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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Now that the true situation of things is now being revealed everyone had better be careful ooooo. Not everyone who claims to be a friend is one ooooo. The only daughter of Major General Frank Osaokogu, would have been alive today if she known better and had being more wary. The gorgeous 24 years old Post Graduate student of  Nasarawa State University was lured to her death by 2 unscrupulous human beings she had thought were her new friend.

She  had apparently met some evil ones disguised as friends on the popular social media platform- Facebook, the budding entrepreneur was invited to Lagos because her friends made her believe they had a very lucrative deal for her. 

Landing in Lagos, 2 of the very despicable lot picked her up at the airport and lodged her at a hotel in Festac, where they spiked her drink and raped her before she was strangled. The made away with all the money she came with and also took away everything that could identify her. One of the evil lot was said to have called the hotel later to inform them about her corpse, the alarmed hotel staff members couldn't identify the dead lady so couldn't inform her family, decided to take her to Isolo General Hospital Morgue. 

Meanwhile her family members were apprehensive and couldn't locate her whereabouts declared her missing. As God would have it, a call was made to her phone and it was picked up by one of her assailants, this call was later traced to an address in Festac and led to the arrest of 2 of those involved in her death. After interrogations these 2 devils confessed to killing her and named their co-collaborators. They were all rounded up and from their confessions said they were part of a syndicate that usually lure unsuspecting female to their Waterloo. They were said to have confessed that Cynthia was their 6th victim. Why they had to kill an innocent girl after making away with her money still beats our imagination. The evil group in order to cover their tracks had wiped out all the correspondence between them and the girl on Facebook. They had thought nothing could link them again to the death of the girl. But the call and a check on the hotel's CCTV led to the arrest of 2 undergraduates who are alleged to have strangled the lady to death. 

What is this world turning to? What has the quest to make quick money without hard work turn some people to? We are so happy that the hand of the law has quickly caught up with these evil souls. What if it were the daughter or son of an ordinary person? 2 of those involved in the dastardly act have confessed their involvement and we hope they would face the full wrath of the law.

May her soul rest in peace. And we pray God to give her family the strength to bear the loss.

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Mama Borngirl said...

Even old friends can't be trusted not to talk of new ones. The friends who won't strangle you may strangle your rep!
A disadvantage of fb, too mant weird people.
May her soul RIP.