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Monday, April 30, 2012


Let's do a quick comparison. While Kim Kardashian is the top American socialite and reality TV Queen, who is Kanye's heart-throb right now. Lilian Unachukwu is a celebrated fashion stylist based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Both are very stylish in their own right and very well known. Though, Kim K has the advantage here, when it comes to popularity. Her posterior (BACKSIDE) was some time ago the subject of controversies, some had said she had them made, which she denied. We recently noticed, that a lot of the times, her favoured stance when on the red carpet is showing her asset off to the camera, we caught Lilian doing the same thing recently, so we thought to compare and contrast. It's like saying, ''If you've got it, show it off''

Whose asset looks the best? Kim K or Lil U. PLS TELL US.


Anonymous said...

no contest, kim's ass is something else. not taking anything from lfa though cos she's got some junk as well(and fresh legs o), but u can't compare.

for a stylist of high repute lfa messed up majorly wearing a visible bra under that dress. epic fail in my book

Fan said...

Lilian because it is real.

You should have added J Lo and Salma Hayek.

Kim's body looks disproportional. Same goes for Nicki Minaj.

The Brazilians are masters of butt implants where they take fat from one part of your body and insert it into the butt; fat grafting. It disappears and is not detectable by x-ray. That's why Kim tricked the world with that x-ray episode about it not showing anything. Some of us were not fooled.

Anonymous said...

Lilian takes it 4me, u'll knw her's is natural nd pleasing to my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly I love lilians ass better!

Anonymous said...

Lilian's bum isn't even that big. I've seen our Naija women with bigger bums and gone wow. In this case, yes she wins.

Anonymous said...

U shld see lilian's bum upclose it is huge! Dt pic doesn't do justice to it @ all