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Monday, August 19, 2013


There's the unconfirmed story going on and about as we speak, that the celebrated marriage between the gorgeous and brilliant daughter of the acclaimed winner of the June 12 election in Nigeria, in the person of Tundun Abiola-Attah and her husband of 4 years the handsome & tall Atama Attah might have hit the rocks.  


According to the claims, cracks were reportedly noticed in the celebrated marriage that was contracted in 2009, May 2009 to be more precise at the the Claridges Hotel, Mayfair, London, according to our bird in the sky, she was said to retorted that she got to a point that she wasn't happy, but had tried her possible best to mend it and make it work. But alas! It didn't work out. Though very miserable, she had to move on with her life. It became a struggle sort of. So she moved in with her mom, Chief Mrs. Adebisi Abiola.

But just like there's the claim that the marriage might have broken down irretrievably & that they are divorced, some people are claiming that it's not totally like it's been speculated, they are saying that like every contract, every marriage sometimes face their own trying period, that this might just be that period for Tundun & Atama, that things can still be mended. So naysayers should jump into the sea.

The sweet natured Tundun is a lawyer by training and had cut her teeth in the legal profession by working at the famous FRA Williams chamber before going on to work with Senator Gbemi Saraki as her legislative assistant.

The marriage is/was blessed with 2 kids.


Gbogbo Bigz Girlz said...

Marriage isn't easy, they've had issues since early last year. I pray they settle fast!

Fan said...

Heard he's quite irresponsible. She now works in Ogun State. What does he do?

Gossip Police said...

We know they've seperated since, the formal divorce probably just happened!

Anonymous said...

Eh yah.so sad. Isnt that dokpesi's son?

Me again said...

Marriage isn't easy, I think everyone knows this. Tundun has tried. Hard. If they do permanently break up, it won't be for her lack of effort, but both people need to put in effort in their marriage to make it work and also put in effort to making their lives better not be unambitious. You have to have something to contribute to a partner other than good looks

Anonymous said...

Yes Ray Jnr.

Anonymous said...

They are divorced and she's allegedly trying to send him to jail.
After all, this is not his first marriage. He was married before!

Anonymous said...

Mannerless girl. So on top of all her forming na so the marriage don end?

Anonymous said...

Sending him to jail? For what now? That's the father of his kids. I'm sure she knew he was married before and didn't mind.

Anonymous said...

Her kids*

Anonymous said...

You must be one of her deranged fans. No man can live with that girl, she is too proud.

Anonymous said...

It is now a stale news that the widely-publicized marriage between late M.K.O. Abiola's daughter, Tundun and handsome Kogi big boy, Atama Attah has broken down irretrievably. They are now divorced. Two months ago[August 2013], blogs,social media,soft sell magazines and newspapers went viral with the divorce story. One common thread in the majority of the stories was that Mr Atama Attah was the major cause of the marriage break up. Nasty and uncharitable things were written about the unassuming man.
The one-sided nature of the stories aroused Olusola Oso's Blog's [OOB] curiosity. OOB then launched into a thorough investigation on the real circumstances that culminated in the acrimonious divorce. The revelations made by OOB are startling. Enjoy the juicy and exclusive story.
Contrary to the popular opinion, Mr Atama Attah is an highly committed family man who sacrificed a lot in the marriage,and did everything humanly possible to make it work. He gave up everything he had in the U.K. to relocate to Nigeria with Tundun and his son,having lived in the U.K. since 1994.
OOB's investigations show that Tundun's allegations that Atama Attah is indolent and unambitious are baseless,spurious and damaging. The reverse is the case,according to OOB's competent sources. He established a company where he is the Chairman/CEO while Tundun is the Managing Director/Secretary. He has since left the thriving company after their separation with the believe that Tundun would use the proceeds to take proper care of their children. Surprisingly, Tundun has reportedly changed the company's name and accounts,thereby leaving Mr Atama Attah totally in the dark on its operations.
OOB reliably gathered how Mr Atama Attah was financially committed to the marriage while it lasted. To underline this,he reportedly wired a lump sum of money from his U.K.solicitors to Unity Bank on his relocation to Nigeria. His Unity Bank account number has been confirmed to be 0017759784.
OOB sources and investigations revealed that the Unity Bank account was quite active while the marriage lasted, and it was Mr Atama Attah who was actually the bread winner of the family,and not Tundun as being peddled about.

Anonymous said...

Mr. OOB or whatever your name is, I can see you are indeed one of those people who likes to peddle the wrong information about people. Their marriage is still intact and I wonder where you all get these fake news from. They are a happily married couple as of the last time I heard anything about them but let's even assume you're right for a second. Why should you go to the level of publishing the man's account number? Did you have to go into such detail? Your level of detail amazes me. Please think about the children involved in the union before writing things like this. Karma is real!

Anonymous said...

Hello MM peeps, just to let you know that Atama got married again today at the federal marriage registry, opp AMAC area 10, garki Abuja.
His new bride is Josephine Mwuese Washima Iorvihi who is a Special Adviser in the Presidency. Pictures will be made available shortly.

Anonymous said...

hmmm....i just saw the wedding pictures on his facebook page too ooo.