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Tuesday, January 14, 2014



We are so curious to know what the situation is, because reading the handsome ex-Governor of Ekiti State's interview very recently, he projected the image of a very God-fearing and very fair person, interspersing every sentence with the name of God and how God would sort out things and even talking about how his wife is a very spiritual person and a woman of God, which is the opposite of the ladies man he is now being painted as. 

According to another online publication- http://theelitesnigeria.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/ayo-fayose-romances-music-czar-mistress.html?m=1 -the very vocal ex-Governor, who is getting set to contest the Governorship of Ekiti State with other aspirants in the race that includes the incumbent Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi come June 2014, is said to be in a whirlwind romance with a very light complexioned lady called Jumoke Odofin. 

So hot is the alleged relationship that the write-up claims that Ayo Fayose has even promised the said lady, she would be his first lady were he to win the 2014 election. The lucky lady from the report used to be one of K1 the ultimate's heartthrob way back in the States, before things went awry between them.

As the gist goes, Ayo Fayose & Jumoke Odofin apparently met a few months ago and the intensity of their love relationship has been on the increase ever since, with Jumoke reportedly becoming a regular fixture at the Magodo GRA palatial home of the ex-Governor. 

Madam Jumoke is said to be in her early 40's and she and King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall, K1 the ultimate, met in the USA a few years back when he was in the states on a music tour. They apparently hit it off immediately after, and took to each other like milk takes to tea and a romance began which later culminated in the birth of a boy-Rilwan. The relationship while it lasted was said to have been tumultuous from start to finish, very high loving today and totally degrading the next day, with various allegations flying left, right and center. When the center couldn't hold together anymore and facing some immigration infringements she reportedly relocated to Canada. 

Canada was not the bed of roses she had apparently envisaged from what we heard, running foul of the laws in Canada, she was caught and held for a while and eventually deported back to Nigeria. Since coming home, she has reportedly tried to put together the many strings of life and get back into the scheme of things. Meeting Mr. Ayo Fayose is reportedly part of the good things that has since happened to her and we hear that she's madly in love and telling all that cares to know that the end result would be fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Dream on Dummy sorry Jummy, u can never take Feyi's place. And this is coming from Ayo's long time friend

Anonymous said...

do you expect ayo to confirm this?

Anonymous said...

Your dog friend. Miscreant dog sef. Fayose sleeps around, the wife should pray for him.

Layo said...

Fuckaholic. He can't rule Ekiti again. We don't want thugs. No ne to impose his this time around.

Anonymous said...

This is non of my business but the Dummy Jummy is damn ugly. Ayo fayose needs 2 set eyes on me beauty and brains but fortunately I'm not a Home wrecker. I wish fesi fayose good luck, d guy is an epic womaniser