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Friday, December 20, 2013


What's so special about the house that demands been written about, especially with so many other super homes dotting the landscape? So many things, at least for now this is the ''king of all the super homes'' in Lagos & also when big people do big things, it's what celebrating. First of all, you all must understand that Dewunmi Ogunsanya, the Chairman of MultiChoice Nigeria is ''a Billionaire'', you either believe that or not and secondly, not all the super rich are very stylish or would go all the way when it comes to their homes.. 

So for someone of that caliber, you should know that when they want to do something, be it building their homes or buying their cars they go all the way & to any length to do it. According to those that had the priviledge to be a part of the house opening and that have seen this wonder of a house, located not too far from his old house in Ikoyi, near Queens Drive, it is tagged as Dewunmi's retirement home.  They also say there's no house near it or like it in Lagos as at yet, that is baring none. Whether it be Sayyu Dantata's wonder house, Mike Adenuga's new palatial edifice or even Subomi Balogun's  palace like home in Ikoyi, or even Femi Otedola Italian style wonder house etc. 


The 5-bedroom super-home, just 5-bedroom ooooo, is built on a massive expanse of 'prime land' where many have tagged 'old Ikoyi', meaning that the land on which the house sits must have cost a tonne and more.  The beautiful edifice is fully automated and can shut itself down.  It is powered by 3 humongous generating sets. 

To show to you all that it is a super duper edifice, all his other super rich friends that came and saw the place, were left astounded.  The large expanse of land that surrounds the house can still house a few 'blocks of flats'. The space at the back of the house can conveniently park 40 super cars (the chairman's car collection is out of this world), if the back is very spacious, the unbelievable landscape at the front is something else. Imagine that about 4 to 5 'Ikoyi style buildings' were brought down for this single, ultra modern, 5-bedroom heavenly edifice to be built.  It is a statement in beauty, opulence, class and building engineering all put together. 

Some in explaining it, exclaimed that imagine a house built in the middle of a stadium and that has an Olympic size swimming pool and also has all the trappings that one can only dream about in homes in Monaco or Marbella or some other exotic places all over the world or that one even only get to see on the pages of Architectural Digest or some other super home magazines. According to some of those who have seen the palatial 5-bedroom edifice not too far from Queens drive, the conservative estimate for the value of the house cannot be less than N4billion, that includes the house and the land on which it was built.

It has been a fantastic couple of years for the ebullient businessman, he recently hosted thousands of guests to a first class ball tagged the chairman's ball, which celebrated the 20th anniversary of one of his major investments in Nigeria, MultiChoice. It was at the event that he mandated that the guests be given 'for free' the new DSTV Explora decoder which normally cost about N60,000 plus.

A big congratulations to the man of the moment.


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