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Sunday, October 8, 2017


It is not the very best of times as we speak at the home of debonair fine boy owner of Heyden Oil, Dapo Abiodun as he has lost his first son Olugbemiga Abiodun to death.

If it were money that the grim reaper demanded for, we are sure Mr. Abiodun would have gone out of his way to give it and would have even doubled what was demanded for. If it was influence that was needed, the man of the people would have effortlessly negotiated himself out of the quagmire without a whimper, but alas! Man's last and greatest of enemies-Death, negotiates with no one, neither does he accept money or anything else for that matter. The ugliest and most despicable of fiends, comes, sneaks in and just does what it likes not minding her after effect and then onto the next!

The very untimely, very shocking, very sad and irreparable and painful loss occurred yesterday.

DJ Olu as he was fondly called was a budding Deejay, who is a 2016 graduate of the University of Essex. The well loved, tall and handsome dude was apparently found dead in his own car.

Olugbemiga who was in his 20s and said to be the pride of his parents, was being gradually groomed to take over his dad's vast empire, but alas! That dream has now being cut short, as he has since passed on unfortunately.

Olugbemiga was a very good friend of ace musician Davido, meaning the young musician also in his 20s has lost 2 good friends in a matter of few days apart. To even show the extent of the hurt and loss, Davido reacted in shock on Instagram. Both were apparently close because of their love for music and also because their 2 multimillionaire dads were good friends.

As at the time of the sad passing, the father of the deceased was on a flight enroute Lagos, Nigeria from Dubai, the UAE. So just imagine the shock he would have as par the sad news of his son's demise!!!

We are very saddened by the terrible loss and pray the Almighty would give the parent, family members and friends of the deceased the strength and fortitude to bear the irreparable loss!

Sad! Sad!! Sad!!!


Anonymous said...

The media went to press when his Daddy wasn't aware? The media is callous! May he rest in peace. Too many unanswered questions. I read elsewhere that there were 2 of them in the car that died.

Fan said...

Aloba, I typed that and was so sure I used my normal handle Fan. My eyes oh!

Anonymous said...

Gbemiga is loved by everyone in shonibare estate knew him since age 2 good son full of fun,rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Dapo Abiodun should tell us what REALLY happened to those boys!

Anonymous said...

Ó ti fi wón gún ose.Enu mi kó ma pa mí