a mad relationship with a scary dude in the music industry at a time. That relationship was not a good one as it was very violent. She and the dude in their crazy period made loads of se@tapes that might soon be discovered. One of her major claim to fame, was her dating that very rich married dude that loves his babes very light, that's MD. "SO" also did her bum too, some speculated that it might have been paid for by MD.

The last one here but not the least is a Mother of 3 and is related to MD, though they have since parted ways . She defines gorgeousness in our book. She used to feature very much in the "make believe world" before she got married to money and class and left that world. She owns her own thriving and upscale business in Lekki. She not only did her bum, but many other parts also. Every part that needed attention was worked upon and when you see her now she's as near perfect as they come. Her procedures were done in Miami. 


Anonymous said...

Last one is Caroline Danjuma with her fake nose and bum

Anonymous said...

I know therex Dabota Lawson here, caroline danjuma here. The rest I dont know

Palesa said...

Traciee is the one that reduced her manchester

Anonymous said...

# is Kika. She also did her nose
#5 is Dabota Lawson. She did hers recently
The last one is Caroline Danjuma. She did her nose and butt

Fan said...

AK - Akan nna Kana. Hmm, she swings both ways?
FF - guessing FaFa Blunt Blunt Sun. DEN - the LA based lady from Cameroun.
VAT - pretty lady married in far away Benue state.
The 2 you described with eyeballs - TL mother of two and that two boy she dumped nd the rich kid TN.
DL - Dab butter
SO - bestie to ex-MBGN MA who had her breasts done many years ago. She needs the bum now.
The last one, ex-Mrs MD as mentioned by 1st Anon. Aloba I thought you didn't like names? That's why I scrambled these ones!

You forgot the actress RS. I think hers looks nice because she has height.

Me again said...

I knew Kunny looked different. Not sure why anyone would laugh at her job, it doesn't look ridiculous like Dencia. If Fifi got work done, she needs to go back & finish it. Tracie looks a mess tbh. Surprised you didn't mention the crooner whose own looks silly but since she's sitting & judging maybe she needs the cushion.

Anonymous said...

😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂! Fake butts, fake boobs , fake ladies!

Anonymous said...

Fake ladies, fake lives, fake friends, fake bags, fake fake fake all around. Everything is plastic. But that's what men wants and that's what they are getting.