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Monday, May 7, 2018


Joke Sogunro & Bisi Ibidapo Obe 

Ozinna Anumudu, Joyce Jacobs, Nkiru Anumudu & Mr Anumudu Jnr

Every which way by which you want to judge this wedding it was big. In fact big doesn't describe it appropriately, it was massive. Yes Eko Hotel Convention Centre wasn't used, but don't be deceived or was totally upscale in every way and manner.

The guestlist was humonguous with most of the billionaires, multimillionaires, carpetbaggers, bourgeoisies in attendance. The style was upscale too, the color of choice was lush purple and the guests went haywire with their styling or interpretation of style. It was a mix of the old and the young, with everyone wanting to outdo each other, but the younger crowd were more adventurous, with sexiness on the overload.

Akin Shuga as expected was on top of his game on the night, dishing out the medleys, a mixture of all the goodies to T he delight of all. Food and drinks shouldn't be spoken about, as it was in over abundance till the end of the party. It was non-stop. Even Krispy Kreme the donut giant were at hand serving their donuts to all. It was fun galore all the way. The party or reception was in 2 parts, the part where the Shuga band serenaded all and then the over lit part, where award winning DJ OBi dazzled all endlessly with massive jams. This part was where the younger crowd had their fun, next to where the first part had happened just separated by a see through curtain.

Check out the beautiful pictures of the event.

More after the break.

Aliko Dangote 

Terry Wayans, Segun Awolowo & Femi Ote$

Deola Sagoe, daughter, Saheed Kekere Ekun 

Aunty Joke Sogunro, Bisi Ibidapo Obe 

Wole Abode run, DJ Obi

MD Abubakar, Aliko Dangote

Funmi Majin

The Majins

Lerato Titi 

The Gojes

The Indimis

Paperland boss

Senator Olorunibe Mamora

Hajia Abah Folawiyo and her son Segun Awolowo

Senator Musiliu Obanikoro 

Nkiru Anumudu, Funmi Goka

Nkiru Anumudu, Willie Anumudu  Terry Wayans, Segun Awolowo Jnr & Daisy Danjuma 

Joke Sogunro 

Jibike Babatunde, Kemi Nelson 

Alhaja Tai Elemosho Okesanjo, Aliko Dangote 

Willie & Nkiru Anumudu & Tunde Ayeni

Dame Abimbola Fashola

Hajia Bola Shagaya, Toyin Saraki & Dame Abimbola Fashola 

Hajia Bola Muinat Shagaya & Bisi Onasanya

Terry Wayas, Segun Awolowo & Hajia Bola Muinat Shagaya 

Kemi Nelson, Monta I, Jibike Babatunde

Senator Daisy Danjuma & Hajia Bola Muinat Shagaya 

Erelu Abiola Dosunmu & Gov. Ibikunle Amosun

HRH, Emir of Kano & Otunba Subomi Balogun

Mo Abudu

Teddy Shine, Joke Sogunro & Bisi Olatilo

Aremo Segun Osoba with Tunde & Biola Ayeni

Mr and Mrs Tunde & Biola Ayeni

Mr and Mrs Lanre Ogunlesi


Anonymous said...

Awon to n gbadun owo nigeria... Awon sleep with your husbands crew... Awon bleaching bunnies and powder people.

Anonymous said...

Please where is patience Jonathan? Isn’t she supposed to be Bola Shagaya’s besto. The two of them used to be connected at the hip when the Jonathan’s were in power. Was there a falling out?

Gbogbo Bigz Girlz said...

Bisi Ibidapo 😱
She must have made all her comments at the party in Yoruba.

Fan said...

Lol Gbogbo Bigz Girlz, in my head every time I read the comments here in bad English I think she's the one making comments. But thinking of it, it could be Montai. Double Lol!

Besto? Patience GEJ has realised she's a UAC woman. She was warned and has realised it.

A lot of people struggled to look good. I had time so blew up every picture and what struck me was the disparity between the colours of their faces, hands and feet. So many women used mismatched foundation. Fair play to Joke Soggys because she didn't really tamper with her complexion. Both Mo Abudu and the lady sitting next to her in minimal make up look good. Jibike Babatunde and Funmi Goka need to cool down on their bleaching. Noticed; Olori Elegushi, Oscar NSE, Ijeoma Ubosi and isn't that Jennifer Douglas/Jamilah Atiku in the first picture? Nkiru, mba nu. The Dangote daughter who just got married, no to that foundation. Erelu Dosunmu is a fine woman. Mrs Fashola being Mrs Fashola, no fuss. Senator and Mrs Mamora, fine couple.

Lanre Ogunlesi is still looking young and his wife is looking like his older sister. Whatever Abbah Folawiyo has done to her body in her 70s, she tried. She can now wear slim fitted clothes and her sunken eyes look well covered up.

Is Mrs Saraki prepping for the Presidency? She is a bit ubiquitous these days and her jewellery set is something else.

Thanks Aloba for the photo album. Was the groom's dad there?

Fan said...

Is this SLS/the emir's brother in a suit?

Anonymous said...

Heheheheheheheh play safe lady.

Anonymous said...

And so what is wrong with that? Is she not Yoruba? Or you are delusional to the extent that you believe you are English? Imebecile

Anonymous said...

Aloba, is that your wife in orange beside you?

Aproko said...

Hehehehehehehe. It's been long she featured in movies, she needs that network to hook up with a married man or do powder. She needs an English teacher, olodo Ijesha!

Anonymous said...

Awon ode afi imebecile naa!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mrs Saraki is preparing for her post as 1st lady. No pictures of the groom’s dad and the bride’s family as well.

Anonymous said...

Attending weddings is now prepping for preparing for presidency? What about Osinbajo, Dangote and Otedola, what are they prepping for? @Fan

Gbogbo Bigz Girlz said...

You're Saraki's presidential campaign manager right? She's living her life!