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Saturday, March 8, 2014


We came across this message broadcast purportedly by Emma Ugolee and thought it was important enough notice that was worth posting. Apart from this particular notice which is below. We have also been wondering if there was a body or an organization that checks the age of some of those video vixen that we see in some of those music videos doing some of the most outrageously sexy dances we get to see most often. We totally understand that yes you could put a restriction on what the kids can watch, but when underage kids (less than 18 years old) are allowed to do some extraordinarily vulgar & supposedly sexy things, is that not terrible? 
Back to the notice that had gotten our attention. Read it below!

Dear sound city, Trace and MTV Base, Until the majority of the Nigerian populace agree to adopting the gay lifestyle as a norm, please stop showing music videos that graphically celebrate it. Please not all of us want to be associated with or are tolerant of this movement. Not all of us want to be seen as open minded or cool in you definition of it. And a lot of us definitely have a problem with young minds assimilating this teaching. A picture is still worth a thousand words. Take your kids to gay conferences if you wish but 6pm is still within children's TV time belt for heavens sake.

Stop now the show of Avicci's "Addicted to you". Somebody write to NBC.

 Thank you Emma Ugolee RBC if this bothers you.

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