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Thursday, August 22, 2013


The ousted South African Big Brother contestant boyfriend or quick shag of Beverly Osu, our new reality TV superstar & proud Nigerian sister has confirmed that they engaged in 'bedmatics Olympiad'. 

The dreadlock carrying SA hunk must have been SO GOOD at the game that Beverly reportedly demanded more of the same, at least that was what the dude confessed. He reportedly said they had their major falling out prior to his eviction because he was hounded by our gorgeous representative for servicing and he didn't want to repeat his former action because he had promised his momma not to do it (that is, allow anyone to get the long thing). 

At least it's now tit for tat in a way, just like Nigerians seem to have it kinda easy getting them Southie dearies, Angelo has shown his on mettle doing same with our Naija wonder gal. 

By this confession of the Popish Angelo, Beverly must have been a special gal for him to have gone against his mother's advise in the first place. Who can resist our Bev the 'Blabber mouth'.

Hear Angelo- ''I like Beverly because she's a strong woman and she would go for whatever she wants''

Questioned on why the duo had the huge fight, the hunk said ''Beverly told me, it had been over a week since we last did it, but I said NO. I promised my mother I would not do such. So I can't do it again.

We are of a feeling that Beverly is most likely to win this year's Big Brother Show, any one with any contrary thought should do like Robert Mugabe advised. 

Why do we think she would win?............Becos she represents a colossal number of her kind of people who would do anything to make sure she gets the prize, so they would vote and vote and get her there!!!!

But personally for all that's good and right, Melvin has our vote!!! Chikena!


Anonymous said...

Sad , she really is a slot ....Doing it once on national TV is bad enough, she even wanted more . Very sad
Really shameful that it is even the guy who has the decency to say NO .... I pity the man who marries her eventually.

Vivian Michael said...

Dear writer, Get ur facts right! Angelo said they fought because Bev said they have been dating for a month + and still haven't done it... she wanted it so badly... He said being a man, he really wanted to give in at some point, but because of his love/respect for his mom and women in general, he held back...
I watched the show live! It's not hearsay... and Madam/Mr anonymous who made the 1st comment, it is "slut" not "slot"... by the way Maestro... this is stale nah. have u been sleeping under a rock? Duhhhhh... it's d finale in 3 days! blog about that!!!

Anonymous said...

And Angelo said dey never had sex

Anonymous said...

@Vivian .....hummm u have a blog , na wah ooo. Every tom owns a blog . Rubbish .

Anonymous said...

@Vivan live show or chat with IK... The quote above was said on the interview chat with IK. Please read carefully before u start barking like a dog. biko .

Maestromedia is taking from the quote of that Chat .

Anonymous said...

God bless u Vivian, u have said it all