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Saturday, December 7, 2019


... With Tola Odunsi

Leaving her hotel in Lagos 

... at Eko hotel 

.. At the Zenith Bank roundabout on Ajose Adeogun, V. Island 

Before you tearing your pant out and begin to argue like you know more than even God, sit down read and calculate, maybe it would hit you after all. Apart from this, what we are telling you was reliably sourced and is a fact. Today and tomorrow, that is Saturday and Sunday, December 7 and 8, 2019 would have Nigerians and Ghanaians have a live fill of the best of top American rap queen currently by name Cardi B. This is the one lady that has one way or the other nearly pushed one of our favorites of all time in the person of Nikki 'the incredible' Minaj into oblivion or near retirement.

The 27 year old mother of one, a music star par excellence who rose from grass (stripping) now to grace multiple award winning star, landed in Lagos, Nigeria yesterday and has been going about her media rounds quite fantastically and without the unnecessary airs that normally surrounds international stars/celebrities of her ilk. Babe is fun and accommodating and a joker par excellence.

Last night there was a 'Conversation with Cardi B' that held at the Eko Hotel, Ademola Adetokunbo, Victoria Island, Lagos and from what we gathered, you would have thought that Cardi was familiar with everyone before that day. So disarmingly sweet was she, that she held all spellbound and they all fell in love with her effortlessly. She has since spoken about her love for Nigeria.

We can tell you all matter of fact that bringing the reigning music star to Lagos, Nigeria and then to Accra, Ghana didn't come cheap at all. From what we could gather, the 2 African countries trip on paper was for about $5m dollars which translates to N1.8billion Naira at N360 to a dollar. 5 what????? ? We are too sure you must be asking. We meant it when we said $5,000,000 (Five million dollars only). That's about a staggering N1.8billion Naira which some people have asked us for what? And if there's ever the possibility of the organizers making back such a staggering amount of money? Quite possible in Nigeria ooooo, especially if it's just N900million Naira from different brands and personalities. We can tell you categorically that there's much money in Nigeria, but just maybe in the hands of just a few. And there are those who actually have the money and would love to find a way to take it out too.

We can try to break the whole cost down well for you our readers here. Each country, that is Nigeria and Ghana, has her  budget of about $2.5million dollars each! The 2.5m dollars covers the performance fees per country and the production costs per country too. The production costs includes hotels/accommodation bills for Cardi B and her entourage, it also includes the chartered private jet and all other incidentals that could accrue for the trip. We heard that Cardi B's performance fee for Nigeria alone is between $800,000 & $1.2m Dollars and same goes too for the Accra concert.

Stars don't come cheap at all ooooo. And to set the record straight, seems like the whole concert is not an initiative of Darey Art Alade and his wife Deola as some have tried to sell. Seems more like it's some type of collaboration and their brand are just in charge of production and all. 


Blair Witch said...

Nigerians and Ghanians clap for yourselves then look around your country and see how dilapidated and run down the whole place looks and you think the next thing is to spend so much money bringing cardi b ! I can confirm NOW that Africa’s ‘pant’ has been used by another continent. No doubt.

Anonymous said...

Na wa! If her bill is ds outrageous, only God knows how much Beyoncé & Rihana will charge..

Anonymous said...

Africans and their lost priorities.
Why would anyone enter such a disgusting uncouth filthy mouth disease infested coochb1tch. I would clean cardib with my dirty shoe. Like Rihanna and Nicki she disgust me. But of course illiterates always fascinated by all stupid shit by Americans will love her cos they don't know anything better... Disgusting girl

Anonymous said...

Card the Disgusting piece of sh1t that's what you foolish Africans are celebrating

Anonymous said...

So Toke was right calling Nigerians who celebrated her ,while always bashing their fellow Nigerians for d same offense hypocrites .

Anonymous said...

Celebrating ex stripper by dump head Nigeria and Ghana. That is why we are jungle People. Suckers .