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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Yes the fine boy musician, who is also a very stylish dude proposed to his hearthrob after a whirlwind trip around Europe in very romantic Venice, Italy sometime last week. We would have loved to know the finer details of the proposal though.

Was it while moving around on one of the numerous gondola that cuddling up, with all the stars out like a glorious chandelier, cuddling up with no care in the world that Dr. Sid proposed or was it just while having a very romantic dinner at one of the restaurants facing the waters, with soft music in the background, then a flower was delivered or presented from out of the blues and a quartet started singing that Dr. Sid got down on one knee popping the question? 

We do not know yet.

But from the little insinuations by the crooner himself, it's like it was more than a proposal oooo? What if they had sneaked afterwards into one of the many chapels in Venice and had just a very intimate exchange of vows, just the duo and a witness? 

We also do not know. But we doubt it anyway.

But at the grand finale of the Star Trek Concert at the National Stadium where he appeared and performed very recently, the Mavin Star was said to have asked the audience ''If they knew he was now married'' Quoting him verbatim- You know I am married right? Obviously Dr. Sid has been hit very HARD by cupid and he has gone totally 'buttery'. We mean very weak in the knees in love (LOVE JONES).

Many of his fans would be shocked by that admission, but it might have been a way of him saying he was no longer on the market. So 'caveat emptor' 'buyers beware' , someone is now in full control. 


Mama Borngirl said...

He is still engaged! Of course when you're truly engaged (not the fake ones that people claim), you begin to cut off distractions.

Anonymous said...

MBG, you're talking fake engagement cos you married at 18yrs (as you said on LL before LL commenters became evil). If you dated, had heartbreaks and was a desperado, you'll do worse. So pls go pray for your daughters not to have causes to fake situations just to be married»»

Gossip Police said...

So several dates, heart breaks and being desperate makes one fake engagement? Very shallow. Didn't Atm go behind telling everyone omo onile is her husband, did he marry her? The fake stuffs go on...

I've too much work on my desk, am sure this debate will crop up again when next am idle.

itsekiri's finest said...

DR. SID HAMMERED!!!! Beautiful girl, lovely family! Why he no go ginger?